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00:04Octane any of the devs know why is it that when it comes to changing a channel during a scheduled recordings myth treats a 2 digit channel as two different channels (it seems to be inserting a select between the two)
00:05cmorgan the delay in the channel change script might be too long
00:05cmorgan or are you referring to using the ir control to enter a channel number?
00:05Octane its perfect in livetv though
00:05Octane no, when mythtv changes the channel to record a scheduled program
00:06cmorgan are you using the channel change script?
00:06thor external command or internal?
00:06Octane external
00:06Octane cmorgan yes i am
00:06thor C or python ?
00:06Octane perl
00:06cmorgan contrib/ reduce the delay between digits
00:08Octane ill give those a try
00:08Octane thanks cmorgan
00:10pmowry HI, I'm about to upgade from CVS because of an issue, Should I grab it now or wait a few hours so I can test with what ya'll are working on?
00:12Octane .15 should be out very soon
00:12Octane depends how critical your issue is :)
00:14Octane cmorgan: i just changed over to the contrib scripts. again... it works in livetv but not in scheduled recordings
00:14Octane it sends 10 select. then it sends 1 seelect. 0 select.
00:14Octane mythtv seems to be parsing the channel first as a whole and then each digit separetly
00:15thor I seem to recall some FAQ about "changing channels twice"
00:15Chutt recent patch for signal checking
00:15cmorgan Octane: hmm... never seen it myself ;-)
00:16Octane it goes: 10 select. 1 select. 0 select.
00:16Chutt thor, i think i have a fix for the multiple redraws
00:16Octane its not the actual script
00:16thor ok, was just about to get to it
00:17thor the music metdata patch is going in
00:17Chutt great
00:17Chutt 'course, i need to update the lib version
00:18Chutt no fun :(
00:18thor make distclean, sit and wait
00:18Chutt yeah
00:19Chutt is sooo much faster at compiling c++ code
00:21Octane Chutt is signal checking something a user can disable?
00:22Chutt no
00:22Chutt send in a patch
00:22Octane i sent a patch today :)
00:22thor heh
00:23Chutt yeah, 3 times
00:23Chutt if you want this other issue fixed, fix it
00:23Octane i had to resub to -dev
00:23Chutt that patch went into cvs last week
00:23Octane know who submitted it so i can search for it... signal check doesnt return much
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00:32thor seems to me it's redrawing only the <area> of the UITextArea, as it should?
00:33thor although probably not handling Alt area's properly
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00:59Chutt takes sooo long
00:59thor heh
01:00Chutt hrm. 20" dell lcd for 750
01:00Chutt tempting
01:01thor I still don't see the problem, calculateScreenArea() seems right, and the refresh()'s pass update requests based on the textarea's dimensions
01:01thor obviously, I'm missing something
01:01Chutt it's redrawing the entire container, though
01:01Chutt so if you've got a bunch of stuff in the container, they all get redrawn
01:01thor hmmm
01:01Chutt such as, say, 6 text areas :p
01:01thor 'fer example
01:01Chutt we'll see if this helps any, it's a minor change
01:02Chutt i think it'd probably be better, long term
01:02Chutt to switch the uitypes stuff over to being real qwidgets
01:02Chutt no inefficiencies
01:02Chutt that way =)
01:03thor I suspect the trolls have already solved these problems rather well
01:03thor :-)
01:03thor uhm, your six areas overlap ?
01:03Chutt nope
01:03Chutt but they're all in the same container
01:03Chutt and the updateForeground code only checks per container
01:04thor ah yes
01:04thor I'm with you know
01:04thor boy is that dumb
01:05thor heh
01:05Chutt no, it's right
01:05Chutt it's just that there needed to be a deferred paint method
01:05thor right
01:06thor aside from hide(), update, update, update, update, update, show(), refresh()
01:07Chutt right
01:08Chutt that's what qt's update() does
01:08Chutt groups a bunch of redraws together into one
01:08thor right
01:09Chutt fix is in CVS now
01:09Chutt feels a lot faster on the info screen
01:09thor cool
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01:13o_cee thor: you got my translations?
01:14thor received them, yes
01:14o_cee goodie
01:14thor dealt with them, no
01:14o_cee :)
01:15o_cee at least you got them, wich is good. now i've got 60 minutes until exam, so i'm getting some breakfast.. bye bye
01:15thor good luck
01:16thor the successor of 0 is 1, the rest follows by induction
01:31thor osdsurface.cpp:610: warning: unused parameter `OSDSurface*surface'
01:32thor can I fix that?
