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00:13jason_ can the mythtv window be resized on the fly?
00:13jason_ i managed to build from source, fix a slew of video problems, and fix an audio sync problem but i can't manage to get a resizeable window
00:13jason_ so i'm wondering if it's possible
00:20Captain_Murdo| no, for info beyond that try #mythtv-users.
00:21jason_ i'm there as well
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01:26pixelpixi hi!
01:28pixelpixi the video that mythbackend records plays just fine with mplayer, but skips and stutters with mythfrontend. any suggestions?
01:30Captain_Murdo| try #mythtv-users, they can help.
01:30pixelpixi okay. thanks!
01:31RevGreb howdy cap'n
01:37Captain_Murdo| hello?
01:38* RevGreb is mikegrb
01:38RevGreb just saying hi, hadn't seen you in a while
01:38Captain_Murdo| ok. :) didn't recognize the name.
01:39RevGreb yeah
01:39RevGreb I was ordained friday :D
01:39RevGreb starting an online church
01:40Captain_Murdo| as long as it's not a Myth. ;)
01:40RevGreb hehe
01:40Captain_Murdo| online ordination?
01:41RevGreb yeah ;)
01:41Ashlar *grooooan*.. myth..
01:42Captain_Murdo| like Joey from Friends
01:42Captain_Murdo| Ashlar: yeah, I had so say something along that line.
01:42Ashlar heh
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01:44Chutt heh
01:45RevGreb Captain_Murdoch: services on irc of course ;)
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01:50Captain_Murdo| bitten by x250/M179 on KT133 chipset problem... :(
01:51RevGreb :<
01:53Captain_Murdo| trying to test something so I figured I'd use a real TV card for input instead of a mpeg file and it locked as soon as I modprobed the ivtv driver. :( now have reduced performace for 20 minutes while my raid-5 array is resyncing.
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02:25BlurredWeasel| is anybody here who would mind pming me and helping me out..#mythtv-users appears to be dead
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04:48ceed hey!
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08:55jollis hi, can anyone help me set up my mysql database, because i keep getting error messages
08:57Rince what is the problem?
08:59jollis when i try and run mythsetup i get the following error message:
08:59jollis mysqladmin -u root flush-privileges password "newpwd"
09:00jollis oops - sorry
09:00jollis not that
09:00jollis the error message is:
09:00jollis Access denied for user: 'mythtv@localhost' (Using password: YES)
09:03Rince and which password have you set for the database mythtv and user mythtv?
09:03Rince database mythconverg, sorry
09:03jollis i havnt
09:05Rince haev you already exectuted "mc.sql"?
09:05Rince via "mythtv mythtv < mc.sql" ?
09:06jollis no, i get the same error message :(
09:07Rince are you use root or user mythtv?
09:07Rince user instead of use, sorry
09:08jollis i've tried both, but still get access denied messages
09:08jollis :(
09:09Rince okay. Try the following
09:09Rince become root
09:09Rince try "mysql mysql"
09:09Rince does this work?
09:09jollis ERROR 1045: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: YES)
09:09Rince try "mysql mysql --password=newpwd"
09:09Rince no...
09:10Rince try "mysql --password=newpwd mysql"
09:10Rince does this ork?
09:10Rince work?
09:10jollis no, same error message
09:10Rince do you know the root-password for the database?
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09:11jollis if i type mysql 'mysql -u root -p' and then enter the password when asked, i get the 'mysql>' prompt
09:11Rince ok
09:11Rince then this is ok
09:11Rince when you are at the mysql-prompt, type "drop database mythconverg"
09:11Rince this will delete everything from mythtv so you can reinstall it
09:11jollis ok
09:12jollis done that
09:12jollis how do i reinstall it?
09:12Rince just a minute
09:12Rince type in the mysql-prompt
09:12Rince "CREATE DATABASE mythconverg;
09:13Rince "
09:13Rince and
09:13Rince "GRANT ALL ON mythconverg.* TO mythtv@localhost IDENTIFIED BY "mythtv";"
09:13Rince after that, mythsetup should work
09:15jollis i did all that but i still get the access denied message
09:18Rince huh?
09:18Rince try "mysql -u mythtv -p mythconverg" and as password "mythtv"
09:18Rince ah
09:18Rince sure
09:18Rince type "mysqladmin -u root -p reload" and type the root-password
09:18Rince and _then_ try mythsetup
09:19jollis "mysql -u mythtv -p mythconverg" just gives access denied again
09:19jollis "mysqladmin -u root -p reload" works, but mythsetup still doesnt want to know
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09:20Rince after the reload, das myqsl -u mythtv -p mythconverg still doesn't work?
