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00:02identfy i cant believe I didnt have any compile errors on my ppc box
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01:10mdz identfy: why not? there have been several people working on porting it
01:13Chutt LOCK TABLES shadowlog WRITE, tokens WRITE: Access denied for user: 'mythbugs@localhost' to database 'mythbugs' at /usr/share/bugzilla/lib/ line 284.
01:13Chutt the deb package of bugzilla kinda, well, sucks.
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08:18GeckoFiend I'm hgere now Chutt
08:19GeckoFiend And you read my mind! I was going to propose it after folks had a chance to try out the new screen.
08:20GeckoFiend I designed everything with that in mind.
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14:08KarlosII Okay here's a question all questions are welcomed, I want custom make a quiet mini-itx basic system and a multimedia system with good reliability to keep our warranty work costs down at our store, any suggestions?
14:08KarlosII I want to make sure it's hardware is compatible with linux as well just in case someone wants to switch from windows to linux
14:09thor2 uhm, see topic
14:09--- Channel: KarlosII changed the topic of #mythtv to: -- This isn't a support channel, go to #mythtv-usersoops I didn it again and joined the wrong channel
14:09KarlosII oops
14:09--- Channel: KarlosII changed the topic of #mythtv to: -- This isn't a support channel, go to #mythtv-users
14:10* KarlosII sighs I'm tired
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14:37bitbyte anyone know how ot change the mythtv user password in the DB using webmin?
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17:16Netslayer what is everyone using for lirc these days, CVS lirc, a packaged one..?
17:17Netslayer i'm using the old one, and it seems i only works sometimes..the remote goes in and out..have to wait a few minutes, then it will work perfectly..very odd
17:18Netslayer i'll goto the user channel
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18:36mdz Chutt: did you remember to run mysql_fix_privilege_tables when you upgraded to mysql4?
18:36mdz Chutt: LOCK TABLES is now a separate permission
18:39bitbyte hmmm, i setup a show to record on TLC on my satellite, and it recorded the show on TLC on cable tv (which is horrible quality). anyway to make it record from the channel i told it to record from and not the other one?
18:39bitbyte i'd prefer nto to remove the duplicate channels
18:42Chutt mdz, nothing ever told me to run that
18:42mdz Chutt: yeah, the mysql package is supposed to tell you but is buggy
18:42Chutt why wouldn't the deb do it itself?
18:42mdz because mysql_fix_privilege_tables sucks
18:43Chutt so, why wouldn't it do it manually?
18:43mdz it just tries to run all of the updates, even if some have already been run
18:43mdz and errors out
18:43mdz because you haven't sent a patch for that yet :-P
18:44Chutt not my job
18:45Chutt the questions the bugzilla deb asks are really poor, too
18:45Chutt and the documentation sucks
18:45mdz bugzilla is crap from an admin perspective
18:45Chutt README.Debian doesn't even say where it put stuff
18:45Chutt so i installed the package, and then had to find the url to get to it
18:48mdz unfortunately his "fix" was apparently to disable the note completely
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18:49mdz oh, no, it's just as braindead as it always was
18:49mdz it tells you when you first install mysql that "hey maybe one day you might need to run mysql_fix_privilege_tables after an upgrade"
18:49mdz rather than telling you when one of those upgrades happens
18:49mdz I can't believe he is that lazy; that is 2 extra lines of code
18:49Chutt see, you guys really need to have some way to smack developers around
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18:59hasker just wanna ask a thingie, on the page it says "Preliminary support for DVB cards " how much does that work? :)
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21:31jams o_cee, care to lend your creative thoughts on
21:32thor2 nice buttons :)
21:33jams hopefully you like more then the buttons =)
21:33thor2 yup, but the buttons are the first thing I noticed
21:39jams hmm screenshot's of xine do not work verywell
21:39thor2 you need to turn off xv
21:40jams ah let me try that
21:40o_cee jams: uhm, not really hehe.. especially not at 3:40am
21:41o_cee ;)
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21:51jams xine has a snapshot ability. 2 new pic's are up
21:52thor2 heh, chapter is cool
21:52jams also multiple title support, but you have to wait for that process to finish
21:53thor2 cool
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22:36jams thor2, multi-menu screenshot is up
22:37thor2 what are you using as the burning engine ?
22:38jams i assume you mean to compile the dvd and not write it
22:39jams it's a shell script that brings together standard linux tools
22:39thor2 ok
22:40jams i'm almost ready for release, just want some input on things to tweak on the ui
22:40thor2 and the conversion to acceptable mpeg formats?
22:40jams that would be nuvexport for bttv
22:40thor2 cool
22:41jams of course for prv-250's that is not required
22:41thor2 and pvrX50's, do you check the resolution and what not ?
22:41jams it's on the todo list
22:41thor2 ok
22:41thor2 don't mean to nag, just curious
22:42jams for now i assume, you are are recording in an acceptable format
22:42thor2 right
22:42jams that's fine- that's why i asked for input
22:42thor2 and does the user have to stay in your dialogue while coversion/compiling/burning is happening ?
22:42jams nope
22:43thor2 ah, nice
22:43bline nice buttons
22:43jams lock files and such , but your free to move around
22:43thor2 is there a separate process that is headless ... just thinking about mtd/mfd etc.
22:44thor2 ah lock files
22:44thor2 ok
22:44thor2 should look before I type
22:44jams i'm not that advanced
22:44thor2 right, heh, crawl, walk, run
22:45thor2 release early, release often
22:45thor2 (insert platitude here)
22:45thor2 :)
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23:20T-Squared anyone out there have a pvr-350?
23:20T-Squared anyone have a pvr-350 that could answer a quick question
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23:29davatar heads up guys, with the fusion 3 QAM hdtv tuner it's possible to capture all subchannels at the same time, so you can have one tuner recording more than one show at one time, depending on which channels you want.. pretty cool.
23:33T-Squared whoa, now I just need hdtv ;(
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