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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-05-14

---Logopened Fri May 14 00:00:02 2004
00:01_rkulagow might work on it, might go to sleep.
00:08Chutt ok
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00:12_rkulagow i can't sleep!
00:13Chutt no sleep for you, one year
00:14_rkulagow i put a brace around that return in if !db at the top and added a cerr in there. be interesting if one of them is exiting right away
00:20Chutt shouldn't be
00:20_rkulagow well, we'll find out shortly.
00:21_rkulagow distcc rocks.
00:24Chutt i actually upgraded my dev box to current cvs
00:26thor wow
00:28thor so, Chutt has a 32" tv, cool
00:28Chutt yeah, i've been putting off getting something larger
00:28_rkulagow fuck. so of course in the last 6 tries both jobs start just like they're supposed to. heisenbug
00:29Chutt of course =)
00:29thor either that, or you're getting close to the problem and the cout's are changing some crucial bit of timing :-)
00:30_rkulagow yep. we'll see what happens.
00:32_rkulagow fuck. i have literally started this thing 15 times now and both jobs kick off just like they're supposed to.
00:32Chutt fewer couts!
00:33thor at least you find a likely spot to put your nasty sleep() fix :-)
00:38_rkulagow yeah. wish there were programs that started every 5 minutes so i can test the "natural" transition from one to another. right now i'm 24 minutes out from seeing what happens.
00:41billytwowilly| can't you just create a fake chan that has stuff starting every 5 minutes?
00:41billytwowilly| and have it have the same frequency as some channel that actually works?
00:41_rkulagow yep, might have to. but that's _work_!
00:41billytwowilly| heh, I don't even know how to do it;)
00:42billytwowilly| just thought of it and said it to possibly help.
00:42billytwowilly| if you have to do it maybe make a script that automagically give you a dev chan with 5 minute starting intervals then put the script that does it in cvs for anyone who needs it?
00:46_rkulagow chutt: why is that "if (!db) return;" in programinfo anyways? why would that routine even get called if it doesn't have db?
00:46Chutt just in case
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00:54Chutt hmm
00:54Chutt time i got a new cell
00:55_rkulagow broken, or are you getting spammed?
00:55Chutt just old
00:55_rkulagow i'm starting to get calls from 999-999-9999
00:55_rkulagow fuckers
00:55Chutt and sprint has a $150 rebate for existing customers now
00:57_rkulagow ok, got one.
00:59_rkulagow 2004-05-13 23:56:31 Started recording "Scare Tactics" on channel: 1044 on cardid: 1, sourceid 1
00:59_rkulagow 2004-05-13 23:56:31 Started recording "The Man Show" on channel: 1042 on cardid: 2, sourceid 1
00:59_rkulagow i
01:00_rkulagow TVRec::StartedRecording(void) locking db
01:00_rkulagow TVRec::StartedRecording(void) about to curRecording->StartedRecording(db_conn);
01:00_rkulagow ProgramInfo::StartedRecording start
01:00_rkulagow ProgramInfo: record==null
01:00_rkulagow TVRec::StartedRecording(void) about to curRecording->StartedRecording(db_conn);
01:00_rkulagow ProgramInfo::StartedRecording start
01:00_rkulagow ProgramInfo: record==null
01:00_rkulagow ProgramInfo query is:INSERT INTO recorded (chanid,starttime,endtime,title,subtitle,description,hostname,category,recgroup,autoexpire,recordid,seriesid,programid) VALUES(1042,"20040513235700","20040514000000","The Man Show","Tonya Harding Boxing Match","Doug boxes with Tonya Harding; Joe and Doug are visited by a guardian angel.","masterbackend.local","Comedy","",1,385,"SH311692","EP3116920121");
01:00_rkulagow ProgramInfo 2nd query is:DELETE FROM recordedmarkup WHERE chanid = 1042 AND starttime = 20040513235700;
01:00_rkulagow ProgramInfo::StartedRecording exiting
01:00_rkulagow TVRec::StartedRecording(void) about to MythEvent me("RECORDING_LIST_CHANGE");
01:00_rkulagow TVRec::StartedRecording(void) about to gContext->dispatch(me);
01:00_rkulagow End of TVRec::StartedRecording(void)
01:00_rkulagow 2004-05-13 23:56:32 Changing from None to RecordingOnly
01:01_rkulagow ok, we're getting closer
01:01_rkulagow oh no!
