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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-05-16

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02:14dopester thor: what kind of wireless?
02:25Chutt heh
02:25Chutt the wiki crap is funny
02:32thor dopester, att ws/cingular ... but prototyping new products mostly to do data networking over cellular
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02:59dopester hehe i already work for them bastards :)
03:00dopester if yer talking about gprs/edge crap with them our network here is terrible. i cant imagine anyone actually paying for the service..
03:01thor apparently, you are about to launch a new product that is an gprs/edge router running Linux
03:02dopester hehe
03:02dopester flarion blows all of that crap away
03:02dopester nextel is doing their national trials of th flarion technolgy here (raleigh durham)
03:02dopester one of the guys at work has a trial unit and its amazing
03:02dopester 1.2 MB down 580K up
03:02dopester latency is super low as well
03:03dopester there is no way a data network deployed on top of a network designed for voice will ever be able to compete
03:04thor dunno
03:05dopester look at its not hype either
03:05thor old friend of mine is now working out there, keeps trying to hire me, so I'm trying to find him someone else
03:05dopester i just get to wait until the end of the year and see if i get a pink slip
03:05dopester i wouldnt want to work for cingular
03:05dopester the management is completely nuts
03:06dopester we were fine when we were a baby bell wireless company, but now that we are so big no one knows whats going on anymore
03:07thor US wireless sucks
03:07dopester yeah and it keeps getting worse
03:07thor yup
03:08dopester hell most technolgy in this country is going to hell because of our "freedoms"
03:09dopester i dont know how ATSC benifits anyone in the world except for the companies that own the patent on it
03:09dopester shoulda been dvb if ya ask me
03:10dopester everytime a ice storm or hurricane comes through here we loose 80% of our cell sites because we choose not to put generators on them. it should be regulated such that we have to have generators since wireless phoens are not a luxury anymore. really pisses me off.. oh well time for bed..
03:10thor night
03:10dopester hehe i'll join #vent next time :)
03:10thor heh
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03:29lime sup all?
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10:48GeckoFiend chutt around?
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10:51riskable I compiled the cvs version of mythtv and I enabled alsa support in the file, but I can't seem to get it working with alsa (post-compile). Do I need to edit a configuration file manually?
10:52stoffel_ riskable: no. and read the topic
10:53riskable Ahh
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11:16Rince Hmm... how stable is current-cvs?
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12:21Chutt geckofiend, whatcha need?
12:29GeckoFiend I added the ability to filter the proglist to "premium" (commfree) channels (for finding movies/specials worth recording), if you have any defined. In order to do so I made MENU show a popup menu that has that option as well as other things like "record this show", "choose a new search string"(changeView) etc. on it. Since MENU is current bound to changeView I thought I'd clear it trhough you.
12:29GeckoFiend I added the ability to filter the proglist to "premium" (commfree) channels (for finding movies/specials worth recording), if you have any defined. In order to do so I made MENU show a popup menu that has that option as well as other things like "record this show", "choose a new search string"(changeView) etc. on it. Since MENU is current bound to changeView I thought I'd clear it trhough you.
12:30GeckoFiend that was odd
12:31Chutt heh
12:31Chutt what's changeview do?
12:33Chutt hrm
12:33Chutt actually, that's bruce markey's feature
12:33GeckoFiend That should have been chooseView. It's the one that will opup the list of channels / search strings
12:33Chutt so, you'd have to ask him
12:35GeckoFiend what's his nick so I know who to look for?
12:35Chutt he doesn't come on here
12:35Chutt mind emailing him? =)
12:36Chutt i've gotta get going..
12:36GeckoFiend sure thing I'll send him a patch to boot.
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14:18Rince ah, got it
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16:24_Lucretia_ anyone got tv_grab_uk_rt to work?
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16:25_Lucretia_ I just upgraded to a masked ebuild of xmltv
16:25_Lucretia_ and tv_grab_uk isn't there anymore
16:40Chutt see the topic, please.
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16:43rkulagow_ chutt: audio feed back for keypresses. time for me to take a stab before .15?
16:46jams rkulagow_ isn't "keypress application" for that ?
16:47rkulagow_ might be. don't know.
16:48jams heh, well it could be used for that. On any keypress it will run a script/application that you define
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16:49jams only works for remote though, not keyboard
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16:54rkulagow_ well, i don't see how that would allow me to differentiate between error "bong" events and something like a key received "bing" event.
16:57jams your correct it wouldn't
16:58jams i wasn't thinking that far ahead
17:19rkulagow_ wel, we'll see how it goes. chutt: care to weigh-in?
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17:26Chutt after 0.15
17:26rkulagow_ sure
17:26Chutt and, no, the keypress app doesn't work
17:26rkulagow_ yeah, i started to look through and saw that it wouldn't do what i wanted.
17:27Chutt geckofiend, bah, you were supposed to wait a few days before applying his patches
17:27Chutt at least, that's what i was going to do :p
17:30GeckoFiend heh I figured he'd get pissy again.
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18:37NemLappy^ nn all, including all the Windblow$ n00bs with infected systems
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19:04paulc36 Error on mythfilldatabase: "nice: tv_grab_na: No such file or directory"
19:04paulc36 I presume this is widely known? Is this an xmltv-util problem?
19:13paulc36 Anyone know how to get the tv_grab_na back?? I've read to update xmltv but that doesn't seem to work...
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19:19paulc36 hey doc
19:19doc_ hi
19:19paulc36 you have any experience with tv_grab_na?
19:19paulc36 looks like it is missing out of xmltv or xmltv-utils
19:19doc_ sortta. I mean, I used it for xmltv
19:19paulc36 looks like it is missing out of xmltv or xmltv-util
19:20paulc36 I can't find it..I have amltv installed, but no tv_grab_na anymore...
19:20paulc36 xmltv, sorry...typo
19:20doc_ u need xmltv-grabbers
19:20paulc36 k, hang
19:20paulc36 that's not on Debian...
19:20doc_ what dist you using
19:21doc_ ah
19:21paulc36 Debian
19:21doc_ well dont use Debian. it's gay.
19:21paulc36 :)
19:21paulc36 is xmltv-grabbers a perl module?
19:21doc_ heh I presume so
19:21paulc36 I'll see if I can get it that way...
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19:23paulc36 ok..I'm getting it via perl...hopefully it will work...
19:24paulc36 it...thx, working now
19:25paulc36 dinner time :)
19:31GeckoFiend tv_grab_na doesn't exist anymore
19:31GeckoFiend but this isn't a support channel
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19:52paulc36 Gecko: It does exist in the right xmltv perl module
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20:01Chutt no, it doesn't exist in the right perl module.
20:02Chutt From the xmltv website:
20:02Chutt tv_grab_na has been removed from the xmltv distribution.
20:03paulc36 I see...I was getting it from XMLTV::ZapListings, but it was 0.5.31, not the 0.5.33 that is current
20:03paulc36 So, how dow myth get the tv guide now?
20:03doc_ direct data
20:04paulc36 guide is only up to this Tuesday but it used to be much there a config, or is something likely wrong?
20:04paulc36 It's good to have more than a week's worth of programming...
20:06doc_ oops its called data direct
20:07paulc36 that the tv_grab_na_dd ?
20:07Chutt paulc36, no.
20:07Chutt read the topic, too.
20:07paulc36 got it, thx
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21:42Chutt gfiend, bruce added david to the cc list, didn't mean for it to go to -dev :p
21:42rkulagow_ chutt: when do you need me to start getting the docs ready for .15?
21:43rkulagow_ pretty soon, almost soon, or not so soon.
21:43Chutt almost soon
21:43rkulagow_ ok
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