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---Logopened Mon Jun 14 00:00:31 2004
00:11wegmans is that a hardware based mpeg card?
00:11Mrgoose anyoen know how to install ircblaster?
00:11Mrgoose well build one?
00:11EruditeHermit| wegmans: its software
00:12EruditeHermit| wegmans: Leadtek Winfast 2000 XP Expert
00:12wegmans EruditeHermit, no offence, but you can get a bt878 chipset card for like $15
00:12EruditeHermit| wegmans: which one and where?
00:12wegmans let me find you a link
00:12EruditeHermit| wegmans: i just bought this card
00:13EruditeHermit| wegmans: if you say that it isn't going to ever work with myth, I will just return it
00:13wegmans well i feel bad
00:13EruditeHermit| wegmans: it works with tvtime however
00:13wegmans do you buy your hardware not knowing it will work with linux?
00:13EruditeHermit| so I don't know why myth has issues
00:13EruditeHermit| wegmans: no I try to see if there is a driver
00:14EruditeHermit| wegmans: there is a driver and it works with tvtime
00:14EruditeHermit| just that myth has issues with it
00:14wegmans i know
00:14wegmans how much was the card?
00:14EruditeHermit| cx2388x is supposed to be the new chipset that replaces bt878/9
00:14EruditeHermit| $59
00:15EruditeHermit| the reason i got it is that a friend said he got it to work
00:16EruditeHermit| it turns out that he had a different edition
00:16wegmans hmmm
00:16EruditeHermit| that uses bt878
00:16wegmans i had a pvr250 card that was the wrong reversion too
00:16wegmans i had an 878 card, it was not good enough for what I wanted, so I went to the 250
00:17wegmans that card was to new so the firmware didnt work
00:17wegmans so I had to return it and get another one
00:17wegmans so dont feel to bad
00:17EruditeHermit| lol
00:17wegmans we all have had issues like you have
00:17EruditeHermit| this will be the 2nd i've returned
00:17EruditeHermit| =(
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00:18EruditeHermit| wegmans: any recommendations for cards?
00:18wegmans EruditeHermit, 250 card all the way
00:18wegmans EruditeHermit, amazing card
00:18EruditeHermit| how much?
00:19EruditeHermit| i don't have more than $100 to spend
00:19wegmans $129.00
00:19wegmans thats on newegg for a retail
00:20EruditeHermit| =(
00:20wegmans checking if I can find it cheaper
00:20EruditeHermit| what is so good about hardware encoders?
00:21wegmans great quality
00:21EruditeHermit| quality recording?
00:21wegmans i can do cat /dev/video0 > show.mpg
00:21wegmans they take sound in with the cable line
00:21wegmans not a line out on the sound card
00:21wegmans this ended for $79
00:22wegmans so I am sure you can find one on ebay for cheap
00:22Mrgoose anyone here using an irblaster to control their cable box?
00:22wegmans wait that isnt a 250
00:22EruditeHermit| wegmans: is the recording quality noticeable?
00:22wegmans EruditeHermit, yeah it is, plus its no jerky or crap like with a bt878 card
00:23wegmans EruditeHermit, when you record with a software recorder it looks like it has been recorded
00:23Chutt quality's identical to a software encoder.
00:23wegmans EruditeHermit, with the 250 card it is playing back exactly what it saw the first time
00:23Chutt and less than a cx88-based card.
00:24EruditeHermit| Chutt: do you have a cx88 card?
00:24Chutt yes, but i don't use it with myth.
00:24EruditeHermit| Chutt: do you know if it works with myth>
00:24Chutt no, they don't.
00:24EruditeHermit| ah
00:24Chutt the driver isn't quite ready for primetime yet.
00:25EruditeHermit| will it be though?
00:25Chutt i imagine
00:25EruditeHermit| so in your mind the pvr250 has same quality as software encoders?
