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00:16@Chutt repeat after me: if is not a function. =)
00:17thor_ if it is not a function ...
00:17@Chutt if(blah)
00:18@Chutt jams, still here?
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00:24@Chutt captain_murdoch, you here either?
00:24@Chutt try to fix a bug, and no one's around
00:24@Chutt no fun
00:24thor_ I'm happy to repeat after you
00:24@Chutt hehe
00:24@Chutt well, the only thing weird in jams' backtrace was the fact that it was loading a preview pixmap
00:25thor_ heh
00:25thor_ bloody preview thing again
00:25@Chutt well, this is the pixmap
00:25@Chutt not video
00:25@Chutt i'm thinking, if that were to loop
00:25thor_ right, but it's the same playbackbox.cpp stuff
00:25@Chutt could cause the high cpu, if that somehow gets started
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00:32@Chutt captain_murdoch and mdz haven't signed up
00:32@Chutt they're losers
00:32thor_ heh
00:33thor_ or have buggered up spam filters
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00:34thor_ bah
00:34thor_ what the hell is m_physitem
00:34@Chutt where's that?
00:34thor_ UIListGenericTree
00:34thor_ I've been trying to set pixmaps
00:35thor_ and finally discovered that setPixmap() doesn't
00:35thor_ unless m_physitem is declared
00:35thor_ bah
00:35@Chutt it's the actual item =)
00:35@Chutt that's drawn and stuff
00:36thor_ well, TreeCheckItem just sets it in it's constructor
00:36thor_ anyway, nm, I'll solve it
00:37jams Chutt, i'm here
00:37@Chutt jams, check out the release-0-15-1 branch
00:37@Chutt of cvs
00:37@Chutt and try to reproduce your bug
00:37@Chutt i just replied to your email, but, i dunno
00:37jams k
00:37thor_ ah, mf
00:38@Chutt mf?
00:38thor_ motherf%@$@
00:38@Chutt heh
00:38@Chutt well, hmm
00:39@Chutt see how mythmusic does pixmaps
00:39@Chutt i forget how i did em =)
00:39thor_ yes
00:39thor_ but the constructor does not check for m_physitem
00:39thor_ it just sets the freakin pixmap
00:39thor_ which is all I want to do
00:40@Chutt setPixmap should set m_image as well
00:40@Chutt i think
00:40thor_ I just wrote ::forcePixmap()
00:40thor_ so it won't screw up any other code
00:40@Chutt just make setPixmap set m_image
00:40thor_ sure?
00:40@Chutt yup
00:41thor_ yippeee
00:41@Chutt only thing that it's used for is the up/down arrows in the music selector
00:42@Chutt ah, just make sure you're using head, and not the release-0-15-1 branch for that =)
00:42@Chutt just in case
00:42thor_ ah, right
00:42jams so i just read your email, how do I know which thread is doing what ?
00:42@Chutt jams, you run top
00:43@Chutt and see 'oh, look, pid #132456 is using too much cpu'
00:43@Chutt =)
00:43jams ah
00:43thor_ jams, you still have it in gdb ?
00:43@Chutt then just include which threads are being bad along with your next backtrace -- the pid is in the bt for each thread
00:43jams one step further then what i had been doing
00:43@Chutt just do that before you break, of course
00:43jams of course :)
00:43@Chutt since then nothing will be using any cpu =)
00:44jams thor_, nope
00:44jams just killed that window 2 min's ago
00:44@Chutt anyway, give it a try with what i changed
00:44@Chutt might work, might not
00:44@Chutt i dunno
00:45jams let you know tomorrow, .15 takes a bit longer to compile
00:45@Chutt sooner's better, i want to put out 0.15.1 tomorrow night at the latest
00:45@Chutt would be nice to have that fixed
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00:46@Chutt but, if you let me know tomorrow sometime, that'll work =)
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00:46jams first thing, it takes a bit to make the problem happen
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01:01Captain_Murdo| Chutt, I don't think I got any email, not sure what you mean.
01:02Captain_Murdo| Would that bug you think you fixed have occurred even if you have both video and pixmap previews turned OFF?
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01:25@Chutt captain_murdoch, dunno, it'd definitely happen with pixmap previews on but video off
01:26Captain_Murdo| ok, I run with both off so maybe it's something different I'm seeing.
01:26@Chutt well, do the same thing jams did =)
01:27Captain_Murdo| yeah, told him I needed to earlier. :) didn't expect you to jump on it.
01:27@Chutt and what i mentioned about figuring out which thread is using cpu for the bt
01:27Captain_Murdo| definitely
01:27thor_ ../../libs/libmythtv/ undefined reference to `ConfigurationDialog::exec(QSqlDatabase*, bool)'
01:27thor_ waaaaaahhhhhh
01:27@Chutt you should be getting an email from mailman
01:27thor_ I just want friggin pixmaps
01:27Sir-Al same
01:28@Chutt thor, recompile :p
01:28thor_ I just did
01:28thor_ from a distclean
01:28Captain_Murdo| Chutt, ok.
