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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-05-27

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00:49lmatter rkulagow_, what version of mandrake are you using?
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01:06rkulagow_ 10 / cooker
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01:50mdz heh, dcstimm returned for a brief engagement
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01:57mdz if it ever finishes compiling, there should be new debs tonight
01:57mdz been going for 15 minutes so far
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02:01Chutt only 250 downloads so far
02:01Chutt what's up with that
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02:02mdz stealth release
02:03Chutt hmmm
02:04pigeon hmm
02:04Chutt i think that's one of the people that contacted me about starting a company around myth
02:05pigeon really...
02:05pigeon interesting...
02:09Chutt hrm
02:09Chutt weird
02:09Chutt this machine didn't have the housekeeping table
02:11Chutt mdz, could you check your 0.14 upgrade to make sure it has a housekeeping table?
02:12mdz Chutt: what's that?
02:12Chutt keeps track of the mythfilldb running
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02:12Chutt was missing on this machine
02:12Chutt but, i don't always let it run the db upgrades itself
02:13Chutt want to make sure it gets created on a real upgrade
02:17mdz | housekeeping |
02:17mdz yep
02:17Chutt great, thanks
02:20mdz Chutt: still compiling
02:20mdz I ordered a new CPU but haven't put it in yet
02:20Chutt heh
02:24Chutt someone please tell me that that guy's not serious
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05:04GeckoFiend chutt: I've updated my theme to support the latest MythMusic stuff now. It's good to go
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05:15stoffel hey, what about replacing 'Master/Slave backend' with 'Master/Satellite Backend' in the help texts/documentation? Sounds better to me and is easier to translate
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05:16o_cee satellite backend?
05:17o_cee i've just translated it into 'Master recording server", and "recording server"
05:18stoffel Hmm..
05:21stoffel so far i left 'Master Backend' and 'Frontend' in the translations. so when one starts to read the documentation you have the same terminology
05:22o_cee it's hard, i know
05:24stoffel ;)
05:25o_cee lol
05:26stoffel we use master/satellite at my workplace for similar things since years. probably for this reason
05:28o_cee k, just sounds wierd to me :)
05:28o_cee gotta get some breakfast, later
05:54stoffel choenig: there?
05:57stoffel what's the difference between idle timeout and max. wait for recording in the shutdown/wakeup settings screen?
06:07o_cee look at the helptexts..
06:07stoffel :P
06:08o_cee :)
06:08o_cee they're explined.. at least i think i understood it heheh
06:08stoffel proove it by explaining them to me
06:09o_cee max. wait is how the amount of time in wich there must start a recording for it not to shut down
06:10o_cee and idle timeout is how long it must be idle to auto shutdown
06:10o_cee i think
06:11stoffel yes, but i don't see the difference.
06:11o_cee it's been idle for 10 minutes, begin autoshutdown. but if there's a recording that starts in 5 mins, don't continue the autoshutdown.
06:12stoffel e.g. idle timeout = 120 (2 minutes), max wait = 5 Minutes. next recording starts in 4 minutes. will the idle timeout be ignored? (it should imho)
06:13stoffel what i mean is in my understanding both act the same
06:13o_cee they're not the same
06:13o_cee :)
06:14o_cee because, the max wait kicks in _when_ autoshutdown begins
06:14o_cee begin autoshutodwn _but first_ check the max wait
06:14o_cee but, i've never used it so
06:14stoffel ? you mean after idle timeout is expired it will wait another X minutes (the max. wait time)
06:15o_cee heh, damn
06:15o_cee no when the idle timeout is expired and it will begin shutdown it checks if there's a recording that starts withing the max. time limit, if it does, autoshutdown is canceled-
06:15o_cee i can't make it any more clear than that.
06:16stoffel exactly what i meant. :)
06:16o_cee it won't _wait_, it will check if there _is_ a recording, and if not, it will shutdown
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06:19stoffel ah, got it now.
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06:20stoffel bah, what kind of 'server' is that? shutdown, wakeup, shutdown (hm, maybe not) :)
06:22stoffel the help text for max.wait for rec. should be changed then to s/t like 'if the idle timeout has expired but a recording starts within ...'
06:23stoffel i'll send a patch...
06:24o_cee don't remember what the helptexts say
06:27stoffel well, help text's for both options basically have the same meaning (for me at least)
06:30choenig stoffel: yeah, I am around, kindof...
06:31choenig the max-wait time is used, so that the machine doesn't shutdown directly when it realizes that its idle!
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06:31stoffel choenig: hi. well, nevermind. it was about some misleading (imho) help text.
06:31choenig ok
06:32stoffel choenig: does this make sense? 'the help text for max.wait for rec. should be changed then to s/t like 'if the idle timeout has expired but a recording starts within ...'
06:33stoffel this time period, the backends won't shut down
06:33choenig give me a second
06:33stoffel instead of 'if it's idle but a recording starts...'
06:36choenig yeah, why not
06:36stoffel ok then
06:37o_cee choenig: you never commited the 'Make sure it's running between...' stuff? you did code that right?
06:37choenig o_cee: no, I have a completely redone sdwu stuff here, but I didn't dare to send that in, yet ;)
06:38o_cee choenig: hehehe, okay :)
06:38choenig o_cee: would you like to betatest it and have a look on it?
06:38o_cee sure, haven't tried it yet tho.. need to get bios wakup working
06:39stoffel choenig: what did you change?
06:39o_cee stoffel: all help texts :)
06:39stoffel :) of course
06:41stoffel the howto explains it quite well, btw
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06:56o_cee choenig: taking a quick stab at nvram-wakeup now
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07:23choenig stoffel: first of all I removed all stuff from scheduler.cpp to a new class
07:23choenig aeh, s/removed/moved/
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08:00o_cee send a mail to the nvram wakeup guy, it couldn't guess the values for my mobo correctly..
08:03o_cee rkulagow_: just spotted a typo in the docs, section 11.5: " If you need secondss since the epoch (1970-01-01)"
08:04* o_cee is afk
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10:11mchou anyone manage to successfully compile mythtv 0.15 with mandrake 10.0 (gcc 3.3.2). gcc barfs on me, w/ ffv1.c (ffv1.c:465: internal compiler error: in find_function_data, at function.c:329)
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10:13mchou (I was able to compile it just fine on a mandrake 9.1 box, gcc 3.2.2)
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10:14stoffel gcc (GCC) 3.3.3 (Debian 20040417), compiles fine on debian
10:14mchou hmm....
10:14Chang mchou: This was covered in the users mailing-list
10:14Chang A bug in Mandrake 10
10:14mchou OK, thanks for pointer.....
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10:17mchou Chang: was this mentioned in the dev or users list?
10:17stoffel and just yesterday :(
10:17stoffel -users
10:17Chang Users
10:17Chang compile error on 0.15 is the thread to look at
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11:29Snow-Man yea.
11:30Chutt Received: from ([])
11:30Chutt (envelope-sender <>)
11:30Chutt by (qmail-ldap-1.03) with AES256-SHA encrypted SMTP
11:30Chutt for <>; 27 May 2004 14:49:21 -0000
11:30Chutt Received: from (localhost [])
11:30Chutt by (8.12.11.Beta0/8.12.11.Beta0/Debian-1.3) with ESMTP id i4REVNrS001045;
11:30Chutt Thu, 27 May 2004 10:33:44 -0400
11:30Chutt Received: from ( [])
11:30Chutt by (8.12.11.Beta0/8.12.11.Beta0/Debian-1.3) with ESMTP
11:30Chutt id i4RD9fIv026633
11:30Chutt for <>; Thu, 27 May 2004 09:09:41 -0400
11:31Snow-Man hmmm.
