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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-06-28

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07:11skiy excuse me, what is an RCA video disc?
07:11skiy and do they tend to have copy protection
07:11skiy a friend of mine is trying to put RCA video disc's onto dvd's
07:13RevGreb probably in the wrong channel
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07:23skiy RevGreb, can you suggest one?
07:45linagee what combination of test_ioctl -v input=?,output=? will give me sound? :-(
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08:49heavy morning
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08:55heavy mdz around lately?
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09:01heavy saw a news story saying matt zimmerman is dead, hoping its not mdz
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11:47mdz heavy: not dead
11:48heavy mdz: :D
11:48heavy freaked me out, recognized the name, checked email, sure enough, same name
11:49* heavy recounts scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail: "I'm not dead yet, I feeeeeel happyyyy!!"
11:52Chutt heh
11:53Chutt so work sent me a new machine, and i can't log in
11:53Chutt my password doesn't work for the local machine login, and the guy that built it didn't setup the vpn client to autostart, so i can't get to the domain
11:55* bitbyte dcc's "Cain" to chutt
11:55bitbyte time to use your elite haxor skeelz
11:55Chutt naw
11:55Chutt time to fire off an email to the guy who built the damn thing :p
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12:35Dibblah Hmmm... safe_write is now using errno,EAGAIN, etc without #include <errno.h>
12:35Chutt update your libc/gcc :p
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12:38Dibblah Past 2.3.4? Erm....
12:40Dibblah Why does videosource.cpp and vsync.c #include it, then?
12:40Dibblah But in RingBuffer.cpp, it's not there...
12:40Chutt because it compiles fine here
12:40Chutt and you didn't send in a patch to add it to ringbuffer.cpp
12:40Dibblah :)
12:40Dibblah Hint taken.
12:42Dibblah --- mythtv/libs/libmythtv/RingBuffer.cpp~ 2004-06-28 17:41:26.718778368 +0100
12:42Dibblah +++ mythtv/libs/libmythtv/RingBuffer.cpp 2004-06-28 17:41:26.719778253 +0100
12:42Dibblah @@ -7,6 +7,7 @@
12:42Dibblah #include <sys/stat.h>
12:42Dibblah #include <unistd.h>
12:42Dibblah #include <fcntl.h>
12:42Dibblah +#include <errno.h>
12:42Dibblah #include <pthread.h>
12:43Dibblah #include <qsocket.h>
12:43Dibblah #include <qfile.h>
12:43Dibblah Nah. That's not going to fly.
12:43Dibblah I guess I'd better subscribe to the mailing list :(
12:44Chutt naw, no worries
12:44Chutt i'll add it
12:45Dibblah Great! For background, this appears fine using most distro headers. It's only using 'sanitised' headers for LFS builds that things like this appear.
12:46Dibblah Which happens to be what I'm doing.
13:11mporter_ anybody know when donavan usually drops in?
13:13Chutt all day
13:14mporter_ ah, ok. :)
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16:17GeckoFiend mporter_ I'm in and out a lot what's up?
16:18mporter GeckoFiend, I was just curious if you had a chance to look at my svcd patch..
16:20mporter GeckoFiend, I've also gone in and cleaned/fixed Xavier's mythvideo/mediamonitor support so it works...was going to post that too.
16:20GeckoFiend it looks fine I've just not been doing much today. First day of vacation and all ;)
16:20mporter ah, vacation==good.
16:21GeckoFiend Please do, I sent Xavier a message off list and he indicated that he didn't have any patches pending when I was pretty sure he did.
16:22mporter ok, I noticed the thread died and I really want to play movies automagically that I've archived to I took out all the non-working cruft he had in his posted's cleaned down to the minimal required support.
16:23mporter of course, the two patches clash, so I thought if the first went in to CVS that I could get a cleaner patch to post of the mythvideo/mediamonitor stuff. :)
16:25GeckoFiend it's in now.
16:25mporter cool, thanks.
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17:17xvset if i want to just have a nvidia based card to tv out in linux what would you guys suggest?
17:17xvset really what i want to do is have a stream and output it to tv.out directly
17:18Chutt read the topic, please
17:19xvset wasent really a support question
17:19xvset :)
17:19RevGreb Chutt: why would they do that?
17:19Chutt i dunno
17:19RevGreb xvset: that is exactly what it is
17:19Chutt it's crazy talk
17:19RevGreb heh
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17:21apoplex hi, can anybody help me with mythtv install ? when i try to start ./setup ei get the error
17:21apoplex Session management error: Could not open network socket
17:21apoplex QSqlDatabase warning: QMYSQL3 driver not loaded
17:21apoplex ?
17:21Chutt read the topic, please
17:21apoplex ah ok
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17:39rkulagow hey
17:39rkulagow snowman, you here?
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18:24bball will mythtv ever support conditional access dvb ?
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18:37Chutt rkulagow, yo
18:37Chutt what'dya need snowman for?
18:44bball Chutt: do you know of mythtv plans to support CA for DVB ?
18:44Chutt nope.
18:45Chutt i don't have anything to do with dvb
18:45bball oh
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19:24dopester bball: there is some support for ca now
19:43* mporter hopes nobody hijacks his patch submission to talk about bugzilla. :)
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19:54Plexor hello
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21:00SinTaX98 hey all
21:00SinTaX98 what's going on in this room?
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21:33wswanson hello
21:33wswanson ?
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21:59media chutt: sorry to bug, but I'm having a hard time finding a way to restore song ratings from the mysql music* DB files from a backup harddrive. Copying them back over isn't restoring song ratings at all. Do you know if the ratings are kept in the music* db files or somewhere else?
22:05wswanson nobody here at the moment it seems. I was looking for any refs on getting lirc to work with hauppauge pvr 250. I have the kernel modules build and running, but I cannmot get lrw to receive anything.
22:06media have you tried running the tool that lets you watch all IR signals?
22:07media I don't recall the name of the program, it dumps all IR signal to console, very helpful for debugging just to see if it's getting anything (Lights sometimes trigger it too, :)
22:07media it's ir****** or something
22:07media I had it on my old mythbox before it went out, .. it's a standard IR tool that comes with irw and other apps
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22:13wswanson not sure. i thought irw was the tool that monitored for keystrokes
22:13media it is,
22:14media but there's another tool that shows you all IR codes it receives, regardless of what remote you're set to "only watch" for
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22:15anduin I bet there is more info on the tool in #mythtv-users
22:15media ;) true, this is a dev channel now I guess
22:19media I have asked my question there 3 times now, noone has found a way yet to solve this, and after about 6 hours I decided to try asking some of the devs, as normal users can't help it seems.
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23:05wswanson remote for pvr 250 is working now -- wasn't using lirc cvs. now that I am another happy customer. ;)
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