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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-04-30

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00:00John-Kimble he WAS helping but i havnt got an email from him in a week so shrugz..
00:00John-Kimble And i've talked to directfb dev's and i know the issue i just dont have the solution :)
00:05John-Kimble when calling the second head which is the tv-encoder directfb SHOULD be usind crct2 but its still using bES
00:05John-Kimble thats why im getting 0 picture
00:05John-Kimble but im getting audio
00:05John-Kimble I've been told from directfb that it's a mythtv issue not directfb, and i belive it is becaue i can play stuff fine to tv usind mplayer
00:06John-Kimble and well yeah i was talking to kristoff about a fix, but he's emails have seemed to stopped so i dunno :)
00:11hachi well, in coming weeks I'll be firing up a directfb box, but till that happens I can't help at all
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00:28Chutt so, why don't you stop wasting your time trying to use directfb and just use X?
00:57John-Kimble because i want to watch it on my tv chutt :)
00:58John-Kimble i know mythtv works fine with x, im happy with it, but ive got a nice big widescreen tv going to waste :)
01:06Chutt buy a non-shitty video card, perhaps?
01:09hachi curiosity begs, what do you consider to be non-shitty?
01:09Chutt well, something with actual drivers
01:10Chutt supported by the company, not some halfassed version that barely works
01:11hachi I was hoping for an example brand, because I've been screwed over by both nvidia and ati in the quest for a decent tv out card... the best supported chip I can think of at this point is the unichrome by via
01:11Chutt via's tv out sucks ass.
01:11Chutt horrible quality
01:12hachi right, so, a brand please
01:13hachi cause I have an nvidia TNT, TNT2, Geforce2... and an ATI Radeon VE... while all do not work withstanding the Geforce 2, which requires a fan (yuck) and won't switch modes properly
01:14Chutt oh, so you're just using cards that are > 5 years old, essentially?
01:14hachi VE is less than a year old
01:14Chutt ati doesn't support tv out on their cards
01:15Chutt nvidia does, but support is better with, say, the gf4mx
01:15Chutt as the tv encoder is standard across card designs
01:16hachi TV out doesn't work on my GeForce 440 Go
01:16hachi also ACPI won't work with it
01:16Chutt <shrug>
01:17hachi (forgot to mention that one, as it's my laptop)
01:18hachi I thought about buying a scanline converter, but I find the selection to be lacking a decent model everywhere I've looked
01:19hachi in any case, the via box is destined for my car :)
01:24dataworm Personally I dislike ATI card... Alwais had trouble with them under linux
01:25dataworm ATI alwais had bad driver... they improved their Windows driver but still have bad linux driver
01:28hachi maybe the fact that XFree has driven away most of the people who read their license will cause newer driver practices to come into play
01:35Chutt these hdtv patches are horrible
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01:43John-Kimble chutt, what card would u recommend that is high quality tv out
01:44Chutt i don't recommend hardware
01:46John-Kimble ok
01:53John-Kimble gfxmx tv-out is poor
01:54John-Kimble well what ever tv-encoder chipsets are in these 3 are poor
01:54Chutt arguably, any tv out attached to a software decoding process sucks.
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01:56John-Kimble i find directfb withot myhtv is pretty darn nice
01:56John-Kimble even with HD stuff
01:57Chutt that's great
01:57Chutt so, you can either: stop using mythtv, and stop bitching about the lack of directfb support in here
01:57Chutt or: improve the directfb support in mythtv
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02:01John-Kimble im not bitching about it
02:01John-Kimble if i had the coding skills i would improve on it
02:01steelep john.. I have myth and X feeding a Sony 1280x720 hdtv
02:01John-Kimble nice
02:02hachi bah, you people with your money
02:02steelep just buy a damned transcoder to component
02:02Chutt john-kimble, asking about it more than once is bitching about it.
02:02steelep ALL...repeat ALL tv-out sux
02:02John-Kimble im only asking in i think a decent timeframe maybe someone else might of got it working who joined in that time, its not like im asking every 5 mins
02:02hachi steelep: what do you mean?
