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00:00foka Chutt, I see. Thanks for your help! May need your help when we begin to look at it deeply; my friend attempted it a while ago, but it was quite a challenge to figure out where to find the related code and patch it. But yes, it is nice to chat with you to make sure we are heading in the right direction. :-)
00:01Chutt i just tested analog capture with a channel with no signal
00:01Chutt worked fine
00:01Chutt was able to change off of it just fine
00:02dopester chutt: is there any code already in myth that could be used to tell the backend to tune to a certain dvb transport and grab guide every so often?
00:02Chutt nope
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00:03dopester could the scheduler be adapted in some way easily ya think. its really not reasonable to use mythfilldb to pull it (or anything external) since it needs the tuner for it
00:03Chutt why isn't it?
00:04Chutt i'd say it belongs in there
00:04dopester you get the guide from the dvb source
00:04Chutt so?
00:04dopester i.e. the tuner. so you would have to have do it when you knew the tuner wasnt recording something else
00:04Chutt mark the tuner as in use
00:04Chutt if it's being used, bail and try again later
00:05dopester if thats an acceptable solution then i can go that route pretty easily :)
00:05dopester i was thinking of something more advanced since you can pull the guide while you are recording a show if its on the desired transport stream
00:05dopester keep the cards uptime 100%
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00:13foka If left at a "no signal" channel long enough (say 5 seconds) with a SAA7130/4 card, MythBackend will show errors similar to: "Audio buffer overflow, audio data lost!"
00:16foka My friend explained it a bit more to me: When no signal (saa7130), MythTV is still capturing from audio line-in, but video comes in at a much lower frame rate (2 frames/second?), and since the audio buffer wants to wait for the video (to synchronize), it eventually overflows... Hmm... (hehe, I'm a newbie myself...)
00:16Chutt right
00:16Chutt so, unless you have a patch
00:16Chutt i don't really care that much
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00:17foka Chutt: I understand. Hope we can eventually figure out how to fix it and provide a patch, and will ask you more questions and tips when absolutely necessary. :-)
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00:38dopester whats an easy way of seeing how much memory this guide app i am writing takes up? i don't need it to eat up an insane ammount of ram to store all events before sticking them in the db.
00:38Chutt run top
00:39knight- hmmm
00:39knight- hmmm, setting an offset doesnt move mythfrontend over
00:39Chutt restart it
00:39Chutt works fine here
00:40knight- yeah, i tried to restart it, didnt do anything
00:40dopester yeah duh
00:40knight- just tried it again
00:41knight- I even tried setting the offsets to something exceedingly high enough
00:41knight- i.e. 400 for x
00:41dopester is 36m too much ram to take in one chunk chutt?
00:41Chutt yes.
00:41dopester what a reasonable limit?
00:42knight- If i set it to use a window, then i can move the window around
00:42dopester i could put each event in the db at a time, or i could do chunks of events
00:42knight- but, otherwise, it wont offset
00:43Chutt as small as you can without causing too much db load.
00:43dopester i'll play the balancing act then.
00:44dopester i am thinking it would be best to make a dvbfilldb program that is seperate from mythfilldb since you probbably would want it to run more frequently than mythfilldb. would that be ok, or would you prefer it integrated into mythfilldb?
00:44knight- there must be some bug for offsets relating to custom modelines
00:45knight- maybe it doesnt like this resolution
00:45dopester reason for running it more frequenytly being some services dont have more than a few days
00:46knight- grrr why doesnt technology work these days
00:47dopester cheap hardware? :)
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00:47knight- i wish
00:48knight- $3700 tv setup, etc
00:48knight- pretty darn nice graphics card, raid array, etc
00:48knight- certainly not cheap
00:48dopester shoulda bought a squirrel
00:48knight- heh
00:49knight- i cant see why the offsets dont work, the debugger shows them set
00:49knight- i guess i'd have to recompile X with debugging symbols to probe into why X is foobaring
00:49knight- unless, it's a Qt issue
00:50Chutt window manager
00:50Chutt perhaps
00:50knight- yeah, possibly even KDE
00:50knight- what a mess ;)
00:51dopester chutt: what about the seperate dvbfill question?
00:51knight- because the offset works great when windowing is enabled
00:52knight- i could always just disable the border
00:53knight- that seems to work. i wonder if KDE saves that
01:01Villifier will .15 have native ALSA support (meaning you'll be able to specify ALSA PCM's for playback/record instead of OSS /dev's)?
01:06Chutt 0.15 has native alsa support for playback
01:06Chutt so does 0.14
01:06Chutt and 0.13
01:06Chutt and 0.12
01:06Chutt etc
01:07Chutt of course, since you're just playing back 2 channel audio
01:07Chutt it's rather pointless to use native alsa
01:07Villifier not for me
01:07Villifier I have a dual sound-card system
01:07Villifier with 2 bt tuners
01:08Villifier I need to be able to specify which PCM to use for recording for which tuner
01:08Villifier but, unfortunately, FC2 doesn't create /dev/adsp
01:08Chutt err, you can
01:08Chutt the audio device is set in the capture card settings
01:08Chutt you don't know how to make extra device names in /dev?
