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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-05-26

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00:19teenah i got booted, not sure if anyone responded to this so I'll repeat. I'm getthe the followign error (none of my drives are full according to df -k)
00:19teenah ERROR: file I/O problem in 'safe_write()'
00:19teenah : No space left on device
00:19teenah any suggestions?
00:21thor you probably have ringbuffer and or dir for recordings pointing at something non-existent (or something the user running myth does not have rights to)
00:21thor also, please see the topic
00:22teenah oops sorry i joined by accident, i usually go to mythtv-users
00:22thor yup
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00:42anduin The decoder thread seems to eventually take an excessive amount of CPU (eventually noticeable as prebuffering pauses)
00:43thor you on _current_ cvs (post last night at least)?
00:44thor there was a problem with NuppleVideoPlayer's not getting deleted on some exists from playbackbox.cpp
00:44thor exits
00:46anduin thor - yes, I saw that. This doesn't appear to be a rogue decode thread (in fact exiting and starting playback again actually makes things better)
00:47thor ah
00:47thor well ... rebuild for debugging, attach gdb, CTRL-C it, and see what it's doing ?
00:48anduin thor - AvFormatDecoder::GetFrame, iow doing that now
00:49thor need to send it to -dev or wait for Chutt to show up, I know virtually nothing about the video decoding stuff :-(
00:50anduin yeah, I need to dig more, was just throwing it out to see if I was the only one.
00:52thor haven't noticed it, but don't think I've had a decoder running for more than a few minutes in the last few days
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01:11Chutt anduin, how longs it take to start acting bad?
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01:15anduin Chutt - haven't timed it yet, less than 30 minutes, I'm still digging
01:15Chutt did this start recently?
01:16Chutt does it gradually use more cpu?
01:16Chutt or is it all at once?
01:17Chutt live tv or playback only?
01:17Chutt =)
01:17anduin Chutt - I'm not sure exactly when (my so was doing something weird that "fixed" some problem, that is when I started looking)
01:17anduin I never use live tv :)
01:17Chutt hum
01:17Chutt ok
01:18Chutt well, ah, i'll see if i can repro
01:18anduin just looking over the last few minutes is seems gradual
01:19Chutt hmm
01:19Chutt well, if you can, in avformatdecoder.cpp
01:19Chutt there's a build_index = 0
01:19Chutt or something like that
01:19Chutt that's only used for live-tv and watching/recording
01:20Chutt might try removing the conditional setting of it, and use build_index = 0 always
01:20Chutt unless that's broken somehow
01:20anduin happy to try
01:21Chutt and you don't know when this started, right?
01:23anduin Chutt - yeah, sorry I don't have a good timetable "maybe a week" is what my SO says
01:23anduin I usually track CVS within a day or two, but still the timetable is next to useless
01:23Chutt yeah
01:23Chutt ah well
01:23Chutt if you have time to narrow that down a bit, it'd help, but..
01:24Chutt it'd be better if you can figure out what's causing it =)
01:24anduin I'm going to try, never really played in this part of myth though.
01:25Chutt libavcodec/libavformat's a tad not fun
01:25Chutt could always try to repro it with the most recent libavcodec/libavformat sync reverted
01:26anduin yeah, I was thinking that might be the cause, I've got some time tonight, I'll try to find it
01:26Chutt excellent, thanks
01:26Chutt it's just late here, i need to get to sleep
01:26Chutt and this kinda needs fixed for a release
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02:07Chutt andiun, i've had playback running for > half an hour now, and it's still using the same amount of cpu
02:08Chutt err, anduin, rather
02:09anduin Chutt - yeah, I was seeing the same, I'm now leaning toward it involving seeking as well. When I find good steps I will send it to the list.
02:09Chutt i'm really wanting to release tomorrow night
02:10anduin I totally understand, at this point it is just me seeing it though... can't be that bad then right :)
02:10Chutt yeah, but it could be similar to the crap code in libavformat that made it go insane when you changed channels
02:11Chutt that's in the 0.14 release
02:11thor anduin, any chance it's seeking towards the "end" of live?
02:11thor that causes it?
02:12anduin yeah, I'm not going to stop looking. I can't seem to reliably reproduce it (tried lots of seeks, doesn't do it) but almost every recording that my SO watches it happens about half way through (usually after she skips commercials)
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02:12Chutt i dunno
02:12anduin thor - no, these are fully pre-recorded it isn't the lack of a seek map
02:12thor ah, ok
02:12Chutt i'd try reverting the libavcodec/avformat changes
02:12Chutt and see if you can repro then
02:12Chutt i can't think of anything else it could be
02:13Chutt though, i really haven't been keeping up with some of the other random changes people have been making lately
02:13thor heh
02:13anduin yeah, I'll do a revert, I still have hours left tonight (though debugging while my SO is watching AI sucks)
02:13Chutt ya ya :p
02:13Chutt ah well
02:13Chutt 2:15, now it's _really_ time for bed
02:14thor night
02:15Chutt actually
02:15Chutt if you skip a largish portion of a file
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02:15Chutt then play for a bit
02:15Chutt then seek back and start playing the un-watched bit
02:15Chutt that'll trigger the same bug as 0.14 did
02:16thor it jumps somewhere early?
