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03:27tehh` i'm willing to translate mythtv for my language, where should i start from?
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03:47tehh` after i translate .ts file, how do i make it .qm
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05:40DonLKSAB I have a black outline around my TV image
05:40DonLKSAB Is there a way to get the TV in "fullscreen" ?
06:05Narkov google for overscan
06:09DonLKSAB OKi
06:10DonLKSAB Hmm i dont connect to a Tv
06:10DonLKSAB I use VGA to a monitor
06:10DonLKSAB Is it still overscan?
06:19Narkov need to somehow overscan the picture
06:20Narkov it will probably have to be changed in the output the connector...if it allows it
06:20DonLKSAB Ok
06:21DonLKSAB I will do some reading
06:25DonLKSAB Hmm everyhting i can find sofat about overscan has to do with TV out
06:31DonLKSAB One more anoying problem
06:32DonLKSAB If i select a channel number that dont exist everything hangs
06:32DonLKSAB Any ideas?
06:36DonLKSAB Ahhh
06:36DonLKSAB Dammit wrong chan again
06:36DonLKSAB Sooo sorry
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09:23kaaspad anyone here ?
09:23kaaspad is this the developers channel ?
09:32billytwowilly| yar
09:32billytwowilly| and yar
09:33billytwowilly| but I'm no devel
09:33kaaspad tx billy
09:33billytwowilly| np
09:33kaaspad do you know anything about where to make changes for the OSD code ?
09:33billytwowilly| No idea.
09:34billytwowilly| I just idle here because usually the conversations about myth are interesting
09:34kaaspad I'm having a problem in displaying rtl on the osd, what is weird is that it displays fine on regular myth and in epg
09:34billytwowilly| and I occasionaly get to make a lewd comment;)
09:34billytwowilly| I don't even know what rtl is;)
09:34kaaspad when do things usually pick up here ?
09:35kaaspad right to left, left to right
09:35billytwowilly| at night
09:35billytwowilly| thor and chutt are both in the states so this is early for them
09:36billytwowilly| some devels are from Europe so they are on here later at night, but usually anywhere between 3 and midnight mountain time (GMT-7) someone will be around
09:36billytwowilly| There'a also 2 mailing lists eh?
09:37kaaspad yea, combed thru them but haven't found anything
09:37kaaspad prob is only languages that are like this are arabic, hebrew and thai
09:37billytwowilly| Probably the best place to send your question if you don't have the luxury of idling on IRC for several hours
09:37kaaspad so not sure too many people could help
09:37billytwowilly| right to left? Mandarin is also isn't it?
09:37kaaspad hmmm could be
09:38billytwowilly| What language are you trying to implement?
09:38billytwowilly| Judging by the time you are on here I'd guess arabic or thai.
09:39o_cee .il
09:39billytwowilly| il?
09:39o_cee isreal i think
09:39billytwowilly| oh
09:39o_cee ae not ea
09:40billytwowilly| heh, 2/3 probability of getting it right and I got it wrong;)
09:40kaaspad israel
09:40kaaspad any ideas o_cee ?
09:40o_cee about?
09:40kaaspad about where settings are for in the code for OSD encoding ?
09:41o_cee just search for files containging osd?
09:41o_cee as filenames
09:41kaaspad I have translated the whole system in to hebrew including getting the epg, everything is RTL and comes up fine
09:41kaaspad just the OSD comes out backwards
09:42kaaspad so it seems to me I just need to set UTF-8 for the osd somewhere, so it knows how to use the font correctly
09:43o_cee there's a bunch of files starting with osd.., i'd check those
09:43* o_cee is away
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10:14_rkulagow chutt: let me know if you have the chance to work on the back to back crap some time today.
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13:04paulproteus Any word on when the next release will be?
13:04paulproteus I'm very interested in the new music selection interface for my parents. :)
13:09_rkulagow chutt: here?
13:12o_c hiya _rkulagow
13:12_rkulagow hey
13:14o_c how's your pdf coming along?
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13:19_rkulagow haven't had the cycles to work on it much. between work and life, time is at a premium right now.
13:21o_cee heh, know what you mean :)
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15:43_rkulagow yay! the monthly wiki thread is about to start again.
15:44dja damn, I must have missed the monthly forum thread. :-)
15:46mikegrb :(
15:46Rince *G+
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16:03_rkulagow chutt: here?
