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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-05-20

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00:00foka I was doing some experimentations with the package on this end, and the number of patches for mythtv became unmanageable, so as a first experiment, began to play with dbs. Not sure if I picked the right one to use... dbs-edit-patch is cool, but yeah, still somewhat troublesome.
00:00foka mdz: When you feel like getting mfd/mfe packaged, let me know ( and I'll send you the latest mfd*.diff.gz and mfe*.diff.gz :-)
00:01mdz I have to run; go ahead and send it to me just for the sake of getting a look at it
00:01mdz foka: I am starting to be a fan of arch
00:02foka Cool! :-) Have fun! :-) I'll update mfd/mfe to today's CVS first, then send you a copy. (my last try was 0430... a bit old now..)
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00:09thor foka. mfd/,fe will be changing alot in the next 3 weeks
00:10thor and yes, viz will be yet another port
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00:15Chutt hrmph
00:15Chutt amazon keeps using airborne home shipping for my orders
00:15Chutt airborne's tracking system bites
00:16thor airborne bites
00:16Chutt yeah
00:17Chutt since this is 'home', they just get it close to me, then dump it in usps
00:17dopester thats really lame
00:17thor they can be incredibly fast, but if it doesn't show up the next morning, nobody ever seems to have any idea how to find it
00:23Chutt ah well
00:23Chutt i've got a bunch of books to read first, anyway, so if they take a few extra days, no big deal =)
00:24thor heh
00:24thor Almost done Confusion
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00:25Chutt hm?
00:25thor Stephenson, sorry not SF
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00:26Chutt there, done with what i was doing for work
00:29thor anything cool?
00:29Chutt yeah, but..
00:30thor ... you'd have to kill me
00:30Chutt essentially
00:30thor darn
00:30thor nm
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00:33foka thor: Many thanks for letting me know about mfd/mfe! :-)
00:35thor yup
00:38thor don't know if libopendaap exists as a debian package, but it is required to access iTunes as a server (mfd as client) ... don't know anything about making Debian packages and whether or not you can flag a dependency as useful but not necessary
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00:41foka I see. I'll go and try it out... :-)
00:43foka thor: Yes, there are "Depends: (mandatory)", "Recommends: " and "Suggests: ".
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00:46thor well, it would be a recommends, but I have no idea if anyone has packaged libopendaap
00:47thor there are (possible) deCSS type issues with libopendaap
00:49foka Oh, I see. Hmm... If that is indeed an issue, libopendaap may be handled like mplayer and libdvdcss... not an official Debian package, but packaged by an official developer and placed in his/her private (but famous) APT repository.
00:49foka Chris Marillat? :-)
00:50thor it's not an IP issues (the code is all open/free/etc/), but a US law problem (it's conceivable that someone could argue that it is in violation of the DMCA)
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00:55dopester the DMCA could be argued to make reading the english language a violation :)
00:55foka thor, Yes, same with libdvdcss... no IP issues, open source code, but DMCA... sigh... Yes, such "sensitive packages" are sometimes placed outside of Debian's official repositories.... Or, if the deCSS-like part could be separated out, that would be a plus too.
00:56foka Like, xine can play non-CSS DVD, and users can install libdvdcss on their own (without replacing xine), and xine automatically plays CSS DVDs.
00:56foka BTW, what problems are there with opendaap exactly? Any pointers?
00:57thor apple uses a stupid quasi-md5 algorithm to "authenticate" client requests to iTunes
00:57thor libopendaap has reverse engineered the algorithm
00:58thor so you can connect to iTunes and get the content
01:00thor mfd dynamically loads libopendaap if it can find it, not unlike xine dynamically loading libdecss if it can find it
01:02foka That's a good thing! At least libopendaap can be at least packaged in a similar way... is Apple contemplating any legal moves?
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01:05thor not that I'm aware of, although I'm only in occasional contact with the libopendaap guy
01:05thor he's in Australia
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01:08foka I see. :-)
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02:50Chutt heh
02:50Chutt mdz, thanks
02:52Chutt hrmph, gotta restart x
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04:11anduin Chutt - ok, my current icon solution adds two more tables to the DB. Maps call sign to network to URL so KTVU -> FOX -> http://blah, are you going to reject a patch if I send it based entirely on the extra tables?
04:13anduin My hatred of PHP is preventing me from making a web gui to allow easy updates/building though I've modified mytfilldatabase to export/import and XML file with entries.
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11:19Chutt anduin, around?
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14:18thor Chutt's been patching
14:18thor guess work is under control
14:18Chutt yup
14:18Chutt and i couldn't sleep last night
14:19thor heh
14:19thor I'm going to try and use the idtag2 stuff in mfd to try and pull album art if it exists inside the mp3 as it's swept
14:19Chutt sure
14:20Chutt that works
14:20Chutt it just doesn't work in the visualizer plugin =)
14:20thor yup
14:20knight- anyone by chance have a Sony 50" Grand WEGA rear proj lcd?
14:20thor no, but if you mail me one I'll answer your question
14:20knight- haha
14:20knight- sure
14:21mikegrb got a 46" sony
14:21Chutt no, but i need something for my basement
14:21mikegrb but crt and not grand wega
14:21* knight- runs to the Post Office with the 50" on his back.
14:21Chutt haven't decided what, yet
14:21Chutt 'course, i still need to finish the basement
14:21thor framing, then toys
14:21Chutt framing's done
14:21thor ah hell, buy toys
14:22Chutt wiring's 90% done, just need to do one more room of cans in the ceiling
14:22Chutt then it's just insulation and drywall =)
14:22thor messy
14:22Chutt well, and ceiling and carpeting
14:22knight- heh
14:22knight- fixing overscan sucks
14:23Chutt my wife's second guessing her wiring, though
14:23mikegrb Chutt: make sure you put lots of extra wire in there, and some cheap but big pvc pipe for conduit
14:23Chutt so she wants to go back and pull out all the outlets she did and check em
14:23mikegrb so you can add wires later easily
14:23Chutt mikegrb, i ran extra wires
14:23thor eh, buy a $5 dollar circuit tester ?