11:31Snow-Man That's a really long time to go from the inbound queue through mailman.
11:32Chutt wow, really?
11:32Chutt i wouldn't have thought :p
11:32Snow-Man After mailman it's pretty quick though.
11:32Chutt right
11:32Chutt it's sending quickly
11:32Snow-Man Just identifying where the problem is. :P
11:32Chutt well, relatively :p
11:32Snow-Man 15 minutes isn't that bad. :P
11:33Snow-Man Dunno what's up with it taking so long to get to mailman.
11:33Chutt perhaps it's mailman taking that long
11:33Chutt when's the last time it was upgraded on there?
11:33Snow-Man Probably quite a while ago.
11:34Snow-Man May 27 09:16:04 colo sm-mta-mqueue[26994]: i4RD9fIv026633: to="|/var/lib/mailman/mail/mailman post mythtv-use
11:34Snow-Man rs", ctladdr=<> (8/0), delay=00:06:23, xdelay=00:00:01, mailer=prog, pri=122225, dsn=2
11:34Snow-Man .0.0, stat=Sent
11:35Snow-Man So, 7 minutes to go from the inbound queue to mailman's queue.
11:35Chutt then an hour for mailman
11:35Snow-Man yup.
11:36Chutt i'd upgrade to 2.1.5 =)
11:36* Snow-Man shrugs.
11:36Snow-Man I can dist-upgrade the box and we'll see what happens.... :)
11:36rkulagow_ any chance to change the default footer to point at gossamer threads since it's nice and searchable?
11:37Chutt they only have 2.1.4 in unstable
11:37Snow-Man Chutt: Is there some specific speed-fix between 2.1.4 and 2.1.5?
11:37Snow-Man Or some reason you care? :)
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11:39Chutt The admindb page has a checkbox that allows you to discard all held messages that are marked Defer.
11:39Chutt and the qrunner stuff was redone
11:40Chutt actually, probably should just clear out the pendings
11:41rkulagow_ the pipermail archive isn't, and it seems that people just aren't reading the HOWTO that points them to gossamer for searching the archives.
11:42Chutt and maybe the cookie stuff is fixed in 2.1.5
11:42Snow-Man blah, blah.
11:43Chutt so do i only get 2.1.4?
11:43Chutt there, read that mr security weenie
11:44Snow-Man yea, yea, I saw that.
11:45Snow-Man 2.1.5 isn't even in the Debian mailman trunk yet. :/
11:46Chutt lazy developers
11:46thor you can search the archives !?
11:46Snow-Man Oh, actually, it's on another branch I think..
11:47thor someone should put that in the wiki
11:47Snow-Man Looks like they're splitting the package up too, lovely.
11:47Chutt heh, fun
11:47Chutt just a way for people to claim they maintain more packages
11:47Snow-Man It's still one source package. :P
11:48Snow-Man Alright, I'm gonna go to 2.1.4 for the moment and I'll look into grabbing what they've got for 2.1.5 or just moving the 2.1.4 stuff to 2.1.5.
11:48Chutt thanks
11:48Chutt i'd really like to be able to clear out the deferred messages in one button click
11:48Chutt so, 2.1.5 would be excellent if you have the time
11:49Snow-Man If it doesn't break the debianizing of 2.1.4 to just patch 2.1.5 then it might not be too hard.
11:49Snow-Man Mailman is one of those pretty heavily modified packages tho, so I'm not sure.
11:49* Snow-Man hides the fact that he's supposedly a mailman co-maintainer.
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11:55Chutt ah, so _you're_ the lazy developer :p
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12:06mdz Snow-Man: ah, this security bug report from Florian Weimer legit?
12:06Chutt yes
12:06Chutt url i posted above
12:06Snow-Man Chutt: I'm just one of them. :)
12:08Snow-Man mdz: appears to be, yup.
12:08Chutt riiight
12:08Chutt security isn't important, though
12:08Chutt splitting the package needlessly is!
12:09Snow-Man hehe.
12:16mdz ok, that's the same URL from the bug report
12:16mdz and I must be blind
12:16mdz because I don't see a word about a security vulnerability in that mailman-announce message
12:17Chutt This version also contains a fix for an exploit that could allow 3rd parties to retrieve memberpasswords.
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12:17mdz ah, buried in the middle of a paragraph. nice.
12:17mdz I love it when people try to sneak this stuff by
12:17Chutt <shrug>
12:17Chutt it's pretty obvious if you can read
12:17mdz Snow-Man: does it affect 2.0.11 as well, and if so, where do I get a patch?
12:17Chutt well, better than stan
12:17mdz Chutt: it's obvious if you _do_ read the damn thing. I don't care about the new mailman release except insofar as a potential vulnerability
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12:21o_cee Chutt: as i said before, if you want, i can take care of the language update commits. i've setup a nice colorhighlight of [PATCH i18n] ;)
12:23o_cee choenig: i got a response from the nvram-wakeup guy with some settings i should try.. but since i've got my exam tomorrow morning i won't try it until after that.. but if you want me to try out the other stuff you had just email it to me
12:23* o_cee is off, need to study some more.. bleh
12:23Rince have fun o_cee
12:23Rince and good luck tomorrow!
12:30Snow-Man mdz: Sorry, don't know off hand..
12:31mdz Snow-Man: if you could find out, it would be a great help
12:31Snow-Man Alright, alright.
12:38mdz hmm, this is not good
12:38mdz oh, I suppose I may need to re-run mythfilldatabase with this upgrade
12:39mdz and switch to the new grabber
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12:42mdz pretty nice; this is the first time I've configured the datadirect stuff
12:47mdz Snow-Man: busted?
12:48Snow-Man Hmmmm.
12:48Snow-Man mdz: It's a UML and I just upgraded the host system...
12:48mdz Chutt: the database upgrade apparently didn't go so well after all; is there a known issue?
12:48Snow-Man uml_net_start_xmit: failed(-111)
12:48mdz ssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host
12:49mdz -111 is ECONNREFUSED I think
12:49Chutt mdz, what database upgrade?
12:49mdz Chutt: the automatic one with 0.15
12:49Chutt what broke?
12:49mdz unless I messed up my own database
12:49mdz which is entirely possible I suppose
12:49mdz Unknown column 'startoffset' in 'field list'
12:49mdz and endoffset
12:49mdz that seems to have come in at version 1029 though
12:49mdz which is older than what my db was before the upgrade
12:50mdz so apparently it was borked
12:50Chutt heh
12:50Snow-Man Rebooting the UML.
12:50mdz fixing that made the scheduler a whole lot happier
12:51mdz I think that was from when I accidentally converted my main db to CVS and rolled it back by hand
12:53Snow-Man I believe has been fixed.
12:53mdz my local user community will be very pleased that the highlighting of conflicts has returned
12:54* Snow-Man wonders about mdz's local user commmunity.
12:54mikegrb Snow-Man: don't wonder too much
12:54Snow-Man hehe.