01:40Octane has anyone reported any problems with mythtv exiting when you watch a recording in realtime?
01:41thor not that I'm aware of
01:41Octane if im recording program x and then go watch it as its recording, mythtv exits the viewing after a few seconds
01:47thor if it's reproducable, I'm sure a backtrace would be of use
01:49Chutt thor, sure, fix away
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01:57Chutt allright
01:57Chutt good enough for tonight
01:57thor yup
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03:29newmember anyone home?
03:40anduin newmember - depends, did you mean to go to #mythtv-users?
03:40newmember Can I use an xbox for playback from a myth server ?
03:41anduin newmember - yes, though that isn't a dev question really
03:43newmember I am a hopeful user, I understand it could be underdevelopment at this stage
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03:44anduin newmember - I was just trying to direct you to the #mythtv-users channel where you might find more help
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03:45newmember cool ty
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06:16o_cee oh yeah, we're at 100% translation :]
06:16stoffel how did your exam go?
06:16o_cee bah
06:17o_cee as expected......
06:17stoffel ok, how's the weather?
06:17o_cee heh, pretty well actually :)
06:17o_cee hm, good
06:17o_cee right
06:31o_cee stoffel: ever seen this?
06:31o_cee mythtv@dragon i18n $ grep -i "unfinished" mythfrontend_sv.ts
06:31o_cee mythtv@dragon i18n $ lrelease -verbose
06:31o_cee Updating 'mythfrontend_sv.qm'...
06:31o_cee 1138 finished, 0 unfinished and 1 untranslated messages
06:32o_cee 1 untranslated? what the hell has lrelease been smoking
06:34stoffel no, so far i always used linguist to release my updated ts file
06:35o_cee oh
06:38stoffel but it differs for de as well
06:38stoffel grep unfinished de.ts returns 207, lrelease says 930 finished, 6 unfinished and 205 untranslated messages
06:39stoffel 313 untranslated messages for sv?
06:40o_cee odd
06:40o_cee cvs's not updated
06:40o_cee how the hell can i return 1 untranslated.. argh
06:41stoffel it's a conspiracy
06:41o_cee has to be something like that
06:42o_cee 1139 in total, at least that's correct
06:43o_cee i know what it is
06:43o_cee hehe, stupid lrelease
06:43o_cee it's the empty string
06:43o_cee wich is translated into also nothing
06:47stoffel how did you translate all the dvb crap, o_cee?
06:47o_cee with alot of imagination
06:47o_cee heh
06:49stoffel :) iow like those crappy manuals for vcr's made in korea
06:50o_cee hah, hope not
06:50o_cee better than nothing, someone who actually cares about the dvb stuff will have to do it i guess.. hard to translate when you don't know the meaning of all of it
06:51o_cee plus, no-one will ever use the translations in the setup program since you must get everything running to be able to set language :P
06:51stoffel i imagine locale detection one day :P
06:52o_cee a simple question when you startup setup would be enough :)
06:53stoffel not if it can be done automatically, this is linux not windows
06:53o_cee i for one don't have swedish locale
06:53o_cee i think that stinks
06:53o_cee :P
06:54o_cee only thing i'd need to change is the date.. but it looks so ugly in myth, all days are lowercase in swedish.. so Mon becomes m\xE5n instead of M\xE5n wich would be better
06:56stoffel ah, i use a all-numeric date format
06:57o_cee ah
07:12stoffel mplayer -vo caca is nice
07:13stoffel alhough the colors are a bit hm, psychodelic
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08:29stoffel Chutt: can you lupdate for mythtv?
08:29o_cee not necesarry, just do it locally
08:30o_cee better than cvs trying to merge anyway
08:30o_cee (if you've made changes)
08:31* stoffel puts his beer aside. ah sure nevermind then
08:31o_cee :P
08:39stoffel hm is it gigem who wants me to translate every letter in the alphabet? :P
08:40o_cee heh, yeah, really hard to translate those
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09:28stoffel an 'enum' type starting with e.g. kLetterbox_Toggle = -1, kLetterbox_4_3 = 0, means the next entry kLetterbox_16_9 will be 1, right?
