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02:53thor2 major fucking bah
02:54* bah cowers
02:55thor2 deadlines and bad code suck, that's all
02:55Ashlar deadlines should die
02:55bah You've just described my living. :(
02:56thor2 heh
03:00thor2 well, I'll up you, need to be in the middle east on wednesday to deliver a talk, speach, and publish-able editorial that will explain the lack of uptake in UN rights declarations in the Middle East
03:00bah You win.
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03:00Ashlar summary: "people suck!"
03:01thor2 and every Google reference I search is coming back with, "Ronald Reagan"
03:01mikegrb thor2: yeah well I have to go to iraq next week and not die
03:01Ashlar night all.. lighting
03:01Ashlar err lightning
03:01thor2 mikegrb, you actually shipping out ?
03:01mikegrb not really but it is possible
03:01mikegrb :p
03:02mikegrb guy that works for me left friday
03:02mikegrb though he is going to cuba
03:02mikegrb going to go check on the detainees
03:02mikegrb he is a medic
03:02thor2 crap
03:02mikegrb so he will be giving them bandaids and such
03:02mikegrb what sucks more is he was a great worker :<
03:03thor2 double crap
03:03thor2 ....
03:03mikegrb I ordered a speed pass
03:03mikegrb little rfid thingie for paying for gas
03:03mikegrb gas station across from the hospital I work at takes them
03:04mikegrb it's free, might as well try it out
03:04thor2 you get any slack for the fact that you have a child on the way?
03:04mikegrb not in that regard
03:04thor2 married?
03:04mikegrb not likely to get orders over there
03:04mikegrb but if I did married or kid wouldn't help
03:04mikegrb I am waiting for orders though
03:05mikegrb and they do take it into account to a degree
03:05mikegrb they will ship me somewhere with housing available vice sending me somewhere where my family would have to stay here if they have the choice
03:05thor2 well, you just sucked the venom out of my editorial
03:05mikegrb gets more expensive for them otherwise
03:06mikegrb heh
03:06thor2 shit
03:06thor2 ok
03:06mikegrb well if they need someone to go over there they will pick a person and send them
03:06thor2 heh
03:06thor2 yeah
03:06mikegrb if two people are equally qualified they do have info like family and stuff to look at in making a selection
03:07thor2 but ask anyone _there_
03:07mikegrb heh
03:07mikegrb right
03:07mikegrb well they do full units and such
03:07thor2 and they would all be like, ??wtf???
03:07mikegrb and if they pull your unit they aren't looking at you individually
03:08thor2 sorry, I know I've asked you this before, where are you stationed?
03:08mikegrb charleston, sc
03:08thor2 right
03:08thor2 sc
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03:09thor2 this is pretty harsh
03:09thor2 I don't know what to tell you
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03:10mikegrb heh
03:11thor2 but I'm still in the middle of a well-thought-out editorial that argues thta the US has no business in Iraq
03:11thor2 still .... I'm total armchair
03:11mikegrb well the only reason I think we should be there now is it would be mean to just leave at the drop off the hat
03:11mikegrb though I think we should get out as quickly as possible
03:12thor2 yup
03:12mikegrb as for if we should have gone in the first place I never decided how I felt about that
03:12thor2 decide
03:12mikegrb heh
03:12thor2 that;s what November hinges on
03:12thor2 seriously
03:12mikegrb oh I've decided against bush already
03:13mikegrb but I just don't know if there is a clear choice
03:13bah My candidates always lose. Maybe I should vote for a major party.
03:13mikegrb well clearly it is other then bush
03:13mikegrb thing is my vote doesn't even get counted
03:13mikegrb so I probably won't bother this year
03:13thor2 heh, me neither
03:13mikegrb (absentee voting sucks)
03:13thor2 non-american
03:13thor2 but in the US
03:14thor2 loook
03:14thor2 heh, I don't want to make this a political issue
03:15thor2 especially in a #mythtv forum
03:15thor2 I can't vote
03:15thor2 you can
03:15mikegrb your talk is about un right to be in the middle east?
03:15mikegrb (or lack thereof)
03:16thor2 speach to Lebanese women
03:16mikegrb my vote is locked in a room and not counted unless the count is close enough for absentee votes to make a difference, something that isn't likely to happen based on past results
03:16thor2 heh
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03:17thor2 how much faith do you guys have in Rummy?
03:18thor2 seriously?
03:18mikegrb not much really
03:18mikegrb he is my boss and I will do my job
03:18Ashlar pffft.. he's one of Reagan's ultra-boys
03:18thor2 but his basic idea?
03:18thor2 that the military could be much more efficient?