12:55mdz Snow-Man: the one that I get in trouble with when I break myth
12:55mdz Snow-Man: cvs seems happy now, thanks
12:55--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:55Snow-Man np.
12:55Chutt snowman, checkout's work
12:55Snow-Man I think I'm gonna dist-upgrade it and will possibly break it now.
12:55Snow-Man :)
12:55Snow-Man Actually, that system is pretty simple so hopefully it won't be a problem.
12:56mdz Snow-Man: someone ought to fix UML to reconnect to uml_switch if it goes away
12:56Snow-Man Chutt: Let me know how the mailing lists are going, btw.
12:56* mikegrb fixes mdz
12:56Snow-Man mdz: Yes, I agree.
12:56--- ---> choenig [] has joined #mythtv
12:56Chutt sure
12:57Chutt so no 2.1.5? :p
12:57Chutt cvs is _really_ slow, though
12:57Snow-Man I told you I was gonna go to 2.1.4 first and then see about stuff later.
12:57Snow-Man I'm dist-upgrading it, of course it's gonna be slow for a bit.
12:57Chutt ah, ok
12:58Chutt snow-man, then, can you clear out the held for moderation posts?
12:58--- ---> lmatter [] has joined #mythtv
12:58mdz hmm, epg is showing all Unknown for the data I just got with datadirect
12:58Chutt every time i try through the web interface, it just dumps me back to the login screen
12:58Chutt mdz, re-setup your inputs
12:58mdz Chutt: I did
12:58mdz I went in and out anyway
12:58mdz do I actually need to change them?
12:58Snow-Man Chutt: That depends, I just nuked the files last time and things were alright with it, right?
12:58Chutt yeah
12:58Chutt snow-man, i think so
12:59mdz bastard datadirect grabber re-added all the channels I painstakingly deleted :-)
12:59Chutt heh
13:00Chutt you can turn em off at their website
13:00mikegrb puhwahahaha
13:00mikegrb I'm getting digital cable again
13:00* Snow-Man tries to remember wtf those files are...
13:00mikegrb with the hdtv receiver with firewire
13:00mikegrb will have to play with that some
13:00Snow-Man hmmm, how about data/heldmsg-*
13:00Chutt snow-man, or, you can just upgrade to 2.1.5, and i'll be able to do it with one click =)
13:01Chutt those might be it
13:01thor so, the ratio of "wow, new release, thanks" messages to "waaaah, I can't build CVS because of Mandrake 10" messages seems to be running about 8:1
13:01mdz hmm, didn't help
13:01thor err, 1:8
13:01mikegrb heh
13:01Snow-Man Alright, nuking 'em.
13:01mdz no db errors, so I assume my database is not borked
13:01mdz (anymore)
13:01Snow-Man Hope that didn't, like, break shit.
13:01Snow-Man Chutt: They're gone.
13:01Snow-Man Check it out and let me know and stuff.
13:02mdz executing the EPG query manually gives me results though
13:02Snow-Man Chutt: Anything from the lists getting through?
13:03Chutt nope
13:03Snow-Man Well, that sucks.
13:03Snow-Man Hope I didn't bust it.
13:04Snow-Man There's, like, alot of sendmail processes running and stuff.
13:04Chutt yeah
13:05Chutt i imagine it'll take a bit to start delivering
13:05Snow-Man I guess we'll see.
13:05Snow-Man It'll help once I'm done with the UML.
13:07Chutt i just got a few
13:07Snow-Man Cool.
13:08mdz Chutt: no amount of fiddling with the cardinputs has improved the situation; if you saw this before, what was the cause?
13:08mdz ah, hmm, found one query which is returning empty
13:09Chutt people hadn't set up their inputs =)
13:09Chutt that's the only thing i've seen
13:11--- ---> Sir-Al [] has joined #mythtv
13:11mdz maybe my chanids got messed up
13:11mdz no, they look ok
13:12Chutt sweet
13:12--- <<-- EXiT [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:12Chutt check out that load avg =)
13:12Snow-Man yea, it's getting pretty fun.
13:12Snow-Man UML really bangs the hell out of the box.
13:13Chutt i think it may be apache
13:13Chutt there's a couple processes running
13:14Snow-Man Or UML+dpkg or something.
13:14Snow-Man I'm not entirely sure why, but it does.
13:14Chutt i'm going to restart apache
13:14Chutt it doesn't like it when mysql's down :p
13:14Snow-Man heh.
13:15Snow-Man It takes ssooooooo much longer to do a dist-upgrade inside a UML.
13:16Chutt yeah
13:16Chutt that's why i only did cvs last week
13:16Chutt since there really wasn't much point in dist-upgrading the whole thing
13:16Snow-Man wtf are the convert's being run by www-data?
13:16Snow-Man Since april 5th.
13:17Chutt hm?
13:17Snow-Man www-data 21707 0.0 0.0 8436 432 ? S Apr05 0:06 /usr/bin/convert -quality 80 -antialias -geometry 48x36 albums/userpics/netfest200403/DSC00406.JPG -
13:17Snow-Man etc.
13:17mdz ah
13:17Snow-Man Oh, hmmm, those appear to be netfest things.
13:17mdz yes, chanids are definitely fucked
13:18Chutt snow-man, not me! :p
13:18Snow-Man yea, yea.
13:18Snow-Man That's what they all say. :)
13:18Snow-Man Linux colo 2.4.23colo.2 #1 Fri Jan 2 17:00:48 EST 2004 i686 GNU/Linux
13:18mdz my old ones are still there, but the datadirect channels were created as new ones
13:18Snow-Man Should probably upgrade that box at some point.
13:18Snow-Man Maybe even to 2.6... ;)
13:19Chutt hell no
13:19Chutt mdz, you didn't follow the upgrade instructions :p
13:19mdz Chutt: UPGRADE lists nothing for 0.15 :-P
13:19Chutt it's in the docs
13:19Chutt and on the website
13:19--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
13:19Chutt in the release announcement
13:20mdz bah, you expect me to follow hyperlinks? :-P
13:20Chutt yeah, i know
13:20Chutt it's crazy talk
13:20Chutt yay for awstats taking over the box
13:21Snow-Man Alright, stupid converts are dead.
13:21Snow-Man Chutt: yea, I saw that too, fun, fun. :)
13:21Chutt yeah
13:22Chutt could you fix awstats?
13:22Chutt Error: AWStats database directory defined in config file by 'DirData' parameter (/var/cache/awstats) does not exist or is not writable.
13:22Chutt or i can..
13:22Snow-Man aw, fuckers.
13:22Snow-Man Where *were* the stats?
13:22Chutt i have no clue
13:22Snow-Man Looks like /var/lib/awstats...
13:22Chutt you didn't keep the old config file :p
13:22Snow-Man Let's try copying them.
13:23Snow-Man Hey man, I didn't do the package. :P
13:23Chutt yeah
13:23Chutt copy em over
13:23Snow-Man working on it
13:23Chutt don't really want to lose my history =)
13:23Snow-Man yea, yea.
13:23--- <<-- lmatter [] has quit ("Leaving")
13:24Snow-Man Alright, copied.
13:25Chutt looks like it's working
13:25Chutt still dog slow, of course
13:25Chutt stupid awstats guy doesn't know how to cache data properly
13:25Snow-Man Did you just start it?
13:26Chutt i went to the stats url
13:26Snow-Man oh, ok..
