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00:16mikegrb Chutt: we aren't supposed to sell stuff on mythtv-users?!?!!?
00:16mikegrb I was going to offer vats of clue at low close out prices
00:16mikegrb then again nobody there would be interested
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00:28ChaosExiguum | :-D
00:32rkulagow_ has anyone actually heard anything from tmk lately?
00:36anduin he was in here just the other day
00:38rkulagow_ it seems like he's not participating over in the ivtv list, and chris and hans are ready to drop a new version. has he handed over the project?
00:38anduin no
00:38rkulagow_ like plasmajohn did before him?
00:38anduin I don't know how they plan to do a release
00:45Chutt i'm the only one with cvs access =)
00:46anduin but you never use it!
00:46Chutt heh
00:47Chutt i need many more hours in a day
00:51anduin the project is floundering, someone needs to do something, I'd like to see tmk back as I have no trust with the current direction (0.1.9 is ok, but I'd like to see CC)
00:52anduin the way things are there is zero incentive to submit patches
00:57Chutt it's funny how many people disagree with that assessment
01:00anduin no one is objective about their work, I think it is good that people are hacking if only to get information, still I avoid the patches like the plague
01:01Chutt i'm referring to all the people that think that those patches are the best thing ever :p
01:02anduin yeah I know, I still read ivtv-devel on occasion :)
01:03Chutt i'd really like to have time to work on the driver
01:03Chutt but, work, mythtv, and a new gene wolfe book are currently calling me =)
01:04anduin bah, you are our tv app slave, you don't have time for books
01:04Chutt i know, i've got a good dozen sitting unread
01:08Chutt is fun =)
01:08pigeon :o
01:11anduin I want to sort by date
01:11Chutt it's a 20 line php script i wrote in about 20 minutes, so, ah, it's limited :p
01:19Chutt thor, i've been playing with itunes for windows for work
01:19Chutt i dislike the interface :p
01:25Netslayer and that's the patented GUI at that :-P
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08:46fatmatt woot, this chan is busy
08:46fatmatt heyas
08:47-!- Irssi: #mythtv: Total of 56 nicks 0 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 56 normal
08:47fatmatt anyone got a minute to help me out with mythvideo?
08:47fatmatt and perhpas mythdvd
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09:00Dibblah Mmmm... Not too sure about this, but in the Myth howto, section 20.10, DISPLAY=localhost:0.0 is specified. Unless I'm misreading this, this always uses plain X11 to render - Therefore making some debugging invalid. DISPLAY=:0.0 fixed this for me.
09:00fatmatt anyone got a minute to help me out with mythvideo?
09:01Dibblah What about it?
09:01fatmatt Not really sure what its supposed to do, I'm yet to rip a dvd, and the stuff I encode to avi doesn't show up in mythvideo...
09:02Dibblah Ask in
09:02Dibblah #mythtv-users
09:02fatmatt ahhh, k
09:02fatmatt ta
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09:59rkulagow_ chutt: here?
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12:19Chutt rkulagow, your docs are finally updated
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12:34rkulagow_ hooray!
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13:16hardwir3d 'llo. i am trying to install gentoo for the first time but no eth0 shows up. i have some standard sis onboard nic.
13:17hardwir3d err, wait
13:17hardwir3d nevermind, wrong channel :)
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13:28kvandivo took him less than half a minute to figure that out. i'd say that puts him in the "above average" category
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13:28thor2 96th percentile
13:32thor2 in depth reporting, as usual from Reuters
13:33kvandivo no doubt. they don't even talk about Freevo the software. apparently they just thought it was an encompassing term that described "everything else"
13:33thor2 rhymes with Tivo
13:44Chutt heh
13:45Chutt at least i got a url in there
13:45rkulagow_ you're laughing at someone who hasn't even installed mythtv rewriting the scheduler?
13:45o_cee what does freevo has to do with tivo? hmm
13:45Chutt rkulagow, that's pretty damn funny, too
13:46kvandivo the quote they chose wasn't the best.. perhaps it would be good to change that to 'i started tinkering in my free time but now it has almost taken on a life of its own" or something..
13:47o_cee Chutt: read your mails on ivtv-dev, missed them before... hehehehhee, very amusing :)
13:48thor2 works like this: "Step Aside Bush, Here Comes Crush" .... makes little sense, but it's snappy
13:48o_cee very nice research
13:49thor2 and they didn't even contact the VP for Partner and Channel Sales, MythTV Inc. to get a quote !