03:19mikegrb I think it could be
03:19Ashlar he was one of the 'nuclear overpowerment' guys under Reagan.. Reagan basically ignored them and the other neocons
03:19mikegrb I likely won't stay in when three years comes
03:19mikegrb though we want at least another kid
03:19mikegrb hopefully pop that one out within that time
03:19thor2 heh
03:20thor2 just as aside ...
03:20mikegrb I may stick around an extra year, two tops for free children
03:20thor2 I live about 1 block from Rumsfield's house
03:20mikegrb interesting
03:20mikegrb egg it often?
03:20thor2 heh
03:20thor2 no
03:21mikegrb wouldn't recommend it
03:21thor2 but his house is "literally" across the street from the french ambasador's residence
03:22Ashlar lol, the irony
03:22thor2 these guys see each other over their cornflakes
03:22mikegrb interesting
03:22mikegrb thor what do you do?
03:22thor2 heh
03:22thor2 not very much
03:22mikegrb (other then work on mfd mfe)
03:23thor2 I'm a World Bank spouse
03:23mikegrb oh sweet
03:23mikegrb so you really don't do much
03:24mikegrb I'd love to have a wife that worked and I could stay at home and do what I please
03:24mikegrb I envy your position
03:24thor2 heh
03:24thor2 just wait till you son arrives
03:24thor2 your
03:25mikegrb indeed
03:26thor2 in the interest of accuracy, I am, and have been part of, a few technology startups
03:26thor2 nothing fancy shmancy
03:26thor2 no Gulf V's
03:27mikegrb I'll be sure to to hire you when I buy my first gulf
03:27thor2 finishing a Doctorate, working on a few new startups, and writing (largely crappy) code for Myth
03:28mikegrb it might piss the others off though, bringing you in as head developer
03:28thor2 heh
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03:28thor2 how's heidi doing on the whole "getting fat thing"?
03:29mikegrb not bad
03:29mikegrb she is really starting to show now
03:29mikegrb before a baggy shirt hid it
03:29mikegrb it is all in the front so it doesn't look bad
03:29thor2 heh
03:29mikegrb time to take the cats for a walk and head to bed
03:30thor2 k
03:30thor2 night
03:30mikegrb good look with your speach
03:30thor2 err
03:30thor2 crap
03:30mikegrb er luck
03:30thor2 back to that
03:30mikegrb heh
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03:38Mrgoose i have digital cable box with timewarner digital cable. ANyway i can record digital cable channels?
03:41thor2 no, and if you try to do so, Turner will hunt you down and carve you up with a large steak knife
03:41Mrgoose heh
03:43thor2 you think that's funny?, give me a novel mid-east anecdote or your ass is mincemeat ...
03:58thor2 "`We must all work to stamp out the scourge of terrorism ... that ... makes war an ever-present threat."
03:58thor2 --name the president
04:06Mrgoose hrmm
04:06Mrgoose you there thor2
04:06thor2 yup
04:06thor2 need to be on an airplane on tuesday, and the talk has to be done
04:07Mrgoose heh
04:07Mrgoose when i go coax out from my digital cable box to my television it works. But when i go caox out from my digital cable box to my pvr-250 i get static
04:07Mrgoose any ideas?
04:07Mrgoose do i have to change mythtv to digital cable or somethi
04:07thor2 don't do COAX
04:08Mrgoose why not
04:08thor2 you have comp-out from the cable box?
04:08thor2 composite
04:08thor2 or SVGA for that matter?
04:09Mrgoose yes
04:09thor2 plug that into the 250
04:09thor2 and define inputs
04:10thor2 (you need a working serial interface or an IR blaster)
04:10Mrgoose i dont use it to watch tv
04:10Mrgoose just record
04:10Mrgoose why would coax not work and composite work?
04:10thor2 fine, it still needs to tune
04:11thor2 coax is mutli-channel (non-digital)
04:11thor2 err. multi-channel
04:11Mrgoose so with compmosite hook up. i'd have to have the box on that channel in order to record a show ?
04:12bah oh, yes
04:12Mrgoose heh
04:12Mrgoose that sucks
04:12thor2 right, or configure Myth to change channels (serial cable, IR blaster, etc.)
04:12bah yeah, but no watching another channel while one records
04:12Mrgoose ah
04:12Mrgoose heh i wish ir on pvr-250 would work
04:12Mrgoose heh
04:13Mrgoose how od you configure mythtv with irblaster?
04:14thor2 lots re: irblaster on mythtv-user mailing list
04:14Mrgoose how come my digital channels dont show up in the mythtv program guide
04:16thor2 cause you haven't read any of the documentation?
04:16Mrgoose sure i ahve
04:16Mrgoose i did a mythfilldatabase
04:17thor2 you in NA>
04:17thor2 ?