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02:16thor or something more pathalogical?
02:16Chutt stupid ffmpeg guy uses a static array for his seek table
02:16thor ah, that problem
02:16Chutt then resizes it and memcpys stuff around to insert in the middle
02:16thor (not that I understand it, but I do recall it)
02:17Chutt not much to understand
02:17Chutt copying lots of stuff around in ram is expensive :p
02:17thor yup
02:17anduin Chutt - good steps, currently have it eating roughly double the CPU it usually does doing exactly that
02:18Chutt ok, i think i fixed that in cvs
02:18Chutt if you mind updating and testing that sequence again?
02:20Chutt Added on: 31-Jan-2004 Downloads: 58870
02:20Chutt heh
02:20Chutt crazy
02:22anduin rebuilding avformat...
02:22Chutt it was just avformatdecoder.cpp that changed
02:22anduin yup, I even diffed :)
02:23thor x $59.99 =
02:24Chutt naw, just $19.99 :p
02:24thor well, not Park Avenue, but something
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02:28anduin it "seems" better, or I was just lucky and thought I had the steps down. I'll play with it more.
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03:27FryGuy i would just like to announce that thor has some funny commits to cvs
03:27FryGuy thank you for your time
03:27Rince what kind of commits?
03:28FryGuy " Oscar's Swedish translations for MythMusic. Somehow, I have managed to
03:28FryGuy resist the temptations to randomly insert "Bork, bork, bork" strings
03:28FryGuy everywhere.
03:30Rince ;)
03:30Rince that's a good one ;)
03:30FryGuy not the only time i've laughed because of his commit messages :)
03:32* thor has been subconsciously humming the Swedish Chef theme all day
03:33FryGuy bork brok bork!
03:33Rince and now... I will cook the bird with the egg. No, the egg from the bird... ;)
03:33thor First you need de bouncy meat-a ball-a
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06:42o_cee blurp
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11:46Chutt what kind of crack is grant edwards smoking?
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11:54kvandivo and it must be 'that time of the month' for people to wonder what the officially sanctioned fully integrated "environment" is for writing code
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12:05stoffel load average: 78.80, gnah, where's the reset button?
12:05rkulagow_ chutt: sometime today, then?
12:06thor hmm, this month we've been through forums/wikis, and now IDEs. Within the next 24 hours someone will ask about scripting langauges and/or selling boxes
12:06kvandivo highest load i've ever seen was on an old sun sparc 10 back when i was first learning (and abusing) threads. 400. 'xload' was a solid black box, because the number lines were so close together
12:07kvandivo needless to say, the machine completely gave up shortly after that
12:07thor heh
12:07kvandivo thankfully, i had connected to another machine in the lab to do my thread testing, so my own console stayed up. BUT, I won't comment on the words that were coming out of the guy's mouth who was actually sitting there
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12:08stoffel and i just copied a couple GB movies around :(
12:16Chutt rkulagow, sure
12:17kvandivo Chutt: you should respond to any emails asking about IDEs that you will only accept code if it has been written using ed
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12:18Chutt heh
12:18Chutt if anyone wants to make a changelog for the website announcement, that would speed up the release process tonight
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12:47o_cee Chutt: you could make a note in the relnotes about the 100% translations there are now ;)
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13:12* mikegrb translates o_cee
13:26o_cee mikegrb: what did you find out?
13:28mikegrb ?
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13:30o_cee when translating me
13:32o_cee nevermind :)
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13:38mikegrb ahh
13:38mikegrb didn't find out much
13:38mikegrb ;)
13:38anduin does Bruce Markey hang out here?
13:38Chutt very, very occasionally
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13:41anduin Chutt - things seem better re the playback problem, hasn't happened once on the box with the fix (while still happening on the one without)
13:41Chutt great
13:42anduin ok thanks, I'll e-mail him
13:44Chutt blah
13:44Chutt since when did ebgames start charging sales tax
13:45o_cee is that optional? hmm :)
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13:46dcstimm what is the user mailing list url?
13:47stoffel -> General Info/List
13:48dcstimm thanks
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14:34dcstimm hey guys, do i need cvs to get tv listings?
14:34dcstimm mythfilldatabase isnt working anymore
14:34dcstimm and it says in the website it says CVS only
14:34dcstimm so I am confused
14:35Chutt read the mailing list.
14:35Chutt and the topic of this channel.
14:35dcstimm iv registered with zip2it and i dont understand what i need to do to
14:35dcstimm Chutt, i tried the mailing list
14:35Chutt it's been discussed in detail several times now
14:35dcstimm <dcstimm> what is the user mailing list url?
14:35dcstimm <stoffel> -> General Info/List
14:35dcstimm <dcstimm> thanks
14:36Chutt if you can't figure it out from there, tough luck
14:36dcstimm i just have that one question
14:36dcstimm Chutt,
14:36dcstimm do i need cvs?
14:36Chutt if you read the user mailing list, you would know that
14:36Chutt and if you read the topic of this channel, you would know not to ask user support questions in here
14:36dcstimm umm, i found noone with the same problem im having on the ML
14:37Chutt then you can't read
14:37dcstimm Chutt, I dont have voice in the mythtv-users
14:38o_cee uhm, its not moderated.
