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03:24o_cee GeckoFiend: you added the recording threshold thingie right? would be nice if that option is grayed out in the settings if you haven't activated the other option that is mandatory
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04:18o_cee Updating 'mythfrontend_sv.qm'...
04:18o_cee 1047 finished, 1 unfinished and 88 untranslated messages
04:18o_cee stop chaning strings now dammit :)
04:22stoffel_ let's ask for a 1-2 days grace period without tr() Strings updates before the release.
04:25o_cee yeah, that would be starting now
04:35stoffel_ o_cee: btw, the help text for the setup PIN code is wrong. i'll send a patch
04:36stoffel_ it says 'Set it to blank to disable it' whereas there's the enable/disable PIN code checkbox above now.
04:37stoffel_ or not, just a bit misleading as either way works
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05:09o_cee heh, okay
05:33o_cee found two untranslated strings..
05:33o_cee just recompiling the frontend to make sure i didn't screw up
05:35stoffel_ gaaah
05:35o_cee /home/mythtv/mythtvcleancvs/mythtv/programs/mythfrontend/main.cpp:409: undefined reference to `RunProgramFind(bool, bool)'
05:35o_cee collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
05:35o_cee i managed to screw it up :)
05:35stoffel_ <o_cee> stop chaning strings now dammit :)
05:36o_cee muhahah
05:36o_cee not chaning, adding ;)
05:37stoffel_ a lot of strings i already had translated got lost it seems. i copy&paste some of them from cvs now.
05:38o_cee i don't update i18n from cvs, better to use lupdate
06:23o_cee 96,6%
06:24stoffel_ /ignore dick_size_competitions ;)
06:26o_cee :O
06:26o_cee but i have to prepare myself for my exam tomorrow..
06:26stoffel_ hrhr
06:26o_cee so euhm, cya lter
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08:59o_cee GeckoFiend: you added the recording threshold thingie right? would be nice if that option is grayed out in the settings if you haven't activated the other option that is mandatory
08:59o_cee dunno if you saw that before
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10:32rkulagow_ chutt: here?
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11:13Chutt rkulagow, yah
11:14o_cee Chutt: i'm at like 98% swedish translation now, but i've got an exam tomorrow so i'm not sure i'll finish it today.. you're not releasing it like today or tomorrow right?
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11:15o_cee also, any comment on the mail i send you? :)
11:17mikegrb o_cee: I'll finish the swedish translation
11:17mikegrb might not be correct
11:18* kvandivo snickers softly to himself.
11:18stoffel_ quick, someone please add more strings to be translated.
11:18mikegrb kvandivo: I get off two hours early today, heidi doesn't know :)
11:19mikegrb though she is likely to think something is wrong when I come round two hours early
11:19o_cee mikegrb: yeah, cool, i don't understand all those dvb settings anyway :P
11:19kvandivo mikegrb: you might catch her with the mailman
11:19mikegrb o_cee: don't feel bad, no one does
11:19mikegrb kvandivo: well perhaps
11:19mikegrb but a lady delivers our mail so I might enjoy that a bit
11:20o_cee oooh
11:20o_cee pictures!
11:20o_cee ahem
11:20mikegrb though thinking of the lady I think I would rather not have to see that ;)
11:20stoffel_ nah, videos!
11:20o_cee hah
11:20* o_cee thinks chutt is ignoring him because of the extremely stupid email i send asking stuff ;)
11:21* kvandivo thinks it might be presumptive to assume chutt is ignoring him because of any specific thing.
11:21* mikegrb thinks kvandivo should stop thinking before he gets a headache
11:22* o_cee thinks he should continue with his damn math
11:22* stoffel_ thinks the above sounds funny
11:22* mikegrb heads off for a nap on the couch
11:24o_cee yeah later :)
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11:26stoffel_ o_cee: 2 + 2 = ?
11:26rkulagow_ chutt: still here?
11:31kvandivo Infocus has apparently released a new followup projector to their popular X1 model. The new one (the X2) ups the lumens to 1500, and has DVI input. Price on the street is about the same at $999. Very interesting
11:34rkulagow_ chutt: if you see this in scrollback, i'd like to commit the .15 README and HOWTO. also, as far as help text and such, i'd like to implement a standard style. multi-line descriptions will be sentences with periods at the end of each. single-liners won't be.