13:27mdz I do not see how these instructions could possibly preserve anything useful except the channel icons
13:27mdz I suppose I can match up the chanids by hand though
13:28Chutt that's all they're supposed to preserve
13:28Chutt they tell you to clear your existing channel table, though
13:28Chutt before doing all that
13:28Snow-Man So, like, zap2it rocks and stuff?
13:28mdz yes
13:28mdz but I don't care at all about icons, only not having to reset all of my recordings
13:28Chutt well
13:28Snow-Man Don't upgrade!
13:28Snow-Man ;)
13:29Chutt unless you've had other chanids and stuff
13:29--- ---> choenig [] has joined #mythtv
13:29Chutt it _should_ still be using the same 'channum + 1000'
13:29Chutt thing, so you should get the same ids
13:29Chutt i did, at least
13:29Snow-Man mdz: Can you make this UML go faster? :)
13:29Chutt load's down to 15, though
13:29mdz Chutt: that's only if you've never changed your channel lineup
13:29Snow-Man Chutt: yea.
13:29Chutt mdz, right, i never did :p
13:29Snow-Man 10 seconds till awstats tho I think. :)
13:30mdz mine aren't contiguous since channels have come and gone since I installed
13:30mdz it shouldn't be too hard to fix though
13:30mdz I'll send a patch for the HOWTO
13:31Chutt great
13:32mdz select count(*) from channel,channel_copy where channel.callsign = channel_copy.callsign and channel.chanid <> channel_copy.chanid;
13:32mdz 92
13:32Chutt heh
13:32Snow-Man I thought 6.0 was supposted to be *faster*.
13:32mdz unfortunately I don't think it can be done the obvious way with myisam
13:32mdz it would break the unique constraint on the chanid
13:33Chutt snow-man, it probably is :p
13:33Snow-Man We're at 3 minutes so far.
13:35mdz Grabbing data for Thu May 27 2004 offset 5
13:35Snow-Man 5 minutes...
13:35* Snow-Man hopes this is just because it missed a run.
13:36mdz that is a very confusing message
13:36Chutt yes, it is
13:36mdz I am going to fix it
13:37Snow-Man There, finally done.
13:37mdz in fact I think that message can be removed entirely
13:39Snow-Man Alright, at least the awstats stuff looks happy.
13:39mdz 166 channels with different chanids across both sources
13:39Chutt a lot of those messages can be removed
13:40mdz yes
13:41Chutt i figured i'd clean it up later
13:41Chutt ah well
13:41Chutt i'm still impressed with the speed that ms vc++7.1 compiles
13:42Chutt especially when mythtv's sitting there compiling for half an hour
13:42Snow-Man Don't do it! Don't get sucked in by the dark side!
13:43anduin precompiled headers and a hand-written lexical analyzer
13:43Snow-Man Actually, last I remember full rebuilds in winbloze took for fucking ever.
13:43Snow-Man But it'd partially build a bunch of stuff, and half the time that'd cause shit to break.
13:43Snow-Man It's been a while since I've dealt with it tho.
13:44Chutt this is compiling an equivalent of the entire mythtv codebase in about 5 minutes
13:48anduin does chanid still matter for the record table, I thought everything was keying off station now?
13:49--- ---> T-Squared [] has joined #mythtv
13:49Chutt it still matters in a few places
13:49thor stupid gcc has all these useless warnings, but doesn't tell you if a local variable has the same name as a class variable
13:50anduin yeah, I suppose when upgrading it would matter a lot (hard to fill station in automatically when the chanids don't match)
13:50--- ---> lmatter [] has joined #mythtv
13:51--- <--- T-Squared [] has left #mythtv ()
13:53--- ---> CoaxD [] has joined #mythtv
13:56anduin -Wshadow
13:56thor heh
13:56thor which is not turned on by -Wall
13:56thor bah
13:57anduin -Wall has never really been all, bad name
13:57mdz Chutt: after spending 10 minutes trying to figure out why my changes weren't working, I remembered I pointed my desktop frontend to a separate copy of the database for testing
13:57anduin Just think of the hours you saved having figured it out in only 10 minutes.
14:01--- <<-- lmatter [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:03--- <<-- mchou [] has quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.9")
14:05Chutt is that uml dist-upgrade done yet? :p
14:05Snow-Man Nope.
14:06* mikegrb dist-upgrade's Chutt
14:06mikegrb you are now new and improved
14:07Snow-Man It's working on it, slowly.
14:08--- <<-- Chang [] has quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.10")
14:17--- <<-- o_cee [] has quit ("Leaving")
14:17Snow-Man Chutt: Are the lists faster now?
14:18stoffel yeah, more feature requests, and even faster
14:18Snow-Man heh.
14:21--- ---> o_cee [] has joined #mythtv
14:29Chutt i'm getting stuff from 1:15
14:30Chutt still looks to be taking an hour to process
14:30Snow-Man Is the wait still in mailman?
14:30Chutt from the headers, yes
14:30Snow-Man Weird.
14:40Chutt stupid cookie crap is still broken
14:40Chutt i have to log in twice to mailman
14:40Snow-Man Sucky.
14:43Snow-Man Chutt: I think it'd help if we had more queue runners for the outgoing mailman queue.
14:43Chutt well
14:43Chutt that's not as important
14:43Chutt that's only 10 minutes of delivery time :p
14:43Chutt it's still taking an hour to process
14:44Snow-Man err, the *mailman* queue.
14:44gfiend chutt: I fixed the bogus screen shots. So whenrever you can get to it.
14:44Chutt stuff's getting delivered to mailman, though
14:44Snow-Man I think what's happening is that it's taking a long ass time for a message to get from the mailman outgoing queue to sendmail.
14:44Chutt gfiend, tonight, most likely
14:44Chutt snow-man, i dunno, look at mailman's post log
14:44Snow-Man Which is why there's a bunch of files in qfiles/out
14:45Snow-Man Chutt: I think that's posted when it's *finished* sending the message.
14:45Chutt hrm
14:45Chutt yeah, could be
14:45Chutt i dunno =)
14:45Snow-Man I'm suprised it's taking that long to physically pass a message from mailman to sendmail, but, <Shrug>
14:46Snow-Man sendmail is having to split the message into an individual message for each address, so maybe that's taking a really long time and it's not answering mailman till it's done.
14:47Snow-Man Hrm, or sendmail is doing DNS resolution on all the addresses...
14:48mikegrb caching nameserver with big cache is good
14:48Snow-Man Or just turn it off for localhost.
14:54--- <<-- riksta [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:57Chutt stuff keeps piling up in qfiles/out
14:58Snow-Man Right, because there's only 1 guy talking to sendmail.
14:58Snow-Man And it's taking a long ass time.
14:58--- ---> GeckoFiend [] has joined #mythtv
14:59Chutt fix it fix it!
14:59Chutt =)
14:59Snow-Man :P
14:59Snow-Man I'm gonna increase the cache size in bind9 for starters I think.
15:01--- <<-- KillerBunny [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:03--- <<-- gfiend [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:06Snow-Man root 17214 0.0 0.4 3776 2368 pts/23 S+ 15:02 0:00 vi /usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/
15:06* Snow-Man looks at Chutt.
15:07Chutt i was seeing how many outgoing qrunners there were
15:07Snow-Man There's 1.
