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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-05-22

---Logopened Sat May 22 00:00:00 2004
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00:00dopester captain_murdoch are you the one who wrote the dd code?
00:00Captain_Murdo| no
00:00Chutt 'david shay' wrote most of it
00:00Captain_Murdo| just upgraded my system tonight and needed a sql statement to preserve the icons for me. :)
00:00Chutt but i ended up fixing that crap
00:00dopester ahh ok.. its hard to corelate nick -> dev name sometimes
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00:01Captain_Murdo| Chutt, so they give 12 days of data with datadirect?
00:03Chutt or 13
00:03Captain_Murdo| cool, noticed that when I went to the status screen.
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00:04dopester chutt: is there anyway to from the dd client build a new lineup, or does that all have to be done via website?
00:05Chutt has to be on the website.
00:05dopester damn. i still havent come up with something elegant for this dvb scan thing if you dont want to use the dvb guide data.
00:06dopester whats your position on putting my dvb scan code into cvs when i get it done? i havent found anyone yet who is interested in testing it (except for one other guy with dvb-s in germany), so it might not work for dvb-c or dvb-t?
00:07Chutt that'd depend on the code
00:08dopester well assuming coding wise you liked it, im more concerned about the fact all i can do is a best effort for dvb-c and dvb-t since we dont have that on this continent
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00:09Chutt as long as it doesn't impact the non-dvb user at all, i'll be happy to apply it
00:09dopester yeah i cant imagine it doing anything to non dvb unless there was some horredous memory leak since i decided to use pointers to QStrings :)
00:12Chutt why would you do that?
00:13dopester i was making fun of the crap code you were showing yesterday that had something silly like that
00:15Chutt that was string literals
00:19dopester bad memory. just tryin to make a joke..
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01:17dopester is there a way of telling when the next time a capture card is going to start a scheudled recording? i can't find that logic in the database
01:20anduin it isn't in the database directly, look at how mythweb or the status page gets the info
01:21dopester looked like it got it from the backend, but i wasn't sure if there was a simplier way of getting it
01:21anduin it does grab it from the backend, there isn't a simpler way
01:22dopester well then it sure seems to me like this dvb guide code should be embedded into the code, rather than an external app like chutt suggested
01:23anduin why? can't you just try to open the device and when it fails know that now isn't a good time?
01:24Chutt there's the whole EXEC_TV logic in the menus, too
01:24Chutt locks the device
01:26dopester well if you had an external app controlling the dvb device and the backend wanted to start recording a show the recording would either not start, or get delayed (not sure how the backend would handle this), but seems easier to just have a thread that from time to time trys to update the guide if the card isnt in use
01:27Chutt you can easily query the backend to see
01:27Chutt i'm breaking parsing of tv_grab_na_dd's output -- anyone care?
01:28dopester nope
01:28anduin you can only try to make it better, you aren't going to get a good solution for all use cases (like if I set something to record now or go to live tv while your dvb thread is using the device)
01:29dopester not really. if the guide grabber was smart it could stop doing what it was doing if the card needed to be retuned
01:29dopester if it was to remain tuned to the same transport it could keep doing what it needs to do
01:29dopester you can grab the guide while streaming a video to the hdd
01:31Chutt anduin, make your script scrap all of zap2it =)
01:31Chutt likely piss someone off there, but it'd get all the callsigns
01:31anduin Chutt - ugh :)
01:31Chutt i'm just worried about initial loading
01:32anduin how so?
01:32dopester you could always start your own guide provider, just get a contract for listings from tribune :)
01:32Chutt tms is expensive
01:33anduin people were talking about it, nothing happened
01:33Chutt anduin, well, until people send stuff in to make that initial global xml file, they'll have to run stuff on their own
01:33dopester with everything moving twoard EPGs those guide services will become outdated sooner or later
01:33GulBladdr i heard rumors of huppague pvr-350 supporing output of menus as well. anybody heard of this chit-chat?
