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00:02Chutt hrmmmmm
00:02Chutt i wonder how hard it'd be to pop up a bigass warning dialog if someone's using the -ck ivtv patches
00:05Captain_Murdo| isn't there already a BigAssWarningPopup.cpp in mythtv/libs/libmyth?
00:06Chutt it'd have to be triggered by a backend event
00:06Chutt there an easy way to browse the contents of an .iso?
00:06Captain_Murdo| event is easy enough.
00:07Captain_Murdo| mount -o loop
00:19o_c Chutt: that would be good, had a guy earlier in -users that had his patch applied
00:21o_c Captain_Murdoch: have you tried running commdetection on those recordings yet?
00:21Captain_Murdo| o_c, on the comm detection cpu question, yeah it would be better if the desc was in the help, but I thought I ran out of help text trying to describe that. if you can describe it better feel free. :)
00:22Captain_Murdo| haven't had a chance to run detection on those videos yet. extra busy past few days. checking email and stuff now before going to bed
00:22o_c allright :) i changed it in the swedish translation
00:22o_c ttyl, time for some breakfast here before going to work.
00:22Captain_Murdo| the "disable key accel" works on the watch recording screen but not on main menu.
00:23Captain_Murdo| left/right didn't do ESC/select on the main menu that I knew of.
00:23Captain_Murdo| later..
00:24o_c it does if you use gant
00:24Captain_Murdo| ahh, on the single-column themes?
00:24o_c also, high/med/low, i think you can just skip the 'technical' description there. the end user doesn't really need to know that, only how it might affect stuff..
00:25o_c yeah
00:25Captain_Murdo| that's me, too technical. ask my wife. :)
00:25o_c heheh :)
00:25o_c anyway, later!
00:26Captain_Murdo| changed to "Low", "Medium", "High" in my tree.
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01:32robbie hmm
01:33robbie hey anyone available for a brain picking
01:33robbie i got most of the audio cd burning stuff done but have one problem
01:33robbie and its a stupid question im sure
01:33Rince ask
01:33Rince and btw, there are no stupid questions
01:33Rince maybe stupid answers
01:34robbie welp, when i go to burn th cd the output says
01:34robbie Running: mp3burn -p /tmp/fileYa71Zx -o " -dummy -v dev= 2,8,0 "
01:34robbie which is correct
01:34robbie however it actualy doesnt run it
01:34Rince if you say so... ;)
01:34robbie can i past the code up somewhere?
01:35Rince if it doesn\xC4t run, there should be an error message
01:35Rince do you have the program mp3burn?
01:35robbie none
01:35Rince then you should install it ;)
01:35robbie i can run that command from a console, (i made it not dlete the temp file)
01:36robbie i got a feeling its the "" 's i need to use in mp3burn
01:36robbie QStringList args;
01:36robbie args = "mp3burn";
01:36robbie args += "-p";
01:36robbie args += tmprecordlist;
01:36robbie args += "-o";
01:36robbie args += "\"";
01:36robbie args += "-dummy";
01:36robbie args += "-v";
01:36robbie args += "dev=";
01:36robbie args += scsidev;
01:36robbie if (writespeed.toInt() > 0)
01:36robbie {
01:36robbie args += "-speed=";
01:36robbie args += writespeed;
01:36robbie }
01:36robbie args += "\"";
01:36robbie cout << "Running: " << args.join(" ") << endl;
01:37Rince this sounds right at least now
01:37robbie QProcess audioburn(args);
01:37robbie woops, sorry
01:37Rince but still, you need the program "mp3burn" if you want to exectute it
01:37robbie big xterm :)
01:37robbie QStringList args;
01:37robbie args = "mp3burn";
01:37robbie args += "-p";
01:37Rince and once again...
01:37robbie args += tmprecordlist;
01:37robbie args += "-o";
01:37robbie args += "\"";
01:37robbie args += "-dummy";
01:37robbie args += "-v";
01:37robbie args += "dev=";
01:38robbie args += scsidev;
01:38robbie i have it
01:38robbie i can run it manually
01:38robbie and i get a ncie cd
01:38robbie nice cd
01:38Rince hm
01:38robbie if (writespeed.toInt() > 0)
01:38robbie {
01:38robbie args += "-speed=";
01:38robbie args += writespeed;
01:38Chutt what the hell are you pasting all that crap in here for?
01:38robbie }
01:38robbie args += "\"";
01:38robbie cout << "Running: " << args.join(" ") << endl;
01:38robbie QProcess audioburn(args);
01:38robbie frickin hell
01:38* robbie wonders whats wrong with his paste
01:38Chutt if you do that again, you're banned.
01:38Rince robbie: The QStringList is fine. But you have to execute it, not just give it out
01:39robbie hmm, one sec, visitor
01:39Chutt also, you're not basing that off of the existing audio burning patch.
01:39Chutt which only depended on cdrecord
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01:49robbie Rince QProcess audioburn(args);
01:50robbie that doesnt execute it ?
01:52Chutt no, it doesn't.
01:53Chutt aren't you looking at the existing audio burning code at all?