01:01_rkulagow if (record == NULL) {
01:01_rkulagow cerr << "ProgramInfo: record==null" << endl;
01:01_rkulagow record = new ScheduledRecording();
01:01_rkulagow record->loadByProgram(db, this);
01:01_rkulagow }
01:01_rkulagow more stuff for me to trace!
01:02_rkulagow ok, so both jobs get to this point, but only one of them falls out and continues with building the SQL query
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01:02Chutt well, where's your second cout?
01:03_rkulagow query += QString(",%1,%2,\"%3\",\"%4\");")
01:03_rkulagow .arg(record->GetAutoExpire()).arg(recordid)
01:03_rkulagow .arg(seriesid).arg(programid);
01:03_rkulagow cerr << "ProgramInfo query is:" << query << endl;
01:03_rkulagow QSqlQuery qquery = db->exec(query);
01:03Chutt ah, ok
01:03Chutt still, need to narrow it down a tiny bit more =)
01:04_rkulagow yeah. but this is looking less like an ivtv thing, isn't it?
01:04Chutt yeah
01:04Chutt could be a mysql thing, or just a qt thing
01:04_rkulagow ah, things.
01:05Chutt hmm
01:05Chutt actually
01:05Chutt mdz, are you here?
01:05mdz Chutt: yep
01:05Chutt the ScheduledRecording clas
01:05Chutt err, class
01:05Chutt does it hit the database at all in the constructor?
01:06mdz shouldn't
01:06Chutt just in the load
01:06mdz it didn't the last time I touched it
01:06Chutt i wonder if there's anything in there that's not using the given db connection
01:07mdz however it does now
01:07mdz I just looked
01:07mdz it instantiates an SRRecGroup
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01:07mdz which for some reason uses the db in its constructor
01:07Chutt yes it does
01:07mdz it's not supposed to do that
01:07Chutt and it uses the default database connection
01:08Chutt which is also a big-bad no-no
01:08_rkulagow please tell me you've got a lightbulb over your heads./
01:08Chutt you know how to fix that?
01:08Chutt rkulagow, perhaps, perhaps
01:09mdz yeah, it should have a fillSelections idiom like everything else that needs dynamic selections
01:09mdz and the caller decides when to do it and passes in a db connection
01:10mdz SRProfileSelector is a model for what it should be doing
01:10mdz need to reboot, brb
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01:18* thor is thinking that rkulagow would be fairly pissed at this point if mdz never came back
01:18Chutt heh
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01:19_rkulagow umm, other than the <chutt> and <mdz> parts of the exchange, i didn't understand a single thing that just happened over the last 15 minutes.
01:20thor I was more or less following along until mdz said, "idiom"
01:21* thor suspects developers use "idiom" in some special sense, not unlike "ontology"
01:22thor (on the other hand, it could be some kind of short hand for, "I'm going to make up an excuse to get off this irc channel, and you'll never see me again")
01:23_rkulagow gee, i hope chutt and mdz figure it out so i don't have to record "elimidate" and "street smarts"
01:23_rkulagow just to make sure that the back to back stuff works
01:23Chutt well
01:23Chutt that can still be the ivtv driver =)
01:23_rkulagow :)
01:23thor depends on the idiom !
01:24_rkulagow is mdz's box still doing the old HCF?
01:24Chutt anyway, i just checked in a fix
01:24Chutt give it a try
01:25_rkulagow well, i've gotten pretty attached to all of my cerr's
01:26Chutt _if_ that's the reason
01:26_rkulagow well, they merged in ok, so they're still there. find out in a couple what's going on.
01:26Chutt leave em in
01:27_rkulagow yeah
01:27Chutt i'd say there's a pretty good chance that back-to-back recordings are a separate issue
01:27_rkulagow yuck. ok though.
01:37_rkulagow ok, it compiles and runs. and of course, it's 25 minutes to the next natural transition.
01:38bline anyone have any complaints about the new archive?
01:38_rkulagow gossamer-threads?
01:38bline yeah
01:41Chutt none that i've seen
01:41Chutt rkulagow, you're not testing the 2 starting at a time stuff?
