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00:11Captain_Murdo| o_cee, not just yet. should have some time in a couple weeks to play with them. wife is going out of town for a little while to visit family and then I can get some coding done. :)
00:12Captain_Murdo| so you already got the commit message? I need to figure out why it takes so long for me to get stuff sometimes.
00:20o_cee Captain_Murdoch: okay, just let me know where and when :) yeah, usually it takes time for me to get stuff hehe
00:20Captain_Murdo| and just that quick, a 1-line patch to make up for my last huge one... forgot to remove a cerr debug statement that I had inserted to doublecheck one last time that things worked before committing. :(
00:21o_cee haven't got that one yet, heh
00:21Captain_Murdo| ok. thanks. that commit of mine included the code to save only the delta positionMap entries. I found the bug and tested earlier tonight.
00:22o_cee yeah, saw that.. will update after work. damn i'm late, gotta run.. later
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01:05rkulagow_ captain_murdoch: still here?
01:05Captain_Murdo| yeah
01:05rkulagow_ how does your latest patch interact with mythcommflag? still need it, or can you manually kick off a reflag?
01:06Captain_Murdo| mythcommflag isn't affected right now. I plan on adding an option to mythcommflag to allow it to be used to send a message to the backend to tell the backend to start flagging, but for now mythcommflag is unchanged.
01:07Captain_Murdo| later the user will have the option of flagging right then using mythcommflag or letting the backend flag after mythcommflag sends it a message.
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01:08Captain_Murdo| the backend now prints out messages when it starts and stops flagging and also prints out the number of commercial breaks found.
01:08rkulagow_ ok; so right now, if a flagging dies before finishing for whatever reason you'll need to re-flag with mythcommflag, or does the built-in flagger scan for jobs that haven't completed? (i'm compiling now, so these may be obvious once i've got the new code)
01:10Captain_Murdo| the builtin flagging will pickup and restart flagging jobs that were running when the backend went down. it won't pickup and restart if it was just a slave that went down. I plan on adding something like that later. also if the dedicated flagging slave is down then it won't flag anything and doesn't queue them up right now. I need to add in something for that as well.
01:12rkulagow_ anything that checks for a hung process? i've had some programs that would hang with mythcommflag at the 90 or 99% point. i'm assuming that they're damaged MPEG-2 files and that libavcodec is barfing and it's just not being handled correctly.
01:13Captain_Murdo| nothing that checks for that. the actual flagging code hasn't changed, just the way it's fired off. now it's fired off when a LOCAL_COMMFLAG event is received instead of being fired off by tv_rec.cpp when a recording finished. now that it's handled from a central location I could add in ways to check things like that, and even report status (ie, percentage done, etc.) somehow if wanted.
01:14rkulagow_ look at that! ask some questions, generate a TODO list. put it on the wiki!
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01:15Captain_Murdo| I thought of the status thing already so it's on my TODO. :) will make a note about checking for hung processes though, and already made one about checking for stuff that needs reflagging if a slave goes down or something.
01:16Captain_Murdo| added a couple more items just now myself.
01:17rkulagow_ "send wife and kids on vacation more often"?
01:19Captain_Murdo| :) nah
01:20rkulagow_ all i accomplished when my wife was gone was to re-plumb the bathroom and replace the fixtures. took out the back of a closet to do it. and she thought all i was going to do was sit around and drink beer.!
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01:21rkulagow_ bbl.
01:21Captain_Murdo| ditto. I need to go get some sleep before a long meeting at work later this morning.
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01:34@Chutt anduin, you just bounced off of -dev
01:34@Chutt 553 5.3.5 config error: mail loops back to me (MX problem?)
01:40anduin Chutt - weird, that is my backup MX... it shouldn't even be hitting there, thanks.
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11:54kvandivo anyone else having compilation issues? Early in the debugging process, I'm wondering if it is mdz's "Use $${QMAKE_EXTENSION_SHLIB} rather than .so" commit.
11:54kvandivo I'm getting "make[1]: *** No rule to make target `../libmyth/libmyth-0.15.', needed by `'. Stop." right after libmythtv
11:55mdz kvandivo: what version of qt?
11:56kvandivo checking now
11:56kvandivo newest in gentoo, whatever that..
11:57mikegrb :-O
11:57mikegrb kvandivo: upgrade to debian and you will be set
11:57mdz no
11:57kvandivo hmm.. not quite.. :) i've got 3.3.0, and it looks like 3.3.2 is available
11:57mdz looks like qt is broken
11:58mdz qmake specifically
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11:58o_c i've got 3.3.2 i think, want me to try it?
