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00:03Chutt heh
00:03Chutt kvandivo, there's modules and stuff now
00:03Chutt well, 'General' for each
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00:12o_cee i'll put in some stuff later when i get home :)
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03:49beastmaster hi all
03:50beastmaster does anybody know why I'm getting this error when I launch mythtv command
03:50beastmaster Unable to connect to database!
03:50beastmaster Driver error was [1/1044]:
03:50beastmaster QMYSQL3: Unable to connect
03:50beastmaster Database error was:
03:50beastmaster Access denied for user: 'mythtv@localhost' to database 'MYTHCONVERG'
03:50beastmaster couldn't open db
03:51beastmaster any guru knows why?
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04:30pmowry Hello, I'm running latest CVS on RH9 with a PVR-350. when I enter the watch recordings page and let the preview of any show play for a few seconds. mythfrontend crashes.
04:31pmowry I'm recompiling with debug right now. But has anyone else seen this while i wait?
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09:42Racer damn long time ago i was here
09:42Racer :)
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10:20kvandivo chutt, give a brief statement on how you want bugzilla used.. in particular, wrt adding in enhancement ideas
10:27mikegrb kvandivo: pointless
10:27mikegrb mythtv already has all possible features
10:27mikegrb and no bugs
10:27mikegrb bugzilla was a waste of time :p
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10:33o_cee there, two more ;)
10:42o_cee Captain_Murdoch?
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10:53bitbyte ahoy cap'n!
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10:59Chutt o_cee, the guy attached a backtrace, so why the hell did you reply with the how to debug url?
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11:09kvandivo o_cee likes to keep them guessing
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11:34Chutt apparently
11:35jstarken hello looking to install mythtv from .bz2 and I know how to tar but not the bz2 what is the command for that
11:35Chutt if you want to add enhancement ideas, just mark em low priority and 'enhancement'
11:35Chutt jstarken, read the topic, please
11:35jstarken sorry have a good day
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11:36kvandivo Chutt: thanks
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11:37kvandivo btw.. you've got your webserver set up awfully anal to not accept as a valid url. :)
11:37Chutt yup
11:38kvandivo i agree it is a 'best practice', though..
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11:40_gulliver_ hi all
11:40_gulliver_ dopester: are you there?
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12:02rkulagow_ chutt: still here?
12:03Chutt yup
12:03rkulagow_ "Documentation" category maybe?
12:03rkulagow_ you know, to show the love and all.
12:04Chutt sure
12:04Chutt you can add one under the mythtv product
12:04rkulagow_ ok, let me check it out.
12:07rkulagow_ golden. in there like swimwear.
12:07thor___ worn by a bear
12:10rkulagow_ thinking out loud, it'd be nice to be able to get a "record everything everywhere" recording setup, then have something automagically hit tvtome or some other site and get them sorted into season / episode order. you know, so that if you're catching up to syndication you can watch in order.
12:10rkulagow_ i talked to the zap2it guys and they don't always get that information.
12:11Chutt but, they do have it a lot of the time
12:11rkulagow_ yeah, i suppose that could just be something in the watch recordings screen. sort by original airdate or something.
12:12kvandivo that would rock
12:12Chutt their episode numbers are generally in a season/episode # format
12:12Chutt too
12:12Chutt i just don't want to add _too_ many features that are only useful with zap2it's data
12:12rkulagow_ i'm taking a look at the database now.
12:12rkulagow_ it's getting to the point that i can't even keep up with the features anymore.
12:13kvandivo i'm fighting that right now.. since the zap2it switch i've got new descriptions for shows that are already sitting in the directory waiting to be viewed, so myth is recording them again
12:13o_cee Chutt: hahah, he didn't write he attached a bt so i didn't look :) doh
12:13Chutt o_cee, err, he did write it
12:14Chutt read the fucking subject line.
12:14kvandivo that's pretty funny
12:14o_cee ah yeah in the subject but not in the email
12:14Chutt i _don't_ appreciate you doing that
12:14o_cee sorry.
12:15Chutt if you're not doing the debugging, it's not your place to ask for more information
12:15Chutt especially when the guy did _everything_ right.
12:15rkulagow_ whoops. shouldn't have done a select * from program where syndicatedepisodenumber is not null;
12:15Chutt heh
12:15Chutt rkulagow, few thousand? :p
12:16rkulagow_ 25176 rows in set (1.13 sec)
12:16* kvandivo goes off to do a very inscientific timing
12:16Chutt heh
12:17Chutt i've had to reinstall evc++ 3 times so far today
12:17rkulagow_ select count is much quicker.
12:17thor___ evc?