00:25EruditeHermit| wegmans: if you have a fast enough comp, shouldn't it record the same thing?
00:26Chutt the pvr250 uses a bt878 to capture with
00:26Chutt it really can't be any better quality than a software card.
00:26wegmans EruditeHermit, i had a fast machine, and I didnt like what I was getting with my bt878 but thats back when it was mythtv 0.10
00:27mikegrb my machine wasn't fast enough so I just got a 250
00:27wegmans Chutt, what makes it work so well then?
00:27mikegrb much cheaper
00:27Chutt don't blame myth for your ignorance on how to set things up
00:27mikegrb heh
00:27mikegrb Chutt++
00:27Chutt wegmans, the fact that the default bitrates are so much higher with the pvr250?
00:27EruditeHermit| mikegrb: cheaper?
00:28wegmans Chutt, ic
00:28mikegrb EruditeHermit: cheaper then new motherboard, cpu, and memory
00:28EruditeHermit| oh
00:28Chutt only thing the pvr-250 gets you is lower cpu usage during capture
00:28Chutt that's worth it for most people
00:28mikegrb yes
00:29mikegrb now my wife uses the myth backend as a server for a remote x session on her old slow laptop
00:29EruditeHermit| how low?
00:29mikegrb I went from 80 ish % down to around 1% cpu usage
00:30wegmans yeah me too
00:30EruditeHermit| supposing I get a pvr250, what revision should I look for
00:30wegmans the one with a heatsink on it:)
00:30EruditeHermit| wegmans: you said that you got one which was too new?
00:30wegmans the third reversion has no heatsink and ivtv doesnt support it yet
00:31rootrider eh.. the pvr* cards also get you the ability to record directly to mpeg2
00:31Chutt rootrider, which most people couldn't care less about
00:31wegmans rootrider, thats why it uses so little cpu
00:31rootrider of course
00:31EruditeHermit| also the quality with my cx88 isn't the best when watching sports
00:31Chutt wegmans, err, no, that's not why it uses so little cpu
00:31rootrider but it *is* an advantage to many people
00:31wegmans Chutt, ?
00:32Chutt wegmans, it uses so little cpu because there's a chip doing the encoding.
00:32wegmans Chutt, i know
00:32Chutt it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it's going into mpeg2
00:32rootrider which mpeg2 files are the result of
00:32wegmans Chutt, and having that chip outputs mpeg2, so the computer doesnt have to
00:33Chutt um
00:33Chutt but that has nothing to do with the format of the video
00:33wegmans well if it has to reencode the video into mpeg, isnt that what makes it use so much cpu?
00:34Chutt no
00:34EruditeHermit| also are there any plans for any HDTV cards with Linux?
00:34Chutt the pchdtv
00:35EruditeHermit| not that one
00:35EruditeHermit| its $200
00:35EruditeHermit| =)
00:35wegmans it only supports broadcast hd
00:35Chutt it's the cheapest hd card available.
00:35rootrider okay.. so maybe someone in here can tell me... where does mythv look to find out which mysql account to connect to the db with?
00:35Chutt you all need to read the topic, too.
00:35Mrgoose anyone control their cable box with mythtv?
00:35rootrider no one in -users has a clue :(
00:36EruditeHermit| Chutt: sorry, but no one in users or the mailing list was any help =)
00:36Chutt great
00:36Chutt that doesn't mean you can break the rules of this channel.
00:36EruditeHermit| thanks anyway for taking time to answer my questions
00:36EruditeHermit| sorry Chutt =(
00:37EruditeHermit| room was dead anyway, so I don't think it hurt too much =)
00:37wegmans EruditeHermit, lol
00:37EruditeHermit| ok I will let you get back to coding
00:38wegmans EruditeHermit, rules are made to be broken
00:38wegmans EruditeHermit, except in irc land
00:38EruditeHermit| hey, it was worth my time
00:38EruditeHermit| i got some answers
00:38Chutt heh
00:38wegmans Chutt is the man
00:39Chutt some fairly crappy answers, which is why i bothered chiming in :p
00:39EruditeHermit| its not like you had anything better to do =)
00:39Chutt actually, i do.
