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01:40Octane does the mythgame browser support chd's?
01:40Chutt no
01:41Chutt it supports whatever mame tells it it can support
01:41Octane i mean, does it look for chd file extensions, or just zips
01:41Octane hi btw ;)
01:41Chutt i just said
01:41Chutt it supports whatever mame says it supports
01:42Octane i see alright, thanks for an always honest answer
01:42Chutt it doesn't look for files at all.
01:42Chutt it doesn't _care_ about files at all
01:42Chutt since the xmame binary does all that, and just reports what's available.
01:43Octane i see, i get how it works now
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04:27squigle aaah mythpeople! hello
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05:49squigle hello does any one exist here?
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06:10gulliver hi all
06:10gulliver dopester?
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07:09o_cee thor: tried mfe now.. still doesn't scroll my names sideways.. 99% sure it's long enough.
07:10o_cee thor: browse button could indicate that it's building or something..
07:11o_cee heh.. got a song here with track # 2147483647
07:11o_cee :)
07:12o_cee should be #201 (cd2 song1)
07:12o_cee (the id3tag is #201)
07:15o_cee and i'
07:15o_cee nevermind
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07:47squiggle hello
07:47squiggle any one awake
07:49o_cee depends
07:50squiggle im just wondering if a bug i have is a known issue before i spend days trying to fix it :)
07:50squiggle last time i did that some one checked it in the day i fixed it
07:51o_cee shoot
07:52squiggle about 20% of the time after leaving playing a recording in the front end the backend crashs
07:53squiggle it happens from non local frontends too
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08:01squiggle o_cee?
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08:14o_cee that's no known "bug"
08:14o_cee afaik
08:18squiggle ok, its happened once in the time since we have been talking
08:19squiggle i think its a problem with dvb
08:19o_cee most likely
08:20squiggle ooh i found a way to make it happen !
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08:20squiggle o_cee are u a dev?
08:21o_cee not in the form you're looking for. mail the -dev list instead
08:21o_cee with the patch
08:59mikegrb haha
08:59mikegrb 08:57:43 LightKnigh1 | (:#ivtv-dev) #join #mythtv-wiki
08:59mikegrb so not only a wiki but a channel too?
08:59o_cee silly
08:59o_cee mikegrb: how's it going?
09:00mikegrb doing good
09:00mikegrb busy at work lately
09:00bitbyte only thing i've seen similar is if you leave it playing live tv, not a recording
09:00o_cee well that's a good thing after all ;)
09:00bitbyte then the ringbuffer runs amok
09:00mikegrb heh
09:00o_cee bitbyte: what're you talking about?
09:00bitbyte "the ringbuffer that ate the city"
09:01bitbyte squiggles "bug"
09:01o_cee ah
09:01squiggle hmm
09:01squiggle i got a core file once from it and its just very deep of the same call
09:01squiggle i think its in a loop or recursion that doesnt stop
09:01squiggle till the stack fills up
09:03bitbyte im out to class
09:03bitbyte bbl
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11:26fishhead hey
11:28fishhead circuit city no longer carries the hauupage pvr350 which is the same as the pvr250 + fm + tv out + hardware decoding.... and since my vcr credit will be for circuit city I have no choice but to get the pvr250. I however have a creative labs dxr2 which is a hardware mpeg1/2 decoder card with vga and tv out. Is it possible in mythTV or another linux application to get the same effect as a PVR350 by using these 2 cards namely being
11:28fishhead able to watch video while recording and backing up a few mins etc. The target box is likely going to be a PII 350 or a via c3 1.2 ghz
11:28fishhead opps wrong channel
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12:05Chutt heh
12:05* kvandivo looks around.
12:09thor if we used slashcode for the myth wiki, then people with high karma could be awarded free copies of MythTV
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12:11Chutt oooh ooh, very good idea
12:13rkulagow_ you know what sucks? sourceforge. their lirc mailing list archive broke on 4 apr and is still broke. had to use gmane
12:14Chutt heh
12:14Chutt read the sf site status
12:14Chutt they say they're breaking the archives mid-april to test a new archive system for a few days
12:14Chutt it's been a month :p
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12:19Chutt ah, if anyone has any free time
12:20Chutt i'd really appreciate it if someone were to go through the -dev list recently and see what patches hadn't had any action on them
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12:20Chutt aside from doug larrick's 3
12:20stoffel translations? *hint, hint*
12:20Chutt i need specific links
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12:25stoffel;#21802 are my updates
12:33Chutt ok, thanks
12:33Chutt that helps =)
12:35stoffel Message-ID: <> xhtml 1.0 compliance for the backend status screen
12:44stoffel Message-ID: <> HDTV signalcheck v8
12:45Chutt ignore the hdtv ones, too, i'm working with that guy off-list =)
12:45Chutt thanks, though =)
12:45stoffel too? what else?
