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01:15sc00p #mythtv-users
01:15sc00p doh, /j
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01:46Chutt hrm
01:46Chutt i should put my speakers on the ir-controlled outlets, too
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02:17vempire hi
02:18vempire anyone knows about a mythmusic freeze when stopping playing music while recording tv ?
02:19vempire had this problem twice yesterday, haven't had a chance to look at the logs yet
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03:03Rince nope, not me, sorry
03:07o_c rkulagow_: now i'm awake again :)
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08:17vempire anyone knows about a mythmusic freeze when stopping playing music while recording tv ?
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09:40KarlosII Anyone knw whether the GForce 6800 Ultra does what I think it does which is encode tv signals? And whether since nvidia provides linux drivers this will work with MythTV?
09:41* mikegrb points at the topic
09:42* KarlosII sighs duh me
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11:28riskable I believe I found a minor problem in the cvs
11:28riskable It's missing some lirc header files
11:29riskable specifically, lirc/lirc_client.h
11:30cmorgan what file?
11:30cmorgan are they missing from
11:31riskable In file included from mythdialogs.cpp:23:
11:31riskable lirc.h:4:30: lirc/lirc_client.h: No such file or directory
11:31Chutt err, no
11:31Chutt that's _you_ that's missing the header file.
11:31riskable Ahh, I figured it was looking for it in the mythtv tree somewhere
11:32riskable Lemme guess, I need lirc-devel?
11:32Chutt if you're trying to compile with lirc support
11:32riskable I'll get lirc-devel and give it a try
11:33riskable ...if my damn mandrake mirror would respond
11:36riskable OK, it's working now... For future reference, Mandrake users need to install liblirc0-devel to compile lirc support
11:37Chutt should be obvious to anyone who's compiling it.
11:37Carkus hehe
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11:43o_cee Chutt: i got ck's latest ivtv going now, actually seems to be working quite good.. but when exiting the epg the fb goes black and covers the image, pressing info clears it.. myth not clearing it correctly?
11:44Chutt that'd be an ivtv bug.
11:44Chutt it restores the old alpha value when the epg exits.
11:44o_cee odd
11:46Chutt how's that odd?
11:46o_cee Global alpha value: 65536
11:46o_cee when it's stuck black
11:46o_cee and it's cleared when you press info
11:46Chutt ck's messing with stuff he doesn't understand
11:47o_cee yeah i know
11:47o_cee worse trial-and-error than me
11:48o_cee but besides from that it actually works, heh
11:53o_cee away to get some food, ttyl
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12:59o_cee Chutt: how're things at the new place?
12:59Chutt good
13:02o_cee what're you doing there?
13:03kvandivo he could tell you, but then he'd have to kill you
13:04o_cee ah, yeah forgot about that
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13:06Chutt i'm programming stuff
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13:06o_cee aaaaaaaah. sounds like alot of fun
13:08o_cee i got exams next week, thought i'd do some translating before 0.15 after that.. at least the most crucial stuff
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14:35KarlosII Anyone know whether the GForce 6800 Ultra does what I think it does, which is encode tv signals? And whether since nvidia provides linux drivers this will work with MythTV?
14:36Chutt you asked that 5 hours ago.
14:37kvandivo a lot could have changed in that time period
14:37* kvandivo snickers softly.
14:37Chutt possibly, but the topic didn't =)
14:37kvandivo the interesting thing is... ya.. that's what i was going to point out
14:38KarlosII oops
14:38KarlosII hehe I meant to only ask in the other 2 channels I forgot
14:38kvandivo twice
14:38Chutt what other 2 channels?
14:38KarlosII twice what
14:38KarlosII knoppmyth
14:39kvandivo the first time you asked here, while slightly annoying and off topic, merely generated a prodding in the correct direction
14:39kvandivo but why would you ask here again?
14:39KarlosII kvandivo, ah yes and I forgot that was theis morning when i woke up and now I'm on my lunch break
14:39KarlosII kvandivo, cause it slipped
14:49gfiend Isaac, you're my hero, since you wrote this fantastic software and I love you.
14:49gfiend But you have some truly strange concepts about some things...
14:49* gfiend snickers
14:50gfiend you haev a fan club!
14:50gfiend errr have
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14:57thor anyone know why Indianna doesn't do daylight savings time?