01:42_rkulagow chutt: i am. both jobs are starting ok. i've restarted about 4 times now and they're kicking off.
01:42Chutt ah
01:42_rkulagow but then again it took about 15 tries before i "caught" one last time.
01:42_rkulagow bline: no, no complaints. and that reminds me: got to change the link in the docs.
01:44Chutt heh
01:44bline ok, thanks. In a fixit mood :)
01:44Chutt it's late
01:45bline the new search is using lucene and I must say it is very nice.
01:46_rkulagow yeah. i've got to go to bed. taking tomorrow off because tomorrow is prom night and i've got to chauffer wife's cousin around while she gets hair/makeup/girly stuff done
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02:27o_cee Chutt: what does your commit fix? setting the wrong rectype (when selecting weekly from non-advanced)?
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02:28o_cee ah seems like it was _rkulagows problem, nevermind
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07:04o_cee -rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 1000M Nov 22 01:12 xaa.nuv
07:04o_cee -rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 1000M Nov 22 01:13 xab.nuv
07:04o_cee -rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 515M Nov 22 01:14 xac.nuv
07:04o_cee dragon geoff # rm *
07:04o_cee what a pleasent surprise to find shit you can delete :)
08:08NemLappy^ lol
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10:34_rkulagow chutt: here?
10:35Chutt yup
10:36_rkulagow well, i don't know if that commit you did Fixed it, but it fixed it for me. i've recorded something like 20 "natural" back to back without a single failure
10:36_rkulagow thank you, "record any" on "paid programming"
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11:44kvandivo anyone near a Frys? Seagate 200GB 7200 8MB $69.99AR
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12:04o_cee <-- haha
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12:11ajlill G'day! Does anyone know if you can mix backend and frontend versions? Say the latest cvs backend and whatevers on the knoppixmyth cd?
12:12o_cee you can not
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13:59curreyr__ yes
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16:09_rkulagow chutt: i haven't had a single failure of back-to-back recordings since last night, and i've had both cards busy 100% of the time since then.
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16:44o_cee chutts tha man :)
16:45o_cee time to sleep, nigt
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21:05jams geckofiend, or anybody else, I found a bug with a sql query in cvs. When entering browse mode the sql has a syntax error
21:06jams the query issued is SELECT title, subtitle, description, category, starttime, endtime, callsign, icon, channum, program.chanid, seriesid. programid FROM program, channel WHERE program.chanid = channel.chanid and channel.chanid = '1006' and starttime <= '20040514200300' order by starttime desc limit 1
21:06jams the "." after seriesid. in the select statment should be a ","
21:07jams no need to mention this causes problems :)
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21:35geckofiend I wondered if that was the one you were talking about earlier.
21:35geckofiend I'm back btw
21:36jams heh, nevermind then :)
21:38jams was a fix committed ?
21:39jams i did a checkout to make sure but it's still compiling
21:39geckofiend I just fixed it haven't checked it in yet.
21:40jams guess i will stop my compile then
21:42geckofiend it's in
21:44jams hmm, didn't see any file get an update
21:48jams btw somewhere along the way myth stopped deleting the incorrect programs
21:49jams so that bug is off my list as well
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21:55geckofiend yeah I tested that yesterday, thought maybe you'd been smoking crack. :-p
21:56jams lol hope i didn't make you watch to much oprah !!
21:57Chutt geckofiend, your video browse stuff looks good to me
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22:14jams geckofiend, what's different about the mplex on your website vs standard ?
22:18--- ---> pixelpixi [] has joined #mythtv
22:19pixelpixi hi. i'm having some mythtv troubles, and i was wondering if someone might be able to help.
22:20pixelpixi i have a pvr-250. 'cat /dev/video0 > test.mpg' works like a charm, but when i try to watch live tv i get a black screen and choppy audio.
22:20pixelpixi any ideas?
22:20jams pixelpixi, try #mythtv-users
22:21pixelpixi ok. will do. is this channel for developers? or more of just a general hang-out spot?
22:40Chutt either
22:40Chutt it's just not for support
22:49jams Chutt, I have been working on a script that will take recordings, and burn them into a DVD with menu's and chapter support. Would you be interested in placing it under mythtv/contribs ?
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23:05Chutt sure
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