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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-06-12

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01:02mdz mdz: back now
01:02mdz er, Chutt
01:03mikegrb gees
01:03mikegrb talking to yourself now
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01:06mikegrb hah
01:06mikegrb encore true stories channel
01:06mikegrb movie about jeffry dahlmer
01:07mikegrb "have you worked these hours before" "I've worked nights before" "this is worse then nights, will really fuck you up n the head if you aren't the right kind of person"
01:07mikegrb dohlmer being the one saying you would go crazy
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01:23mchou hey anyone here know why is it that when I use mplayer or xine to watch a video or DVD, I subsequently get a "black screen" in mythfrontend (say for livetv or recordings)? Sound is OK....
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01:26Chutt mdz, don't bother with that guy whose email you forwarded :p
01:29Chutt mdz, also, it'd be cool if you could take a look at those media monitor patches and get that all fixed up =)
01:29mdz just had my backend crash for no apparent reason, dammit
01:29mdz it'd been quite stable since I replaced the power supply
01:29mdz Chutt: I just got back from london and am way behind on email
01:30Chutt heh
01:30Chutt have fun catching up :p
01:31Chutt is the guy you forwarded, anyway
01:31mchou who is that dork?? :)
01:34Captain_Murdo| so if he's been programming since 1984 why didn't he find the memory leak? :)
01:34mchou heh....
01:34mikegrb what is really funny...
01:35mikegrb he writes like he thinks he is a phd, yes there are tons of spelling and especially gramatical errors
01:35Chutt eh, that was all back in january
01:35mchou a white gay guy with a chip on his shoulder.....
01:35Chutt far as i'm concerned, no support for him
01:35mikegrb heh
01:36mikegrb I think I remember it
01:36mikegrb that was after I quit reading -users
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03:41xinit hi
03:41xinit what exactly is in a .nuv?
03:42xinit I'm trying to play the files that myth makes with an other videoplayer, but nothing seems to work..
03:42Rince .nuv is just the export-format, it is mpeg-2
03:43xinit mplayer and such can't seem to deal with it
03:43Rince my mplayer can...
03:43Rince and it is a standard-mplayer afaik
03:43xinit mhh.. weid
03:43xinit weird
03:43Rince you just need the right codescs
03:43Rince codecs
03:44xinit which ones?
03:44Rince don't ask me, I just downloaded it from the codecs-page
03:44xinit k :)
03:45pigeon Rince: what version of myth and mplayer you got there?
03:45Rince myth 0.15
03:45Rince 1.0pre4-3.3.3
03:46Rince (mplayer that is=
03:47pigeon hmm, you have a pvr tv card?
03:47Rince yes
03:47Rince pvr350
03:47pigeon right...
03:47pigeon that might explain that.
03:48pigeon cos afaik, mplayer wouldn't play those new myth's nuv anymore.
03:49pigeon mplayer cvs might, though.
03:49pigeon hmm, hang on, no, i was wrong.
03:50pigeon neither cvs.
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03:59anduin try to rename the file and talk about it in -users
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04:15pigeon interesting, avidemux2 can play myth's nuv
04:16pigeon a/v out of sync though
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04:26xinit let's see here
04:27pigeon avidemux2's nuv code for myth support, looks like a good place to look to do the mplayer patch.
04:28xinit avidemux 2 plays pretty well here
04:28xinit might be a few ms off
04:28pigeon yeah, i got two files playing properly, but one av out of sync, so far.
04:35xinit would be nice to have a native xbox port
04:36xinit at least the frontend
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08:36gfiend FINALLY I think I've got these stupid settings items licked.
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10:31rkulagow chutt: docs sync please?
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10:48Chutt rkulagow, done
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11:04rkulagow thanks.
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12:56Filch I understand this isn't a support channel, but mythtv-users told me to come here.
12:56Filch I'm trying to get gdb to give me the line right before where my machine locks up.
12:56thor2 bt
12:56thor2 ?
12:57Filch I've gotten it as far as qApp->enter_loop(); and can't get it to "step" through further
12:57Filch PVR250
12:57stoffel ahem, i did
12:57Filch (Sorry)
12:57cmorgan the whole machine locks up?
12:58Filch Yep. Hardware locks
12:58thor2 ah, you're trying to set breakpoints ?
12:58cmorgan if so, thats an ivtv/kernel issue
12:58cmorgan there is really no way that myth should be able to lock your machine
12:58Filch cmorgan: Yeah, but I can't figure out exactly where the problem lies and was hoping gdb would help me figure it out
12:58Filch I know, but myth is the only thing where it IS locking, so if I can figure out where in myth it's locking I can go from there.
12:58cmorgan Filch: nahh. its not a userspace(mythtv) issue
12:59thor2 what locks it?
12:59cmorgan Filch: can you switch to a virtual terminal via alt-ctrl-f1 or whatever?