14:38o_cee sheesh
14:38dcstimm --- Cannot join #mythtv-users (You are banned).
14:38o_cee oh, yeah, that happened for a reason
14:38dcstimm o_cee, because you were being rude
14:38o_cee that's right, you where to stupid to read.
14:39o_cee you don't know what i'm like when i'm rude.
14:39dcstimm o_cee, yeah your probably much more gay
14:40knight- You guys are being too kind this morning
14:40kvandivo ahem
14:40o_cee Chutt? if it's not to much trouble, please.
14:40Chutt you started it
14:40Chutt so, why?
14:40anduin does anyone have a zip they'd like to see in the master icon list?
14:40Chutt anduin, 44094
14:41o_cee we tried helping him for a couple of hours..
14:41o_cee anduin: S-217 49
14:41Chutt comcast
14:41kvandivo 90210
14:41knight- 94301
14:41knight- hah beverly hills
14:41dcstimm o_cee, thats not true
14:42o_cee anduin: i will be able to setup swedish icons and stuff later on, but it'll probably be in a couple of months
14:42o_cee dcstimm: will you be quiet in here if i let you back in?
14:42dcstimm o_cee, i had questions and you kept pointing me to the mailing lists, and I told you i was just there
14:42o_cee dcstimm: mythv-users please.
14:42dcstimm o_cee, thats the only reason im in here
14:43kvandivo 44094 is quite close to the lake. congrats
14:44o_cee anduin: how'll the master list be maintained? in cvs, or on a website or something?
14:44anduin o_cee - it is in cvs now, in the contrib directory
14:45rkulagow_ chutt: how's the feature list coming together? i know there's zap2it, better hdtv support, better scheduler
14:45o_cee anduin: yeah, but i mean how'll it be updated?
14:45anduin o_cee - manually probably, though I now have another perl script which automates where possible
14:46Chutt i haven't started it
14:46Chutt i can't until tonight
14:46rkulagow_ i don't like master lists. john danner started with pulling weather based on zip code, then made a master list, then lost interest. in the meantime people have been writing _me_ saying that there location isn't in there and that they can't get weather.
14:46o_cee anduin: yeah but if i want to udpate my master list from the central master list.. can i grab it from somewhere? or do i have to wait for the next release or build my own?
14:47anduin rkulagow_ - and so you can generate your own list with
14:47rkulagow_ actually, he started with a manual process of having the user go to the website and check their location code.
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14:48rkulagow_ anduin: right, they can create their own. i'm just saying.
14:48anduin o_cee - it is in cvs, you can grab it from there anytime you want, there is no other official location (though there could be)
14:48anduin rkulagow_ - importing a new lineup into the master list will be mostly automated. Yes, I don't like master lists, however I don't like xmltv's grabbers even more.
14:49o_cee k, was thinking about non-cvs users
14:50* mikegrb picks up kvandivo and places him in the lake
14:50anduin o_cee - I could easily see someone nice adding it someplace linkable from the docs.
14:50--- ---> Coume [~Coume@] has joined #mythtv
14:50o_cee just thinking out loud ;)
14:51rkulagow_ chutt: are you going to do an early docs sync?
14:51Chutt i'll do one when i put up the release
14:52rkulagow_ ok
14:54kvandivo am i the only one that is getting the impression that coume is just joining and leaving a bunch of times so that he can get his goodbye message on the screen more often?
14:54rkulagow_ that's dastardly!
14:56mikegrb there is a mythtv forum?!?!?!
14:56mikegrb OMG CUM!!!!
14:57mikegrb haha it is crap
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14:57mikegrb 6 users
14:57Coume nop
14:57mikegrb only 4 posts not by him
14:57Coume sorry :)
14:58Coume I said in the mythtv-users that I was changing of computer
14:58Coume but did not tell it here, apologize :/
14:58dcstimm Chutt, congrats on the new job
14:59--- ---> thor [] has joined #mythtv
15:00Coume mikegrb,I just opened it and I hope it will be useful... if not, I will have put it up for nothing... but... we will see :/
15:02Coume I have bandwidth and free space, rather than leaving it unused, do you all think it's stupid to have a mythtv forum??
15:03mikegrb personally I think any forums are stupid
15:04Coume k at least it's clear mikegrb :)
15:04mikegrb ;)
15:04o_cee i'm sure some people will find it useful.
15:05Coume when you are student, sometimes (any like in my uni) you cannot access irc, then in that case I think it's useful a forum and it is also useful all those who don't liek ml
15:21mikegrb I find people that don't like mailing lists don't use a proper email client
15:24thor ugh, stupid cable company
15:24Coume I like mailing list but it is really time taking
15:25mikegrb not as time consuming as a forum ;)
15:25Coume and btw, I never managed to suscribe to the mythtv ml, it never accepted me email address, don't udnerstand why :( mythtv ml must not like French!
15:25mikegrb thor: heh I've been without access at home since monday
15:26thor "we have no plans to enable serial ports"
15:26thor well, I have no plans to pay you any money
15:26mikegrb ahh
15:26thor (I've had cable for about a week)
15:26mikegrb I'm concidering getting digital cable again
15:26mikegrb with the firewire stuff
15:27mikegrb mainly to play with it with my ibook
15:27thor well, if they enable the serial port (after my threat), fine. Otherwise it's HDTV antenna on the roof
15:27mikegrb will be moving within the next few months and they generally do first x months pretty cheap
15:27mikegrb heh
15:27mikegrb voom sounds nice for hdtv
15:27o_cee serial port?
