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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-06-04

---Logopened Fri Jun 04 00:00:27 2004
00:06Chutt books are from the devil, and tv is twice as fast
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00:48Captain_Murdo| anyone else update to current CVS after that mythcdrom-linux.cpp and mythcdrom-freebsd.cpp split?
00:50CyberKnet Nope. I was just reading through -dev and saw it
00:51anduin not yet, but I will
00:51Captain_Murdo| mine isn't compiling mythcdrom-linux.cpp for some reason.
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00:54CyberKnet I need to cut over from atrpms to source at some point in time.
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00:59Captain_Murdo| looks like the new "UNAME = $$system(uname -s)" stuff isn't doing the "CONFIG += linux" for some reason
01:01Chutt mdz, the mythvideo patch you just responded to isn't correct
01:11Chutt i want tmk back
01:11Chutt :(
01:12anduin don't we all
01:13anduin Captain_Murdoch - UNAME stuff seems to work fine here.
01:14Chutt works fine here as well
01:14Chutt just finished the good ole 36 minute make distclean total recompile
01:17Captain_Murdo| I think it's a bug in QT's "contain" according to some webpage I saw. I think we could use "unix:linux*: CONFIG += linux" and "unix:freebsd*: CONFIG += freebsd" instead though which are cleaner
01:18Captain_Murdo| the 2nd part after the "unix:" is the QMAKESPEC variable and the * works as a wildcard.
01:18Captain_Murdo| I'm still on qt 3.1.1 here
01:18anduin ah
01:19Chutt bunch of people have QMAKESPEC set to 'default'
01:19anduin 3.1.2 here
01:19Captain_Murdo| I do too I think, but it figures out what default is I think.
01:21Captain_Murdo| I don't have any $QMAKESPEC set and it's figuring it out somehow. I tried "unix:linux-g++: CONFIG += linux" and it worked correctly
01:22Captain_Murdo| where would $QMAKESPEC be set for me if it's not in my environment?
01:22Captain_Murdo| "default" is a link to linux-g++
01:24Chutt qmake may set it if unset
01:25Chutt try setting it to default in your env
01:26Captain_Murdo| ok
01:26Captain_Murdo| worked fine using those two example lines I gave above.
01:27Chutt great
01:27Chutt sounds good, then
01:27Captain_Murdo| reran "make qmake" in the main mythtv dir and then ran another make to see if it would build mythcdrom-linux.cpp and it did.
01:27Captain_Murdo| anyone want to be a guinea pig? :)
01:28Chutt just commit it
01:29Captain_Murdo| ok. will comment appropriately in the log
01:29Captain_Murdo| wanted to cvs update and test again before committing that free recorder count command I mentioned.
01:34Chutt must resist being _really_ inconsiderate on ivtv list
01:34Chutt it's hard :(
01:35Chutt sarcasm... too... easy....
01:36Captain_Murdo| I'm still running a version from way back in December of last year with my 3 M179 cards.
01:36Chutt stock 0.1.9 on my 350, pre 0.1.9 cvs on this box with the 250
01:39Captain_Murdo| 0.1.9 crashes hard on my p2-400 box that is my master backend. so I stayed with the older version even though I made a M179 patch for 0.1.9 available on my website.
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01:54Chutt hrm
01:54Chutt i think i like bugzilla better than roundup
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01:59Chutt roundup looks to be a lot of work to massage into useable shape
02:10Captain_Murdo| if you run it, they will report (bugs)
02:10Captain_Murdo| mostly bugs that have already been fixed in current CVS, but bugs nonetheless
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02:12Chutt heh
02:13mdz Captain_Murdoch: ah, so there is a way to get at that...the qmake documentation is so useless
02:18Chutt compile compile compile
02:18Chutt wait wait wait
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02:19Captain_Murdo| mdz, I found it just using google, some other people complaining about the contains being broken in old QT's and some guy replied with that solution.
