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00:57Chutt hrmph
01:00Chutt wonder why local8Bit's stripping out special characters for that guy
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01:58fulbert so when the datadirect "subscription" runs out and you have to fill out stuff, can it be done from inside Myth, or will it require a real webbrowser?
01:58Chutt real webbrowser
01:58Chutt but, they send a reminder email to the address you signed up with
01:59Chutt and the current survey was a whole 4 questions, one of which was 'which program are you using this with?'
01:59fulbert :( my parents are doomed. (mental note, change email on their account to send to me)
01:59fulbert heh, yeah it's light stuff, but I can already hear the phone call about not knowing what to do ;-)
02:00fulbert cool. I'm putting .15 on all my systems now, first one was ok, looking good, thanks again as always chutt.
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02:20fulbert I'm getting "Session management error: Could not open network socket" on one of my backend servers, but only one of them, ideas what this could be from?
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02:51Chutt there, no more cvs whining
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03:24billytwowilly| cvs boohoo hoo
03:24billytwowilly| there. cvs whining;)
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09:36o_cee GeckoFiend: you need something fairly simple to do (for myth that is)?
09:36GeckoFiend Right now I'm neck deep in this new recordings option screen.
09:37jams oh sure, when i'm setup with gdb I can't get the problem to occure
09:37jams occur
09:37o_cee oooh, then i won't bother you ;) but you could put it on your todo, shouldn't be that hard to do it i think. move 'end frontend' from the settings into a keybiding like the rest of all keys are now..
09:40GeckoFiend I just put it on my list.
09:42o_cee great, thanks
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11:24thor Chutt, so that segfaulting in music scanning was happening only when it was a samba share ?
11:26kslater I just had that happen this morning on my new .15 build. the directory is shared via samba.
11:27thor with 0.15 or current CVS ?
11:27kslater well it's cvs but just past when .15 was tagged (no changes yet)
11:27thor Chutt put in a fix last night
11:27thor but I don't quite understand it
11:28stoffel that mp3 decoder thinggie?
11:28kslater I guess I should do an update and retry it. It only happens once in a while
11:28thor the maddecoder commit
11:28kslater and I have mostly mp3, not oggs
11:29stoffel thor: right
11:29thor hmmmm
11:31stoffel is it related to some locale conversion or s/t like that?
11:32thor dunno ... would have to look inside Qt to see what it asks for witf local8bit() and then what SAMBA produces
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11:32thor seems like it's fixed though ... just wanted to know the root of the problem
11:32Chutt thor, possibly, but that code has been identical since december
11:32Chutt so i don't know what's going on
11:33thor weird
11:34thor well, there was the "if no tags" use filename for metadata patch
11:34thor must be related
11:35Chutt nope
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11:35thor heh
11:35Chutt different code path, really
11:35o_cee i'm aliiive. hi
11:35thor line 547
11:35thor nm, I'll stare at it a bit longer
11:36thor o_cee, how'd the exam go
11:36Chutt yeah, doesn't really matter now =)
11:36o_cee thor: better than the other one i had this week.
11:37o_cee Chutt: i gave up my attempt to fix the grayout, thor thought my way of fixing it was to complicated :)
11:38o_cee slash too stupid. take your pick hehehe
11:38thor heh
11:39thor just too complicated for me to follow easily
11:39thor which it shouldn't be ... :-)
11:39o_cee nah it's not a good way to do it anyway
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12:38solarce mdz: around?
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12:53* kslater is away: I'm busy
13:16stoffel Chutt: what's your opinion about getting cvs commit access?
13:18thor the only hard part is the whole "giving up first born child" clause
13:20stoffel hehe, but all this translations business is like changing a babys diapers. i woudln't mind giving it away if i were Chutt.
13:22stoffel oh, i forgot to mention that of course i'd only commit translation updates. ;)
13:23thor oh, well ... then you'd probably just get away with the $100K deposit and signing the lifetime indemnification clause
13:24stoffel indemnification? another new word i'll have forgotten by tomorrow
13:24thor heh
13:25thor means that if Chutt gets sued, you cover all the monetary penalties
13:25thor :-)
13:25stoffel yes, dict/ding already explained it to me :)
13:25thor I'm just happy I spelled it correctly
13:26thor what with only having six fingers left (bad Myth commits can be very painful)
13:26stoffel come on, 'it' is just a two-letter word
13:27stoffel what happened to the other four?
13:27thor bad Myth commits
13:27stoffel i hit return 1 second early ;)
13:27thor heh
13:29stoffel thor: reminds of the steven king story about the guy who wanted to quit smoking.
13:29thor yup
13:31stoffel haven't read a king book for a long time now, as my spelling reveals.
13:31thor heh
13:32thor There was some twist in the last part of the story where he goes to thank the guy that introduced him to the quitting service and when he shakes his hand, he notices a missing finger, IIRC
13:33stoffel iirc yes.
13:34thor at least in the story, they used wire cutters. Chutt uses a dull hacksaw
13:35GeckoFiend He used a hacksaw one you?!?!?! I got a rusty steak knife!
13:36thor luxury
13:36GeckoFiend I guess we all know you the favorite is now...
13:37stoffel now i know why bjm isn't on irc usually. his nurse only comes once a week.
13:38thor and it's tough to type using a blow-pipe
13:46stoffel and btw, as choenig asked me yesterday who i am. i'm the guy formerly known as sfr, who sends all those useless german translations.
13:46thor heh
13:46thor I was beginning to suspect
13:47stoffel a /whois would have told you
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14:09hardkrash anyone else here havvving issues with tv_grab_na?