01:09Villifier no, how?
01:09Chutt what do they teach kids these days, geez
01:09Villifier nothing - self-taught
01:09Chutt then self-learn
01:09Villifier that's why I'm asking q's
01:10Chutt there's this neat little website called google
01:10Chutt it answers questions
01:10Villifier back off
01:11Chutt or what, you'll get more annoying than you're being?
01:11Villifier you started with the aggression
01:11dopester chutt: any preference on the guide filler? if not i'll write a seperate app for it outside of mythfilldatabase
01:12Chutt dopester, no preference
01:12dopester ok cool
01:12dopester thanks chutt.. time for bed..
01:12Chutt villifier, see the topic?
01:12knight- the xrandr support seems flacky
01:12knight- flaky
01:13Chutt knight, so don't use it :p
01:13Villifier read my original q foo
01:13Chutt it's not really support, anyway
01:13Villifier it wasn't support related
01:13Chutt villifier, sure it was
01:13knight- yeah but i want to use it ;)
01:13Villifier nope, it was dev/feature related :)
01:13Chutt nope
01:14Chutt since if it'd been dev related, you would have simply grepped the source to see if ALSA appeared anywhere
01:15Chutt and <gasp> you would have seen that there was at least some alsa support
01:15Chutt a dev related question would have been: 'is anyone working on adding native alsa support for recording? i'd like to do that, if no one else is'
01:20knight- is there a way to turn on debugging of mythfrontend calling xrandr?
01:21Chutt it's just systeming it
01:21Chutt see doug larrick's patch from a few days back
01:21Chutt it's tiny, should be able to debug it easily
01:23knight- ok checking
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01:36knight- what is the title of the post?
01:37knight- found it, is it in cvs?
01:37Chutt is what in cvs?
01:38knight- the same patch doug larrick submitted a day or two ago
01:38Chutt err, yes
01:39knight- or is it just an update
01:39Chutt that's the only xrandr support that's ever been there
01:39knight- gotcha
01:39knight- so i'm alpha testing it
01:39knight- ;)
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01:47knight- how come there is a 16:9 Stretch in video playback when you press W, but it's not listed in the Aspect Override of the Playback settings?
01:49Chutt i dunno, i didn't write that
01:49knight- hmm
01:49knight- let me see if i can fix it
02:02knight- I don't see where the enum value kLetterbox_16_9_Stretch is set an int value
02:03knight- when defining an enum, does it just get the successive number?
02:05Chutt yup
02:05knight- ahh
02:06knight- makes sense ;)
02:06Chutt unless you tell it not to
02:06knight- can you add this one line for me, rather than me submitting a patch?
02:22Chutt if you remind me tomorrow
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02:25knight- i'll submit it to the list then
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02:54knight- man globalsettings.cpp takes forever to compile
03:00knight- when creating a diff -u, should i specify the orig file, or the modified file first?
03:02knight- nevermind
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05:38o_cee TXT, does that refer to TeleText?
05:38o_cee (translating stuff)
05:39stoffel__ think so, and CC means subtitles afaik
05:40o_cee yeah
05:40o_cee problem is that we don't use cc's in that way in eu right? we get cc's from teletext
05:40o_cee they get from line21 stuff
05:40o_cee so if pal, CC should be disabled from the menus imo
05:41stoffel__ hm, i never bothered with it. i assumed it's the same thing with a different name.
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05:43o_cee Are captions the same all over the world?
05:43o_cee No, they aren't. The captions in North America are based on the Line 21 system (see the "Technical Stuff" section for more), and the captions in much of Europe are based on Teletext.
05:44o_cee so, if we're at a channel flagged PAL it should just disable CC, would make sense to me.. might be very confusing else
05:46stoffel__ hmkay, but on a PAL channel, CC enabled shouldn't do any harm then. *me being simple-minded this morning*
05:46o_cee nope, but still confusing
05:46o_cee i always keep my parents in mind, hehe. like, they should be able to use it
05:46stoffel__ *g*
05:47o_cee :P
05:48stoffel__ 'such as the estset in German' sweet
05:50o_cee ?
05:50stoffel__ o_cee: grr, thank you. now that i know about it, i should update the german translation
05:51stoffel__ 'estset' what he meant is a special german letter which can also be spelled as 'sz'
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07:10oliver__ hello
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07:35o_cee Chutt?
07:38dja this early? are you crazy? :-)
07:43o_cee heh :)
07:43o_cee you never know
07:43dja true...