02:03steelep I mean in quality compared to a vga-component transcoder
02:03hachi by the 'transcoder to component' part, that is
02:03Chutt john-kimble, don't ever ask about it again.
02:03Chutt i, for one, don't care to read your whining
02:04John-Kimble sure, btw i didnt think i was whining
02:04Chutt directfb support's not magically going to improve itself
02:05steelep these things hachi
02:05hachi ahh, thanks
02:06steelep they beat the crap out of $400 video cards with tv out
02:06hachi "read the faq before purchase if using with a PC"
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02:06hachi wait... what else outputs VGA apart from a PC?
02:07steelep mac
02:07hachi Mac is a Personal Computer as well
02:07steelep they mean non mac I think
02:07hachi nah, they're talking about both if you look at it
02:08steelep odd, I never thought twice about hooking it up to any pc
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02:09hachi you have one of those?
02:09steelep yep
02:09steelep hooked to a sony xby800
02:09steelep xbr
02:09hachi does it overscan properly? (they specifically say to not use it at anything higher than 640x480
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02:09steelep mine looks perfect at 720p
02:10hachi oh wait, HDTV doesn't have to overscan, does it...
02:10Chutt of course it does
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02:10steelep I bitched about the oversna being too large, but it not that big of a deal, I just run xine in window mode
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02:10steelep I get like 60 pixel overscan
02:11hachi see, I've got a standard tv here, with component in, I wonder if this would just work on it, asuming I pick the right mode
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02:11steelep but my tv is notorious for that
02:11hachi or does HDTV imply non-interlaced by default?
02:11steelep they make a different one for component
02:11steelep than composite/svideo
02:12steelep hdtc is interlaced if you want
02:12steelep looked really strange at 1080i to me, 720 is much more stable
02:12steelep 720p
02:12steelep I got alot of moire in 1080i
02:12hachi I never called these things a 'transcoder' before, they were always scanline converters
02:13steelep there are plans to home build these for about $25 in parts from digikey
02:14steelep actually I am scraping pennies together for a pioneer elite 50" my next christmas
02:14steelep my->by
02:15steelep then I can just do straight dvi and forget this stuff :)
02:17hachi well, thanks for this info, now I'll stop screwing around with TV out cards
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02:26Chutt fuckin hell
02:26Chutt i spend almost 2 hours trying to clean up this hdtv patch
02:26Chutt and the fucking thing sucks
02:26Chutt PQ looks horrible
02:26Chutt and it crashes on one of my hd test clips
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02:45o_cee :\
02:46o_cee Chutt: glad to see you're back coding ;)
02:46Chutt pretty much was a waste of my time, tonight
02:47o_cee too bad tho :/
02:48o_cee i just woke up because they started drilling at the other side of the wall (from the outside) with a huge fuckn thing, that made the room shake.. argh, there's nicer ways to get up
02:48Chutt heh
02:49o_cee hammer drill? anyway, it was loud, heh. they're repainting the house, chaning windows and stuff like that
02:49Chutt a hammer drill looks like a regular drill
02:50Chutt just beefier
02:50Chutt and it'll have a handle to steady it, generally
02:50o_cee yeah, make that like times 10 and you get the idea of the size these guys use, hehhe
02:50o_cee no idea what they're doing anyway, seems like they decided to tear the place down instead
02:51Chutt great for going through concrete
02:51o_cee indeed
02:51Omnic and skulls :()
02:51Omnic er.. :)
02:51o_cee and sweet dreams
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03:02o_cee looked at their tool now, it's actually not a drill.. it's one of those things they use to like break up concrete in roads and stuff like that..
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03:55knight- hmm
03:55knight- i want to copy nuv's from a master backend, to a slave backend that will be mobile
03:55knight- probably nothing to support that yet i'm sure
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03:56knight- i'd have to modify db code to let there be duplicate copies (i.e. one locally, and one on the master) without showing dups
03:56knight- i.e. mirror mode
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09:38lesshaste maybe #mythtv-users ? :)
09:39mock hmm
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11:12joss anyone using lirc here?