04:18Mrgoose yea north america
04:18Mrgoose i have set to digital cable
04:18Mrgoose i originally had it as cable, i just changed to digital cable listings
04:18Mrgoose and did a mythfilldatabase, and its saying that the data is already up to date
04:18thor2 heh
04:18Mrgoose but it doesnt' show the added lineup of digital cable
04:19thor2 so within less than 24 hours you changed your channel lineup?
04:20Mrgoose yea i changed the channel line up on labs.zap2it a few minutes ago
04:20Mrgoose to digital cable
04:20thor2 and you're complaining that Myth did not instaneously recognize your schizophrenia ?
04:21Mrgoose well how do i get it to
04:21Mrgoose i figure mythfilldatabase would update it since it connects to servers
04:21bah empty the database out, and refill it?
04:22Mrgoose how do you empty it
04:22thor2 Mrgoose, new lineup or change to existing lineup?
04:23Mrgoose i removed the cable lineup, and then added the digital cable lineup
04:23thor2 and re-ran setup?
04:23Mrgoose ahh yea i just thought about that
04:23Mrgoose re running setup now, and retrieved the listings again
04:24Mrgoose now to find irblaster info
04:25thor2 yeah, you're welcome
04:25Mrgoose i said thanks
04:25Mrgoose ahh
04:25Mrgoose i didn't
04:25Mrgoose sorry
04:25thor2 k
04:25Mrgoose thanks for your help thor2
04:25thor2 yup
04:26thor2 now go give $ to EFF
04:26Mrgoose any idea why for all the digital channels on the program guide it says No Data
04:30Mrgoose heh
04:30Mrgoose now im about to try composite out cable box to composite in pvr-250
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04:37Mrgoose anyone around
04:37thor2 not unless you're planning on proofing my speach for errors
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04:38Netslayer has the protocol version been upped since say June 1st? ~ 15.1 release?
04:39Mrgoose I have composite out from digital cable box hooked to composite in on pvr-250 and when i click on watch tv in mythtv i just get a blackscreen for every channel
04:39thor2 setup, sources
04:40Mrgoose yea i did i set it to composite 0
04:41Mrgoose is it supposed to bet to a different one/
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07:06oc gfiend: yeah, i'm here now..
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08:03gfiend o_cee: never mind I thought this new video thing might break GANT but I don't think you use your one video-ui.xml
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11:11redz hello guys
11:12* redz has some trouble here
11:12o_cee read the topic
11:13o_cee geckofiend: i'll update mythvideo and check it anyway
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13:18Mrgoose anyoen using a digital cable box with their capture card and mythtv?
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14:10Mrgoose anyone around
14:20o_cee Mrgoose: you're in the wrong channel asking questions
14:20Mrgoose i see
14:21Mrgoose no one in the other channel knows. Im just tryin to find somehwere to get a serial ir transmitter
14:22cmorgan_away | they are pretty easy to build
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14:22Mrgoose i was looking at
14:22Mrgoose but that isnt' much explanation
14:22o_cee wrong channel!
14:22Mrgoose heh
14:23Mrgoose cmorgan: would you mind joining mythtv_users
14:23cmorgan o_cee: its not like there is much other conversation going on
14:23cmorgan Mrgoose: i built that one, works quite well
14:23Mrgoose yea i saw that too, but i dont know how to build that stuf
14:23Mrgoose any premade one's anywhere?
14:24cmorgan there are some, actsys i think makes them
14:24Mrgoose how do you wire that to the serial port/
14:25Mrgoose how much would you charge for construction heh
14:25cmorgan i'd recommend just buying one ;-)
14:26cmorgan i wasn't confident that i could locate one that worked, it seemed like a pain to find particular models and be sure they weren't a sub-model that didn't work
14:26Mrgoose cmorgan:
14:26Mrgoose would that work?
14:27cmorgan i've no idea man. you'll have to look on
14:30Mrgoose cmorgan: you say the Actisys IR-200L works?
14:31cmorgan Mrgoose: i make no such claims. ;-) you'll have to look on for the model. just be absolutely sure which one you get ;-)
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15:24Netslayer I have all this stuff "# Default Xv support" uncommented in the like usual, but on playback of any video, X uses 30% of my CPU, and I'm running fluxbox. I've tried NV4363 and 5336 drivers on a 2.6.7 kernel geforce4mx440 pci
15:25Netslayer any ideas? the user channel is lost
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18:03robbie hi everybody, im making a patch for mythmusic to burn audio cd's , however i have a single question about qt
18:03robbie being ive never done much with it, however what im doing oughta work by doing a little hack on the mp3 murning routine
18:04robbie err, burning
18:04robbie i need to add a " to an arg
18:04robbie do i just go
18:04robbie args += "\";
18:04robbie oops
18:04robbie args += "\"";
18:06bah what variable type is args?
18:07bah string?
18:07robbie QStringList args;
18:09anduin yes
18:09bah Probably will work. QValueList has a += operator defined and QStringList is derived from that
18:09robbie ok
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18:16robbie nother q'
18:16robbie do i have to make clean before each rebuild of mythmusic ?