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07:44o_cee what time is it anyway?
07:44dja 7:44am
07:44o_cee oh :)
07:45stoffel dja: are _you_ crazy? that's in the middle of the night
07:45dja yes, I'm crazy...:-)
07:46dja btw, I agree...unfortunately my wife and kids don't...:-)
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07:46stoffel heh
07:47dja everyone told me that I'd get used to working 7am-4pm, well, after 6 years of doing this I still hate it...:-)
07:47o_cee i do that too when i work
07:47o_cee nice quitting at 4 tho
07:47o_cee but i really hte the mornings :P
07:48dja only good thing about it is that traffic is much lighter during the drive...:-) Yeah, I hate getting up before the sun does. :-)
07:48o_cee yeah :)
07:55Viddy i work 12hr shifts, the 4 days on, 4 days off is nice, but getting up at 5am in the dark, and working late till 6pm, and driving home in the dark isnt cool
07:56dja I'm not sure I could make it 12 hours. :-)
07:56Viddy its not too bad
07:57Viddy just a bit longer at the beginning and end
07:57dja it's the end part I worry about :-)
07:58Viddy heh
07:59Viddy 5am -> 5pm and 5pm to 5am, 2 of each, then 4 days off
07:59dja ouch -- I'm not good at flipping my sleep schedule that way...
08:00Viddy im a night person so i find the mornings difficult
08:00Viddy but i think i'd rather work 9-5 though
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08:02mikegrb dja: I work 8 -> 4 :p
08:02mikegrb well
08:02mikegrb "work"
08:02dja ugh - I work for the government, and lunch isn't paid for so I need the extra hour...:-)
08:03dja btw, now that you're here -- any hope of getting the irc logs going again? :-)
08:03Viddy man, that sucks
08:04* Viddy pats his union
08:04mikegrb well there is a spot you can read them
08:04dja :-)
08:04mikegrb (I work for gov too) ;)
08:04mikegrb one sec
08:04dja how do you get yer lunch paid for?
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08:05dja or do you just work through lunch (my officemate does that, but I need to get away :-)
08:05mikegrb I generally work through
08:05mikegrb I work in the basement of a hospital
08:05mikegrb sit on irc all day
08:05mikegrb nap on my couch ;)
08:05dja :-)
08:06mikegrb been playing with and mono
08:06dja cool - thnx
08:06mikegrb np
08:06mikegrb eventually it will go at /irc to replace the other one
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08:35o_cee can't track down this damn problem
08:35o_cee looks all fine to me, heh
08:42o_cee one step closer...
08:42o_cee guess there's noone awake to help
08:43dja hey - I resemble that remark :-)
08:45o_cee heh
08:45o_cee huh
08:45o_cee uhm
08:45o_cee ;)
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08:53o_cee dja: could you try something?
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08:55o_cee "Watch recordings".. do 'd' then 'select' (to abort the deletion) and to it over and over again
08:55o_cee after a while the fading of the background stops working
08:55o_cee like it does all the time of you go info -> delete
08:55o_cee seems completely random tho when doing it over and over again
08:58jams o_cee, your right sometime's it starts to fade and then come back
09:00o_cee been trying some things but it's out of my league
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09:07o_cee ok, same thing happens with all popups, so doing F1 -> ESC quickly gives the same result.
09:07o_cee howoever, waiting a second in between makes it work as it should
09:12jams seems to be all true statements
09:13o_cee at least that's a little bit narrowed down, will talk to isaac later and see if he knows what could be going on
09:14jams although actually i'm not sure i ever would have noticed that
09:14jams my fingers are not that fast on the remote
09:16o_cee try info -> delete
09:17jams got it
09:17dja o_cee: sorry, I'm at work and can't watch recordings :-)
09:18o_cee dja: bah :)
09:18o_cee oh well
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09:57Rince hohjg: guck doch nach ;3
09:58Rince wenn Du unbedingt Kills seen willstkannst Du ja ob oder racoon oder tawi bescheidsagen ;)
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11:34knight- hey
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12:05o_cee Chutt: here?
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12:09knight- /usr/local/lib/ undefined reference to `XineramaIsActive'
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12:41knight- heh
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12:58esandeen hi all, a little off topic, but are any of the mini-itx boards sufficient to do video encoding for mythtv at reasonable resolution & compression?
12:59knight- if you add an mpeg2 encoder card to it, almost any mini-atx board would work fine.
12:59esandeen knight-: but to do it on the cpu is probably not possible...
12:59knight- Sure it's possible, but really not worth it.
13:00esandeen knight-: are the encoder cards expensive?
13:00Ashlar correct.. I have a mini-itx + PVR-250.. works good
13:00knight- No, you can pick a PVR-250 up online for $125
13:00Rince esandeen: I use the pvr350 together with an 1Ghz C3 via epia-board
13:00Rince it works like a charm
13:00esandeen cool
13:00* esandeen considers this :)
13:00knight- It's really the way to go.
