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08:57tehh` i think that question should go to this channel rather than #mythtv-users:
08:58tehh` i'm having problems compiling mythmusic and mythdvd, slackware-current, gcc version 3.3.3
08:58tehh` the error (mythdvd):
08:58tehh` dvdprobe.cpp: In member function `bool DVDProbe::probe()':
08:58tehh` dvdprobe.cpp:557: error: `DVDUDFVolumeInfo' undeclared (first use this
08:58tehh` function)
08:58tehh` dvdprobe.cpp:557: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for
08:58tehh` each function it appears in.)
08:58tehh` make[1]: *** [dvdprobe.o] Error 1
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09:09dja tehh`: sorry, but I believe most of us here would argue that your question belongs in #mythtv-users. :-)
09:10tehh` yeah, i'm looking at the mailing lists now ;-) sorry
09:10tehh` other ppl had it too:)
09:10dja np -- good luck (I would have answered if I knew what was wrong, but I don't)
09:14tehh` yuu:) it compiled fine:)
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10:33_rkulagow chutt: here?
10:38bitbyte not that i've seen
10:38bitbyte but i've only been here for about 45 minutes
10:39_rkulagow bitbyte: are you chris kennedy?
10:40bitbyte no, are you?
10:40_rkulagow no, but chris kennedy goes by bitbytebit, so i thought maybe you just got tired when you were typing in your nick.
10:40Chutt yeah, i'm here
10:41bitbyte ah ok
10:41bitbyte no, i'm not he
10:42_rkulagow chutt: hey. nothing good happens when your datadirect account has expired. had one created for me, but i'm not sure what to do. did you want to try it out?
10:42Chutt try what out?
10:42_rkulagow sorry, try pulling datadirect data with an expired account. i can't seem to determine if wget is the problem, or if it's really zap2it's web server
10:43Chutt ah, i dunno
10:43Chutt i'm kinda busy :(
10:43_rkulagow sure, no biggy.
10:44_rkulagow transparent proxies that un-gzip stuff for you when you didn't ask them to seems pretty dumb. (the CVS wget thread)
10:47bitbyte heh
10:47bitbyte i had an interesting thing, my wife tried to setup a recording and couldnt find the show in the guide. but when i went to zap2it, it was in there
10:49dja is the show in the program table?
10:49bitbyte don't know
10:49bitbyte wasn't in the find shows or epg
10:50dja do you mind stating what show?
10:50bitbyte "Cold Case" firday nite
10:50bitbyte friday
10:50bitbyte this coming friday
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10:51dja it's in my database...
10:52Chutt if it's a schedule change, it'll be updated on thursday when you run filldb
10:53dja I did a title search and it showed up (5/14 10:00PM 10 WBNS Cold Case - "Hubris")
10:55bitbyte strange
10:55bitbyte that's it's timeslot every week
10:55bitbyte i just did a manual record, no biggie
10:56bitbyte ust thought it was strange
10:56Chutt sunday is its timeslot
10:56bitbyte not here
10:56bitbyte our affiliate shows it friday
10:56dja same here :-)
10:56bitbyte the timeslot can vary by market
10:56bitbyte maybe it's on both nights, i haavent looked
10:56bitbyte hang on
10:57dja I only have it on Friday here...
10:58bitbyte ya
10:58Chutt this friday is a repeat
10:58bitbyte sunday night it's helter skelter all evening
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10:58bitbyte chutt, look at zip 58501, Midcontinent - Bismarck, channel 11
10:59bitbyte it's not there on sunday
10:59Chutt when's the _next_ showing?
10:59dja odd -- next Friday (5/21) I've got CSI: Miami on in that timeslot...
10:59bitbyte only friday
10:59bitbyte in your myth?
10:59dja yup
10:59bitbyte checking zap now
10:59Chutt because the normal timeslot is sunday :p
10:59dja :-)
10:59Chutt and they bumped a repeat to friday to show an extra long movie or something
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11:00bitbyte chutt, my wife says she always watches it friday night
11:00bitbyte but you may well be right about sunday being it's primary timeslot
11:00dja and we know better than to argue with the SO :-)
11:01bitbyte SO?
11:01bitbyte Spousal Officer?
