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12:32Chutt heh
12:33Chutt how can quality be different if a hardware encoder buffers to disk?
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14:57nick01 hi
14:58nick01 I have a question
14:58nick01 can mythtv be configured for pal dk/ pal bg ?
14:58Chutt read the topic.
14:59nick01 I kn ow
14:59nick01 not support channel
14:59Chutt then why'd you ask?
14:59nick01 but I only need an answer
14:59nick01 mythtv-users ?
15:00Chutt that's what the topic says.
15:00nick01 k- didn't read that part
15:00nick01 :)
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15:51pwb_ when is the next release scheduled for?
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15:56Chutt whenever i feel like it.
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16:01inpsire hey guys, I have a feature request, this is driving me nuts, I have this problem every day, If I am watching livetv and I have paused it or if its delayed any, then I have a tv show I planned on recording coming up, it cuts me off from the live tv show I was watching, isnt there a way to have it record in the background?
16:03Chutt no.
16:03nick01 why not ?!
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16:03Chutt because.
16:03inpsire it drives me nuts
16:03inpsire tivo doesnt do this
16:03inpsire :)
16:03Chutt i don't really give a rats ass what tivo does
16:04inpsire Chutt, calm down
16:04Chutt read the topic.
16:04inpsire Chutt, i said calm down
16:04Chutt um, what?
16:04inpsire Chutt, calm down
16:05Chutt see, now you're making me want to ban you
16:05inpsire Chutt, well at least im not the one being the ass
16:05stoffel you say 'calm down' i say 'read the topic' dum-di-dum
16:05Chutt you're the one that can't read the topic
16:05inpsire Chutt, your the one that was being rude
16:05Chutt breaking the rules of the channel
16:05Chutt the only rule, in fact
16:05inpsire Chutt, i said Feature request
16:05inpsire Chutt, im not looking for support
16:05Chutt sure you are
16:06inpsire Chutt, umm, right
16:06Chutt if you're not capable of implementing your request
16:06Chutt you're looking for support.
16:06inpsire Chutt, i clearly know mythtv card handle it
16:06inpsire cant
16:06Chutt so, use something else?
16:06inpsire Chutt, thats why I have a tivo
16:06Chutt great, then why are you still here?
16:07inpsire Chutt, because your being an ass
16:07Chutt how so?
16:07inpsire Chutt, look at what you said
16:07inpsire <Chutt> i don't really give a rats ass what tivo does
16:07Chutt i said 'no' to your feature request
16:07Chutt how's that being an ass?
16:07Chutt it's the truth
16:07inpsire Chutt, cant you be possitive?
16:07inpsire Chutt, you didnt have to say that
16:07Chutt if i cared what tivo did, myth wouldn't have 99% of the features it does
16:08Chutt sure i did, you'd rather i lied?
16:08inpsire Chutt, clearly im not the only one wanting this feature, i bet you even want this feature
16:08Chutt no
16:08inpsire Chutt, i would rather you not say anything
16:08inpsire rude
16:08Chutt how was that rude?
16:08inpsire Chutt, it was
16:08Chutt no, it wasn't
16:08inpsire Chutt, right
16:09kvandivo sometimes i long for winter, when the kids are at school during the day
16:09inpsire Chutt, your not god
16:09kvandivo actually, he is
16:09Chutt i'm the owner of this channel, so, yes, i am
16:09inpsire Chutt, you act like your some kind of king or something
16:09stoffel inpsire: wrong
16:09inpsire Chutt, hah
16:10Chutt i made a decision to make recordings always be a higher priority than watching live tv
16:10inpsire im leaving
16:10Chutt because that makes sense
16:10stoffel RevGreb: what's your opinion on this, Reverend?
16:10inpsire it can still do both
16:10Chutt don't want to miss something i scheduled just because the tv was paused
16:10inpsire it can do both
16:10Chutt it does, that's what the whole menu is for
16:11inpsire since the show is already buffered, and the show can record into the background, why not just do that?
16:11Chutt do what?
16:11inpsire have the show record into the background
16:11Chutt buy yourself another tuner
16:11Chutt and it won't interrupt your tv watching
16:11inpsire Chutt, oh man, your just not getting it
16:11inpsire bye
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16:11Chutt sure i am
16:11Chutt heh
16:11Chutt what a moron
16:11kvandivo chutt, you were surprisingly diplomatic there..
