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12:38rkulagow chutt: here?
12:38* thor2 is ignoring you
12:38billytwowilly| hehehe
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12:40billytwowilly| It seems like the mfd stuff isn't in 0.15 woe is me.
12:40thor_ nope
12:41billytwowilly| oh well. As long as somebody's still plugging away at it all is still in balance in the universe;)
12:41thor_ me and the entire mfd development team (ie. me) are still hard at work
12:42billytwowilly| good, then the universe is still in balance and I can rest easy knowing black ninjas won't materialize out of thin air and kill little old ladies;)
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13:20rkulagow thor: you stepped on my commit of that word doubling thing. i found some others, too.
13:21thor_ ah
13:21thor_ sorrt
13:21thor_ sorry
13:21rkulagow no biggy.
13:21thor_ it should be able to merge the difference
13:21thor_ ?
13:21thor_ it == cvs
13:22rkulagow should.
13:22thor_ it's going to bugger all the translations I think ?
13:22thor_ if those strings are translated
13:22rkulagow that it will.
13:22stoffel yessir
13:22rkulagow that's why i was pinging chutt earlier.
13:22thor_ yup
13:23thor_ hmmmm
13:23thor_ maybe hold on 15.1 then
13:23thor_ dunno
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14:10TheAsp There isnt already a way to put a show in oldrecorded without recording it, right?
14:14o_cee thor_: bastard
14:14thor_ the the ?
14:14o_cee yeah :)
14:15thor_ I can pull it out ... we're just waiting for word from Chutt on 15.1
14:15thor_ err, 0.15.1
14:16o_cee but, if you run lupdate it might be able to catch it and update ut anyway.. but i can fix it as well, just time-consuming sending 1 liners
14:16o_cee lupdate might catch ut automatically tho. lemme see
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14:17thor_ I could do it for every language, but rkulagow has more to change ... don't want to touch anything else until we get the word
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14:17o_cee yep
14:17o_cee Updating 'mythfrontend_sv.ts'...
14:17o_cee same-text heuristic provided 3 translations
14:17o_cee 1134 known, 8 new and 4 obsoleted messages
14:17o_cee wtf
14:18o_cee ah it's davids new stuff
14:19o_cee didn't catch it automatically, need to fix it manually
14:19o_cee rkulagow: if you update stuff lemme know so i can get sv up to date before .1
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14:22dopester2 is there supposed to be something in the /filters/onefield dir in cvs?
14:22o_cee probably
14:23dopester2 let me browse cvs real quick
14:23o_cee i've got stuff there
14:23dopester2 yeah guess cvs didnt get it for me for some reason
14:23dopester2 weird
14:23thor_ cvs update -d
14:23dopester2 whats the -d?
14:24thor_ build new directories since your checkout
14:24o_cee -D
14:24o_cee damn
14:24o_cee -C is clean
14:24o_cee i always use -PAd
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14:24o_cee don't remember what the other two are
14:24o_cee :)
14:24dopester2 ahh ok
14:24dopester2 thats why my dir was blank i bet
14:24dopester2 not a biggie
14:24dopester2 just thought i mighta found a compile bug
14:25TheAsp grr
14:25TheAsp 1ghz amd just isnt cutting it these days
14:27dopester2 im loosing faith in amd the chips are just way too hot compared to an intel anymore
14:27dopester2 its like the self destroying cyrixs from years back
14:40o_cee thor_: why's there a need for a point release?
14:41thor_ something about recodring priorities ?
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14:41thor_ I'm not really sure
14:41o_cee k, must have been on -users
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14:41stoffel yupp. but who needs them anyway
14:41stoffel some db entries are '' instead of 'NULL' iirc
14:41o_cee uhmkay
14:59TheAsp ahh! my mark duplicate match works!
14:59TheAsp err
14:59TheAsp patch
14:59dopester2 you talking about duplicate recording matches not working right if subtitle or description is blank?
15:02TheAsp no
15:02TheAsp im talking about marking shows as duplicates
15:03TheAsp from the scheduled recordings screen
15:03TheAsp well, the schedule editor screen
15:04TheAsp alot of shows have different descriptions for me now with datadirect :P
15:04dopester2 oh nice
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15:09TheAsp I think I've found a bug in the scheduler... I have 2 back to back recordings of the same show (same schedule), set to record an extra minute at the end. The first is conflicting with the second, and I can't override it to be the one that records
15:09TheAsp I only want the first one
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15:51thor_ stoffel, I don't want to touch that until we know whether we freezing string changes for 0.15.1
15:52thor_ err, whether we _are_
15:52stoffel thor_: re my last email?
