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00:14rkulagow chutt: here?
00:28euphobot anyone using mythtv for hdtv or hd recordings?
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12:29laga hello ;)
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12:29laga hi stoffel
12:29stoffel hi
12:30* laga installing gentoo
12:30laga i hate compiling ;)
12:31stoffel but you install gentoo? Hmmm
12:31laga yes. i didnt know that i hate compiling before i installed gentoo ;)
12:32stoffel so stop immediately and get a set of debian cds.
12:33laga aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh. nope. too old. ;)
12:33laga i'm using debian on my router, slackware on my server and on my laptop and now gentoo on my desktop. this is enough ;)
12:33stoffel waaaahh, i knew that comment would be written. be a man and use unstable
12:34kvandivo but only on the mission-critical machines
12:34laga unstable? argh! go away, satan! ;)
12:34laga this is sid, isn't it? used it on my laptop, was always broken.
12:35stoffel yes. strange i never had any major problems with it
12:35laga hehe. kde was broken for two weeks, IIRC. slackware current is much better, imho - but hey, you have the freedom to use what you want, even lfs. ;)
12:36stoffel but seriously i believe all debian developers should be forced to use debian stable and only build their packages in an unstable chroot. i'm sure that would speed up the release process quite a bit.
12:37laga process? you think you can call it progress? ;). oh, debian is great, sure. but _NOT_ on my workstation. i'm using debian, as said, on my router and on my vserver. really stable
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12:39Chutt hi.
12:39laga hi chutt.
12:39Modnar Oy.
12:39stoffel hi
12:39thor heh Chutt
12:39laga hi Modnar
12:40kvandivo goodnight, john boy
12:40* thor is humming the Waltons theme
12:41kvandivo nice to see that at least someone other than myself has enough years under their belt to appreciate that
12:41thor heh
12:41Chutt you're just an old fart
12:41kvandivo yep
12:42stoffel as a child we watched the Waltons every Sunday evening/afternoon
12:42thor so Chutt, I'm assuming you need to appear uber-capable at the moment and will, therefore, be a bit busy ?
12:42Chutt yup
12:43Chutt but i'd like to get working on a 0.15 release
12:43Chutt too little time
12:43thor ok
12:43bitbyte chutt, i hear you found work :)
12:43thor so I just keep plugging away, or is there something you want cleaned up sooner rather than later ?
12:44stoffel paid work even ;)
12:44bitbyte congrats
12:44Chutt just keep plugging away
12:44thor k
12:44bitbyte ok, would "gainful employment" be a better term?
12:44Chutt might want to hold off on mfd/mfe until after 0.15, though
12:44Chutt if xmltv breaks soon
12:45bitbyte eh well, congrats anyhow
12:45Chutt thanks
12:45bitbyte welcome
12:45rkulagow chutt: i'm almost done working on getting the status message out of the response that comes back from DD.
12:45Chutt cool
12:45bitbyte going ot have to relo?
12:46Chutt nope
12:46bitbyte excellent
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12:46bitbyte moving sucks
12:46rkulagow of course, you'll probably tell me that it's crap and tell me to rewrite it.
12:46bitbyte even if the company pays for it
12:47rkulagow but that's ok.
12:49Chutt heh, naw
12:49thor <Chutt> might want to hold off on mfd/mfe until after 0.15, though .... well I'll keep plugging away on it ....
12:50rkulagow the tms guys gave me a pre-expired account as well so i can see what that looks like.
12:50rkulagow (and they fixed the re-sub link)
12:50thor just need top get playlist/metadata editing across the wire protocol working and cd burning, and then it would be a mmusic replacement
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13:01rkulagow yay! I've got datadirect.cpp to cout: Your subscription expires on 05/23/2004 12:00:00 AM. now i just need to get it into the main table.
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13:23DonLKSAB Is there a way to upgrade to R4V3 from R4V2 without downloading the whole dist?
13:23laga what is R4V3?