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01:34Chutt gulbladdr, the pvr-350 supports output of everything, including X.
01:34GulBladdr Chutt .. realy?
01:34anduin Chutt - true, without some easy web interface I fear participation will be low anyway. However if they use the script it is just another tiny manual step when installing.
01:34Chutt there's no rumor about it, if you bother to search either the ivtv list, or the mythtv lists.
01:34dopester ive been using one for 6 months now
01:34GulBladdr Sorry Chutt, i've mistaken myself.
01:35GulBladdr I didn't know it output of everything. thats really neat.
01:37dopester is the verdict still to write an external app for dvb guide skimming that attempts to open the card when its run?
01:38Chutt sure
01:38dopester that seems broken to me, but i can deal with it
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01:53Chutt there, all the help text in all the settings screens fits now
02:18dopester libmythtv/tv_rec.h:215: 'QMutex' is used as a
02:18dopester type, but is not defined as a type.
02:19dopester what do i need to include to get rid of that? i tried qmutex.h but that was no help
02:20anduin qmutex.h does declare Qmutex
02:21dopester well damn. i must be doing something really wrong then :)
02:22anduin is this in your own code? do you have MT on?
02:22dopester i was trying to start using the DVBChannel objects in this guide code
02:23dopester included dvbchannel.h and thats what i get now, but im probbably too tired to get much working tonite
02:25anduin dopester - yes, but are you in the myth build system or working out on your own?
02:25dopester my own, so i probbably let out something
02:26anduin do you have a .pro file?
02:26dopester i left out some -D flags
02:26dopester :)
02:26anduin CONFIG += thread
02:26dopester -DQT_THREAD_SUPPORT
02:26dopester im sure that was the one i was leaving out
02:27dopester im trying to not junk up my cvs tree too bad since i got a good deal of stuff i need to submit when i get this scanner/guide code done
02:30anduin dopester - you should use qmake and a .pro file, it is more than just the define that you'll need (the existing .pro files in the myth source are a good place to start)
02:31dopester yeah its pretty apparent. i need to quit for the night. i can already sense im gonna screw something up :) i'll look at it tomorrow
02:31dopester nite
02:32anduin night
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08:26o_cee GeckfoFiend: there?
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08:54GeckfoFiend yep what's up?
08:56o_cee you can't reproduce it at all?
08:56o_cee you got that setting set?
08:58GeckfoFiend Let me double chekc the settings. I tried adjusting the transparency and the popup shading method. is there another i should be mucking with?
09:00o_cee don't think so
09:00o_cee void PlaybackBox::grayOut(QPainter *tmp)
09:00o_cee {
09:00o_cee int transparentFlag = gContext->GetNumSetting("PlayBoxShading", 0);
09:00o_cee if (transparentFlag == 0)
09:00o_cee tmp->fillRect(QRect(QPoint(0, 0), size()),
09:00o_cee QBrush(QColor(10, 10, 10), Dense4Pattern));
09:00o_cee else if (transparentFlag == 1)
09:00o_cee tmp->drawPixmap(0, 0, *bgTransBackup, 0, 0, (int)(800*wmult),
09:00o_cee (int)(600*hmult));
09:00o_cee }
09:00o_cee you get the real shaded greyouting?
09:00GeckfoFiend Yeah I teid with both fill and image, using tranparecny and not. NO luck
09:01o_cee very strange
09:01o_cee what kind of output device?
09:01o_cee what version of qt?
09:01GeckfoFiend I ran into something similar a while ago when mucking with the video manager.
09:01o_cee what happens is that on delete only 1 inch is faded at the top
09:01o_cee dunno how clear the original poster was
09:02GeckfoFiend if you went from one state to another too fast (i.e. greyed out to not and back) you'd get crap like that.
09:02stoffel btw, i see that as well
09:02GeckfoFiend I can say for with 100% certainty delete always draw correctly afterword for me
09:02o_cee GeckfoFiend: so what do you think about my fix then?