13:00knight- a PVR-250 or PVR-350
13:01esandeen what's the difference?
13:01Ashlar rince: why 350? is the pvr-350 tv-out so much better than epia tvout?
13:01knight- The 350's out is definately much better than most tvouts
13:01* esandeen wishes had pretty mini-itix cases too
13:01knight- I dont use my 350's out anymore though, since i use DVI from the geforce fx 5600 to my hdtv now
13:02esandeen Rince: I assume that mobo/cpu has to have a fan?
13:02knight- the 350's out is 768x480
13:02Rince Ashlar: I want to use spdif at the end
13:02Ashlar maybe my tv's for shit, but the epia out is good enough for me :)
13:02esandeen sorry if I'm too OT :)
13:02knight- most any other outs are max 640x480
13:02Ashlar ahhh
13:02knight- also
13:02Rince knight-: is that 16:9 in any chance? ;)
13:02knight- no
13:02Rince too bad
13:02Rince but ok
13:03Rince then I have to try later
13:03knight- also, the 350 does mpeg decoding (obviously) and does a much better job than leaving it to Xv alone
13:03Ashlar esandeen: google hushpc for a silent mini-itx solution
13:03esandeen 350 doesn't look a whole lot more expensive than the 250
13:04knight- i havent really been able to do a side by side comparison of XvMC versus PVR-350 out
13:04knight- it's not
13:04knight- it's worth it
13:04esandeen Ashlar: yep i've seen that but wonder if silent is enough horsepower for something like mythtv
13:04knight- it also has an FM radio built in
13:04Ashlar yah.. that's still 1ghz..
13:04esandeen Ashlar: ok, cool
13:04knight- but the ivtv driver still doesnt support it
13:04* esandeen doesn't need fm :)
13:06esandeen of course a tivo is cheaper for the initial outlay... but less flexible I guess
13:06o_cee wrong channel guys
13:06esandeen sorry, probably rehashing things you guys have already figured out :)
13:06esandeen ok
13:06esandeen doh, sorry, should be in -uers
13:07esandeen thanks for the info, sorry for the noise
13:08o_cee np
13:09knight- mfd broken in cvs
13:09o_cee no
13:10o_cee might need to add xinerama libs
13:10o_cee i needed to, dunno why
13:10--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
13:12knight- yeah i added -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lXinerama
13:12knight- and it still complained
13:15o_cee just add ,-lXinerama to the end of LIBS
13:15o_cee in mfd/mfd/
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14:02o_cee Chutt: you still not around?
14:03kvandivo is that kinda like asking, "Honey, are you asleep?"
14:04Ashlar heh.. then.. HONEY, ARE YOU ASLEEP?!? oh.. well, since you're awake
14:05o_cee i quit that, you know she is asleep
14:05o_cee but maybe there's still hope for chutt ;)
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14:41steelep I get
14:41steelep ww
14:43kvandivo we're sorry
14:43* kvandivo comforts steelep.
14:43* mikegrb looks oddly at kvandivo
14:44steelep :)
14:44steelep sorry, too many open windows, lost the cursor
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15:32knight- heh
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15:49markl_ is anyone here familiar with gentoo CFLAGS issues?
15:49markl_ the mythtv ebuild isn't respecting my /etc/make.conf CFLAGS settings
15:53--- ---> wi11y [] has joined #mythtv
15:53Ashlar markl_.. come over to #mythtv-users
15:55--- <--- wi11y [] has left #mythtv ("Kopete 0.8.1 :")
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16:08Chutt gentoo
16:08Chutt CFLAGS
16:08Chutt hehehe
16:09markl_ ?
16:10Chutt the reason the ebuild doesn't respect your cflags is because i got tired of l33t gentoo lusers breaking stuff by using cflags they don't understand, so i asked the maintainer to disable building with them.
16:10cmorgan heh
16:11Chutt the _only_ thing you should be changing is the arch type if you're building on an epia (non-m)
16:12markl_ this is an m
16:12markl_ and -O3 causes an error compiling globalsettings.cpp
16:12Chutt then you have hardware problems
16:12--- User: *** cmorgan is now known as cmorgan_away
16:13markl_ i think it is a gcc problem actually
16:13Chutt or don't have enough ram/swap set up to compile that particular file
16:13Chutt since g++ is rather piggy
16:13markl_ 256M ram, 1G swap
16:14Chutt don't use gcc 3.4, either.