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11:59kvandivo i've apparently got some dependency on 3.3.0 somewhere.. emerge world isn't showing 3.3.2 as a 'release' upgrade
11:59mdz o_cee: it'll break for you too
11:59o_cee mdz: okay
12:00o_cee Qmake version: 1.07a (Qt 3.3.2)
12:00kvandivo Qmake version: 1.07a (Qt 3.3.0) :)
12:00o_cee heh :)
12:01mdz every time I try to use some non-trivial feature in qmake, it turns out to be half-assed
12:01kvandivo at any rate, thanks for commenting that commit well. i'd have had to dug for quite a while longer without a useful commit msg there
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12:09mdz kvandivo: cvs update && make
12:09kvandivo ok
12:10kvandivo if only gigem was on irc..
12:11rkulagow_ is he the last hold out? even bruce markey comes in once in a while.
12:12kvandivo i believe that gigem showed up for a few minutes the other day when bjm did, strangely enough
12:13* o_cee forced them heheh
12:14o_cee did anyone see that 0.1 version of my mockup for watch recs? it's still early, maybe i'll get some more time tonight to continue with it
12:17jams o_cee, where is it located ?
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12:32kvandivo mdz: i believe the compile has made it past the point where it was bombing before, so i surmise that fixed it. (one of these days i'll get something faster than a 400mghz to compile on)
12:33mdz kvandivo: if it linked libmythtv, then it's OK
12:34mdz kvandivo: you run gentoo but don't use ccache?
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12:34mikegrb heh
12:35kvandivo actually, that's WITH ccache..
12:36kvandivo don't know if i'm getting out of cache hits for some reason or what.. seems extra slow for some reason.. perhaps it is like watching a pot boil
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12:46bbeattie how does one create a diff of a file from cvs? (ie, make a patch)
12:47kvandivo cvs diff -u
12:47bbeattie thanks
12:47kvandivo cvs diff -bu2 > /tmp/mypatch.patch is what i use
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14:00rkulagow_ anyone having issues / knows the deal with people that are complaining about zap2it not allowing two copies of a headend in the same lineup?
14:01rkulagow_ (meaning, if i can mention it next time we have lunch)
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14:35pkirchner Hello
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15:50mdz if (gContext->GetNumSetting("SaveTranscoding", 0))
15:50mdz unlink(oldfile);
15:50mdz is it me, or is that entirely backwards?
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15:52anduin looks backwards but some of us also taint a scope with useless temporary variables
15:53anduin Captain_Murdoch - I love what you've done with the recordedmarkup delete thread
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18:02davatar speaking of using threads to do cleanup, I've been thinking about moving file deletion to a backend thread, so the frontend is more responsive.. am I missing something obvious?
18:04davatar this should allow for undelete, just set programs to be invisible, backend expires them as new programs come in, you have until then to recover..
18:08anduin the backend already does the delete (for mythtv)
18:09davatar anduin: so why does frontend become unresponsive for large files? I see people complain all the time about ext3 slow deletes..
18:09davatar should be invisible to the user.
18:10anduin davatar - prior to the other day all the markup rows were deleted in the delete request, cvs up and see how fast it is now
18:10davatar nice..
18:11Chutt it was slow mysql, not slow filesystem deletes =)
18:11Chutt file delete speed is noticeable when returning from live-tv
18:11Chutt though
18:12davatar Chutt: would you accept a patch for an undelete system as above?
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18:15gfiend davatar: So how do you intend to deal with folks who have recordings and videos and music all on the same disk? With your system the recordgins would eat up all the space.
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18:16Chutt i don't really see a need
18:16Chutt it does confirm that you really want to delete something
18:19davatar Chutt: yeah, but the concept would be that you don't actually delete something, mythtv just decides which is the least-important program to you to get rid of. I suppose you can already achieve this with autoexpire and recording groups.
18:19davatar but it's messy.
18:19Chutt <shrug>
18:20Chutt then you'd have to keep track of how much stuff you've deleted and add it to the free space
18:20davatar gfiend: we could always allocate a certain amount of space in that case
18:20GeckoFiend chutt: have you followed the MythVideo inetrnational characters thing at all?
18:20Chutt nope
18:20Chutt not at all
18:22Chutt stuff should be in utf8 in the database and coming out of it, according to metadata.cpp
18:22Chutt anyway, gotta run
18:22GeckoFiend kk
18:23GeckoFiend That was my assumption too. The grabber seems to be stripping chars out. I have no clue why xavier can't seem to display the chars
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20:24hi6 hi
20:24hi6 how do i get xvid to play in mplayer?
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20:24Chutt well, first, you ask your questions in the proper place
20:25hi6 oops
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20:41hi6 no one is talking anyways
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22:07harryo can someone answer a question about submitting a patch?
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22:12harryo anyone at all know about submitting patches?