09:02o_cee (haven't tried it)
09:03o_cee not the real cause for the bug tho
09:03o_cee but it might be a qt thing maybe?
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09:03o_cee it's not in your path?
09:03jaykettu anyone got mythtv working with qt embedded and directfb?
09:04jaykettu i dont get any picture to tv
09:04o_cee argh wrong chan
09:04jaykettu i can get mplayer to work with dfbmga
09:04jaykettu ah.. :).. wrong chan..:)
09:04jaykettu sorry
09:04GeckfoFiend How I fixed it in video manager was to force a messageloop after we did a background change. I think Qt optimizes and combines paint messages or something.
09:04GeckfoFiend qApp->processEvents(); // Without this we get drawing errors.
09:04GeckfoFiend ^^^ From videomanager
09:04o_cee GeckfoFiend: i mean we have a flag that tells us if we're excpecting a new popup
09:04o_cee brb
09:06o_cee back :)
09:07o_cee GeckfoFiend: look at void PlaybackBox::cancelPopup(void)
09:07o_cee maybe put something in there?
09:09GeckfoFiend yeah proabably. I think I did that someplace as well one sec
09:10GeckfoFiend void VideoManager::cancelPopup(void)
09:10GeckfoFiend {
09:10GeckfoFiend expectingPopup = false;
09:10GeckfoFiend if(popup)
09:10GeckfoFiend {
09:10GeckfoFiend popup->hide();
09:10GeckfoFiend delete popup;
09:10GeckfoFiend popup = NULL;
09:10GeckfoFiend update(fullRect);
09:10GeckfoFiend qApp->processEvents();
09:10GeckfoFiend setActiveWindow();
09:10GeckfoFiend }
09:10GeckfoFiend }
09:10GeckfoFiend SO yeah it's probably a good thing to do it there.
09:10o_cee i'll try it
09:11o_cee just cvs updated so there's more stuff to compile, will take a little while
09:15o_cee GeckfoFiend: is it possible to put a cvs flag so that the .ts files aren't updated when cvs updating?
09:16o_cee because if you work on a translation and cvs update, it's all ruined
09:16o_cee better to not update and run lupdate locally
09:16o_cee cvs can't merge the updates properly at all
09:17o_cee like if the file differs it shouldn't even try to update it
09:18o_cee trying the change now, brb
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09:19o_cee yeah it fixed it but it's real ugly
09:19o_cee i'll add some more stuff to it, don't commit anything of it yet
09:20GeckfoFiend o_cee Lost my connection.. Not sure about the CVS thing. The "CVS book" might have something.
09:20GeckfoFiend the flag thing worked or the processevents thing?
09:21o_cee yeah but it looks like hell now
09:21o_cee greyed out
09:21o_cee then _very_ obvious you see it redraw to not greyed
09:21o_cee and then it greys it
09:21o_cee hold on trying some ifs here
09:27o_cee bah didn't work
09:28o_cee will have to ask isaac
09:28o_cee plus i'm off to a party now :)
09:28o_cee soon
09:30doc_ Any you guys ever convince transcode to actually pay attention to --lame_preset ?
09:32GeckfoFiend bah you party while i mow my lawn :(
10:02drino where set the password for mythtv-database ?
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10:51Jonny0stars hi
10:52Jonny0stars im about to set up myth tv on my fedora box and was planing on streeming it over the network i was just wondering f this is possible ?
10:54Jonny0stars ?
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10:56Jonny0stars possibly just runing the backend and using a diffrent pc/server to run the X side of things
10:56jams Jonny0stars, that's the whole point
10:57Jonny0stars ?
10:57Jonny0stars i thought it was just a pvr
10:57Jonny0stars not to stream across the network
10:59Jonny0stars correct me if im wrong i only just thoght of it an hour ago so i havent done much research into this area
10:59jams it is a pvr that functions just as you described
11:00jams move to #mythtv-users if you have more questions
11:01Jonny0stars ok
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11:23rkulagow_ captain_murdoch: here?