16:14markl_ the epia wiki suggests using -Os
16:14markl_ it's 3.3.3
16:14Chutt heh
16:14Chutt and don't pay attention to crap in wikis :p
16:15markl_ yeah i really would rather not use gentoo but it was the easiest way to get this weird video card to "work"
16:15markl_ i'm anything but 1337 with gentoo, i just want shit to work
16:24knight- why do you need to use -O3 if you cant compile it
16:24knight- try -O2
16:24markl_ knight-: i would love to
16:24knight- there is compile time overhead for -O3 that your system might not be able to handle
16:24markl_ Chutt: it seems to ignore my -arch setting too, and sets it to i686 instead of c3
16:24knight- but it's probably neglible
16:25knight- -march
16:25Chutt the epia-m is completely ppro compatible
16:25markl_ knight-: well O2 works and O3 doesn't, so to me it's not negligible
16:25Chutt c3 disables a bunch of stuff
16:25knight- markl, if O2 works, what's the problem?
16:26markl_ the ebuild always uses O3, even if i tell it to use O2
16:26Chutt so, uh, edit
16:27knight- haha ebuild
16:27knight- markl, take that to #mythtv-users
16:27knight- and read up on gentoo ebuild documentation
16:28knight- that ebuild might not be capable of changing the file
16:28knight- so you will have to edit the sources manually
16:28markl_ it doesn't appear to be. guess I can make my own tar file and a new ebuild, that should be easy enough
16:29markl_ fkn epias
16:29markl_ what a mistake
16:29--- <--- markl_ [] has left #mythtv ()
16:30rkulagow_ chutt: i talked to zap2it; they have deliberately made the change that breaks tv_grab_na, so the internal grabber / tv_grab_na_dd is the only way to go now.
16:31knight- the epias are fine
16:31Chutt yup
16:31Chutt i figured
16:31knight- i just dont think the ebuild maintainer uses them
16:31Chutt rkulagow, what's the docs look like?
16:31rkulagow_ well, i guess the folks that are hoping that it's a temporary glitch are going to be disappointed.
16:31knight- zap2it was force to really
16:31knight- their servers were getting hit hard with unnecessary overhead
16:31Chutt i noticed some guy sent a (moderated) addendum to the howto for burning dvds
16:32Chutt to the -users list, did you get that?
16:32rkulagow_ the docs look like squiggles on a piece of paper, or squiggles on a tv screen.
16:32rkulagow_ ha ha!
16:32kvandivo rkulagow_: we are laughing on the inside... Really... We are..
16:33rkulagow_ yes, but i haven't parsed the DVD thing yet. i've got his three things, bruce's update to the filter stuff and one other thing. take me an hour or so, but i'm at work, so it would be tonight at the soonest.
16:33Chutt well, it's going to be at least next week before a release
16:33Chutt not this weekend
16:35rkulagow_ ok, then no problem. we'll need to update the README about the XMLTV stuff, and i'm still not sure that people that are on mysql 3 have a good way of bringing their icons over after the conversion to DD. i looked at the "here's what we found via trial and error" post and it seems long, but i'll look at it again tonight.
16:35rkulagow_ i'll also need to modify the HOWTO and start removing XMLTV as a dependency for NA.
16:36rkulagow_ those guys in new zealand want to run myth on some sort of powerpc platform.
16:36Chutt heh
16:37rkulagow_ i know mdz put some ifdef's around the i386-specific stuff, didn't he? but i'm not aware of anyone who has it totally running on a powerpc platform yet.
16:38mdz rkulagow_: at the time that I did that, I had it running on ia64
16:38Chutt he ifdefd some of the i386 mmx code to get it running on ia64
16:38mdz the leap from one non-i386 to any non-i386 is pretty small, though
16:38mdz I wouldn't be surprised if it worked on powerpc at the time, as well
16:38mdz of course, people could have i386ified stuff since then
16:39mdz if someone wants to buy me a powerbook I will get it going
16:39Chutt damnit
16:39Chutt i updated vim, and now it's ignoring my 'noai' and 'nocindent'
16:42knight- any ideas why i have to use 19/6 Stretch to see 4:3 content to look like regular 4:3 content (i.e. only 1/3 of the screen black, rather than this squished effect so it looks like more than 50% black)
16:42--- ---> Fade [] has joined #mythtv
16:42knight- in 1920x540
16:42Chutt X isn't setup properly
16:42knight- what's not set properly do you think?
16:42Chutt need to set displaysize
16:42Fade is anybody having problems getting tv_grab_na_dd configured?
16:42Chutt fade, topic.
16:42Chutt and, don't use tv_grab_na_dd
16:42knight- Chutt, hm
16:43Fade debian rolled tv_grab_na out of the xmltv package =P
16:43Chutt really?
16:44Fade yep
16:44Chutt amazing, i hadn't realized
16:44knight- Chutt, is there a "standard" display size?
16:44Chutt knight, should be
16:44knight- what are you using?
16:44Chutt i only have a 4:3 screen, so its auto calculations based off the resolution works
16:44knight- ahh
16:45knight- so if it isnt set, it's trying to determine a 4:3 size?
