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---Logopened Wed Jun 09 00:00:40 2004
00:01Captain_Murdo| and I upgraded my fileserver to an Athlon 700 from the measly Dual-Pentium PRO system it used to be and am now getting 30Mbytes/sec w/ DMA on and I've got a 100Mbit switched network so I'm beginning to think it's related to thrashing of the drive.
00:02o_cee new list?
00:02gigem huh?
00:03o_cee <Captain_Murdoch> I'll try to draft up an email on the threadedfilewriter and send it to the new list.
00:03o_cee Captain_Murdoch: got someplace for me to put some files?
00:03Captain_Murdo| o_cee, not yet. :) haven't had much chance to mess with that dropoff point recently.
00:04o_cee Captain_Murdoch: bah :)
00:04o_cee easier if i setup something?
00:04Captain_Murdo| if you want. I can download them anytime but can't guarantee when I'll get to them.
00:05o_cee i'll fix it when i get home and email you some details.. time to shower and go to work now, bye bye
00:06Captain_Murdo| ok, later.
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00:18gigem chutt, if you're still around, i misread the code earlier. it looks like keyframedist would get changed to 12 for pal even if it is initialized to 15. i'll leave any commit to you in case you want to rethink it.
00:18Captain_Murdo| C++ question. is a static var in a method bad practice since the code could use a variable in the class.
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00:21bah Seems like it would depend on what you're using it for.
00:22gigem Captain_Murdoch, i say if the variable is private to that method, it's probably good to make it static in the method, then no other metho can muck with it.
00:22Captain_Murdo| keeping track of something only within that method but across subsequent calls.
00:22bah I do that occasionaly at work. Hasn't bitten me yet. :)
00:23Captain_Murdo| gigem: that's what I was thinking, but wondered if there was any C++ preference. I'm trying to learn better C++ coding style as I go along. :)
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00:24bah Is the class the method is in a singleton?
00:24Captain_Murdo| just curious. thanks. outside of college classes (10-11 years ago), Myth is my main C++ experience.
00:25gigem same here, 'cept C++ wan't invented yet when was taking classes, hell, C wasn't even in wide spread use yet.
00:25Captain_Murdo| dunno. talking about the NuppelVideoPlayer::AutoCommercialSkip() method. want to keep track of the commercial break I did a pre-notify for so I don't redisplay the OSD the next frame (since it's now less than X seconds away).
00:25bah I'm still reading mythtv source. Haven't gotten to NuppelVideoPlayer yet. :)
00:26Captain_Murdo| static it is. just figured I'd ask to make sure they were OK. don't see many in Myth.
00:26thor3 is it a primitive type you want to keep track of, or an object ?
00:27gigem Captain_Murdoch, how do you do it for the case where prenotify==0? seems like you would just need a +/- prenotify in your condition.
00:27Captain_Murdo| it's a long long, a frame number
00:27o_cee Captain_Murdoch, gigem: i've done an early mockup of changes i'd like to do to the playback screen (and other places).. haven't had time to continue with it, but maybe you have some input before i continue (hopefully this week)..
00:28bah If there are multiple tuners and both are recording could their be multiple instances of NuppelVideoPlayer running?
00:29Captain_Murdo| gigem: that code just checks to see if the current frame is past the start of the comm break. with pre-notify I have to check to see if it is less than Y * video_frame_rate away from the start of the comm break and if it is then display the prenotify. if the prenotify was already shown then don't display it though.
00:29gigem o_cee, looks sharp, but my poor old eyes will certainly want bigger fonts!
00:30Captain_Murdo| bah, there can be multiple instances but that shouldn't affect this in any way.
00:30o_cee gigem: yeah, i know.. i know about that :)
00:30bah what if both instances tried to set a different frame value at the same time though? wouldn't the 2nd instance clobber the 1st instances value?
00:32Captain_Murdo| this method is only used by the interactive player so there can never be 2 instances using this same method.
00:32gigem Captain_Murdoch, i see. perhaps you could just check if the frame is in a small 0.5 - 1 sec window.
00:32bah ah
00:32bah Okay.
00:32bah I'll be quiet now until I've finished reading the classes. :)
00:33Captain_Murdo| gigem: yeah, I thought about checking to see if the OSD was still up and if so then don't redisplay. should be able to do it that way I think.
00:36gigem Captain_Murdoch, ok. fwiw, it's not really that important a feature or i would have done it myself. i can't even use it right now since i have to remap some key bindings for my new remote control.
00:39Captain_Murdo| no biggie. it's something I'd like to have. partway done already anyway.