02:19mdz Chutt: still not using ccache?
02:19Captain_Murdo| he didn't have the * in there, I tried that for kicks and it worked.
02:20Chutt i hadn't updated the mini-itx since a little before 0.15
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02:46Chutt there, 2 new themes are on the website.
03:10mikegrb data direct is sooooo much faster
03:11Chutt where's kvandivo been?
03:12mikegrb he was out of town this last weekend
03:12Chutt i want to talk recommendation stuff =)
03:12mikegrb ah
03:12mikegrb well I'll make sure I send him your way
03:12mikegrb we are on another network
03:12mikegrb talk a lot there
03:12mikegrb so much so he was thinking about not attatching to a session with that channel from work
03:14Chutt heh
03:14Chutt slacking off for irc!
03:15mikegrb I do :)
03:16mikegrb gah the one time I don't cvs up mythweb when I do mythtv I get protocol mismatch
03:16mikegrb only an hour or so difference too
03:16mikegrb all better now
03:17mikegrb I thought as it grabbed each day it adds it to the database then?
03:17mikegrb does it wait until the end?
03:17mikegrb hmm the cout seems to support my theory
03:17* mikegrb looks at the database
03:18Chutt it doesn't wait until the end
03:18mikegrb yeah didn't think so
03:18mikegrb oh, there we go
03:18mikegrb I have listings again \o/
03:21mikegrb now to see how good the signal is on the next recording
03:23mikegrb cable guy took unplugged my computers cable cord
03:23mikegrb gave me a better cable for the modem
03:23mikegrb didn't realize there was a splitter behind the couch that went to pc and modem
03:23mikegrb just cut the cable comming out from the other end off and made a new one
03:24Chutt heh
03:25Chutt he broke your setup?
03:30mikegrb yes
03:30mikegrb took out an amp too
03:30mikegrb analog looks like shit now
03:30mikegrb can't believe he left with it like that
03:30mikegrb going to have to get a two way amp now
03:31mikegrb made do before
03:31mikegrb split in two and one went to cable box the rest fed all the tv's including myth
03:31mikegrb no easy way to still do that
03:32Chutt i've got my stuff going into a 2 way splitter from the road
03:32Chutt one out's empty, if i ever want a cable modem
03:32mikegrb the tv does better job receiving then the cable box's receiver
03:32Chutt other out goes to a 15 dB 2-way amp
03:32Chutt then that goes to an 8 way splitter =)
03:32mikegrb so hopefully the pvr-250 will do likewise and have a decent picture
03:33mikegrb 2-way amps are $50 ish if I don't oder it online?
03:33mikegrb at least that is the last price I remember about a year or so ago
03:33Chutt works pretty well, picture's a lot clearer than the hodge-podge of splitters i had before
03:33mikegrb heh
03:33mikegrb I'd imagine
03:33Chutt about that, the one i got was slightly more
03:33mikegrb yeah :(
03:33mikegrb not looking forward to it
03:33Chutt since it was jacked up to fit in a 'structured wiring cabinet'
03:33mikegrb heh
03:34mikegrb if you have empty ports on the 8-way you should get or make some terminators, get better picture ;)
03:34Chutt everything unused is terminated
03:34mikegrb 75 ohm resister is essentially what they are
03:34mikegrb chutt++
03:34mikegrb my parents house used to be nicely wired
03:35mikegrb when they got a second phoneline for me I re-did all the phone wiring in the house
03:35Chutt heh
03:35mikegrb replacing 3 conductor cloth insulated cables
03:35mikegrb all home-runned to a wireing closet with a patch pannel
03:35Chutt i wanted to redo the phone stuff, but that would have required holes in walls upstairs
03:35mikegrb when a network was added did the same
03:35Chutt so only the downstairs has nice phones
03:36mikegrb had a linux router for the dsl connection that ran with zero maitenance and a ups for over three years
03:36mikegrb last time I went home I almost cried
03:36Chutt not bad
03:36Chutt heh
