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01:16bball are ther any plans for mythtv to support conditional access dvb ?
01:19Chutt you've already asked that 3 times.
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01:19bball I know
01:19bball but no answer yet
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01:20Chutt i told you 'no'.
01:20Chutt there's your answer.
01:20bball I thought you said you didn't know
01:20Chutt i did
01:20bball ok.. so know you are saying you know and the answer is no :-)
01:20Chutt 'now'
01:21rkulagow chutt: someone's sent me an email saying that they're having problems posting to the list.
01:21Chutt tell them to subscribe
01:21Chutt :p
01:21rkulagow "- I've tried to subscribe mythtv-users and get no response or email as a result of completing the subscription information."
01:22Chutt tell them to not use a crappy spam blocker, then
01:22bball are you always this cheerfull :-)
01:23Chutt those are the two reasons people can't post
01:24rkulagow i'll send that. i really try to stay out of this sort of stuff because i hate being in the middle of crap i don't care about too much.
01:32Chutt i usually just ignore people that email me about that
01:33rkulagow chutt: in setup/backendsettings.cpp, class MaxBufferFill: public SliderSetting, public BackendHostSetting
01:33rkulagow MaxBufferFill():
01:33rkulagow SliderSetting(1, 100, 1),
01:33rkulagow BackendHostSetting("MaxBufferFill") {
01:33rkulagow setLabel(QObject::tr("Minimum free Live TV buffer (MB)"));
01:33rkulagow setValue(50);
01:33rkulagow setHelpText(QObject::tr("How full the live TV buffer is allowed to "
01:34rkulagow "become before forcing an unpause."));
01:34rkulagow that sure looks like a %, because MB doesn't make sense?
01:34Chutt sure it does =)
01:34Chutt it means that the buffer can have a minimum of 50 MB free before it'll unpause
01:34Chutt just a way to keep it from overrunning the ring buffer
01:34Chutt not _really_ necessary, but keeps some code neater
01:35rkulagow ok, it just seemed odd that if i defined something crazy like a 5GB ringbuffer that 50MB was some magic number or something.
01:36Chutt that setting probably shouldn't be exposed to the user
01:38rkulagow bed time. later.
01:38Chutt same for me
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09:46gfiend *bleh* the stupid media monitor is still broken I think. It works, but you can't eject disks any more. :/ I'm gonna have to dig into this crap I suppose
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10:59mporter_ gfiend, around?
11:01gfiend yep
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11:02mporter_ were you trying it with my patch? I'm curious in what cases it won't eject disks.
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11:04GeckoFiend It seems to be leaving data CDs open / locked. I've not dug any deeper. My #1 concern is DVDs, I'm not particualrly concerned about data CDs ATM
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11:04mporter_ ok
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11:04GeckoFiend I need to stick a DVD in my dev box.
11:05codyman this is the dev channel right
11:05GeckoFiend yep
11:05mporter_ heh, I don't have one in my dev box either. :)
11:05codyman hmm... anyone have spare time since no one is there to help in mythtv-users
11:06mporter_ GeckoFiend, I'm sending updated patches in a address the include issue I overlooked.
11:06GeckoFiend there's TONS of people there codyman, and I don't see any questions from you there
11:06codyman weird.. i was just there
11:06codyman i'll go back thanks
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11:06* mporter_ realizes he's supposedto be on a work telecon. :-/
11:07GeckoFiend is it just the mythtv/ thing?
11:08mporter_ yeah
11:09GeckoFiend That must have been in your second patch?
11:10GeckoFiend oh I seee you added it not took it away.
11:10mporter_ it requires a change in patch1 and patch2...I'm rebuilding to doublecheck now on a virgin (no $PREFIX/include/mythtv stuff.
11:13mporter_ er, and if you take that I can fire off the series of patches to update for each plugin.
11:17Chutt updating for each plugin why?
11:22mporter_ well, maybe there's an alternative, I'll explain...