11:30rkulagow_ chutt: here?
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12:05rkulagow_ chutt: here?
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12:16limeman can someone help me out..
12:16limeman I can't get mythtv to work
12:16limeman i try to emerge
12:16limeman and am having all kinds of problems
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12:17rkulagow_ limeman: you're going to need to ask your question either in the mythtv-users IRC channel or on some gentoo channel.
12:17rkulagow_ this channel is for dev-related stuff.
12:17rkulagow_ (look at the topic please)
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12:50anduin Chutt - not to be a pest, but did you discard my moderated post to -dev (icon map patch was too big)? (yes I know you're busy, I'm just checking to see if I should resend it zipped)
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13:09Chutt anduin, ah, i don't approve anything
13:09Chutt rkulagow, i'm here, but, i'll be busy most of the afternoon
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13:56thor and, in the fourth round, Markey has Kuphal up against the ropes and is punishing him mercilessly .... how can he continue to take this kind of beating?
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14:37thor and in ring #2, Morphis' come back has been halted by a rapid set of kidney punches from Wiggin.
14:53vividan_ is there any hope of mythtv (the frontend at least) working on ppc?
14:59cmorgan vividan_: we await your patches ;-)
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15:20anduin Chutt - ok, thanks
15:30--- ---> [M-M] [] has joined #mythtv
15:36thor things have gotten a bit wonky when Chutt is the voice of temperment and balanced calm
15:36anduin yeah, that was pretty funny
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16:02spakry anyone here use mythtv with ivtv?
16:02anduin spakry - yes, though you may want #mythtv-users
16:02spakry ah so
16:02spakry sorry for my ignorance : )
16:03spakry is this the devel chann?
16:15o_c Chutt: you here?
16:20o_c dang
16:20--- User: *** o_c is now known as o_cee
16:24GeckfoFiend he's busy playing peace maker
16:26vividan_ cmorgan, haha, ok
16:26o_cee oh :)
16:26o_cee GeckfoFiend: you got any good solution for the greyout problem?
16:26o_cee basically, it just needs to know when it's already greyed and don't update the background
16:26o_cee if it's going to another popup
16:27o_cee just want to check with isaac on how to do it best, but i think i'll be able to do it ;)
16:28--- ---> stoffel [] has joined #mythtv
16:31o_cee later, time for some csi
16:37bart2 should it be possible to compile mythtv with icc ?
16:41vividan_ anyone here using gentoo? emerging qt didn't apear to setup my env for qt development
16:41vividan_ and #gentoo is being no help
16:42bart2 vividan_: do source /etc/profile
16:42vividan_ bart2, thanks
16:42vividan_ sweet
16:43stoffel vividan_: on debian, export QTDIR=/usr/share/qt works
16:44vividan_ stoffel, yeah, I just switched from debian to gentoo
16:44vividan_ not used to the gentoo way
16:47vividan_ has mythtv ever worked on !x86? (just getting a feel for how much of a chance I have)
16:47bart2 it works on amd64
16:48vividan_ :)
16:49vividan_ so umm, no
16:50bart2 vividan_: does it work now ?
16:51vividan_ bart2, not for me on my ppc
16:51bart2 ask it on gentoo-devel
16:53vividan_ gentoo-devel is kinda empty. I'm willing to work on it.
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17:17Chutt it used to work on ia64
17:18Chutt not that those people are here anymore, but i felt like saying that
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17:53o_cee where did chutt go? dammit
17:56mikegrb I think he is busy helping people in #mythtv-users and #mythtv-wiki
17:56stoffel buahaha!
17:58stoffel i don't understand why some people get so pissed by those feature request posts. everyone is free to ignore them.
17:58o_cee mikegrb: oh, yeah you're probably right
17:59o_cee immideate? spelling?
18:00o_cee immediate
18:03o_cee danish guy drives me nuts
18:03o_cee damn i need isaac
18:04o_cee mikegrb: feel like giving him a call saying i need him? hehhe
18:04* stoffel hands a little chutt voodoo puppet to o_cee
18:04stoffel good enough?
