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00:03atomjack can anybody gimme some help? i'm running into trouble following jarod's fedora instructions at apt-get install ivtv-kmdl ....
00:03atomjack err
00:03atomjack sorry
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00:26rkulagow chutt: docs sync?
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09:55rkulagow chutt: docs sync please?
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10:16kaaspad any1 here ?
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10:35mikegrb kaaspad: bi
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11:42rkulagow chutt: here?
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12:11mikegrb rkulagow: nope
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14:36rkulagow chutt: here?
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14:39Chutt kinda
14:39Chutt busy
14:41rkulagow docs sync when you get the chance then. also, i've moved stuff around in troubleshooting, so gdb is right at the beginning instead of buried.
14:42Chutt people still won't see it
14:42Chutt since they're all illiterate and shouldn't be using computers
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14:43rkulagow exactly. and mythtv is there to help them watch more TV!
14:44rkulagow 99% of the people probably shouldn't even by compiliing since there are so many packages now.
14:45rkulagow especially those that think they need to compile qt instead of reading the directions.
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17:19gerhard hi all, I upgraded my OSD, you can find it Please comment so that I can inprove it. Thank's
17:21bitbyte looks nice
17:21gerhard please try it out
17:21bitbyte i will tonite
17:22bitbyte the current osd isnt' very spiffy
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17:43stoffel has the link to the gossamer-threads archive been removed intentionally (for the users ml)?
17:44Rince2 geee, I like gerhards OSD
17:45gerhard great try it out
17:45Rince2 I just do ;)
17:46gerhard how is the text, is it big/clear enough?
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17:52Rince2 strange
17:52Rince2 the last line of text (Thriller, USA; 1996..." is cut in the half. The lower half isn't shown
17:53gerhard what font are you using?
17:54Rince2 Hmm, how can I check that?
17:55Rince2 Ah, there it is
17:55Rince2 FreeMono tiff
17:55gerhard try the other one
17:56gerhard FreeMono loks "ehm well"
17:58Rince2 better ;)
17:58Rince2 thanks
17:58gerhard looks better doesnt it
17:58Rince2 yepp, it does
17:58Chutt freemono's for CC display
17:59gerhard hi chutt I just uppgradet my OSD
18:01stoffel Chutt: pressing w saves *hm, counting...* a few keypresses. especially when movies are shown once in 4:3 and once in 16:9 format. so one could map the w key on a rc to toggle between two formats
18:02Chutt stoffel, yeah, but a whole setting just for that?
18:02stoffel Chutt: i agree, the settings should be combined. maybe keep the list entry box with the first being the default format
18:03Chutt or just not have anything besides the default, really
18:03Chutt i don't really want to add a setting that's so redundant
18:04stoffel it's not redundant, really. i use it frequently for above reason. watching a 16:9 movie on a small 4:3 TV isn't fun.
18:05stoffel yeah, i know 'get a cheap soundcard' ;)
18:05Chutt it's redundant in that you can just go through the menu for it :p
18:07stoffel Chutt: kiss (from a users point of view)
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18:07Chutt that's the whole idea :p
18:07Chutt a setting where you have to type in the order of what you want isn't very simple :p
18:08stoffel Chutt: what about 5 checkboxes. hm, i want this, and that, and maybe that one too?
18:08stoffel leaves room for a lot of future formats :P
18:08Chutt no
18:08Chutt not going to happen :p
18:09stoffel Chutt: different idea. keep 16:9 zoom and 4:3 zoom and kill the other options
18:20stoffel ^ for the record: that was a joke
18:23Chutt heh, sorry, was on the phone :p
18:23stoffel hm, let's check the commits list...
18:28stoffel different people seem to need different image formats and they are already 'supported'. but the current way of switching between them isn't quite convenient, especially since most users probably will only need 2-3 of them. albeit setting it up is not optimal with this patch usage is very easy. i can't really say that about the menu.
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18:51gfiend how is the menu not easy?
18:52stoffel it is, but for switching between aspect ratios (esp. when one only needs two) it's easier to just hit 'w'
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18:56gerhard how do you remove something from the menu list?
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19:00stoffel gfiend: the cetus.ttf font is missing in your latest theme archive i think.
19:01stoffel the osd theme that is
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19:04gfiend bah I thought I removed all references to that font
19:05stoffel well 'latest' meaning from 1-2 days ago.
19:05gfiend grep -i cetus * turns up nothing in the osd theme anymore...
19:06gfiend I'll up date it to make sure it's got the latest
19:07stoffel there's one hit here. guess i'll update and shut up now.
19:08gfiend I'm uploading the latestes greatist now
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19:09stoffel i'm glad that you removed that font. i didn't like it anyway ;)
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19:25stoffel gfiend: what do you think about displaying the ($lengh minutes) string next to the starttime - stoptime during browse mode? like in the 'info' display
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19:36gfiend sure. To be honest i've never done much with the browse mode I always use the EPG to change channels
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21:41rkulagow_ chutt: here?
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21:54mikegrb nope
21:54mikegrb I sent him for some r and r
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22:13tina I'm getting the following error on mythbackend: Couldn't find any channels in the database, please make sure
22:13tina your inputs are associated properly with your cards.
22:13tina but, the program browser works
22:13tina i mean it lists all the different channels
22:14tina my input (rogers) is associated with tuner0 which is what my card (pvr350) is associated with
22:14mikegrb you could add some cout's to mythfilldatabase
22:14mikegrb or looin in the database
22:14mikegrb check the contents of the channels and programs tables
22:15tina cout's?
22:15mikegrb oh then I think you need to read the topic
22:16tina oh sorry
22:16tina i've used #mythtv-users before, just joined this one without thinking
22:17tina bye :O
22:48Chutt rkulagow, i'll do the docs sync in a little bit
23:00Chutt I've been playing with MythTV v0.5.34 for the last few days.
23:01Chutt what the hell kind of version is that?
23:01thor2 that came out right after 12.3 I think
23:02mikegrb before v1?
23:02thor2 no, after the gamma release
23:03mikegrb ah
23:03mikegrb gotcha now
23:03mikegrb the cats like hdtv stuff
23:03thor2 heh
23:03mikegrb more interested in it then normal tv
23:03mikegrb they appreciate the difference and the extra $5
23:03bah Do they like all those INHD fish specials?
23:03tina what do your cats like watching?
23:06anduin mostly 70's cop shows like yourself
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23:07mikegrb bah: yes
23:07mikegrb nature stuff
23:07mikegrb the nice sounds gets them interested
23:14Chutt ah, why didn't i rewrite the dd stuff
23:15mikegrb you decided it was good enough though not ideal?
23:15mikegrb also
23:15* mikegrb <3 dd
23:15Chutt the grabber is stupid, though
23:15Chutt the parser sucks
23:16mikegrb got the best benifit by thier better listings
23:16Chutt and there's the whole 'let's delete everything before we know we have data'
23:16mikegrb had a show that used to get re-recorded twice a night
23:16mikegrb second showing tonight wasn't re-recorded :D
23:16mikegrb yes
23:16mikegrb I concur
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23:24thor2 if you want something done right ...
23:24thor2 ... don't ask me to do it
23:29* kvandivo looks around.
23:29orangey hey guys! Are there any mandrake 10.0 rpms of 0.15[.1]?
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23:33mikegrb kaaspad: when can I try that java software?
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