13:50rkulagow_ yep, no one sent me an email
13:50o_cee freevo actually turns up at no 1 on google, so it wouldn't have been very hard, hehe
13:50anduin freevo is easier to find
13:51o_cee afk, ttyl
13:51thor2 may be time to change our PR firm, and get some decent action out of our K Street lobbyists
13:52kvandivo good to do that every so often regardless of the current landscape. It keeps everyone on their toes
13:53thor2 Need everyone on the same page, giving 110%
13:53thor2 perhaps some motivational posters
13:53kvandivo nah.. just hire the boss guy from The Office
13:53thor2 heh
13:53thor2 that'll do it
13:55thor2 Chutt, I think I want to move TreeCheckItem into libmyth, that make sense to you ?
13:55Chutt i dunno
13:56Chutt i don't think it really needs to be there, since it's just a small wrapper over the generictree thingie
13:56thor2 ok, just that I need to use it in mfd client library as well
13:56thor2 so it'll be in 2 places
13:56thor2 but no biggie
13:56Chutt ah, sure
13:56Chutt libmyth for now
13:56Chutt then it can move to the mfd client lib later
13:56thor2 m k
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13:58thor2 rkulagow_, I think we're going to have a very frank discussion at your next career review meeting
13:59stoffel_ how i hate those motivation posters
13:59thor2 If you walk into an office with motivational posters, turn around and leave that instant
14:00stoffel_ hm, i should have read it actually. i like this one!
14:00kvandivo i like that one.. i particularly like the "perfect for" section.. How non PC (and i love it!)
14:01thor2 Chutt, scratch that ... I'm going to leave it in the mfd for the time being, as I'm fiddling with it a bit
14:01Chutt heh
14:02Chutt whatever =)
14:02thor2 blah blah out loud
14:02* thor2 goes back to coding
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14:17o_cee compiling kenneths guidegrid thingie, will see how it works
14:17o_cee just wish i had something faster to compile on, bah.. guess some more mem could help
14:18kvandivo oh.. i read that as 'men' as was thinking of the 'achievement' poster
14:19kvandivo and believe me.. you haven't seen bad till you try to compile globalsettings on an xbox
14:19kvandivo it takes the better part of 10 hours
14:21o_cee oh. nice :)
14:21thor2 x-compile?
14:21o_cee would be nice of make install would check if it's recording.. :)
14:22o_cee x-compile?
14:22o_cee testing it now, so bbl :)
14:22thor2 well, not really cross, compile elsewhere for X-Box
14:26kvandivo i've tried that.. something is messing up somewhere. on occasion (random) i get back files that won't link. I don't know if it is network, or what.. I don't have problems with other things..
14:27kvandivo I get errors like blah.o: file format not recognized during the link
14:27kvandivo and haven't had the time to track down what is causing the problem
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15:10o_cee the guidegrid patch from kenneth was pretty nice, i like it
15:12o_cee and the osd theme from gerhard was nice as well
15:13GeckoFiend that the one that makes stuff in the past look different?
15:13stoffel_ i don't need a patch to do that ;)
15:13kvandivo my life moves so fast these days that the red shift for past occurrences is clue enough for me
15:14stoffel_ lol
15:14o_cee GeckoFiend: yeah
15:15o_cee don't know if it updates it if you keep the guide open though, that's all i can think of
15:20mikegrb kvandivo: liar
15:20mikegrb kvandivo: old people are slow and you are old!
15:22o_cee leaving the guide open doesn't seem to update the indication with his patch
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15:25o_cee Chutt: thought anything more on cvs access for us translators?
15:25mikegrb o_cee: just translate Chutt's password
15:25o_cee oh
15:26o_cee it's thaaat easy
15:26mikegrb yup
15:29kvandivo mikegrb: i didn't say that _I_ moved that fast.. i said that _my life_ moved that fast
15:29mikegrb well I imagine if you moved really slow then life around you would seem to move really fast
15:30kvandivo just wait, young padawan. time will catch up with you as it has caught up with the rest of us
15:31mikegrb well I have a few hundred years until I'm an old fart like you :p
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15:32silly1 what allows myth to know when other mythmodules are installed?
