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03:06thor steelep, you still here ?
03:08thor Chutt, trust everything went well out west, getting some weird mythfrontend activity on CVS (thinking about 0.15)
03:12billytwowilly| woot! 0.15!
03:12Rince when will .15 be public? ;)
03:13billytwowilly| When it's done;)
03:13billytwowilly| God, I love quoting Blizzard;)
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03:47thor also, some version issues with mythweb
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05:17Narkov i cvs spose to give me a backend that speaks v7 and plugins that talk v8?
05:17Narkov has the backend changed version overnight?
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08:35o_c Chutt: you awake?
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10:41oc argh!!
10:41jams ?
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10:42oc getting errors, hold on ;)
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10:43oc 2004-05-09 16:43:33 Upgrading to schema version 1038
10:43oc DB Error (Performing database upgrade):
10:43oc Query was:
10:43oc ALTER TABLE videosource ADD lineupid VARCHAR(64) NULL;
10:43oc Driver error was [2/1060]:
10:43oc QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
10:43oc Database error was:
10:43oc Duplicate column name 'lineupid'
10:43oc current CVS
10:43oc easily fixed i guess, but it shouldn't happen anyway
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10:46oc lots of those, arfhg
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10:57o_cee how's the table people supposed to look, anyone?
11:00stoffel mine just contains names
11:00o_cee the structure then?
11:02stoffel dbcheck.cpp ;) person contains a number (mediumint(8)), name is char(128)
11:03o_cee update to 1038, "ALTER TABLE people DROP INDEX name;",
11:03o_cee "ALTER TABLE people ADD UNIQUE name (name(41));",
11:04o_cee ALTER TABLE people ADD UNIQUE name( name( 41 ) )
11:04o_cee MySQL said:
11:04o_cee #1072 - Key column 'name' doesn't exist in table
11:04stoffel worked here without problem
11:04o_cee argh, i'll manually update. exactly what does your people table look like? person mediumint(8) UNSIGNED No auto_increment
11:04o_cee and then?
11:05stoffel one second...
11:05o_cee i'll manually bump the tableversion
11:05stoffel person | mediumint(8) unsigned | | PRI | NULL | auto_increment
11:05stoffel name | char(128) | | MUL | |
11:06stoffel ups, and the columns are:
11:06stoffel Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra
11:06o_cee thank you
11:07stoffel or dbcheck.cpp line 1002 ;)
11:07stoffel and the following changes of course
11:09o_cee what's that MUL for name? long time since i did sql :)
11:09stoffel mul?
11:10o_cee your name | char(128).... MUL
11:12stoffel hmm, i think it's related to 'ALTER TABLE people DROP INDEX name; ALTER TABLE people ADD UNIQUE name (name(41)); from the db upgrade to 1038
11:14o_cee i don't see how that'd work anyway
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11:19o_cee Tommy Faasen posted a patch for this that obviously didn't make it in
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12:04rkulagow cool. datadirect now includes a message in the data that says when your subscription will expire. now to figure out how to pull that into mythfilldatabase.
12:07kvandivo and have it automatically renew the subscription. :)
12:07kvandivo it could pick random answers for any survey questions
12:08rkulagow well, their dtd or whatever it's actually called shows how to subscribe and whatnot without going through their web page, but it's disabled.
12:09kvandivo not much incentive at this point for them to spend time writing code to enable it
12:11Chutt it's there for commercial licensees, i'd say
12:11kvandivo ya.. people that probably want to put their own frontend on it
12:11kvandivo in a serious way
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12:13rkulagow ok, so i've run wget and gotten TMS to give me a file back. right there at the top i can see <message>Your subscription will expire: 2004-05-17T04:17:27Z</message>
12:14rkulagow i'm assuming that datadirect.cpp in libs/ is actually parsing the data?
12:14rkulagow yep, looks like its datadirect.cpp
12:14Chutt yup
12:15rkulagow if i can figure out how to parse it, any reason i can't just put that right into the main table versus the temps that you're using now?
12:15Chutt nope, no reason
12:15Chutt haha
12:15Chutt fuckin hilarious
12:16Chutt guy says he'll stop posting html email _in_ an html email
12:16rkulagow it might be his corporate email server. you can say "send plain text" in outlook, and exchange will still do the wrong thing
12:16Chutt not my problem =)
12:17Chutt and he's sending directly from his machine to his isp
12:17rkulagow well, in that case, no mercy.
