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04:36robbie umm, is current cvs broken ?
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13:15mikegrb heh my wife just got her ipod delivered, had a sign that said "Don't steal music"
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13:18donour mikegrb, yeah they all have those now
13:18mikegrb I thought that was frik'n hilarious
13:19donour the thing is, nobody ever cares about stolen music. they only care about stolen revenue...
13:19mikegrb heh yup
13:24thor "Don't infringe copyright licenses" just doesn't have the same ring to it
13:26steelep thor... got a minute?
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13:29o_c thor: hi
13:29steelep guess not :-(
13:30o_c guess he's pretty busy
13:35steelep I need to apparently write the equivalent of an equation parser for autoplaylists and want his opinion
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13:44o_c right :)
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14:24thor steelep, I'm back (for the moment)
14:27knight- hey
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14:48steelep still here thor?
14:48thor yup
14:48steelep I need to create a parser that will break up parenthetical entries into tokens...
14:48steelep I was looking to see if something like that existed in QT already
14:48thor eh?
14:49steelep most likely for equation parsing
14:49steelep for example...
14:49steelep ((intid > 1) and (genre like 'rock'))
14:49steelep I need to break the two groups out
14:50thor don't you just need to construct SQL based on user selections ?
14:50steelep no.
14:50steelep I need to be able to edit them
14:51thor you want to be able to edit SQL commands from the myth user interface ?
14:51steelep i'm storing the where portion as above
14:51steelep yeah, like the playlist editor in iTunes
14:51thor hmmm
14:51steelep I can create them already, editing is the PITA
14:51steelep loading what is save presents a problem
14:51thor I don't recall typing any SQL into iTunes :-)
14:51steelep ONLY
14:52steelep when I have support for multiple ands and ors
14:52steelep but I really would like to have that... iTunes doesn't
14:52thor yeah ... uhm
14:53thor if it's just AND and OR clauses a la iTunes, then you can just string manipulate the SQL in C++ code based on user selections
14:53steelep then you can do things like: (((genre like '%rock%') and (year between 1960 and 1969)) or (artist like '%dave_matthews%'))
14:54thor if you want the user to be able to, say throw in a join, then I'm not sure a client GUI that supposed to be useable with a remote control is really the right context
14:54thor ?
14:54steelep loading the into 2 groups and 3 criteria lines is tough
14:54steelep the->that
14:54thor heh
14:55thor yup
14:55thor that would be writing a SQL parser
14:55thor which be hard
14:55steelep baqsically
14:55steelep but an equation editor would be a huge help to get me started
14:55thor I guess
14:56steelep maybe in first release I will just make them entry only and forget editing
14:56steelep at least I can get it out there
14:56thor if you have the structure in place for "stored SQL" (ie. smart playlists)
14:56steelep I really like it so far, I have some really long criteria that work perfectly
14:56thor then you can make the simple user interface limited
14:56steelep I have the structure to store done, it works great
14:56thor and go nuts on the mysql command line
14:57steelep I have been grappling with the editor.
14:57thor experts get to write SQL
14:57mikegrb right
14:57thor noobs get at least iTunes level functionality
14:57mikegrb someone who knows how to write a sql query knows how to update a row
14:57thor and Bob's your uncle
14:57steelep ok then... I will make a creator with no edits...
14:58* mikegrb ordered an ibook on friday!
14:58mikegrb get to play with mfd/mfe and itunes now!
14:58steelep the patch for supporting strings wasn't to hard at all
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14:58thor (otherwise you'd have to moderate a myth-mysql mailing list where people would send you SQL commands and ask, "why isn't this working?"
14:58thor )
14:58thor (see, unmatched brace!)
14:59mikegrb hehe
14:59steelep well, the editor would be controlling that
14:59steelep if they enter raw strings they are on their own
14:59thor hell of an editor :-)
15:00steelep I never do anything easy :)
15:00thor crawl, walk, then run ?
15:00steelep I suppose
15:00thor (I'm thick with the baby analogies these days)
15:00steelep do you want the playlist loader code? it's pretty small...
15:00mikegrb heh
15:01thor sure, but it may be a while before I get to it
15:01thor things are a wee bit hectic here
15:02thor mikegrb, you _can_ play on a Windows box as well
15:02thor if you're so inclined
15:02mikegrb heh
15:02mikegrb requires windows box ;)
15:03thor yup
15:03thor and you'd have to plug it into a network, which is generally not a smart thing to do with a Windows machine
15:04steelep so what commandline to I give to get a simple patch for playlist.h and playlist.cpp
15:04steelep or should I jusat send you the 2 files?
15:04thor either or
15:04thor diff -u
15:05thor against two dirs or playlist.h.orig versus playlist.h
15:05thor there's also a way to do it against CVS, but I've never gotten around to figuring that out
15:06steelep probably best if I just send you the two files for now...
15:06thor k
15:06steelep I commented them heavily, feel free to rip all that out
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15:06thor heh
15:06thor I like comments
15:06kvandivo cvs diff -bu2 > mypatch.patch
15:06steelep just so i could remember what I was doing and where
15:07mikegrb I have a windows machine not plugged into the network, that is my wifes the sims computer
15:07mikegrb time for home, bye
15:07thor there, see, kvandivo actually knows what the hell he's doing
15:07thor mikegrb, see yup
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15:07kvandivo cvs is my friend
15:07steelep ty kvandivo, that was simple
15:08steelep seems I changed a sort order too that you may want to reverse
15:08steelep reordered playlist by name
15:08thor ah
15:08thor how are they sorted in CVS?
15:08steelep id
15:08thor right, ok
15:09steelep was nice for playlists name 60's, 70's, 80's, etc.
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15:09thor editing playlists across mfd-mfe wire protocol is currently occupying my time, so this is a good time to see your code
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15:37dcstimm hey guys, i know I shouldnt be asking here, but any unoffical patches for mouse support for .14?
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18:44geckofiend chutt you around?
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19:24Mellofone if I rip DVDs with dvdbackup, can MythVideo play them?
19:29anduin Mellofone - try #mythtv-users
19:29Mellofone whoops
19:29Mellofone wrong channel, sorry :)
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19:30Chutt geckofiend, ya
19:30Chutt mostly, at least
19:32Chutt thanks for making all that configurable, btw =)
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21:29rkulagow chutt: here?
21:32mikegrb nah
21:32mikegrb will be back though
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22:19dude hello
22:20dude I was wondering how fast the computer would have to be to watch live tV?
22:21hachi I use a P2-400 as my frontend box, right now
22:22hachi seperate dual P3-933 as my backend
22:24hachi you perhaps mean to be in #mythtv-users, perhaps?
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