15:27o_cee for what?
15:27mikegrb we have an hdtv set so hdtv signal would be nice
15:28mikegrb o_cee: channel control
15:28o_cee oooh, on the box
15:28mikegrb yup
15:28mikegrb thor: what cable company
15:28o_cee yeah i can imagine having ir-transmitter sucks
15:28thor Comcast
15:29thor last thing I need is some other dongle hanging out for my kids to get ahold of
15:29o_cee hehehee... that didn't sound right, but ah well
15:30thor oh, yeah
15:30thor hmm
15:30thor nm
15:30o_cee :)
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15:48riskable Anyone know of a problem with ffv1.c with the current CVS?
15:48o_cee nah
15:48riskable Two different machines are giving me internal compiler errors when trying to compile that
15:49riskable ...which is odd because a few days ago it was compiling fine
15:49thor turn on an air conditioner
15:49riskable LOL, I know I know... I'm not overclocking and it's not hot in here =)
15:50o_cee it's getting hot in heeeere
15:50o_cee write a big pla.. argh, thor, how do you spell that? :)
15:50thor > 50% of internal compiler errors are flaky hardware over heating
15:50thor placard?
15:50o_cee yeeah
15:50riskable I suspect it might be the gcc included with Mandrake 10, rather than a problem with one of my machines
15:51riskable Figured I'd let you guys know about it
15:51o_cee nothing i've seen at least
15:55riskable Well, FYI: Looks like it's a Mandrake 10-specific problem:
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16:00AlfaGTV Hi, I have a gentoo workstation (2.6 kernel + kde3.2.2) with a pc tv rave card in it, is it possible to use mythtv in a windowed mode (not full screen)?
16:01thor yes, and see topic
16:01AlfaGTV oops sorry
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16:03KillerBunny Anything revolutionar in the new 0.15 ?
16:04riskable New way of getting TV listings that's like 50x faster
16:05KillerBunny :)
16:05KillerBunny Looking forward to it.
16:07Coume riskable, but is it only for tv listing in the USA or also for the european countries?
16:08KillerBunny Im looking more into the changes in the video, and music department.
16:08KillerBunny Since im not using the TV part.
16:15Octane riskable
16:15Octane ?
16:15Octane riskable from HLML and such
16:15Octane ?
16:16Octane KillerBunny the new music playlist is kickass
16:16kvandivo mythmusic now has a search box where you type in music that you want.. any music, and it goes out on the net, finds the music, downloads it to your system and starts streaming it straight to the speakers (just kidding)
16:17KillerBunny I would rather have it structure it a bit better.
16:17Coume octane, as I was saying in mythtv-users, I always have a gap between each mp3 in random mode, will it stop with 0.15
16:17KillerBunny And a streaming feature for webradio.
16:17Chutt looking forward to your contributions
16:17Octane Coume: i have no idea i dont use music that often
16:17o_cee Coume: this is a dev channel, so i expect we'll be seeing a patch to adress your problem?
16:17Octane since my good speaker system is plugged into my main box
16:17o_cee great
16:18Coume o_cee, that's why I was not talking, but has octane mentionned the music :D I'd love to do a patch, but I don't even know why it's so long between the song :(
16:19thor toggle you list as shuffled setting
16:21Coume thxs for the tip thor, I will try as soon as 0.15 will be installed on my fresh FC2 box
16:21Octane yah maybe try rand instead of smart
16:22Coume Octane, random do the same than smart
16:23Octane lets take this to #users
16:23Coume sure
16:23thor et voila, on peut continuer en francais maintenant
16:23Coume t fr thor?
16:24thor sorry, thought you were in #users
16:24thor :-)
16:24Coume lol
16:25--- ---> mecraw_ [~mecraw@] has joined #mythtv
16:27--- <<-- crb [] has quit ("Client exiting")
16:38--- <<-- Octane [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:39--- <<-- Rince_ [] has quit ("leaving")
16:40--- ---> Rince [] has joined #mythtv
16:40--- <<-- Rince [] has quit (Client Quit)
16:40--- <<-- KillerBunny [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:43--- ---> Rince [] has joined #mythtv
16:50--- ---> FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
16:55--- ---> Octane [] has joined #mythtv
16:56--- <<-- Chang [] has quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.10")
16:59--- ---> mecraw__ [~mecraw@] has joined #mythtv
17:06--- ---> AridWork [] has joined #mythtv
17:07--- ---> mecraw___ [~mecraw@] has joined #mythtv
17:12--- <<-- AridWrk [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:13--- <<-- mecraw_ [~mecraw@] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:14--- <<-- mecraw__ [~mecraw@] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:17--- <<-- riskable [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:19Coume brb, I change of computer
17:19--- <<-- Coume [~Coume@] has quit (" (Now Open!!!) - Feel free to assist us in building a mythTV community!")