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13:24DonLKSAB Ohh Knoppmyth
13:24laga ah, thank you - sorry, i dunno
13:24DonLKSAB I should asi in that chan
13:24DonLKSAB Sorry
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15:33kgbudz` how do i tweak the display size out of my tv card so it fits in my tv?
15:33kgbudz` oops
15:33laga kgbudz`: this isnt a support channel ;)
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15:34bitbyte it's a den of iniquity
15:34bitbyte :P
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16:42rkulagow chutt: here?
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19:59Chutt rkulagow, hey
20:09billytwowilly| woot! Chutt's alive! how goes it chutt? How's the new job?
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20:19Chutt fine so far
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20:27rkulagow chutt: hey
20:27Chutt looks fine to me
20:28Chutt i'd make it print out the notice to the console as well, though
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20:41rkulagow this is already in there:
20:41rkulagow QString ExpirationDateMessage = "Your subscription expires on " + ExpirationDate;
20:41rkulagow cout << ExpirationDateMessage << endl;
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20:46Chutt ah, so it is
20:46Chutt feel free to commit it whenever :p
20:57billytwowilly| nifty
20:57billytwowilly| Chutt, are you still commuting from home?
20:57billytwowilly| Please forgive my nosieness, but I'm concerned about my second favorite opensource project;)
20:57thor 2nd?
20:58billytwowilly| KDE beats mythtv out, but only because I use it literally 16 hours a day sometimes
20:58thor hmmm
20:58thor well, ok
20:58billytwowilly| If I watched as much tv as I spend on the computer then mythtv would win;)
20:58thor you should definitely watch more tv
20:58billytwowilly| and half the time I'm using mythtv I'm using KDE too;)
20:58billytwowilly| heh.
20:59billytwowilly| Can I quote that to any children or grandchildren you might have?;)
20:59thor heh
20:59billytwowilly| Seems like a child worthy quote;)
21:01billytwowilly| "But mom! Uncy thor said I should watch more tv!"
21:01thor somehow, this is going to come back to haunt me
21:02billytwowilly| hehehe
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21:18rkulagow chutt: here?
21:22Chutt kinda
21:23rkulagow what about dbcheck.cpp? how do you want me to handle it? it's not a version bump, is it?
21:24Chutt i don't think it is
21:25Chutt so no need to hit dbcheck at all
21:25rkulagow how do i create "DataDirectMessage" in settings then?
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21:25Chutt oh, yeah
21:26rkulagow so, 1043?
21:26Chutt sure, why not
21:26rkulagow ok, that shouldn't take long.
21:26Chutt how were the other settings done?
21:26rkulagow when i did the mythfilldatabase stuff? dbcheck
21:26Chutt ok
21:26Chutt sounds good to me, then
21:26rkulagow but i fucked it up, and you had to fix it.
21:26rkulagow but now i have a template.
21:26rkulagow :)
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21:33rkulagow chutt: ok, i did the commit.
21:44thor "Wouldn't a forum be more appropriate and efficient?"
21:45thor they're late this month
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22:09billytwowilly| Herh
22:10billytwowilly| I like the way it's setup now
22:10billytwowilly| Silly folks at my students group have a forum and a mailing list and it's a pain in the arse.
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22:15c0ldfront hi
22:15--- ---> tmk [] has joined #mythtv
22:15thor mute line in, set it as your source
22:16c0ldfront hmm it seems that the mythtv-suite on apt-get is down or something
22:16c0ldfront is there anyother way of getting mythtv-suite?
22:19billytwowilly| try #mythtv-users
22:19billytwowilly| This supposedly isn't a support chan..
22:20c0ldfront hmm yes but mythtv isn that for support on mythtv...
22:20billytwowilly| support on anything.
22:20Ashlar umm.. no
22:21billytwowilly| #mythtv-users is support on anything mythtv
22:21billytwowilly| #knoppmyth is knoppmyth support
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22:21c0ldfront whats knoppmyth?
22:21billytwowilly| knoppix based mythtv distro.
