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03:43thor2 holy FreeBSD commits
03:49GeckoFiend bitbyte I'm here now.
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05:00GeckoFiend sorry bitbyte heading to work
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05:44thor2 bah
06:06thor2 anyone want to run for office in the upcoming Canadian election?
06:08thor2 particularily in Quebec?
06:08thor2 anyone ....
06:12thor2 Churchill was right
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07:06thor2 fuck
07:10mikegrb thor2: can I stay in .us?
07:10mikegrb I mean I want to move to .ca
07:10mikegrb but the wife says no
07:10thor2 friggin nightmare
07:11thor2 if you have roughly $3-400,00 in personal assets
07:11mikegrb oh
07:11mikegrb well can I borrow a few dollars?
07:11mikegrb and is that american or canadian?
07:12thor2 3-4,000K
07:12thor2 US
07:12thor2 shit
07:12thor2 I was planning on going on vacation
07:12mikegrb oh well that isn't as bad at all
07:12mikegrb ;)
07:12thor2 now I'm going to have to go to Quebec to fight an election
07:12thor2 crap!
07:13mikegrb I would vote for you
07:13thor2 I'm unelectable
07:14thor2 0k, how many mythtv users in westmount, pq?
07:17thor2 mikegrb: there is very little difference between CA and US at the federal level
07:18mikegrb I know about 8 canadians rather well
07:18thor2 heh
07:18mikegrb I will tell them to vote for you
07:18thor2 not for me
07:19mikegrb so throw in the drunks and you could have 10 votes!
07:19thor2 for **god**'sake
07:19thor2 not for me
07:19thor2 I habe nothing to do with the campaign
07:19mikegrb puhwahaha
07:19thor2 have
07:19mikegrb well then
07:20mikegrb if you aren't going to campaign I am going to have to start a massive effort to get you elected by write in
07:20mikegrb this will take some work based on my location
07:20thor2 heh
07:22thor2 it will probably make no sense, but give your "support" (in quotes) to
07:23mikegrb ;)
07:23mikegrb I'm off to work catch you on the otherside of the commute
07:23thor2 yup
07:27thor2 <mikegrb> I know about 8 canadians rather well
07:27thor2 eh?
07:36thor2 This land is where I make my stand
07:36thor2 enough said
07:52mikegrb hmm?
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12:21cbaoth I'm having a bit of trouble compiling .15.1 with directfb, it barfs on this line with a syntax error: typedef map<unsigned char *, IDirectFBSurface *> BufferMap;
12:22cbaoth From videoout_directfb.cpp line 183 btw..
12:25@Chutt the directfb stuff isn't really supported
12:26cbaoth Heh, well I sorta need it for tvout on my g550. :)
12:26@Chutt buy a non-sucky video card :p
12:31cbaoth Well it WAS working in post .14 cvs with a patch and few hacks. :/
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13:39stoffel cbaoth: did you try directfb from cvs?
13:43stoffel laga:
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14:28cbaoth stoffel: No, last time I used it, I got image tearing on the tv.
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14:52mdz Chutt: there are 0.15.1 releases for mythtv, mythmusic, mythvideo and mythweb (only), right?
14:53@Chutt right
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17:11o_cee mdz: uhm, yeah l10n.. why's it /i18n in myth?
17:11o_cee i18n even
17:11o_cee bah
17:12stoffel for the US it's international. for each translator it's local *g*
17:13o_cee Chutt: did you get any of those mails regarding left-less playbackbox (watch recs) and sorting menus? me david and bruce a while back ago
17:13@Chutt nope
17:13o_cee k, got a couple of minutes?
17:14@Chutt possibly
17:14mdz o_cee: I didn't create the dir
17:14o_cee Chutt: okay :)
17:14o_cee mdz: k
17:15o_cee basically i would like to be able to make gant (and blue as well if you'd want that) to work something like this: this looks pretty much like the new uitype used in the osd menus..
17:15@Chutt why would you want that?
17:15o_cee but, since this would take both codechanges and theme-design, i won't be able to do it by myself (And i'd want your approval anyway)
17:16o_cee i think it looks really good, that's all hehe
17:16o_cee probably a bit smaller/more items though
17:16@Chutt it'd be horrible to navigate if you had more than a few recordings
17:16o_cee yeah, that leads us into sorting stuff, bruce came with a really good suggestion for that
17:17o_cee gimme a second, finding his email
17:17@Chutt far as i'm concerned, that's a step back in useability.