00:41gigem well, it's time for me to hit the sack so g'night y'all.
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00:48thor3 Captain_Murdoch, I'm not sure you that a static declaration inside a member function is going to do what you think it will
00:49thor3 you may need a file/global scope variable, in which case it makes very little sense not to just make it a class variable
00:51thor3 since the scope is just the member function, I think the variable will only exist for each invocation of the function (although it would be static for the duration of that invocation, surviving, for example, multiple initializations inside a loop or what-not)
00:51bah not for statics
00:52bah statics will exist across all instances of the class and all calls of the member function
00:52Captain_Murdo| hmm, I did it without using a var anyway. I just don't prenotify if the OSD is up. There's a couple used in NVP.cpp, NVR.cpp, and videoout_xv.cpp.
00:53thor3 heh, well it's moot then
00:54thor3 bah, as class static variables, sure .... but as statics _defined inside_ member functions ?
00:54bah I use static ints in class constructors to count the number of times the class has been created.
00:54bah seems to work. :)
00:55thor3 well, no-one ever accused me of knowing very much about C++
00:56mikegrb thor3: you sure know a lot about c++, I hereby acuse you of it
00:56thor3 crap
00:56Captain_Murdo| pre-notify works. pops up the same box that normal notify does only 2 seconds ahead of the commercial start.
00:56thor3 sweet
00:58Captain_Murdo| see any reason to make that 2 seconds configurable?
00:58thor3 bah, too many config dialogs/widgets already
00:58Chutt captain_murdoch, statics bad
00:58Captain_Murdo| wouldn't need a new setting, could have "Pre-Notify (2 seconds)", "Pre-Notify (3 seconds)"
00:59Captain_Murdo| Chutt, ok, the final authority has spoken. :) thanks.
00:59Chutt at least in that case
00:59thor3 Chutt, and on statics declared inside member functions and their value on repeated invocations of that function?
00:59Chutt yeah
00:59Captain_Murdo| that's why I asked, my mind thought "that sounds bad".
00:59Chutt it's very easy to fuck up with threads and other instances of the class
01:00bah yeah, thats why I asked if the class was a singleton.
01:00Captain_Murdo| I noticed a few other places where they are used. one I think I might have added in videoout_xv.cpp, but the others I don't think I did.
01:01Chutt the ones in videoout_xv shouldn't be there, either
01:01Chutt but they're ok since there can only be one output thing going at a time
01:03Captain_Murdo| I'll make a note to fix videoout_xv.cpp, that is my "skip so-many frames if the display can't keep up" patch I think. (haven't checked yet, just did a grep.
01:04Chutt yup
01:04Chutt i looked
01:04rkulagow_ feh. that monitor drives thing is hanging CVS mythfrontend
01:04Chutt very very low priority to fix it
01:04thor3 bah, I stand corrected, damn if it doesn't work ... but it still seems a crazy thing to do
01:04Chutt rkulagow, ask mdz to fix it :p
01:05rkulagow_ mdz: fix it. pretty please.
01:05rkulagow_ did he do it?
01:06rkulagow_ ok, let me go check if my SQL update thing did the right thing. brb.
01:06Chutt it was either his code or his patch merging that did it
01:06bah thor3, agreed.
01:10rkulagow_ yow. that "isthmus" osd is pretty cool.
01:10Chutt i need to get osd themes up on the site
01:10Chutt too much stuff to do
01:11ChaosExiguum | sasquash :o)
01:11rkulagow_ if that guy can tweak a few things (i notice that the am/pm is being cut off by his bounding box) it might be the new Blue
01:11rkulagow_ (at least for me)
01:13thor3 I've still got my fingers crossed for an update to iulius
01:13rkulagow_ WAF has gone up lately; she's actually picked up the remote and started driving. she says she still doesn't like that she can't tell which option is being selected; i've gone through the various qtconfigs and none seem to make the "thin dotted line" any easier to see.
01:14rkulagow_ like when you have the "yes, delete" or "no, keep it". she's afraid she's going to delete when she doesn't mean to.
01:15thor3 you can change the highlights in qtlook
01:15thor3 I have a slightly customized visor theme with those changes if you want it
01:15rkulagow_ sure, why not.
01:17rkulagow_ i'll have to find some programs with long descriptions. visor cuts off a bunch on some of the newer DD episode informations.
01:17rkulagow_ ok, bed and stuff. night.
01:19jams thor3, nate is working on an update to iulius
01:20jams at least he still was two weeks ago
01:20thor3 sometimes it's good to be an optimist :-)
01:22jams although he did mention something about rebuilding his mythbox first.....