22:21billytwowilly| Makes life easy;)
22:21c0ldfront ahh
22:22c0ldfront me my self likes redhat
22:22* billytwowill isn't a redhat fan
22:22* billytwowill likes mandrake
22:25GeckoFiend rkulagow: Why do a schema bump for a config value?
22:30thor heh, that's right ... if you're just putting/pulling a setting, the table doesn't change
22:30GeckoFiend I'm gonna fix it real quick.
22:35Chutt it's so he doesn't have to insert it anywhere.
22:35Chutt don't fix it.
22:36Chutt since it'll break it :p
22:36thor but, getSetting() with a null string default ?
22:36thor I'll shut up now
22:36GeckoFiend everywhwere he uses it he dose a getetting
22:36Chutt it's not a standard setting.
22:36Chutt no, he's not.
22:37GeckoFiend libs/libmythtv/datadirect.cpp: "WHERE value='DataDirectMessage'")
22:37GeckoFiend libs/libmythtv/dbcheck.cpp:"INSERT INTO settings SET value=\"DataDirectMessage\";",
22:37GeckoFiend programs/mythbackend/mainserver.cpp: QString DataDirectMessage;
22:37GeckoFiend programs/mythbackend/mainserver.cpp: DataDirectMessage = gContext->GetSetting("DataDirectMessage");
22:37GeckoFiend programs/mythbackend/mainserver.cpp: if (!DataDirectMessage.isNull())
22:37GeckoFiend programs/mythbackend/mainserver.cpp: os << "<br />\r\nDataDirect Status: " << DataDirectMessage;
22:37Chutt look at the thing in datadirect.cpp
22:37Chutt it's just an update
22:38Chutt if it wasn't inserted in dbcheck, datadirect.cpp would have to test to see if the setting was present
22:38Chutt and do an insert if it wasn't.
22:38GeckoFiend Isn't that what MythContext::SaveSetting is for?
22:38Chutt it's not a fucking standard setting
22:38Chutt geez
22:39Chutt leave it how it is, i already agreed to how it was done
22:39Chutt if you bothered to check the scrollback in here.
22:42--- ---> jhunt [] has joined #mythtv
22:45GeckoFiend fine it's unfixed.
22:47--- <<-- jhunt [] has quit (Client Quit)
22:47Chutt don't change someone else's code without asking them first.
22:47Chutt don't break the entire db upgrade process for everyone without checking with me first.
22:47--- ---> Devi0s [] has joined #mythtv
22:47Chutt etc, etc.
22:48thor and don't listen to thor if he agrees with you :-)
22:49Devi0s hello all. I am thinking about building a mythtv box. I don't have digital cable. any gripes or gotchas? how you all like mythtv? worth the effort?
22:49cmorgan if you aren't linux savvy it might not be worth the many hours you may spend with it ;-)
22:50Devi0s I got some linux skillz. not a noob, anyway.
22:50cmorgan once i got my myth setup it worked quite well
22:50Ashlar unless you want to learn.. the end product is worth a lot of futxing
22:50--- ---> Oubliete [] has joined #mythtv
22:50cmorgan there is also knoppmyth(sp)
22:50Devi0s it worked? you no longer use it?
22:50Devi0s knoppmyth = bootable mythtv?
22:51cmorgan yep, from cd
22:51Ashlar 20 minute installed to HD, configured
22:51Devi0s awesome...
22:51cmorgan been watching stargate sg1 series from dvd. with 7 episodes and 23 an episode i haven't watched cable in 2 months and still not done yet ;-)
22:51Devi0s sorry guys... just realized prob in wrong channel
22:51Devi0s this devel, right?
22:52thor yup
22:52Devi0s mah bad - sorry
22:52thor np
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22:52Devi0s thanks 4 help anyways
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23:30Octane dose anyone have any idea why myth would start echoing and just act funny... play 2 audio tracks during a recording
23:30Octane or play the same one with an echo
23:30Octane its buggin out
23:31Octane Mon, May 10 (11:18 PM) 1 hr 42 mins 404 MB currently recording
23:31Octane i started recording 10 minutes ago
23:31Octane nm thats suppose dto be that way
23:31Octane unrelated
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