00:39EruditeHermit| lol
00:40EruditeHermit| well thanks Chutt wegmans mikegrb etc
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04:36billytwowilly| thor2, are you around?
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10:01chiphead where is the best place in the src to disable some of the ods menu items?
10:01chiphead s/ods/osd
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11:00rkulagow chutt: here?
11:12Chutt2 yeah
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11:16rkulagow hey, i asked htis before, but either didn't get an answer or have forgotten. if i change help text that's in a ::tr wrapper, do I need to do anything? or should i just let the translators worry about it?
11:16Chutt well, you should go into the i18n/ directory
11:16Chutt and run 'lupdate'
11:17Chutt then 'lrelease'
11:17Chutt but, i wouldn't worry about doing it, i generally do it every week or so
11:17rkulagow ok, then i won't worry about it.
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11:39Krisso hello
11:39Krisso i need help
11:39Krisso when i do mythtv-setup i get
11:41Krisso Unable to connect to database! Driver error was [1/1045]: QMYSQL3: Unable to connect Database error was: Access denied for database user "mythtv@localhost" (using password (yes))
11:42Krisso help plz.
11:42Chutt read the topic.
11:42Krisso ah k
11:42Rince start the mysql-database
11:43Krisso it is started
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14:09o_c blahblahblabh
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14:10o_cee Chutt: given any more thought about lang updates access? talking about that, i need to update the new stuff.. yeah, i'll do it right away :)
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14:14Chutt been busy
14:14o_cee yepp, i know.
14:19rkulagow geez. "reply to this message so that i don't think you're an evil spam spewer" dude, if you sign up for a mailing list, better setup your antispam software to accept messages from that list. moron.
14:20o_cee hehehe
14:23o_cee what's the difference between color and hue?
14:25o_cee i'll need to check my tv's menus and see how it's translated here.. normaly we only have brightness/color/contrast
14:28o_cee Captain_Murdoch: commercial detection, CPU usage.. isn't it better to have the explanation on the different items in the help text instead of in the menu items itself?
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14:40mikegrb o_cee: color adjusts saturation, ie from black and white to color
14:40mikegrb hue adjusts tint
14:40mikegrb from red to green iirc
14:40o_cee Captain_Murdoch: you added "Disable Arrow Key Accelerators" right? does it also affect the main menu and for example exiting out of 'watch recs'?
14:40o_cee that's really confusing hehe
14:40mikegrb yes
14:41rkulagow chutt: here?
14:41Chutt yup
14:43o_cee mikegrb: is tint and hue the same thing?
14:43mikegrb o_cee: I would say so
14:43mikegrb kvandivo: ping
14:43Chutt they're not.
14:43o_cee mikegrb: great, then i've got a translation from my tv :)
14:43mikegrb oh
14:43o_cee dang
14:43mikegrb well there we have it
14:43Chutt well, i dunno
14:43o_cee there's no tint in myth?
14:43Chutt sure, use tint
14:43mikegrb do my descriptions look right, Chutt?
14:44o_cee Chutt: searching for 'tint' in the transltions doesn't show anything
14:44o_cee brightness/contrast/color/hue
14:44rkulagow care if i go through some of the help text and make some mods? i find text that says things like "if set, do X. if unset, do Y". i'd prefer "if enabled, do X. If disabled, do Y"
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14:45o_cee pita for me, but i know you have to do it..