14:23mikegrb Chutt++
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14:23Chutt extra cat5e and rg6 to each outlet
14:23rkulagow so a company in new zealand wants to know if they can use mythtv as the basis of their DVR project.
14:24Chutt thor, yeah, she's worried that she stripped the wires too far, and there's stuff peaking out the little plastic dohickeys
14:24thor oh dear god
14:24Chutt that's what i said :p
14:24thor plastic boxes ?
14:24Chutt yup
14:24thor tell her to stop being silly
14:24knight- uhm
14:24Chutt i did
14:24Chutt but, well
14:24thor yeah, I know
14:24knight- power outlets should be in a metal casing
14:24Chutt knight, why?
14:25knight- grounding
14:25thor plastic boxes with seperate ground lines is modern code
14:25Chutt separate ground line
14:25knight- oh ok
14:25mikegrb yup either or
14:26rkulagow sure, in places where code is reasonable. welcome to chicago, where you have to use EMT _conduit_
14:26thor heh
14:26rkulagow can you say "union town"?
14:26mikegrb you have to use romex if you use plastic and metal conduit cable if you use metal, right?
14:27thor bet I'm the only one here with separate ground to plastic boxes running through lead conduit :-)
14:27mikegrb hehe
14:27Chutt 'code'?
14:27Chutt what's that?
14:27thor heh
14:27Chutt hehe
14:28mikegrb well on monster house they had this guy and he was all like code this and code that
14:28rkulagow you know, the stuff that mythtv runs on
14:28mikegrb and I kept watching for a computer
14:28Chutt code in my area says that a finished basement must have 7.5 feet ceilings
14:29Chutt so, uh, yeah
14:29mikegrb hehe
14:29kvandivo why?
14:29mikegrb well um you see when we bought it, it came this way 30 years ago when it was okay
14:29thor and apparently, there are these things called permits, which you're supposed to go and pay lots of money for
14:29kvandivo permits--
14:30thor one thing I have yet to get used in the US is that people here pronounce the noun (a permit) the same as the verb
14:31thor it's quite odd
14:31kvandivo how do you pronounce it ?
14:31Chutt emPHAsis on a different sylLAble
14:31thor verb per-MIT, noun PERM-it
14:31kvandivo ahh.. ya..
14:31mikegrb thor: I say it your way ;)
14:31thor excellent
14:31mikegrb I've heard them the ame thouhg :(
14:32thor free Canadian passports all round
14:32mikegrb \o/
14:32* mikegrb takes off running for the border
14:34o_c Chutt: aren't you getting a plasma?
14:34Chutt naw
14:34knight- is xvidtune still the "standard" for adjusting overscan?
14:34Chutt plasmas are overpriced
14:35o_c no? yeah true
14:35Chutt and susceptible to burn in
14:35Chutt i play a lot of games :p
14:35thor and don't do 1080p
14:35o_c oh?
14:35knight- yeah plasmas suck
14:35o_c lcd's then?
14:35--- User: *** o_c is now known as o_cee
14:35Chutt lcd or dlp or similar tech
14:35knight- my 50" rear proj lcd rocks
14:35o_cee maybe they're not that big yet
14:35kvandivo totally off topic question that i won't belabor in the general channel.. anyone here ever do anything with spread trading? msg me if so
14:35knight- 3 xga's
14:35thor oh dear
14:35o_cee spread trading?
14:35kvandivo BenQ has their 6100 that you can pick up for around 800 bucks.. then you'd have a nice projector. :)
14:36Chutt if i can convince my wife, i'll go with a projector
14:36o_cee Chutt: what do you play?
14:36o_cee proj is nice
14:36Chutt front, of course
14:36knight- proj is nice if you have enough luminens
14:36kvandivo it would only be 8x6.. _but_ it's only 800 bucks..
14:36Chutt i already marked out the 100" screen
14:36o_cee hehehe
14:36kvandivo benq has 1500 lumens
14:36Chutt knight, it's a basement, i have complete light control
14:36o_cee if it's in the basement there's probably not alot of sunlight anyway
14:36o_cee exactly
14:36o_cee so don't look at luminens, you loose blackness
14:37thor especially since the ceiling clearance is only 3'5"
14:37o_cee (crappy english sorry :)
14:37knight- <Chutt> knight, it's a basement, i have complete light control
14:37knight- Chutt, yeah, but when your lights are on, you still want to see everything very clearly
14:37o_cee Chutt: so what games to you play?
14:37Chutt everything down there's on a dimmer
14:37o_cee who wants lights :)
14:37Chutt o_cee, i dunno, whatever i'm interested in
14:37knight- Did you guys just buy a new house?
14:37Chutt rpgs, most of the time
14:38o_cee console or pc?
14:38Chutt knight, 3 years ago
14:38Chutt console
14:38knight- ahh
14:38knight- I wish I could buy a house out here.
14:38o_cee cool, don't really like rpg's on console tho
14:38knight- Too expensive.
14:38kvandivo been playing morrowind recently on my myth box ala xbox.. haven't decided whether or not i like it yet
14:38o_cee played Quake2 CTF on pretty high level couple of years ago
14:38thor except your wife wired the dimmer, and she'll spend the next 4 years worried it's going to eletrocute her everytime she gets near it
14:38knight- My old six digit salary couldnt even get me a home here.
14:38Chutt thor, naw, i did the dimmers =)
14:38thor ah, good
14:38kvandivo score!
