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01:53Narkov are there any known issues between mythtv 0.14 and DirectFB 0.9.19?
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03:30Narkov [17:27.18] <Narkov> can whom ever looks after the mailing list archives please fix the search just 500's and bombs
03:30Narkov [17:27.30] <Narkov>
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13:46quink hey question for you. is myth designed to handle running out of live tv buffer? like if i left it running all day watching live tv?
13:47hachi I think it's supposed to maintain a maximum size
13:48quink just wondering if it is something not programmed in or if my system just has a bug i have to work out. i feel asleep while watching tv a cuple nights ago. when i awoke the frontend crashed.
13:49hachi was the backend out of disk space?
13:50quink yes.
13:50quink i only set aside 2.5gigs for the time being. i was hoping it'd be designed so it'd not crash if it runs out of space
13:50hachi there's a "live tv buffer size" setting somewhere, I can't remember whether it was in setup or the setup part of mythfrontend
13:51quink yeah i messed with that, but you see my question, right?
13:51quink it shouldn't crash if it fills the buffer or i did something wrong?
13:53hachi I won't say that you did something wrong, but given that you did set the live buffer to something reasonable do you actually have space for that on your drive? (don't forget about the reserved space on the drive, usually 5% or something)
13:53quink yeah i set it to use everything except 500 megs
13:53quink well i am letting it run out now while i check and see
13:53quink its at 94%...
13:55hachi uhm, what is your live buffer set to, because I'm not aware of a way to forward-truncate files, so it may actually need 2x that much to work properly
13:55quink i think i have 3 gigs on the partition free. its using 2.5 and leaves 500
13:56quink either way, i'd hope it would not just die if this happens, but it'd do what it needed to to stay up
13:56hachi I've not read the live buffer code yet, does it use only use 1 .nuv file?
13:56quink i don't think so, but not certain
13:56quink i haven't decide to dig into code for this
13:56quink iirc it splits them up
13:56thor there is a single ringbuffer
13:57quink ah. nm.
13:57hachi oh, you maintain a ringbuffer? I was wondering how you handle the forward-truncation problem :)
13:58thor well, "you" as plural, yes
13:58hachi yes
13:58quink heh. buffer was at 100.01% full for a second
13:58quink i see it starts playing again.
13:58quink though, if you hit pause, it says 'paused' in the little menu but keeps playing
13:59quink i tried rewinding to see what happens and it crashed
13:59quink nifty
14:00quink well sorta. its still recording and the bar is past 100%....104% and going.
14:01quink wow. any of you ever check this out?
14:02thor if you can document version, what you did to cause weird behaviour, and (ideally) a backtrace of it in the middle of doing something weird, that would help
14:03quink sure. where?
14:03thor to -dev
14:03quink k
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14:03quink i don't know how to do a backtrace though or what that is
14:03thor heh
14:04quink basically its .14 i just let it fill the live tv buffer. it goes a bit nutty after that. it still work sjust lags majorly. lets you record past 100%, lets you rewind past 100%(though it seems like it stalls it takes a while to recover), and if you pause it after that it says paused but plays
14:05thor well, someone on the -dev list will be able to at least tell you if the problem has already been solved
14:05thor at least if you are clear about how exactly you're invoking the behaviour
14:05quink okay
14:05quink where is this '-dev' list?
14:06kvandivo, click on the 'lists' link in the left column
14:06kvandivo thor thor thor.. give a man a fish, teach a man to fish.. :)
14:06thor and he'll patent fishing
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14:07kvandivo well, if his name is microsoft, apparently..
14:07quink heh
14:07bert this the wrong place to ask about uk tv listings then ...
14:07kvandivo well, if you writing code for myth that deals with them, go crazy...
14:08quink bert try #mythtv-users
14:08bert fraid not, looks like thats illegal anyway from the discusion i read
14:08bert i did write some code that parses footy scores from the beeb if you want that though :)
14:09bert goal notification in mythtv a non starter then :) ok i'll leave you all in piece, good luck with the development
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14:45laga_ hello...oh, i'm sorry ;) *joins #mythtv-users*
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14:59kvandivo whoa.. did my eyes deceive me, or might we just have had someone that read the topic before asking the question?
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15:09Rince ;-)
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17:32geckofiend finally hooked up my M179, now I need to look into changing channels across cards instead of just inputs.
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19:30dja_ howdy - is anyone around who has worked on the scheduler?
19:37thor steelep, you around ?
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19:55dja_ thor - you around?
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20:06thor I am
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20:13thor well, I was
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20:45geckofiend can MySQL do sprocs?
20:46thor only in 5.0
20:47geckofiend hrm, well I guess that's out for a while anyway.
20:47thor heh
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20:49geckofiend just starting to mull over chaning channels across cards... I've just about cleared up the loose ends on the cross input changes (chan up/down works now just need to look at browse mode) the cross card stuff is going to require checking the availability of cards and what not...