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01:42wwarner Anyone know why my program guide shows almost completely unknown?
01:42thor3 you live at the Artic circle? Oh, and please see topic
01:43wwarner ohh yea should have checked that sorry
01:43thor3 np
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02:27billytwowilly| anyone here that's working on mythvideo?
02:27thor3 define "working on"
02:30billytwowilly| as in if I asked you how hard it would be to either dissallow files smaller than size X from being displayed in the browser or allowed setting seperate movie and tv show/small funny clip directories and only displaying the movie dir in the browser you could say "not that hard, in fact that's a good idea, I think I'll work on that in my spare time this weekend";)
02:31thor3 heh
02:31billytwowilly| why thor3? Is this Thor three times as good as the original but only 1.5 times as good as Thor2?
02:31thor3 ask X-chat
02:31thor3 uhm, you can do most of what you want already
02:32billytwowilly| really? I didn't see a way in the settings.
02:32thor3 set "file to play next"
02:32thor3 and then exclude all but first from being browsable
02:32thor3 err, browseable
02:32thor3 but it's a lot of remote-ing around
02:33billytwowilly| So I have to go through the five hundred and twenty or so files individually to get them not to display?;)
02:33thor3 unless you have not set "Not browseable by default"
02:33thor3 but yeah
02:33* billytwowill starts reading his introductory perl scripting book in the hopes of not having to do that by hand.
02:34billytwowilly| hmm. So I can set "Not browseable by default" where? I didn't see it anywhere. I only have 60 or so movies to make browseable that way
02:35thor3 well, you'd have to rescan, but somewhere in settings->Video
02:35* billytwowill goes to look again
02:35thor3 New files browseable by default or thereabouts
02:35billytwowilly| heh, I was just there two minutes ago;)
02:36billytwowilly| hmm, so I have to unmount my movie drives, scan to clear the mem, then remount them and scan again?
02:36thor3 well, you don't have to unmount, just point the video dir at an empty dir and rescan
02:37billytwowilly| oh ok. thanks.
02:37thor3 but you're still going to have to manually do the "File to play next" stuff
02:37billytwowilly| one last question, Can I reach the "search IMDB" stuff from the directory based file viewer or do I have to be in the manager?
02:38thor3 in the manager
02:38billytwowilly| But I only have to do it to the movies I want to be in browse mode right?
02:38billytwowilly| which is ok because I can do it from up here. (Thank God for ssh -X)
02:38thor3 if you want a whole chain of things to play in browse mode, you have to define the chain
02:39billytwowilly| and it's only 60 or so.. not 500
02:39billytwowilly| I don't want anything to play in a chain. I just want only the movies to be visible to the browser.
02:39billytwowilly| The view mode with the movie posters and writeups. I only want movies in there.
02:39billytwowilly| not the little funny clips
02:39thor3 ah, then you want not browsable by default
02:40thor3 and then probably to set Video List to be a file browser
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02:40billytwowilly| slightly confused;)
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02:41thor3 ignore my last comment, set not browsable by default
02:41billytwowilly| there's another view for video list that has the writeups included?
02:41thor3 video list can be another way to get the same content as browse
02:42thor3 or a way to be a file browser
02:42billytwowilly| ok, I'm going to play around with this for a half hour and see what I like then if you're still around I might bug you about a couple more questions;)
02:42billytwowilly| I'm just getting confused at the moment.
02:42billytwowilly| I think I see what to do from your comments though.
02:42billytwowilly| Thanks for the help
02:43thor3 yup
02:45billytwowilly| heh. I have two files that don't exist that show up when I scan nothing.
02:45billytwowilly| two red dwarf episodes
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03:33dcstimm i wonder how changing to deinterlaced playback will effect how things look on my pc monitor... hmmm
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09:57rkulagow_ that's funny. last night we're talking about video on demand, today slashdot has an article that Tivo is going to start doing it.
09:59Rince ;)
09:59rkulagow_ i think everyone should paypal me $1.
10:00rkulagow_ (waiting to see how long it takes for that to become a slashdot article)
10:01mikegrb rkulagow_: what address?
10:05Rince rkulagow_: why?
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10:15rkulagow_ why should everyone on slashdot send me $1? i'm trying to see if mythtv IRC has a direct correlation with generating a slashdot story. and the proof would be the millions of dollars that would pour into my paypal account. :)
10:15mikegrb rkulagow_: one sec lemme nudge my osdn contact ;)
10:16mikegrb another staff member for an orgranization I'm staff for is an osdn editor
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11:08Chutt mdz, yo
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11:13bitbyte how's the new job chutt?