15:33anduin they are in the plugin directory
15:33silly1 and so if they exist in the plugin dir then mythfrontend will pick them up.. correct?
15:34mikegrb yes
15:34silly1 thank you
15:38thor2 it will also check the lib version they were compiled against
15:40silly1 thanks thor that is helpful
15:40GreyFoxx There is a plugin directory ? Hrm I don't see such a beast. At least not in my 0.14 setup
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15:48anduin GreyFoxx - /usr/local/lib/myth/plugins?
15:52DonLKSAB Can i ask you coders a linux question?
15:53anduin there are a lot of other linux groups on this same irc server
15:54DonLKSAB Yes im trying there to :-)
15:58GreyFoxx anduin: Nope. Don't have one of those
15:58kvandivo locate plugins
15:58anduin I made a typo, should be mythtv not myth, is it possible you don't have any plugins?
15:58GreyFoxx Infact a find on /usr can't find any otehr instances of plugin except for j2sdk and vim :)
15:59o_cee locate
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15:59Chutt if someone doesn't install the add-on modules, they won't have that directory
15:59GreyFoxx Found it, it is there
15:59o_cee heh
15:59GreyFoxx I was looking for "plugin" not plugins. And my find didn't use a wildcard :)
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16:00o_cee Chutt: i tried kenneths guidegrid thingie.. worked fine, only thing that might be improved is that it should update the shading if you leave it open.. but it looked very nice
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16:02stoffel_ what about adding a 'home' function in the epg which brings you back to the current time. i once had a look into it but didn't get far.
16:03--- ---> mecraw_ [~mecraw@] has joined #mythtv
16:03o_cee weh, another key :)
16:03stoffel_ -)
16:03stoffel_ ups, add that :
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18:15thor2 Chutt, uhm you do not that UIListBtn is actually reading Pixmap's off disk for check marks every time you navigate to a node you haven't been to before?
18:15thor2 err, you do know
18:16thor2 well, not exactly true
18:16thor2 nm
18:16mikegrb heh
18:16* mikegrb gives thor2 a cup of coffee
18:16thor2 I've been slow all day
18:18Chutt should be only once per list
18:18thor2 once per type, yup
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18:18Chutt could be optimized out like it is is for list up to the tree, too
18:18Chutt but i was lazy
18:18Chutt damnit
18:18Chutt amex timed out my session while i was waiting for travel approval
18:19thor2 yeah, static one time call
18:19thor2 amex websites blow
18:20thor2 log into "platinum website", authenticate, navigate to "platinum travel online", need to authenticate again
18:20thor2 you can just tell there's 12 different iniatives all built by 12 different consulting firms
18:21Chutt heh
18:24* thor2 goes off in search of caffeine
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19:35Moc__ Is there any softcam port to mythtv in developpement... ? or any bounty to have one ?
19:36stoffel_ being mentioned in the 0.16 release notes
19:37Moc__ where could that be ?
19:38stoffel_ that's the bounty you asked for ;)
19:39* Moc__ confused... in canadian !! ;)
19:39* stoffel_ too, i'm german
19:39Moc__ hhaa
19:40Moc__ Ive being looking at the SC for vdr, could be ported I guess
19:41Moc__ Im not gonna install a PC on my amp system if I dont have my sat channels on it
19:41Moc__ I gota find a good TV Out card too for mythtv
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19:48thor3 bah comcast
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20:12mdz_ hi?
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21:11Octane any idea if videogallery is going to get committed?
21:12thor3 hopefully
21:12thor3 just waiting on some changes (or I missed an e-mail)
21:20thor3 ahhh, I finally get it, the Reuters guy just modified the tagline from
21:24Chutt i don't know what turned him on to that site, it's pretty damn crappy
21:24thor3 heh
21:25Ashlar messed up google page rank? heh
21:26thor3 probably started with one of the commercial guys, but wanted to back out to a more general story so it didn't look quite so transparently like a product placement
21:26Chutt traffic was only slightly less than double normal
21:26Chutt pretty crappy influx
21:28thor3 who the hell reads the yahoo homepage ?
21:28thor3 :-)
21:28mikegrb yahoo homepage?
21:28mikegrb they have one?
21:28thor3 heh, I think there used to be a search box on it
21:29mikegrb hmm okay
21:33thor3 here comes slashdot
21:33mikegrb :<
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21:34Ashlar oh boy.. heh
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21:36Moc__ Damn DVB Stuff ...
