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00:24Netslayer|64 | has the protocol changed since 15.1 ?
00:25Netslayer|64 | aka so i can use a new cvs with post 15.1 cvs?
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00:27meshuga what key/click on get mythdvd to start transocding?
00:27Netslayer|64 | any key .. if it doesn't work check your mythtv logs
00:27Netslayer|64 | #'s i believe
00:27meshuga no # keys change the title #
00:28meshuga oh woot, we got it
00:28meshuga its 0
00:28Netslayer|64 | are you in the rip configuration or did you just enter dvdrip menu
00:28meshuga thanks man
00:28meshuga there should be a rip button :)
00:34Netslayer|64 | guess it's not 64 compatible still :-/
00:34Netslayer|64 | CPU you selected does not support x86-64 instruction set ahuh right
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12:33newbie hello?
12:33newbie aaaah, n/m
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15:54* Chutt writes new ui framework code
15:54Chutt wheee
15:55Beirdo_ sounds fun
15:57Chutt much fun
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16:06Beirdo_ Gotta say, MythTV is a great tool. :) keep up the good work
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16:15Chutt i want stuff able to move on screen
16:17hlubocky any particular animated image format in mind?
16:17Chutt naw
16:18Chutt not really thinking of image-based animations
16:18Chutt if i only knew an artist that was, well, dedicated to working on stuff
16:18hlubocky some sort of vector format?
16:19Chutt hlubocky, well, if i _have_ to do animated images, probably just do it sprite based
16:20hlubocky oh, what kind of on-screen movement were you refering to then?
16:20Chutt adjustable alpha levels, able to move things
16:20Chutt like the OSD does, but for the rest of the app
16:20hlubocky ah
16:21Chutt but, sprite based animation is pretty damn easy once the rest of that's there
16:21Chutt a list of .pngs, for instance
16:21hlubocky you are right though, you would need a cool artist to really make it worthwhile
16:29m0j0 What ever happened to Ziarek? He made some really nice Myth images, IMHO. Oh well...
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16:42CanadaBoy anyone here using mythweb + key bindings ??
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18:56dcstimm Mythtv 0.16 is awesome, thanks for all the hard work!
18:56Chutt wow, i wish i had 0.16
18:56dcstimm oops to early?
18:56mikegrb ME TOO!
18:59dcstimm we should release it then!
19:00Chutt uh, no
19:00dcstimm yeah
19:00dcstimm that would be bad
19:01dcstimm I wonder when mythtv will have support for doom 3
19:01mikegrb before you have the intelligence of a newt, I'd imagine
19:02dcstimm but then how do we play doom 3 in mythtv?
19:03mikegrb okay maybe I was a little optomistic with my assesment of your intelligence
19:03dcstimm mikegrb, I hope the opengl sublayer is working in mythtv for doom 3 to run natively
19:04mikegrb oh, you are one of those lame gentoo people
19:04dcstimm mikegrb, I cant figure out how to install gentoo
19:05mikegrb figures
19:05dcstimm it wants me to build the kernel from scratch, how dumb is that!
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19:08dcstimm mikegrb, is there a distro that mythtv can run on with no configuration?
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19:45roguenet hey a quick question
19:45roguenet does the recorded video get stored on the backend, or the frontend?
19:45roguenet or is it configurable?
19:46roguenet got a 200Gb HDD, and I need to know whether its going in my server backend, or my xbox front end :)
19:48roguenet n/m got it answered in #mythtv-users
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20:38Fuzz hmm that is interesting ....Xbox as a front end
20:38* Fuzz thinks hard.....used Xbox $119
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21:02si120 I think mythtv needs a way to get into the program guide while watching a recording..
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21:09si120 cat women the video game! yes!
21:11--- User: *** Fuzz is now known as Fuzz_Away
21:12FairWtns sil20:Yep.
21:12FairWtns Um, yep to the program guide, no to the catwoman.
21:12si120 FairWtns, okay I was just going to ask:)
21:14si120 FairWtns, i think alot of people would benifit from it
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22:14CanadaBoy any developers around ?
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23:02Netslayer ya i'm here
23:02Netslayer is anyone working on gcc 3.4 support?
23:03Netslayer or is it 64 support:
23:03Netslayer dialogbox.cpp:1: error: CPU you selected does not support x86-64 instruction set dialogbox.cpp:1: error: CPU you selected does not support x86-64 instruction set make[2]: *** [dialogbox.o] Error 1
23:03Netslayer make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/chris/mythtv-15/mythtv/libs/libmyth'
23:03Netslayer make[1]: *** [sub-libmyth] Error 2 make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/chris/mythtv-15/mythtv/libs' make: *** [sub-libs] Error 2
23:05Netslayer i can emerge mythfrontend 15.1 in gentoo, not sure if they've made their own patches but i need never CVS :-/
23:11Netslayer just mailed the list
23:16Chutt why would you mail the list about something that's your fault?
23:16Chutt get rid of the -march=pentiumpro if you want to compile in 64-bit mode.