09:20Rince if so then you have a very strange setup
09:21jollis :(
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09:44jivtv Hi! Where would one post questions about corrupted streams with ivtv?
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10:53jason_ how does mythtv detect commercials?
11:00Rince there are different algorithms
11:00Rince like checking for the sender-logo, having a frame with real black picture
11:02jason_ is it safe to automatically detect/delete commercials or does that lead to deletion of the program as well?
11:02Rince detect yes
11:02Rince but I wouldn't delete it automatically
11:02jason_ so, you can do that afterwards?
11:02Rince I usually let the machine skip the passages while wathing
11:02Rince sure you can
11:03jason_ so you record it, and then let it skip through commercials
11:03Rince yes
11:03jason_ do you transcode?
11:03jason_ i need to make a partition for mythtv. I have 110 gb free, but only 5gb on a linux partition.
11:04Rince well, and?
11:04jason_ sorry, just thinking out loud
11:06jason_ on an amd 2700+, 512 mb pc2700, how long would it take to transcode to mpeg 4? Each pass in divx for a anamorphic movie at full resolution (720x3..) takes about an hour and a half for a 2 hour movie
11:06Rince don't know, sorry
11:07jason_ how long does it take on your system?
11:07Rince jason_: I have a Epia M2-1K... 1Ghz... quite long ;)
11:07jason_ Rince, reallY? when do you do transcoding?
11:08Rince jason_: I just let it transcode if I need and then I just start it and wait some days
11:08jason_ days???
11:08jason_ a 2 hour movie, 2 pass encode only takes me 3 hours
11:09jason_ so, that would be like encoding 4 hours
11:09Rince jason_: as I said, I have a slow system
11:09jason_ it's a 1ghz. Why so slow?
11:10jason_ mythbackend does the recording/encoding, right?
11:10Rince jason_: because this is an Epia-System, ready and used for a barebone-system. And it is quite silent
11:10jason_ heh, my system is definitely not silent...4 fans on the box alone
11:10jivtv Rince, are you using a pvr 2/350 on epia?
11:11jason_ you could probably hear the ati radeon 9700 pro by itself
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11:11jason_ does the pvr-350 do hardware mpeg 4 encoding?
11:12jivtv jason, no mpeg2... except for mine, it encodes junk..
11:12* RevGreb notes topic
11:12RevGreb and that htis is developer channel
11:12jason_ RevGreb, sorry
11:12Rince jivtv: pvr 350, yes
11:13jivtv rince, can I chat directly for a second?
11:13Rince jivtv: soot
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11:59Rince Hmm, is someone working on vps-support for mythtv?
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12:05jason_ how much larger are rtjpeg files than mpeg4?
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17:16kaaspad hey all, can anyone help me with a problem I'm having in progfind.cpp ?
17:17kaaspad I'm trying to change the letters in the program finder to hebrew and arabic charachters, they show up and I'm able to sort, but they are too far to the right, on the screen and the charcters appear on the right white line instead of between the two lines
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18:19eyver I'm trying to install MythMusic on my KnoppMyth installation, and the QT3 directories are weird. For example, after compiling a lot of the MythMusic files, it tries to go to /usr/include/qt3/src/moc but that directory does not exist. The installation gets caught in a loop there. Anyone know what I should do? Thanks.
18:28jams just a guess that you need to set your QTDIR env.
18:29eyver It's set.
18:31eyver It's set to /usr/include/qt3, in fact, but there are no folders but "private" in there. All the files that would normally be in lib and include are in there. I had to symlink include and lib inside /usr/include/qt3 because all the files in those two folders are just scattered in there.
18:32jams try export QTDIR=/usr/share/qt3
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18:33eyver Beautiful, there it all is.
18:33eyver Except a src directory... oh well, let's see what happens...
18:34jams export PATH=$PATH:$QTDIR/bin.
18:34jams dont' forget that one
18:37jams may i ask why you are recompiling mythmusic ?
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18:43eyver jams, because KnoppMyth's version doesn't seem to have any visualizations enabled.
18:44eyver Now it seems to die at the final line of compilation with:
18:44eyver /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lXmu
18:45eyver What program is that associated with?
18:46jams Xfree86
18:47eyver Hm, why wouldn't it be linked properly?
18:47jams hey, just noticed this is the wrong channel. I will help you in mythtv-users of knoppmyth
18:48eyver Oh, woops. Cool, since I'm already in knoppmyth, we can do it there.
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19:04* Captain_Murd thinks Geoffrey is taking it personal that I haven't reused his transcoder queuing code yet with my commercial flagging mods.
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22:44pigeon does a crash with mythfrontend upon going into the recording list/epg/etc ring a bell to anyone here?
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