15:07Snow-Man list 7459 0.5 2.3 15524 11792 ? S 12:42 0:46 /usr/bin/python /var/lib/mailman/bin/qrunner --runner=OutgoingRunner:0:1 -s
15:08Snow-Man --runner=<name>:<id>:<total> or something.
15:08Snow-Man The way to change it is to modify /etc/mailman/
15:10Chutt right, but i didn't know what the setting was called
15:10Snow-Man QRUNNERS, apparently.
15:11Snow-Man You gonna modify it?
15:11Chutt nope
15:11Snow-Man I was thinking about it.
15:12Snow-Man Have like 5 of them maybe.
15:14Chutt worth a try
15:15--- <--- anduin [~awithers@] has left #mythtv ()
15:16--- ---> mlecha [~chatzilla@] has joined #mythtv
15:19--- ---> anduin [~awithers@] has joined #mythtv
15:21Chutt heh
15:21Chutt the outgoing runner didn't restart, there
15:22Snow-Man It's still processing a message.
15:22Chutt wish we knew what it was doing
15:22Snow-Man I wouldn't be suprsied if it's doing DNS lookups.
15:22Snow-Man pid 18350 is the sendmail side of the connection.
15:23Snow-Man Hrm, it finished, but didn't change the number of Outgoing runners.
15:23Snow-Man Lemme do a full restart.
15:26Snow-Man There we go.
15:26Chutt cool
15:27Snow-Man I increased the max-ttl's in bind9 too.
15:27Chutt heh
15:27Chutt well, we'll see
15:27Snow-Man yup.
15:28Chutt it's up to 2:40 in the out/ dir
15:29rkulagow_ yow. didn't take 24 hours to get past 1000 downloads of .15
15:30* mikegrb downloads rkulagow_
15:31stoffel hm, \xA9 2002-2003 by... should be updated sometime
15:32* Snow-Man wonders why/how /tmp is mounted twice.
15:33Snow-Man Oh, UML dist-upgrade is done.
15:33Chutt wonderful
15:33--- ---> mecraw___ [~mecraw@] has joined #mythtv
15:33Snow-Man That box could seriously use some more memory.
15:34Chutt yay, it processed 5
15:34--- <<-- mlecha [~chatzilla@] has quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.63b [Mozilla rv:1.6/20040206]")
15:35mdz interesting; mythweb doesn't see half my channels
15:36mdz it seems to be missing all channels on one of my sources
15:36Chutt it groups by channum/callsign now
15:36mdz not exactly; if it were grouping then it would have one channel per callsign
15:37mdz but it is missing these channels entirely
15:37mdz do you know where that logic is? I've been looking and didn't see it
15:38Chutt not offhand, no
15:40anduin channels.php load_all_channels()
15:40mdz unless I misunderstand mysql_fetch_assoc, that is loading every channel
15:40mdz indexing them by chanid
15:41Chutt snow-man, hey, is one of those umls going away soon?
15:41Chutt cute, load avg is over 40 again :p
15:41Snow-Man Chutt: yea, should be.
15:41mdz it looks like the visible flag handling is messed up somehow
15:42mdz all channels show up in the mythweb channel editor (and of course the EPG)
15:42Chutt mdz, GROUP BY channum, callsign
15:43mdz Chutt: where?
15:43mdz mizar:[...c/deb/mine/upstream/mythweb] grep -ri 'group by' .
15:43mdz ./settings_keys.php: $result = mysql_query('SELECT hostname FROM jumppoints GROUP BY hostname ORDER BY hostname')
15:43mdz ./includes/programs.php: $query .= ' GROUP BY program.chanid, program.starttime ORDER BY program.starttime';
15:43mdz aw, fuck, that tree wasn't up to date
15:44anduin when was the last time you updates
15:45Chutt snow-man, it's still taking forever to deliver
15:47mdz aha
15:47mdz so it's grouping by callsign, and getting the not-visible version of all those channels
15:47Chutt heh
15:52mdz anduin: do you know of any reason why I shouldn't add AND visible = 1 to the load_all_channels query?
15:52mdz that fixes my problem
15:53mdz the channel editor doesn't use that function, so all the channels still show up there
15:53anduin mdz - don't know, does the channel editor use the same query?
15:53mdz anduin: see above
15:53anduin I should read before I hit enter :)
15:56Snow-Man Chutt: I'm working on getting that other UML off.
15:57Chutt <shrug>
15:57mdz Chutt: did you do the input preference / recpriority stuff?
15:57Chutt nope
15:57mdz I am not sure that it does what I want
15:57mdz I have the same channels on multiple inputs and want one of them to be preferred
15:58mdz setting cardinput.preference has not achieved that effect
15:58--- <<-- G-funk [] has quit ("Leaving")
15:59mdz the priority propagates to the programinfo, and it ends up with the preference of input 1, but is actually recording on input 2
15:59mdz according to the chanid
15:59Chutt huh, weird
15:59Chutt i dunno, ask david or bruce
16:00mdz heh, never mind
16:00mdz my chanids just got reversed
16:01mdz my input 2 is what used to be input 1
16:02mdz so it does actually work :-)
16:03mdz debs are up, btw
16:03Chutt great
16:03mdz since my announcement will probably take an hour to get through to the list
16:03Chutt about an hour, from now, looks like
16:03Rince mdz: you are not fair
16:03Rince ,-)
16:06mdz Rince: bah, everyone has been apt-get updateing every 10 minutes since yesterday anyway
16:06mdz 7 downloads already with no announcement
16:07Rince *g*
16:07GeckoFiend btw O_cee this nick is registered.
16:07mdz 0.15 is looking very nice
16:08mdz the callsign handling works quite well so far; I don't need to prune my channels anymore since it does the right thing
16:11Chutt yay, loadavg is 60
16:12Chutt 85!
16:13Chutt will it go to 100?
16:13Chutt heh
16:14Chutt snowman, what are you doing in the other uml? :p
16:15Snow-Man It just got rebooted.
16:15Chutt ah, that's why it's using so much cpu
16:15Snow-Man yea.
16:15Snow-Man Sorry, working on convincing Ken to get off. :)
16:15Chutt loadavg on the box is going to hit 100 soon :p
16:16Chutt wish the next level of box at unitedcolo wasn't twice the price
16:17stoffel *ding ding ding ding*
16:17Snow-Man Me too.
16:17Chutt if this uml doesn't stop eating cpu, awstats is going to start up soon
16:17Chutt and that's going to make everything go to shit :p
16:18--- ---> ChaosExiguum [] has joined #mythtv
16:18Chutt i thought the umls were only supposed to use a max of 64MB of ram?
16:19Snow-Man haha.
16:19--- ---> FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
16:19Snow-Man I wish I could move cvs down to 32M actually.
16:21Chutt should we limit the # of apache server processes?
16:21Chutt there's 40 right now
16:21--- User: *** linagee_ is now known as linagee
16:22Chutt and at 5MB or so a pop...
16:24rkulagow_ how could someone running the latest mythtv be using protocol version 6?
16:24Chutt he's not
16:24Chutt i replied already :p
16:24Chutt just wait a few hours to see it
16:25Chutt bah
16:25Chutt the uml's just running fsck?