14:38o_cee hahah
14:39Chutt she wasn't sure how (it was a slightly complicated circuit)
14:39thor 3/4 way
14:39kvandivo i like those
14:39thor knight, where's here?
14:39* o_cee mostly likes cargames on console.. rallisport challenge 2 (xbox) is really really nice (swedish game actually)
14:39knight- thor, California
14:39knight- San Francisco Bay Area
14:39thor ah, SF?
14:39thor right
14:39Chutt power to the light first, regular switch, but a 3 way switch after that bit
14:39kvandivo i have to think about them each time i do them, and once i've really figured out the circuit i feel like i've accomplished something
14:39o_cee any of you ever been in sweden?
14:40knight- yeah the sad part is, the dotcom boom elevated housing here in silicon vallley, and then after the collapse, prices didnt drop enough
14:40thor just the airport
14:40kvandivo especially when you do the fun ones where the power goes to the light first, and from there to the switches, etc
14:40knight- i just can't see spending 1 million dollars on a home that has only 2 bedrooms
14:40thor heh
14:40kvandivo it's all relative
14:41thor friend of minre just sold his house about 10 miles south of the airport
14:41thor ridiculous money
14:41o_cee sweet
14:41thor and it's even in SF proper
14:41thor _not_
14:41knight- thor
14:41thor knight
14:41Chutt heh
14:41knight- yeah, South San Francisco i bet
14:42Chutt that's why i wanted to stay in ohio :p
14:42knight- not even SF
14:42thor yup
14:42kvandivo what _is_ sad is that i think about how hard i've worked here ( !san fran ) and with the meager savings that i've scraped together.. i'd really be hurting if i tried to go to san fran and do anything
14:42mikegrb Chutt: you going with the projection screen paint or a normal screen?
14:42Chutt we got a nice place that's way under what we could afford =)
14:42o_cee ooookay, anyone going to spain in july? :)
14:42Chutt mikegrb, i dunno
14:42mikegrb have seen some really nice screens that you can't tell are there done with the paint
14:42mikegrb supposed to preform pretty good too
14:42thor o_cee, ibiza?
14:42o_cee thor: nah, benidorm nearby alicante
14:43o_cee got a house there
14:43Chutt mikegrb, i'd certainly want something moveable
14:43Chutt though
14:43mikegrb ahh
14:43Chutt _someone_ likes rearranging furniture a lot
14:43kvandivo paint would be a _serious_ pain, then. ;)
14:44kvandivo moving paint == no fun at all
14:44mikegrb saw a house on tv with nice built in cabinets on both ends and in the midle had column things that went up the sides of the screen in dark wood
14:44mikegrb with a fire place mantle piece type thing across the bottom of the screen
14:44Chutt the main problem is i don't have all that much room down there
14:44Chutt my house is too small
14:44mikegrb with the painted on screen in there
14:44mikegrb yeah
14:44mikegrb I would have gotten a projector instead of the tv we got as it would have been cheaper
14:45mikegrb but light would have been a big issue
14:45o_cee there's cool screens that come down from the ceiling with a motor
14:45mikegrb heh yes
14:45o_cee that would be nice for saving space
14:45mikegrb if I had one it would have to be connected to the projector
14:45o_cee thor: you going to ibiza?
14:45mikegrb automatically come down
14:46o_cee yeah that's neat
14:46mikegrb but that doesn't meet the easy to move requirement :)
14:46o_cee easy to remove :)
14:46mikegrb heh
14:46mikegrb pull really hard?
14:46thor o_cee, my ibiza days are behind me I fear
14:46o_cee thor: hehehe
14:46Chutt wow, is
14:46Chutt it's almost 3
14:46Chutt heh, gotta get stuff done
14:46o_cee it's 9pm here
14:47o_cee sitting here with a milkshake actually
14:47thor heh
14:47thor while we're not on the subject, does anyone have an iTunes 4.3 installer for Windows ?
14:48knight- nope
14:48knight- i just deleted it
14:48o_cee i searched on didn't find any archive there either
14:48thor I found a 4.1, got that working
14:48thor 4.5 works (obviously)
14:48thor but I need a 4.3
14:48knight- oh right, to test
14:48o_cee i got it installed
14:48thor hmmmmm
14:48o_cee guess you could try the exes directly or something
14:49knight- thor, I should talk to you later about writing some code for mfd to handle control requests from remote applications
14:49thor okey
14:49thor o_cee, I'll make some best guesses and then have you try it. Please don't upgrade your iTunes, ok ?
14:50knight- I am writing an application for Pocket PC to control Myth, which will talk over tcp to mfd. Obviously mfd has no hooks into mythbackend yet, but I'd be happy to start.
14:50o_cee thor: i won't
14:50thor knight, no, not yet
14:51knight- thor, which is why I wanted to have some discussions with you.
14:51thor yup
14:51thor you could already look at mfdclientlib to see how to get audio data and control audio playing
14:52thor but that's all multithreaded, which I don't think you'd want on a PocketPC (?)
14:53thor hmm, looks like chocolat
14:53--- <<-- anduin [~awithers@] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:53o_cee nope different, uhm..
14:53o_cee berries?
14:53o_cee heh
14:54o_cee need more light in here :O
14:54* stoffel_ only sees part of a screen yet ;)
14:54knight- thor, yeah
14:54o_cee bah i'll take it with better focus then
14:54knight- thor, i imagine mfd and mythbackend should talk via pipe?
14:54knight- unix socket
14:55thor I'm still not sure what they'd want to exchange .... probably the same language protocol that mythbackend/mythfrontend use already, but haven't put much thought into it
14:58mikegrb make them talk in russian
14:58thor das va danya!