12:47Chutt just doug larricks
12:47Chutt since i looked over those last night
12:47Chutt just didn't get time to apply em :(
12:47stoffel ah, sure.
12:49stoffel Message-Id: <> turn the LCD backlight off, except in the time display screen
12:52stoffel Message-Id: <1084391610.1477.4.camel@thuispc.lan> dutch mythtv translation update
12:56stoffel Message-ID: <> not really a patch (to filldata.cpp) but it's a one-liner
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13:00stoffel Message-ID: <> adds a --refresh-other option to mythfilldatabase
13:02stoffel Message-Id: <> allows to handle apostrophs
13:11o_cee you got them all there?
13:11stoffel hm?
13:12* o_cee checks too, remember some patch without [patch]
13:12o_cee possible this one: [mythtv] small bug in filldata.cpp
13:12stoffel i only checked the ones with 'patch' in the subject ;)
13:14o_cee [mythtv] PATCH mythfrontend_nl.ts then?
13:14stoffel check! dutch mythtv transl...
13:16o_cee [mythtv] patch - AlbumArt - id3v2 pic frame (maybe worth applying since mfd/mfe won't be ready right?)
13:17o_cee thre's also: [mythtv] PATCH: for MythGallery to slideshow into subdirectories&randomise but i'm not sure what it does
13:17stoffel storing pictures in mp3 files is stupid imho ;)
13:19o_cee yeah, i've never used it either
13:19o_cee [mythtv] Re: [PATCH] mythfilldatabase warning system
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13:40o_cee whatever happened to the log module anyway?
13:40Chutt well
13:40Chutt there's nothing being logged to ti
13:40Chutt so, i never bothered committing the module
13:41o_cee oh, need to put in what's beeing logged first, allrigth
13:45o_cee bbl
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15:45* fishhead bites Arid*.*
15:45fishhead CANUCK
15:45fishhead CANUCK
15:45fishhead CANUCK
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16:30kvandivo solipsistic.. now there's a word i haven't seen in a while.. like.. forever
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16:48Octane anybody know why is it that when i try importing an older version of my videometadata table into mythtv's db, the whole thing gets started anew when i goto video manager?
16:48Octane in other words, video manager clears out everything and starts over even though some of the entries there are correct
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17:04anduin Octane - sure the paths match? maybe better support in the -users group
17:04Octane yah they do, yah my q pasted there too
17:07Chutt anduin, tv_grab_na_icons is pretty 'dumb', though
17:07Chutt it basically just does the first part of the old tv_grab_na process, from what i can tell
17:07Chutt so, maybe my reply to you on the list wasn't good :(
17:09anduin Chutt - yeah, I think there are few enough icons that maintaining a master list might be workable, of course it would take work and not be as automated but a solution which scrapes to grab icon links seems little better
17:09Chutt it would just have to be a list of callsigns -> urls
17:10Chutt since i don't want to get into redistributing artwork
17:10anduin Chutt - yeah, I was thinking callsign to network to URL just so people coult easily take KBLAH as ABC and get it (makes the master list a little easier)
17:11Chutt it _could_ even just be in the program itself
17:11fishhead <fishhead> hey guys
17:11fishhead <fishhead> make sure your pvr are working tonight
17:11fishhead <fishhead> to record enterprise
17:11fishhead <fishhead> tonight episode features HOSHI S&M
17:11Chutt that stuff doesn't really change all that often
17:12anduin Chutt - yeah I was thinking of something ugly like that as well, but maybe just an external file that mythfilldatabase could look at, is someone would maintain the file it could just be packaged with everything. I'm not sure I like channel icons enough to do the work though :)
17:12Chutt heh
17:12Chutt i did miss them when i first converted over
17:12Chutt which is why that little sql snippet's in the docs =)
17:13knight- yeah
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17:17* fishhead bites aridwork
17:17AridWork fishhead, ? not my fault, work router disconnects randomly.
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17:34-!- Irssi: #mythtv: Total of 63 nicks 0 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 63 normal
17:34-!- Irssi: Channel: Join to #mythtv was synced in 21 secs
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18:35fishhead arid
18:35fishhead I was picking on your for being canadian
18:36fishhead not because of your connection
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18:51AridWork canadians are awesome
18:52yebyen hells yes
18:52yebyen canada as a whole is awesome
18:56* fishhead going to bed, later
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20:28GeckfoFiend anduin & Chutt have you seen: ? might be able to leverage that and map their URLS to DataDirect IDS
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21:04Chutt heh
21:04Chutt nice looking, but they're just jpgs so the white is part of the image :(
21:06bitbyte oink
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21:28dopester any dvb users out there?
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22:04thor so, uhm, have we upgraded our CVS?
22:12dopester hey thor
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22:14thor yup
22:26dopester just saying hi
22:26thor ah, hi
22:28dopester you know if any dvb people / users ever are in here, or am i wasting my time trying to find one in here?