16:12Chutt i'm bored
16:12kvandivo :)
16:12Chutt i'm still trying to figure out how using a pvr-350 can possibly have different quality if you buffer the data to disk
16:15Chutt the whole ati/nvidia threads on -users is pretty funny
16:20kvandivo over the past 2 weeks or so the -dev, -users, and -commits lists have managed to take my gmail account to a whole 1% used
16:20pwb_ lol
16:21pwb_ so whenever you feel like it eh...
16:30Chutt pretty much, yeah
16:30smallinov Support chat fucking sucks
16:32stoffel smallinov: especially in the wrong channel
16:32smallinov wtf?
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16:43Chutt whee
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16:45bitbyte omg, i actually agree with chutt on something
16:45* bitbyte shoots himself
16:45bitbyte :P
16:47Chutt on what?
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16:51Chutt soooo bored
16:51Chutt i'm even applying month old patches
16:52* kvandivo looks around.
16:52stoffel Chutt: what about coding some user requests?
16:52jams you could help in the mythtv-users channel
16:54Chutt i've got enough work to do to get all these old patches applied
16:54Chutt by then, i'll not be bored anymore
16:55stoffel Chutt: you finished the basement?
16:55Chutt nope
16:55kvandivo geez, stoffel.. why don't you just ask him if he's finished working on his house..
16:55Chutt i'm waiting for someone to get back to me at work right now
16:55kvandivo or find a grad student and ask them when they are going to get their research done. :)
16:56stoffel kvandivo: when will you finish?
16:56kvandivo stoffel: i just left...
16:57stoffel kvandivo: great
16:58kvandivo well.... more efficient, anyway
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17:15Chutt hrmph
17:15Chutt something updated and it's not using ccache anymore
17:15Chutt no fun
17:16Chutt we really should split up a bunch of the uitypes includes
17:18Chutt dudley is funny
17:28Chutt geckofiend, are there any cdmonitor patches floating around?
17:29Chutt that whole '[mythtv] [PATCH] MythVideo & Mediamonitoring (suite)' thread, to be specific
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18:03lavigne anyone running knoppix myth?
18:04lavigne trying to figure out the # of processes mythbackend that *should be running*
18:12Chutt it runs one process.
18:13Chutt multiple threads, of course.
18:13lavigne hmm I have 5 running...
18:13RevGreb you don't have 5 proccesses running
18:13RevGreb you likely have 5 threads
18:13RevGreb like Chutt just told you
18:20lavigne with a standard install how fast should the mysql log grow? >12M on an install that was done last night
18:20Chutt you also _may_ want to read the topic of the channel
18:21lavigne Chutt: thanks... duh...
18:21lavigne sorry all
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19:18Chutt captain_murdoch, that was indeed a older qt thing
19:18Chutt thanks =)
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19:49smallinov1 Hey what is the most loaded up (specs wise) machine that you guys have seen run mythtv?
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21:09RevGreb a top 100 supercomputer
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21:42Captain_Murdo| Chutt, yeah, I think I fixed one other thing like that a long time ago, but I was heading out and couldn't spend much time looking it up to verify why it was that way, so I just put that in the comment so people wouldn't think I was making changes for the sake of change. :)
21:43Chutt heh, cool
21:43Chutt and thanks for changing that low watermark
21:43Chutt though, a second of data might still be a bit hight
21:43Chutt err, high
21:45Captain_Murdo| yeah, I was thinking if there was an easy way to make it auto-detect.
21:45Captain_Murdo| LiveTV is the main reason, right?
21:46Chutt yeah
21:46Chutt channel change and startup speed
21:48Captain_Murdo| what if there were 2 modes, so LiveTV would use unbuffered and regular recordings would be buffered? Is the reset() function only used when resetting the buffer for LiveTV? If so then there's no need to flush the buffer there before seeking (if users can't rewind past the beginning).
21:48Captain_Murdo| I'll think about it and try to play with LiveTV some more to make see how it's affected.
21:51Captain_Murdo| brb, have to reboot to swap out a flakey dvd-rw drive. :(
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22:01* Captain_Murd runs mythbackend in a screen session on his master backend so he can watch what it's doing but still have it stay runnnig if he logs out.
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