11:22mporter_ the mediamonitor changes now place mediamonitor types in mythcontext.h
11:23mporter_ so mythcontext.h includes mythmediamonitor.h and mythmedia.h
11:23Chutt better not be polluting the main mythcontext with specific enums
11:23Chutt there's absolutely no reason for that.
11:24mporter_ hrm, ok, guess I've got more cleanup on his patch then.
11:24mporter_ I need a way to get mediamonitor info to the plugin handler, guess I should have it pass the info on the handler call then, eh?
11:25Chutt what mediamonitor info?
11:27mporter_ a MediaMonitor object...which in the patch has GetMedias routine to get all the media which match the data type.
11:28mporter_ seems like it might make sense to run the handler with this argument to solve the problem.
11:28Chutt uh, no
11:28Chutt it makes sense to make it a singleton class
11:29mporter_ ok, I'll look at that.
11:33mporter_ Chutt, turn MediaMonitor into a singleton class?
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11:37mporter_ ok, yes. so defined as a singleton, a plugin can just get an instance, right?
11:39Chutt exactly
11:40mporter_ this is why I show up here...haven't touch C++ or OO anything since college. :)
11:40mporter_ ok, I'll work that in...looks to be pretty straightforward.
11:43Chutt yup, it is
11:43Chutt much cleaner, too
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11:44bitbyte cleanliness is next to godliness
11:44mporter_ yeah, I see. I was wondering about polluting mythcontext since I didn't see anything else similar in there.
11:45mporter_ I guess nobody noticed his original patches to comment on them.
11:45Chutt i was leaving em to geckofiend
11:46mporter_ I guess he'd been busy is all...I had to ping him here to look at my svcd big deal.
11:46mporter_ thanks for the help
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11:51niqo hi
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12:15GeckoFiend I've got mythcontext fixed so it doesnb't pollute... making the monitor a cingalton now.
12:18Chutt excellent
12:32mporter_ GeckoFiend, sounds like I don't need to bother with it then?
12:33* mporter_ sees the commits now.
12:34GeckoFiend yeah I'm just waiting on the compile to finish, though this will probably break the way you were doing things in the second patch.
12:35mporter_ yes, I can make an updated one by just getting a mediamonitor instance...I'll look for your commit of the singleton change.
12:38GeckoFiend anythign that called mythContext::getMedias for example will need to be rewritten as if(MediaMonitor::getMediaMonitor()) MediaMonitor::getMediaMonitor()->getMedias()
12:39mporter_ right
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13:00mporter_ GeckoFiend, I've got the mythvideo patch updated, will test it when you're able to commit the singleton change.
13:01mporter_ thx
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15:10Chang Has anybody reported a frontend hang when you arrow down past "cutpoint"
15:11Chang while editing the cutlist?
15:11Chutt nope
15:11Chang Seems to have been introduced in 0.15
15:12Chutt then report it properly.
15:12Chang Will do
15:13Chang Thanks
15:29Sir-Al i'm having trouble backing up my database, is there any other way to back it up?
15:35Chutt other than the step-by-step instructions in the docs?
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16:11GeckoFiend bah chutt. I wanted a few more rounds of "bu but but I want it" before you clued em in!
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20:06oneo99 anyone around?
20:16Niqo cool, browsing teletext on mythtv osd, still a lot of unsupported stuff, but :)
20:16Niqo yup
20:18oneo99 anyone here use qt embedded?
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20:19Niqo tried it a long time ago, but not now
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20:20Niqo was the cc/teletext stuff in nuppelvideo working ok?
20:21oneo99 me? dunno yet, havent gotten myth workign yet
20:22Niqo it was aimed at anyone using it...
20:24Niqo ahh well, i ripped it out anyways...
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20:53pvrwannabe Hi, I'm trying to install MythTV for the first time and it's complaining about no device when it tries to access /dev/video0. The file is there, but there's no device associated with it.
20:53pvrwannabe I'm running a stock kernel for FC1, do I need to make modifictions to the kernel, or is there anything else that i might have missed?
20:55* pvrwannabe reads topic
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20:57* pvrwannabe kicks himself
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