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02:24thor unless someone has a better idea, I'm just going to grep for that "error removing top widget" thing
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02:40thor crap. it's been in there for months.
02:41thor something changed in how/when MythMainWindow::detach() is called ?
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04:43thor hmmm ... excellent ... is available
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06:31o_cee i neeed you chutt
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06:53GeckfoFiend mornin folks
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06:58GeckfoFiend ROFL get this:
06:58GeckfoFiend Hi,
06:58GeckfoFiend I just saw the discussion on the MythTV user mailing list regarding a folder browser for MythVideo.
06:58GeckfoFiend Actually, I have already been working on this!
06:58GeckfoFiend I have it almost finished and I hope to release the patch today or tomorrow.
06:58GeckfoFiend Kind regards,
06:58GeckfoFiend Marcel
06:58GeckfoFiend If they'd just waited a couple days.
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07:39o_cee a folder browser in mythvideo? euhm
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08:47o_cee GeckfoFiend: there?
08:57GeckfoFiend yep
08:58o_cee just send a mail to isaac asking about it but who knows when he wakes up
08:58o_cee how should i stop the preview video in playbackbox.cpp?
08:58o_cee it's done in like 3 or 4 different ways
08:59GeckfoFiend looking
08:59o_cee void PlaybackBox::stopPreview(void)
08:59o_cee {
08:59o_cee killPlayerSafe();
08:59o_cee timer->stop();
08:59o_cee playingVideo = false;
08:59o_cee }
08:59o_cee but it doesn't seem to be enough
09:01o_cee there's 3 different ways of doing the popups in there at the moment
09:02GeckfoFiend odd I just used killPlayerSafe when I did the stuff for the group info
09:02GeckfoFiend Though if something is still highlited I bet it starts right back up wuhen you do a repaint...
09:02o_cee yeah but look around and you'll see that there's alot of ways :P
09:03o_cee ::showRecGroupChooser (chris pinkhams stuff is like this i think)
09:03o_cee timer->stop();
09:03o_cee playingVideo = false;
09:05GeckfoFiend It looks like he's pausing the video with that I think
09:05o_cee oh, yeah okay, maybe that's enough.. i'll try that instead
09:06o_cee if you want i can send what i've done to you? ;)
09:10GeckfoFiend I can look it over when I take a break from my lawn (four acres takes a loooooong time even with a lawn tractor). I'm headed out to mow as soon as I upload the latest NewBlue. Take a loong at it's looking less and less like GANT every day.
09:11o_cee i'll send you a diff, haven't got time to look at it more now.. i've kept most original code, just commented it out so it's easy to see what it looked like
09:11o_cee cool:)
09:19o_cee GeckfoFiend: diff on its way
10:15rkulagow_ o_cee: you did gant, correct?
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10:34jams GeckfoFiend, any comments or haven't gotten around to it yet ?
10:39GeckfoFiend o_cee: You forgot to set enableGrayout to false in the constructor, it appears my theory about the timer stop thing pausing the video wasn't true so you might want to leave stopPreview as killPlayerSafe i dunno.
10:39GeckfoFiend It does grey out and come back like it should in eveyr way I could fond
10:40GeckfoFiend jams: haven't had a chance. Been a hectic weekend, 4 acres to mow/weedeat and trying to help get .15 out the door.
10:41GeckfoFiend plus tyring to get NewBlue whipped into shape. I'd like it to be ready for when .15 comes out but I doubt I'll make it.. I uploaded a new version today BTW.
10:41o_cee rkulagow_: yes
10:41o_cee GeckfoFiend: no it doesn't remove the greyout like it should..
10:41jams btw it keeps getting better, everytime i find a bug you fix it before I can report it :)
10:42GeckfoFiend o_cee: It does for me, but then again so did the old code.
10:42o_cee does it look allright everywhere? here it doesn't redraw everything correctly
10:43o_cee after leaving a popup
10:43o_cee and the transparency in the program selection gets darker every time you leave the popup, heh
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10:44GeckfoFiend I brouigth up and cancels all the menus, plus did things like deleteing, changing the recorind options and the like. In all cases it went grey when it should then came back (except for when it was frist brought up due to the enableGray not being initialized to false)
10:45GeckfoFiend I'm trying other shading methods now
10:45o_cee we really must have some difference going on.. here it doesn't start grayed out, and it doesn't redraw correctly when leaving the popups
10:46jams o_cee, are your changes in cvs ?
10:46o_cee no
10:47jams then i guess i won't test :)
10:47o_cee :P
10:47o_cee i'm still too confused
10:47GeckfoFiend Are you using a debug build o_cee? It might be initializeing enableGray for you..
10:47o_cee yea i am
10:47o_cee i added it to the constructor anyway
10:48rkulagow_ o_cee: i noticed that i'm getting a lot of flickering on gant on one of my devel boxes; i believe it's due to the thin horizontal lines that have high contrast relative to the background. has anyone else seen this?
10:48o_cee rkulagow_: what horz lines?
10:48GeckfoFiend that's probably it then. it's setting it to a know value for you. in the relase build it'll end up being undefined (i.e. whatever happened to be at that spot in memory before)
10:49o_cee GeckfoFiend: k, but could that cause any of the other problems i'm seeing?
10:49rkulagow_ o_cee: i believe that "watch recordings" has some. i'll double check.
10:49o_cee of course it should work in debug mode as well ;)
10:49GeckfoFiend nah
10:49o_cee will have to wait for isaac, i have no idea what to do
10:49GeckfoFiend nothing you're seeing should matter in debug mode. things should work better in debug mode just slower
10:49o_cee rkulagow_: watch recordings is exactly like blue at the moment
10:50GeckfoFiend Out of curiosity what version of Qt are you running?