11:01Chutt yeah, even in your zip
11:01Chutt the next showing is may 23rd
11:01bitbyte but when we did the show search it didnt show up at all
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11:02Chutt right
11:02dja significant other
11:02Chutt it's a schedule change
11:02bitbyte oh wait
11:02bitbyte sunday is already gone
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11:02bitbyte duh
11:02bitbyte i'm so stressed out getting ready for this trip
11:02bitbyte i'll wave on my way by Ohio chutt
11:03bitbyte 2 days in teh car with a 3 year old and a 1 year old
11:03bitbyte <sigh>
11:08dja yeah -- we're going to be driving for 15 hours with 4: 4, 5, 7 and 8 year olds :-)
11:08dja and in September we'll be going to Disney (2 days, ~22 hours in the car)
11:08bitbyte ya mine is 16 hours
11:08bitbyte hee, in august we go to europe. 16 hours on a plane
11:08bitbyte bleah
11:09bitbyte wow, 4 5 7 and 8. you were busy
11:10dja yeah, then we figured out what caused it and took care of that :-)
11:10bitbyte now you have myth and the problem is solved
11:10bitbyte this guy i work with has 5 kids
11:10bitbyte one day i asked him "wouldnt a tv in the bedroom be cheaper?"
11:11bitbyte he wasn't amused
11:11bitbyte haha
11:14dja :-)
11:15bitbyte how can you have 5 kids and NOT have a sense of humor?
11:15bitbyte i fially put my box in place of my replay last night
11:15dja no kidding, I feel sorry for his kids :-)
11:16dja I switched it out 6 months ago -- and never looked back...
11:16bitbyte for some reason i keep coming back and finding it hung up on live tv
11:16bitbyte even tho i left it on a menu
11:16dja odd -- I never use livetv
11:16bitbyte (still running .14)
11:16bitbyte so the ringbuffer o'death occurs
11:17dja well, I'm off to lunch...
11:17bitbyte when it records a show it doesnt display it does it? i neve had this roblem til now
11:17bitbyte lunch? what're we having?
11:33_rkulagow hrmm. looks like wget is throwing away the response that comes back from the datadirect server if the account is expired. the server returns a 500 error, but the error message actually contains information about what's happening... ?
11:34thor is the error message XML/SOAP'ish, or HTML
11:34_rkulagow supposed to be soap
11:35_rkulagow i'm going to sniff right now and see what's in there.
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12:04_rkulagow hrmm. i can't seem to build a curl-style command line that lets me do the equiv of wget
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12:11thor you want to see headers and raw payload ?
12:13_rkulagow yes
12:13_rkulagow i've got this:
12:13_rkulagow curl --anyauth --form<request -S --trace-ascii trace.file --user rkulagow-expire:abc123 --url
12:14_rkulagow where "request" is:
12:14_rkulagow <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
12:14_rkulagow <SOAP-ENV:Envelope
12:14_rkulagow xmlns:SOAP-ENV=''
12:14_rkulagow xmlns:xsd=''
12:14_rkulagow xmlns:xsi=''
12:14_rkulagow xmlns:SOAP-ENC=''>
12:14_rkulagow <SOAP-ENV:Body>
12:14_rkulagow <ns1:download xmlns:ns1='urn:TMSWebServices'>
12:14_rkulagow <startTime xsi:type='xsd:dateTime'>2004-05-20T05:00:00Z</startTime>
12:14_rkulagow <endTime xsi:type='xsd:dateTime'>2004-05-21T05:00:00Z</endTime>
12:14_rkulagow </ns1:download>
12:14_rkulagow </SOAP-ENV:Body>
12:14_rkulagow </SOAP-ENV:Envelope>
12:14_rkulagow but all it does is come back with a 401 error
12:14_rkulagow if i do this:
12:14_rkulagow wget -S -dv --http-user=rkulagow-expire --http-passwd=abc123 --post-file=request \
12:14_rkulagow \
12:14_rkulagow --output-document=-
12:15_rkulagow it runs and i see the 500 error come back from zap2it, but i don't get the payload that comes with it, which should have the message from zap2it that the account is expired.