18:05o_cee blah
18:05o_cee :)
18:05o_cee too small
18:06stoffel hey, it's a white magic puppet. treat it well and chutt will appear soon
18:06* o_cee strokes chutt
18:06o_cee muhahaa
18:06* o_cee gives little chutt a pill that makes him all friendly
18:06o_cee :)
18:07stoffel hm, Chutt is friendly, he's just selective about his friends
18:07o_cee indeed
18:07* o_cee slaps Captain_Murdoch
18:07o_cee wake up you
18:08o_cee damn, 56 in here 54 in users, that's the closest so far i think
18:11o_cee can i make CVS ignore the i18n dir so i don't have to backup my .ts file all the time?
18:12stoffel oho: 'Chutt has quit ("workin on the electrical box"' i hope it's not a 400VAC outlet
18:13o_cee ah, got all those msgs turned off
18:13o_cee damn
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18:57o_cee blah blah blah
19:05--- <--- richter [] has left #mythtv ()
19:18--- ---> Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
19:18o_cee Chutt!
19:19o_cee man i'm glad to se youuu
19:19o_cee see
19:19o_cee got a minute?
19:21Chutt nope
19:21Chutt back in a few hours
19:21o_cee dang
19:21o_cee allright
19:23Chutt i'm just turning everything back on after hooking up the circuits in my basement
19:24o_cee seems to be working :)
19:38--- User: *** xeno42 is now known as xeno42_afk
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20:30o_cee argh
20:43o_cee now my mailserver went dead as well :/
20:55Viddy you running redhat?
20:57o_cee nah, not "my" mailserver actually
20:57Viddy :)
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21:20gigem bjm, is oscar around? i think the channel change bug is fixed now, but i can't test it since all of my tuners are busy.
21:22bjm I just tested it and sent a "verified" note.
21:22gigem good.
21:23bjm I wonder about the "testsched" stuff the day before a realese though ;-)
21:23o_cee weh
21:23o_cee hi guys
21:23o_cee 3:30 am here now, heh
21:24o_cee and my mail is dead
21:24gigem howdy, o_cee!
21:24bjm I do want to play with the wildcard6.patch but I'm thinkin' bugs right now.
21:24o_cee i've been trying to fix the greyout thingie
21:25o_cee but i haven't solved it yet :) heh
21:25--- <<-- bdale [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:25gigem that's trivial stuff that shouldn't break anything. if it does, i'll eat my words, er bits,
21:25o_cee anyone of you looked at it at all?
21:25bjm I remember something like that last fall. Haven't seen it since.
21:26gigem the db change is so worry about missing a change when i'm switching back and forth between production and test versions.
21:26o_cee (i'll test the change channel thing tomorrow, tv is turned off)
21:27o_cee .
21:27gigem no biggie, fyi, i created a branch (like we'd talked about last time) for further work on that.
21:27o_cee gigem: did you try linguist?
21:27bjm Ya, I'm sure it's not a problem. Having more test support sounds good to me.
21:28gigem no, i haven't looked at the greyout thing.
21:28bjm Branch, right! I was thinking that for wildcard and testsched while the release is setteling in.
21:29gigem yes, i did mess around a very little bit with linguist. i sent you an email on how to proceed after 0.15 is released.
21:29o_cee ok. what i am trying is that i added :closePopup that basically just kills the old popup (cancelpopup removes the greyout as well)
21:29o_cee gigem: yeah mail is down :/
21:29Chutt heh
21:29Chutt gigem, bjm, howdy
21:29o_cee Chutt: beby!
21:30o_cee Chutt: have you read anything of what i've been writing about my research on the greyout not working?
21:30Chutt nope
21:31bjm Sorry, who is Chutt?