11:12joss hi
11:13joss Chutt: you here?
11:13Chutt yes, but i'm not going to do tech support.
11:14mock would upgrading my rh9 to fedora with a partial myth install work?
11:14Chutt can't you people read the topic?
11:14mikegrb Chutt: nope
11:15mikegrb and since when was mythtv a venue for rh/fedora support?
11:15kvandivo the thing i love about that is that it wasn't even a matter of reading the topic.. just reading the sentence posted one minute earlier would have helped
11:15mikegrb kvandivo: heh
11:15joss ok, just wanted to ask, if anyone knows why lirc does like 4 actions repeadedly after one single remote button press . even irw shows that
11:16joss the remote is like winfast deluxes remote
11:16mikegrb joss: no
11:16Chutt wow
11:16mikegrb mom
11:16hachi joss, can't you take a hint?
11:16Chutt wasn't much of a hint
11:16joss hachi: take a hint?
11:16mikegrb heh
11:16joss hachi: aaah ok
11:16Chutt 'i'm not going to do tech support' and 'this isn't a support channel'
11:16joss sorry :D:D
11:16Chutt can't get less hint-like than that
11:17hachi don't be sorry, learn to read the topic
11:19hachi I'm at fault for the cvs guy yesterday, he came on #m-users and asked simply 'is cvs myth compiling', so I said to ask in here, which he promptly comes in and asks a /different/ question
11:20Chutt heh
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11:42thor should I diversify my portfolio into foreign bonds?
11:44thor also, sometimes people steal my newspaper in the morning, can someone do something about that ?
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11:48kvandivo i'm wondering if i should get in on the google ipo
11:48thor lug nuts!
11:49hachi nug luts
11:49mikegrb thor: I'll take care of your newspaper problems, how much plausible deniability do you want?
11:49thor heh
11:49mikegrb and maim only or is full kilt death okay?
11:49mikegrb or my descression?
11:49* thor is slightly worried by his recollection that mikegrb is actually in the armed services
11:50mikegrb indeed
11:50mikegrb er I can neither confirm nor deny that statement
11:50mikegrb <- webcam by where kvandivo works
11:50thor well you could, but then you'd have to kill us
11:50mikegrb most awesomest webcam I have ever seen
11:50mikegrb damn sharp picture
11:50mikegrb full motion
11:51mikegrb and full control, including the ninety thousand time zoom
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12:01* kvandivo looks around.
12:10hachi you work at uiuc?
12:10kvandivo me? ya
12:11hachi I was down there for "Reflections Projections" last year... and played DDR for several hours in your bowling alley
12:11hachi all despite the fact that I'm not a student :)
12:11kvandivo well, i'm not a student either, and i've done both of those things, so i don't think it is a requirement
12:12hachi except I live in wisconsin
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12:12hachi nice place, if I had a large enough attention span for school I'd want to go there :)
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12:15* jams lives in WI as well
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12:50thor heh
12:51thor Chutt, when did you update the website?
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12:59Chutt yesterday
12:59thor heh
12:59Chutt didn't stop some guy from calling today, though
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13:00kvandivo you're "in the system" now.. it will take weeks for the calls to stop
13:00thor anybody sent you anything looking mature and well thoughts out, or is it all, "d00d, we should sell boxes!"
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13:01Chutt hrm
13:01Chutt one possible company, but they didn't have funding
13:01thor ah
13:01kvandivo did they expect you to pony up the cash or something?
13:01Chutt everything else was just 'd00d, sell boxes'
13:01thor heh
13:04Chutt flying out to CA on sunday =)
13:04thor excellent
13:04thor same thing as before, or new one ?
13:04Chutt orientation
13:05thor right
13:05thor "ok, so this is my insurance form, now ... uhm ... where the hell are my options?"