09:30stoffel let me ask differently: is it an oversight that the 16/9 stretch mode is missing in the aspect override selection box?
09:34stoffel even more in globalsettings.cpp: 16/9 Zoom and 4/3 Zoom both are type 3 which, according to videooutbase.h is kLetterbox_16_9_Zoom afaict
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11:11rkulagow_ So, this seems to be working:
11:11rkulagow_ 2004-05-25 10:00:03 TuneTo(11) curList[i].freq(199250)
11:11rkulagow_ 2004-05-25 10:00:03 TuneToFrequency(3188)
11:11rkulagow_ 2004-05-25 10:00:03 Channel::TuneToFrequency Signal Strength: 65535
11:11thor heh
11:11rkulagow_ i've gotten IVTV to spit out Signal Strength: 0 when tuned to Showtime, so that's good.
11:12thor if Showtime is actually off
11:12thor :-)
11:12rkulagow_ now we just need to do something with it.
11:12thor btw, got the iTunesSetup, thanks
11:12rkulagow_ i think the CheckSignal stuff for HDTV should help here.
11:12rkulagow_ sure, no problem.
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11:49kvandivo thor, you seem quite adept at cosmetic work
12:04thor heh
12:04thor I'm just pedantic
12:12stoffel hm, just yesterday i told him on irc to use mythvideo to play all his spongebob episodes
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13:16mdz Chutt: so, the countdown has begun. tv_grab_na is broken, and I have about 5 days of guide data left :-)
13:20Chutt tonight, if all goes well
13:21thor there was some concern with o_cee that I may have buggered something on japanese and german translations, but the thinking is that you didn't run lrelease against them and I did (unwittingly)
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13:22stoffel uh, oh, what?
13:22thor nothing serious
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13:29o_cee thor: will you apply the other updates as well?
13:29thor ah, the mythvideo and stuff ?
13:29thor translations
13:30thor that is
13:30thor ?
13:30o_cee yeah
13:30o_cee and mm i think also
13:30thor yup
13:30o_cee goodie
13:30stoffel what about my tiny patch to make the osd fadeout time configurable?
13:31thor Chutt's code, I don't commit stuff over that unless specifically asked to
13:32stoffel ok, i'll patiently wait and see what happens then
13:32thor :-)
13:32o_cee when recording back-to-back (thats what you call it if you have show1 20-21 and show2 21-22 right? same channel?) i get a gap there in the middle.. i know bruce and david have discussed this, but i still think it's strange that it can't use the second card.. maybe better of mailing david
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13:50thor hmmm ... I have cvs commit that is hung at the terminal
13:50thor I'll leave it be for the time being
13:51thor (anyone know if CVS is atomic?)
13:51o_cee "You cannot mix Meta-CVS with plain CVS usage. Also, Meta-CVS does not repair the lack of atomic commits in CVS."
13:52thor ah
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13:52thor well, hopefully it will wort itself out
13:52thor sort
13:52o_cee "On the other hand, if the question is whether the CVS server implements technically pure atomic commits, the answer is no. At this moment (CVS server 1.12), commits are not atomic. This means: when commiting a group of files with one CVS commit request, it can happen that some of the files are committed, while others aren't. This is a known issue on the server side and cannot be addressed by client software."
13:52o_cee gogle is nice :)
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13:58o_cee hahahhaahhaa
13:58o_cee i better check these commits :P
14:03* thor is softly humming the Swedish Chef theme song
14:03thor would be good if you could check it, 'cause that's the commit that is still hung on my console
14:06o_cee viewcvs seems happy with it
14:06thor hmm, it's back
14:07thor that was odd
14:07kvandivo maybe you were doing an atomic cvs operation that just took a really long time
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14:07o_cee don't think there's any problem with them
14:08thor who knows, I may have just accidently hit a scroll wheel exactly up to the point where it look like it was hung
14:08o_cee heh
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14:13o_cee cvs update: move away filters/onefield/filter_onefield.c; it is in the way
14:13o_cee C filters/onefield/filter_onefield.c
14:13--- User: *** lmatter_ is now known as lmatter
14:13o_cee dumbass cvs
14:13rkulagow_ crap. i think i fudged up the mysql 3 datadirect thing
14:14o_cee doh
14:14thor tell him to chill for 24 hours
14:15o_cee ooh don't we love distclean, blah
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14:15* o_cee is timing how long it actually takes to build
14:15kvandivo i use distclean 100% of the time
14:15kvandivo luckily cachecc makes it rather painless
14:16o_cee i found out you don't _always_ have to, so i try not to
14:16kvandivo :)
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14:16o_cee cachecc?