21:36Chutt ah, oops
21:37Chutt 'why's cvs running so slow?'
21:37thor3 heh
21:37Ashlar lol
21:37Chutt there's only a 139 apache processes running
21:37thor3 go cellery, go
21:38Chutt Max Out: 5018.4 kb/s (50.2%) Average Out:769.4 kb/s (7.7%) Current Out: 3085.2 kb/s (30.9%)
21:38Chutt stats for today
21:39Moc__ not bad
21:39Moc__ that about 1.2gig per day
21:40Chutt your math's slightly off
21:41thor3 hmm, 506.9 Gigabytes .... that can't be right
21:42thor3 ah, / by 8
21:42thor3 err, 64
21:42thor3 go it now :-)
21:43Moc__ max is 10mbits out ?
21:43thor3 7.92 GB / day
21:43Chutt well, no, but that's what mrtg thinks the max is
21:44rkulagow_ chutt: how'd you like that email i forwarded you?
21:44Chutt pretty damn funny
21:44Chutt i just read it, actually =)
21:44thor3 crazy "let's build boxes" scheme ?
21:44Moc__ Anyone working on a softcam that work with mythtv ?
21:44Chutt crazy 'we'll give you hosting if you develop a video-on-demand scheme' for us
21:45Chutt moc, no.
21:45Chutt and something like that wouldn't be part of the distribution
21:45Moc__ I guess I'll have to !! :(
21:45thor3 hey, at least it was crazy
21:46Chutt he sent rkulagow pictures of his datacenter
21:46Chutt apparently
21:46Chutt 'look, we got lots of boxes for it!'
21:46thor3 heh
21:46rkulagow_ yep. 12TB SAN and everything.
21:46rkulagow_ of course, no idea how they'll get permission to distribute someone else's content, but hey.
21:46Chutt there we go, back down to 110 apache instances
21:47Chutt the initial <boom> is over
21:47thor3 it's late
21:47thor3 for slashdot traffic
21:47Chutt yeah
21:47Moc__ Chutt, it would have to be a pluging ofcourse... Not usefull for everyone anyway, in euro you can use your CAM into the card, doesn't work over here
21:50rkulagow_ chutt: you going to write that guy back?
21:51Chutt rkulagow, sure
21:51rkulagow_ ok. got to go do domestic chores. bbl.
21:51Chutt have fun =)
21:54mikegrb omg no
21:54mikegrb 21:53:05 rommer | how do i extract a tar.bz2 file
21:54mikegrb time for me to be away in that channel for a while
21:54thor3 winzip
21:55mikegrb haha
21:55mikegrb I told him by typing stuff at the command line
21:55mikegrb and to try "man tar" for starters
21:56thor3 well, that is the right answer
21:56thor3 especially since it depends on his version of tar ( -y v. -j )
21:59mikegrb heh
22:01Chutt whoops
22:02Chutt left a gallon of milk in the trunk for the past 2 hours
22:03cmorgan heh
22:03pigeon trying to develop MythLife? ;)
22:04Chutt mdz, hey, you here?
22:04* thor3 wants to make a clever joke about Microsoft owning the patent on TODO: remove milk from trunk
22:08mikegrb Chutt: you interested in a gmail invite
22:08mikegrb thor3: or you?
22:09Chutt eh, not really
22:09Chutt thanks though
22:09mikegrb I knew you would say that ;)
22:09Chutt not enough space
22:09mikegrb I know kirby is interested
22:09thor3 hmmm
22:10Chutt my current mail archive's something like 4 GB
22:10mikegrb but he is wacky, doesn't get online in the evening
22:10Moc__ that aint bad ..
22:10thor3 does it do IMAP, or web only?
22:10mikegrb web only
22:10thor3 ah
22:10Moc__ at the office, it 1gig per month per user, we used to limit max 2 month.. now new policy.. unlimited archive.. keep for ever (that mean like 10TB per year of email)
22:11thor3 well, thanks mikegrb, but it would just end up being another damn thing to remember
22:11mikegrb np
22:13Chutt confusing
22:13Chutt i need more books
22:13thor3 eh?