03:36mikegrb they had to have someone come in to work on it because the router went out finally after power outage
03:36mikegrb router replaces with one of those consumer jobbies
03:37Chutt i forgot all about putting a power outlet in the ceiling near where i want the projector to be :(
03:37mikegrb the person took out my nice patch pannels put ends on the cat5 cables and plugged them right into the switch :(
03:37mikegrb everything was even neatly labled
03:37Chutt heh
03:37mikegrb phone was replaces with a gian spitter thengie and the cables plugged into it
03:37mikegrb I bet the bastard stole the patch panels for himself
03:38mikegrb "this is a residence, they won't notice or understand"
03:38Chutt i decided to save $50 on a patch panel and just terminated my ethernet cables and plugged em into the switch
03:38mikegrb ahh
03:38mikegrb I got some nice ones
03:38mikegrb cheap
03:38mikegrb they used the keystone jacks
03:38mikegrb so the frame was about $12 and the jacks around $1 a piece
03:38mikegrb dirt cheap
03:38Chutt not bad
03:38mikegrb looked just as good
03:39mikegrb from an electrical supply place
03:39mikegrb wish we had a place like that here
03:39mikegrb everything in stock
03:39mikegrb my wife says I /must/ go to bed now :(
03:39Chutt bah
03:39mikegrb have work in a couple hours
03:39Chutt it's only 3:40
03:39mikegrb heh
03:39mikegrb yes
03:39Chutt i'm actually doing work, so :(
03:39mikegrb but I have work and the gymn
03:39mikegrb hehe
03:40mikegrb chutt++ again
03:40mikegrb 'night/'morning
03:40Chutt 'oh, can you get this ready for a demo for the board tomorrow?'
03:40Chutt 'uh, sure'
03:41mikegrb heh
03:41mikegrb and data direct is sweet
03:41mikegrb was just looking at the original airdate on random stuff
03:41Chutt since dd's working, now i want recommendations
03:41mikegrb like the pretender on some cable channel showing reruns
03:41Chutt based off of show title, actor, category
03:41mikegrb had a date of '97
03:41mikegrb :)
03:42mikegrb or home improvement from '94
03:42mikegrb wife is dragging me off
03:42mikegrb she says goodnight Chutt
03:42Chutt g'nite :p
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09:33* kvandivo looks around.
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13:03anduin Chutt - if I implemented an alternate protocol along side the current one would it be considered? (The idea being it could be tested without breaking everything)
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13:17Chutt possibly
13:20gerhard hi all, I made some small adjustments to my testosd i released yesterday. check it out at
13:24GreyFoxx Nice OSD, I switched to it last night heh
13:24GreyFoxx Gonna make a theme with a similar look/feel to it ?
13:27gerhard I made the fonts a touch bigger. I'm thinking about a theme but at the moment I have way too much work todo so it will have to wait. I might make a few designs before that.
13:28gerhard I'll be back in 60min..
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16:01Chutt nice
16:01Chutt now i'm spreading lies and making chris look bad on the ivtv list
16:05GreyFoxx Yeah, talk about defensive overreaction :)
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16:14Chutt gfiend, htpcnews forums, eh? :p
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16:28bitbyte naughty naughty chutt
16:48bline looks to me like he said he wasn't interested in binary compatibility.
16:48Chutt that's what i read
16:48Chutt but, i really have trouble understanding him at times
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16:50bline not a native english speaker maybe? yeah, he is hard to understand.
16:51Chutt hrm
16:51Chutt zelda: four swords isn't available yet
16:52Chutt that's no fun
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17:00kvandivo This item will be released on June 7, 2004.
17:00Chutt too late for weekend fun
17:05bitbyte MythZelda?
