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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-06-30

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02:43skiy excuse me, where can I get "channels.conf" for UK?
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06:12{FDN}Alpha9 Mmmm... With latest CVS, after;#74913
06:12{FDN}Alpha9 I'm getting a compilation error.
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06:13Dibblah Anyone seen this issue?
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07:34gfiend Dibblah You didn't list an issue.
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07:43Dibblah Doh. Sorry - Authentication error.
07:44Dibblah Latest CVS doesn't compile.
07:44Dibblah (media monitor problems)
07:45GeckoFiend What is the specific error.
07:47Dibblah I'm afraid I've just worked around it by commenting out the mediamanager bits. Just a mo, and I'll try and find it.
07:49Dibblah While linking mythfrontend main: Undefined reference to MediaMonitor::getMediaMonitor() , or something similar.
07:50GeckoFiend hrm, have any old headers around? GHave you done a make clean or make distclean? That code DOES compile and link.
07:50Dibblah Clean CVS checkout.
07:51Dibblah From about an hour ago.
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08:16pigeon hmm, how does mythtv under directfb work?
08:17pigeon is it basically using qt-directfb?
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11:01Chutt hey thor
11:03Chutt hrm
11:03Chutt must convince geckofiend that if isn't a function
11:13thor_ heh
11:13GeckoFiend D'oh what'd I do?
11:14thor_ saw the RSS/bittorrent thread, anything else dramatic going on ?
11:16Chutt nothing really
11:16Chutt geckofiend, i just find: if(blah blah) annoying =)
11:16Chutt not a big deal
11:17doc Any of you guys offer a suggestion as to why mythtvsetup might SIGSEGV on me? Using vanilla Fedora Core 2, 2.4.26 kernel with IVTV-standard, ATRPMS-build of MythTV 0.15.1
11:17GeckoFiend ahhh
11:17Chutt doc, get a backtrace
11:17doc I got one... wanna see it ?
11:17doc an strace -f
11:17Chutt um
11:17doc I can't figure out what call it's dieing on
11:17Chutt an strace is useless.
11:17Chutt get a _backtrace_
11:17doc gdb ?
11:17Chutt of course
11:17Chutt instructions in the docs
11:17doc k
11:18doc thanks
11:18* GeckoFiend was quickly going over diffs of his recent commits looking for something silly like if(if())
11:18Chutt geckofiend, heh, no big deal =)
11:22doc 0x4abd908a in QFontDatabase::createDatabase () from /usr/lib/qt-3.3/lib/
11:22doc hmmmmm
11:22doc maybe I need fonts :)
11:22Chutt that's not following the instructions at all
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11:24thor_ there are instructions?
11:26vedran must i be subscribed to myth-devel to send messages there?
11:26Chutt of course.
11:28vedran new UpdateLCD code unreferences some NULL objects when switching capture cards
11:29Chutt so you're not going to subscribe and post that?
11:29vedran i'm subscribed, but on another account.. i don't have login information on this computer
11:30vedran i'm going to post it tomorrow
11:31vedran i din't have luck with my previous questions, for example why selecting 'stop' on watch recordins menu doesn't actually stop the recording and free up the capture device for liveTV
11:31Chutt it certainly does stop the recording
11:31vedran are you sure? i'm doing manual scheduling...
11:31Chutt not with manual scheduling, i'm not sure
11:32vedran i don't have xml-tv data for programs in my country
11:32Chutt since why would you ever use manual scheduling is beyond me
11:32Chutt so get some
11:32Chutt :p
11:32vedran uhh, i'll have to fix it then for manual scheduling
11:33Chutt probably
11:33doc Chutt, fyi, installing xorg-x11-basefonts fixed my problem
11:33doc thanks for the gdb suggestion :)
11:33Chutt heh
11:33Chutt you had no fonts at all?
11:33doc None but.. I'm not running an X-server on my backend
11:33doc didnt think I needed any
11:34vedran any idea why starting program guide from livetv is so slow?