14:45o_cee =it has to be done
14:46o_cee also check the formatting
14:46Chutt mikegrb, i think so
14:46Chutt rkulagow, sure
14:46rkulagow ok
14:46Chutt just please send an email to the -dev list about it, so the people doing translations know
14:46rkulagow what, you mean they're not all reading the commits list? :)
14:47o_cee rkulagow: it's the first thing i read when i wake up ;)
14:48rkulagow chutt: thinking baout sticking to a more frequent release schedule? or are you going to stick with your breakstone's sour cream routing? (dating / regionalizing myself)
14:48rkulagow gah! routing? routine, of course.
14:48Chutt breakstone's sour cream?
14:49Chutt i'd certainly like to release more often
14:50o_cee rkulagow: formatting on helptext.. is it really necesarry to start all the helptexts with: "if set.." i mean, isn't that obvious?
14:51kvandivo mikegrb: pong
14:51mikegrb kvandivo: was going to ask you to verify my definitions above
15:01rkulagow see, i knew that i was dating / regionalizing myself. ad campaign from my youth, new york city, circa 1970's. nasally old woman "is it ready yet?" sam breakstone "no! it's not ready yet! it'll be ready when it's ready". at breakstone's we sell only the finest sour cream, blah, blah.
15:02rkulagow o_cee: probably correct. lots of authors, various styles, etc.
15:06rkulagow pet peeve: "check here to disable". some people aren't so good about negating / double-negating. option should just be something like "Use Keyboard Acceleration" with a checkbox and a reasonable default. (that's just an example, and i don't even remember if that one even qualifies as one that's a pet peeve). anyway though.
15:06Chutt i agree
15:20rkulagow chutt: the decode extra audio / Extra audio buffering in mythfrontend. used only with MPEG-2 / DVB / ATSC, or does Marvel use it also? ("software encoded video" may not mean anything to some people.)
15:20Chutt anything that myth didn't encode itself
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15:37rkulagow is there any other situation (other than crackly audio) where enabling extra audio buffers helps?
15:37Chutt not really
15:39rkulagow i'm just thinking if maybe changing the SetLabel to something more descriptive might be useful? if i was having crackly audio i don't know that "extra audio buffering" means anything to me.
15:40Chutt that's what it is, though
15:40Chutt if i can determine where it breaks, i can remove the setting
15:41Chutt and just default it to on
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16:12rkulagow chutt: we don't have an "instant replay" in mythtv yet, right? i know about the jump forward / back, but an IR function would be something like a 10 second jump back. jump forward and back are good for BigJumps. IR is good for "what did they just say"? stuff.
16:13Chutt seek back defaults to 5 seconds
16:14rkulagow hrmm. i'm thinking of the interaction of sticky keys and resetting seek to 1 second like i've got now.
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16:17* xinit [detached]
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16:24rkulagow ugh. i don't think i understand what "smart fast forwarding" is supposed to do.
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16:28kvandivo let's say that you come out of a commercial to a show and end up in the show a minute or two.. you start hitting 'skip back' (5 seconds at a time) a bunch
16:29kvandivo but, you overshoot, so you hit 'forward' again. rather than jumping the full 30 (the default) it only goes 5
16:29kvandivo as i understand it, that is what it does
16:29rkulagow i think i'm going to have to turn off sticky keys, since that's what i've been using forever.
16:30kvandivo i've never turned sticky keys on
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16:37rkulagow chutt: stupid sourcecode formatting question. help text in globalsettings.cpp. visually, multi-line strings start at the QObject, (column 21) or within the parens of the tr stuff (col 33). yeah, minor, but since i'm changing other stuff in there anyway... (globalsettings.cpp is a grab bag of coding styles)
16:38Chutt start em at the qobject
16:38rkulagow ok
16:39rkulagow so the start quote for the second line will end up under the Q
16:39Chutt sure
16:39Chutt just gives more room
16:39rkulagow right; some of the longer lines are getting cut off because of the wrap and you end up with just a few words.