17:07Chutt kvandivo, ah, anyway
17:07Chutt got an open source recommendation server? =)
17:07Chutt or were you planning on writing something yourself
17:09kvandivo well, if i get some time this weekend i was planning to update my code to include some of the DD stuff..
17:09kvandivo collaborative is phase 2
17:10Chutt ok
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17:33gfiend Chutt heh yeah, though it's quickly turning into what I told Brad I wouldn't do. I'm happy to answer questions about Myth and help folks get started. They're going to have to learn to accept "check the mailing list" for a lot of answers once they get going.
17:35Chutt heh
17:35Chutt someplace linked to the forum there, noticed your id
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17:36gfiend I just got sick of seeing all the Sage TV crap and started responing to every question "yeah Myth can do that" sorts of things.
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17:37Chutt but sagetv is the best pvr ever!
17:37Chutt it raised the bar for pvr apps everywhere!
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17:39tmk sup chutt
17:39Chutt hey
17:39Chutt you're alive
17:39tmk yeah
17:39tmk and amused
17:39tmk :)
17:39Chutt no please work on your driver some more
17:39Chutt err, now
17:39tmk hehe
17:40tmk hopefully i can get the datasheet from the conexant guy
17:40tmk and then i'll work on it more
17:40Chutt cool
17:40Chutt or just ask questions and stuf
17:40Chutt i think my batteries in the wireless keyboard are dying :(
17:40tmk i've sort of been doing both
17:40kvandivo like a phoenix rising from the ashes
17:40Chutt ah, you've been talking with the guy?
17:40tmk yeah
17:40o_cee tmk: whwow, hi :)
17:40Chutt excellent
17:41tmk he is sort of funny
17:41Chutt i had forgotten he emailed until the other day
17:41tmk makes fun of the way the firmware does stuff
17:41o_cee tmk: i love you
17:41o_cee :)
17:41* tmk loves you too
17:41o_cee just make sure to make your own stuff, erhm, and don't mind the other stuff.... ;)
17:42o_cee thor2: you alive?
17:42tmk it's gonna take me a while to figure out what's up with the driver these days
17:42Chutt i dunno, i'd start with what you had in cvs with the firmware reloading
17:42tmk what with all the patches
17:42o_cee yeah but at least i'm assured someone competent is looking at it
17:42tmk yeah i have 0.2.0 in a separate branch
17:42o_cee no idea.. they're all crap
17:42tmk :)
17:42Chutt i don't think the patches have progressed at all
17:42Chutt he seems to throw it all out periodically
17:43o_cee still not able to use the tv-out in a stable manner
17:43tmk well chris is enthusiastic, but doesn't think things through ahead of time
17:43tmk Octane: really?
17:43tmk err
17:43tmk oc
17:43tmk what breaks?
17:43tmk the x driver fixes all my problems
17:43o_cee nope, last i tried was pretty ok, but the osd got all black from time to time (exiting the epg in myth)
17:43tmk hm
17:43o_cee then it got ok again when pressing info
17:43tmk something in x probably updated
17:44Chutt the driver wasn't resetting things until there was actual traffic or something
17:44tmk oh
17:44tmk dumb
17:44o_cee yeah i had to hide my taskbar in blackbox as well or it'd triger the same thing.. also if i moved the mouse..
17:44Chutt tmk, i was seriously considering forking the thing :p
17:44tmk you haev a mouse?