13:05Chutt pretty much
13:05thor heh
13:06Chutt speaking of options, time to see if the stock's going down
13:06thor heh
13:06Chutt want a better strike price =)
13:06thor hopefully down
13:06thor been a slow couple weeks
13:08thor heh, April has been very kind to you :-)
13:10Chutt it has to go back up, then
13:10Chutt after monday =)
13:15o_cee hi
13:15o_cee anyone know what's up with mr pinkham?
13:16Chutt nope
13:17o_cee haven't seen him in a long time, was supposed to send him some clips for the logo detection
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13:27o_cee <-- heheh
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14:01stoffel hm, no more mtd binary with latest cvs?
14:02thor eh?
14:03stoffel i updated to latest cvs and mtd isn't installed anymore. i also built against qt embedded once and reverted back to qt, maybe i broke something on the way.
14:04thor co mythdvd and build it ?
14:06stoffel ahem. that makes sense, thor. somehow i was thinking mtd belonged to mythtv.
14:06thor heh
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17:01bitbyte anyone know why lirc has suspended devel?
17:02--- ---> polto [] has joined #mythtv
17:02polto hello all !
17:03thor mute your line in and set it as the recording source
17:04polto somebody know if there are a way to record/play/stream a video from a JPEG file uploaded by FTP in to my directory by a network camera ?
17:05Chutt what exactly does that have to do with mythtv?
17:06bitbyte you talking to me chutt?
17:06Chutt no
17:06bitbyte ah ok
17:07polto i dont know ... i dont know a way to read an uploaded & overwriten JPEG and transform it to MPEG4 for example ...
17:08Chutt find another channel, then.
17:08polto ?
17:08polto why are you agressive ?
17:09Chutt because you're asking something completely off-topic
17:09polto i'm verry new to mythtv, just installed it on my Gentoo after trying KnoppMyth
17:09Chutt that has absolutely nothing to do with mythtv
17:09polto i dont know if it's offtopic
17:09Chutt and you didn't bother to read the topic of this channel when you entered
17:10polto sorry, do a closed channel if you dont like to speak
17:10polto or smoke a litle bit ganja :)
17:10Chutt naw
17:10--- <--- polto [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
17:10Chutt heh
17:10thor so I guess it wasn't his recording source ?
17:11Chutt webcams generally don't provide enough buffers for full-framerate video, so no :p
17:11thor I _still_ think he should probably mute line in
17:12kvandivo i think you should start saying that every time someone new logs in, thor
17:12thor heh
17:12kvandivo or, you could tell them to mute line _out_ and see if it keeps them quiet
17:13thor that or, "you definitely need to upgrade to kernel 2.7.2"
17:14bitbyte heh
17:15kvandivo anyone else ever watch the stats? Load Average: 67.26 68.15 65.99 (905 processes) Current bandwidth utilization 201.68 Mbit/s
17:15kvandivo that's some load average..
17:15thor ohm and that "stream video from a JPEG on FTP ... you can only do that on FreeBSD"
17:15kvandivo we can certainly stream video from a jpeg.. it just doesn't change very much...
17:16thor heh
17:16bitbyte i know this isnt really a myth question, but i thought maybe you devel types might know why lirc has reportedly suspended development? If it's even true
17:17thor probably the guy in charge is tired of answering support questions :-)
17:17bitbyte hehe
17:17bitbyte that could have some impact on myth couldnt it?
17:17thor bah, all these new DAAP codes
17:17bitbyte and a myriad of other projects
17:18thor you know, it may be possible to buy ITMS tunes from Myth
17:18thor hmmm'
17:18kvandivo that would be freaky..
17:18thor very
17:18kvandivo a living room interface to spending money
17:18thor like this song? Buy more from the same artist?
17:24jams or have it automagicly buy songs based off that's a sound buisness plan
17:25thor heh
17:25thor "my TV went nuts with my credit card"
17:26thor still have thoughts about a GUI to buy CD's from Amazon from myth
17:27thor see band on TV, tap, tap, CD is on its way
17:27jams isn't there some cell phone software like that?