12:16_rkulagow of course, now that we have the datadirect status message in the frontend and on 6544 maybe i shouldn't care so much
12:16thor hmmm
12:17bitbyte do you have t pay for this datadirect?
12:17_rkulagow only by answering a survey
12:17bitbyte ah cool
12:17bitbyte so it's free then
12:18bitbyte unless it's a really LONG survey
12:18bitbyte hehe
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14:54_rkulagow ugh. i put a sleep into tv_rec.cpp to see if pausing for a second will help the back to back recording issue that i've been having. i feel so dirty.
14:59dja :-)
15:05thor and well you should
15:05thor !
15:06dja so speaks thor
15:06_rkulagow well, i sure don't have the coding-fu to figure out what's wrong with ivtv
15:06dja neither does the current author (sorry, I'm just not impressed with his release cycle :-)
15:07_rkulagow and chutt isn't interested, and i think i've already tried 60 different "ck" patches to ivtv to figure out what's going on
15:07dja only 60 :-)
15:07Chutt you've got a couple hundred more to try!
15:07_rkulagow yay!
15:07dja I think there are 1 million monkeys with typewriters behind ck :-)
15:08_rkulagow and by "yay", i actually mean, "boo!"
15:08_rkulagow hey, that's not fair. no one else is stepping up, and the firmware reload crap is working a lot better
15:09dja sorry, as I said -- I'm just don't like his release method...
15:09thor dja, send him large quantities of money
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15:10dja I'm running 0.1.9 and other than needing to reload once every couple of days (which I've automated), I have no troubles...
15:10_rkulagow huh.
15:10_rkulagow 2004-05-12 14:05:00 Started recording "Blind Date" on channel: 1008 on cardid: 1, sourceid 1
15:10_rkulagow 2004-05-12 14:05:00 Started recording "The Sharon Osbourne Show" on channel: 1009 on cardid: 2, sourceid 1
15:10_rkulagow 2004-05-12 14:05:01 TuneTo(9) curList[i].freq(187250)
15:10_rkulagow 2004-05-12 14:05:01 TuneToFrequency(2996)
15:10_rkulagow 2004-05-12 14:05:01 TuneTo(8) curList[i].freq(181250)
15:10_rkulagow 2004-05-12 14:05:01 TuneToFrequency(2900)
15:10_rkulagow 2004-05-12 14:05:01 Changing from None to RecordingOnly
15:10_rkulagow 2004-05-12 14:05:01 Using profile 'Default' to record
15:10_rkulagow Executing sleep
15:10dja thor: instead I donate my time making improvements where I can...but I don't put out hundreds of patches and let everyone else debug my code...
15:10_rkulagow is that interesting? it's not executing the second "Changing from None"
15:11dja I'd much sooner send tmk the money
15:11dja :-)
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15:11thor ok, send tml large quantities of money :-)
15:11thor err, tmk
15:11Chutt means it's sitting waiting on the driver to do something
15:11dja thor: as soon as I hit the lottery :-)
15:12_rkulagow yep, now i just need to start tracing back and seeing what's what
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15:12dja _rkulagow: if you don't mind my asking -- what sent you down this road (i.e., why aren't you using something like 0.1.9)?
15:13_rkulagow 0.1.9 doesn't work so good for me. through pre2 i still keep getting what appears to be the firmware crashes (myth will start spitting out "can't read from /dev/v4l/video0" or whatever.
15:14dja :-( bummer
15:14_rkulagow sometime in ck{whatever} he fixed that, which is good. but the tradeoff is that back to back sucks / non-deterministically fails to record.
15:16_rkulagow and that's bad.
15:18dja yeah, that'd be very wife and I rely on the myth box to "just work" (and boy do I hear about it if it doesn't :-)
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15:19_rkulagow yeah, in our house the phrase i hate to start saying is "here's the thing about {showname}" to the statement "why didn't {showname} record?"
15:19dja yeah, we went through that when I was adding in programid duplicate matching...needless to say it didn't work right the first time...:-)
15:31DonLKSAB Hi all
15:31DonLKSAB Anyone played with DVB cards here?