11:34thor_ heh
11:34doc clearly I was mistaken :)
11:34Chutt vedran, slow disk
11:38thor_ Chutt, wire editing of playlists is essentially done, struggling with some CD ripping stuff
11:38Chutt neat
11:39thor_ will try and get in a commit next week (will be at a University which will hopefully hand me a fast dynamic IP address)
11:39Chutt heh
11:39thor_ anyhoo, catch up with you later
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11:42vedran can i ask something about TranslateKeyNum in mythdialogs.cpp?
11:42Chutt can i ask something about why you're asking a question to ask a question?
11:43vedran why is there 'keynum > 0x7f' in '(((modifiers & Qt::ShiftButton) && keynum > 0x7f) ? Qt::SHIFT : 0)' statement?
11:43vedran heh
11:43Chutt qt treats the shiftbutton modifier weirdly
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11:44vedran with this keynum > 0x7f i can't differentiate between ctrl+p and ctrl+shift+p
11:44Chutt keybindings are case insensitive.
11:45vedran i know, but shift is seen here as a button, not a case modifier
11:45vedran and i have a usb remote that returns ctr+shif+f for forward
11:45vedran and ctrl+f for next
11:45Chutt remap it
11:45vedran or something like that
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11:46vedran it's not easy to remap it, since there are multiple keys returned for one button
11:46Chutt why would it do that?
11:47vedran i don't know, it just does
11:56vedran anyway, i've looked at the explanation to why that was introduced
11:56vedran and i don't quite understand it :) it works ok for me without this condition
11:58doc Any of you guys using to change channels via myth on your external tuners? (or something similiar)
11:58doc I'm wondering if it would decrease the channel-change latency if that were to be re-written in C
11:58RevGreb not likely
11:59vedran though any change that cuts down mythtv dependancies is welcome imo :)
12:01Chutt what dependencies?
12:02vedran i gotta go.. maybe i'll try to replace mysql with sqlite.
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12:02Chutt main app requires qt, lame, and freetype
12:02Chutt that'd be dumb, since sqlite isn't network capable
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12:03RevGreb Chutt: unfortunatly dumb stuff doesn't stop many
12:04RevGreb monday in oregon, a train hit a pedestrian at a grade crossing, crossing was protected by functioning gates, flashing lights, and bells. Engineer sounded horn ocntinuously when he saw person
12:04RevGreb person had cell phone to one ear and hand over other ear
12:04RevGreb walked right out in front of train and was promptly dismembered as they were instantly accelerated to 70 mph
12:05Chutt heh
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12:11skiy can someone with working dvb please dcc me an szap channels.conf preferably for the UK
12:11skiy I would be most grateful
12:11Chutt read the topic.
12:11skiy soz
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12:17niqo should i bother putting a limit on a teletext pagecache when it from my calcs won't exceed ~1.5MB?
12:18Chutt don't see why, no
12:21niqo darn, forgot about subpages, say a double, maybe tripple that number, because most pages don't have subpages..
12:21niqo still ain't much
12:22niqo love the instant browsing though :)
12:26niqo found a way to cut down on osd reinit, by delaying image load/resize untill it actually is used, works pretty well..
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13:52Cred Hello
13:52* Cred reads topic "oh" :)
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17:25oneo99 hey all - anyone know what the advantages are of qt-embedded over QT and X?
17:25pelckyboy qt-embedded is only used in combination with the DirectFB output
17:26pelckyboy this allows you to run without x, directly in a framebuffer
17:26oneo99 do you need directfb?
17:26pelckyboy depends on which output you want to use
17:26oneo99 the pvr-350 framebuffer?
17:27pelckyboy I don't think that will work
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17:28Chutt wow, what nice misinformation
17:31oneo99 what do you mean chutt?
17:32Chutt don't listen to pelckyboy
17:32Chutt but, do read the topic
17:32oneo99 im not looking for support, im just curious
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18:25mchou What exactly is the mfd module?
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18:49GeckoFiend is running some sort of moronic spam system sending bounce messages for list posts
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19:22Niqo this might be braindead, but how should i convert qcolor to ttf palette?
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