14:58cmorgan why does ANYONE do daylight savings time?
14:58thor saves candles
14:58cmorgan why not just get up an hour later? ;-)
14:59thor candle store might already be sold out
15:00kvandivo it's actually economics
15:00kvandivo it has been calculated that millions of dollars in energy is saved by having DST
15:01thor hmm, so if we could shift by 10 hours or so, might take care of the deficit
15:02kvandivo that's a good read
15:03* cmorgan stays up late to offset the savings ;-)
15:03thor heh, catching up on the Wiki thread
15:03thor great fun
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15:11Chutt heh
15:11Chutt yeah, it's a strange concept to want users to only have to go one place for information
15:11Chutt and to want that information to be accurate, and correct
15:11thor you arrogant bastard
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15:32steelep arizona doesn't do dst either...
15:32steelep and actually half of indiana does
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15:53o_cee thor, steelep, cmorgan, Chutt: hi
15:57GeckfoFiend have you read the wiki?
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15:59cmorgan o_cee: hallo
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16:04rkulagow_ yeesh. people sure like wikis.
16:08GeckfoFiend I added the (This list of tasks was created by a user NOT the core development team) disclaimer
16:08GeckfoFiend I don't know who made the list
16:11rkulagow_ i don't see why the current batch of wiki people expect that there needs to be formal support (links from the docs/website) from isaac / whoever from them to have a wiki. jarod didn't do anything other than put it into his .sig and talk about it in the mailing list and it worked for him.
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16:18Chutt geckofiend, heh, i hadn't seen that
16:18Chutt rather funny
16:19rkulagow_ chutt: you should edit that page then. it's a wiki!
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16:23GeckfoFiend I can just see the folks coming onto -dev offering refactoring patches
16:24rkulagow_ tabs-to-spaces!
16:24Chutt kevin kuphal's just annoyed that i didn't immediately commit all his little patches
16:28kvandivo that who it is?
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16:36GeckfoFiend hehe: If you can program in C or C++:
16:36GeckfoFiend *
16:36GeckfoFiend Subscribe to mythtv-dev and review it's archive.
16:36GeckfoFiend *
16:36GeckfoFiend Ask the core team how you might be of assistance.
16:36GeckfoFiend *
16:36GeckfoFiend Squash bugs
16:36GeckfoFiend *
16:36GeckfoFiend Squash bugs
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16:36GeckfoFiend *
16:36GeckfoFiend Squash bugs
16:36GeckfoFiend *
16:36GeckfoFiend Find your itch and scratch it.
16:36GeckfoFiend bah bad past :?
16:36GeckfoFiend err bad paste
16:36o_cee add firewire support? hmm
16:37o_cee wtf is that
16:37o_cee who wrote it?
16:37GeckfoFiend i.e. "Here's the things I want done" by Kevin aka "How to piss off Isaac"
16:38o_cee ROFL
16:38o_cee If no one comments on your patch for a week or so don't feel bad, just resubmit it.
16:38o_cee that's funny
16:38o_cee he really got that one right :P
16:47Chutt heh
16:47Chutt actually, henk poley wrote that page, looks like
16:48Chutt i was more meaning kevin's comments on the -users list
16:49o_cee ah, i'm not getting mails from -users (wich isn't any loss)
16:55riskable When mythfrontend loads lirc_client, how does it try to connect to lircd?
16:55Chutt through the client library.
16:55riskable Hmmm
16:55o_cee riskable: uhm, nice try, distuised support question.
16:56riskable :)
16:57riskable I'm actually guessing that since I was previously using the mandrake lirc rpms, that it's looking in /tmp for the lirc socket... But I just downloaded lirc from cvs and installed that
16:58riskable So since I compiled against the mandrake lirc-devel rpm, I'm guessing I have to recompile now that I'm using lirc from cvs
16:58o_cee yeah so continue in the other channel please.
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17:27thor is the wiki down?
17:28* o_cee pokes at thor
17:28thor heh
17:28--- User: *** vempire is now known as vmp-away
17:28o_cee Chutt: have david talked to you about ck's myth "bug"?
17:28o_cee thor: how's it going?
17:28thor busy
17:28o_cee :)
17:28thor but life is good
17:28thor :)
17:28o_cee it was a boy right?
17:29thor yup
17:29Chutt david who?