17:20kvandivo ok.. i officially apoligize for mentioning him while ago
17:20thor heh
17:21Chutt blame kvandivo
17:23o_cee lala
17:25--- ---> coume [~coume@] has joined #mythtv
17:26coume re
17:26o_cee re?
17:27coume hmm i was thinking it was international, meaning I'm back
17:28* o_cee writes down that you came back at 23:37:07.
17:29Chutt thor, translation patches? =)
17:29o_cee mine are all in i think
17:29o_cee thor: right? :)
17:29thor as in I screwed something up on the ones I put in, or as in why are some not in yet?
17:29coume o_cee: come one if I did that this time was to avoir getting hammered kvandivo
17:31Chutt naw, there's some new ones today is all =)
17:31Chutt i'm busy going through the commits list :(
17:31thor Japanese and what not
17:31thor I will do them
17:32kvandivo Chutt: i had started doing that for you, but about 10 days in i decided that i really didn't what you would consider important enough for a changelog
17:32Chutt yeah, i know
17:32Chutt thor, thanks
17:33thor yup
17:35--- ---> choenig [] has joined #mythtv
17:37--- ---> stoffel [] has joined #mythtv
17:39kvandivo hmm.. since we have zap2it data now (with actor info!) perhaps it's time for a new update to the recommendation engine..
17:40kvandivo now would be the ideal time to get it into beta with the release and all...
17:41--- ---> bjm8 [] has joined #mythtv
17:42bjm8 Chutt, is it soup yet?
17:42kvandivo now there's a face you don't see very often around here. :)
17:42o_cee hi bruce
17:42o_cee :)
17:42o_cee soup?
17:42bjm8 Hey o_cee
17:43o_cee bjm8: remove that annoying 8 :P
17:43o_cee you never responded to the last mail in the leftless discussion
17:43bjm8 It means 'is it ready yet?'
17:43o_cee yeah but why does it mean that? he's writing the relasenotes i think
17:43* stoffel tastes. hm, could use some more pepper
17:44kvandivo bjm: i was just commenting that since we have an impending release i should throw a new version of the recommendation engine out there. I trust that you'd be willing to supply your unvarnished comments on it?
17:44bjm8 Ahh, so at least it's simmering.
17:44bjm8 I've been tasting for the past couple hours and I don't think it needs any more salt.
17:45o_cee heh
17:45* stoffel nods
17:45o_cee btw, that patch from chris pinkham didn't compile so i haven't been able to test it
17:46bjm8 recommendation engine? wah?
17:46o_cee see, you should be here more often
17:46stoffel i just spend ~5 hours converting from ext3 to xfs. bah
17:46o_cee heh
17:46Rince stoffel: is this doable without dataloss?
17:46Rince ;)
17:46Rince and is it worth it?
17:47bjm8 o_cee I thinnk cpinkham's patch is post 15. Nice ifix if you have busy slaves.
17:47o_cee bjm8: i'm seeing delays in between backtoback even with back/fron on same machine wich has plenty of power
17:48bjm8 stoffel it's not that big a win. partition layout matters most. Post to the list and I reply...
17:48stoffel Rince: it is, as long as xfs plays nice. i converted my media_lv to xfs and started copying back the nuvs when the box got slower, and slower and ...
17:49stoffel somehow bdflushd and kupdated went crazy. so i updated to 2.4.26 (from 2.4.20-wolk4.11) and everything went smooth since then.
17:49Rince ;-)
17:49bjm8 o_cce it's been that way for awhile. I sometime end early by a minuted to not lose the next beginning.
17:49stoffel bjm8: not a big win? thanks for telling me now ;)
17:50--- ---> gigem [] has joined #mythtv
17:50bjm8 LOL
17:50o_cee bjm8: yeah.. kind of annoying and it'd be really nice if chris's patch cleared it up
17:51bjm8 Head activity is the villian.
17:52bjm8 Anyway, I just wanted to check in 'cause I got 'GO' feaver. L8R
17:52o_cee mkay, later
17:53gigem then tell isaac to go!
17:55--- ---> o_cee_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:00--- ---> Kuwanger [] has joined #mythtv
18:04thor anybody see an unapplied translation patch other than the Japanese one in the last 24 hours or so?
18:05kvandivo Subject: [mythtv] [PATCH] mythtv: another german l10n update
18:06kvandivo yesterday afternoon..
18:06stoffel that one got applied by thor
18:06thor yeah, got that one already
18:06kvandivo ahh.. ya... don't have any others in my mailbox that i noticed..
18:06thor I should take mdz's advice and always respond
18:07stoffel unless they ended up in Trash.unsure i didn't see any other ones
18:09--- <<-- gigem [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:10--- ---> gigem [] has joined #mythtv
18:11--- <--- Kuwanger [] has left #mythtv ()
18:11--- <<-- o_cee_ [] has quit ("Lämnar")
18:12o_cee hi gigem
18:12gigem hey, o_cee
18:13o_cee haven't heard from pinkham
18:13gigem yeah, he may be working or something
18:13o_cee guess so
18:14o_cee i couldn't get more than 11secs gap in between, but isn't that too much anyway?
18:14gigem yes, imo, anything more than a couple is too long.
18:15o_cee yeah, good ;)
18:15stoffel most commercials/announcements are around 30sec's anyway :)
18:16gigem a lot of networks don't always put commercials between show anymore.