14:16thor god damn fucking iTunes
14:16o_cee ka-ching?
14:16rkulagow_ distcc?
14:16o_cee thor: that's the spirit
14:16kvandivo ccache..
14:16o_cee distcc? ccache?
14:16kvandivo that's what i meant..
14:16o_cee :)
14:17kvandivo ties in very well with distcc, though, rk
14:17rkulagow_ yeah, spreads the love.
14:17rkulagow_ that's what our thor does.
14:17o_cee searching gentoo portage for it..
14:17kvandivo it's there.. i can give you the names if needed
14:17o_cee kvandivo: does it "just work"? :)
14:17kvandivo hold on a sec, o_cee
14:17o_cee sure, couldn't find it on 'cachecc'
14:18o_cee damn it was the other way around :P
14:18o_cee no
14:18o_cee dammit, i need milkshake
14:19o_cee "which constantly does clean builds of Samba on about 30 machines after each CVS commit." <-- heh
14:19kvandivo i think that the ebuild will tell you what you need to do for ccache, if anything
14:20kvandivo big thing is that it stores the cache in ~/.ccache
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14:20o_cee k
14:21stoffel thor: did/will you commit my latest translation patch?
14:22o_cee dev-util/ccache
14:22o_cee i'll try it
14:23thor stoffel, no I didn't
14:23thor what's it translating
14:23thor ?
14:23thor or message subject ?
14:23stoffel [PATCH] mythtv: another german l10n update
14:24o_cee something like this to set a maximum cache size of 2GB: <-- sounds like alot kvandivo?
14:25thor I can do that
14:25stoffel thor: thx
14:26thor hang on, didn't Chutt _just_ update german last night ?
14:26stoffel yeah, there's a lot to translate. and i changed some older translations
14:27kvandivo o_cee: i have mine caching myth as well as emerge stuff (don't compile much else) , and the largest machine cache that i have is a bit over 1 gig. if you don't cache emerge stuff (i'm thinking about removing emerge caching) it shouldn't use near that much
14:27thor so this is against CVS of last night?
14:27stoffel yes
14:27thor k
14:30o_cee kvandivo: set it to 1gb.. just trying to get the path right
14:30o_cee seems to be ok, how do i know it's in affect?
14:30kvandivo compile, do a distclean, and compile again. :)
14:31o_cee ok, so you're not supposed to see any output when compilning?
14:31kvandivo or, compile something, do a du -ks ~/.ccache and see if it changes
14:31kvandivo the idea behind ccache is that it is totally transparent, so no, you don't see any output
14:32o_cee weh, int increased :)
14:32o_cee it
14:32kvandivo now delete the .o files, and recompile that
14:32kvandivo it should buzz through it real fast
14:33o_cee we're talking about myth now ;)
14:33kvandivo mine only slows down when it has to link. otherwise the g++ lines just fly by
14:33o_cee wickid
14:34kvandivo (assuming, it goes without saying, that the source file hasn't changed)
14:34o_cee of course
14:34o_cee cool thanks for the tip
14:36o_cee 12M /home/mythtv/.ccache
14:36o_cee oh yeah
14:36o_cee :)
14:38o_cee I'm an employee of Philips Electronics (, which
14:38o_cee means that Philips is the copyright owner of what I've made.
14:38o_cee heh :)
14:39o_cee thor:
14:39o_cee I.. -Idvbdev -I../libavcodec -I/usr/qt/3/include -o avformatdecoder.o avformatdecoder.cpp
14:39o_cee avformatdecoder.cpp:246: warning: `PixelFormat getFormat(AVCodecContext*, const
14:39o_cee PixelFormat*)' defined but not used
14:39o_cee another warning to fix :)
14:39thor heh
14:41thor odd, doesn't do that here
14:42thor it's an enum
14:42stoffel hm, doughnuts, yummy
14:42thor and I think it's used
14:42thor heh
14:42o_cee aeuuhm
14:43o_cee donuts are nice.. milkshake even better
14:49pmowry__ From the muppets to Eddie Izzard, I see a thesis for Psyc major forming.