18:17bah If the only changes you make are to mythmusic files, no.
18:17robbie k
18:17stoffel only if the libmyth/libmythtv library version has changed afaik. but i'm not sure about the exact details.
18:18bah I haven't examined the makefiles to find out if all the dependency stuff is setup
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18:27linux_learner| here is perhaps a stupid question
18:27linux_learner| which is better mythtv or freevo
18:28stoffel linux_learner: what answer do you except in #mythtv? besides, i never used freevo
18:30Ashlar is it time for Shrek 2 already? Oh wait, that's an ogre, not a troll
18:30stoffel *g*
18:30linux_learner| lol
18:31linux_learner| i just tried to get freevo workin
18:31linux_learner| a hell of a lot of deps
18:31linux_learner| even with apt-get
18:32linux_learner| freevo has not impressed me yet
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18:42salimfadhley | Thinking of building a gentoo/mythtv box for UK use - does anybody know if TV guides can even be obtained in the UK?
18:43salimfadhley | I am worried that I might make it only to discover that TV guides are strictly us!
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18:44stoffel salimfadhley: there are tv guides for the uk, but read the topic please.
18:44salimfadhley | oh... point taken
18:44salimfadhley | :-)
18:44salimfadhley | bye
18:44salimfadhley | thanks for answering anyway
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18:55robbie umm
18:56robbie i need to either add a new variable and hence generate a fresh playlist with full paths, or prepend a path to the beginning of the playlist
18:56robbie which would be preferabel
18:57linux_learner| i've downloaded and extracted mythtv
18:57linux_learner| but i dont know what to do from there
18:57stoffel linux_learner: read the topic please
18:57linux_learner| thanx
19:00stoffel robbie: i'm not that familiar with the code anymore, but there's a musicdir setting in the db specifying the basic path to the mp3's.
19:00robbie ta
19:01robbie k
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19:28robbie hehe
19:28robbie / f'ing CD tracks to keep Isaac happy
19:38robbie hey one more question if you dont mind, then i think i should have this thing working
19:38robbie i need to prepend MusicLocation to reclist
19:38robbie seems to be done like this
19:39robbie for (iter = reclist.begin(); iter != reclist.end(); ++iter)
19:39robbie {
19:39robbie recstream << *iter << "\n";
19:39robbie }
19:39robbie that look like the right place ?
19:41stoffel what? ;) better wait for thor to jump in.
19:41robbie hehe
19:42robbie he around? or should i go mow the lawn?
19:42stoffel hey thor2, wake up!
19:43stoffel haven't seem him today, but for me today is already tomorrow ;) good night.
19:43robbie night
20:04Mrgoose Ashlar: you there?
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20:17* robbie pokes thor2
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20:44bbeattie anyone reported that building mythepg is broken on cvs? Several undfined refernces to lame
20:47bah And you have lame installed?
20:49bbeattie yes, worked fine just before the last cvs update -d
20:49bbeattie which was friday
20:49bah ah
20:51bbeattie let me try a fresh cvs tree, I have some modified and
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22:10wegmans gosh I am trying to figure out an easy way to take all the tv shows I have recorded and bring them to my moms house for her to watch, and I dont have a dvd burner, or laptop, and she doesnt have a computer
22:10wegmans hmm
22:11Mrgoose anyoen know how to install ircblaster?
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22:22wegmans i was wondering what the fastest channel change is possible with mythtv and a 250 card, anyone want to post how long it takes for you? I takes me about 3-6 seconds
22:23wegmans it
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23:00EruditeHermit| i know this is a developer channel, but could anyone tell me if cx88 chipset cards are supported in myth?
23:00EruditeHermit| and if there are any plans to support them in the future?
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23:18wegmans no plans
23:18EruditeHermit| wegmans: so it isn't supported right now?
23:18wegmans unless there is some type of driver for it
23:19wegmans i dont think so
23:19EruditeHermit| there is a driver
23:19EruditeHermit| i have my card working with the cx88 driver
23:19EruditeHermit| but I can't get it to work with myth
23:19EruditeHermit| i've spent 3weeks on it
23:19EruditeHermit| ok i'll stop ranting
23:24wegmans only real men rant
23:25EruditeHermit| wegmans: should it work if it works with tvtime
23:27EruditeHermit| wegmans: i get VIDIOCMCAPTURE0: Invalid argument
23:27EruditeHermit| VIDIOCMCAPTURE1: Invalid argument
23:27EruditeHermit| repeating in an infinite loop
23:53wegmans sounds like the mythsetup is setup wrong for the wrong card
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23:54Mrgoose hello
23:59EruditeHermit| wegmans: it is setup for /dev/video0 which tvtime uses fine
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