14:09stoffel -> #mythtv-users please
14:10hardkrash oh sorry
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16:45GeckoFiend 15.1?
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16:55Chutt yeah, to fix the priorities bug
16:55Chutt that's semi major, in that it breaks priorities completely =)
16:56stoffel hm, what about updated german translations? somehow a few strings were marked as translated when in fact they were just empty string :(
17:00Chutt i'm planning on applying translation patches and simple stuff before the release as well
17:02stoffel makes sense. and what about <stoffel> Chutt: what's your opinion about getting cvs commit access? *stoffel looks in anticipation*
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17:14Chutt i dunno
17:14Chutt i'll see
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17:21jca-dk hi
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17:37* kslater is away: Going to help my wife..
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17:50jams GeckoFiend, can you send that email again, I'm having troubles with the attachment.
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18:18hurly hey guys, Anyone having the problem where you have a tv lisings using datadirect but you cant change the channel with them?
18:19hurly its like the tuner isnt taking to the database
18:19hurly iv done like 3 mythtv 0.15 upgrades and they all have the same problem
18:22GeckoFiend jams: ygm
18:22GeckoFiend hurly /topic
18:23hurly GeckoFiend, if your refering to #mythtv-users, its because someone decied to block all of buffalo, ny's cable modems from that channel
18:24monkyBox Is native LIRC support enabled in mythtv by default?
18:24stoffel monkyBox: no, and /topic
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18:24hurly ny-amherst and is blocked by #mythtv-users
18:24monkyBox oh sorry.. I thought I was in the other chan :-p
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18:25hurly anyone know why?
18:28hurly anyone?
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18:35GeckoFiend hurly we had a royal tard in there making a nuisnas of himself. try now..
18:35hurly thanks
18:35hurly GeckoFiend, same
18:35GeckoFiend hold on
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18:36GeckoFiend hrm it's not letting me..
18:36hurly hmm
18:36GeckoFiend o_cee you around
18:41GeckoFiend what was your question again? I left and came back so I lost my buffer...
18:41hurly for some reason i cant change the channel
18:41hurly even though I have a full channel guide
18:42hurly its like the guide isnt attached to the tuner
18:42GeckoFiend What does it say on the console?
18:43hurly one sec
18:44hurly nothing weird
18:45GeckoFiend bitbyte you around?
18:45bitbyte sorta
18:45bitbyte sup
18:45bitbyte i'm in a hotel in wisconsin
18:46hurly heh
18:46GeckoFiend heh eating cheese?
18:46bitbyte hehe no
18:46bitbyte drivin thru, stopped for the night
18:46hurly oh man i am hungry
18:46bitbyte what can i do ya for?
18:46GeckoFiend That "check channel failed" message... was that from the FE or BE?
18:46bitbyte erm
18:46* GeckoFiend eats another no back cookie
18:47hurly bitbyte, what type of internet connection do they give you?
18:47bitbyte Gecko, i can't recall to be honest
18:47bitbyte hurly, says t1, i havent been out to check speed yet
18:48hurly wow thats not bad
18:48GeckoFiend Hurly: Hvae you tried changing channels using the EPG? Or just chan up/down.
18:49hurly yes
18:49hurly both dont work
18:49GeckoFiend are you using the tuner or a blaster?
18:50hurly blaster?
18:50GeckoFiend IR blaster.
18:51hurly no tuner
18:52hurly using pvr250 with the keyboard
18:52GeckoFiend I'm sorry to say, I've heard people mention this, and heard what caused it and how they resoved it, but I've sompeletly forgotten. :/ when o_cee comes back he can uban your ISP.
18:52hurly okay
18:53hurly i would be surprised if it wasnt something simple
18:53hurly i must be over looking something
18:53jams GeckoFiend, got it
18:54GeckoFiend hurly: I'm going to take this to private so was not ao annoy the other devs.
18:56Chutt input association
18:57GeckoFiend heh I was just getting his cardinput table from him
18:57stoffel Chutt: (not sure if you already know about it already) one more thing (maybe) for the .1 release: apparently the auto-shutdown doesn't work if the frontend is on the same machine as the bachend. and i think choenig has a reworked version of it ready.
18:57Chutt if he's got a patch, i'll apply it
18:57Chutt well, long as it looks ok
18:58stoffel ok, i'll talk to him whenever he shows up.
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19:01stoffel o_cee: [auto-shutdown with a local fe]: see <000201c445c5$4e8c2de0$0100a8c0@zvonimir> and check if that fixes it.
19:02stoffel o_cee: on the -dev ml
19:39[davatar] anyone else notice ivtv's resolution goes up when you turn the saturation down? I wonder if we're defaulting to high, or it's the driver..
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21:06o_cee hurly: uhm, you think i'll let you back into #mythtv-users just because you change your nick?
21:06o_cee last time i removed your ban i had to throw you out again, you're not welcome in there.
21:09GeckoFiend Doh that was the same guy?!? Awww man he sucked me into helping him.
21:10o_cee it's the same guy..
21:12o_cee stoffel: ? i did get nvram-wakeup working, i'd managed to copy the wrong .conf (don't ask me how).. now i just need some buttons mapped ;)
21:18jams is it a known problem that ffw/play through a recording will sometimes cause one of the mythfrontend threads to jump in cpu usage? This in turn causes prebuffering pauses.
21:19jams this is with .15
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21:22jams for some reason when i compile with debugging, I cannot replicate the problem. If this is NOT a known problem I will keep trying to get gdb output.
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21:25GeckoFiend jams: This is the first *I've* heard of it but that doesn't mean much
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21:26jams i have seen nothing on the lists either
21:27jams i will keep at it with gdb
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