22:14Chutt 'confusing' was for elsewhere :p
22:15thor3 speaking of books, anyone heard about the phenomenon of Palahniuk having people faint every time he does a public reading of one of his new short stories
22:16mikegrb interesting
22:16mikegrb hadn't heard about that
22:16thor3 google on Palahniuk and Guts
22:16thor3 quite cool
22:16thor3 :-)
22:28--- ---> michaell [] has joined #mythtv
22:34--- <--- sc00p [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
22:34--- ---> sc00p [] has joined #mythtv
22:46--- ---> gigem [] has joined #mythtv
22:46gigem chutt, are you around?
22:47--- ---> silly1 [] has joined #mythtv
22:54Chutt gigem, hey
22:54gigem chutt, was just sending you an email about another mythcommflag related problem.
22:55Chutt heh
22:55gigem avformatdecoder is used to flag pvr recordings.
22:55Chutt what's broken this time? =)
22:56gigem it properly saves MARK_GOP_START entries for each gop start, but the mark value is actually the frame index instead of the gop index.
22:56gigem this royally screws up seeks when playing.
22:57Chutt huh
22:57Chutt never noticed that
22:57Chutt only happens on re-marking things, though, right?
22:57gigem a fix would be to divide the position map index by keyframedist when saving MARK_GOP_START, but i'm not sure
22:57gigem if that would screw anything else up.
22:58Chutt it might
22:58Chutt i'll check to see how the recorder calculates the gop count
22:59gigem ok, i'll wait for a fix or reccomendation from you before rerunning ~6 hours of mythcommflag on two machines again.
22:59Chutt heh
23:00gigem have a good rest of the evening.
23:00Chutt long long keyCount = frameNum / keyframedist;
23:00Chutt is how the recorder does it
23:00Chutt can't see how doing the same in avformatdecoder could hurt
23:01gigem i'm looking at AvFormatDecoder::SetPositionMap().
23:03Chutt hrm
23:04Chutt are you sure that it's storing it by frames?
23:04gigem no, it is storing gops, but the mark value actually the frame.
23:05gigem eg. for a normal pvr recording the makr values go 0, 1, 2, ...
23:05Chutt PosMapEntry entry = {prevgoppos / keyframedist, startpos};
23:05Chutt m_positionMap.push_back(entry);
23:05gigem but after mythcommflag/avformatdecoder, they go 0, 15, 30, 45, ...
23:05Chutt looks right to me
23:05Chutt hrm
23:07gigem perhaps keyframedist is never getting set then, i manually wiped the recordedmarkup table before running commflag.
23:08Chutt if (!recordingHasPositionMap)
23:08Chutt {
23:08Chutt keyframedist = 1;
23:08Chutt }
23:08Chutt some stuff cut out of there, but..
23:08Chutt looks like you're right
23:09Chutt i'd try just removing the couple places where it sets keyframedist = 1
23:09Chutt and see if that works
23:10gigem ok, i'll make that change, start a new commflag and let you know.
23:10Chutt cool, thanks
23:11Chutt i ran out of time to install a bug tracker last weekend
23:11Chutt hopefully have some in the next few days
23:11gigem no problem.
23:16gigem mythcommflag started. i'll let you know in about 10 mins.
23:17--- <<-- michaell [] has quit ("( :: NoNameScript 3.8 :: )")
23:19Chutt captain_murdoch, yo
23:20thor3 gp pinkham
23:21--- ---> _vector_ [] has joined #mythtv
23:21--- <<-- cmorgan [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:22Captain_Murdo| Chutt, yeah?
23:22Chutt nice email :p
23:22Captain_Murdo| :) figured I'd respond before anyone else did.
23:23Chutt i was just going to ignore it
23:23rkulagow_ geez. the power around here sucks. i keep hearing it activate every few minutes. all those people wasting electricity on air conditioning when they could be powering computers.
23:23Captain_Murdo| get tired of hearing about that. figure most of the main developers are in 4:3 land so it's not their itch to scratch.
23:23rkulagow_ (it being my UPS)
23:23--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
23:23Chutt heh
23:23Captain_Murdo| rkulagow_: yeah, nice when your power dims when your neighbor's AC goes on.
23:24Chutt my lights dim randomly, but that's just because my wiring sucks
23:24rkulagow_ i'm more worried about voltage drops on the mains causing amperage to go up. blew out a dimmer that way.