15:52thor_ yup
15:53stoffel thor_: sure, but there's also lots of other improvements in there. i will send another patch should that be needed.
15:54thor_ k
15:56stoffel thor_: did you had a look at my sleep-timer patch maybe? which btw, also changes one string
15:56thor_ on -dev ?
15:56stoffel yupp
15:57thor_ heh, doesn't look very objectionable :-)
15:57thor_ but OSD is Chutt's code
15:58stoffel thor_: but OSD display strings are everyones ;)
15:58thor_ heh
15:58thor_ he'll show up at some point
15:59thor_ (probably working in the basement)
15:59stoffel i'm sure about that
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16:33stoffel heh, nice email address thor_
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16:40thor_ lamedomainname?
16:40stoffel yeah
16:41thor_ heh
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17:00Ashlar sheesh, not another one.. *sigh*
17:01thor_ heh
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17:27MrWh1t3 hey did anyone have any issuse getting an ati tv tunner card working
17:27MrWh1t3 i have everything hooked up but no signal
17:27MrWh1t3 once i get pic in tvtime im going to start the install of myth
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17:33collos hello
17:34collos is it needed that the pc's in my network find each other in order to run myth ??
17:34collos because my 2 pc's can't find each other
17:34collos maybe my router
17:35collos does it work like that with a router ?
17:35collos any help is welcome :)
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17:36collos lost connection for a sec
17:37Ashlar collos: in answer to your question: yes. And please read the topic and join us on #mythtv-users
17:37collos it works with a router ? whoohoo yes
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17:38collos k
17:45o_cee bjm8: hiya
17:45MrWh1t3 hey did anyone have any issuse getting an ati tv tunner card working
17:45MrWh1t3 once i get pic in tvtime im going to start the install of myth
17:45MrWh1t3 i have everything hooked up but no signal
17:45o_cee MrWh1t3: read the topic
17:45bjm8 'ello
17:46o_cee and stop repeating stuff
17:46Ashlar and stop repeating stuff
17:46MrWh1t3 oh oops
17:46Ashlar ;)
17:46MrWh1t3 wrong chan
17:46MrWh1t3 my bad
17:46o_cee bjm8: my mail got cought in some spamtrap or haven't you had time to reply? (my smtp server was blacklisted a while ago)
17:47bjm8 o_cee, you mean left-less?
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17:48o_cee bjm8: "I need a coder for my re-design :)"
17:48o_cee heh
17:49bjm8 o_cee, that's a mistake. I'm in favor but I won't be redesigning the playbox on my own.
17:49o_cee uhm no that's not really what i wrote either
17:50bjm8 Check that. Re-code design.
17:50o_cee ?
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17:52bjm8 Getting rid of the left col and consoldating all the different view mechanisms needs Isaac and probably David or Chris.
17:53thor_ getting rid of the left column?
17:53o_cee i see it more of a theme issue needing codechanges, and since i wn't be able to do that at all without someone helping me i thought i'd start there.
17:53bjm8 thor, in Watch Recordings.
17:53thor_ ah
17:53o_cee thor_: like i showed you.
17:53thor_ eh?
17:53thor_ ahhhh
17:53thor_ nm
17:54o_cee bjm8: a simple yes or no would be sufficient
17:54o_cee i just don't want to make claims about doing stuff when i'm not able to do them all by myself, without knowing i've got the help i need.
17:55bjm8 No for me. It's redesigning the recgroups, menus, adding sort mech.... tering out a lot of code and starting over.
17:55o_cee thanks, that's all i wanted.
17:56o_cee g'night, time to sleep
17:56bjm8 8-) me too. I won't be recoding for a leftl-less playbox.
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20:27Chutt heh
20:32Chutt some guy just wrote me a bitchy email asking why he was unsubscribed from the list
20:32Chutt said i should be nicer to people, and just not arbitrarily unsubscribe them
20:32Chutt so i wrote him back to say that mailman bounced him off
20:32Chutt and his email address doesn't work at all =)
20:34stoffel hey Chutt, you're still busy in the basement?
20:40Chutt yup
20:40Chutt got about 25% of the walls up today
20:42thor_ heh
20:43stoffel err, putting new walls?
20:48Chutt wallboard, now
20:48thor_ any mud yet?