11:34rkulagow_ (help text in setup, etc)
11:36stoffel_ why not end each help text with a dot? they are usually sentences and should end with one imho
11:37rkulagow_ stoffel: sure. i don't know. just to be different, i suppose. i'm wacky that way.
11:38rkulagow_ also, thanks for the pointer on that extra crap i commited yesterday
11:38stoffel_ np
11:44Chutt rkulagow, sure, go ahead
11:45rkulagow_ chutt:ok
12:00rkulagow_ hrmm. IIRC, there's still an issue with tuning to channels that are "noise" with the IVTV drivers. for example, channel 27 is showtime, which we don't get. my wife was watching live tv and was on channel 26. when she hit "up", it tried to go to 27 and the frontend locked up. on the tivo it'll detect this after a few seconds and paint a screen that says something to the effect that the channel might not be available, or the cable i
12:01rkulagow_ of course, the solution might be, "don't do that, then".
12:03kvandivo it does present the question of 'why is channel 27 in your list of available channels"?
12:03rkulagow_ because i forgot to remove it when i configured data direct.
12:03kvandivo granted, that doesn't really address the problem, it just effectively hides it
12:04rkulagow_ right; it pre-supposes that i know which channels in my lineup will actually tune to something valid. for example, "starz" sometimes have free weekend or something, so sometimes a channel is valid, sometimes not.
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12:54o_cee "This defines the offset (in hz) the frequency coming from the lnb will be in low setting." oh yeah, makes perfect sense to me.. bah
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13:24stoffel_ rkulagow_: still here?
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13:25rkulagow_ yes
13:26stoffel_ do you have a little time looking over the translation patches and commiting them?
13:27stoffel_ and the mood to do so, of course ;)
13:28rkulagow_ sorry, no. all my spare cycles are being used to update the HOWTO for .15. there's a bunch of stuff i'm integrating now, so i'm afraid that isaac (or someone else) will need to do it.
13:28stoffel_ ok then.
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14:49stoffel_ oh, another mythtv site
14:50o_cee <o_cee> mythvideo, what does "Aucune video" mean?
14:51stoffel_ that you switched mythtv to spanish?
14:51o_cee uhm
14:51o_cee i got this in linguist
14:51o_cee :)
14:52stoffel_ aaah. no idea
14:53stoffel_ google suggests it's french
14:53o_cee heh
14:54o_cee that's max powers work then :P
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14:56stoffel_ o_cee: returns 'kein' which means 'no' or 'none'
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14:57o_cee still something wrong in the source :/
14:57o_cee bah, haven't got time for this
15:00o_cee might be me that missed updating all sources
15:01stoffel_ which module?
15:02o_cee mythvideo
15:04stoffel_ i think the 'aucune' originates from a patch a french guy (Xavier ...?) submitted a while back.
15:04stoffel_ no problems here, o_cee
15:09o_cee i still have it here.. ah well
15:09o_cee lupdate is a bit odd sometimes
15:10o_cee hmm wonder if i need to recompile it as well
15:10o_cee ah well later
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15:27lmatter Captain_Murdoch, you did the commercial skip code?
15:30rkulagow_ lmatter: i put in the most very very basic stub of code but captain_murdoch is the one that did 99.99% of the implementation and actually got it into the code path and doing something.
15:31lmatter rkulagow_, Captain_Murdoch, God bless both of you. I've been using it a lot lately.
15:31lmatter Wonderful stuff.
15:31lmatter rkulagow_, you use pundits, right?
15:32rkulagow_ yes, i have one as my frontend
15:32lmatter recommend them? How's the TV out? Friend is asking
15:33rkulagow_ yes, i'd recommend it. PCI slots are very very tight; fitting PVR cards sucks because you've actually got to bend the case.
15:33rkulagow_ tv out is good+; need to run the winishoeffer drivers though and use sisctrl.
15:34lmatter ok, thanks. PVR 250's fit?