17:29o_cee or another girl=
17:29o_cee engel
17:29Chutt nope
17:29o_cee i just told ck that he might want to actually talk to you about it (so you can convince him it's not a myth bug) and he said he talked to david who said he'd talk to you.. heh
17:30o_cee thor: my sister is in like the 26:th week now.. hope it'll be a boy :)
17:30thor they didn't have an echo at 20 weeks?
17:31o_cee thor: yeah, another one at 40.. they haven't decided if they'll find out or not ;)
17:31thor ah
17:31o_cee wheren't sure if they'd find out now or not
17:33thor that's odd, doesn't seem to be anyone called Isaac on the people page ... is the wiki broken?
17:33o_cee hhe
17:34* o_cee will checkout mfe and see what it looks like..
17:34thor heh
17:34o_cee :)
17:34o_cee can i start it without mfd?
17:34thor start it, yes
17:35thor it will just say "no mfd!!!"
17:35o_cee oookay
17:36o_cee i'll learn c++ after the summer :)
17:36Chutt no mfd for you!
17:36thor HA!
17:36Chutt heh
17:37o_cee bah, it needs mfd libs to compile right?
17:37thor Yup
17:37Chutt fun fun
17:37thor which needs more or less CVS current myth
17:37Chutt nothing like having a conference call rescheduled after it was supposed to start
17:37o_cee yeah it is
17:37thor heh
17:37o_cee (my cvs that is)
17:37o_cee :)
17:37thor yup
17:37o_cee building
17:38thor probably the only thing you'll notice against a single mfd is that the mfe is a lot faster
17:38Chutt thor, audio vis?
17:38thor you want audio vis?
17:38thor bah
17:38thor no MFD for YOU!
17:38thor yes, yes
17:39thor I need to finish sorting out plalists within playlists and editing thereof over the wire
17:39thor then vis
17:39Chutt ah
17:39Chutt cool beans
17:39o_cee thor: it'll be nice not having to update it all the time
17:39thor some day
17:40o_cee Chutt: your playlist edit thingie prints out a lot of stuff btw :)
17:40thor luckily, _everyone_ else in the house is leaving the country in a few days, so I will actually have some time
17:40o_cee oooh
17:40Chutt oh yeah
17:40o_cee oooooh yeeeeeaaah
17:40Chutt i forgot about that
17:40o_cee no vacation for you!
17:41thor right after I sleep for 2 or 3 days straight
17:41o_cee no way
17:41o_cee Current Downstream: 1369.63 KB/s
17:41o_cee i like my connection
17:41Chutt thor, i'm compiling mfd/mfe
17:41Chutt !
17:42o_cee anyone heard anything from pinkham lately?? he's been gone for a long time now
17:42thor heh, thank god for cancelled conf. calls
17:42o_cee collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
17:42o_cee blarh
17:42o_cee doin distclean
17:44o_cee come ooon
17:45thor sorry, I didn't mean to write so much damn code
17:45o_cee :)
17:45thor it was really supposed to be a little thing
17:45o_cee hmm
17:45o_cee /usr/local/lib/ undefined reference to `XineramaIsActive'
17:45thor ya got me
17:46thor through a Xinerama in the link stuff ?
17:46o_cee xinerama? i'm not using that
17:46thor something is
17:49o_cee hm
17:50Chutt mfdinfo.cpp:88: warning: control reaches end of non-void function
17:50Chutt :p
17:50thor heh
17:50o_cee thor: any idea? i'm lost :)
17:52GeckfoFiend wow I'm officialy a troll for eiditing Henk's list of things for C++ devleopers to do on the Wiki
17:53o_cee thor: continuing now
17:53thor k
17:53Chutt geckofiend, yes, you're an evil, evil troll
17:53Chutt i'm done with that conversation, anyway =)
17:53thor we could move that conversation to a wiki
17:53roz_ can i ask a question in here, even though it isnt a "support" channel? its kinda like i broke mythtv.... but i dont know why.... i have inclinations, but im not sure how to debug
17:55Chutt sure
17:55thor you can ask the question, and if it is a support question that everyone has answered a million times we can all ignore you :-)
17:55o_cee can we ignore the guy if he said: "<roz_> suppose i could run it in a console and see :)"
17:56o_cee muhahhaa
17:56* GeckfoFiend waves his clue-by-four around
17:56* thor goes to the bank, takes out all his money, and buys a clue
17:58rkulagow_ thor: if they were that inexpensive, _everyone_ would have one!