18:17--- User: *** coume is now known as Coume-Aw
18:17o_cee or if the shows are 1 minute late/early
18:17o_cee you get probs
18:17--- User: *** lmatter_ is now known as lmatter
18:19stoffel what about recording both shows as one file and letting the user set a _cut_ point later on should he decide to export them to dvd/vcd?
18:20stoffel without something like vps it won't be perfect anyway
18:21gigem a user should already start early/end late if they want to do that.
18:21gigem i think o_cee's issue is that he doesn't want to miss any of the shows.
18:22o_cee right. happened twice now that i've missed the last 20-30 secs or so at the end
18:23stoffel due to the show starting late?
18:23o_cee no because there's a gap in between recordings end and recording starts again
18:24stoffel ah, i'm not sure it's always like that, but i remember one back-to-back recording where the second recording started very close after the first one ended, maybe a few seconds later.
18:30o_cee we should have nifty names for the myth releases :)
18:31stoffel like wikididoo?
18:31thor 0.15, the "Get the Morons with the Placards off my Lawn" release ?
18:31o_cee i was thinking about 'Vanilla'
18:31o_cee (i have a vanilla coke (that's empty) beside me)
18:32o_cee or, Absolut Vanilla, that's good too
18:32stoffel i know absolut vodka, but absolut vanilla?
18:33o_cee you never heard of Absolut?
18:33o_cee you germans
18:33o_cee :)
18:33stoffel hm, :) who/what/ is it?
18:33o_cee come ooon
18:34stoffel hey, i'm not 17 anymore
18:34o_cee haha
18:34o_cee it's one of the most known brand of vodka
18:35stoffel [00:32] <stoffel> i know absolut vodka, but absolut vanilla?
18:36o_cee oh, mis-read that
18:36o_cee yeah it's pretty new
18:36o_cee like 6 months or so
18:36--- <<-- choenig [] has quit ("wuuuusch...")
18:36o_cee thor: what was that? you said you want to lick the toad?
18:37--- ---> choenig [] has joined #mythtv
18:41thor I have no idea
18:41thor just spouting nonsense as usual
18:42o_cee google said it meant: "i want to lick your toad"..
18:42o_cee now you offended that guy too :P
18:42o_cee muhaha
18:45o_cee heh
18:56--- User: *** cmorgan_zZzZ is now known as cmorgan
18:56--- <<-- gigem [] has quit ("Leaving")
18:58--- ---> kslater [] has joined #mythtv
19:05rkulagow_ i think .15 should be called "paycheck"
19:05thor ?
19:05thor ah, Chutt
19:05stoffel heh
19:06--- <<-- schultmc [] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:06rkulagow_ although "wikididooo" _does_ have a certain charm to it.
19:06rkulagow_ and to think that i already drank my celebratory beer _yesterday_, thinking that i was going to be the Last Commit.
19:06thor heh
19:09rkulagow_ dinner. blbl.
19:11dcstimm mythtv ebuilds are ready for 0.15, once i get the source i can test them
19:17--- User: *** gfiend is now known as GeckoFiend
19:22--- <<-- lmatter [] has quit ("Leaving")
19:23o_cee Chutt: you need help with anything?
19:26--- ---> lane [] has joined #mythtv
19:34--- <<-- mecraw___ [~mecraw@] has quit ("Trillian (")
19:44--- <<-- Ashlar [] has quit ("ttfn")
19:46--- ---> sc00p [] has joined #mythtv
19:58--- ---> Viddy [] has joined #mythtv
20:09--- ---> gfiend [] has joined #mythtv
20:09--- <<-- GeckoFiend [] has quit (Connection reset by peer)
20:15--- User: *** gfiend is now known as GeckoFiend
20:20--- <<-- eco_ [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:21--- ---> eco_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:49--- ---> gigem [] has joined #mythtv
20:50gigem o_cee, i just sent you a patch to try on back-to-back recordings. it won't fix anything, but might shed some light on why a rescedule is even being done at that time.
20:51o_cee i just send you a mail back
20:51o_cee compiling it
20:51o_cee damn, why isn't bruce responding
---Logclosed Wed May 26 20:57:50 2004
---Logopened Wed May 26 21:18:30 2004
21:18--- ---> mikegrb [] has joined #mythtv
21:18-!- Irssi: #mythtv: Total of 59 nicks 0 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 59 normal
21:18Chutt i've got since forever
21:18o_cee :)
21:18o_cee heh
21:18Chutt but, naw, i'm ok
21:18o_cee gigem: does that make sense?
21:18-!- Irssi: Channel: Join to #mythtv was synced in 19 secs
21:18gigem okay, i'll try to figure out why things are happening the way they are and maybe have a fix or another test patch tomorrow.
21:19o_cee okay
21:19--- ---> berli [] has joined #mythtv
21:20--- <--- berli [] has left #mythtv ()
21:20o_cee in mythweb, why can't i select 'record one showing' if there's a subtitle? doesn't make sense to me
21:22o_cee gigem: 12hrs is correct, yeah. just saw another rec, the other list wasn't sorted or something
21:23--- <<-- hfb [] has quit ("Leaving")
21:25* gigem is away: for a little while
21:26Chutt ok, time to tag cvs
21:26* o_cee goes to bed: will be back in about 7-8 hours ;) g'night, good luck with the releasing
21:28anduin any chance on waiting for once more commit from bruce before it is tagged?