15:34rkulagow_ but, this is with the older one. there's -R version that uses some other chipset and i think someone on the mailing list reported that it doesn't work with linux
15:34rkulagow_ yes, pvr-250's fit. not easily thoug
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16:15o_cee Chutt:
16:15o_cee there's some foreign (french) stuff in there...
16:16o_cee i18n/themestrings.h: ThemeUI::tr("Parental");
16:16o_cee anyone know in what context?
16:17stoffel_ parental? sounds english to me
16:17o_cee yeah different thing :)
16:17o_cee other one is the french string
16:19Chutt so leave it alone and don't translate it
16:19Chutt what's the big deal?
16:20o_cee that i guess it shows up in french in mythvideo when it should be in english?
16:20o_cee i've translated french -> swedish instead, so for me, no big deal at all
16:21Chutt it's the filters dialog, which no one uses
16:21o_cee heh, allright
16:21o_cee also do you need the files tonight?
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16:22Chutt that would help
16:23o_cee k, i'll try to get it together (exam tomorrow but i'll try to diff them before i go to bed)
16:24o_cee and i guess i'll have to look more at grayout after .15 :/ it's not working 100% here right now, doesn't redraw properly when leaving popups
16:27thor heh
16:27thor I think it's valid french, and it's true, no one uses it
16:27o_cee thor: feel like looking at what i've done on it? ;D
16:28thor on the translation?
16:28o_cee yeah
16:28o_cee nah, tha grayout on play recs
16:28o_cee nevermind :)
16:28thor heh
16:28Chutt thor, if you're bored, the translation patches could be applied :p
16:28thor okey dokey
16:28o_cee thor: i'm sending you my stuff then
16:29thor I'm just trying a serial port controller here (we broke down and got cable)
16:29thor will deal with it after that
16:29o_cee missing 11 srings, all DVB shit
16:29o_cee too bad no-one will ever use all the translated stuff in the setup :P
16:30thor o_cee, Aucune means none
16:30o_cee Chutt: i thought maybe i could maintain the translations later on, to lessen patch-applying-load a little
16:31o_cee thor: yeah, translated it into swedish :P
16:31Chutt sure
16:31thor c'est bonne
16:31o_cee better we do it after .15 tho
16:31o_cee they're easy to apply and i know how to use lupdate and lrelease so ;)
16:32stoffel_ what? :)
16:32rkulagow_ chutt: any reason why channel::CheckSignal can't be used to check if a PVR card is actually getting a valid channel? assuming that they've implemented VIDIOC_G_TUNER .signal parameter and that it returns sane values.
16:32Chutt i don't believe they've implemented it
16:32rkulagow_ crap
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16:33rkulagow_ tmk isn't hanging around ivtv-dev; guess i'll have to post a message.
16:33Chutt i don't _know_ if they've implemented it
16:34rkulagow_ i'll take a look though.
16:34Chutt i'm not following the ck kernels, but you could grep for it and stuff =)
16:34anduin why does mythfilldatabase --quiet increment the argument count in the check for the param?
16:34rkulagow_ right; just checking
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16:35Chutt anduin, no clue
16:36anduin Chutt - in my next iconmap patch I'm going to remove that feature if it is ok.
16:36Chutt sure
16:42o_cee thor: you've got mail..
16:44o_cee Chutt: you saw my confused email?
16:45o_cee (yeah very funny, haha, "wich one") ahem
16:45anduin Chutt - exception handling... automatic reject?
16:49o_cee thor: let me know if there's any problems, i'm going back to the books for a while
16:49thor k
16:51rkulagow_ ok, i'm compiling a quick and dirty and see what comes back from ivtv. from a quick scan of the driver it looks like they either return a 0 or 65535 on signal strength. not the best, but if they always return 0 for a channel that you can't tune then that's better than nothing. (will help when my wife changes to showtime and we don't get showtime)
16:52rkulagow_ thor: here?
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17:29rkulagow_ thor: why are you avoiding me?
17:35stoffel_ o_cee: around? you know what MythXine refers to in mythvideo?
17:39o_cee nope
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17:52thor rkulagow, I'm back
17:52rkulagow_ hey.