21:31o_cee ok, you got it clear how it works when it opens the delete popup? it just cancels the first one then opens the next.. problem is that it then clears the greyout then repaints it
21:31o_cee bjm: heh
21:32o_cee Chutt: what appears to be a Qt thingie or something.. it messes up.. i can put a qApp->processEvents(); and it'll first clear it completely then redraw it completely
21:32o_cee so i thought i'd add something that doesn't clear the greyout but rather just deletes the original popup
21:32Chutt bjm, i'm isaac
21:32o_cee problem now is that i get a big hole in the greyout at the size of the original popup...
21:32gigem Chutt, who's isaac? :)
21:33Chutt i'd say just disable the greying out
21:33o_cee any idea? or should it be done some other way?
21:33o_cee i like it
21:33Chutt causing too much trouble
21:33o_cee that's why i'm trying to fix it :)
21:33Chutt no easy way to fix it
21:33Chutt add a bool flag to the class
21:33o_cee noo, this is just me beeing stuppid
21:33Chutt and draw it in in the paint event
21:33Chutt if it's supposed to be greyed out
21:33Chutt might work, might not
21:33o_cee i just don't see why qt makes a hole in it
21:34Chutt backing store
21:34o_cee when the popup is removed
21:34Chutt it's X
21:34o_cee okay
21:34o_cee is there a way to remove it, and repaint it without it beeing visible that it's done?
21:34--- <<-- roz_ [] has quit (Client Quit)
21:34Chutt if it's in the paint event, it should work that way
21:35o_cee k, i'll see if i can figure it out
21:35o_cee don't count on it tho, heh
21:35o_cee wow, i've got mail again
21:36Chutt gigem, bjm, what's your thoughts on a more 'internal' bug tracker?
21:36o_cee Chutt: what do you say about making the .ts's not update? cvs really sucks at merging those files if you've been workin on them.. using lupdate locally works alot better
21:36gigem Chutt, what have you got in mind?
21:37* o_cee thinks that's funny, heh..
21:37bjm For it.
21:37o_cee yeah me too
21:37Chutt gigem, i'd want to limit who can use it in some manner
21:37o_cee would be easier to keep track of things
21:38Chutt see if i can restrict it to mailing list addresses that are subscribed to -dev, for instance
21:38gigem twould be alright with me.
21:39bjm Suddenly easy to see that people know about bugs but don't mentions them.
21:39Chutt i've just had less time lately, so i'm not fixing stuff right away
21:39Chutt and then forgetting things
21:39o_cee Chutt: i've got swedish translation update comming before .15 as well, but i'm counting on at least a couple of days more right?
21:40gigem though, i also wouldn't mind a more open version, as long as users couldn't reopen, reclassify, etc. things after a developer handled it.
21:40Chutt heh
21:40o_cee people aren't good at searching first...
21:40Chutt that's one of the main reasons why i hadn't wanted one in the past
21:40bjm Did you have a tool in mind or just a simple list?
21:41Chutt we had a bugzilla for freeamp, and people would keep changing priorities and stuff
21:41Chutt bjm, well, i'm familiar with bugzilla, but if you had anything else in mind
21:41o_cee we could have moderators that would verify the bugs
21:41bjm I was at Netscape and used it before it was called bugzilla ;-).
21:42Chutt heh
21:42o_cee :P
21:42Chutt i rather like the bug system at work, but, that's kinda closed and proprietary and stuff
21:42gigem i dabbled around with a python package called roundup a while back. it looked a lot easier to manage than bugzilla and had a decent email interface too.
21:42bjm Not all that familiar with it right not but it seems like a common solution.
21:42Chutt i'll check out roundup, then
21:43* o_cee looks at PlaybackBox::paintEvent and starts to wonder wtf he's doing.. ahem
21:44bjm Q: doest the DD icon thing need to go in before the release?
21:44Chutt i'd like it to
21:45bjm I'd been steering clear. I'll start test his last rev.
21:46Chutt roundup doesn't use roundup for their bug tracking
21:46Chutt hmmmm
21:46o_cee hehe
21:46bjm Q: are the GL and make issues resolved?