17:18o_cee i was thinking about doing somehing (optionally) like you've done on select music, where you get a sub-menu. but i for one never keep more than ~20 recs, so i've got alot of unused space
17:18o_cee this is a menu used for decising what view you want:
17:18o_cee +-------------------+
17:18o_cee |<Newest first> |
17:18o_cee |<Oldest first> |
17:18o_cee |<Sort by title> |
17:18o_cee |<Sort by size> |
17:18o_cee |All Programs:::::::|
17:18o_cee |Default |
17:18o_cee |Flix |
17:18o_cee |Keep |
17:18@Chutt i've got something like 180 shows on my production box
17:18o_cee |Sports |
17:18o_cee +-------------------+
17:19o_cee yeah, and you'd still be able to get submenus pretty much like before
17:19kvandivo i'm at 84 right now..
17:20o_cee you could have something similar like "Group together shows" or whatever, wich would give you another level
17:21o_cee (it works for select music, you've got alot of stuff there as well, same idea)
17:22@Chutt not really
17:22@Chutt there's only a few categorization methods for tv shows
17:22o_cee yeah, and there's only one currently
17:22@Chutt no, there's the recording groups stuff
17:23o_cee okay, true
17:23o_cee neither of those would dissapear, that's not what i mean
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17:24@Chutt well, what i mean is that i don't want the myth ui to be a blind copy of other people's software.
17:24o_cee i'd just want a more flexible screen where i who don't have alot of recordings (and often not subtitle info so i _can_ use the grouping anyway)
17:24@Chutt which seems to be how you're going about doing things.
17:24o_cee of course not
17:25o_cee i was also thinking about using the new uitype on the other screens, like recprio and conflicts (but more like it is today, not the "big" type of items)
17:26o_cee would be intresting to know how many uses the left part of the navigation currently. i never use it
17:27@Chutt almost every time i go into the watch recording screen.
17:27@Chutt certainly every time i go to delete anything
17:28o_cee still just think mostly it's the looks that would change
17:28o_cee (sorry for any hard ot understand english, worked all day and i'm pretty tired ;)
17:29o_cee but if that's what you feel i'll drop it
17:29o_cee not worth spending more time on it if you don't like it anyway
17:31@Chutt i think it'd be less useable
17:32@Chutt but i might have been more agreeable if _you_ had come up with a mockup of the ui on your own
17:32@Chutt instead of saying 'i want to copy X'
17:32o_cee hehe, understandable, haven't had time that's all
17:32o_cee i'll see if i can get something together, okay?
17:32@Chutt sure
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17:55GeckoFiend God I hate this current client. You make one minor change to an app and suddenly you own it and start getting support calls.
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18:28o_cee Chutt: still around=
18:29o_cee ?
18:29o_cee got 45 minute mockup, still very early
18:32o_cee mdz: debs for .1 availible?
18:32mdz o_cee: yes
18:32o_cee changing topic in -users then
18:33o_cee bah, might as well show it
18:33o_cee to everyone
18:33o_cee very early
18:37o_cee okay
18:37o_cee time to sleep, nighty
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19:10CyberKnet join #mythtv-users
19:10CyberKnet argh. sorry =)
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20:43davatar is mfd going replace the current frontend/backend communication for mythtv?
20:52woodwizzle davatar: Might have more luck asking in #mythtv-users
20:58@Chutt err, that's a dev question, not a user question
20:59@Chutt davatar, and, no, it's not
20:59woodwizzle sorry, Chutt, my bad
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21:08rkulagow_ why would someone not pull their own DD data? (that "hosting DD for friends that don't want to setup DD accounts")
21:08rkulagow_ TOS probably prevents redistribution, anyway.
21:08Ashlar paranoia?
21:09rkulagow_ there's paranoia, then there's Paranoia.
21:09Ashlar definitely capital P
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21:42wegman hey guys, did the design change or does the program guide not have the days any more, for example it was Monday, tuesday, etc, not its 6/2, 6/3, 6/4, which is kinda stupid because most tv commercials say, wednesday at 8pm, not 6/2 at 8pm...
21:42wegman not/now
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22:20Captain_Murdo| if not/now then when?
22:21CyberKnet before the guide used to show the day name, not just the month day number
22:21CyberKnet I think is what he is saying. I noticed that too.
22:22CyberKnet I just didn't have a problem with it so I didn't try to see if it was configurable.
22:25Captain_Murdo| yeah, I know what he meant, just joking about the not/now part...
22:26CyberKnet aha =)
22:26CyberKnet Happen to know if it is configurable?
22:34Captain_Murdo| can't remember if it's part of the theme or the default time/date formats in the setup.
22:34CyberKnet np. Just being lazy as opposed to the tried + true method of reading the source and/or theme files.
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23:47bjohnson anyone have some tips for ripping DVDs and burning multiple vids on a new DVD?
23:47bjohnson I've got some kids videos that would be handy if a number of videos were on a single dvd
23:48Captain_Murdo| this isn't a user support room (see topic) and you might be better off asking that on some transcode mailing list or channel rather than #mythtv-users anyway.
23:57o_cee Captain_Murdoch: what about those recs, you want some of those?
23:59o_cee nice commit :)
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