16:39Chutt less reformatting of existing strings when people didn't use the tr's
16:43o_cee rkulagow: that setting could be disabled if you've got sticky keys enabled right? like the advanced rec screen works
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18:06rkulagow this isn't parsing for OSDThemeFontSizeType:
18:06rkulagow setHelpText(QObject::tr("default: TV, small: monitor, big:"));
18:06rkulagow is there supposed to be something after the word "big:"?
18:07Mrgoose where are the files located to test my ir transmitter
18:07rkulagow mrgoose: this isn't the place for those sorts of issues. check the topic.
18:08Mrgoose no one is chatting in the other channel
18:08Mrgoose and its pretty quiet here too
18:08rkulagow no idea. check the lirc list archives.
18:08anduin it doesn't matter how quiet it is in here, you are adding to the amount people need to scroll back through
18:10Mrgoose no the netsplits add to that amount
18:10Chutt people who can't read the topic shouldn't be in here.
18:10anduin we can't direct them to an appropriate group
18:10Mrgoose i can read fine
18:10Chutt then why are you ignoring it?
18:10Mrgoose not like the place was teeming with chatting
18:10Chutt so?
18:11Mrgoose so if one of you know the answer, it would only take one line of text
18:11Mrgoose instead of all the lines we wasted
18:11Chutt again, so?
18:11Mrgoose arguing about it
18:11Mrgoose shrug
18:11anduin Mrgoose - I've joined mythtv-users, I'll try to help you there.
18:11mikegrb if we answer you then others will want answers too
18:12Mrgoose nod
18:13Mrgoose i suppose thats true
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19:14jason_ i installed mythtv using mandrake 10 rpms, and i started up mysql and mythbackend
19:14jason_ but i get an error when running mythtvsetup
19:14jason_ [root@localhost jason]# mythtvsetup
19:14jason_ Unable to connect to database!
19:14jason_ Driver error was [1/1045]:
19:14jason_ QMYSQL3: Unable to connect
19:14jason_ Database error was:
19:14jason_ Access denied for user: 'mythtv@localhost' (Using password: YES)
19:15stoffel jason_: wrong channel
19:16jason_ woops, sorry
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20:01_infrared whats up
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22:17Netslayer i keep getting compile errors in mythmusic: "synaesthesia.h:10:17: SDL.h: No such file or directory" referencing SDL.h, but I have that installed, it came with the ebuild libsdl, and I can see it at: /usr/include/SDL :-/
22:17Netslayer this is a bit odd
22:28Netslayer got it
22:29Chutt is it just me or is the just sent macosx patch not even close to correct?
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23:11mikegrb Chutt: I doubt it is just you
23:11mikegrb haven't seen it yet though
23:11mikegrb a little birdy said something about working on a java front end so it would be multiplatform
23:11mikegrb I think performance might be an issue but this birdie does java dev for work
23:13Chutt this little birdy says that c++ is portable enough
23:13mikegrb yup yup
23:13mikegrb that is what I was thinking
23:14Chutt and it doesn't fork the codebase
23:14mikegrb I'd dabble with porting to osx but I know fsck all about it
23:14mikegrb yes
23:14mikegrb that was a big issue in my mind
23:14Chutt and it doesn't break when someone changes the protocol
23:14mikegrb apple developer connection site has stuff about porting linux apps to osx
23:14mikegrb so I'll have to read that stuff
23:15mikegrb I imagine a large part of it is telling it to compile, get an error, look into it
23:15mikegrb I know there are somke bits of mmx specific code but there are already software alternatives IIRC
23:16Chutt most of that should work
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23:39SinTaX98 hi all
23:39mikegrb hello
23:40SinTaX98 I was looking for some opinion on setting up a PVR for myself
23:41SinTaX98 I am not a linux expert (but not a newbie either) and I was wondering if anyone had a recommended distro to go along with Mythtv
23:42mikegrb might check in mythtv-users
23:42SinTaX98 oh ok
23:42SinTaX98 is this more of a development type channel?
23:43mikegrb yup
23:43SinTaX98 thanks :)
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