21:46Chutt yes
21:47Chutt so's the xinerama linking issue for mtd and mfd
21:47o_cee is the db upgrade 1038 fixed?
21:47Chutt yup
21:47o_cee great
21:48Chutt i stuck a DELETE FROM people in there
21:48o_cee scheduling a weekly rec from the simple screen gives me a daily recording instead..
21:48Chutt it always has
21:48Chutt desired feature
21:48Chutt simple screen doesn't do weekly records
21:48o_cee uhm
21:48Chutt the fact that the text changes from 'every day' to 'every week' is just it being smart
21:49o_cee oh
21:49o_cee okay then :)
21:49Chutt it checks the program data to see when it would record, is all
21:49o_cee guess i should stop using the simple screen ;)
21:49Chutt heh
21:50Chutt i showed the advanced screen to my wife
21:50bjm Weekly and FindOne are not original types.
21:50Chutt she, ah, disliked it
21:50bjm Ya, sorry to stir the pot but the optioin page stuff neeed another look.
21:50o_cee yeah my gf only uses like the red button on the remote expecting it to work just like that :P
21:51gigem Chutt, re: roundup, i'm trying to double check but i'm having network problems and can't get to google.
21:51Chutt captain_murdoch, did you fix the recgroup thingie?
21:51Chutt or did one of you guys?
21:51o_cee bjm: there's intresting stuff like: Page 2, Part 2, 1/2 and so on
21:51gigem as i recall, there are multiple roundup projects out there and it's easy to not find the right one.
21:52Chutt i was looking at
21:52bjm Chris' suggestion worked and I checked it in.
21:52Chutt ok, just checking
21:53o_cee what about setup not honouring gui offsets? or was i only imagining?
21:53bjm o_cee: right, there is more than one page there. We should find a solution that works for everyone.
21:54o_cee bjm: yeah.. also there's some alternatives that has a . at the end, most don't.. there's just no consistency
21:54Chutt o_cee, patches appreciated!
21:54Chutt :p
21:54--- ---> Vifff [] has joined #mythtv
21:54o_cee yeah, i know :) i just thought i'd fix the swedish translation first
21:55bjm How insulting!!!! ;-)
21:55o_cee then you started changing strings so i had to fix even more stuff :P
21:55o_cee haha
21:55gigem i can't get anywhere right now 'cause the nameserver isn't available again. looks like somebody's been messing with the network cause my firewall is reporting syn flood and lots of other attacks.
21:55Chutt yeah, sorry
21:55Chutt stuff didn't fit
21:55o_cee heh
21:56--- <<-- Viddy [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:57o_cee uhm.. what's 'backup' that's beeing painted on in the grayOut? :)
21:58o_cee (it's 4am okay?)
21:58Chutt the widget
21:59--- User: *** Vifff is now known as Viddy
22:00o_cee right. this will be fun...
22:01o_cee ah yeah 'Not removing top most widget, error' maybe should be fixed as well, not that pretty.. and when enterin Watch recs there's some debug output left as well
22:01o_cee and there's your debug output in mm also
22:01gigem Chutt, there's a couple of errors i always see running mfe, but haven't bothered looking into nor reporting them because they don't seem to have had any bad effect. when i start mfe, i always get 'KThemeStyle cache seems corrupt!' and when i exit, i always get 'Not removing top most widget, error'.
22:02o_cee mfe as in mythfronend or thors mfd client?
22:03bjm I see 'KThemeStyle cache seems corrupt!' but I thought it started with a debian Qt/KDE update.
22:03Chutt the 'kthemestyle' stuff is due to the qt style code
22:03Chutt of kenneth aafloys
22:03--- ---> golpira [] has joined #mythtv
22:03Chutt i forget why the not removing top most widget error's from, but it's harmless
22:04Chutt err, 'where'
22:04o_cee -users will be flooded with it ;)
22:04gigem o_cee, as in mythfrontend. i've been curious, but haven't looked at any of thor's stuff yet.