21:28Chutt sure
21:28Chutt know how long?
21:28bjm8 Chutt, I just committed a file. Is that okay?
21:28Chutt yeah, i just updated cvs and am doing a test build first, anyway
21:28bjm8 Done ;-).
21:29anduin bjm8 - can you commit the file I sent as well?
21:30bjm8 I committed the master file I got from you about 5 min ago.
21:31anduin bjm8 - ok, that was it (hasn't hit my mailbox yet), thanks
21:32thor wow, good Trek
21:33Chutt i'll do mythtv last, in case there's anything else minor
21:39Chutt mythgame works, right?
21:40thor I don't think I've ever compiled it
21:40Chutt i don't have anything online right now to test with
21:41thor somebody ...
21:42Chutt heh
21:42Chutt ah well
21:43--- ---> hadees [] has joined #mythtv
21:44jams last night cvs compiles and every game tested so far works
21:46thor excellent
21:47Chutt 6 down, 4 to go
21:47jams intstalling zsnes to make sure
21:47Chutt eh, if the list works, everything else will
21:48--- <<-- Viddy [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:49Chutt geckofiend, give me one big thing you did to put in the release notes
21:51* gigem is back
21:52gigem i just looked at o_cee's new (and old) log, and believe it is the position map problem and so will need chris' patch.
21:52Chutt i should script this, but i don't do releases often enough
21:52gigem anyone know where chris is?
21:53Chutt he's 'Captain_Murdoch'
21:53Chutt but, dunno where he is
21:54gigem yeah, i know that, but he's been idle for 4.5 days.
21:55Chutt heh, yeah
21:55Chutt he did say he's going to commit a big patch after 0.15, though
21:57gigem still, he hasn't responded to a few emails in the last day or two.
21:58bjm8 He posted to the dev list last night.
21:58Chutt he's been out of town a lot recently
21:58jams zsnes works no mame games to test
22:02--- ---> pmowry [] has joined #mythtv
22:02--- ---> Ashlar [] has joined #mythtv
22:03pmowry My thanks to Bill Sooudan. I didn't think anyone besides me thought Atari support was a good idea.
22:03pmowry and my apology for the typo :(
22:05--- ---> linagee_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:06--- Netsplit <-> quits: thor, FryGuy
22:06--- ---> ejay79 [] has joined #mythtv
22:06--- <<-- dcstimm [] has quit (Client Quit)
22:07--- Netsplit over, joins: FryGuy
22:07--- ---> bdale [~bdale@] has joined #mythtv
22:08Chutt Downloads: 2
22:08Chutt it's been up for about 30 seconds
22:08Chutt geez
22:08kslater I would've jumped on it, but I didn't want to be first.. ;-)
22:10pmowry Blind luck on my part. I saw the commit afterward.
22:10--- <<-- sc00p [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:10kslater congrats to all you guys by the way
22:10gigem where's the note on the web site? :-)
22:13--- ---> sc00p [] has joined #mythtv
22:15Chutt it's getting written
22:15Chutt i'm slow
22:16Chutt each one of those modules has to be added individually
22:17gigem heh, better you than me. i'm the slowest writer i know.
22:19Chutt allright
22:20Chutt that's done
22:20--- ---> thor [] has joined #mythtv
22:20Chutt now i just need to come up with a short blurb for freshmeat
22:21Chutt a cookie to whoever knows the source of the new story title
22:24Chutt i hate writing freshmeat blurbs
22:25Octane small bug which i cant fix... setting a default filter in video manager doesnt save
22:26gigem bjm8, now that 0.15 is out, when do you think you'll get a chance to look at the search records?
22:27gigem i'm building a merge of the 0.15 changes into the search_record branch right now.
22:27gigem i'm preety sure nothing conflicts, and will commit the branch changes in a little while.
22:27Octane lol
22:27Octane "some guy named 'mian'"
22:28--- ---> Viddy [] has joined #mythtv
22:29Chutt gigem, go ahead and merge your stuff into head, if you want
22:29Chutt mdz, you're too late :p
22:34gigem chutt, i just forwarded you an email i sent bjm a few days ago. i'd like to hear from both of you on that before i merge into head. i think i will hold off on any more ui changes until after the merge, though.
22:34Chutt ok
22:34Chutt it's my experience that cvs merges better if stuff's only in one branch
22:34Chutt is all
22:36gigem yeah, i know. i don't intend to wait very long, but i do to make sure the basics are correct before anyone else starts using it.
22:36bjm8 gigem, I've checked out the brach. Unless there's a fire drill tomorrow, I'll start focusing on that.
22:37Chutt geckofiend, your theme, is it compatible with the recent mythmusic changes?
22:37bjm8 Would it make sense to not merg for a couple days just in case a bug fix release is needed?
22:37Chutt <shrug>
22:37Chutt since when have i done bug fix releases? :p
22:38Chutt just that one time where live-tv was broken
22:38bjm8 0.9.1?