17:44tmk haha
17:44o_cee but since that wasn't working very well i'm not using the tv-out now
17:44tmk just use 0.1.9a
17:45o_cee tmk: yeah keyboard is an 'airboard' with a little stick :)
17:45tmk ah
17:45tmk hehe
17:45tmk 'damn i acidentally hit the stick'
17:45tmk there goes my TV
17:45o_cee heheh
17:45tmk what i really want to do is get YUV working
17:45o_cee problem is that i need to watch other stuff than mpeg from time to time
17:45tmk so i can decode without tearing
17:45o_cee yeah :)
17:45tmk i watch dvd's on my epia10k
17:45tmk just a little tearing
17:46tmk not too bad
17:46tmk software decoded
17:46o_cee dvds are best played in a real player. imo. :)
17:46tmk well
17:46o_cee haven't even got a dvd/cd-rom in it, hehe
17:46tmk i have the audio sent to my receiver
17:46tmk so i get digital sound
17:46tmk :D
17:46o_cee yeah i need to do that as well
17:46tmk i care more about sound than video to be honset
17:47Chutt would be nice if the thing had an ac3 decoder
17:47tmk yeah
17:47Chutt or handled sound better
17:47o_cee but you say that 0.1.9a with the x driver works? framerate for software deoding?
17:47tmk it's pretty fast
17:47Chutt o_cee, with the ivtvfb driver for x, not fbdev
17:47tmk depends on the cpu speed
17:47o_cee yeah, got it
17:47tmk chris says like 300fps
17:47tmk but i don't believe him
17:47o_cee 2ghz so it should be enough
17:47tmk yea
17:48o_cee i'll try that tomorrow
17:48tmk it's pretty easy to setup
17:48tmk unless you compile it yourself
17:48o_cee yeah, ivtvfb is already setup, just need to switch driver
17:48o_cee think i got some of chris stuff running actually
17:48tmk cool
17:48tmk you don't need it
17:48tmk 0.1.9a or 0.1.9-release should be fine
17:48tmk jsut load ivtvfb
17:48Chutt i need to go spread more lies and make people look bad
17:49tmk hehe
17:49* tmk resumes amusement
17:49o_cee i could try it right away.. think i got 0.1.9 here
17:49tmk i have also enjoyed jens' comments
17:49Chutt naw, i won't say anything else
17:49o_cee tmk: hehehhehehe, yeah :)
17:49tmk he knows what's up
17:49tmk i always read isaac's and jens' comments
17:49Chutt wish he had time to work on it as well
17:49tmk yeah :<
17:49o_cee is he someone one should know about?
17:50tmk he said he'd do some sanity checks when i started out
17:50tmk he's the guy that did all the patches befor chris
17:50tmk works for suse
17:50tmk (i think)
17:50o_cee ah, okay
17:50Chutt tmk, seriously, though, <Chutt> i want tmk back
17:50Chutt from last night :p
17:50tmk heh
17:50tmk i'll try
17:50o_cee hehe
17:50tmk i'm getting married in august
17:50Chutt cool
17:50tmk bought the house
17:50o_cee congrats
17:50Chutt ah, congrats
17:50kvandivo congrats
17:50tmk resoring an old stove
17:50tmk restoring
17:50Chutt oh, stove
17:50Chutt dinner
17:50tmk busy ..
17:51tmk heh
17:51Chutt must make dinner
17:51tmk later
17:51o_cee stove? euhm, okay
17:51tmk yeah
17:51tmk 1941 chambers b-model
17:51kvandivo wow
17:51o_cee hehehe, no electricity? :)
17:51o_cee (duuh, computer)
17:52o_cee tmk: so what was the guys comment on the current code?
17:53tmk looks like that
17:53o_cee neat
17:53tmk except more rusty
17:53tmk much more rusty
17:53tmk what guys?
17:53tmk jens?
17:53o_cee nah conexant
17:53tmk oh
17:54tmk he hasn't really looked at it
17:54tmk he just is trying to get me some support
17:54o_cee it was conexant, not hauppauge? that's pretty neat
17:54tmk yeah
17:54o_cee k
17:54tmk i gotta get back to work
17:54o_cee yeah okay
17:54o_cee later, take care
17:54tmk take care
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17:55o_cee where's 0.1.9a?