14:59o_cee mmm, homemade milkshake
14:59mikegrb o_cee: your connection is too slow
14:59o_cee blarh
14:59mikegrb work's proxy times out ;)
15:00thor I think I'm speaking for everyone when I say we would prefer pictures of the Swedish girlfriend in a shower
15:00mikegrb yes
15:00o_cee thor: yeah we just got this camere ;)
15:00* mikegrb checks /names
15:00* stoffel_ nods
15:00mikegrb yes, yes for sure
15:00o_cee 9mbit out is enough
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15:00mikegrb o_cee: so those those pictures are to be comming then?
15:00o_cee mikegrb: muhahah
15:00o_cee not likely ;)
15:00mikegrb :<
15:01mikegrb <- heidi
15:01mikegrb I gave her a photoshop tattoo since she wouldn't get a real one
15:02o_cee heheheh ;)
15:02o_cee lemme see if i can find some old pic
15:03o_cee mostly have pics of our cat, heh
15:04--- <<-- TripHammer [~fark@] has quit ()
15:05mikegrb I have lots of those too
15:05mikegrb the canon canon[2-4] and croc folders are all pictures too
15:06mikegrb and there is one of kvandivo there
15:06* kvandivo looks around.
15:06mikegrb but don't tell him
15:06mikegrb he doesn't like the picture
15:06kvandivo it's a crappy picture.
15:07mikegrb it is better then
15:12kvandivo :)
15:15knight- grrr, i cant get rid of this overscan on my hdtv
15:25mikegrb knight-: service menu :)
15:25mikegrb amazing the amount of range you have too
15:25mikegrb like 5-6" underscanned can be adjusted
15:26knight- service menu?
15:26mikegrb search google for "sercice menu" and your tv model and if you can't find for your specific model try just the brand in general
15:26knight- shouldnt i just adjust the modelines?
15:26mikegrb there will be some buttons you hit on the remote in a certain combination to bring up a service menu
15:26knight- ahh
15:26mikegrb heh well if you can't fix it on the computer end then you can fix it on the tv
15:27knight- would it be wise to modify those?
15:27mikegrb ideally would fix it on computer but if you cant
15:27knight- yeah, i just dont know the best way to tune the mode lines
15:27mikegrb I did
15:27knight- should i use xvidtune?
15:27mikegrb I would guess so
15:27mikegrb haven't used it on a computer
15:27mikegrb used I guess an xbox equivalent on the xbox
15:27mikegrb what graphics card do you have?
15:28mikegrb there is a tool similiar to xvidtune for nvidea cards
15:28mikegrb probably one for ati cards too
15:28knight- GeForce FX 5600
15:29knight- Yeah, I havent tested out HDTV on the xboxes yet
15:29mikegrb supposed to be good now
15:29mikegrb haven't tried a recent video driver
15:29mikegrb still have an old beta that works well enough
15:31knight- hmm
15:32--- <<-- vempire_ [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:33--- ---> vempire [] has joined #mythtv
15:46--- ---> anduin [~awithers@] has joined #mythtv
15:47--- <<-- FryGuy_ [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:47--- ---> FryGuy_ [] has joined #mythtv
16:05--- <<-- Chang [] has quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.10")
16:27--- ---> AridWrk [] has joined #mythtv
16:27rkulagow thor: i've got itunes
16:38--- <<-- fishhead [] has quit ("Leaving")
16:38--- ---> AridWork [] has joined #mythtv
16:57--- <<-- AridWrk [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:58--- ---> markl_ [] has joined #mythtv
16:58markl_ has anyone had any luck with myth on gentoo
16:59markl_ i'm getting butchered by the dependency on Tk-TableMatrix-1.01
16:59markl_ heh let me ask on mythtv-users, sorry
17:00cmorgan why wouldn't myth work under gentoo?
17:04kvandivo PEBKAC
17:08--- <<-- m0j0_ [~m0j0@] has quit ("Leaving")
17:09markl_ cmorgan: i'm sure that myth will work fine once all the dependencies work
17:10markl_ looks like there is a newer tktablematrix that hasn't made it into the portage sync yet
17:15--- <--- markl_ [] has left #mythtv ()
17:30--- <<-- Justin [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:31--- ---> Justin [] has joined #mythtv
17:40--- <<-- Drikus_ [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:43rkulagow thor: here?
17:45--- <<-- FryGuy_ [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:45--- ---> FryGuy_ [] has joined #mythtv
17:53thor I am now
17:53thor (momentarily)
17:54thor do you have the 4.2 install (iTunesSetup)?
17:54thor if so, please send to
17:58--- <<-- meshuga [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:08--- ---> foka__ [~foka@] has joined #mythtv
18:09--- ---> Ashlar [] has joined #mythtv
18:13o_cee Chutt: the icon thingie anduin did (haven't read the whole thread), wouldn't it make sense to add swedish providers as well? we don't get those automatically either..
18:21Chutt that's the whole point.
18:23o_cee yeah great :)
18:24o_cee the topic kinda limited it to datadirect
18:26--- <<-- foka [~foka@] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:29kvandivo o_cee: the default blue theme, for one
18:29o_cee i'll read the thread.. and figure out what to link to.. hmm
18:29o_cee kvandivo: what bout gant?
18:29kvandivo haven't investigated _at all_ yet
18:30kvandivo hence the reason i hadn't said anything
18:30o_cee not sure i follow
18:30kvandivo meaning that i figured i'm capable of finding and fixing a problem like that on my own, so i hadn't bothered anyone else with it
18:30--- <<-- DonLKSAB [] has quit ()
18:30kvandivo and i haven't taken any time to investigate yet
18:30gfiend Does a way exist to change the foreground color for labels in popups via the them system and I'm just missing it or do I need to add it?
18:31o_cee kvandivo: but it's only blue?