22:04rkulagow_ hey bjm. i think this is the first time i've seen you here in irc.
22:04o_cee gigem: it's cool.. at least, it _will_ be
22:04* o_cee dragged them here ;)
22:05o_cee thanks for stopping by btw
22:05bjm I didn't know who Chutt was :-(
22:05Chutt it's non obvious
22:05o_cee well one way or the other you find out ;)
22:05Chutt you all use the same user names for your email accounts
22:06bjm Robert: Where do you stand on the User's Guide idea right now?
22:06o_cee Chutt: yeah i put a grayout in the paint thingie and it works.. just need to put in a bool and it should work it seems
22:06o_cee the popups are all visible like they should
22:07o_cee so i'll continue adding that i guess
22:07gigem Chutt, name server is back up and is the one i was thinking of. as for not eating their own dog food (as we used to call it), i suppose it's either use what sf provides or find someone else to host your site.
22:07rkulagow_ well, if you mean the "pretty" manual, i'm still in favor of it. for a while there i couldn't even keep up with CVS changes because they were happening too quickly.
22:08rkulagow_ i'll bbl; have to make an appearance for "family time".
22:08rkulagow_ chutt: any feelings on "master / slave" vs. "master / non-master"?
22:08rkulagow_ or some other terminology?
22:08o_cee Chutt: how are the .h's organized? in what paragraph should i add my bool? :)
22:09bjm Robert: There's lots of info about using gigem's scheduler that we should get to the users somehow.
22:09o_cee i must say that i find the override (you have NO idea how hard that is to translate) thing is tricky.. i'd almost want a helptext at the conflict resolution when you hit enter
22:10o_cee what the different alternatives there mean
22:10o_cee might just be me that's thick tho
22:11Chutt rkulagow, i call it master/slave
22:11Chutt i don't really care what it's called in the docs, though
22:12gigem gotta step away. i'll be back in 10 mins or so.
22:12o_cee Chutt: could i put the setting of grayOut in initPopup or something like that instead maybe?
22:14Chutt sure
22:15o_cee k, i'll try it the easy way first to see if it works at all
22:16o_cee Chutt: next weekend, or earlier?
22:17Chutt for the release?
22:17Chutt mid week at the latest
22:17o_cee mid week? ok..
22:17o_cee this actually seems to be working
22:18o_cee cool indeed
22:18Chutt told ya :p
22:18o_cee :)
22:18o_cee you know off hand what expectingPopup is?
22:18Chutt not without looking at it, sorry
22:18o_cee k
22:19o_cee might still need another call when just going from one popup to another, that'd be ok?
22:19Chutt i dunno
22:20o_cee because cancelPopup resets the graying, and it'll probably flicker
22:22Chutt shouldn't flicker
22:22Chutt since it's only drawing in paintevent
22:22o_cee allright, i'll have to check it on the other computer tomorrow
22:23o_cee in that case there's not much to it
22:24o_cee hmm.. wouldn't it be possible to just check if (popup != NULL) ?
22:24Chutt possibly
22:24Chutt but
22:24o_cee iconhelp doesn't use popup tho.. but it could use the flag
22:24Chutt if you're doing this, you need to move the setting check from grayOut into the constructor
22:25o_cee ooh, gotcha
22:25o_cee how often is it done otherwise?
22:25o_cee damn it's hammering my db now:)
22:25Chutt every time it redraws
22:25o_cee yeah i'll write that up, i know what you mean
22:27o_cee anyway, time for bed
22:27o_cee 4:30 heh
22:27o_cee g'night, thanks for the help
22:32gigem i'm bask. g'night o_cee.
22:49--- User: *** xeno42_afk is now known as xeno42
22:58gigem bjm, are you still there? can you explain the recording priorities bug for me? when i delete an entry, the selection always goes back to the top.
23:29gigem where did everybode go? oh, well, i gotta go watch hockey now.
23:44--- ---> bdale [] has joined #mythtv
23:59--- ---> stoffel_ [] has joined #mythtv
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