17:57Chutt webpage, i think
17:57o_cee can only see 0.1.9 and 0.1.10pre2 as cvs-latest
17:58kvandivo if you are brave
17:58o_cee there it is
17:58Chutt naw, that works pretty well
17:58o_cee i'm very brave
17:58Chutt the x server, at least
17:58kvandivo well, i just meant it being from a non official source
17:58o_cee there haven't been any new version of that right? i know the one i got is pretty old
17:59o_cee 23:59:48 (1.02 MB/s) - `ivtv-0.1.9a.tar.gz' saved [195283/195283] (i love this connection)
18:04o_cee ivtv: version 0.1.9 (release) loading
18:04o_cee no "a"?
18:05--- ---> choenig [] has joined #mythtv
18:06--- User: *** gfiend is now known as GeckoFiend
18:10o_cee that gives me the same thing, a black screen when exiting from the epg with escape
18:10--- <<-- mythtv [] has quit ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
18:14o_cee Jun 5 00:09:16 [kernel] ivtv: DMA error. Stream 0. Result=0x00000002
18:14o_cee bleh
18:15--- <<-- m0j0 [~m0j0@] has quit ("Leaving")
18:30o_cee g'night
18:39--- <<-- beavis [] has quit ("Leaving")
18:40mdz Chutt: have you ever had any luck getting useful information out of a myth core dump?
18:41mdz gdb is better than it was, but still doesn't seem to be able to do that
18:42mdz my frontend just segfaulted in the middle of playback, but the stack trace from the core file is not at all convincing
18:42mdz looks like it's probably from a thread other than the one that segfaulted
18:42mdz #0 0x40fa0f74 in QGLWidget::setMouseTracking () from /usr/lib/
18:42mdz #1 0x40d010e4 in QApplication::lock () from /usr/lib/
18:42mdz #2 0x0807ce48 in PlaybackBox::play (this=0xbfffe760, rec=0x4119d504)
18:42mdz at playbackbox.cpp:1503
18:49Chutt yeah, that's busted
18:49Chutt i've never been able to get info out of a multithreaded core dump, period.
18:51--- <<-- bbeattie [~bbeattie@] has quit ("Client exiting")
18:56--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:06GreyFoxx Hrm, looks like Gerhard's testosd is making my 0.14 machine barf.
19:12--- ---> choenig [] has joined #mythtv
19:35--- <<-- steelep [~signwatch@] has quit ("me is bugging out")
19:40Chutt mdz, i'm compiling things with gcc3.4 right now, so i'll have it happy in an hour or two
19:40mdz Chutt: requiring a typedef for that is ridiculous
19:40mdz there must be a new syntax or something
19:40Chutt probably
19:43Chutt i wonder if there's any speed improvements from the new optimizer
19:45Chutt Precompiled headers are now supported.
19:45Chutt notice the 's'
19:45Chutt =)
19:49Chutt void f() {}; // Invalid semicolon.
19:49Chutt ie, all your settings code
19:49Chutt heh
19:49Chutt new error for -pedantic
19:51Chutt When allocating an array with a new expression, GCC used to allow parentheses around the type name. This is actually ill-formed and it is now rejected:
19:51Chutt int* a = new (int)[10]; // error, not accepted anymore
19:51Chutt int* a = new int[10]; // OK
19:52Chutt so, that's the change that's affecting fifowriter
19:52Chutt PCH support: -include bits/stdc++.h (2x compile speedup).
19:53Chutt i wonder how hard it'd be to set up precompiled header stuff so it doesn't break for people with older g++s
19:54Chutt neat, they added tuning for opterons
19:57--- ---> Ashlar [] has joined #mythtv
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20:03--- <<-- mecraw [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:03--- ---> mecraw [] has joined #mythtv
20:04Chutt mdz, removing the parens makes it compiel
20:04Chutt err, compile
20:04Chutt i don't know if it _works_ that way, but..