16:03Chutt ayup
16:04_rkulagow hey. i've got a patch for the frontend to display the datadirect stuff like i did for :6544
16:04Chutt sure
16:04Chutt go right ahead and commit :p
16:04_rkulagow ok, it's just a cut=n=paste job from the mainserver.cpp stuff.
16:04_rkulagow ok
16:06_rkulagow the signal strength stuff in channel.cpp is only used by HDTV, correct?
16:06Chutt should be, yeah
16:06_rkulagow ok, just trying to figure out the flow.
16:06_rkulagow with that back to back stuff.
16:07_rkulagow i've got a cerr inside of tuneto, and multi-starts both seem to get in and out of tuneto ok.
16:08_rkulagow i've got another one that prints out the videofd, and that seems to work too, so it doesn't seem that it's the channel change. (that ioctl isn't async, is it? - if i've got a cerr that executes after the channel change ioctl then it got past it, right?)
16:09_rkulagow if (usingv4l2)
16:09_rkulagow {
16:09_rkulagow cerr << "inside channel.cpp usingv4l2" << endl;
16:09_rkulagow struct v4l2_frequency vf;
16:09_rkulagow memset(&vf, 0, sizeof(vf));
16:09_rkulagow vf.frequency = frequency;
16:10_rkulagow vf.type = V4L2_TUNER_ANALOG_TV;
16:10_rkulagow if (ioctl(videofd, VIDIOC_S_FREQUENCY, &vf) < 0)
16:10_rkulagow {
16:10_rkulagow perror("VIDIOC_S_FREQUENCY");
16:10_rkulagow return false;
16:10_rkulagow }
16:10_rkulagow cerr << "videofd is:" << videofd << endl;
16:10_rkulagow return CheckSignal();
16:10_rkulagow }
16:10Chutt yeah
16:11Chutt might as well check in CheckSignal as well
16:11_rkulagow hrmm. ok.
16:11Chutt can't hurt
16:11_rkulagow i guess not, but as far as i can see CheckSignal is practically a NOP
16:13_rkulagow so in a "good" run, i'll get two of these:
16:13_rkulagow 2004-05-13 15:00:03 Changing from None to RecordingOnly
16:13_rkulagow 2004-05-13 15:00:03 Using profile 'Default' to record
16:13_rkulagow tv_rec: creating MpegRecorder
16:13_rkulagow tv_rec: creating ringbuffer
16:13_rkulagow tv_rec: setting options
16:14_rkulagow tv_rec: initializing
16:14_rkulagow post initialize
16:14_rkulagow videofd is:19
16:14_rkulagow in a bad one, i'll only get one
16:15Chutt well, start adding more couts and stuff to tv_rec =)
16:15_rkulagow the part i'm getting lost in is the transition from the TuneTo stuff, which always seems to execute, and why on a bad run i'll only get one of the "Changing..."
16:15_rkulagow yeah, yeah.
16:17_rkulagow what's the program flow between TuneTo and tvrec? i'm going to try to get this shit running in gdb again, but last time i tried it gave some sort of bogus "can't get registers" crap or something.
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16:44Chutt rkulagow, sorry, i'm kinda busy :(
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16:44_rkulagow np
16:44_rkulagow i'm poking around in scheduler
16:44Chutt i'd start with the function in tv rec that changes the state
16:45_rkulagow handlestatechange or something like that?
16:45Chutt yeah
16:46Chutt should be able to narrow it down a little better from there
16:46Chutt with couts like you're doing elsewhere
16:46_rkulagow yeah
16:47_rkulagow good thing i've got a dual monitor setup at home so i can keep multiple windows up
16:47_rkulagow otherwise, i get lost
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16:47Chutt heh
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17:03o_cee hi guys
17:04paulproteus Psst, Chutt, if you're around, what work has been done on the new music browsing interface?
17:04Chutt stuff
17:04paulproteus Is it in CVS, and/or what time would be reasonable to expect it?
17:04Chutt halfway
17:04Chutt and whenever i feel like finishing it
17:05paulproteus My parents are shopping around for a music system, and they're beginning to outgrow the current interface. Would it be possible (them willing) to pay you to finish it sooner?