20:50stoffel fuck, 3am and i'm watching goom
20:54Chutt thor, naw, going to get it all up first
20:54thor_ yup, makes sense
20:55thor_ that's when things really get messy though
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21:01Chutt everything of yours in cvs that you'd want there for 0.15.1?
21:02rkulagow chutt: do you need me to bump the HOWTO for the point release, or is it not a big deal?
21:02thor_ yup, only thing I'd take out might be the "the the" commit that broks the translations
21:02thor_ er, borks
21:03rkulagow YM "sporks". HAND.
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21:06Chutt not a big deal
21:06thor_ k
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21:06MrGogo hey guys
21:06MrGogo woops wrong channel
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21:12Chutt allright
21:12Chutt branched off 0.15.1
21:12Chutt merged in your guys' patches from main
21:12Chutt just need to test compile it
21:18stoffel hm, #mythtv-users really took off
21:18--- ---> hurley [] has joined #mythtv
21:18Chutt what's the user count?
21:18mikegrb too many
21:18hurley how fast is it possible to change channels with mythtv?
21:18Chutt hurley, topic
21:19stoffel 73 incl. hurley
21:19hurley Chutt, wish i could, someone banned amherst in mythtv-users
21:19stoffel Chutt: he's banned there ;)
21:19Chutt no, someone banned _you_
21:19Chutt don't try to pretend you're someone different
21:20hurley if you look the whole adelphia area here is blocked
21:21Chutt because of you
21:21mikegrb hehe
21:21Chutt good work!
21:21mikegrb if it didn't take so much work I'd recon you'd be banned in here too
21:22hurley just because i am asking to unblock it you banned the whole area?
21:22Chutt i don't have anything to do with that channel
21:22--- User: *** thor_ is now known as thor_really_hone
21:22--- User: *** thor_really_hone is now known as thor_
21:22hurley doesnt matter anyways, because i am not asking a user question
21:22stoffel Chutt: not quite true. your work is the reason that channel exists ;)
21:23hurley im asking if its possible to make changing channels faster, im interested in working on it
21:23hurley but if it cant be done faster then there is no need
21:23Chutt but, _you_ are banned, and since you keep trying to evade that ban, i don't think the people that do run the channel are going to unban you
21:23GeckoFiend does that make Chutt responsible for the wiki?
21:23Chutt geckofiend, yay!
21:23stoffel hurley: you _absolutely_ asked the wrong question now
21:23thor_ there's a wiki?
21:23GeckoFiend and a forum
21:23Chutt geckofiend, do you have anything that needs in for 0.15.1
21:23Chutt ?
21:23hurley stoffel, cool, what do you mean?
21:24GeckoFiend Just that stupid off by one thing in the video browser
21:24stoffel hurley: just search the ml archives
21:24mikegrb GeckoFiend: I heard Chutt is responsible for google too
21:24hurley stoffel, i didnt see much going on there
21:24mikegrb also golden gate bridge in HD is pretty
21:24mikegrb hurley: then you obviously didn't check the archives
21:24hurley mikegrb, i did
21:25mikegrb if you had you would see how silly that question is
21:25stoffel Chutt: what about the sleep-timer l10n patch?
21:25hurley mikegrb, its not silly
21:25mikegrb hurley: I assure you it is
21:26thor_ Your search for changing channel speed returned 72 results in 0.026s.
21:26hurley mikegrb, show me
21:26mikegrb thor just did
21:26Chutt stoffel, that's in
21:27stoffel Chutt: ok. 0.15.1 is a branch in cvs now?
21:27Chutt yes
21:28stoffel i guess i need to read a bit about working with cvs now.
21:29hurley thor_, i dont see it
21:29thor_ hurley, i dont care
21:29hurley thor_, then why did you lie about searching?
21:30mikegrb he didn't, you did
21:30mikegrb though I'm suprised only 72 results came back
21:30mikegrb I would have expected several hundred
21:31hurley mikegrb, he is lieing because there is nothing that says 72 results in 0.026s
21:31stoffel what about the following code for mythfrontend: if (user == "hurley") segfault; ?
21:32Chutt Your search for changing channel speed returned 100 results in 0.028s.
21:32Chutt i got more results!
21:32mikegrb heh
21:32hurley broken search
21:32hurley who wrote it?
21:32Chutt thor only searched users
21:32mikegrb Your search for channel speed returned 100 results in 0.023s.
21:32mikegrb I got the same but faster!