16:25Chutt kill it :p
16:26Chutt at least the loadavg is down to 50
16:27--- <<-- johnofcamas [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:32Chutt yay, down to 30
16:33Chutt 'course, it's up to 23 messages in the outgoing queue
16:33Chutt snow-man, delay's up to an hour and a half, looks like.
16:34Snow-Man Kind of odd that it slowed down.
16:34Chutt lots of disc access is slowing sendmail down
16:34Chutt disk
16:34Snow-Man yeah.
16:34--- ---> johnofcamas [] has joined #mythtv
16:35Chutt we're 200MB into swap
16:35Snow-Man yup, sucks.
16:35Chutt 140MB of that is ken's uml
16:35Snow-Man Yup.
16:35Chutt another 45MB for cvs
16:35Snow-Man ain't it great? :)
16:35Chutt stop using the umls? :p
16:36Snow-Man Turn off the mailing lists? :p
16:36Chutt call up the hosting people and ask if you can slap some extra ram in there?
16:36Snow-Man You can, just costs money.
16:37Chutt what, $100?
16:37Chutt slightly more?
16:37Snow-Man Trying to find out.
16:37Snow-Man It'd a fixed one-time cost.
16:37Snow-Man Memory Upgrade (512MB RAM)
16:37Snow-Man $200.00 (one-time)
16:37Chutt that's a taaad overpriced
16:38Snow-Man Captive audience.
16:38Chutt yeah
16:38Chutt ah well
16:38Chutt oh, wait, it's probably using pc100 or some crap
16:38Snow-Man Doubling the ram in the box would probably make it alot happier.
16:38Chutt which is more expensive, too
16:39Snow-Man yeah, demand sucks.
16:39--- <<-- mdz [] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
16:39Snow-Man Actually, supply sucks, but that whole principle sucks. :)
16:39Chutt if that damn uml wasn't eating up 100MB more than it should be :p
16:39Snow-Man I told you I'm working on getting him off.
16:39Chutt heh
16:40Chutt it's just running fsck
16:40Chutt it'll go back down when it's done, i assume
16:40--- ---> mdz [] has joined #mythtv
16:40Snow-Man He wanted to boot it to see what else it was running to make sure he didn't have any other services he cared about on there.
16:40Chutt up to 27 emails in the queue
16:40Snow-Man We've already moved DNS to the bind9 on colo for the 1 zone he had set it up for.
16:41Snow-Man I'm hoping once he checks it out I'll be able to convince him to leave it shut off unless he really needs it while he gets his own colo.
16:42--- <<-- Justin [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
16:42Chutt hey, it finished fscking
16:43Snow-Man Oh, good.
16:43--- ---> Justin [] has joined #mythtv
16:44o_cee hi
16:45GeckoFiend heya
16:45* GeckoFiend pokes thor and mumbles "bork bork bork"
16:45--- <<-- euphobot [] has quit (SendQ exceeded)
16:45o_cee does viewcvs look different?
16:46o_cee nah maybe not
16:48o_cee what a dumbass.. bah
16:49o_cee or maybe it's just me
16:49mdz Chutt: I imagine zap2it is going to see a change in their usage statistics for data direct very shortly
16:49o_cee hehhehehhe
16:51Snow-Man Alright, it's kind of creepy that it's like *exactly* an hour for each message.
16:51thor daylight savings time ?
16:52Snow-Man heh, no.
16:53o_cee just set back the clock an hour.
16:56--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
16:59Chutt load avg is down < 20 now, though
16:59--- ---> deflux- [] has joined #mythtv
16:59Chutt so maybe it'll start catching up
16:59o_cee sounds healthy :)
17:00Chutt aside from the 5pm cron job, there..
17:00Snow-Man It's going alot faster.
17:00--- ---> lmatter [] has joined #mythtv
17:00Chutt ken's uml's down to 12MB :p
17:00Chutt of course it's going faster
17:01Snow-Man cvs still uses up 50M. :/
17:01Chutt yeah, but that fluctuates
17:01Chutt it was down < 30 just a little bit ago
17:01--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:01o_cee you need hardware?
17:02Chutt not really
17:02o_cee just thought that if you'd put up a request for donations on something like that it probably wouldn't be any prob ;)
17:05GeckoFiend You could start a new Wiki page and make a post in the forum to ask for cash...
17:05Snow-Man Wow, one just finished in like 13 minutes.
17:05Chutt there's still 32 messages in the qfiles/out dir
17:06Snow-Man yea, yea.
17:06o_cee wich machine is this? the one hosting cvs? seems like you need some dual opteron power or something ;)
17:07Snow-Man I'm sorry, were you offering us one? :)
17:07Snow-Man Actually, if this were at my house I could throw more CPU power at it alot more easily.
17:07o_cee i don't think it'd be any problem really with some donations
17:07Snow-Man The problem is that I don't have the bw for it.
17:08Chutt right
17:08o_cee what bw are we talking about? dunno how intrested you'd be with a .se mirror tho ;)
17:09Snow-Man It's not the web crap that's the problem, it's the email.
17:09Snow-Man If it was just web stuff it'd be trivial.
17:09o_cee ah, yeah, guess that's quite alot. can't help there either, isp got port 25 blocked :/
17:09Snow-Man The machine we're on has plenty of cpu/io to handle the website.
17:09Chutt 36 messages in the outgoing queue :p
17:10o_cee at least i did my part and skipped the -users list ;)
17:10--- <<-- Sir-Al [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:10Chutt maybe disable awstats for now?
17:10Chutt run it at 3 am or so?
17:10--- ---> KillerBunny [] has joined #mythtv
17:10Snow-Man Chutt: Clearly I never should have told you about that directory. :P
17:10Chutt snow-man, bah, i knew about it
17:10Chutt i have set up mailman before, you know
17:10Snow-Man You weren't harassing me about it before tho. :P
17:11Chutt it wasn't this bad before
17:11Snow-Man I'm kind of tempted to increase the number of outgoing runners.
17:12Snow-Man I'm not sure if that'd help or not though.
17:12Chutt i don't think that'll help
17:12Chutt tail mail.log | grep status=queued
17:12Chutt err, stat=queued
17:12Chutt well, it's a little faster now, but it was going really slowly before
17:12Snow-Man It seems to be moving pretty quickly.
17:12Chutt not really
17:13Chutt 10 or so a second
17:13o_cee how many are there on -users?
17:14stoffel hey, isn't it about time to change "Welcome to the 'official' user-to-user support..." into "Welcome to the OFFICIAL user-to-user support..."?
17:14o_cee maybe so
17:15--- ---> Sir-Al [] has joined #mythtv
17:15Chutt about 3000 on -users
17:15--- <<-- KillerBunny [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:15stoffel ahem, that was merely intended to trigger an _official_ statement, o_cee ;)
17:15Chutt that's 5 minutes or so per email
17:16o_cee i can imagine that's quite some load/traffic
17:16Chutt and it's doing 5 at a time, now, so, 25 minutes per email
17:16* stoffel looks at Chutt
17:16o_cee stoffel: since it's in this topic..
17:16Snow-Man And they come in alot faster than that.
17:16Chutt yup
17:17Chutt so, if there were some way to speed up sendmail's accepting of things
17:17Snow-Man There's a couple of ways, actually.
17:17Snow-Man With varying degrees of problems.
17:17Chutt heh
17:17Snow-Man You can do 'defer', but that turns off anti-spam checks and whatnot.