20:05mdz probably does
20:05Chutt fifo_buf = new struct fifo_buf *[count];
20:05Chutt that just doesn't look right to me
20:05mdz yeah, the order of operations is right though
20:05Chutt fifowriter.cpp:26: error: array bound forbidden after parenthesized type-id
20:05Chutt fifowriter.cpp:26: note: try removing the parentheses around the type-id
20:05mdz but one of the rules of order of operations in C is not to rely on the order of operations because it makes your code hard to read :-)
20:05Chutt is the error message, btw
20:05mdz Chutt: hah
20:05Chutt guy shoulda just done what it told him to do
20:06mdz maybe that's why he couldn't give me the error messages ;-)
20:06mdz but he could manage to give me the other ones
20:06mdz too embarrassed
20:06Chutt the lvalue stuff was easy
20:06Chutt uint8_t *ustrm = (uint8_t *)strm;
20:07Chutt then change all the '(uint8_t)strm[x]'
20:07Chutt dunno why he didn't do that, either
20:07mdz when I looked at it, it seemed to be casting signed/unsigned or vice versa
20:07mdz and should have been unsigned everywhere
20:07Chutt right
20:07Chutt signed -> unsigned
20:07Chutt messy, messy code
20:07mdz did you have to change the prototypes?
20:07mdz I didn't even want to think about what that could break
20:07Chutt nope, just in the function
20:08Chutt just added another var in there
20:08mdz oh, it wasn't as bad as I thought then
20:08mdz I wouldn't mind if you wanted to remove rtjpeg :-P
20:09Chutt well, i would
20:09Chutt but, it's useful for people with slower machines
20:18Chutt /usr/bin/ld: warning:, needed by /usr/X11R6/lib/, may conflict with
20:18--- <<-- lewis_m [~lewis@] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:18Chutt hrmph
20:28mdz uh oh
20:28mdz I didn't know libGLU was C++
20:29mdz I hope libstdc++ uses versioned symbols
20:29mdz or that'll be a lot of bug reports
20:31Chutt i'll see if it runs
20:45--- <<-- dc_ [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:46--- ---> dc_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:49Chutt heh
20:49Chutt 3.4 compiled about 5 minutes faster than 3.3 did
20:50anduin with no special pch work?
20:50Chutt yeah
20:50Chutt 35 down to 30 minutes
20:51Chutt file cache should have been fairly similar
20:51anduin one of the best things I did was switch to not building myth on the box I ran it on, 30 is still ouch
20:51Chutt i've only got the one man dev box :p
20:52anduin is that with all modules?
20:52Chutt naw, just main myth
20:52Chutt xp 1800+
20:52Chutt i need to buy a new box sometime
20:53anduin yes, 18 minutes for me, no mythweb or game in there though
20:53davatar you guys try using distcc?
20:53anduin no, but ccache helps a lot
20:53Chutt right, this is just complete, uncached speed
20:53davatar it provokes a kernel bug that crashes every one of my machines (even in 2.4.26).. somehow others seem to have it work.
20:54anduin yeah, my 18 is that as well, with cache it is 2-4 minutes (depending on what I've done)
20:54Chutt i'm using ccache + distcc on my mini-itx
20:55--- <<-- dc_ [] has quit ("night")
20:55anduin I haven't looked at how they did pch, but on other implementations you can make it work with older version by just giving them a larger header hit than normal
20:56davatar Chutt: you know when I asked you yesterday if it's ok to put the multithreaded avcodec patch into cvs I meant could you do it :)
20:56Chutt i've been busy
20:56davatar scrolling back through that looks like you just agree :)
20:56--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
20:57davatar ok np.
20:58* Captain_Murd thinks "there, now hitting left arrow too many times won't exit out of the watch recordings screen with this new setting turned on"
20:59anduin Captain_Murdoch - is it time based?
20:59Captain_Murdo| no, I made a setting to disable the recently added arrow accelerators (ie, left means exit and right means select on the popup & OSD menus and the watch recordings screen).