21:32Chutt i did both -dev and -users.
21:32mikegrb oh
21:32mikegrb I did -dev only
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21:33mikegrb dif query trhough
21:33--- ---> TheAsp [] has joined #mythtv
21:33hurley no search
21:33mikegrb Your search for channel speed returned 321 results in 0.039s.
21:33Chutt hurley, why don't you read the web page?
21:33hurley Chutt, because the website is too cool for me
21:34stoffel hurley: for fast channel changes use xawtv/tvtime
21:34mikegrb Chutt: why when he can waste other peoples time lying about already searching the archives
21:34Chutt ah, i see
21:34Chutt makes sense
21:34thor_ Your search for channel speed returned 9535 results in 0.211s.
21:34thor_ (boolean or)
21:35mikegrb heh
21:35mikegrb but then you are likely to get false positives
21:35hurley every time i visit Oh and I add the zip 44093 it gives me a weird issue
21:38Chutt thor, did you get a email from mailman?
21:38thor_ yup
21:39--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
21:40hurley stoffel, tvtime doesnt work with 250 cards
21:41stoffel hurley: the bt8x8 based cards are fairly cheap, and are really fast in changing channels
21:43hurley stoffel, yeah i own one, but it makes sense why its so slow to change channels with a 250 card
21:45thor_ finally, playlist within playlist on the mfd/mfe wire, with proper prev/next seeking
21:45thor_ crap that took a long time
21:49--- ---> fanmac [] has joined #mythtv
21:50fanmac hey guys, any reason why #mythtv-users has me banned?
21:50thor_ ask hurley
21:50hurley fanmac, where do you live?
21:50--- <<-- mcbloom [] has quit ("Client Exiting")
21:50fanmac hurley, buffalo ny
21:51hurley fanmac, do you have adelphia cable?
21:51fanmac fanmac, yep
21:51hurley hurley, do you go to UB?
21:51stoffel hurley: you are sick
21:51fanmac hurley, yeah
21:51hurley hurley, all the UB apartments seem banned
21:51stoffel [fanmac] ( : Unknown
21:51stoffel --- [fanmac] #mythtv
21:51fanmac fanmac, why?
21:52stoffel [hurley] (
21:52hurley yeah same servers
21:53fanmac hurley, do you have to log into your net connection too?
21:53hurley yep
21:53hurley fanmac, what apartments do you live in?
21:53fanmac hurley, flint
21:54hurley wow
21:55hurley im in Diners
22:00fanmac anyone want unban the univ of Buffalo apartments?
22:00fanmac hurley, do you know Daryl Stimm?
22:00thor_ the moderator of that list is asleep (lives in Sweden)
22:01hurley hurley, yeah he is the one everyone is bad at here, yeah and he lives in Diners
22:01stoffel thor_: just ignore him. dcstimm has a split personality
22:02thor_ I was operating under the charitable assumption that at least fanmac was not having a conversation with himself
22:02--- User: *** cmorgan is now known as cmorgan_away
22:02hurley fanmac, yeah he is the one everyone is bad at here, yeah and he lives in Diners
22:02hurley fanmac, cant tab correctly
22:03fanmac hehe
22:03fanmac hurley, i just thought you were talking to your self
22:03--- ---> Utopiste [] has joined #mythtv
22:03hurley heh oops
22:03thor_ which upon slightly closer examination, appears to not be a very sound assumption
22:05fanmac hurley, what is your name?
22:05hurley Jon Okeefe
22:05fanmac Oh man do you know Heather Gorski?
22:06hurley fanmac, /msg me i dont want to chat in here
22:06--- ---> Viddy [] has joined #mythtv
22:15--- ---> bdale [~bdale@] has joined #mythtv
22:17--- ---> dcstimm [] has joined #mythtv
22:22hurley i just did a /whois on dcstimm and he is in both #mythtv-users and this channel, come on guys
22:22thor_ and he is you
22:22thor_ and fanmac
22:22thor_ and hurly
22:22thor_ now please go away
22:22hurley thor_, if you looked you would see we all live in the same place
22:22hurley (
22:23hurley not a big difference
22:30--- Channel: mode/#mythtv [+o Chutt] by ChanServ
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22:36@Chutt blah
22:36@Chutt i need to buy bigger outlet covers
22:37thor_ the industrial spring loaded things ?