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17:58eShapes|D hi all
17:58--- ---> AridWrk [] has joined #mythtv
17:58eShapes|D i have a question about digital tuners
17:58o_cee eShapes|D: look at the damn topic
17:58o_cee thor: mfe building
17:58thor rkulagow_, I may have purchased a defective one ?
17:59--- <<-- eShapes|D [] has quit (Client Quit)
17:59--- <<-- AridWork [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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18:03o_cee thor: it's cute! :)
18:04thor heh, well, there's still all that blank real estate in the middle
18:04o_cee but wheren't you going to make a timeline instead?
18:04o_cee instead of ff/rw buttons
18:04o_cee (i don't have those for gant ;)
18:05o_cee can't do shit, maybe i need mfd as well
18:05thor don't have to have any buttons .... there's a timeline at the top
18:05thor btw, no need to kill mfe to run mfd
18:05thor they'll find each other
18:05o_cee yeah they did
18:05o_cee :)
18:05thor m for meny
18:05thor menu
18:06thor (dear god, I need to take a nap)
18:06o_cee slick
18:06o_cee it's acting a bit weird but that's probably because exported display
18:06thor ah, quite possibly
18:06o_cee menu dissapears
18:06thor haven't tried that
18:07thor box you're on is not linux?
18:07o_cee nop
18:09thor PgUp/PgDown for next in a playlists, < > for seek
18:09thor s for stop
18:09thor p for pause
18:09o_cee waiting for mfd
18:09thor ah
18:09thor nm
18:09o_cee :)
18:09thor to compile ?
18:09o_cee oh slick
18:09o_cee title slided down
18:10o_cee :)
18:10o_cee wickid
18:10thor find something with a really long artist or track name
18:10thor that's cool
18:10o_cee looking
18:11o_cee dammit
18:13o_cee album title slides down slower?
18:13thor eh?
18:13o_cee really need to check this on the other machine ;)
18:14thor heh
18:14o_cee can't see anything different with long titles except that it's cut of
18:15thor no, you need to _select_ something with a really long artist, album, or title
18:15thor scrolls down, then across
18:15thor very cool
18:16o_cee select without playing?
18:16thor no, play it
18:17o_cee only goes down here, but as i said, probably because exported disp
18:17thor text has to be long enough not to fit in rounded black window at the top
18:17o_cee should be
18:18thor if you can read it all, it is not long enough
18:18o_cee i can't :)
18:18thor ah, then it's an exported display thing (I guess)
18:18o_cee i'll check it tomorrow on the other comp
18:19thor you can kill the mfe, go run mfe on the other computer and it will pick up the state (playing, stopped, metadata etc.)
18:19thor or run them at the same time
18:19o_cee ooh :) (gf and cat i sleeping tho, so i can't turn o nthe tv now)
18:19o_cee same time? confusing :)
18:19thor heh
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18:21o_cee may i suggest some album browsing as well? Artist - Album in the list, and if there's Album with different Artists, it marks it as VA - Album
18:21o_cee that'd be perfect :)
18:21thor edit you're id3 tags, add VA to artist ?
18:22o_cee could do that, but.. :/
18:22thor you'll be able to edit the metadata from the mfe shortly
18:22o_cee oh.. "Tomas Ledin" and "tomas ledin" should probably be merged as well
18:23--- <<-- m0j0 [] has quit ("Client exiting")
18:23thor quite probably
18:23thor which iTunes version you running ?
18:23o_cee hmm, dunno
18:23o_cee don't think i installed 4.5
18:24thor cool
18:24thor can you try firing it up
18:24thor it probably won't work
18:24thor but I'd be curious
18:24o_cee lets see
18:25thor if it's working, you should see it in Browse, Grouped by collection
18:25--- ---> jeremymc [] has joined #mythtv
18:25o_cee it sees it but complains about a firewall.. ehm
18:25thor iTunes complains ?
18:25o_cee yeah
18:26o_cee ah you mean the other way
18:26thor yup
18:26o_cee no mfd? wtf
18:26thor heh, was worried about that
18:26o_cee ohkay
18:26o_cee 19/May/2004-00:25:15: zeroconfig client plugin found service called "Oscar" (_daap._tcp.local.)