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15:41linagee wow. hehe. i actually had mythtv running over LTSP. :)
15:42linagee the server i was using (and possibly the computer) did not have XV support, so it sucked, but still it worked. :)
15:59DonLKSAB Aghhh
15:59DonLKSAB Soon im returning my projector
16:00kvandivo which one?
16:00DonLKSAB The only one i own :-)
16:00kvandivo does it have a brand name and model number, or did you create it yourself?
16:01DonLKSAB Ahh :-)
16:01DonLKSAB Optoma H30
16:01DonLKSAB But it works
16:01DonLKSAB Its the mythtv thingis that dont work
16:01kvandivo ahh.. ok.. 4 out of 5 stars..
16:02DonLKSAB Good enugh for me
16:02kvandivo you look at any others before deciding on the h30?
16:02DonLKSAB No :-)
16:02kvandivo i've been pondering the benQ one.. 601 or 610, i think it is..
16:02DonLKSAB Well i have been looking around a bit
16:02kvandivo pb6100
16:03DonLKSAB But the H30 had a good price
16:03kvandivo nod
16:04kvandivo you ever notice any rainbows with it?
16:05DonLKSAB Its in the box
16:05kvandivo oh.. ok
16:05DonLKSAB Trying to het my danm mythtv to work :-)
16:05kvandivo check out #mythtv-users
16:06DonLKSAB Ohh damn wrong chan agin
16:06DonLKSAB Sorry :-)
16:06kvandivo that's ok.. i didn't let you get to the point of actually asking a question and committing the cardinal sin
16:07DonLKSAB hehe thanks
16:07kvandivo oh wait.. nevermind.. i guess you did at the beginning..
16:07kvandivo tsk tsk
16:20_rkulagow hrmm. with the back to back issue the failed recording is never actually even creating the MpegRecorder in tv_rec.cpp
16:21Chutt waiting on the channel change, then?
16:21_rkulagow might be.
16:21_rkulagow 2004-05-12 15:16:12 Scheduled 489 items in 3.98034 seconds.
16:21_rkulagow 2004-05-12 15:16:12 Recording starts soon, AUTO-Startup assumed
16:21_rkulagow 2004-05-12 15:16:12 Started recording "EX-treme dating" on channel: 1008 on cardid: 1, sourceid 1
16:21_rkulagow 2004-05-12 15:16:12 Started recording "Dr. Phil" on channel: 1005 on cardid: 2, sourceid 1
16:21_rkulagow 2004-05-12 15:16:13 TuneTo(8) curList[i].freq(181250)
16:21_rkulagow 2004-05-12 15:16:13 TuneToFrequency(2900)
16:21_rkulagow 2004-05-12 15:16:13 TuneTo(5) curList[i].freq(77250)
16:21_rkulagow 2004-05-12 15:16:13 TuneToFrequency(1236)
16:21_rkulagow 2004-05-12 15:16:13 Changing from None to RecordingOnly
16:21_rkulagow 2004-05-12 15:16:13 Using profile 'Default' to record
16:21_rkulagow tv_rec: creating MpegRecorder
16:21Chutt or one of the other channel changing ioctls
16:21_rkulagow tv_rec: creating ringbuffer
16:21_rkulagow tv_rec: setting options
16:21_rkulagow tv_rec: initializing
16:22_rkulagow post initialize
16:22_rkulagow that paste is one where it failed, since it only did each of those tv_rec things once.
16:22_rkulagow for a "good" one, there's two of each
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16:39_rkulagow ok, i've put some cerr's into channel.cpp to maybe see what's happening. the VERBOSE at the start of TuneTo makes it seem like maybe it worked, but since it's before the ioctl it might be hanging at that point. find out in a few minutes.
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16:59_rkulagow crap. it doesn't appear to be hanging in channel.cpp; i've got a cerr after the ioctl in TuneToFrequency, (which i don't believe is async), and it's getting executed for both threads. but only one of them is making it to the Changing from None... stage
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18:05_rkulagow chutt: here?
18:07Chutt yeah, but i'm going to start cooking dinner
18:08_rkulagow never mind then. i'm getting lost trying to unroll what's happening between the TuneTo (which is apparently working) and the Changing thing. we can talk later if you're around
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22:42Narkov does mythtv play nice with alsa 1.x or just alsa 0.9?
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