16:45knight- based on the res?
16:45Chutt no
16:46Chutt if it's not set, it uses the resolution to set the aspect ratio and stuff
16:46Chutt and if you're using 1920x540, well..
16:46kvandivo so did zap2it actually pull the plug on _na on may 10 like they were talking about?
16:47knight- kvandivo, yes
16:47knight- kvandivo, there is no _na in xmltv 0.33
16:47knight- just _na_dd
16:47kvandivo nice that they said what there were going to do and did what they said..
16:47Ashlar well, yesterday is when it finally stopped working
16:48knight- Chutt, so would it make sense to set the display size to 960x540?
16:48Chutt probaly
16:48Chutt mess around with stuff :p
16:48knight- does that only affect Xv?
16:49knight- Since obviously 1920x540 works fine in X in general (except the overscan)
16:50Fade the debian packages for 0.33 are broken.
16:50Fade you can't configure na_dd
16:50knight- there's no support for na_dd in mythtv anyways
16:50knight- mythfilldatabase looks for _na
16:50Fade yes
16:50Fade it does.
16:50Fade a symlink perhaps.
16:50knight- just use the built in support for dd
16:51Fade at the moment na_dd doesn't even function.
16:51knight- probably
16:51Fade big sucking. =P
16:51knight- i dont see any advantage to even get it working
16:51Chutt fade, read the topic
16:51Chutt and read the mailing lists.
16:51Chutt this has been discussed a lot
16:51knight- Chutt, sorry for feeding the troll. grin.
16:51Fade oh, you mean read the *website* and the lists...
16:52Fade here I am looking at the topic, thinking 'er... yeah, and?' =)
16:52knight- no he means this isnt a users channel, and read the lists.
16:53Fade fwiw, the channel nomenclature is unusual. usually the dev channel is hyphenated, and the userchannel takes the name of the project. ;)
16:53Chutt this is my channel
16:53Chutt i don't visit the user channel, so i don't care what it's called
16:53knight- #mythtv was a developer channel long before a users channel ever existed.
16:54Fade that's cool. I'm just saying. =)
16:54--- ---> dcstimm [] has joined #mythtv
16:55knight- Chutt, setting DisplaySize to both 1920 540 or 960 540 ends up shrinking the hell out of everything
16:56knight- I'm not sure I understand what differentiates DisplaySize from Mode
16:58dcstimm cant wait for next week:-)
17:01stoffel yeah, it's only another 7 nights till Chris^W^W release time.
17:01knight- heh
17:03knight- Chutt, excellent, this time DisplaySize 960 540 worked. The fonts are tiny as hell, but that's correctable ;)
17:03knight- now I dont have to force 16/9 Stretched
17:03knight- but atleast i fixed some bugs with the Aspect Override in the process
17:07knight- is the GUI fonts not tied to the small, medium, and big font settings in Appearance settings?
17:07knight- or are those only for Guide, etc
17:11Chutt there's not much that uses those font sizes
17:11knight- yeah i didnt think so
17:11knight- is there any other way to customize the GUI font sizes then?
17:12knight- i.e. are they hardcoded?
17:12Chutt theme xml files
17:12knight- hmm
17:12knight- what do you think of a multiplier idea?
17:12Chutt no need
17:12knight- why not?
17:13Chutt you can adjust the dpi the displays running at
17:13knight- shouldnt the font scale just like the graphics in the theme do?
17:15Chutt it does
17:15Chutt based off of the dpi of the display
17:15knight- how does it determine the DPI of the display?
17:15Chutt it asks X
17:16knight- what the current resolution is?
17:16Chutt no, what the dpi is
17:16knight- dpi as in depth?
17:16Chutt dots per inch
17:16knight- no, depth is palette right?
17:16knight- number of colors
17:17knight- doesnt X generally determine the DPI based on the resolution?
17:17Chutt nope
17:17knight- how does it know then?
17:17Chutt you tell it when you start x
17:17Chutt or it's automatically calculated from the display size
17:17knight- right, but if it's not specified, where does it get a value?
17:18Chutt you obvious want to override
17:18Chutt like i said 10 minutes ago
17:18Chutt but you kept on asking lame questions
17:18knight- not entirely, i'm trying to see if patching could solve some of this
17:18Chutt just set X up properly
17:18Chutt and you won't have to do anything
17:18knight- because the graphics are scaling very well
17:19knight- i dont see why the font size couldnt do the same
17:19Chutt because X has more control over the fonts.
17:19Chutt since it's loading them
17:19Chutt if you set x up properly
17:20Chutt then you have no issue
17:21knight- why are my fonts fine in KDE then?
17:21knight- without modification to them
17:21Chutt because myth's _trying_ to compensate for the resolution change
17:21Chutt and since you have X setup wrong, it's going the wrong direction?