18:26o_cee 19/May/2004-00:25:15: zeroconfig client plugin resolved service "Oscar" to (lan)
18:26o_cee Segmentation fault
18:26o_cee gdb?
18:26thor hmmm
18:27thor you don't happen to have the iTunes installer package for that old version of iTunes, do you ?
18:27o_cee maybe
18:27o_cee got it in gdb now tho
18:27thor ah, well, bt then
18:27o_cee seems like there's good info
18:27o_cee Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
18:27o_cee [Switching to Thread 294931 (LWP 9228)]
18:27o_cee 0x40df637b in strlen () from /lib/
18:27o_cee (gdb) bt
18:27o_cee #0 0x40df637b in strlen () from /lib/
18:27o_cee #1 0x41afcff0 in GenerateHash (url=0x2 <Address 0x2 out of bounds>, hashSelect=136 '\210',
18:27o_cee outhash=0x2 <Address 0x2 out of bounds>) at hasher.c:113
18:27o_cee #2 0x0805dc75 in MFDPluginManager::fillValidationHeader(int, QString const&, unsigned char*, int) (this=0x809deb0,
18:27o_cee server_daap_version_major=2, request=@0x439fcc84, resulting_hash=0x439fccb4 "", request_id=0) at pluginmanager.cpp:633
18:28o_cee #3 0x41d415ce in DaapRequest::send(QSocketDevice*, bool) (this=0x439fcd54, where_to_send=0x80c5d90, add_validation=true)
18:28thor yeah, that's interface to libopendaap
18:28o_cee at daaprequest.cpp:127
18:28o_cee #4 0x41d3e9f5 in DaapInstance::doLoginResponse(TagInput&) (this=0x80d3cf8, dmap_data=@0x439fcf04)
18:28o_cee at daapinstance.cpp:1256
18:28o_cee #5 0x41d3c7a6 in DaapInstance::processResponse(DaapResponse*) (this=0x80d3cf8, daap_response=0x80c8a00)
18:28o_cee at daapinstance.cpp:696
18:28o_cee #6 0x41d3b933 in DaapInstance::handleIncoming() (this=0x80d3cf8) at daapinstance.cpp:475
18:28o_cee #7 0x41d3b059 in DaapInstance::run() (this=0x80d3cf8) at daapinstance.cpp:256
18:28o_cee #8 0x40680d6a in QThreadInstance::start(void*) () from /usr/qt/3/lib/
18:28o_cee #9 0x40c50f60 in pthread_start_thread () from /lib/
18:28o_cee #10 0x40c51062 in pthread_start_thread_event () from /lib/
18:28o_cee #11 0x40e566ba in clone () from /lib/
18:28o_cee hm, i haven't update it
18:29thor right, and there's no (reasonably) easy way for me to check the version number
18:29thor but I think I'm going to have to
18:29o_cee bah, it's not in gentoos portage
18:29thor 'cause we can't have the mfd crashing every time somebody runs an old version of iTunes
18:30o_cee :)
18:30o_cee url for libopendaap? lost all my bookmarks
18:33thor one sec
18:33o_cee found it
18:33o_cee i should upgrade it then?
18:33thor uhm
18:33thor well
18:34thor it's probably not going to work in any case
18:34--- <<-- AridWrk [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:34thor until I get the iTunes version checking right
18:34thor if you want to upgrade your iTunes, then you'll need the newer libopendaap
18:35o_cee might as well upgrade it then
18:35o_cee i can wait with itunes
18:35o_cee don't use it
18:35o_cee if you need something to test with (couldn't find the intaller)
18:35thor darn
18:35thor I think I have the 4.3 installer around
18:36thor 4.2 (and earlier) should be easy to do properly
18:37o_cee good news, it doesn't segfault now, itunes said it was incompatible
18:37thor and mfe ?