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22:26harryo if I created a patch to add display picture controls to the new 0.15 live TV menu how would I go about submitting (I am not on the mythtv-dev list)?
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22:28cmorgan harryo: generate a patch from your change to whats in cvs
22:28cmorgan harryo: using cvs diff -u file1 file2 file3 > yourchanges.patch
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22:29cmorgan harryo: join the mythtv-dev mailing list, email it to the list along with a description of your changes and why you made them
22:29harryo thnx cmorgan. already diffed. I was trying to not sign up for mythtv-dev since I kind of got out of coding over the last few years
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22:30harryo (and mythtv-users and ivtv-dev are killing me with volume)
22:30cmorgan harryo: how else will you see if people replied?
22:30cmorgan harryo: arg. unsubscribe from mythtv-users ;-)
22:30harryo was hoping a kindly existing developer would possible submit for me (hint, hint)..
22:31cmorgan harryo: it is not likely that it will be accepted on the first submit
22:31cmorgan harryo: so that would be asking a lot of someone to watch replies, make appropriate changes when you could simply do so yourself ;-) its also quite easy to send email these days
22:32harryo cmorgan: pretty simple.. just added to menu for adjust picture options. last submission I made was just an icon. guess that's easier
22:33harryo cmorgan: what's the volume like on mythtv-dev?
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22:33cmorgan harryo: its not bad. maybe 1/10th of mythtv-users the last time i was subscribed to both
22:34harryo cmorgan: so, what, only 1000 a day ;-)
22:34cmorgan harryo: maybe 1/1000 then ;-) heh
22:35xris you guys talking about list volume?
22:35harryo cmorgan: guess I'll have to bite the bullet
22:35cmorgan harryo: it really isn't bad.
22:35cmorgan harryo: i'm sure you are a tough guy ;-)
22:35harryo xris: yeah. and trying to submit a patch via a simpathetic developer (hint) ;-)
22:36harryo cmorgan: maybe I should start looking for a good shrink now...
22:36xris if it's a mythweb patch, I'll take it. I don't know enough C to claim anything about other kinds of patches.
22:36Ashlar harryo: when not leading up to a release, maybe 15-25 / day
22:37xris I get 25-75 daily between both lists.
22:37harryo xris: patch to tv_play.cpp (to add picture controls to the new popup menu)
22:38xris ah. out of my league then.. probably best to do it yourself so the developers can contact you personally if they have questions (which is something I know I like to do when people give me mythweb patche)
22:40harryo xris: I've just been having problems with posting on mythtv-users. was hoping to avoid joining another list
22:40Ashlar actually, xris: got a question for you since you're here.. is movies.php going to be the movies search eventually? the search sessions / movie listings thing is back
22:40xris ahh. problems like your message not getting answered? or other problems?
22:40xris honestly, I don't remember where movies.php came from. heh.
22:41Ashlar lol, coo.. mind if I make the search handle 'movies' in a special way? like not setting the session vars?
22:41xris from the look of things, it's left over from the old mythweb.
22:42Ashlar xris, yah, that's what I thought, but I didn't want to make any assumptions
22:42xris yeah, not at all... the current behavior was really just a quick hack to get the movie search working.
22:42xris I don't even mind a special section (like if you wanted to update movies.php)
22:42Ashlar yup.. might be clearer broken out
22:43harryo xris: messages seem to get dumped before they hit the list (but no bounce back from the server)
22:43xris weird... spam filters, maybe>
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22:48harryo xris: changed my subscription recently to alt address. since then I can read but not post
22:49xris so weird.
22:49xris isaac must have some massive mail filters installed or something.
22:49xris esp. since you were able to get to me and my box is locked down pretty right mailwise.
22:50harryo xris: guess that answers my other question (2 ircs... I'm getting dizzy)
22:51xris yeah. I run them in gaim. at least I get notification when people talk. much nicer than schat.
22:51xris xchat
23:13davatar So I got my HDTV QAM card tonite.. When I finish with the driver it will support 5 (!!!) different sets of mutually exclusive channel lineups. So was how well was the shared-tuner scheduler done? :p
23:13--- <<-- Ashlar [] has quit ("ttfn")
23:17xris that's sickening
23:18xris oh, not simultaneous... nevermind. heh.
23:18davatar no.. one tuner..
23:18xris yeah. /me needs more sleep
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23:23rkulagow_ chutt: here?
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23:53Captain_Murdo| anduin: RE: the recordedmarkup delete thread change, thanks... Now I just need to think of a way to get rid of the unnecessary double-call to FillList() then update(fullRect). The first is in doRemove() and the 2nd happens when the frontend receives the RECORDING_LIST_CHANGE event from the backend after the file is deleted.
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