17:52thor hiya
17:52rkulagow_ you'd asked about some version of iTunes; i've got 4.2
17:52rkulagow_ (a couple of days ago)
17:52thor do you have the installer?
17:52rkulagow_ yes
17:52thor iTunesSetup.exe
17:53rkulagow_ yes, 20 megs, downloaded on 2004-02-16
17:54thor ah. 20 megs ... well ...
17:54thor think my e-mail should deal with it
17:58rkulagow_ chutt: here?
18:00rkulagow_ thor: give it until 30 after the hour to make sure.
18:00thor okey dokey
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18:03Chutt anduin, i'd prefer not to have exceptions, right
18:03Chutt rkulagow, yeah, but i'm leavin in a few minutes
18:04rkulagow_ chutt: docs cutoff time?
18:04Chutt just got off a conference call for work
18:04Chutt tomorrow night, late =)
18:04rkulagow_ ok
18:06Chutt o_cee, i haven't had time to look at things yet
18:12rkulagow_ thor: give it a try.
18:12thor k
18:22anduin Chutt - so not automatically rejected? How about I send what I have and you can reject it after seeing it (exception use makes the DOM stuff a little more bearable)?
18:33o_cee rkulagow_: did the signal check work?
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18:37GeckoFiend chutt: What's the proceedure for getting a theme listed? I'm almost happy with this thing:
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18:47Chutt geckofiend, you send it to me and hope that i get enough time to put it on the website :p
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19:07Octane GeckoFiend god damn that looks great
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19:21pmowry_ GeckoFiend: i agree, it looks great. I'll get my wife's opinion once I can install it.
19:24pmowry_ That's the 3rd time I've mention wife on irc today, it's rising to the geek stereotype of "my girfriend in Canada, you dont know her"
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19:37Octane lol
19:37Octane im starting to have doubts she exists :)
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20:28Octane any idea why current cvs gives me a missing when /usr/local/lib is in the path and the symlinks are not broken?
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20:33davatar at the end of NuppelDecoder::OpenFile we return a 0. It turns out if you are watching mpeg4 while it is being recorded we reach the end of this procedure.
20:34davatar Turns out that this caused the saved position not be fastforwarded to when played.
20:35davatar if you can translate that from engrish :), where is the bug? Do we need to return 0 for anything?
20:36Octane good ole ldconfig
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21:07thor Chutt, mythfrontend is still doing something weird here ... if I watch a recording I often seem to get 3 or 4 mythfrontend threads that collectively are using 100% CPU
21:07thor and if I exit out to the menu, there's still a thread using about 30% cpu
21:08thor I'm going to rebuilt it for debugging, CTRL-C it and try and figure out what the hell it's doing
21:23Chutt thanks
21:24thor On the translation stuff, you want me to just comb -dev for anything translation related that hasn't been committed (eg. "Danish translation to MythMusic") ?
21:28Chutt i can do it tonight
21:28Chutt no worries there
21:28Chutt almost done with the mythmusic stuff
21:28thor ah, good, ok
21:28thor I'm thinking the "preview in the background" problem may not have been completely fixed
21:29Chutt possibly
21:29jams thor, I think your right. That problem went away for me when I turned off live previews
21:29Chutt if you can track that down, though, that'd be great =)
21:29thor it's building
21:29jams this was last week sometime cvs
21:29thor this is today's CVS
21:29thor (here)
21:29cmorgan damn background preview....
21:32cmorgan i really thought that was fixed some time ago
21:33thor ... compiling away .... should have something shortly (easy to reproduce, I think)
21:33jams cmorgan, it was .....
21:33cmorgan and it came back?
21:34thor hmmm .... post on -user ... was CVS rolled back ?
21:34jams cmorgan, yeah seems so.
21:35jams thor, will find out for sure :)
21:35jams wife is watching tv so I can't really check
21:36thor uhm, Chutt .... my CVS checkout also shows #define MYTH_BINARY_VERSION "0.15.20040505-1"
21:41jams thor, where's that ?