11:14Chutt good
11:14bitbyte keeping you busy? I hate being the FNG
11:19rkulagow_ fuck. two mythbackend segfaults in less than 24 hours. time to see if mandrake still has a broken gdb / gcc
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11:44bitbyte heh
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12:22rkulagow_ crap. they didn't fix it.
12:25rkulagow_ it's like they want me to start using debian just so that i get a compiler and debugger that actually work
12:25kvandivo it's all about you, man. :)
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17:36mikegrb Chutt: isaac is on the short list for son's name :)
17:36thor2 heh
17:36thor2 I suppose "Myth" is out of the question ?
17:36mikegrb thor2: I tried thor she said absolutely not
17:36thor2 heh
17:36mikegrb well if it was up to me it wouldn't be too faqr out of the question
17:37thor2 When's the due date?
17:37mikegrb october 22
17:38-!- Irssi: #mythtv: Total of 57 nicks 0 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 57 normal
17:38thor2 excellent
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18:15Chutt cool.
18:16kvandivo mikegrb: i still say you need to keep working on her for the ebay idea. he could have quite a college nestegg before he is even born
18:17mikegrb indeed
18:17mikegrb we would pay a few bills off but not buy anything
18:17mikegrb put the rest in an education ira
18:17mikegrb could even use some for car on 16th birthday
18:17kvandivo that would SO be on slashdot
18:17mikegrb exactly
18:18mikegrb which would increase the amount it went for
18:18mikegrb would be on the regsiter too
18:18thor2 sorry, what was the ebay idea?
18:18thor2 auction off right to name ?
18:18mikegrb and with a desclaimer "if you suggest a crap name we won't take your money and won't use the name" then we are golden
18:18mikegrb thor2: yes
18:18mikegrb heidi absolutely refuses
18:19mikegrb but I think with a little disclaimer no problem
18:19mikegrb heck some rich dude could bid $1000 to name the baby a name heidi wanted anyway
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18:21mikegrb see we won't have a reserve
18:22mikegrb none of that start bidding at 500,000 crap
18:22mikegrb if we got 500,000 shit
18:22mikegrb pay off everything and rest in educational ira
18:22mikegrb baby would still benifit from the money immidiatly as we would only be paying for food, gas, car insurance each month
18:23mikegrb so we could afford toys and stuff
18:25thor2 heh, buy some Babies 'R Us stock
18:25thor2 cause they're going to get a lot of your disposable income :-)
18:30mikegrb hahaha
18:30mikegrb yes
18:35Chutt yay
18:36* kvandivo faints.
18:36pigeon Chutt: that's good
18:36* mikegrb steals kvandivo's wallet
18:36pigeon (in a sense)
18:37mikegrb Chutt: awesome, no bugs
18:37bitbyte yeah, it's part of the "if you don't admit there's a problem you don't have to fix it" philosophy, hehe
18:38bitbyte "any code which is bug-free is obsolete"
18:38kvandivo it doesn't seem to get in a hurry about sending email..
18:38stoffel__ bug report #1: channel changing is too slow
18:38bitbyte hehe
18:39thor2 wow
18:39thor2 No bugs found!
18:39thor2 our work is done
18:39bitbyte everyone go home
18:40bitbyte i know i am, cya
18:40Chutt i've made large use of 'NOTABUG' 'WONTFIX', etc, in the past, so... =)
18:41mikegrb spiffy
18:44kvandivo doh... no components for myth to create a bug for
18:45Chutt yeah =)
18:45Chutt i haven't gone through and created components and stuff yet
18:46kvandivo i was getting ready to get busy with it
18:46mikegrb kvandivo: I smell a conspiracy
18:46Chutt too much time spent making it look decent
18:46kvandivo it looks very pastel
18:46Chutt i'll get stuff in tonight
18:46kvandivo reminds me of Easter
18:47Chutt kinda waiting until traffic drops off a bit
18:48Chutt ah well, goin to visit people
18:48kvandivo say hi for us!
18:49mikegrb yes
18:49mikegrb and tell then you will have a baby named after you
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19:28billytwowilly| thor2, thanks, your suggestion yesterday worked (mild PITA) but it still does what I want it to do, so it's all cool. Thanks.
19:29thor2 cool
19:29billytwowilly| heh. thor2 now. you needed a break from being three times as good as original thor, so you decided to only be twice as good today?;)
19:31--- User: *** thor2 is now known as thor___
19:31thor___ hah
19:32* billytwowill bows his head in shame
19:32billytwowilly| ;)
19:32billytwowilly| woot. I get a free magnatune album just for buying two albums last year!
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