18:37o_cee one sec
18:37o_cee 19/May/2004-00:37:58: WARNING: audio plugin decoder barfed on initialization of daap://
18:37o_cee but it lists it all
18:38thor ah, cool
18:38o_cee 19/May/2004-00:37:58: WARNING: audio plugin from DaapInput object: daap server sent us bad status code (not HTTP OK == 200|206)
18:38o_cee 19/May/2004-00:37:58: WARNING: audio plugin from DaapInput object: raw is: HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden
18:38o_cee Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 22:37:57 GMT
18:38o_cee DAAP-Server: iTunes/4.2 (Windows)
18:38o_cee Content-Type: text/html
18:38o_cee Content-Length: 0
18:38o_cee 19/May/2004-00:37:58: WARNING: audio plugin decoder barfed on initialization of daap://
18:38o_cee 19/May/2004-00:38:00: WARNING: audio plugin did not understand or had problems with these tokens: play item 2 34
18:38thor but still up and running ?
18:38o_cee yeah
18:38thor good
18:38o_cee all three still up
18:39thor good good, should be easy to fix
18:39o_cee :)
18:40thor if the server type is iTuned < 4.5, I need to call a different hashing routine in libopendaap
18:41thor and in the other direction, I just need the daap server plugin to lie about it's version number
18:41thor its
18:41thor cool
18:41o_cee indeed
18:48o_cee but all VA albums i've got are tagged with correct artist tags.. scatters albums all over the place :/
18:48thor "correct" as in more than 1 artist ?
18:48thor tag
18:48o_cee more than 1 artist / album yeah
18:49o_cee (as it actually is)
18:49--- ---> monkeyBox [] has joined #mythtv
18:49thor ok, so the mp3/ogg/whatever has mutliple artist tags?
18:50thor or each track has one artist, but they're sitting in an album directory ?
18:50o_cee yeah
18:50o_cee and the album tag is correct
18:50o_cee heh
18:50thor a or b ?
18:50o_cee b
18:50thor k
18:50o_cee different artists, different tracks, same album
18:51thor ah, that's why you want Album -> on down branches in the menu
18:51o_cee but just browsing by album is no good either, best would be Artist - Album
18:52o_cee hmm let me think for a while
18:52* thor looks around in some confusion
18:52o_cee heh
18:52o_cee basically the artist browsing mode is fine
18:52o_cee but it breaks bad for VA compilations
18:52o_cee since i get like Artist1 -> Album -> 1track
18:52o_cee Artist2 -> Album -> 2track
18:52o_cee and so on
18:53--- ---> AridWrk [] has joined #mythtv
18:53thor well, I'm open to suggestions
18:53thor ...
18:54thor (aside from making the artist tag "VA" and the track name "Artist - Track Title", which is what I do
18:54thor )
18:54o_cee browse by album: displays Artist - Album (or Artist -> Album like it is now) and when there's multiple artist in one album, you do VA - Album (or VA -> Album)
18:55--- <<-- AridWork [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:55--- <<-- KarlosII [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:56thor hmmm .... that would work, as long as completely different albums never have the same name
18:56o_cee yeah... guess they shouldn't. in my case we could rely on the dir in that case..
18:57o_cee or maybe the year tag?
18:57--- ---> KarlosII [~Prince@] has joined #mythtv
18:57o_cee but no, don't think that'd be a prob
18:58o_cee also, another great thing would be (guess this might fall under smart playlists) a "New music" -> Today / This week / This Month :)
18:58thor so, if you're building the menu and you see an album name you've seen before with a different artist name, it automatically makes it a VA)
18:58thor ah yeah, smart playlist stuff is actually pretty easy to do once everything else is sorted
18:58o_cee exactly
18:59o_cee yeah and you've got like a "addate" in the db right?
18:59o_cee add-date
18:59thor yup, and modified
18:59o_cee great
19:00* thor is wondering if Chutt finished building mfd/mfe and is silently cursing its poor functionality?
19:00o_cee heh
19:01--- <<-- AridWrk [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:01--- ---> AridWrk [] has joined #mythtv
19:02o_cee metadataclient.o: built new mfd content container in 31.279 second(s)
19:02o_cee 19/May/2004-00:49:10: WARNING: audio plugin platFromPlaylist() called, but we're not in playlist mode
19:02o_cee is that a typo?
19:03thor yup
19:03o_cee :)
19:04thor 31 seconds ?
19:04thor how many tracks?