21:00Captain_Murdo| got tired of having to wait for my slow frontend to go back into the watch recordings screen after accidentilly hitting left too many times. :)
21:16anduin god forbid gcc take anything from the windows world when they implement pch
21:21Chutt i've been quite impressed with the vc7.1 compile speed
21:22Chutt as compared to g++, at least
21:37--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:47--- <<-- johnback [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:56davatar yeah, well there are some things microsoft gets right.. like the VS .net IDE.. makes me sad going back to a commandline..
21:56Ashlar heresey! blaspheeeemer! someone get a torch! or a rope! hehe
21:57Chutt i like the ide, too
21:57Chutt nice debugger
21:57Ashlar actually, been using it the last six months or so.. it's a heck of a lot better than VB/VC 6
22:00cmorgan there is nothing like working with good solid tools
22:00cmorgan i've been on the receiving end of shitty tools before. debug output that just lies to you about values etc
22:01Chutt what, like gdb? :p
22:01cmorgan gdb is usually pretty decent
22:01--- ---> identfy [] has joined #mythtv
22:01Chutt not with threads
22:01cmorgan i quite like edit and continue
22:01cmorgan or hovering the mouse over variables to get their value
22:02cmorgan never tried gdb with threads. it seemed pretty easy though but no doubt more difficult than vs
22:02* cmorgan is stuck with vs6 ;-)
22:02identfy hey guys, tring to compile mythtv on a ppc box that has a bt878 card in it, has anyone else had any experience with this?
22:04Chutt nobody that i know of, in here
22:04identfy ok thanks
22:05identfy do you want me to let you know if I can get it to work?
22:05Chutt sure
22:05identfy bt878 card works great
22:05Chutt current cvs might be easier
22:05identfy okay
22:05Chutt and you might want to check the -dev list
22:06identfy okay
22:20--- ---> harryo [] has joined #mythtv
22:34--- ---> hadees [] has joined #mythtv
22:52--- <<-- utopiste-aw [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:52Chutt geckofiend, you around?
22:53Chutt i'm pondering your new advanced recordings screen
22:53Chutt and if it'd be a way to get rid of the Qt in the settings screen =)
22:57--- <<-- harryo [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:06--- ---> bdale [~bdale@] has joined #mythtv
23:07--- ---> harryo [] has joined #mythtv
23:24rkulagow_ chutt: docs sync?
23:25Chutt sure
23:26Chutt done
23:26rkulagow_ thanks.
23:27--- <<-- hadees [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:27Chutt heh
23:27Chutt verified that the fifowriter 'remove parens' fix generates identical code on gcc 3.3
23:36mikegrb heidi is becomming more of a geek
23:36Chutt that's always good
23:36mikegrb introducing her to irc really was a good idea
23:36identfy Chutt, cvs is working perfectly with ppc gentoo
23:36identfy Chutt, very cool
23:36mikegrb before she always nagged I was on the computer too much
23:36Chutt great
23:36mikegrb now she is on irc almost all day
23:37mikegrb identfy: oh really?
23:37mikegrb identfy: I should try it on my ibook
23:37mikegrb didn't realize ppc support was that complete
23:37Chutt i imagine there's a few cross-compatability problems
23:37mikegrb Chutt: today when we were looking at the two new themes she said she wanted to make her own
23:38identfy mikegrb, yeah it works great
23:38mikegrb like endian issues with the data?
23:38Chutt great
23:38mikegrb Chutt: likely a child oriented one
23:38Chutt yup, i don't know if the .nuv format parser's endian safe
23:38mikegrb I'm turning my old laptop into a digital picture frame this weekend
23:38mikegrb eventually will likely be in the baby's room
23:38mikegrb and of course it will run mythtv
23:38Chutt fun
23:39mikegrb she wants a winnie the pooh type thing
23:39mikegrb told her thor might be interested in it ;)
23:42--- <<-- bdale [~bdale@] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:50--- User: *** xeno42 is now known as xeno42_afk
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