10:50o_cee one sec
10:50o_cee upgraded it last week
10:51o_cee Latest version installed: 3.3.2
10:52GeckfoFiend hrm. same here.
10:52o_cee k
10:52jams ahh that's why the size jumped
10:53jams GeckfoFiend, just an fyi the psd's are included with the latest release
10:53o_cee heheh
10:53GeckfoFiend Chutt: said it was X related, due to the backing store I have no clue
10:53o_cee yeah but i'm doing it a completely different way now
10:54GeckfoFiend jams: Yeah I started doing that today makes it weasier to work with for me. Once it's all done I'll have a seperate file for the PSDs in case someone want's to build on them.
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11:08jams man how come all the keyboards i would consider buying are mail-order only
11:09jams nobody stocks the cheap egronomic keyboards
11:13Ashlar yah? which ones are you looking at?
11:15jams anything under $50 that's split
11:15jams nothing fancy here
11:17Ashlar ahh.. you have a Fry's nearby? I picked up a 'fixed' split kb for $39
11:18jams nope no fry's
11:18Ashlar ah well
11:23jams heh there's a black wireless one at compusa
11:24--- User: *** cmorgan_zZzZ is now known as cmorgan
11:28Ashlar I need a wireless with a good range for my living room.. but damn, bluetooth ones are expensive
11:32jams i use the gyration keyboard, range is good enough + it's compact
11:34Ashlar my logitech one gets about 6 feet.. not enough to sit in the recliner in front of the big screen :)
11:36jams i'd say i get 15 - 25 depending on placement
11:37Ashlar gotta look into that, then.. that'd be awesome. thanks for the tip
11:38jams it's a bit on the $$ side though
11:38Ashlar true..
11:39Ashlar eh.. cheaper than bluetooth
11:39--- User: *** xeno42_afk is now known as xeno42
11:40jams eh maybe i will just visit the store's maybe they have some rogue keyboards on the shelves
11:45o_cee Chutt: weh
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12:19bobnvic can anyone tell me where the video store directory is saved? I couldn't find any of the settings in the database.
12:20stoffel it's in there (somewhere). better use myth's setup program.
12:23bobnvic that is, I couldn't find any of the settings for mythvideo in the database, except for country and genre
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12:24stoffel bobnvic: btw, see /topic
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12:25anduin bobnvic - #mythtv-users
12:26bobnvic I'm not trying to set anything - I need to get the directory string for a mythvideo mythweb patch - it is a developer question in my eyes
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12:26anduin VideoStartupDir
12:26anduin in that case
12:27bobnvic what table is it in?
12:27anduin settings, that will give you the base for where the scan starts
12:27anduin the actual videos are in videometadata of course
12:27Chutt anduin, wait a sec. you mean that settings are in the settings table?
12:28Chutt that doesn't make sense!
12:28anduin Chutt - oops my mistake :)
12:28bobnvic ok, I looked in the settings table and didn't realize I wasn't seeing them all with the phpmyadmin
12:28Chutt heh
12:28Chutt anduin, i've been called away today to do other stuff, but i'm going to try and get your patches in tonight
12:29anduin Chutt - I'm in no rush, heck that just gives me time to make more lame minor changes (though I'm pretty sure I'm done doing that)
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13:18dopester auduin: thanks for the making a .pro file suggestion. everything works fine now :)
13:18dopester er anduin
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13:41* o_cee sticks his head into the channel
13:41o_cee heloo
13:42o_cee Chutt: you away today? m'kay, we'll take it tomorrow then if don't know exactly what i'm doing wrong
13:45stoffel GeckfoFiend: hey, i like your NewBlue theme
13:54stoffel anyone know what the unit of the fadeaway tag for themes is?
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14:19lucas3333 hey. I've got my pvr350 remote control up and running trough lircd & irw. I get keypresses just fine. I recompiled myth (.14) with native lirc support, but when I start mythfrontend, it does not respond to keypresses.
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14:20stoffel lucas3333: did you create a lircrc file in $HOME/.mythtv?
14:21stoffel and please read the topic
14:21lucas3333 if I tail /var/log/lircd I do see mythfrontend "connecting" to the lirc daemon
14:22stoffel lucas3333: please join #mythtv-users
14:22lucas3333 stoffel: I'm sorry, I didn't realize this wasn't the users list. I'll move to that. thanks.
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14:39stoffel hm, mythtv takes seriously longer to compile than my kernel configs do.
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15:14stoffel rkulagow_: here?
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15:15stoffel rkulagow_: not sure if the change on line 79 was on purpose.
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16:00stoffel is 'to fade out' proper english? it's about the fading of the on screen display
16:07dopester sounds proper to me
16:08stoffel ok
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16:26davatar so it seems the configure script from mythtv is unmodified from the last time it was synced with ffmpeg?
16:27davatar trying to get pthreaded libavcodec going...
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19:12davatar So how close is .15? I just got multithreading support for mpeg4 working, too late for this release?
19:13stoffel as i understood Chutt, he wants to release 0.15 sometime this week.
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19:15davatar ah.. I guess I'll wait.. could stand some more testing..
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19:16stoffel so will it speed up mpeg4 s/w encoding on smp boxes?
19:17--- User: *** xeno42_afk is now known as xeno42
19:19davatar yes
19:19davatar by a lot :)..
19:19davatar I'd guess hyperthreading as well...
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19:20stoffel anyone seen Sir-Al lately?
19:21Sir-Al stoffel: nope
19:22stoffel :( so i guess i missed when he left this channel.
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20:51yhan Hi, Got trouble to use DataDirect, do have an idea howto solve that problem ?
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22:29james hi,nice to meet you,thor.i am now working on visualization of mythmusic with mfd,so i want to ask you some questions
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22:50dopester wow zap2it is on crack
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