18:31kvandivo o_cee: no clue. haven't investigated the problem at all. haven't changed themes, haven't spent brain cycles on it at all
18:32o_cee kvandivo: allright
18:32o_cee haven't used blue in a while but i think gant is ok
18:33kvandivo as long as i stay on CVS i'll continue to use whatever the default is, just because it is most likely to "get the grease" if anything goes wrong
18:33o_cee right, that's why gant is in cvs too you know
18:34o_cee kvandivo: is that you waving in the window?
18:35kvandivo ya.. it's from the CS webcam.. mikegrb has the URL handy
18:35kvandivo a couple of weeks ago i walked down and waved in the camera
18:36o_cee if it was like 100 times bigger i might see you ;)
18:36kvandivo yep. the camera won't zoom quite that far
18:36o_cee heh
18:39mikegrb that cam is fsking awesome
18:39o_cee cool camera
18:40--- ---> vempire_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:40o_cee do i ctonrol it?
18:40o_cee heh
18:40kvandivo click on the 'control camera' button
18:40mikegrb yes
18:40mikegrb it is nifty
18:40kvandivo once you get control, you have it for at least 90 seconds.. longer if no one else clicks on 'control camera' after you
18:40o_cee it was real quick so i thought it might be a big cam and you just panned it
18:40o_cee cool :)
18:40mikegrb o_cee: there is another pic of kvandivo in that dir btw ;)
18:41o_cee ooh
18:41o_cee hey my milkshake!
18:41mikegrb yup
18:41mikegrb I did wget there
18:41mikegrb since I couldn't reach them from work directly
18:42o_cee ah
18:42mikegrb that building is the ncsa building
18:42mikegrb with super duper computers
18:43mikegrb the one being built is the new ncsa building
18:43kvandivo they aren't moving the computers, btw
18:43mikegrb new computers?
18:43mikegrb or just leave them there?
18:43kvandivo leaving them there
18:43kvandivo they just recently did a $10 million expansion on that building
18:44mikegrb the building to the left of the building under construction is the siebel building that was on slashdot a few weeks ago
18:44mikegrb kirby works in the building behind the garage
18:45--- <<-- foka_ [~foka@] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:46--- ---> foka [~foka@] has joined #mythtv
18:46o_cee <-- kvandivo? :)
18:46mikegrb is that the cat butt?
18:46mikegrb hehe
18:47--- ---> anurag [] has joined #mythtv
18:47o_cee doh
18:47--- <--- anurag [] has left #mythtv ()
18:47Ashlar that, or a really ugly one-eyed cat
18:48Ashlar with a sty in it :)
18:54gfiend chutt around?
18:56--- <<-- vempire [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:04--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:15o_cee thor: when will they leave?
19:21anduin o_cee - the only thing DD related to the icon stuff now is where it is called, it would work just as well (or bad) if the call to update icons was moved outside of the DD grabber (though currently you can manually force a call with --dd-icon-update
19:21o_cee anduin: guess you might as well make it a global "myth-get-icons" thingie
19:23anduin o_cee - That would be easy to do, I'm waiting on more input before doing anything more to it though.
19:24--- <<-- o_cee [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:24--- User: *** cmorgan is now known as cmorgan_away
19:25--- ---> o_cee [] has joined #mythtv
19:25o_cee i'm back, did you say anything more anduin? :)
19:29anduin o_cee - nope
19:29o_cee k :)
19:44o_cee there was a commit from geoff some days ago? anyone heard if he's back in business?
19:48knight- grrr still getting overscan
19:50o_cee you need to do the servicemenu
19:50o_cee you are supposed to have overscan
19:51o_cee that's how tv's work
19:51--- ---> GeckoFiend [] has joined #mythtv
19:51knight- yeah
19:51knight- but if i change the overscan in the service menu, then it will affect my regular inputs
19:52knight- from dvd, hd sat, regular sat, tivo, etc
19:52o_cee sure
19:52o_cee what tv-out are you using?
19:52o_cee what kind
19:52knight- DVI on Geforce FX 5600
19:52o_cee oh dvi.. dunno how that works
19:52knight- same way
19:53knight- modelines
19:53o_cee you tried the nvidia overscan setting?
19:53knight- nope
19:53knight- what is it?
19:53o_cee a setting for setting the overscan? :)
19:53knight- heh, ok i'll search for it
19:53o_cee Option "TVOverScan" "0.6"
19:54o_cee Section "Device"
19:54o_cee Identifier "NVIDIA GeForce FX5200"
19:54o_cee there's alot of doc on
19:54knight- ok
19:55knight- ahh but isnt TVOverScan for TVOUT only?
19:55o_cee that i don't know
19:55o_cee probably tho
19:57--- <<-- gfiend [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:57knight- grrr ;)
19:57knight- oh but that would MAKE it overscan
19:57knight- I want to compensate for overscan
19:58stoffel_ -0.6?
19:58o_cee yeah i think so
19:58knight- doesnt take a neg value
19:58Ashlar negative val.. yah, what he said ;)
19:58o_cee no it starts at 1.0
19:58Ashlar ahh
19:58o_cee i think
19:58knight- Overscanning is disabled (0.0) by default.
19:59knight- a positive value just makes it overscan more
19:59o_cee :/
19:59o_cee guess it's modelines then
19:59knight- yep
20:00Ashlar so the service menu overscan is global? that bites
20:00--- <<-- hfb [] has quit ("Client exiting")
20:02knight- i'm pretty sure
20:02knight- I dont think you can adjust overscan per input
20:04--- <<-- steelep [~signwatch@] has quit ("me is bugging out")
20:04o_cee i'd call a tech that's familiar with it
20:04o_cee you don't want to mess it up
20:04o_cee write down _everything_ in there if you decide to change anything
20:04knight- heh
20:05knight- exactly why i just want to find some modelines
20:05knight- ;)
20:05o_cee hehe
20:05Ashlar truetrue
20:06knight- i just dont know how to compensate for the overscan
20:08o_cee you guys
20:08o_cee "(CNN) -- Skyrocketing gas prices aren't putting the brakes on Americans' Memorial Day weekend and summer travel plans,"
20:08o_cee you have no idea how cheap gas is in the states
20:08Ashlar hrmm.. even if you had a modeline like 795 x 595, might it not also fill the screen to the same extent?
