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00:18tmk chutt, you around?
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01:04daryl what is the correct way to extract an mpeg out of a nuv file? people in mythtv-users said that renaming is fine..?
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01:12anduin daryl - continue your quest for truth in #mythtv-users
01:13daryl anduin, okay
01:13daryl anduin, i just wanted to ask people that know what they are talking about:)
01:13anduin daryl - not that I do but I'm in mythtv-users now
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01:56o_cee GeckoFiend: compiling it now
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03:37pigeon hmm, how does mythtv coperate with libavcodec/libavformat changes?
03:40pigeon coporate
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04:12Atreyou A quick question about the plugins: they are just separate programs launched from within myth right and so in that case don't have to be under the GPL correct?
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05:11GeckoFiend Atreyou nope
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05:12GeckoFiend they're shared ;libraries that link heavily into Qt, and libmyth
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05:16Beastor Hi Guys.
05:16Beastor I'm currently trying to get a cx88 running on the CVS version...
05:16Beastor It's crashing during the conversion from YUYV -> YUV420P.
05:20Beastor So I thought...Someone else must have done this somewhere, and fair enough... libfame does it.
05:20Beastor So I moved across the section of code and I can now get Live TV through my Leadtek 2000XP.
05:20Beastor Now the picture is absolutely awful through the SVideo input, so I was wondering whether it's worth submitting the code for a patch
05:20Beastor or whether this is known problem and someone's working on it...
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07:12billytwowilly| anyone know what "Bad ANN querry" means?
07:31anduin billytwowilly - you have some too old or too new client announcing itself to the backend
07:35billytwowilly| hmm.
07:35billytwowilly| 15 and 15.1 are not compatible?
07:39anduin I don't know, why would you even try?
07:39billytwowilly| I'm just thinking. I know my frontend is 15.1.
07:39anduin (though I don't think the ANN parameters have changed in a long time)
07:39billytwowilly| and the knoppmyth guys assure me the backend in r4v4 is 15.1
07:40billytwowilly| it's strange. I think there are multiple errors going on.
07:40billytwowilly| I sent an email to the mythtv-users list but noone has responded yet.
07:40anduin yeah, I would have expected a protocol error if anything
07:41billytwowilly| if you want to check out the backend logs they are in the email.
07:41billytwowilly| "bad ANN query" is in the title of the email if you want to look in the archivs.
07:42anduin mythweb only?
07:45billytwowilly| nope. It's strange.
07:45billytwowilly| I don't think mythbackend starts up at boot. I think it crashes.
07:46billytwowilly| If I run mythbackend from the command line and then try and connect it lets me but as soon as I go into livetv or to check out what recordings are available the backend crashes again.
07:46anduin yeah, my archive has a few holes, my search for bad ANN query found something from 8-21-2003
07:46billytwowilly| it's on gossamer lemme grab a link
07:46anduin I can go there
07:51billytwowilly| Do you need more info? I wasn't entirely certain I was copying the right stuff. I just took the stuff at the bottom of the file.
07:52anduin mind if we take this to -users?
07:52billytwowilly| no problem
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11:06JohnnyST hi
11:07JohnnyST Can I use mythtv with a vesa driver?
11:07JohnnyST I have no xv extensions.
11:07JohnnyST maplayer works great there is no preformans problems when playing movies with maplyer.
11:08JohnnyST S/maplyer/mplayer
11:08cthompson JohnnyST: try the #mythtv-users channel, it's got alot more people, and that's where you're supposed to go for support
11:09JohnnyST oops :)
11:09JohnnyST ok.
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11:20A-L-A-R-M hello. i downloaded the mythtv-0.15.1 to install the mythtv (on mdk 10.0) and while i did 'make' i got following error:
11:21A-L-A-R-M In file included from NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp:25:
11:21A-L-A-R-M NuppelVideoRecorder.h:15:23: lame/lame.h: No such file or directory
11:21A-L-A-R-M ... and the error continues
11:21A-L-A-R-M is there any other way of installation i could try ?
11:22rkulagow_ the howto specifically tells you how to get lame for mandrake. i'd suggest either re-reading it, or installing a package if you don't want to compile.
11:22A-L-A-R-M ok, i will go to the documentation again
11:23A-L-A-R-M i thought that compiling it would be better
11:27A-L-A-R-M is lame something different ?
11:29A-L-A-R-M i am there allready
11:29A-L-A-R-M i am trying to download the lame file
11:29rkulagow_ alarm, you should probably switch to the mythtv-users irc channel. you're not having a development issue, and this is the development channel.
11:30A-L-A-R-M oh sorry , i didnt read the topic.
11:30A-L-A-R-M thanks anyway :)
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11:52rkulagow_ huh. cybermediagate. i'm not parsing some of the text on the webpage, doesn't look like a native english speaker.
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15:07rkulagow_ looks like we forgot to bump mythweb README version number to .15?
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15:48rkulagow_ torrentocracy - sure hope it's not a "here's how to share last night's 'the sopranos' for dummies"
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17:58GeckoFiend chutt around?
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18:00gerrynjr damn... an xbox has difficulty compiling the new mythtv
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19:28pwb howdy
19:28pwb look at everyone
19:29pwb probably all watching tv
19:29pwb i just wanted to know if there is a bugzilla setup for mythtv
19:31GeckoFiend pwb not at the moment no
19:31pwb hmm
19:31pwb so where can i post my bugs?
19:31pwb cat bugs >/dev/null
19:31pwb ?
19:31GeckoFiend the users list, if you've got a crash/hang make sure to include gdb output for it
19:32pwb ah ok
19:32GeckoFiend erm make that the dev list
19:32GeckoFiend chutt?
19:32pwb dev list eh
19:32GeckoFiend just make sure they're real bugs, and you have a detailed report.
19:33pwb real eh, you are asking a lot from a luser ^H^H user
19:33pwb :)
19:33GeckoFiend either place you post em a dev will probably see them, not all devs read -users on a regular basis though
19:33pwb users gets about 5 digests a day
19:33pwb its a hot ML
19:33GeckoFiend yeah, it's got a high signal to noise ratio.
19:36pwb oh boy, looking through the archives, dev is a hot list as well.
19:37GeckoFiend wow a user who checks the archives AND doens't ask for support in the dev list. be still my heart
19:37GeckoFiend I'm glad I don't speak as bad as I type
19:37pwb well, i really like my myth tv
19:37pwb I mean really like it
19:37pwb sometimes late at night.... er nevermind TMI
19:38GeckoFiend Chutt accepts offerings of first born children.
19:38pwb but there is a few bugs that i would love to have fixed
19:38pwb the main one is in mythmusic
19:39pwb so i am going to dig through the archives and see if anyone else has already reported it
19:40pwb maybe grab some mythfrontend error messages as well
19:40pwb thanks again
19:40GeckoFiend see ya
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20:02lmatter bbeattie, can I ask you some hdtv q's over on mythtv-users?
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22:34Mrgoose when i try to access mythweb with .htaccess i get this error [Thu Jun 17 22:30:40 2004] [alert] [client] /var/www/htdocs/mythweb/.htaccess: php_value not allo
22:34Mrgoose wed here
22:39mikegrb check topic
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