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20:49thor mythbackend stuff, so (unfortunately) not something I know much about
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21:46rOOfus i think there may be a bug in one of the recent cvs
21:47rOOfus with mythweb
21:47rOOfus i am unable to hit mythweb due to "access issues"
21:47rOOfus after upgrading
21:52dopester anyone here familiar with the QT Moc code that used in videosource and all of the other packages.
21:53thor moc is generated by Qt when building
21:53dopester yeah i got that
21:54thor so no one is "familiar with" it, as it's machine generated
21:54dopester well not that part
21:54dopester let me ask
21:54dopester class DVBDiseqcType: public ComboBoxSetting, public CCSetting {
21:54dopester public:
21:54dopester DVBDiseqcType(const CaptureCard& parent):
21:54dopester CCSetting(parent, "dvb_diseqc_type") {
21:54dopester setLabel(QObject::tr("DiSEqC Input Type: (DVB-S)"));
21:55dopester addSelection("Single LNB / Input","0");
21:55dopester addSelection("Tone Switch aka Mini DiSEqC (2-Way)","1");
21:56dopester i am trying to get the integer value after the labels here and getValue().toInt() returns 0 everytime so i suspect its failing to covert the label to an int not the value
21:56dopester its really a ComboBoxSetting question i presume :)
21:57thor these are configuration settings, you can pull them out of the Database with gContext->getSetting()
21:57thor or do you need to do something in the configuration dialog?
21:57dopester i need to do a connection though using the values before they are writen to the db
21:58dopester or does the db get updated when the selections are changed? i never looked that close at the code
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21:58dopester i just assumed it was on the destuction of the object
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21:58thor db is updated automatically ...
21:59thor you could get into ComboBoxSetting and have it emit a signal on change
21:59thor but it's not clear to me what you need to do (and why you wouldn't want to show it to the user?)
21:59dopester i am trying to fix some of the dvb mapping... i talked to chutt a bit about it
22:00dopester the diseqc (satellite switch) type is enumerated in the db
22:00thor ok ...
22:00dopester dont need to save it as big text strings so i just need to pluck that value from that ComboBoxSetting if possible.
22:01dopester i can yank it from the db but seems silly when the setting is already somewhere in ram
22:01thor you need to do something _only_ when the user changes the setting?
22:02dopester yeah when the user changes the diseqc type on the selection dialog i need to repopulate the default input selection box
22:02dopester basicly im creating virtual inputs for dvb-s cards which is more logical than how it is now.
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22:04thor so you want the commit stage of the ComboBox to some additional SQL inserts ?
22:04thor to do
22:04dopester well yeah
22:04dopester i got the code working if a hardcode the enumerated values (to test)
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22:05dopester i just cant get that enumeration out of the inputtype combobox without a roundtrip to the db which seems like a really broken way of doing it. i am sure there is a simple way i just don't know this qt ui stuff that well.
22:06thor well, it's easy to have it emit a signal on change
22:06thor but you don't want that
22:06thor because the user may quit the Dialog
22:06thor rather than finish
22:07thor so I think you need to poke at CCSetting and see where the SQL writes happen
22:07thor well, or DVBDiseqcType
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23:32dopester thor: you around?
23:32thor yup
23:34dopester nm had a brainfart..
23:34thor k
23:38dopester ok so maybe i didn't. the db gets updated after you hit next/finish in the dialog, so i really do need to get the enumerated value from the combobox
23:39thor you need to get the value, but not do anything with it until next/finish is pushed
23:39thor (I guess)
23:39dopester yeah my problem is how do i get that value
23:39dopester this qt is really powerfull but im hitting a pretty nasty learning curve :)
23:40thor can't you just get into the Done/Finish code and ask the ComboBoxSetting for it's value ?
23:41dopester thats what im stuck with right now
23:41dopester getValue() just returns the label not the enumeration
23:41thor ah
23:41thor one sec
23:42dopester yeah its something so simple im sure
23:45dopester i wonder if the ValueChanged is even what I need
23:45dopester im trying the activated signal maybe thats what i want.
23:46thor have you tried getValueIndex from the label ?
23:47thor bb in 2 minutes
23:48dopester nope.
23:48dopester if im buggin ya too much about this let me know.
23:51thor sorry, phone call
23:51thor np
23:51dopester no matching function for call to `DVBDiseqcType::
23:51dopester getValueIndex()
23:51dopester i cant find getValue anywhere in the qt docs so im sure there is something im overlooking
23:51thor virtual int getValueIndex(QString value)
23:52thor it's in settings.cpp
23:52dopester ah :)
23:52thor nb: I didn't write any of this settings code
23:52thor so I'm just guessing
23:52thor but that looks likely
23:53dopester heh i never thought adding the setup/gui stuff would be the hard part :)
23:53thor heh
23:54thor Chutt has made it super easy to write settings dialogs ... but it's a bit confusing to get into the details
23:57dopester yeah adding in the buttons i needed was cake did that before i had ever hit trolltech trying to figure out what was really happening
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