20:08o_cee sheesh
20:08o_cee skyrocketing, hahha
20:09knight- Ashlar, yeah quite possibly, that's why i dont understand
20:09o_cee what does a liter (i dunno how much a gallon is) gas cost?
20:09o_cee 1 US gallon = 3.7854118 liter
20:09o_cee dear google
20:09o_cee lets see..
20:10stoffel_ *g* not enough, o_cee
20:10anduin o_cee - depends on where in the US you live, I think $2.07 was the national average last week
20:10knight- I pay $2.79/gallon of premium.
20:10o_cee anduin: per gallon?
20:11o_cee here we pay like 5$/gallon where about 80% is taxes
20:11anduin o_cee - yes, though in some states it is more (I'm lucky enough to be in California, I pay what knight pays)
20:11knight- anduin, yeah i'm here in CA
20:11Ashlar about $0.50/liter in Dallas, TX
20:12o_cee think of me next time you think it's expencive ;)
20:12Ashlar (low grade)
20:13knight- thats what you get living in those pseudo-socialistic countries
20:13knight- atleast you're getting services out of your taxes
20:13knight- all of our money goes to bombs and guns
20:13o_cee heh
20:13Ashlar and fightin turrists
20:13Ashlar grr
20:14o_cee i'm not a big fan of our high taxes
20:14o_cee i think i heard the tax-preassure on your income and such is like 80% (including all taxes everywhere you pay)
20:15o_cee of course you have all thos biiiiiig trucks wich uses up lots of gas :P
20:16o_cee stoffel_: it's as much in .de right?
20:17o_cee the gas price
20:18stoffel_ pretty much i think. but as i drive a company car i don't care that much :)
20:18o_cee heh :P
20:18--- <<-- foka__ [~foka@] has quit ("Leaving")
20:19o_cee got one of those
20:19stoffel_ the XXL version, a passat sw tdi
20:21knight- haha neat, i have the BouncingCows xscreensaver going on my HDTV
20:21knight- it's funny
20:21stoffel_ so it's ~90 eurocents/l Diesel
20:22o_cee stoffel_: right, slightly below our prices i think
20:22o_cee not sure about diesel tho
20:25stoffel_ gas is around 1,15/l
20:27o_cee yep about the same
20:30Ashlar is anyone intimately familiar with xmltv? trying to figure out how to merge / query distinct channels from two sources where one is a subset of the other..
20:30Ashlar (in a non-complete hack manner)
20:32Chutt use the tools that are part of xmltv.
20:32--- ---> AridW0rx [] has joined #mythtv
20:32Ashlar trying to determine a sane way to do this.. I know it's horrible 'SELECT distinct channum, concat('1',repeat('0',3-length(channum)),channum) as chanid, callsign, name, icon FROM channel
20:32Ashlar ahh, never explored them
20:33--- <<-- AridW0rx [] has quit (Client Quit)
20:33Chutt well, that query is a tad overcomplicated
20:33Chutt just set your channels up properly in the first place, and don't worry about it
20:34Ashlar they are.. one is connected to a digital cable box, the other source is just the coax.. duplicate channels in epg are a pain in my ass
20:34Chutt mythtv already just merges channels internally where the callsign matches
20:35Ashlar ahh.. is that a CVS feature?
20:35Chutt yes
20:35Ashlar cool
20:35Chutt seeing as this is the developer channel
20:35Ashlar lol, nm
20:35Chutt i assumed you were using cvs
20:35Ashlar yah.. sorry, fixed it in mythweb, but I was looking for a more long term fix
20:36Ashlar still building my 'staging'.. the wife would kill me if I put CVS code on 'prod' ;)
20:37Ashlar hrmm.. where callsigns match.. wonder how that works with multiple sourcs that may have the same callsign but be different time offsets.. ie, HBO east, and HBO mountain
20:37Chutt then they're different channels.
20:37Chutt since the times don't match
20:37Chutt obviously.
20:38Ashlar true, but the callsigns may be the same.. I guess I need to get CVS going.. I assume the channels db has some kind of time offset in CVS?
20:39Chutt no, it doesn't
20:41anduin Ashlar - usually the call sign will be different based on the time zone... HBOP for HBO Pacific
20:42Chutt what's this guy have against member functions
20:42Ashlar true, but I'm thinking of edge zones.. a friend of mine has a satellite reciver and free cable thru his apartment complex.. both are HBO (though since he's still getting myth setup, not sure how that'll work)
20:42anduin Chutt - so how much do you hate the icon stuff?
20:42Chutt he's using C functions for everything, passing in all sorts of unnecessary data
20:42Chutt anduin, well
20:42Chutt aside from updates between releases
20:42Chutt any reason not to dump the xml stuff?
20:43anduin Chutt - the xml stuff allows for people to easily share their mappings, making assembling a large mapping that will work for most people easier (I hope)
20:45Ashlar chutt: he's an edge zone because the HBOs are diff timezones.. one's local, the other's the indiana timezone next door.. when he gets his system up, it'll be interesting to see what his channel table looks like.. see if the callsigns match
20:45anduin I've Domed the import stuff so it looks a little nicer now at least
20:45Chutt ok, that's an improvement over the sax stuff at least
20:47anduin Chutt - so no objections to the idea? do you hate the "network" map as well?