17:21Chutt this is really very simple
17:22--- ---> FryGuy_ [] has joined #mythtv
17:22Chutt and if you just done what i said 10 minutes ago
17:22knight- Well, if I change the dpi for xf86, will that not distort my current ones in KDE as well?
17:22Chutt you'd be done for now
17:22knight- I didnt set up X wrong.
17:22Chutt yes, you did
17:22Chutt the dpi is incorrect
17:22knight- I've been using it for over 10 years
17:22knight- And all other applications I run dont have this problem.
17:23Chutt dpyinfo | grep resolution
17:23Chutt what's that say?
17:23knight- i dont have dpyinfo
17:23Chutt xdpyinfo
17:23knight- resolution: 50x25 dots per inch
17:23Chutt is that true?
17:24Chutt i guarantee that if you force that to ~100x100, your fonts will look right in myth.
17:25knight- ok
17:26knight- ok, well it's determining the DPI from the DisplaySize
17:26--- ---> DonLKSAB [] has joined #mythtv
17:26knight- which is set smaller than the resolution
17:27knight- but if i set the DisplaySize to the full resolution, then the video playback is shrinked to all hell
17:27Chutt so override the dpi
17:27knight- I'm just a little confused ;)
17:27knight- I will
17:29Chutt anyway, food time.
17:31Ashlar mmmm, food
17:31knight- Chutt, thanks for the help/explanations.
17:33knight- Well, it increased the font size, but then shrinked the video playback
17:33knight- hah
17:38knight- so i can either have tiny fonts and a normal 4:3 view, or regular fonts and a super shrinked 4:3
17:51--- ---> richter [] has joined #mythtv
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17:57--- ---> thor [] has joined #mythtv
17:57--- ---> choenig [] has joined #mythtv
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18:22thor Chutt, anything I should be doing .... you want me to clean up Playlists (show something in the area below, lessen the debugging output) in mmusic?
18:22thor (re. 0.15 in less than a week)
18:22--- <<-- FryGuy_ [] has quit (Connection timed out)
18:23--- ---> AridWrk [] has joined #mythtv
18:24--- ---> FryGuy_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:26Chutt thor, i'm hoping to do that on sunday
18:27thor k, you'll probably be much faster than me :-)
18:27thor if there's anything else, let me know, otherwise I'll just keep plugging on mfd/mfe
18:31Chutt sure, i'll let you know
18:32o_cee Chutt: hiya
18:32o_cee you know the delete dialog not getting a greyed background?
18:32o_cee (when going from info menu)
18:33o_cee you can trigger the same behaviour by opening/closing a popup real quick, like hit f1->esc->f1->esc->f1 or something
18:33o_cee i tried finding the reason but i couldn't figure out what causes it
18:38knight- thor, did you update the -lXinerama thing?
18:44o_cee only thing i can think of beeing wonky would be PlaybackBox::cancelPopup(void), something missing, whatever
18:45o_cee it doesn't trigger if you open/close it slowly
18:47o_cee anyway, i need to sleep now.. if you can point me into the right direction i'll spend more time on it, but i'm stuck atm
18:47o_cee g'nighty
18:54--- ---> vmp-away [] has joined #mythtv
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20:04thor knight, the -lXinerama thing is not my fault
20:05--- <<-- hfb [] has quit ("Client exiting")
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21:30--- ---> gfiend [] has joined #mythtv
21:33--- User: *** gfiend is now known as GeckfoFiend
21:36GeckfoFiend chutt around?
21:37Chutt yup
21:38GeckfoFiend Are you running an up to date CVS? It's looking like a recent checkin might have borked things but I'm not sure. I'm trying to track it down now.
21:38--- User: *** cmorgan_away is now known as cmorgan
21:38GeckfoFiend My scheduler is empty, and things like the progam lister are nearly so or comepltely empty as well.
21:38Chutt this box here is current cvs, of course
21:39Chutt but, far as i know it's working fine
21:39Chutt ah, except for stuff bruce just checked in a few hours ago
21:40GeckfoFiend I've done an update for a few hours or so. My last full update was a couple days ago and now poof.
21:40Chutt heh
21:40Chutt i dunno
21:41GeckfoFiend I'll track it donw and let you know what I come up with
21:42Chutt thanks
21:42Chutt and if you're feeling bored, bruce's list of bugs looks like something good to go through =)
21:42GeckfoFiend oh sure NOW it says "Scheduled 58 items in 0.510568 seconds."
21:43GeckfoFiend I hate it when crap starts working for no apparent reason
21:45Chutt heh
21:48jams GeckoFiend, 2.4 meg email ok ?
21:48GeckfoFiend I just read bruce's list. I'll try and hop on some of those this weekend...