01:28thor_ err, maybe not a distclean
01:28thor_ f%#!
01:29dopester2 :)
01:30* Captain_Murd needs to do something to his recording dup checking for The Dead Zone so Myth will stop wasting time recording the Dead Zone movie everytime it comes on without a description.
01:31@Chutt heh
01:31dopester2 there are a lot of shows like that
01:32thor_ btw, the Dead Zone was filmed in the town I was born in
01:32thor_ (yes, yes, utterly useless trivia)
01:32dopester2 and where was that?
01:32thor_ Niagara-On-The-Lake
01:32dopester2 that canadian or us?
01:33thor_ can
01:33dopester2 yer a canuck then eh? :)
01:33@Chutt captain_murdoch, re flagging while recording, you'll make that optional, right?
01:33@Chutt my mini-itx probably couldn't handle it
01:33Captain_Murdo| Chutt, yes, default OFF
01:33@Chutt just checking =)
01:34@Chutt well, it probably _could_ handle it, just not when anything else was going on
01:34Captain_Murdo| my master backend is only a celeron 466 so it can't handle much. it bogs down currently if I'm running more than 3 flagging jobs using the current nice(19) and sleep-every-frame method.
01:34dopester2 you should just get a contract with a hardware vendor and make the software require that much hardware and get a kickback for everyone sold.. oh wait.. that sounds like some other company..
01:35Captain_Murdo| actually my master backend is a p2-400, my main frontend is the celeron 466. so that's even worse.
01:35@Chutt heh
01:36@Chutt i like the top 'sponsored link' when you search for mythtv on google
01:37thor_ heh
01:37dopester2 heh thats great
01:37thor_ bah
01:37thor_ now I've lost my remote
01:37dopester2 how many offers of donations did you get when you werent working? you probbably coulda lived off of that for years..
01:37thor_ this is not my evening
01:38dopester2 you heard about the woman who put up the website to get moeny to pay off her credit card and idiots gave her money for that?
01:38@Chutt i don't want random people's money
01:39@Chutt it wouldn't be enough for the amount of aggravation i put up with :p
01:39dopester2 if you find enough suckers you could always pay someone to deal with the aggrivation :)
01:40* dopester2 tip toes away with thors remote
01:40thor_ I mean for f$@$ sake
01:40@Chutt captain_murdoch, nuthin from mailman @
01:40@Chutt 'confirm 123412348fdjfsafas
01:40davatar Captain: you could find hardware twice the speed rifling through your local corporation's trash... :p
01:40@Chutt as the subject line?
01:41Captain_Murdo| 38 seconds for the "delete recordedmarkup" exec() to run for that Dead Zone 135 minute long movie on my slow
01:41@Chutt oh, and go ahead and commit your big patch
01:41Captain_Murdo| Chutt, nothing yet. I filter on [mythtv] and [mythtv-dev] but it's not in those boxes either that I noticed.
01:41@Chutt i already branched off 0.15.1
01:41@Chutt it's not one of those :p
01:41Captain_Murdo| ok, will do tomorrow sometime. I've been running that code on my main system for a week now.
01:41@Chutt so, cvs head's fine for unstable stuff
01:42Captain_Murdo| ok.
01:42@Chutt i didn't _mean_ for it to be, but, whatever
01:42Captain_Murdo| my goal in life, instability
01:42Captain_Murdo| err... :)
01:44Captain_Murdo| checked my mail logs and don't see anything with "mailman" in it.
01:44@Chutt Deferred: Connection timed out with
01:45@Chutt i guess you're not getting any mail from :p
01:45Captain_Murdo| hmm, been getting other mail. :(
01:45* mikegrb notices Chutt's op'ed state
01:46mikegrb someone must have gotten the smackdown
01:46@Chutt if that dcstimm guy got any more annoying, i was going to take care of it
01:46@Chutt but he shut up on his own and left, so
01:46mikegrb so I see
01:46mikegrb another network I'm on I rarely id
01:46mikegrb too much of a pain
01:47mikegrb have too look up the password
01:47dopester2 chutt: you dealt much with kennth afloy?
01:47@Chutt yeah
01:48@Chutt he did a lot of the dvb junk
01:48@Chutt gets drunk and sends ill-thought out emails occasionally, too
01:48dopester2 is it typical that he wont reply to emails? i sent him some info about the dvb changes i wanted and he never got back to me, but made a few posts mentioning to talk to me or him.. just seemed odd..