22:29thor don't think so
22:30dopester heh i kinda gathered that..
22:33dopester i got one hurdle im strugling with on this dvb code im working on... if you populate the channel database with scanned services, and still want to use xmltv as your guide source will fillmythdatabase put in the right zap2it id fields?
22:33thor heh
22:33thor I am the _wrong_ person to ask
22:33dopester who might be?
22:34thor probably Chutt
22:34thor although you could just try it and see ?
22:35dopester yeah i need to cause it could be a big problem ;)
22:35thor dev boxes are meant to be messed with :-)
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22:40dopester hehe no i meant in finding a solution.. not to screwing up my myth.. thats the fun part
22:41dopester nope it doesnt fill it in :(
22:43dopester matching Callsigns isn't really possible either
22:47dopester it just creates another channel
22:47dopester guess thats another thing to have to make a patch to.. man i can start to see why no one has done dvb stuff right :)
22:48Chutt populate the channel table with mythfilldb, then turn stuff off based on scanned services
22:50dopester thats probbably the best option, although i could easily change the insert a new channel criteria if its a dvbsource allowing the user setup to be the same as it is now. i.e. run setup, then run filldb..
22:52dopester you really would want the scanned channels to drive what you insert. that way you only get what you can see not what xmltv provides. for example if you only watch free services you only need 5% of what xmltv provides, and and keep the db clutter down that way.
22:53dopester for some of the fta services here in NA the only place to get guide is to get the data from dishnetwork or directv and fudge the channel numebrs to match.
22:59Chutt <shrug>
22:59Chutt if you're using datadirect, it's fast to download
22:59dopester yeah i can't think of anything that works well without a bunch of screwing around by the end user.
23:11dopester chutt: what ide do you use for working on myth?
23:12--- ---> foka [~foka@] has joined #mythtv
23:19Chutt a bunch of term windows
23:20dopester ok so there isn't that magical tool.. thats close to what i do too..
23:21foka Hello there! I hope this is not a newbie question: I was wondering, with the new mfd infrastructure, how is visualization going to be implemented? Is it going to be an additional mfd server port sending mfe audio data to draw the appropriate visualization? Many thanks!
23:22Chutt something like that
23:29mdz Chutt: are you getting that release kind of feeling at all?
23:31Chutt yup
23:31Chutt why?
23:31mdz Chutt: curious...what needs testing?
23:31Chutt everything
23:31Chutt i wonder if i could set up a bugzilla so only people on the -dev list could post to it
23:31mdz that, and I have been getting ~1 mail/day asking me if I'm going to package a CVS snapshot
23:32mdz Chutt: shouldn't be too hard if bugzilla can get the subscription list on the same box
23:32mdz if you don't mind a little perl
23:32Chutt and python
23:32mdz python? bugzilla?
23:32Chutt mailman =)
23:32mdz ah
23:33mdz mailman doesn't have a flat file with subscribers in it?
23:33Chutt i don't rightly know
23:33Chutt i imagine it might, but that'd be assuming a lot
23:34mdz I bet it does
23:34mdz or you could set up roundup
23:34mdz which is very small, _very_ simple to set up and administer, and not perl :-)
23:35mdz not as flashy as bugzilla, but gets the job done with a minimum of hassle
23:36Chutt if you want to test stuff, though
23:36Chutt that'd be great
23:36Chutt or even go through and apply patches i missed =)
23:37--- ---> tkfu [] has joined #mythtv
23:38Chutt i'm all busy with my job and stuff :(
23:38dopester where did you get work at?
23:42mdz Chutt: how is it, apart from busy? did the move go ok?
23:42Chutt dopester, nvidia
23:42Chutt i didn't move :p
23:42mdz oh, good
23:42Chutt still working from home
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23:48mdz there certainly are a lot of patches in this mailbox
23:48Chutt i'm doing the hdtv ones and doug larrick's 3
23:49Chutt other than that, i think kevin kuphal's are in
23:49Chutt the ones that are going to get applied of his, at least
23:53mdz I have stuff in here from the beginning of the month
23:56foka mdz, Hello! :-) First of all, many thanks for your Debian packages! :-)
23:56mdz foka: hi
23:57mdz applying patches is tough
23:57mdz first I have to update, and then test that stuff at least still builds
23:57--- ---> stoffel_ [] has joined #mythtv
23:57mdz which takes many minutes
23:57foka mdz: For trying out CVS, I packaged mfd and mfe here too. If you haven't started on mfd/mfe, you are welcome to take what I have here and go from there.
23:57mdz in that time, I get distracted by something else and forget about the patch :-)
23:58mdz foka: I haven't touched it yet
23:58foka For mythtv/libmyth, my local build here switched to use dbs... :-)
23:58mdz I am not a fan of dbs
23:59foka mdz, Hoho! Are you a fan of other similar systems? :-)
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