17:27bitbyte oh ya, my kid sits on the remote, and i'm the proud owner of some rap cd. no thanks
17:27bitbyte hehe
17:27bitbyte theres a new cell fone software that will identify a song for you
17:28thor which Chutt should know something about :-)
17:28jams stupid question but why is that ?
17:28bitbyte why is what
17:29thor he knows a little bit about identifying audio patterns
17:29bitbyte ohhh
17:29thor at least, I think he does
17:29jams ah
17:29bitbyte thats probably just his mother in laws voice tho
17:29bitbyte :)
17:29thor that's a rather sexist comment to which I take immense offense
17:30thor you could have said, "parent in law's"
17:30bitbyte haha
17:30bitbyte sorry
17:30bitbyte but i'm sure you'll get over it
17:30bitbyte :P
17:31thor just as long as you don't think I'm being politically correct
17:31bitbyte actually i WAS thinking you are a very PC sort of person
17:31jams speaking of voice, i would love to hear voice navigation (output only) for mfe/mythmusic I really miss that feature when using mythmusic.
17:32thor eh?
17:32kvandivo you 'miss' it? what music playing system do you normally use that has it?
17:32jams phatnoise
17:32bitbyte erp
17:32thor and what does it do?
17:33jams it allows you to navigate your song collection without any visual indicators
17:33thor well, if you'd like to send me one, I'd be happy to see what I can do
17:33jams hehehe
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17:51steelep ehem... can you say overprice bs
17:51steelep kenwood oems one
17:54--- ---> extremis [] has joined #mythtv
17:54extremis IS there a good mythtv+dvb howto?
17:54extremis doh
17:54extremis wrong channel
17:54--- <--- extremis [] has left #mythtv ()
17:55steelep jams
17:55jams overprice yes, bs no. Just one of those things you have to use before you understand how nice it is.
17:55steelep seen this?
17:55jams ?
17:55steelep for the same money i'd rather have that
17:56steelep then just plug any fw drive into it
17:56steelep 250g, 300g, whatever :)
17:57jams yep, again it all comes down to the user interface.
17:57steelep yeah, you have to roll your own, but we are developers are we not?
17:57jams heh
17:57jams so true
17:58steelep that box runs linux... the phatboy won't
17:58jams eh, the "phatboy" runs linux
17:58steelep embedded and not configurable
17:59steelep afaik
17:59jams true
17:59jams you can place your own stuff on there, but it's pointless as there is not interface on the new boxes other then the headunit
17:59--- ---> DonLKSAB [] has joined #mythtv
18:00steelep touchscreen would be nice
18:01steelep then you could do maps and stuff too
18:01jams the kenwood's have it...but this is getting off topic
18:02bitbyte yeah, cant have that
18:02jams :)
18:02bitbyte must... stay... on... topic!
18:02bitbyte aaaaaAAAAARRRGH
18:02--- <<-- stoffel [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:03--- ---> warlord-afk [] has joined #mythtv
18:04steelep blah... its friday
18:04--- ---> bigguy [] has joined #mythtv
18:04bitbyte it's almost over
18:04steelep xenarc has some cool stuff
18:04--- ---> Justin [] has joined #mythtv
18:05jams steelep, yeah i am just waiting to save and get their touchscreen
18:05jams and then save for the heatsink case
18:06steelep you can wholesale their case, its just a mini-itx in it
18:06bitbyte and save and save and save, that thing is expensive!
18:06--- <<-- Sir-Al [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:06steelep the power supply is the big deal
18:06steelep power in cars is pretty awful
18:09--- ---> Sir-Al [] has joined #mythtv
18:12--- ---> stoffel [] has joined #mythtv
18:18--- <<-- mecraw_ [~mecraw@] has quit ("Trillian (")
18:20DonLKSAB Is this the home of the almighty mythtv coders?
18:20bitbyte ut oh
18:21kvandivo mute your line in and set it as the recording source, according to thor
18:21bitbyte haha
18:29--- <<-- jams [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:30--- ---> jams [] has joined #mythtv
18:31hachi didn't I say that like two days ago?