01:54* Rince doesn't have any clue about Qt-Programming, so..
01:54robbie Chutt: i am , i am
01:54Chutt and why are you adding a dependency?
01:54robbie i basicly copied the mp3 burning stuff into the audio burning area and substituted
01:54robbie cause i have no idea what im doing
01:54Chutt then don't do it
01:55robbie this is a , lets try and get familiar in some way with this stuff
01:57robbie Chutt: err, where am i adding a dependancy?
01:57Chutt mp3burn?
01:58robbie yes and ?
01:58Chutt what the hell is that?
01:59robbie ii mp3burn 0.3.1-2 burn audio CDs directly from MP3, Ogg Vorbis
01:59robbie quite nifty
02:00Chutt quite unnecessary.
02:00robbie the long description is
02:00robbie Description: burn audio CDs directly from MP3, Ogg Vorbis, or FLAC files
02:00robbie mp3burn is a Perl script that allows you to burn audio CDs composed
02:00robbie of MP3, Ogg Vorbis, or FLAC tracks without an intermediate file conversion
02:00robbie to .cdr or .wav.
02:00Chutt you don't pull in a crappy perl script just because you're too lazy to use the existing dependencies.
02:00robbie The .mp3/.ogg/.flac files *are* converted using a decoder, but are
02:00robbie written to FIFOs so they don't consume filesystem space during the burn.
02:02robbie que ?
02:02Chutt you don't need anything but mythmusic and cdrecord.
02:02robbie so decode in mythmusic ?
02:02Chutt of course.
02:03robbie fair emuff
02:11robbie i still think its reinventing the wheel
02:11robbie considering the # of dependancies mythmusic needs anyhow
02:11Chutt it's reinventing the wheel to require mpg123 to decode mp3s when mythmusic already does it?
02:11robbie true true
02:11Chutt and ogg123, and whatever the hell he's using to decode flac?
02:11Chutt and perl?
02:12robbie who doesnt have that ?
02:12Chutt none of those are requirements.
02:12robbie true
02:13Chutt why are you messaging me?
02:14robbie cause
02:14robbie Chutt: i saw a url somewhere for people wanting to get started with qt
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07:44Mrgoose anyone here
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10:29rkulagow_ alan cox is contributing in the ivtv list. that might be good.
10:33oc intresting
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10:56rkulagow_ chutt: here?
10:57Chutt no
10:58rkulagow_ later then, or are you just funning with me.
10:58Chutt yeah
10:58rkulagow_ ok
10:58Chutt what's up"
10:58Chutt err, ?
10:59rkulagow_ PlayBoxShading in frontend setup/globalsettings.cpp. "fill is quickest, but doesn't look good up close. image looks good from up close, but is slow." when discussing "up close", are we implying monitor / 24" away viewing vs. TV 8foot away viewing?
11:00Chutt monitor
11:00Chutt should look fine on a tv, either way
11:02rkulagow_ ok; i think the entire "up close" can be removed, and just discuss the CPU hit of the various shading methods?
11:04Chutt sure
11:09rkulagow_ i'm also reversing any of the config options we talked about where it's negating a negative option.
11:11Chutt ok
11:11Chutt just make sure to change where it's in the source too for those =)
11:11rkulagow_ yep, i'm toggling the boolean.
11:15Chutt it might be best to change the option name for the db, too
11:15Chutt otherwise, people will have the opposite behavior they asked for
11:15Chutt well, actually, no
11:15Chutt nevermind =)
11:15Chutt should be able to get around that
11:17rkulagow_ yeah, the internal code should be the same; mostly just changing the cosmetics of setup and the boolean default if i flip it.
11:17rkulagow_ globalsetting "NoPromptOnExit". setlabel "Confirm Exit" setValue(true)
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11:41rkulagow_ crap. disablearrowaccels may need more than a cosmetic change. i'd like to change it to "use arrow acceleration" with a default of true, but i don't think the code is going to work out.
11:46Captain_Murdo| rkulagow_: I think that should be fairly easy. lots of places, Donovan already has a "m_arrowAccel = true;" and I just put an "if" statement with that.
11:46rkulagow_ i'll have to take a look. meeting coming up though.
11:47Captain_Murdo| looking at it, I see 4 places I think.
11:47Captain_Murdo| 2 in libmyth, 2 in libmythtv.
11:47Captain_Murdo| ok
11:48rkulagow_ right now i've changed frontend globalsettings.cpp to this:
11:48rkulagow_ class DisableArrowAccels: public CheckBoxSetting, public GlobalSetting {
11:48rkulagow_ public:
11:48rkulagow_ DisableArrowAccels() :
11:48rkulagow_ GlobalSetting("DisableArrowAccels") {
11:48rkulagow_ setLabel(QObject::tr("Use Arrow Key Accelerators"));
11:48rkulagow_ setValue(true);
11:48rkulagow_ setHelpText(QObject::tr("If enabled, Arrow key accelerators will "
11:48rkulagow_ "be used, with LEFT performing an exit action and "
11:48rkulagow_ "RIGHT selecting the current item."));
11:48rkulagow_ };
11:48rkulagow_ };
11:48rkulagow_ so i've got to update the globalsetting and the code snippets
11:49rkulagow_ (trying to get rid of stuff where you're checking a box/enabling something to actually disable something)
11:58rkulagow_ i'm going to generalize statements referring to XF86Config now that xorg is a viable alternative and appears to be the wave of the future
12:01Captain_Murdo| yeah, I think it's a good idea to go through and try to standardize the settings like that.