01:49dopester2 the drunk email thing helps alot now :)
01:49@Chutt like, he got upset that i gave someone else cvs write access once and wrote me a nasty email
01:49@Chutt see, aggravating :p
01:49dopester2 ahh like me? :)
01:50@Chutt naw
01:51dopester2 well im going to italy later this week, so i'll probbably submit the dvb changes a week or so after i get back.. so dont make a new release with the first batch of patches cause im certain its gonna break some dvb shit.. :)
01:52@Chutt heh
01:52@Chutt unless something major's broken
01:52@Chutt there won't be a 0.16 until thor's stuff is ready =)
01:52thor_ heh
01:53dopester2 yeah im probbably going to end up rewriting 1/2 of the dvb stuff.. i still dont have a good solution for the dvb with xmltv, but i guess thats of little importance
01:54davatar Chutt: did you see my patch about seeking to saved position of a mpeg4 while recording?
01:54@Chutt yeah
01:54@Chutt i wasn't sure of it
01:54@Chutt so i pushed it off until after 0.15
01:54@Chutt and now 0.15.1
01:54@Chutt there was a reason i disallowed that, before
01:54dopester2 is there any communication between backend and frontend yet for when video takes a while to show up, or if its going to at all?
01:55@Chutt i just need time to remember why =)
01:55@Chutt dopester2, naw, that stuff's underdeveloped
01:55@Chutt the frontend assumes that there's going to be video
01:55davatar Well.. I've been running it for a week now, no problems yet..
01:55@Chutt and breaks if there's not
01:56dopester2 ok cause i might have to take that up after what im working on if no one else does, because when moving a sat motor it can cause a timeout if you gotta move yer dish a large distance to aim at a new bird
01:56@Chutt yup
01:56dopester2 not to mention that it would also add support for dvb radio
01:57dopester2 should make it so i could record bbc news and dump it into my ipod before i go to work :)
01:57@Chutt stream it
01:57@Chutt bbc's got all their radio stuff online
01:57thor_ don't use an encoder :-)
01:58dopester2 if you had a network infastructure like we got at my office you would understand why its not possible
01:58dopester2 remember i work for cingular.. i.e. a communications company which means no one has a clue about communications related stuff..
01:58thor_ heh
01:59dopester2 our data network has to be the most unreliable crap ive ever seen.. i hope we never really try to sell it
02:10Captain_Murdo| Chutt, In my tree, I moved the "delete recordedmarkup" code into it's own thread so it wouldn't hold up mythfrontend from returning control to the user. The slowness was still there though. Now I realized that even though it's in it's own thread, it's still locking the DB, so when the frontend gets control back and sends a QUERY_RECORDINGS to the backend, the backend can't get the list because the DB is locked by the delete. What
02:10Captain_Murdo| of the delete thread creating it's own MythSqlDatabase connection?
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02:26linagee can i see the info mythtv has downloaded using xmltv from mysql?
02:26linagee mythconverg database... what table?
02:29Captain_Murdo| check in #mythtv-users
02:30linagee Captain_Murdoch: the topic says: "this isn't a support channel" then what is it for?
02:30Captain_Murdo| development talk
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04:54linagee wow. that is awesome. "upgrading schema" !! i almost thought i would loose my stuff!
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05:30o_c Chutt: have i got time to sync up swedish translation for .1?
05:31o_c i'll get to it in 30 mins
05:54o_c do i need to update with the .1 tag? hm
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07:26GeckoFiend hrm... Looks like we might have a borked translation screwing up recording groups by translating "All Programs" to "Alle programma's"
07:28stoffel hm?
07:29GeckoFiend That extar single quote destroys the SQL query...
07:30GeckoFiend s/ar/ra/
07:30stoffel phew, not my fault then ;)
07:32stoffel rm mythfrontend_nl.ts
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07:42o_c how do i checkout a branch?
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11:09anduin When is 15.1 rolling out?
11:10@Chutt tonight
11:10anduin ok, thanks
11:14jams chutt you read my email ?
11:14@Chutt yup
11:14@Chutt thanks for testing it
11:14jams cool
11:14jams np
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11:23@Chutt geckofiend, yo
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12:01stoffel Chutt: mythfrontend/globalsettings.cpp is missing the 16/9 Stretch option for the Aspect Override. i added it using a value of '4'. is that the correct number?
12:04stoffel i'm asking as when selecting this aspect mode in the settings during testing, the zoom didn't change, whereas it worked when chosen from the osd menu.
12:05@Chutt 4's right
12:10stoffel you'd like a patch nonetheless?
12:11@Chutt i dunno
12:11@Chutt be best to figure out why it's not working from the settings menu
12:12stoffel i'll give it another look
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12:29cesman hello everyone
12:29cesman MUCH thanks for the great work on 0.15
12:29thor_ send money to the EFF
12:29thor_ :-)
12:29cesman :-)
12:30stoffel i'd accept it too, btw.