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15:21Chutt geckofiend, hey
15:21--- ---> bart2 [] has joined #mythtv
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15:38GeckoFiend heya
15:43--- ---> AridWrk [] has joined #mythtv
15:49Chutt geckofiend, did you mean to commit those greyout changes?
15:49Chutt since there's a lot of commented out lines, etc
15:51GeckoFiend Crap no I didn't I thought I had pulled his patch before I did that.. I'll back it out and fix it.
15:52Chutt thanks, just checking =)
15:52GeckoFiend that had o_cee's tempoary patch in it
15:52--- ---> marc_ [] has joined #mythtv
15:53GeckoFiend funny thing was, when I looked at that I was surpised that you'd let it go in like that. didn't stop to think that maybe I hadn't done an update
15:53Chutt hehe
15:55rkulagow_ chutt: you see bruce's post about the datadirect icons thing?
15:56Chutt yup
15:56Chutt i'm fine with it going into cvs
15:56Chutt and 0.15
15:56Chutt as it's pretty optional, and doesn't affect normal operation
15:58rkulagow_ ok.
15:58stoffel Chutt: hi. what about my tiny patch to make the osd fadeout time configurable?
15:58Chutt eh, after 0.15
15:58rkulagow_ you do the icon patch thing and i'll do the docs then?
15:58Chutt rkulagow, bruce'll commit it
15:58rkulagow_ ok
15:58stoffel ok
15:59rkulagow_ you'll let him know? i think this will be the last thing for .15; i'll commit the DVD burning stuff after i have a chance to test it out.
15:59rkulagow_ (meaning the docs that i was sent, not some built-in module or crazy stuff like that)
16:00o_cee GeckoFiend: ehm, i told you not to commit that crap :D
16:01GeckoFiend LOL I didn't *mean* too. I think I was so pissed off at the zero byte recording and the sluggish gui associated with it that I jumped the gun
16:01o_cee muhahah, at least there wasn't my name at that code :P
16:01thor Hmmm bork bork bork
16:02o_cee nooooh you haven't
16:03o_cee Chutt: haven't been able to fix it completely, the grayout.. one part is the preview playing/stopping and the other part is removing the grayout.. heh, yeah well painting it works tho ;)
16:03o_cee almost at least
16:07Chutt great
16:15--- <<-- marc_ [] has quit ("Leaving")
16:17o_cee yeah it's definately the way to do it, but i haven't figured it all out.. will take another stab at it now.
16:17o_cee will start from scratch i think..
16:21o_cee GeckoFiend: you rolling it back?
16:25--- ---> FryGuy_ [] has joined #mythtv
16:25--- <<-- FryGuy [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:26--- User: *** FryGuy_ is now known as FryGuy
16:28GeckoFiend Just commited it
16:28o_cee great
16:28--- <<-- eco [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:29--- ---> Rroet_ [] has joined #mythtv
16:29--- <<-- Justin [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
16:29--- ---> eco [~eco@] has joined #mythtv
16:29--- ---> Justin [] has joined #mythtv
16:30--- ---> Joel68 [~jsnider@] has joined #mythtv
16:30--- <<-- Rroet [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:30--- <<-- czn_study [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:31GeckoFiend grrr if it'd stop bitching about me having checked out the old version
16:32o_cee apache takes some time to update the cache
16:33GeckoFiend cvs commit: sticky tag`1.151' for file `programs/mythfrontend/playbackbox.cpp' is not a branch
16:34--- <<-- lmatter [] has quit ("Leaving")
16:35--- ---> czn_study [] has joined #mythtv
16:35choenig bbl
16:36--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
16:39--- <<-- taco [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:39--- ---> eco_ [] has joined #mythtv
16:42GeckoFiend Checking in programs/mythfrontend/playbackbox.cpp;
16:42GeckoFiend /var/lib/mythcvs/mythtv/programs/mythfrontend/playbackbox.cpp,v <-- playbackbox.cpp
16:42GeckoFiend new revision: 1.153; previous revision: 1.152
16:42GeckoFiend done
16:42GeckoFiend Checking in programs/mythfrontend/playbackbox.h;
16:42GeckoFiend /var/lib/mythcvs/mythtv/programs/mythfrontend/playbackbox.h,v <-- playbackbox.h