23:25gigem ok, i'm back, btw, my lights dim slightly when my own ac comes on.
23:25Chutt dimmers are expensive
23:25rkulagow_ especially since mine was an X10 type
23:25Chutt my wife insisted on those $30 ones you get at home despot for the basement
23:25Chutt they're cool, and all, but sheesh
23:26Captain_Murdo| does it sound OK for LiveTV to use the highest cardid first? or should it be made more complex by trying to figure out the lowest preference cardinput
23:26Chutt i don't really see anything wrong with having it continue to use the first one :p
23:26Chutt but, i dunno
23:26gigem chutt, that's much better, but still has one minor buglet. because the keyframedist is calculated from the recording, the first two gops don't get put in the map. e.g., the mark values go 2, 3, 4, 5, ...
23:26Captain_Murdo| neither do I, but that's pretty easy to fix and I know the time when I do go to actually use LiveTV it will bug me. :)
23:26Chutt gigem, ah, try preiniting it to 15 or so?
23:27Chutt it'll be reset to 12 for pal people, but that shouldn't hurt
23:27gigem chutt, that would probably work for me, but what about the pal folks?
23:27Chutt it'll get reset after the first gop
23:28Chutt to the proper value
23:28Chutt or first two gops, i dunno
23:28Chutt shouldn't hurt anything
23:28Chutt i just committed that recursive mutex thing
23:29Chutt i probably should've bumped the lib version, but...
23:29Chutt captain_murdoch, well, just be sure to keep the 'use a tuner on the local machine first' logic
23:30Netslayer any ./ affect on the site today :-P
23:30Chutt nope
23:30Chutt i'm slashdot proof
23:30Netslayer heh
23:31--- ---> xeno42 [] has joined #mythtv
23:31thor3 bah
23:31Chutt just need bandwidth to keep up with slashdot
23:31Chutt hardware doesn't really come into it
23:31thor3 I really dislike UIListTreeButtonList's that hold ButtonListItem's that hold physitems
23:32Chutt except if you've got too much dynamic crap
23:32Chutt heh
23:32Chutt thor, model/view
23:32thor3 Chutt, ignorance
23:32thor3 :-)
23:32Chutt heh
23:32thor3 I know it's all super-efficient and what not
23:32thor3 just driving me nuts
23:33thor3 (trying to have two on one dialogue)
23:33thor3 I'll get through it
23:35gigem chutt, i'm not so sure it will work. it looks like AvFormatDecoder::HandleGopStart will only set keyframedist to the actual value if it's 1.
23:36--- ---> nulltank [] has joined #mythtv
23:37Captain_Murdo| back now... was reading the scrollback buffer. Chutt: ok, I'll make a note on my TODO if I take a look to make sure it prefers the highest local cardid then the highest anywhere.
23:37mikegrb Captain_Murdoch: no
23:37mikegrb Captain_Murdoch: you can't use TODO lists
23:37mikegrb microsoft patented them
23:37Captain_Murdo| doesn't mean I use them, just have one.
23:38Captain_Murdo| way too much stuff on there to actually do any of it, just whatever bugs me this week I work on. ;)
23:38mikegrb heh
23:38thor3 we're taking up a collection so that Chutt can pay the licensing fee to go get the milk out of his trunk
23:39mikegrb I'll chip in a dolloar
23:39mikegrb dollar even
23:39mikegrb my set top box says gell on it
23:39mikegrb well it says 11:39
23:39mikegrb but if you stand on your head it is gell
23:40* thor3 wonders how mikegrb can IRC standing on his head
23:40* Captain_Murd is amazed mikegrb can type that well considering how drunk he is.
23:40mikegrb I'm talllllented
23:41--- <<-- nulltank [] has quit ("leaving")
23:42--- <--- _vector_ [] has left #mythtv ("Client exiting")
23:42--- ---> nulltank [] has joined #mythtv
23:42* o_cee poles Captain_Murdoch
23:42o_cee right
23:42o_cee g'morning.. pokes..
23:42gigem o_cee, hey, what are you doing up at this time?
23:43o_cee gigem: i just woke up :) 5:43, work at 6:30, hehe
23:43Captain_Murdo| hey o_cee
23:43gigem o_cee, that's too damn early, my clock doesn't even think about starting until 7:30.