12:59Filch I can record from mythbackend while playing the .nuv in mplayer in the frontend without problems
12:59Filch cmorgan: Nope
12:59cmorgan Filch: then its NOT myth dude. its ivtv or the linux kernel
12:59Filch cmorgan: Can't ping, can't switch console, can't caps lock or num lock, etc
12:59Filch I KNOW it's not myth, but I'm only seeing the problem in myth.
13:00cmorgan because myth is the only app talking to your pvr250? ;-)
13:00Filch If I can see the line where myth calls whatever is dying I can decide whether I need to fiddle with the kernel more or fiddle with ivtv more.
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13:00Filch Well, I can also mplayer /dev/video3 and all is well.
13:00cmorgan Filch: can you cat /dev/video0 > test.mpg?
13:00Filch Yes
13:00cmorgan and that works fine?
13:00Filch Yep
13:00cmorgan maybe an osd issue??
13:00Filch How can I test?
13:01thor2 <thor2> what locks it?
13:01anduin it is a 250, shouldn't be a problem
13:01* cmorgan is retarded today
13:01cmorgan ioctl then? ;-)
13:01Filch thor2: Once I tell it to watch live tv
13:02Filch (I'm using Via hardware stuff, but also tried it without , and even compiling without the support even there... just a vanilla mythtv .15.1 but to no avail)
13:02Filch And Hardware acceleration works with opengl stuff, so I don't think it's getting too hot.
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13:03Filch I tried the cputest.c fix from the mailing list, but that didn't fix it
13:03Filch That sounded most like the problem I'm experiencing, but I don't have that stepping revision of the cpu
13:03thor2 turned off all filters?
13:03thor2 jitter reduction, etc?
13:03Filch Yep
13:03Filch Lemme try it again though, just to double check.
13:05Filch Anything else quick I can try before I do this
13:05Filch (It stinks to fsck)
13:05thor2 heh
13:05Filch Ok, taking that as a no.
13:05thor2 not off top of my head
13:06anduin does it only happen when watching live tv?
13:09Filch Ok strange... Thank you, it was Experimental AV sync
13:09thor2 cool
13:10Filch (It may have been a combination of that and the CPU stepping change I did earlier b/c I swear I tried it)
13:10Filch Is there any feedback or anything you guys need from me for experimental AV sync to work better?
13:11thor2 I think it's an MMX/assembly thing ... way beyond my understanding
13:11Filch Hehe, okay.
13:12Filch Thanks again to everyone! Myth rules, and I'm finally going to have it with hw acceleration on debian! YAY!
13:12thor2 send money to the EFF
13:12thor2 :-)
13:12Filch I do!
13:12thor2 k
13:13Filch I also throw some money at various other OS projects, but you guys deserve it!
13:13Filch Bye now!
13:14thor2 yup
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13:14thor2 another happy customer
13:14cmorgan well i was completely wrong
13:14thor2 heh, for once I was right
13:14cmorgan how the hell does mmx lock your machine up?
13:15cmorgan cpu bug?
13:15cmorgan otherwise you could just throw that code into an app and lock machines at will
13:15thor2 no idea, really, I'm just parroting something I read on -dev a long time ago
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13:16* stoffel feeds thor2 a piece of an apple
13:16thor2 cracker?
13:16stoffel not today
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13:28stoffel Chutt: is bugzilla ready to get mentioned on the wiki?
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14:27Chutt no.
14:27thor2 well, there's no need to go on and on about it
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14:28stoffel ok. i wasn't the first to ask?
14:28thor2 I was referring to Chutt's flowery language and needless verbiage
14:31stoffel :) didn't notice thor2 replied as well. i read them as one sentence ;)
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14:39rkulagow chutt: here?
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18:58geckofiend Did I miss a new video gallery?
19:00geckofiend nm I see it now.
19:02thor2 new commit ?
19:02thor2 yes
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19:50jdd Hi, does anyone here use MythWeb?
19:51mikegrb nobody
19:51jdd 'k thanks.
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20:06tedsmountaind| i noticed mythtv acts alittle weird sometimes, like if you are watching livetv, and you happen to pause it and its like 5 min behind and I have a show that is going to be recorded comes up, it doesnt record the showing I previously set to record
20:06tedsmountaind| oh well
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20:19tedsmountaind| also if it has been paused for a long time it acts weird when I try to fast forward for the first time, it freezes for about 10 seconds
20:19tedsmountaind| im not looking for support, i am just letting you know of my issues
20:20tedsmountaind| also I wish the program guide showed what day of the week it is, like Monday, instead of 6/14
20:20tedsmountaind| it would be nice if it said, Monday 6/14
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20:26tedsmountaind| but overall mythtv is perfect
20:26tedsmountaind| lol
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20:46Ashlar ted: read the topic..
20:47Ashlar ted: re the dates.. you can set that in mythweb settings
20:56geckofiend o_cee you around?
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