21:48--- <<-- GeckoFiend [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:49GeckfoFiend jams: sure
21:54knight- thor, ok
21:55jams it's away
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22:22knight- is there a main context storage in mythfrontend to access data inside each plugin yet?
22:25knight- is m_dict the list of loaded plugins?
22:26knight- I was thinking about making an event system between mythfrontend and all the plugins
22:28knight- m_dict is all plugins, both menu and module plugins combined right?
22:33knight- and it doesnt look like the plugin has a pointer to the frontend
22:33--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
22:37knight- MythEvent is currently used for recording status, etc... not plugin communication, right?
22:39--- <<-- hfb [] has quit ("Client exiting")
22:39--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
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23:01Chutt everything has a pointer to the context
23:01Chutt any plugin can send events to anything else
23:05Chutt there shouldn't be any tighter coupling than that
23:21knight- sounds good
23:21knight- is there currently any hooks for plugins to listen for events?
23:21knight- or does MythPlugin need a slot for it?
23:24--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
23:25Chutt there's no need for anything of the sort
23:25Chutt class just needs to inherit qobject and tell the context it wants events
23:25Chutt doesn't matter if it's a plugin or anything
23:26knight- well, i want to start framing inter-plugin communication
23:26knight- and then bridge mfd to mythbackend
23:27knight- which could lead to me tying my pocket pc app to controlling mythfrontend ;)
23:28knight- ok, so really, each plugin just needs to tell the context it wants events, and then write a function to handle them in each
23:29Chutt no, it has nothing to do with the plugin
23:29Chutt <Chutt> there's no need for anything of the sort
23:29Chutt <Chutt> class just needs to inherit qobject and tell the context it wants events
23:29Chutt <Chutt> doesn't matter if it's a plugin or anything
23:29knight- heh
23:29Chutt i _just_ wrote that, and you ignored it completely
23:29knight- <knight-> ok, so really, each plugin just needs to tell the context it wants
23:29knight- events, and then write a function to handle them in each
23:30knight- and i quote from you "tell the context it
23:30Chutt and again, you missed the point
23:30knight- wants events"
23:30Chutt 'class'
23:30Chutt not plugin
23:30knight- MythPlugin IS a class.
23:30Chutt no, it's not
23:30Chutt it's not instantiated in the plugin
23:30knight- that's because it's extended.
23:31Chutt the mythplugin class is a wrapper for the plugin interface
23:31Chutt it has nothing to do with the actual plugin
23:31knight- ok
23:32knight- so if i want to implement a mythfrontend to plugin event system, should i just have it send out MythEvent's?
23:32Chutt there's no need to implement anything
23:32Chutt it already exists
23:33knight- ok, so can a message be sent from mythbackend to cause a song to be played in mythmusic at the same time that a user is browsing mythweather?
23:33Chutt no reason why it couldn't be
23:33Chutt but, that's what mfd is for.
23:34knight- exactly
23:34knight- but mfd has no backend communication yet
23:34Chutt mythbackend doesn't have anything to do with user input
23:34knight- I'm trying to work with thor to add that
23:34Chutt it won't have anything to do with user input
23:34knight- Indeed it doesnt, but it's central to the system
23:34Chutt no, it's not
23:34--- ---> foka [~foka@] has joined #mythtv
23:34knight- so since it receives event from udp for callerid, and other things, shouldnt remote apps that are trying to control it go through mfd->mythbackend->appropriatemythfrontend
23:35Chutt the backend doesn't receive events through udp for caller id
23:35knight- mythnotify talks to mythfrontend?
23:35Chutt of course
23:35knight- ok
23:35knight- so you think mfd should talk to mythfrontend?
23:35knight- and not mythbackend?
23:35Chutt of course
23:36Chutt 'myth frontend daemon'
23:36Chutt it's in the name of the program, even
23:36knight- and the frontend can tell the backend what to do, etc
23:36--- User: *** xeno42 is now known as xeno42_afk
23:36knight- ok
23:36knight- I apologize if I'm stating what's obvious to you
23:37knight- s/if/that/
23:38dopester sed :)
23:49Captain_Murdo| cool, seemingly seamless DataDirect upgrade on my dev system including keeping my channel icons w/ Mysql 3.x.
23:53Captain_Murdo| Chutt, do you think we want to put a MySQL v3.x compatible SQL commands in the howto for the datadirect upgrade? I have one that works using a temp table but it's has the column names hardcoded so it would break if new columns were added.
23:55Chutt sure
23:57--- <<-- stoffel [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:59Captain_Murdo| basicly I created a temp table by using a left join on the backup channel table and the new one. has all columns from the new table with exception of icon column from backup table. then truncate new channel table and insert data from temp.
23:59--- ---> stoffel [] has joined #mythtv
23:59Captain_Murdo| I'll email it to Robert
---Logclosed Sat May 22 00:00:00 2004