17:05o_cee (i know you hate this but..) ah crap forget it ;)
17:05paulproteus I don't mean to be crass or anything, just asking. :)
17:05Chutt nope
17:05paulproteus Okay. :)
17:05o_cee heh
17:06o_cee thor: you here?
17:07o_cee Chutt: you know anything that i need to fix with gant?
17:07Chutt nope
17:07dja o_cee: bored, looking for work? :-)
17:08o_cee not really, just making sure there's nothing i _really_ need to fix up ;)
17:08o_cee got exams comming up
17:08dja ahh, I certainly don't miss those days :-)
17:09o_cee math isn't my strongest of sides either
17:10o_cee Mathematics - Calculus II
17:10o_cee weh, fun
17:11dja yeah - I'm not the greatest in math either (which I get to repeat when people say "oh, you work in the math dept, how about helping me...")
17:11o_cee heh
17:12o_cee Chutt: mfe, does it look anything like the mockup he made or is it still not the real client?
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17:30gfiend I'd really like to upgrade to CVS but I've been waiting for some of my
17:30gfiend submits specifically to get applied.
17:30gfiend Since when does lack of a YOUR patch preclude CVS?
17:32o_cee wich reminds me, i need to do some translation work.. bah, boring.. i'll wait until
17:32o_cee later
17:32o_cee :)
17:33Chutt I was just wondering, if you could please (pretty please?) give me"commit access" to the MythTV CVS repository......?
17:33o_cee kenneth?
17:33Chutt naw, some random guy that i've never heard of before
17:33o_cee heh
17:34o_cee that's funny :P
17:34Chutt gfiend, iirc, kevin kuphal's stuff's all in
17:34Chutt at least, the parts that were useable
17:34o_cee didn't he add some stuff to menus like start transcode and stuff?
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17:36Chutt yeah, but that's really pretty useless.
17:36Chutt his keymap changes aren't going in.
17:37Chutt and neither is that stupid 'start guide first' setting
17:37o_cee dunno about those, but i'd find the start transcode pretty useful, at least something that i'd expect to see in the menus
17:38Chutt if you're going to transcode, why exactly would you not be doing it automatically?
17:38bitbyte yer not gonna put in the start EPG first when selecting live tv part?!
17:38o_cee if i want to edit out comercials first?
17:38Chutt no.
17:38bitbyte shit
17:39bitbyte may i ask why? at least let him make it an option?
17:39Chutt because it's stupid.
17:39bitbyte no it isnt
17:39Chutt it's already an option
17:39Chutt i still won't be adding it
17:39bitbyte where
17:39bitbyte bah
17:39bitbyte rare if ever do i want to go back to the last station i was watching,
17:39bitbyte i wanna see whats on, THEN go to it
17:40Chutt so hit the menu button right away
17:40o_cee Chutt: since auto comm still isn't reliable here (where's pinkham at anyway?) i can't autotranscode but have to edit manually first..
17:40bitbyte extra wasted time
17:40Chutt poor baby
17:40bitbyte an extra uneeded step
17:40bitbyte appreantly enough ppl would like ot see it that he too the time ot code it man
17:40Chutt you and him
17:40Chutt only people i've heard of
17:40bitbyte what's it gonna hurt to have it as an option for those who would like it?
17:40Chutt still, doesn't matter
17:41Chutt because i'm tired of adding lameass options for a couple people
17:41Chutt there's way too many things to toggle on and off
17:41bitbyte more than a couple
17:41Chutt it's _not_ easy to use.
17:42bitbyte pretty much everyone i kow that i've shown myth to has commented on "where do i set it to go to the guide first?"
17:42Chutt that's nice.
17:42Chutt i still don't care
17:42bitbyte so just because you dont want ot use it...
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17:42Chutt yup
17:42bitbyte heh
17:42bitbyte nice
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17:42o_c crapconection
17:43o_c what did i miss, right after "<Chutt> you and him" :)
17:43Chutt more bitching
17:43Chutt nothing important
17:43bitbyte not bitching
17:43o_c yeah lots of fun :) oookay
17:43bitbyte i just can't see why it's so important that you exclude it
17:43bitbyte only make it nicer to use
17:43Chutt i just fucking said why
17:43bitbyte and it's already done
17:44Chutt <Chutt> because i'm tired of adding lameass options for a couple people
17:44Chutt <Chutt> there's way too many things to toggle on and off
17:44Chutt <Chutt> it's _not_ easy to use.