12:17kvandivo 21862 rows in set (7.96 sec)
12:17o_cee Chutt: again, sorry, i missed it. mailed him as well.
12:17Chutt ms's embedded vc++ compiler
12:17thor___ ah
12:17Chutt trying to get stlport installed on it
12:17Chutt and, well, they're not playing nicely
12:18thor___ do you feel the urge to take frequent showers when working with that stuff?
12:18Chutt naw
12:18Chutt it's pretty cool, actually
12:19thor___ bah, abandon all hope yee who enter
12:19kvandivo hmm.. the final entry returned from that select looks interesting: How to Boil Water - Barbecue 365 - barbecue; coleslaw; roasted corn.
12:19o_cee for bug reports, if it's with current cvs, couldn't we have 'Current CVS' and the date/time of the bugreport makes it clear?
12:20Chutt no
12:20Chutt there's really no need
12:20o_cee okay
12:21Chutt heh
12:23* stoffel__ starts the countdown
12:23thor___ randomized time
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12:23kvandivo i'm happy to say that i'm not in the clump
12:24kvandivo i wish they had units on the y axis..
12:24thor___ uhm, I'm not when I am ... is myth running mythfilldatabase on it's own, or do I still have cron jobs ?
12:24rkulagow_ too bad they took out the number of users
12:24Chutt We have 3907 registered users
12:24Chutt for the entire site, though
12:25rkulagow_ is that based on the mythtv certificate?
12:25Chutt no idea
12:36rkulagow_ ok, so my careful analysis (sample size = 2) shows that program ID may be the best sort field for watching shows in syndicated order.
12:36thor___ sounds like proof to me
12:39thor___ bugzilla/myth web server not happy about https
12:39thor___ (changing password)
12:43Chutt hrm
12:43Chutt i don't think it should be using https
12:43thor___ well, just plain text passing of new password
12:43thor___ not a biggy
12:44Chutt heh
12:44Chutt it's just for bugzilla :p
12:44thor___ yup
12:44kvandivo just use your standard password that everyone already knows: IAmKingOfTheWorld
12:44thor___ and if someone really wants to own my myth bugzilla account, well .... more power to them
12:45rkulagow_ holy crap. the nanny was on for 6 seasons? what were they thinking?
12:45* kvandivo just experienced an involuntary shudder thinking about the laugh.
12:46bitbyte haha
12:48rkulagow_ hrmm. program id and syndicated episode number don't necessarily correlate, at least in The Nanny case. episode 108 has a lower programid than episode 102.
12:49kvandivo that's what you get for increasing your sample size
12:50rkulagow_ yep. i'm now including buffy, where it might be more important.
12:50rkulagow_ i'll shoot zap2it an email after lunch?
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17:00getty39 d'
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17:23rkulagow_ got an answer from DD; programID is not guaranteed to correlate a higher programID for a higher syndicated episode. only guarantee is that it's unique.
17:23rkulagow_ chutt: here?
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20:12mikegrb Chutt: pingity
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20:46Chutt no!
20:46Chutt heh
20:47mikegrb Chutt: isaac hunter greb or hunter isaac greb
20:51thor___ I'm liking Hunter
20:51mikegrb :)
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21:13rkulagow_ that's pretty amusing. "is there a guide to installing mythtv on fedora?"
21:16mikegrb heh
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22:00pmowry Chutt: Just wanted to say thanks for the frontend fix. Everything is working great.
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22:44mikegrb pmowry: if you really want to thank him, give him your first born, or at least name them after him
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23:54Captain_Murdo| cool... just made a way to make dummy tuners for testing that can even be played and recorded from.
23:54thor2 heh
23:54thor2 MythTV test patterm mpeg ?
23:54thor2 err, pattern
23:55Captain_Murdo| nah, I modified mpegrecorder.cpp to detect if the videodevice has "file:" at the beginning and if so it just treats it as a regular file and doesn't try to send the v4l2 commands. :)
23:55Captain_Murdo| so you can pause, and it stores the GOPs in recordedmarkup, etc.. just like reading mpeg from the x250 card.
23:55thor2 cool
23:55thor2 (although you've already lost me)
23:56thor2 :-)
23:56Captain_Murdo| I've been thinking of it and was thinking of trying to use NuppelvideoRecorder.cpp to make my own YUV frames and encode them, but then it hit me last night to just have mpegrecorder.cpp read from a file instead of a hardware mpeg-2 card.
23:57Captain_Murdo| just had to modify tv_rec.cpp to handle the case where the channel class instance is null so wrapped the channel changing stuff in "if (channel)" statements.
23:58Captain_Murdo| been wanting to make development on my laptop easier. and a couple days ago gigem mentioned he was wanting the same thing.
23:58thor2 yup, saw that
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