19:04o_cee lets see
19:04o_cee bah didn't start mfd with verbosity
19:05thor uh oh, looks like junior needs to eat
19:06o_cee mfdctl -l 10
19:06o_cee you don't want to do anything, so I won't
19:06o_cee bah, you can't change it
19:07o_cee restarted with l10
19:08--- <<-- AridWrk [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:08--- ---> AridWrk [] has joined #mythtv
19:13--- ---> m0j0 [] has joined #mythtv
19:15o_cee thor: it sorted swedish chars allright as well, cool
19:15--- <<-- KarlosII [~Prince@] has quit ("Leaving")
19:35--- ---> dopester [dopeman@] has joined #mythtv
19:39o_cee thor: 8048 items
19:39o_cee metadataclient.o: built new mfd content container in 18.767 second(s)
19:39o_cee metadataclient.o: built new mfd content container in 42.566 second(s)
19:39o_cee 18s is the last one
19:40o_cee it goes up to 42secs, then down again and lands at 18
19:41thor weird
19:42thor ah
19:42thor sort
19:42thor 8000 is a lot more than 2000 for a sort, I guee
19:42thor guess
19:42thor metadataclient.o: built new mfd content container in 0.397 second(s)
19:42thor and that's on a crappy AMD 1800
19:43o_cee > doesn't seem to do anything here
19:43o_cee only in playlists?
19:43thor yup
19:43thor at the moment
19:44o_cee another problem.. this album got 4CDs... maybe i could do id3v2 there?
19:44o_cee now there's four "1. ----"
19:44thor well, I think you'd need to edit the tags on that
19:45Chutt thor, so, i start mfe, and i'm presented with a screen with no text on it except the name of the mfd it connected to
19:45Chutt (just back from dinner)
19:45thor yup
19:45o_cee menu
19:45thor m
19:46Chutt manage doesn't do anything, setup doesn't do anything?
19:46Chutt clicking on items in the tree doesn't seem to do anything, either
19:46thor not atm in CVS no
19:46o_cee thor: it reads that collection thingie tag then? it could read the filename 101 cd1 song1 204 cd2 song 4.. if there's multiple files with the same track # in the same album..
19:46Chutt ok, so i can select an individual track to play
19:46Chutt that works.. =)
19:46thor heh
19:46o_cee < > and pgup pgdn
19:46Chutt need more information during browsing
19:47thor actually I thought I had the higher up tree stuff in CVS already
19:47Chutt i've got too many albums that are too long to fit
19:47thor scroll in the menu, or show down below ?
19:47Chutt i dunno
19:47Chutt somewhere =)
19:47thor heh
19:47o_cee scroll in menu could be cool
19:47--- <<-- pmowry [] has quit ("pmowry has no reason")
19:47o_cee might be annoying too
19:48Chutt ui's nice, it's just a departure from existing myth uis
19:48thor mfe UI is not really area of focus, just fooling around really while I get all the wire protocol stuff working
19:48thor but nice place to fool around with stuff
19:48Chutt yeah
19:48Chutt seems to work pretty well
19:49thor it's not really cool till you have mutliple mfd's and/or mfe's, seeing 'em all automagically sync and interact
19:49o_cee if there's no tracknumbers in the id3, it sorts by filename right?
19:49thor yup
19:49o_cee but it displays 0. on all tracks
19:49thor number, then String
19:51o_cee the menu.. the inactive thing at the left side could be shrunk when inactive to leave more room for the active one.. or uhm don't you move it off screen chutt?
19:51o_cee on edit playlist
19:51--- <<-- mecraw_ [~mecraw@] has quit ("Trillian (")
19:51--- <<-- hfb [~hfb@] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:51Chutt i've got it half on screen in mythmusic
19:51o_cee leaves more space
19:53o_cee thor: you got all that now? :) getting tired here
19:53thor heh
19:54thor sleep, play with it non-exported tomorrow, and send me iTunes 4.2 installer if you happen across it :-)
19:54o_cee yepp
19:55o_cee night!
19:55thor g'night
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22:56--- User: *** cmorgan_away is now known as cmorgan
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23:02YamahaBrez When I run irw as a normal user I get permission denied, when I run it as root it does nothing the 1st time, then the 2nd time it says connection refused. any ideas?
23:02dopester see topic
23:04YamahaBrez ??
23:04YamahaBrez on myths website?
23:04YamahaBrez oh
23:05YamahaBrez Well just asking, if no one wants to help then they dont have to. But what is the point of this channel if not for help.
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23:49dopester thor: you around?
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