17:18Snow-Man You can do 'defer' on a different port (like 24) that you can only connect to on localhost, but that's kind of ugly.
17:18Chutt what's ugly about that?
17:18* Snow-Man shrugs.
17:18Snow-Man I dunno, seems kind of ugly to me. :)
17:18Chutt if it's doing extra work when it doesn't have to
17:18Snow-Man And you'd be an open relay if they could get past the firewall..
17:18Chutt we know that all stuff coming from mailman is good
17:19Snow-Man Gotta change what port mailman is connecting to.
17:19Chutt that's easy enough, it's in the config file
17:19--- <<-- thor [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:19Snow-Man Alright, you look into that, I'll set up sendmail.
17:21Chutt SMTPPORT = 0 # default from smtplib
17:22o_cee yey, i created my own segfault. way to go
17:22o_cee best of all, i know what's wrong. yey again
17:22GeckoFiend get a bactrace and send it to chutt :p
17:23o_cee hahahaah
17:23Chutt snowman, there, read anduin's url :p
17:24Snow-Man I'm, like, 90% done already.
17:26Snow-Man That's kind of odd.
17:26Snow-Man erm.
17:26Chutt hum?
17:26o_cee "Where did all the files go.. hmm.."
17:26Snow-Man That wasn't meant for here. :)
17:27--- <<-- deflux- [] has quit ()
17:27--- <<-- stoffel [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:28Chutt SMTP_MAX_RCPTS = 500
17:28Chutt "There is very little advantage to setting SMTP_MAX > 5, UNLESS your subscriber base is heavily stratified onto very few sites."
17:28o_cee anyone got the mandrake 10 url handy? the one at
17:28--- ---> stoffel [] has joined #mythtv
17:29Chutt " Setting it large also leaves them open to spamblocking by systems that don't necessarily follow the standards or act right, too."
17:30Chutt heh
17:30Snow-Man Where are you seeing that anyway?
17:30Chutt from that url anduin posted
17:31Snow-Man That's the mailman setting, apparently.
17:31Chutt right
17:32Snow-Man sendmail has it's own, which I'm using already.
17:32Chutt right, anyway
17:35--- ---> thor [] has joined #mythtv
17:36Chutt options { long_hostnames(off); sync(0);
17:37Chutt that mean syslog's syncing every line?
17:38Chutt it's down to only 21 messages in the outgoing queue, btw =)
17:39Snow-Man Try and switch mailman to port 24 and see wtf happens.
17:39Chutt you do it!
17:39Chutt :p
17:39Snow-Man Oh, alright.
17:40Chutt mr 10 login shells
17:40Snow-Man pffft.
17:40Snow-Man You know, this quite possibly won't help. :)
17:40Chutt quite possibly
17:41Chutt what about that syslog thingie?
17:41Snow-Man Since the problem is more likely the disk access issue than the DNS issue.
17:41Chutt syslog-ng thingie
17:41* Snow-Man shrugs.
17:41Snow-Man syslog-ng sucks anyway.
17:41Chutt yeah, but if it's syncing every write to the mail log
17:41Chutt that's a bit of extra disk traffic
17:41Snow-Man I'm not entirely sure that's accurate actually.
17:42Snow-Man log_fifo_size(1024);
17:42Chutt what's accurate?
17:42o_cee Chutt: any news on a tracker?
17:42Snow-Man I'm not sure it's doing what you're thinking it's doing.
17:43Chutt ah, true
17:43Snow-Man Alright, changed it.
17:44Snow-Man sync()numberThe number of lines buffered before written to file
17:44Snow-Man log_fifo_size()numberThe number of lines fitting to the output queue
17:44Snow-Man I hate syslog-ng.
17:44Snow-Man mailman needs to finish dieing already.
17:44Chutt heh
17:45Chutt just one left, looks like?
17:45Snow-Man yea
17:45Snow-Man He's doing a whole bunch at a time by himself too.
17:46Chutt dead!
17:46Snow-Man yup, restarting.
17:48Chutt who knows
17:48Chutt heh
17:48Snow-Man yeah, I don't really know if that's faster or not.
17:49Chutt i've gotta run to the store and stuff
17:49Snow-Man Seemed to be faster at first, but doesn't seem any faster now really.
17:49Chutt so, um, yeah
17:49Chutt thanks
17:49Snow-Man I gotta go too. :P
17:49Snow-Man Guess we'll see what it's like after a while.
17:52--- ---> gigem [] has joined #mythtv
17:58gigem o_cee, have you tried chris' full patch yet?
17:59--- ---> choenig [] has joined #mythtv
18:00o_cee gigem: no sorry, been busy studying all day actually
18:00gigem ah, school, you must be a yung'in, then?
18:01o_cee gigem: i'm 22, university
18:02o_cee last exam tomorrow for now :)
18:02gigem o_cee, as i said, a yung'in. university was 20 years ago for me.
18:02o_cee hehe, yeah allright then ;)
18:02o_cee i'll trow it in now, gimme a minute
18:03gigem that's ok, it's getting late in the day here and i thought i'd check in before i go home.
18:04thor heh, SAP is really stupid
18:04o_cee gigem: compiling now
18:04stoffel thor: hm?
18:05thor work work, try deleting user SAP
18:09o_cee choenig: there? i got a reply from the nvramwakeup guy with some settings that seemed to work.. will have to try it tomorrow. very cool if it does work
18:14o_cee gigem: starting recs now..
18:15o_cee but now comes the problem again with me needing to rec liks at least 30 mins for it to be visible
18:16--- <--- johnofcamas [] has left #mythtv ()
18:16gigem you're not planning on going to bed yet, are you? :)
18:17o_cee hehe, actually i am :) got that exam in.. uhm.. 8 hours. but i'm recording for 2 hours now, and got another one starting right after that.. so we'll see tomorrow
18:17o_cee i'll email the logs to you
18:17gigem ok, then. good luck tomorrow!
18:18o_cee thanks.. g'night all
18:27--- ---> cfreeze_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:29--- ---> bdale [] has joined #mythtv
18:30stoffel besides bruce latest posting, is there a complete explanation of all those rectypechars and recstatuschars?
18:31gigem look in libs/libmthtv/programinfo.cpp.
18:31gigem fyi, the singles chars are just intended to provide a quick indicator so you don't have to scroll to the desired row to see the full status text.
18:34stoffel in the fix recordings screen?
18:34stoffel ah, the epg
18:35gigem i think the recstatuschar is only used on the fix conflicts screen.
18:37--- <<-- cfreeze_ [] has quit ("BitchX: the NEW form of birth control!")
18:38stoffel programinfo.cpp that will do
18:50--- ---> johnback [] has joined #mythtv
18:50mdz Chutt:
18:51--- <--- johnback [] has left #mythtv ()
18:51mdz mythtv-backend is ranked #47 in non-Debian packages in the popularity contest
18:51mdz ahead of -frontend, interestingly enough
18:52Chutt that's a weird way of doing rankings, though
18:52mdz what is?
18:53Chutt not counting # of installs at all
18:54mdz if you go strictly by # of installs, it's #321
18:54gigem hey chutt, mdz. i gotta go now.