21:44thor in mythcontext.cpp
21:44thor probably just that nobody has upped it in a while
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21:49--- User: *** xeno42 is now known as xeno42_afk
21:50thor 'course, now it runs perfectly
21:50thor bah
21:50thor still trying
21:50cmorgan heh
21:54thor ah got it
21:54cmorgan doh
21:55thor bugger, attached gdb, and it stopped
21:57--- ---> Justin [] has joined #mythtv
21:58thor it certainly appears to be still decoding video while I'm back at the main menu
21:58thor bt on the active thread (#5 of 6) follows):
21:59thor #0 0x4069eab6 in put_pixels8_y2_mmx2 (block=0x87c79e8 "''(((*)'", pixels=0x87c4fb8 "),/23),.", line_size=720, h=0) at i386/dsputil_mmx_avg.h:222
21:59thor #1 0x4069ed2c in put_pixels16_y2_mmx2 (block=0x87c4fb8 "),/23),.",
21:59thor pixels=0x434ac973 "(+.12*,...159?>;85321,,,-16:=DEEDB>;8:963.*&#').3:@EGHFC>9510#&,27:<<77877543234553200/./39@CGC@=<940++,-0368EHIFA<::CFILKGC@85238BLScp\201\223?????\227~j_XSNF@:5433120-'#\"&*(),/37;=<:86432205<BFHIJT@\e\t\n\t\n\a\t\v\v"..., line_size=720, h=16) at i386/dsputil_mmx_avg.h:405
21:59thor #2 0x40531f75 in mpeg_motion (s=0x82efec0, dest_y=0x87c4fb0 "##\"\"\"&&'),/23),.", dest_cb=0x87c7cb0 "knqtvvwx\177\177\200\201\200\200\177~",
21:59thor dest_cr=0x87c7cb8 "\177\177\200\201\200\200\177~", field_based=0, bottom_field=0, field_select=0, ref_picture=0x82effa4, pix_op=0x82f0610,
21:59thor motion_x=6, motion_y=-3, h=16) at mpegvideo.c:2535
21:59thor #3 0x4053115b in MPV_motion (s=0x82efec0, dest_y=0x87c4fb0 "##\"\"\"&&'),/23),.", dest_cb=0x87c7cb0 "knqtvvwx\177\177\200\201\200\200\177~",
21:59--- <<-- newmember [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:59thor dest_cr=0x87c7cb8 "\177\177\200\201\200\200\177~", dir=0, ref_picture=0x82effa4, pix_op=0x82f0610, qpix_op=0x82f0730) at mpegvideo.c:2961
21:59thor #4 0x40529dca in MPV_decode_mb (s=0x82efec0, block=0x88a4e20) at mpegvideo.c:3195
21:59thor #5 0x4063acf5 in mpeg_decode_slice (s1=0x82efec0, mb_y=1, buf=0xbf3df7f4, buf_size=1440) at mpeg12.c:2408
21:59thor #6 0x4063bbf0 in mpeg_decode_frame (avctx=0x83e6f68, data=0xbf3df8dc, data_size=0xbf3df8d8, buf=0x8323ee0 "", buf_size=15768) at mpeg12.c:2948
21:59thor #7 0x405230d7 in avcodec_decode_video (avctx=0x83e6f68, picture=0xbf3df8dc, got_picture_ptr=0xbf3df8d8, buf=0x8323ee0 "", buf_size=15768)
21:59thor at utils.c:491
21:59thor #8 0x402c183e in AvFormatDecoder::GetFrame(int) (this=0x82757f8, onlyvideo=1) at avformatdecoder.cpp:1204
21:59thor #9 0x401c031d in NuppelVideoPlayer::GetFrame(int, bool) (this=0x43615848, onlyvideo=1, unsafe=false) at NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp:700
21:59thor #10 0x401c59a2 in NuppelVideoPlayer::StartPlaying() (this=0x43615848) at NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp:2116
21:59thor #11 0x08086233 in SpawnDecoder (param=0x43615848) at playbackbox.cpp:1279
21:59thor #12 0x
21:59knight- heh
22:01thor I can continue it in gdb, and it will jump up to 30%
22:01thor sometimes 2 threads each doing about 10-15%
22:02thor it would seem playbackbox.cpp is not getting killed .... I'm poking around at it
22:03--- ---> vempire [] has joined #mythtv
22:05cmorgan thor: exiting the screen should have issued a stop to the preview window
22:05cmorgan you might want to add some prints around to display the state changes
22:05thor yup
22:05rkulagow_ chutt: can you put a one-liner on the frontpage about the whole zap2it thing? obviously no one's reading the archive.