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13:57rkulagow_ chutt: here?
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15:31o_cee Captain_Murdoch: hi
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15:33Captain_Murdo| hey
15:33mikegrb hey
15:34o_cee hi mike
15:34mikegrb hi o_cee
15:34mikegrb just about to walk out the door and head home \o/
15:35o_cee m'kay.. later :)
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16:27GeckoFiend so I'm curious, anyone seen any docs patches from the wiki folks?
16:29o_cee who?
16:29o_cee those who called you a troll? :)
16:29rkulagow_ patches? no. someone sent me a bunch of html docs for burning DVDs.
16:30rkulagow_ i haven't had the chance to de-HTMLify them and incorporate them yet.
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16:36GeckoFiend I was just curious, they seem to have lost quite a bit of steam after duplicating the existing how to stuff..
16:36rkulagow_ no idea. i checked in on them after they had stood it up a few weeks ago, but haven't had time since then.
16:37rkulagow_ i certainly don't wish them ill-will or anything like that, and dgreaves is doing the self-promotion thing enough.
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16:39GeckoFiend I just wish they'd taken my advice, hell they quoted me even "There's tons of howto docs you guys should write some decent usage docs"
16:39GeckoFiend instead they consolodated a lot of howto stuff and then started petering out
16:39rkulagow_ bruce and i started on something already. henk poley made something that i haven't had a chance to look at.
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16:40rkulagow_ but, cycles, cycles...
16:40tomtom hi
16:40rkulagow_ hey. you know this isn't a user support channel, correct?
16:40tomtom jup
16:40tomtom read the topic
16:41rkulagow_ hey, a first!
16:41rkulagow_ (plenty of people don't)
16:41tomtom that doesn't mean that i didn't comehere for support, but now i'm here anyway ;)
16:41tomtom so i might as well stay
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16:58GeckoFiend you know you have to supply at LEAST a patch a day to be allowed in here right?
16:59GeckoFiend otherwise Chutt goes crazy, hacks your machine and makes it download goat pr0n
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17:25tomtom excellent
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17:59GeckoFiend hmmm does the recording group "Default" get trnaslated or not? I would think it should but the queries for scheduledrecording use the unstranslated verion
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18:33* kvandivo sniffs sadly at tomtom's recent demise.
18:37Mrgoose root@mythtv:~# modprobe ivtv
18:37Mrgoose modprobe: Can't locate module tuner which is needed for ivtv
18:37Mrgoose any idea what that means
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18:39kvandivo a) read the topic, b) that sounds like an ivtv problem (visit #ivtv-dev for help with that)
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19:22Chutt geckofiend, that phone ui thingie for input?
19:22Chutt (thinking it may work for your options stuff)
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20:49Captain_Murdo| GeckoFiend: the "Default" should not get translated in the DB, only on-screen. Same for "All Programs" when your default display group is set to that, it's English in the settings table but should be translated on-screen. These 2 special cases are done that way so that they still work if/when a user changes languages. "All Programs" was broken until recently, I messed that up when I put the initial patch in but didn't realize it
20:49Captain_Murdo| y.
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21:05GeckoFiend Chutt yeah that's what I was thinking. I thought I might just stick in a "MythDialog::getTextFromUser" that would supply a prompy and one of those phone edits. That way if we ever get an onscreen keyaobard there's onlty one place to change it.
21:06Chutt sounds good
21:06Chutt i'd like to get rid of the regular edit boxes entirely sometime
21:07Chutt do you handle spinners?
21:07Chutt well, ranged options?
21:07Chutt meh, gotta pack tonight
21:07GeckoFiend Captain_Murdoch: I thought that's the way it should work, the query for filling the combo wasn't translating Default so it confused me. Not really a big deal, non-English folks will see their defualt group
21:08GeckoFiend Chutt yeah, min/max bounds as well as stepping in non-single increments
21:14Chutt cool.
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21:29GeckoFiend 'Java is significantly faster than optimized C++ in many cases.' maybe in many contrived test cases using C++ optimized by GWBaisc programmers
21:37Chutt it all depends on the task
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21:39GeckoFiend Have any of you tried Intel's free compiler for Linux?
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22:00Chutt geckofiend, used it a lot at my last job
22:02rkulagow_ it doesn't appear that Qt has takes float as a spinbox type? it might help in the case of something like the ATSC signal lock value of 5000 milliseconds that has a step rate of 250ms.
22:04Chutt rkulagow, the plan is to switch over to geckofiend's ui classes eventually
22:04Chutt nearish future =)
22:13Chutt hrm
22:13Chutt how boring
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