20:48o_cee but don't you agree, anduin, that it could be made generic logo fetching instead of just datadirect?
20:48Chutt anduin, no, i like the network map
20:48Chutt makes perfect sense
20:49anduin o_cee - I even added stuff in the hope that it could be used for more generic stiff, there is nothing in there that would prevent you from adding any icons you have a URL to
20:49o_cee great
20:49o_cee there's plans for swedish stuff.. and with that i'll probably be able to fix server with icons that's even legal :)
20:49anduin o_cee - I just put the zap2it url in there with my XML file with icons because that is what I have access to
20:49--- <<-- AridWork [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:49o_cee yeahp
20:49o_cee great
20:53o_cee 3am, maybe it's time to get some sleep.. hmm
20:54knight- heh
20:54o_cee or i could translate a little myth;)
20:56o_cee Chutt: you know if the .ts's are updated?
20:59o_cee GeckoFiend: you added some stuff to the settings pages ltely.. the items has . at the end dispite most (all?) other items don't.. problem is that if anyone decides to clean up stuff like that afterwards all translations are also affected..
21:00--- <<-- Snow-Man [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:01--- <<-- mecraw_ [~mecraw@] has quit ("Trillian (")
21:03knight- damn i can never get xvidtune to do anything
21:05--- Netsplit <-> quits: jams, Rroet, Ashlar, roz_
21:06--- ---> Snow-Man [] has joined #mythtv
21:08--- Netsplit over, joins: Ashlar, roz_, jams, Rroet
21:10o_cee Chutt: heh, "Don't record" and "Don't Record" on two different places (just seeing them in linguist so i dunno where)
21:13knight- linguist?
21:15o_cee program for translating qt apps
21:17knight- ahh
21:18o_cee time for some sleep, night
21:18Chutt anduin, if you're terribly bored, the datadirect stuff could use converting to dom =)
21:20anduin Chutt - heh, not that bored :)
21:21Captain_Murdo| Chutt, do you see any reason that I shouldn't move the "DELETE FROM recordedmarkup" code in MainServer::DoHandleDeleteRecording() into the same thread than handles the actual file deletion?
21:21Captain_Murdo| deleting from recordedmarkup can take a while on longer shows and I see it occasionally causing the frontend to think the backend went away.
21:25anduin Captain_Murdoch - does it make delete near instant now?
21:26rkulagow hey, captain_murdoch. long time no see!
21:26Captain_Murdo| haven't done it yet. :) wanted to see if there was any reason not to.
21:26Captain_Murdo| hey rkulagow. yeah, finally got some time to sit down recently and do some coding (even if some of it was sitting in a hotel room). :)
21:26rkulagow tell me you weren't in vegas and spent it sitting in a hotel room.
21:27Captain_Murdo| nah. outside DC some, some in Charlotte and maybe a few hours in Orlando.
21:27Captain_Murdo| not much time, but enough to start putting down ideas into code that have been in the back of my mind for a while.
21:28rkulagow i think that bug where i'd cut the commercials and the skip didn't work is back.
21:28Captain_Murdo| I have it now so you can start/stop commercial flagging from the playback screen. and if a recording is deleted while flagging it will stop flagging.
21:28Captain_Murdo| I think I still have a note on my todo about looking at that problem. :(
21:29rkulagow ok
21:29rkulagow well, the beer is cold, and the guests are here, so bbl.
21:29Captain_Murdo| and it will restart flagging on shows that were being flagged when the backend went down.
21:30Captain_Murdo| l8r.
21:31Captain_Murdo| anduin: I think the recordedmarkup deletion is what has caused the delete time to go back up. it was quick a long time ago, then I didn't notice that it had gotten that bad until I switched my main TV cards from regular bt878 to M179 cards donig hardware mpeg2 (which puts a lot more rows in recordedmarkup).
21:33anduin Captain_Murdoch - yeah, almost every day I'm reminded of how slow it is, though I've yet to see it timeout.
21:34Captain_Murdo| my DB and fileserver were on a dual-PPRO machine until recently so I saw it quite frequently on movies and occasionally on hour-long shows when something else was going on on the system (like a recording going on when I deleted another long show)
21:35knight- /usr/include/GL/glxext.h:363: error: syntax error before "glXGetProcAddress"
21:35knight- hmm
21:36dopester charlotte.. you mean hitler city? :)
21:38knight- where there any recent changes to libs/libmythtv/vsync.c?
21:38anduin knight- - someone was complaining about it on the -dev list
21:39dopester ya could broswe the cvs and see what has changed
21:39knight- yeah i will
21:40--- ---> anurag [] has joined #mythtv
21:40anduin really, a thread, today even "[mythtv] problems with latest CVS vsync.c ?"
21:41--- <--- anurag [] has left #mythtv ()
21:41knight- yep
21:41knight- just read it
21:47knight- so what is using GL now?
21:50--- User: *** cmorgan_away is now known as cmorgan
21:51--- ---> [M-M] [] has joined #mythtv
22:06--- User: *** cmorgan is now known as cmorgan_away
22:08Chutt captain_murdoch, yeah, that's fine
22:08Chutt captain_murdoch, just make sure to lock the db access properly.
22:11Captain_Murdo| yeah, locked. getting ready to run some tests now.
22:11Captain_Murdo| almost ready that is. :)
22:12--- <<-- sc00p_ [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:22--- ---> sc00p [] has joined #mythtv
22:35knight- sc00p as in scoop from freshmeat?
22:48knight- so if xmltv only has tv_grab_na_dd now, what do i need to do to use it?