12:18rkulagow chris kennedy believes that there's a mythtv bug: [ivtv-devel] #64e 0.1.10-pre2 fixes myth bug, workaround for now
12:22rkulagow ah, ok, i see that i should be able to trap the subscription message in DDStructureParser::characters; uncommenting the cerr at that start of that routine spits out the expiration date
12:22rkulagow maybe something like currtagname="message" or something
12:26rkulagow crap. daughters awake, so no more for now. bbl.
12:26o_cee Chutt: you got my mail?
12:26o_cee updated to cvs now, haven't had time to go thru and verify them yet
12:29Chutt chris kennedy has no idea what he's talking about
12:29Chutt o_cee, yeah, i got your email
12:30Chutt rkulagow, he's saying that it's a myth bug because i'm not working around bugs in his crappy code
12:30o_cee great. just thought i'd let you see it
12:31Chutt if i tell it to stop decoding, it should stop decoding
12:31o_cee wish the 350 tv-out could become stable at some point :/
12:31Chutt not wait half a second
12:31Chutt then stop
12:31Chutt ie, broken driver
12:31o_cee heh
12:31Chutt myth shouldn't have to busy wait for the driver
12:31Chutt if _anything_, the stop ioctl should block until the driver's done
12:32o_cee away, food and icehockey :)
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13:27Chutt where the hell's the 'extend my subscription' link
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13:37kvandivo hmm... you'd have thought the reminder email would have had a link to it
13:39Chutt it says it's on there, but, nope
13:40doc_ Can anyone think of why my mythfrontend would ignore input from lirc ?
13:40doc_ strace confirms that mythfrontend is opening lircrc and /dev/lircd with no errors..and read()'s are working when I hit buttons.. but nothing happens myth is always stuck on the main menu
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16:33kvandivo anyone else noticing their logs getting cluttered by the VERBOSE(VB_GENERAL, thequery);
16:33kvandivo in mainserver.cpp in HandleQueryRecordings?
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18:06[davatar] so it appears as if pthreads are not being accounted for by procps under 2.6, mythbackend appears as one idle thread. I wonder if it's a new attribute that's not being passed to pthread_create or what.
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20:01o_cee Chutt: the issue with in-progress recordings is still there, got it with current cvs this evening again.
20:26Chutt i really don't care :p
20:28o_cee i know
20:29Chutt i've got enough other stuff to do.
20:31o_cee yeah. uhm, guess it'd help alot if i could print out some useful numbers to see what goes bad. he
20:33Chutt should be relatively easy to figure out why it's thinking its at the end of file
20:36o_cee i'd think so too yeah but still too hard for me to figure out by myself, heh ;)
20:39o_cee if you feel like fixing it, just let me know what info you need etc.. time for some sleep now, nighty nigh
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22:13Narkov what protocol version does cvs mythtv currently speak? mythweb says it speak 8 but backend speaks 7 ???
22:14Chutt both speak 8, of course.
22:14Chutt if you don't know how to use cvs, then don't use it.
22:24Narkov thanks for those helpful words Chutt
22:25* Narkov sets mode -karma Chutt
22:25cmorgan you must have an old backend or libraries around
22:25Narkov thank you cmorgan...i will look into it
22:27cmorgan i mean what else could the problem be? there must be a mismatch somewhere
22:27cmorgan try updating to cvs again if installing the new backend and libraries doesn't fix things
22:28Narkov yeah...i did a checkout of the backend 12 hours before it possible that the protocol version changed in that amount of time?
22:28Narkov this was two days ago btw
22:28cmorgan of course 12 hours is enough
22:29cmorgan anytime you have odd issues like that you should just cvs update both to ensure that you have the current versions
22:29mikegrb haha
22:33Chutt see, the guy doesn't know how to use cvs
22:33Chutt i bet he's not even on the commits list
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22:34Narkov no..i'm not what?
22:35Narkov how does that mean i dont know how to use cvs?
22:35Narkov nevermind
22:35Chutt in the instructions on how to connect to mythtv's cvs tree
22:35Chutt which, you also didn't manage to read
22:35Chutt it says you should be on the commits list if you're going to be using cvs
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