18:33kvandivo i love it when people send email and don't include a URL that they spend the text of the email describing.. (I do it myself often enough, so it's always gratifying when someone else does it)
18:38--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
18:40--- <<-- bigguy [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:40--- ---> bigguy [] has joined #mythtv
18:42hachi who's the person I was talking to about transcoders the other night?
18:43hachi steelep... yeah
18:44--- <<-- eco [] has quit ("Leaving")
18:48GeckoFiend chutt you around?
18:51--- <<-- steelep [~signwatch@] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:51--- ---> steelep [~signwatch@] has joined #mythtv
19:05--- ---> NiteOwl [] has joined #mythtv
19:06--- User: *** NiteOwl is now known as NightOwl
19:20--- ---> poptix [] has joined #mythtv
19:28--- <<-- NightOwl [] has quit ("Client Exiting")
19:29pigeon is there a site that briefly explain how mythtv works in terms of some technical stuff?
19:31stoffel except ? i don't think so
19:32thor and, uhm, all that source code
19:32pigeon right... thanks
19:32stoffel and the code comments are hidden between the lines
19:33thor heh
19:33GeckoFiend comments are for people who can't read code ;)
19:33pigeon heh
19:33thor which is why my code is so heavily commented
19:33thor :-)
19:34thor not only can I not read it, it takes me forever to write it
19:34pigeon i'm doing a talk on mythtv at my work, need to get my head around a bit with the technical side of it.
19:34GeckoFiend I work with a guy who'll write 8 comments for some self evident piece of code.
19:34thor with lots of whitespace around it?
19:34thor (sounds like me :-) )
19:34GeckoFiend I work with a guy who'll write 8 comments for some self evident piece of code.
19:34GeckoFiend sorry wrong keyboard
19:35thor heh
19:38GeckoFiend this same guy never removes anything from the source, he just commeents it out and writes new code in place of it. Which contains buttloads of comments till you get to the point where you can't tell what's a comment, what's commented code and what's real code
19:44o_cee thor: hooraay
19:50thor and there was still more rejoicing
19:50thor YAH!
19:51thor o_cee, you got an old iTunes around ?
19:51thor I'm just curious if it's broken or not
19:54thor heh
19:54thor -dev
19:54thor imagine, technical jargon in CVS commits
19:54--- <<-- GeckoFiend [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:55--- ---> GeckoFiend [] has joined #mythtv
19:56--- <<-- hfb [] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:57Chutt geckofiend, whatcha need?
20:01thor Feature request; MythIronMyLaundry
20:02Rroet hehe
20:03o_cee thor: yeah, but i still haven't got my router back so no internal net here :/
20:03o_cee but i can try it like next week or whatever
20:03o_cee mega-update of myth, heh
20:03GeckoFiend I've got some changes that I want to check in, but since it involves a scheme bump and a protocol bump I thought I'd check with you (plus ask who I should ping about mythweb so I don't break it). I added per-channel output filters similar to the recording filters...
20:04GeckoFiend ProgramInfo keeps stores it when it does it's query. Then when the recording gets played back it's available to the player
20:11--- <<-- poptix [] has quit ("Reconnecting")
20:11--- ---> poptix [poptix@] has joined #mythtv
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20:11--- ---> lane [] has joined #mythtv
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21:22Chutt gfiend, can you send me a diff off-list? got company over, kinda busy atm, but i can check it out later tonight =)
21:37--- ---> brunner [~brunner@] has joined #mythtv
21:40--- ---> Jondab [] has joined #mythtv
21:40Jondab hi all
21:41thor mute your line in and set it as the recording source
21:53--- ---> m0j0_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:05--- <<-- brunner [~brunner@] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:29--- ---> FryGuy- [] has joined #mythtv
22:48gfiend chutt ygm
22:49--- User: *** gfiend is now known as geckofiend
22:51--- ---> anurag [] has joined #mythtv
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