22:05thor I think I can only make it happen by going through some dialogs quickly
22:06thor let me try that, and some couts
22:06Octane looks like with dan's new mythgame patch, snes still runs with snes9x commandline options
22:06cmorgan thor: i think all of the code for exit sets the hardstop state and waits until it has been reached
22:07thor my first time looking at this code, will take me a while
22:07cmorgan thor: killPlayerSafe() should be waiting
22:07thor yup
22:07cmorgan it disables input so you can't do anything until it finishes
22:08Octane ill email him
22:11--- ---> chris234 [~chris234@HOGWORTS.MURPHNET.ORG] has joined #mythtv
22:19--- <<-- vempire_ [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:20--- ---> eco [] has joined #mythtv
22:22--- ---> [davatar] [] has joined #mythtv
22:24--- <<-- thor [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:25--- <<-- davatar [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:25--- ---> thor [] has joined #mythtv
22:25thor crappy dev box
22:28--- <<-- eco [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:30--- ---> eco [] has joined #mythtv
22:37Chutt thor, figure it out yet?
22:37thor nope
22:38thor cout'ing
22:38thor it is a bit of a hit and miss getting started
22:39thor all I know right now is that I can get cout saying that the end of PlaybackBox destructor has been reached
22:39thor and yet if I gdb CTRL-C it, it's still there
22:39thor checking creation of playback boxes now
22:41rkulagow_ well, that's good. looks like the ivtv driver (at least the ck version) does have a signal strength indicator for the tuner. it's only got two values 0 and 65535, but that's ok.
22:41thor 7 _wasted_ bits
22:41thor err, math
22:41thor 15
22:43rkulagow_ chutt: wait for .16, or go for it with .15?
22:43Chutt wait for 16
22:43rkulagow_ ok
22:46Chutt heh
22:46Chutt my work machine has \ in a different place than my mythtv dev box
22:47Chutt it's annoying
22:51Chutt geckofiend, hey
22:51thor ok, now I have two threads doing 30% each while I'm at the starting menu
22:51Chutt are you here?
22:52Chutt thor,
22:52Chutt is the cause
22:52thor mmm k
22:53Chutt i think, at least
22:54Chutt geckofiend, wake your ass up :p
22:55Chutt thor, comment out the last part of that if
22:55Chutt fixes it for me
22:56thor the third condition, ok
22:56thor will try it
22:59thor that's leaving the spawned nvp lying around
23:00--- <<-- cmorgan [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:01Chutt it's not cleaning up with that third condition removed?
23:02thor no, everything works fine with the third condition removed :-)
23:02Chutt well, not everything
23:02Chutt there's a possible hang there
23:03thor heh, as I said, first time I've looked at this code
23:04Chutt yeah
23:04Chutt why is there a stopping, killing and stopped, killed states?
23:05Chutt that doesn't make sense to me
23:05thor two "state" flags
23:05thor bit confusing
23:06Chutt those are the same flag
23:06Ashlar heh.. need to add stomped, crushed, mutilated, ex-parrot states
23:06thor playerStateType and killStateType
23:07Chutt stopping and stopped don't seem to be used, really
23:08Chutt ah, hrm
23:08Chutt strange
23:08Chutt ah well
23:09Chutt i think i fixed the original problem that geckofiend fixed in that commit i posted above
23:09Chutt and by fixed i mean 'fixed right' :p
23:09thor heh
23:10thor I really have no idea what's going on here :-)
23:14Chutt thor, want to handle that video folders patch?
23:14thor yup, I'll have a look at it
23:14thor now
23:15Chutt and the music id3 thingie if you have time?