23:18Netslayer i don't have march=pentiumpro
23:19Netslayer CFLAGS="-O2 -march=k8 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer -fforce-addr"
23:19Netslayer CHOST="x86_64-pc-linux-gnu"
23:19Chutt that doesn't say anything about what it's actually using to compile
23:20Netslayer i just dld CVS, edited the briefly, ./configure and make .. ./configure is showing 'unknown' for cpu
23:21Chutt that's nice
23:23Chutt it doesn't really matter, because libavcodec has no x86-64 optimizations
23:23Chutt so if you compile in 64 bit more, you're running straight C code
23:23mikegrb haha
23:23Netslayer i'm just trying to get it to compile
23:24Netslayer it might be fixed in portage, but that's not as new as CVS. I used to use a whole other chroot environment and it worked fine, but i'm trying to get away from that
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23:25Chutt you have read the topic, right?
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23:25Netslayer aka talk to the user channel
23:25Chutt you generally want to for a support question
23:26Netslayer ya ok, just wondering what kind of problem i have .. you think it's just not recognizing the march flag or something?
23:26Chutt what march flag?
23:26Netslayer -march=k8
23:26Chutt dialogbox.cpp:1: error: CPU you selected does not support x86-64 instruction set
23:26Chutt if you're getting that error, you don't have that set.
23:27mikegrb you um have to type "qmake" then press enter
23:27mikegrb /then/ make
23:27Netslayer did qmake -> ./configure and it goes 'unknown'
23:28si120 Chutt, why are you so rude? or are you just trying to be funny?
23:28Chutt the point of the users channel is so i don't have to see stupid user questions
23:29mikegrb si120: I would imagine he gets quite anoyed by users questions taking up space on his screen
23:29Netslayer it makes sense
23:29Chutt i get annoyed when someone persists in asking them in here
23:29si120 Chutt, then name this channel #Mythtv-dev and only give voice to people you want to talk to or developers
23:29mikegrb si120: and having to read them to see if they are crap or actual dev talk
23:29Chutt si120, why should i do that?
23:29si120 Chutt, so people dont bug you and come in here asking questions
23:29Chutt if someone's smart enough to run an irc client, they _should_ be bright enough to read the topic
23:30si120 Chutt, make this channel the support channel
23:30Chutt why?
23:30Chutt it's my channel
23:30si120 Chutt, and #mythtv-dev could be yours too!
23:30si120 Chutt, and you could make #mythtv a better place
23:30mikegrb why
23:30Chutt i am making it a better place
23:30mikegrb that is a waste of time!
23:30si120 Chutt, yeah right
23:30Chutt i'm getting rid of people who can't read
23:30mikegrb the first rule of irc is read the topic
23:30si120 Chutt, hahahhah
23:30Netslayer :-P
23:33si120 I guess developers just look at things a bit differently
23:35Netslayer ya i develop also.. not to this scale yet and there definetly has to be seperation between users and devs
23:35si120 I dont think so
23:35si120 Users make devs work harder
23:35Chutt no they don't
23:35Netslayer heh
23:35Chutt i work less because of annoying people
23:35Netslayer ya exactly
23:36Chutt it's not worth my time to deal with idiots
23:36si120 well then your working on the wrong stuff
23:36Chutt how's that?
23:36Netslayer he's saying since your not paying attention to users
23:36si120 if the end user cant use the program easily then why make it?
23:36Netslayer basically let users help other users, and let devs develop
23:37Chutt i pay attention to certain users, and the only end user other than myself that i care about is my wife
23:37Chutt if she can use it, i'm happy.
23:37si120 heh
23:37si120 yikes
23:37si120 thats a good plan
23:38Chutt like, right now, for instance
23:38Chutt i _was_ working on a new UI backend
23:39si120 Chutt, then stop hanging on irc and do some work you big silly!
23:39Chutt instead, i'm paying attention to some random idiot who's trying to tell me how to manage my project
23:39si120 heh
23:39si120 Im random!
23:40Netslayer sil20, are you here a lot, and contribute code?
23:40si120 Netslayer, I am a maintainer of the gvid project
23:41Netslayer cool
23:43si120 I wonder where Linus hangs out on irc...
23:43si120 oh wait he probably doesnt
23:43Netslayer sil20, hah ya like he would
23:43si120 heh
23:43Netslayer that would be so cool
23:44si120 yeah wouldnt it?
23:44si120 he probably goes onto #fedora and trolls
23:44Netslayer but then nothing would ever get done .. athough he does get paid to work on the kernels doesn't he?
23:44si120 bitching about rpms
23:44snowblind he would never get anything done
23:44si120 I dont think he does, but he gets paid by IBM and other companies im sure
23:44Netslayer actually he just moved or something for a new job .. /. a month ago or something
23:51si120 I love how Chutt complains about not getting work done because he had to respond to someone asking for help... He doesnt need to help people
23:52Chutt which is the entire point of having the -users channel.
23:53snowblind chutt: would you mind answering a few Qs about the recordedmarkup table?
23:54Chutt sure
23:55snowblind i want to try and use that data to auto set com cuts in a program that i use to use for tivo show rips
23:55snowblind how can i tell what data point to which show
23:55Chutt err, by using the data in the table?
23:56Chutt it's got chanid and starttime in there, what more do you need?
23:56snowblind ah doh
23:57snowblind is that offset frames?
23:57Chutt yup
23:59dopester3 any new dvb stuff from keneth? ive been uber busy and havent had a chance to look at the 100+ megs of dev list emails yet..
23:59dopester3 i saw some fixes on the diseqc code i wrote but that was maybe 3 weeks ago..
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