17:44o_c Chutt: i saw some new option at the theme selection menu, was that osd theme stuff? what's that, like chaning colors is all?
17:44Chutt if you want to keep your own set of menu files
17:44Chutt that's all
17:44bitbyte yer right it isnt, this would make it EASIER to use
17:44o_c for the osd menu?
17:44Chutt bitbyte, it'd make the settings section easier to use to have another useless setting?
17:44Chutt grow up.
17:45Chutt also, being a whiny little bitch about something isn't converting me over to your viewpoint.
17:45bitbyte just because YOU think it' suseless doesnt make it useless
17:45Chutt in fact, it's doing quite the opposite.
17:45bitbyte and i was trying to discuss it with you, i'm not whining
17:45o_c bitbyte: if i where you i'd stop right about 5 minutes ago
17:45Chutt then why are you still going on about it?
17:46bitbyte look, it's not my intention to piss you off. but it's a feature i'd really like to see as would others. I was only trying to discuss it with you
17:46Chutt i said no, i explained why. end of conversation.
17:46bitbyte i've not been offensive nor inflamatory.
17:48o_c Chutt: ah, i see. "Menu theme".. so you don't need to edit the original .xmls, right.. i thought it said something about osd menu
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17:50o_cee Chutt: you using your 350 tv-out?
17:50Chutt yes
17:50o_cee you've never had any problems with it? wish i could use it too :/
17:51o_cee too bad tmk got so little time for it
17:52o_cee doesn't seem like ck really knows what he's doing :\
17:55o_cee has he contacted you about the "bug"? <-- heh
17:55Chutt nope
17:56o_cee he can't be really sure then can he ;)
17:56o_cee "Not removing top most widget, error" been seeing that lately when exiting the frontend
17:57Chutt yeah, it's something gfiend did
17:57Chutt not a fatal error or anything
17:59o_cee okay
18:21gfiend crap I caused that? Any idea how?
18:21Chutt i don't remember
18:21Chutt it's not a big deal =)
18:21Chutt i just remember it started after a commit of yours
18:22gfiend ahh yes the cout << "Not removing top most widget, error"" << endl; exit(0); commit I remember now!
18:22Chutt heh
18:23Chutt well, something's telling the mainwindow to remove itself
18:23Chutt it might have been a patch of kenneth aafloys that you committed
18:25thor I've seen it as well, doesn't seem to do any harm but it is annoying
18:25Chutt hey thor
18:25thor hey
18:26thor how's life as an unbelievably capable, "sure I can do that, have it for you tomorrow," employee
18:26thor ?
18:26Chutt quite good
18:26--- User: *** gfiend is now known as GeckoFiend
18:26Chutt boss seems pleased
18:26thor excellent
18:27thor anyone know why my CVS of this weekend is thrashing away after recording? has this been fixed already?
18:27Chutt i dunno
18:27Chutt db errors anywhere?
18:28thor don't think so
18:28Chutt i'll upgrade to current cvs someday
18:28thor I think it's decided it wants to transcode everything
18:28Chutt =)
18:28Chutt gotta go eat dinner, now, though
18:28thor see yup
18:28kvandivo eat a slice for us
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21:16_rkulagow chutt: here?
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22:12GeckoFiend "Discuss" more like "search"
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22:19thor heh
22:19thor I just got that
22:19thor :-)
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23:49_rkulagow chutt: here?