16:42GeckoFiend new revision: 1.51; previous revision: 1.50
16:42GeckoFiend done
16:42o_cee goodie
16:42GeckoFiend FINALLY. I swear CVS is too smart for it's own good sometimes
16:42o_cee hehhehe
16:43--- <<-- crb_ [] has quit ("Client exiting")
16:44o_cee GeckoFiend: there's this as well
16:44o_cee timeformat = gContext->GetSetting("TimeFormat", "h:mm AP");
16:44o_cee showTimeFormat = gContext->GetSetting("TimeFormat", "h:mm AP");
16:44o_cee in the constructor
16:47--- ---> taco [] has joined #mythtv
16:50--- ---> TheAsp [] has joined #mythtv
16:50GeckoFiend yeah that was already there. Didn't show up in my diff at least
16:53--- <--- Chang [] has left #mythtv ()
16:54--- <<-- bitbyte [] has quit ("changing servers")
16:54o_cee yeah i mean one of them could be removed right
16:56--- <<-- eco [~eco@] has quit (Connection timed out)
16:56--- ---> bitbyte [] has joined #mythTV
17:01--- <<-- Joel68 [~jsnider@] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:03GeckoFiend at the very leats showTimeFormat could be set to timeformat and save a database hit
17:03o_cee yeah that's what i meant
17:03o_cee not much but hey
17:05* o_cee tries to do some reading on qt
17:09--- <<-- bbeattie [~bbeattie@] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:11thor heh
17:11thor the _Windows_ version of iTunes 4.1 sends this header: DAAP-Server: iTunes/4.1 (Mac OS X)
17:11thor guess they were in a bit of a hurry
17:11o_cee hehe
17:12o_cee i can't figure out how to actually _remove_ the grayout... hmmmm
17:13thor bah, I'm going for coffee
17:13o_cee mmmmmmm
17:14--- ---> choenig [] has joined #mythtv
17:20--- ---> bbeattie [~bbeattie@] has joined #mythtv
17:24--- ---> lmatter_ [] has joined #mythtv
17:24--- ---> WangHo-n_ [] has joined #mythtv
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17:29--- User: *** lmatter_ is now known as lmatter
17:36o_cee bear with me..
17:37o_cee if i use a bool to determine when to draw the grayout, it's either on or off.. but how'd i turn it off in that case? i can't clear it everytime there's a paintevent and the bool is off right? would i need a state with like, on, off, turn off..? or am i just thick?
17:37o_cee hmm
17:38stoffel thor: maybe they didn't wanted to see 85% windows and 15% apple users in their statistics
17:39stoffel o_cee: set it to 1 to request a redraw, and after it's redrawn clear it
17:41o_cee enabling the bool triggers a toggle instead? doesn't seem very safe to me..
17:43stoffel the bool is the toggle then. but don't listen to my babbling
17:44--- <<-- WangHo-n_ [] has quit (Client Quit)
17:44--- ---> WangHo-n__ [] has joined #mythtv
17:44o_cee heh, i think a tri-state is better then
17:45Chutt why doesn't a bool work?
17:46Chutt paint events aren't going to happen between two popups
17:47o_cee how often do they occour? i tried doing a clearing of the grayout when enableGrayOut wasn't enabled, but that just resultet in an endless repainting kind of thing
17:47o_cee (inside painEvent that is)
17:47Chutt you're doing it wrong, then
17:48o_cee yeah, i did it the same way it was done before tho.. hmm
17:49o_cee //backup.begin(this);
17:49o_cee //backup.drawPixmap(0, 0, myBackground);
17:49o_cee //backup.end();
17:49o_cee with that one
17:52--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
18:07--- ---> Hurricane [] has joined #mythtv
18:09--- <--- Hurricane [] has left #mythtv ()
18:13--- <<-- WangHo-n__ [] has quit (Client Quit)
18:14o_cee maybe got it a little now..
18:18--- <<-- AridWrk [] has quit ("Leaving")
18:19--- ---> monkeyBox [] has joined #mythtv
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18:34--- ---> Justin [] has joined #mythtv
18:37--- ---> coume [~coume@] has joined #mythtv
18:41--- ---> bdale [] has joined #mythtv
18:44--- <<-- coume [~coume@] has quit (" (Now Open!!!)n- The MythTV users community forum")
18:44stoffel 7 minutes, wow. he stay's longer every time
18:46o_cee Captain_Murdoch: you around?