12:30thor_ or stoffel
12:30stoffel altough my contributions are microscopic
12:30* Ashlar chucks a farthing at stoffel ;)
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12:31* stoffel faints
12:32stoffel oh, fart != farthing :)
12:32Ashlar lol
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12:45cesman thor_, done!
12:45thor_ thank you
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12:48cesman no thank you and the rest of the devs!
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13:27GeckoFiend Chutt I'm here now what's up?
13:28@Chutt hey
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13:47o_cee Chutt: was the translation ok? it was only that one string?
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14:15Octane a bug which i cant fix: mythvideo's video manager doesnt save as default when you change the filter
14:15thor_ you mean when you quit and then go back to mythvideo
14:16Octane yes
14:16thor_ yeah
14:16thor_ it's not the greatest code
14:17thor_ if I'd hate more time, I would have fixed it a bit more (or made it a compile time option)
14:17thor_ had
14:17thor_ (Freudian)
14:17Octane lol ;)
14:19Octane its okay,t he filter thing is great though
14:19Octane finally id ont have to defferentiate movies and tv's using parental level
14:20Octane tv's being tv shows
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14:52stoffel Chutt: ok, i have it working now. but i replaced AspectOverride() with the logic of ToggleLetterbox, meaning the AspectOverride settings value has changed.
14:53stoffel Chutt: it'd be better to extend ToggleLetterbox to allow setting of a specific aspect mode in the long run. AspectOverride() is just duplicating code imho.
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16:37o_cee Captain_Murdoch: here?
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17:28Octane does dan morphis IRC?
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17:42stoffel_ Chutt: patch sent
17:43--- <<-- thor_ [] has quit ("Leaving")
17:45o_cee Chutt: you got a couple of minutes? or should i send an email instead?
17:49--- ---> thor2 [] has joined #mythtv
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18:33stoffel_ bjm is a talented painter
18:37--- ---> bjohnson [] has joined #mythtv
18:38bjohnson could someone give the fedora core 2 sources.list line for atrpms? I want to try out mythtv
18:38thor2 search here:
18:39thor2 see topic please
18:39stoffel_ bjohnson: and read the topic, please. and i use debian myself.
18:40stoffel_ are the rh 9 rpms that much different than fc1/2?
19:01--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
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20:36@Chutt mdz, you around?
20:37--- User: *** xeno42 is now known as xeno42_afk
20:53mdz Chutt: yep
20:57@Chutt is there anything in what you just committed that should go into 0.15.1?
20:59mdz not really
20:59mdz there's one I'm about to commit which I would like in 0.15.1, though
21:00mdz most of what I've done so far is just merging that guy's freebsd patches; should be harmless, but not worth manual merging
21:01mdz I just committed some changes to make mythfilldatabase --quiet work again
21:02@Chutt can you put it in the release-0-15-1 branch, then?
21:03mdz ok
21:04mdz there's at least one more quiet-related thing I wanted to add
21:04mdz which is to run wget --quiet
21:04mdz but that's down in the datadirect code, so it can't use the mythfilldatabase global quiet flag, and I'd need to either hardcode it, or change the API
21:05@Chutt yeah, too much work for 0.15.1
21:05mdz I haven't exactly tested the mythfilldatabase changes yet either
21:05mdz but all I touched was status messages and error messages
21:05@Chutt as long as it compiles =)
21:05mdz since it'll still be noisy without the datadirect changes, it's probably not worth it anyway
21:05@Chutt eh, whatever
21:06@Chutt i'm putting out the release in a few hours
21:06@Chutt it'll be updated mythtv, mythweb, mythmusic, and mythvideo
21:07thor2 phew
21:07mdz bah, the library abi changed already since 0.15?
21:07@Chutt nope
21:07@Chutt same lib
21:07@Chutt db changed, slightly, though
21:07@Chutt oh, current CVS's lib version changed
21:07mdz This app was compiled against libmyth version: 0.15.20040528-1
21:07mdz but the library is version: 0.15.20040525-1
21:07mdz right
21:08mdz cvs [update aborted]: no such tag release-0-15-1
21:08--- <<-- dopester2 [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:08mdz well that's interesting
21:08@Chutt the 0.15.1 branch is from right before that change
21:08--- ---> dopester [] has joined #mythtv
21:08@Chutt it's only tagged in mythtv/
21:09mdz I probably have some stuff in my tree that you deleted from a while back, or something
21:09@Chutt heh
21:09@Chutt probably
21:09mdz it blows up right after themes/oldosd
21:09mdz which ought to be the last dir it processes
21:12mdz anyway, merged that onto 0.15.1
21:12mdz gave it a test run
21:15mdz still damn noisy
21:15mdz but didn't break anything
21:17bitbyte geckofiend, you round m8?
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