23:49Chutt yeah
23:50_rkulagow gonna paste some crap
23:50_rkulagow 2004-05-13 22:48:41 Started recording "Everybody Loves Raymond" on channel: 1009 on cardid: 1, sourceid 1
23:50_rkulagow 2004-05-13 22:48:41 Started recording "MAD TV" on channel: 1042 on cardid: 2, sourceid 1
23:50_rkulagow inside scheduler.cpp if(statuschanged)
23:50_rkulagow tv_rec.cpp: handle statechange before SetChannel(true);
23:50_rkulagow tv_rec.cpp: handle statechange before SetChannel(true);
23:50_rkulagow 2004-05-13 22:48:42 TuneTo(9) curList[i].freq(187250)
23:50_rkulagow 2004-05-13 22:48:42 TuneToFrequency(2996)
23:50_rkulagow inside channel.cpp usingv4l2
23:51_rkulagow 2004-05-13 22:48:42 TuneTo(42) curList[i].freq(331250)
23:51_rkulagow 2004-05-13 22:48:42 TuneToFrequency(5300)
23:51_rkulagow inside channel.cpp usingv4l2
23:51_rkulagow videofd is:17
23:51_rkulagow Starting CheckSignal
23:51_rkulagow Exiting CheckSignal
23:51_rkulagow videofd is:18
23:51_rkulagow Starting CheckSignal
23:51_rkulagow Exiting CheckSignal
23:51_rkulagow tv_rec.cpp: handle statechange before StartedRecording
23:51_rkulagow in start of TVRec::StartedRecording(void)
23:51_rkulagow TVRec::StartedRecording(void) locking db
23:51_rkulagow tv_rec.cpp: handle statechange before StartedRecording
23:51_rkulagow in start of TVRec::StartedRecording(void)
23:51_rkulagow TVRec::StartedRecording(void) locking db
23:51_rkulagow TVRec::StartedRecording(void) about to curRecording->StartedRecording(db_conn);
23:51_rkulagow TVRec::StartedRecording(void) about to curRecording->StartedRecording(db_conn);
23:51_rkulagow TVRec::StartedRecording(void) about to MythEvent me("RECORDING_LIST_CHANGE");
23:51_rkulagow TVRec::StartedRecording(void) about to gContext->dispatch(me);
23:51_rkulagow End of TVRec::StartedRecording(void)
23:51_rkulagow 2004-05-13 22:48:42 Changing from None to RecordingOnly
23:51_rkulagow 2004-05-13 22:48:42 Using profile 'Default' to record
23:51_rkulagow tv_rec: creating MpegRecorder
23:51_rkulagow tv_rec: creating ringbuffer
23:51_rkulagow tv_rec: setting options
23:51_rkulagow tv_rec: initializing
23:51_rkulagow post initialize
23:51_rkulagow in SpawnEncode
23:52_rkulagow they're in lockstep right up until the MythEvent me
23:52--- <<-- cmorgan [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:53Chutt so, it's in curRecording->StartedRecording?
23:53Chutt that it's stopping?
23:53_rkulagow void TVRec::StartedRecording(void)
23:53_rkulagow {
23:53_rkulagow cerr << "in start of TVRec::StartedRecording(void)" << endl;
23:53_rkulagow if (!curRecording)
23:53_rkulagow return;
23:53_rkulagow cerr << "TVRec::StartedRecording(void) locking db" << endl;
23:53_rkulagow pthread_mutex_lock(&db_lock);
23:53_rkulagow MythContext::KickDatabase(db_conn);
23:53_rkulagow cerr << "TVRec::StartedRecording(void) about to curRecording->StartedRecording(db_conn);" << endl;
23:53_rkulagow curRecording->StartedRecording(db_conn);
23:53_rkulagow pthread_mutex_unlock(&db_lock);
23:53_rkulagow cerr << "TVRec::StartedRecording(void) about to MythEvent me(\"RECORDING_LIST_CHANGE\");" << endl;
23:53_rkulagow MythEvent me("RECORDING_LIST_CHANGE");
23:53_rkulagow cerr << "TVRec::StartedRecording(void) about to gContext->dispatch(me);" << endl;
23:53_rkulagow gContext->dispatch(me);
23:54_rkulagow cerr << "End of TVRec::StartedRecording(void)" << endl;
23:54_rkulagow }
23:54_rkulagow curRecording->StartedRecording(db_conn);
23:54_rkulagow is what seems to not get executed
23:55_rkulagow (i think)
23:55Chutt welp, time to put some debugging in there :p
23:56thor go rkulagow !!!
23:57_rkulagow thor: you obviously believe i know what the fuck i'm doing. i don't
23:57_rkulagow sucka!
23:57Chutt you're getting there
23:57Chutt this is pretty much the only way to do it, without a working gdb
23:58_rkulagow yeah
23:58Chutt i don't see anything noticeably wrong in there, though
23:58Chutt aside from a query that needs re-written to use the bindValue stuff
23:58_rkulagow looks like programinfo is where that's going to, right?
23:58Chutt yup
23:58Chutt probably be a good idea to remove some of the debugging statements in there already
---Logclosed Fri May 14 00:00:02 2004