22:57anduin knight- - if you can use na_dd you can use the native dd grabber
22:57anduin assuming CVS, which I think is wrong if I were willing to scroll up
22:58knight- yep
22:58knight- i updated xmltv to 0.33 AFTER i compiled cvs
22:58anduin yeah, if you are using CVS just dump tv_grab_blah altogether
22:58knight- does it autodetect it?
22:58anduin no
22:58knight- oh i see
22:58knight- how do i specify to use native dd?
22:58anduin you need to config it just like any other source
22:58knight- oh
22:58knight- yeah i see that it's listed
22:59knight- awesome
22:59knight- i imagine it's much speedier
23:04knight- grrr what's the certificate code?
23:04knight- nevermin d;)
23:11dopester how can i lure some mythdvb users to come in here.. :)
23:12knight- ooh, i just had a thought. making MythGame do split screen on HDTV, so that two players can play seperate games
23:12knight- at the same time
23:12knight- more than enough screen
23:12dopester sounds like you got some coding to do
23:14knight- yep
23:17--- ---> hi5 [] has joined #mythtv
23:17hi5 hi
23:19hi5 having a problem with zaptoit, i run the mythtv mythfilldatabase but get the following error zap2it page format looks okay, but no programs found (no available data yet ?)
23:19hi5 for every station
23:19Chutt read the mailing list.
23:19hi5 can anyone else try and see if they get the same error, i have tried multiple channel listings ,, and have checked to see if my channel listings are still there
23:19Chutt and the topic of this channel.
23:20hi5 lol
23:20hi5 sorry chutt
23:20--- <--- hi5 [] has left #mythtv ("sorry")
23:20knight- hot damn, ivtv still takes forever to load (3 cards in this backend to probe)
23:21--- ---> hi5 [] has joined #mythtv
23:22hi5 how to get involved with development, u need developers on any easy programming stuff?
23:24hi5 i bet it would be easier to make the developers channel mythtv-develoopers so you don't have to set a topic
23:24knight- hi5, find something wrong with it, fix it. or, think of a feature to add, and submit it.
23:24hi5 knight: ah thanks i will get to work tom
23:24hi5 u fix something knight?
23:25hi5 u don't have a list of stuff that is broken that people try and fix or something?
23:25hi5 or something
23:25hi5 hehe
23:26--- <--- hi5 [] has left #mythtv ("before i get kicked")
23:29knight- you can leave a channel with a reason? neat
23:32Chutt const char* ATSCDescriptor::descriptorTagString() const
23:32Chutt case 0x05: return "Registration";
23:32Chutt etc
23:32Chutt this stuff is just bleh
23:33dopester hehe it kinda defeats the purpose of the qt libs
23:34--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
23:34Captain_Murdo| Chutt, (curiosity question, not volunteering), does anyone have plans to make a non-OSD menu that could be used on the playbackbox screen?
23:35Chutt not right now
23:35Chutt thor and i discussed it at one point
23:36Captain_Murdo| the one there is quite full so I was wondering and trying to think of how it could be split up easily if there wasn't a way to do a menu yet.
23:36--- <<-- Chutt [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:38knight- May 20 19:48:22 viper ivtv: Timeout waiting for data!
23:38--- ---> Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
23:38knight- grr
23:38Chutt heh
23:38Chutt fun
23:40dopester heh
23:41knight- wow, today I almost lost 800gb of data ;)
23:41Ashlar check the jeans you had on.. turn out all the pockets..
23:41knight- [1]+ Segmentation fault mythbackend
23:45foka Hello there! Anyone has any idea on dealing with the saa7134/saa7130 "hanging when on a channel with no signal" issue? What method should we use to fix it? 1. Change kernel driver? 2. Adapt MythTV to behave more like TV Times to handle "no signal" more gracefully?
23:47Chutt ignore it and tell users to buy a real capture card?
23:49dopester heh
23:50knight- heh
23:50knight- the pvr250 hangs with no signal and causes mythbackend to segfault ;)
23:50knight- same with the 350
23:51Chutt <shrug>
23:51Chutt i'm open to patches
23:53foka Chutt: So, do you mean that it is an issue with most of the TV cards out there?
23:53Chutt nope, i mean that if you have things set up properly, you don't run into that situation
23:53foka Oh! Sorry, I didn't realize! Hello Isaac! :-)
23:53Chutt so i don't really care
23:54foka "have things set up properly" means that set up all channels to make sure they have signals?
23:54Chutt that's the idea
23:55Ashlar foka's a chinese user with signal 'issues'. hehe
23:55dopester "i put gas in my diesel and it wont run. can you make the engine run on both instead of me doing the right thing? " :)
23:55Chutt like i said, i'm open to a patch
23:56knight- heh
23:56knight- i have a lot of channels with no signals here in the USA
23:56Chutt i don't
23:56dopester where the hell do you live in the states?
23:56Chutt since, ya know, i set up my channels first :p
23:56foka I see. Hmm... I have two questions actually. :-) One: Does MythTV works easier (and properly) when we don't have ZapIt (or xmltv-china) services? Or should we try to write one?
23:57knight- in the Bay Area of all places
23:57dopester you sure you aren't trying to watch cbc being reflected off of the great lakes? :)
23:57knight- haha
23:58Ashlar 'doctor, doctor, it hurts when I do this..' 'don't do that.'
23:58--- ---> james [~james@] has joined #mythtv
23:58--- ---> stoffel__ [] has joined #mythtv
23:58foka Second question: For eventual patches, is the idea to patch MythTV to handle "No signal" like TV Times? (My friend here says that TV Times handle that by insert "fake frames (a blue screen)" to fill the void.)
23:58Chutt handle it however you want
23:59dopester would be best to just alert the frontend i would think of no incoming video
23:59dopester for dvb radio you would want to do the same thing
23:59--- <<-- stoffel_ [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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