22:38Chutt yeah
22:39Chutt i can always branch off of the release tag
22:39Chutt though
22:39bjm8 I think that was found in the first few hours though.
22:39Chutt so there's no real need to worry about breaking cvs head
22:39bjm8 O-tay.
22:41jams heh the first comment on the website is someone asking for ebuilds
22:42Chutt damnit
22:42Chutt i keep forgetting to disable that
22:42Chutt ah well
22:42jams btw small typo on the last bullet of major changes
22:42jams he should be the
22:43gigem bjm8, please checkout again. i just committed the resync with 0.15. the search_record branch should now be identical to 0.15 except for the search changes.
22:43jams he only other plugins that got any
22:43bjm8 so -r search_record ?
22:44gigem he should be the what? :)
22:45gigem yes, cvs -z3 co -r search_record mythtv should do it.
22:45Chutt jams, thanks
22:45jams no trouble
22:45bjm8 cvs update: [02:45:38] waiting for gigem's lock
22:46gigem bjm8, btw, what do you for a living? your hours seem to be, well, unusual sometimes.
22:46bjm8 in /var/lib/mythcvs/mythtv/i18n
22:46bjm8 I was a first year employee at Netscape. I live in Las Vegas now.
22:47gigem bjm8, also, i will have a lay over (don't know how long) at mccarren(sp?) on july 9. think you'd be able to get together for a drink? would probably have to be at the airport.
22:47bjm8 Low taxes here ;-).
22:47bjm8 Yeah, that would be cool.
22:48gigem ok, when it gets closer, i'll get you the time, flight info and my cell no.
22:49Chutt hrm. there need for a mailing list for people with commit access?
22:49Chutt just noticing bjm's 'go' email, it'd be easier to have the cc's handled automatically
22:50bjm8 Heh, I was worrying about anyone feeling left out ;-).
22:50Chutt yeah
22:50gigem dunno. i've just gotten in the habit of sending early version of my stuff to bjm since he usually gives excellent feedback, unlike most of the people on the -dev list.
22:51Chutt heh
22:51Chutt right
22:51Chutt there's lots of times when i just want your guys' opinion, and not every random person on the list
22:52bjm8 Agree!
22:54bjm8 'Get stuff done' messages sometimes become debate team topics.
22:56bjm8 Well, I have some 'Idol' time on my hands. L8R.
22:57--- <<-- bjm8 [] has quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7b/20040421]")
22:57gigem well, i think i'm gonna go watch some mythtv and then try to hit the sack early for a change. g'night all.
22:57Chutt heh
22:57Chutt g'nite
22:57--- <<-- gigem [] has quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.10")
22:58--- <<-- kslater [] has quit ("Client Exiting")
22:58--- <<-- Ashlar [] has quit ("ttfn")
23:15--- <--- ejay79 [] has left #mythtv ()
23:20thor yah
23:22--- <<-- cmorgan [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:35mdz Chutt: bah
23:41--- ---> dcstimm [] has joined #mythtv
23:42Chutt heh
23:42Chutt sorry :p
23:42dcstimm Chutt, nice release, congrats
23:45dcstimm any idea why I cant change tv channels, I hit m, and I have all my listings, but I cant switch to them
23:46thor new feature
23:46dcstimm i made sure my tuner0 is using my tv sources
23:48Chutt again, this isn't a user support channel
23:48dcstimm Chutt, o_cee keeps getting nasty with me in #mythtv-users
23:49Chutt i really don't care
23:49dcstimm Chutt, and he keeps banning me
23:49Chutt that doesn't make this your personal support channel
23:49dcstimm Chutt, i would ask in there if I could
23:49dcstimm Chutt, im just tring to get one problem solved
23:49Chutt try elsewhere
23:49dcstimm Chutt, i cant
23:49thor use the wiki !
23:49Chutt guess you're out of luck, then
23:50dcstimm Chutt, why?
23:50Chutt because this isn't a user support channel
23:50dcstimm Chutt, then let me back in the users channel
23:50Chutt i have nothing to do with that channel
23:51dcstimm okay
23:52dcstimm Chutt, so did you want to try to help me then?
23:52Chutt i thought that the answer to that would be quite clear
23:53dcstimm Chutt, okay, lets go into #mythtv-iscool and you can help me
23:53Chutt why would i do that?
23:53dcstimm Chutt, because i want to pay you
23:53Chutt no, you don't
23:53dcstimm why wouldnt i?
23:53* thor is going to need a new change of underwear if this keeps up
23:53dcstimm Chutt, do you have paypal set up?
23:53Chutt $200/hour, half day minimum
23:54dcstimm heh
23:55dcstimm okay ill donate $20
23:55dcstimm how much time do i get for that?
23:55Chutt nothing.
23:56Chutt i'm not going to do support for a common problem that's been discussed on the lists multiple times
23:56dcstimm oh its on the lists?
23:56Chutt of course it is
23:56Chutt everything is
23:56dcstimm ididnt think 0.15 was used enough
23:57dcstimm let me go check it out
23:57* thor is waking people up with genuine peals
23:58rkulagow_ congrats on the release chutt.
23:58rkulagow_ now where are my ebuilds?
23:58dcstimm rkulagow_, lol
---Logclosed Thu May 27 00:00:14 2004