18:55mdz gigem: hi, bye
18:55mdz ranking by atime makes sense, but popularity-contest isn't smart enough about it
18:56--- <<-- gigem [] has quit ("BitchX: no additives or preservatives")
19:06--- <<-- bdale [] has quit (No route to host)
19:06--- <<-- o_cee [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:06--- ---> o_cee [] has joined #mythtv
19:06--- ---> Viddy [] has joined #mythtv
19:08--- <<-- schultmc [] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:24--- ---> deflux- [] has joined #mythtv
19:24deflux- What linux distro would people recommend as a stable starting point for mythtv?
19:26mdz deflux-: /topic
19:27deflux- oh ack
19:29--- ---> kvandivo [] has joined #mythtv
19:32mikegrb kvandivo: welcome back
19:38Chutt yay
19:38Chutt outbound mailman queue is empty
19:38mikegrb :)
19:39--- <<-- eco_ [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:40--- ---> eco_ [] has joined #mythtv
19:41Snow-Man Chutt: yup. :P
19:41Snow-Man Let me know how long the next message takes.
19:42Chutt well, what's the mailqueue like?
19:49--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
19:50Snow-Man I dunno.
19:50Snow-Man Probably really big. :)
19:50Snow-Man 4357...
19:50Snow-Man That's not that bad, really.
19:50Snow-Man Checking the hourly queue.
19:53Snow-Man 4392 in hourly.
20:04--- ---> Ashlar [] has joined #mythtv
20:05--- <<-- hfb [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:05--- ---> G-funk [] has joined #mythtv
20:07--- <--- sc00p [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
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20:30--- ---> kslater [] has joined #mythtv
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20:39--- ---> bbeattie2 [] has joined #mythtv
20:40--- ---> bdale [] has joined #mythtv
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20:51--- ---> Kuwanger [] has joined #mythtv
20:52Kuwanger Just to let you know, the documentation for the 'Migrating from XMLTV to DataDirect' has a few errors. All those times where it says to do -u root for mysql, it should be -u mythtv
20:53--- <<-- rkulagow_ [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:53--- ---> rkulagow_ [] has joined #mythtv
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21:15--- ---> o_c [] has joined #mythtv
21:15--- <<-- o_cee [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:16Snow-Man Hey, the mailing lists working?
21:25Chutt yeah
21:25Chutt spam time:
21:25Chutt Received: from ([])
21:25Chutt (envelope-sender <>)
21:25Chutt by (qmail-ldap-1.03) with AES256-SHA encrypted SMTP
21:25Chutt for <>; 28 May 2004 01:14:55 -0000
21:25Chutt Received: from (localhost [])
21:25Chutt by (8.12.11/8.12.11/Debian-5) with ESMTP id i4S183pf008848;
21:25Chutt Thu, 27 May 2004 21:08:12 -0400
21:25--- ---> fulbert [] has joined #mythtv
21:25Chutt Received: from ( [])
21:25Chutt by (8.12.11.Beta0/8.12.11.Beta0/Debian-1.3) with
21:25Chutt ESMTP id i4S15pvL008722
21:25Chutt for <>; Thu, 27 May 2004 21:05:51 -0400
21:25thor no, not a comcast zombie!
21:26Chutt that was gigem :p
21:26* Snow-Man tries to make sense out of all that.
21:26thor same diff
21:26Snow-Man Alright, colo got it at 21:05...
21:26Chutt snow-man, what's there to make sense of? :p
21:26Snow-Man Popped out of mailman at 21:08 (very nice...)
21:26Chutt mailman finished with it at 21:08
21:26Chutt and delivered it to speakeasy at 21:15
21:27Snow-Man Sounds pretty damn nice. :)
21:27Chutt eh
21:27Chutt that last bit could be better
21:27Chutt but, much much nicer than > 1 hour
21:27Snow-Man heh, yea, 10 minutes is just a *bit* better. :P
21:28Chutt yay
21:28Chutt i just got paid =)
21:28Snow-Man cool.
21:29Snow-Man Happy about your choice?
21:29Chutt yeah
21:29Snow-Man Good.
21:29Chutt though, hrm, they didn't take out local taxes, looks like
21:29thor here's to solvent employers
21:29Chutt i'll wait one more period, and see if they do then
21:30jams did they take out taxes for their state ?
21:31Chutt 'course
21:31Chutt er, no
21:31Chutt rather, they took out taxes for ohio, like they're supposed to
21:32Chutt they just said they'd do my local taxes as well, but haven't yet
21:32thor well, you were on site for a week right?
21:32Chutt heh
21:32Chutt naw, only 2 and a half days in CA
21:33thor 2.5 days _should_ have been paid to California
21:33jams my job screwed up and left me with a $4000 tax bill to WI
21:33Chutt <shrug>
21:33jams don't let that happen to you !!
21:33Chutt i've under-withheld the past 3 or 4 years now
21:34thor and the minimum amounts vary by state
21:34thor it's a total freakin mess
21:34Chutt always get 4/5k bills
21:34jams well i guess if your expecting it, not that big of deal then
21:34thor right way to do it, as long as you don't cross any 90% penalty threshholds
21:34Chutt too lazy to refile my w-2, easier to just pay the $50 'your estimate sucked' charge
21:35Chutt err, w-4
21:35Chutt ah well
21:35Chutt anyway
21:42Chutt what are these people doing that their db upgrades are failing?
21:43thor mine were all flawless, including one box that was seriously broken
21:44--- ---> mdz [] has joined #mythtv
21:51--- ---> Viddy [] has joined #mythtv
21:57--- <<-- Towner [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:00--- <--- Kuwanger [] has left #mythtv ()
22:06--- ---> _shad [] has joined #mythtv
22:06--- <--- _shad [] has left #mythtv ()
22:08--- <<-- eco_ [] has quit ("Leaving")
22:08--- ---> _shad [] has joined #mythtv
22:08_shad mdz: around?
22:09mdz _shad: yes
22:09mdz and yes they do work for me :-P
22:10_shad hmm
22:10_shad I'm getting a mythconverg.dd_genre doesn't exist
22:11_shad and dd_productioncrew
22:12_shad I must be stupid or something then :)
22:14_shad any ideas?
22:22_shad mdz?
22:30mdz _shad: either you messed with the permissions on your database, or you forgot to run mysql_fix_privilege_tables when you upgraded to mysql 4
22:31_shad hmm
22:31_shad I never ran the fix privilege stuff
22:31_shad is stuff fucked now?
22:32_shad I just ran it now
22:34_shad Do I need to have myth re-do the upgrade to .15 to add the new table entries?
22:41_shad wow. I actually fixed it. Thanks mdz :)
22:42mdz _shad: you can thank me by answering that question on the user list/channel so people don't bug me :-)
22:43_shad :) I will do my best
22:43_shad I needed to do a apt-get install mythtv-database --reinstall for it to work
22:49jams GeckoFiend, cetus.ttf is missing from titivillus
22:51_shad Ok, something is fucked with the scheduler
22:51_shad It's set to record ER in a certain timeslot, but it's not recording next weeks episode
22:52--- ---> teenah [] has joined #mythtv
22:52teenah hey is xmltv (zap2it) still busted?
22:53Chutt read the website.
22:53_shad Chutt: Just say yes. :)
23:02--- <<-- teenah [] has quit ("BitchX-1.0c20cvs -- just do it.")
23:18_shad Don't mind me. I'm stupid today
23:41--- <<-- cmorgan [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
---Logclosed Fri May 28 00:00:39 2004