23:15Chutt that one's quick
23:15thor k
23:18thor hmmm, looks pretty good, proper key callbacks and everything
23:24Chutt there, cvs has the playback box fix
23:24thor thanks
23:25Chutt time to finish up with the stupid mythmusic junk
23:25rkulagow_ great. stan is back.
23:26rkulagow_ or, should i say, grate. stan is bakc.
23:26thor LOL
23:26thor and what a classic comeback
23:28thor Copyright (c) 2004 Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV.
23:28thor (that's a bit odd, in the video folder stuff)
23:29Chutt heh
23:29Chutt as long as they're aware they're gpling it
23:29thor yup
23:29thor GPL right below that
23:30thor and, uhm, pages of it are the same as videobrowser.cpp
23:30thor anyhoo
23:31Chutt heh
23:33rkulagow_ nice thing about .15: it'll force the people who know what the fuck they're doing (as opposed to me) with the xbox to get their stuff together so that i can run CVS mythtv on the xbox. sure bit off more than i can chew with that one.
23:33thor heh
23:34Octane i am about to submit my first patch.
23:35Octane it changes only 2 lines :(
23:35Chutt thor, hey, um
23:36--- <<-- Justin [] has quit ("sleepy")
23:36Chutt did you know that each time you call 'SetText' on an item
23:36Chutt it redraws the screen?
23:36Chutt so if you have, say, 6 text items
23:36Chutt then set the text on each to something
23:36Chutt that's 6 screen redraws?
23:36thor ah
23:36thor that doesn't sound very good
23:37Chutt heh
23:37Chutt any thoughts on how to fix that?
23:37thor yeah
23:37rkulagow_ geez! nothing like a upcoming release to get -commits moving again.
23:37thor you're sure it's redrawing the whole screen?
23:38thor it probably needs a calculateScreenArea improvement
23:38Chutt yeah, pretty sure
23:38--- ---> pmowry [] has joined #mythtv
23:38thor just finishing with this other stuff, then I'll look at it
23:38Chutt just noticed it because the screen got _really_ slow when i started implementing this music info stuff
23:39thor note that any method that begins with a capital letter is probably not my fault
23:39thor :-)
23:40Chutt updateForeground
23:40Chutt is your fault :p
23:40thor oh yes
23:40thor that would be me
23:42Octane anyone know why since i upgraded to cvs myth interprets channel "45" as channel 4 and then channel 5? it seems to be sending a select after each digit instead of the whole thing
23:43Chutt thor, want me to take a look at fixing it, while you do the video stuff?
23:43--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
23:44thor sure ... my guess is that the right thing to do is to make sure calculateScreenArea is correct then call refresh()
23:44cmorgan thor: you find anything? i wasn't able to find any holes in the code by inspection
23:44thor the former usually gets called in the xmlparser
23:44thor cmorgan, Chutt fixed it
23:45cmorgan what did it end up being?
23:45thor bad condition in the safeKillPlayer loop was leaving nvp in existence
23:46--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
23:46Chutt hrm
23:46Chutt maybe it's not redrawing all the screen
23:48Chutt it's not the entire screen
23:48Chutt but it _is_ the entire container
23:49Chutt hr
23:49Chutt snack time
23:49Chutt well, dinner, really
23:49thor heh
23:51--- <<-- stoffel_ [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:55cmorgan thor: you tested the change and it fixes the problem?
23:55thor not the cvs commit, but something functionally equivalent
23:56cmorgan i'm not seeing how it fixes the problem
23:56thor thrid condition of if removed
23:56thor err, third
23:56cmorgan yep
23:56cmorgan ahh
23:56cmorgan i suppose we could be kDone and yet be starting a nvp up
23:57cmorgan yeah, thats the case, nm
23:57thor not claiming I understand it
23:57thor just that it "seems to work"
23:57cmorgan yeah, basically the if wasn't being entered because we were == kDone
23:57cmorgan but kDone doesn't mean that there is no nvp
23:58cmorgan he could have removed the kStopped conditional as well i think
23:58cmorgan oh i guess not
23:59cmorgan but it would be another logical state transition in updateVideo(). in any case, neat that it is fixed
23:59thor all Chutt
23:59thor I just complained and posted a bt
---Logclosed Tue May 25 00:00:26 2004