18:46Rince what the hell is mythtvtalk and why is it commercial?
18:46o_cee ?
18:47stoffel coume has this in his quit message
18:47thor as long as it doesn't ask me to update my credit card information
18:47o_cee not another forum
18:48o_cee lots of posts! :)
18:48thor hmmm, needs a wiki
18:48stoffel a whole 13 posts in 10 forums
18:50Rince o_cee: I do not need another forum, I need answers ;)
18:51o_cee Rince: depends.
18:51pmowry__ Sorry for the agrivation, forgot to turn auto_away off on this machine.
18:51stoffel well, will hopefully save the -users list from another 50 'oh, tv_grab_na stopped working' posts
18:52cmorgan heh
18:52Rince o_cee: yes, I know. But I do not like this "enthusiasm" since there are too many forums. I do not want to check >50 sites wether there is an answer for my questino
18:52thor cruch them
18:52o_cee there's two sources.. mailinglists and these chans
18:52--- User: *** pmowry__ is now known as pmowry
18:52o_cee the rest's just crap :P
18:53thor or you can fly to Cleveland and stand on Chutt's lawn with a placard
18:53stoffel and a wiki
18:53o_cee thor: where you able to reproduce the grayout?
18:53o_cee thing
18:53Rince o_cee: I agree ;)
18:53thor hey hey, ho ho, pop greyout's got to go
18:54o_cee right. i'll send you a patch soon for you to try out :)
18:55--- <<-- schultmc [] has quit ("Client exiting")
18:58--- User: *** Ashlar_away is now known as Ashlar
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20:26--- ---> gigem [] has joined #mythtv
20:48--- ---> iou [~emptynine@] has joined #mythtv
20:48gigem chutt, are you still around? what's left to do for the release?
20:49thor he's fending off all the idiots with placards standing on his front lawn
20:49gigem que?
20:51thor <Rince> o_cee: yes, I know. But I do not like this "enthusiasm" since there are too many forums. I do not want to check >50 sites wether there is an answer for my questino
20:51thor <o_cee> there's two sources.. mailinglists and these chans
20:51thor <thor> or you can fly to Cleveland and stand on Chutt's lawn with a placard
21:00rkulagow_ chutt: i've got one last commit to the HOWTO (the icon stuff) and then i'm ready to close
21:05* gigem is back
21:05* gigem is back
21:22Chutt heh
21:22Chutt hey
21:23thor hows the lawn?
21:23Chutt trampled
21:23thor bastards
21:24Chutt i think stuff's pretty much ready for a release, myself
21:24Chutt aside from rkulagow's commit
21:25--- ---> foka [~foka@] has joined #mythtv
21:25thor messed around with things last night ... could not get it to break
21:31--- ---> solarce [] has joined #mythtv
21:34--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:37--- <<-- Viddy [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:38--- <--- solarce [] has left #mythtv ()
21:41rkulagow_ up in a few.
21:44--- ---> Viddy [] has joined #mythtv
21:51rkulagow_ hrmm. cvs is hanging at this line for about 3 minutes now: cvs update: Updating mythweb/themes/wap/img
21:54rkulagow_ that master_iconmap thing for the icons sure has a lot of west-coastisms in it. looks like xmltv _is_ a pre-requisite if you want to use the icon grabber for your location. or at least tv_grab_na_icons is.
21:55--- <<-- hadees [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:58rkulagow_ and the battle to get .15 out the door is o-vuh!
22:00rkulagow_ chutt: upload is done.
22:00thor and there was much rejoicing
22:00thor (yah!)
22:03rkulagow_ thor: is all that mfe/mfd stuff going to be in .15?
22:03thor nope
22:04thor but within a few days, mfe will be a bleading edge alternative for mythmusic
22:04thor bleeding, even
22:46--- Netsplit <-> quits: bitbyte
22:47thor Go Calgary!
22:49--- ---> euphobot [] has joined #mythtv
22:49--- Netsplit over, joins: bitbyte
23:06anduin rkulagow_ - yes, I live on the west coast, the idea is that you add where you live making it more useful over time. I wasn't being as nice as Bruce's idea about importing major cities and providers.
23:13--- <<-- gigem [] has quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.10")
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