22:37Captain_Murdo| Chutt, yeah those big covers can cover up those little mismeasurements. :)
22:37@Chutt no, for the basement
22:37@Chutt a teeeny bit too wide
22:37Captain_Murdo| lot of the little ones snap too easy also.
22:37thor_ ah, for over-dreameled cutouts
22:38thor_ thought for a second you were baby-proofing or something
22:38--- ---> T-Squared [] has joined #mythtv
22:38@Chutt i was making sure everything fit and stuff
22:38T-Squared anyone able to stream video from mythweb?
22:38@Chutt some of the stupid boxes weren't quite, ah, flush
22:38thor_ heh
22:38Ashlar dryall compound is a wonderful substance ;)
22:39thor_ it will fill in little box-wallboard gaps
22:39mikegrb heh
22:45--- <<-- dcstimm [] has quit ("[BX] Now she knows why her cat stays away from me! DAMNIT!")
22:45Captain_Murdo| anyone know if anything has been committed over the past few months which would cause cpu usage during playback to go up considerably?
22:46thor_ there was the preview in the background thing that got fixed only a night or two before 0.15
22:47hurley Captain_Murdoch, fixed now
22:47Captain_Murdo| I have previews off. I've been running a few-month old version on my main frontend and just upgraded to current CVS right before 0.15. That machine is only a celeron 466 but hasn't had any problems before.
22:47thor_ symptom was you could attach a gdb to a running mythfrontend and it would show extra NuppleVideoPlayer's running
22:47Captain_Murdo| now it pegs the cpu so I was wondering if any of the other developers knew of anything that's gone in that would cause cpu usage to jump.
22:48Captain_Murdo| thor, this isn't that. I don't use previews and know about that problem.
22:48thor_ k
22:48Captain_Murdo| I'll have to take a look at it sometime. don't want to have to upgrade my main frontend, but my wife is complaining now after the "upgrade" that it's skipping/pausing sometimes becuase the cpu is out of juice. :(
22:49Captain_Murdo| thanks.
22:49jams Captain_Murdoch, does it creep up on you ? or happen right away I have something similiar that I am attempting to track down
22:49Captain_Murdo| seems to be happening about 45 minutes into a show usually.
22:49jams yep that's what i have
22:49Captain_Murdo| lots of times if we set a bookmark then restart it goes away.
22:50jams yep
22:50Captain_Murdo| I haven't looked at memory usage though. maybe it's something in libavcodec. these are mpeg2 files off my M179 card.
22:50jams pvr250's here
22:50--- ---> Viddy [] has joined #mythtv
22:51Captain_Murdo| sounds like the same issue then.
22:51Captain_Murdo| and those 45 minutes are really about 32-35 because of the commercials skipped.
22:52jams I believe so, I'm running under gdb now, but so far it's fine
22:53Captain_Murdo| have to try that on my dev machine and see if cpu goes up on there as well after that amount of time. my celeron 466 probably won't be able to handle gdb running mythfrontend without causing other slowdowns. :)
22:53--- User: *** xeno42 is now known as xeno42_afk
22:54Captain_Murdo| thanks. I've been searching the lists occasionally but hadn't seen anyone else seeing the same problems so I figured I'd ask people in here.
22:54--- <--- T-Squared [] has left #mythtv ()
22:54jams same here :)
23:03--- <<-- Viddy [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:04--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
23:05@Chutt captain_murdoch, reply to the confirm email :p
23:07jams ahh it finally started happening under gdb
23:09--- <<-- hurley [] has quit ("Leaving")
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23:15--- ---> Viddy [] has joined #mythtv
23:20jams is there an easy way to have gdb dump everything to a file ?
23:21thor_ bt and then cut and paste ?
23:22jams that's what I have done, just alot of cut and paste
23:22thor_ yeah
23:22thor_ you got all the threads ?
23:23jams thread apply all bt full
23:23jams just like the doc says
23:23thor_ cool
23:23jams heh guess i need to sign up for the dev list again
23:25--- <<-- Octane [] has quit (Connection timed out)
23:27jams can i send email to the dev list without subscribing ? will it accept it ?
23:27thor_ nope
23:28thor_ send it to me, if you like: and I'll send it
23:28jams i just remember last time it took a day for the confirmation email
23:29thor_ you're going to want to subscribe to see any responses though :-)
23:29jams ah, the confirmation just show up
23:38--- <<-- collos [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:43--- <--- bdale [~bdale@] has left #mythtv ("Client exiting")
23:59--- User: *** Ashlar is now known as AshSleep
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