23:43o_cee heheh yeah i know
23:44thor3 just enough time for a milkshake and a shower
23:44o_cee yehpp yepp, exactly my thought
23:44o_cee so later all, need to eat something... ;)
23:45gigem Captain_Murdoch, been reading the scrollback buffer myself, i think you'd be better off using the tuner with lowest preference.
23:46Captain_Murdo| gigem: only problem with that is you can end up with cases where there is 1 input with a high preference on a card and 1 with a low preference since the preference is for a cardinput not a card.
23:46gigem 'course, i don't think anything will really satisfy the live tv people until the scheduler tries to work around them and only asks for the tuner when it has no other choice.
23:47Captain_Murdo| that and the fact that that would mean I'd have to make mainserver somehow know about cardinputs and preferences, etc. :) so it'd drop way down on my TODO list cause it'd be a bigger task.
23:47gigem Captain_Murdoch, as long as it drops below the pre-notify for commercials. i'm still waiting on that! :)
23:47o_cee pick the one with highest prio, but go with the highes number as well..
23:48Captain_Murdo| :) ahh, prenotify. was thinking about that the other day.
23:48Captain_Murdo| you're talking popup a OSD message X seconds before it thinks the comm starts right telling you how long it thinks the comm is?
23:49gigem Captain_Murdoch, right.
23:49Captain_Murdo| it can notify right now, you just want pre-notify a couple seconds earlier?
23:49o_cee then the scheduler picks the highes prio card with the lowest number (as in having two cards with the same source, live tv would take #2 and sched starts at #1)
23:49* o_cee eats, bbsoon
23:50mikegrb well
23:50mikegrb ideally I would only have to sit on the couch
23:50mikegrb everything else would be automatic
23:51mikegrb no buttons
23:51mikegrb mythtv should just do everything
23:51Captain_Murdo| prenotify should actually be pretty easy now that I think about it. hmmm....
23:51--- <<-- vagrant [] has quit ("Client exiting")
23:52mikegrb if there were problems I wouldn't lift a finger, chutt would pop round to make it right
23:52thor3 MythPotato
23:52gigem mikegrb, i guess you haven't found the advanced, expert, developers only config options yet. L)
23:52mikegrb oh and it would cost less then $10
23:52gigem Captain_Murdoch, good, i look forward to your patch. :)
23:52mikegrb :(
23:54Captain_Murdo| something else I've been looking at recenlty (ok, actually just llast night)... in ThreadedFileWriter::DiskLoop() it looks like it just keeps writing out data whenever it gets it. This is a constant stream most of the time right? I've wondered about putting a low watermark in there where it wouldn't write out until it reached a certain % of the buffer. I know the buffer is only 2 Megs right now, but i wonder about how this affe
23:54Captain_Murdo| performance when it's contantly syncing (every second it seems) and there are multiple recordings writing to different areas of the disk potentially.
23:55gigem Captain_Murdoch, i was thinking about your web cam message. how hard would it be create a dummy tuner that doesn't really exist? i could then put a backend on my laptop for developing when i'm away from home.
23:56Captain_Murdo| gigem, I was describing the same exact thing to someone the other day. I was thinking of just having the dummy tuner copy a video file so that you could still test things like commflag, playing, etc..
23:57gigem Captain_Murdoch, dunno, i'm sure bjm would have some thoughts on the matter. he's real keen on disk throughput when it comes to streaming.
23:57Captain_Murdo| figured it was easier to get my webcam working though since it was just a few lines of code to support RGB.
23:57Captain_Murdo| I'll try to draft up an email on the threadedfilewriter and send it to the new list.
23:58gigem also, i'm planning doing something with the scheduler so it doesn't keep banging the database every second to see if somebody wants it to reschedule.
23:58Captain_Murdo| I think that's what's causing some of the nfs issues I see occasionaly when I'm recording with 3 tuners and flagging 2-3 other programs and watching somethign else all at the same time.
23:58Captain_Murdo| that = writer
23:59gigem both of my tuners are on the same backend. only my frontend uses nfs so i don't see anything like that.
23:59Captain_Murdo| reading is buffering, but the writes are continuous I think causing the drive to thrash about a bit when it's doing those 6-7 different things.
23:59Captain_Murdo| I use nfs for my video dirs. nfs is on fileserver and backends and frontends all just mount that directory.
---Logclosed Wed Jun 09 00:00:40 2004