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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-07-16

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00:00Chutt nothing major
00:01snowblind one more thing how can i flush that data and start with a fresh recordmarkup table without breaking something else
00:02Chutt just delete it, and re-run mythcommflag on things
00:02dopester3 i may be moving to san juan puerto rico, so i am talking to a dude in germany to work on sticking the code i wrote into cvs. cause if i move to pr its gonna take me 2-3 months to get setteled and get a dish (need a big one there too)
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00:02snowblind thanks you sir
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01:31billytwowilly| dopester, why are you moving to san juan?
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02:20Chutt geckofiend, you awake?
02:23GeckoFiend just got home from work :/
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02:24Chutt heh, sucks
02:24Chutt i worked until 4 am last night
02:25GeckoFiend yeah, some idiot rolled out a new software suit that hadn't been fully tested. I got stuck doing 2nd shift support / bug fixing this week. I start a new cntract on the 9th doing C++/Unix work for Chemical Abstrcts thank god
02:27Chutt heh
02:27Chutt about your settings code?
02:28GeckoFiend yeah?
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02:29Chutt the api isn't quite the same as the current settings code, right?
02:29Chutt would it be possible to get it down to being identical?
02:32GeckoFiend Yeah it could be, the problem I had was that the list stuff was all meant to be generic. I tried to mixin the settings classes but ran into inherrtiance issues since they'e both QObjects. I could rpboably rewrite the items objects to get around that
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02:35squig-2 does any one here run mythgame with gentoo?
02:35GeckoFiend squig-2 /topic
02:35squig-2 sorry
02:36GeckoFiend Actually now that I look at it the ManagedListSettings aren't all-that different than the existing ones. I'll see if I can't make it a painless "change the base class and be done with it" type of thing
02:36Chutt yup, that's the idea
02:37Chutt replace the existing wizard class with a generic version of what you've done
02:37Chutt etc
02:37Chutt i want to get rid of qt ui code
02:37Chutt since i'm writing new drawing code
02:38GeckoFiend makes sense. I'll start on it tomorrow/this weekend.
02:39squig-2 thanks for all the work on my favorite OS project
02:46squig-2 is there a way to get a gdb trace from a core file? or should i be running in gdb, I have a crash that occurs really rarely and I is hard to trigger and I am trying to collect info about
02:49Chutt not reliably with threaded programs.
02:49squig-2 hmm, usualy happens when I am away fromt he machine
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11:40Chutt rkulagow, are you around?
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11:47bbeattie Chutt: are you the only one who is working/has worked on the scheduling code?
11:50bbeattie Chutt: I have been noticing that if I have a conflict I can almost always pick one show and cancel it's recording schedule then re-add it and it fixes the conflict (By scheduling to record the show at a later time). I'm wondering what your thoughts are on having the scheduler look for conflicts, if one exists it tries to find a later/alternative recording time for all the programs it conflicts with and activates that one instead to fix the conflict.
11:52Chutt it already does that.
11:53Chutt it's done that for about 2 years
11:54bbeattie Chutt: does it do this after each new recording schedule is made, or daily? (I'm wondering why I'm experiencing this regularly)
11:54Chutt every time you change the schedule
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11:57rkulagow_ chutt: yes
11:58Chutt rkulagow, you wrote code for the pvr-250s to bail on bad channels, right?
11:59Chutt is why i'm asking
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12:23rkulagow hey chutt. i never saw your response, if any, to you pinging me.
12:28Chutt heh
12:28Chutt <Chutt> rkulagow, you wrote code for the pvr-250s to bail on bad channels, right?
12:28Chutt <Chutt>
12:28Chutt <Chutt> is why i'm asking
12:30rkulagow yeah, i'd started. i've still got a channels.cpp that i've been working on. basically, the ivtv driver signal strength is essentially a boolean of 0 or 65535
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12:31rkulagow but i've been doing the job search thing and have had like no cycles lately.
12:35Chutt ah
12:35Chutt ok
12:35Chutt i was just curious, since someone reported the bug :p
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12:36mchou Anyone know how M179 compares quality-wise to PVR 250? I have an opportunity to score M179 cheaply.....
12:37kvandivo_ i like my 250 better
12:38mchou kvandivo_:can you elaborate? less hassle, better PQ, what?
12:38rkulagow personally, i can't tell the difference between my M179's and 250's. mine were from the avermedia "direct sale" a few months ago.
12:38kvandivo_ it seems to have slightly crisper/less noisy output.. i attribute it to the quality of the auxiliary pieces on the board
12:38kvandivo_ but i might just have a bad one
12:38mchou rkulagow: how much did you pay for M179 in "direct sale?"
12:38* mikegrb likes the quality of kvandivo's auxiliary pieces
12:38rkulagow i've got a powered 1x8 splitter (i think it's a channel master) feeding my cards and they look pretty good.
12:39rkulagow i think it was something like $50 a piece or so? i got 3
12:39kvandivo_ ya.. i've tried switching coax, moving slots, etc.. the quality just stays a bit crisper on the 250..
12:39mchou Frys has it on sale for $40.....
12:39kvandivo_ i'd get one for that.. (that's what I gave for mine)
12:39rkulagow store or online?
12:39mchou store
12:40rkulagow get it and try it. sux? return it.
12:40mchou yeah, I think I'm off to Fry's
12:40kvandivo_ _particularly_ if you just have one tuner right now..
12:40rkulagow which one? i tried the downers grove and the guy had no idea what i was talking about.
12:40kvandivo_ 2 (plus a tivo) is a pretty sweet spot for me. i never have conflicts
12:40mchou rkulagow: it's splashed in the San Jose ads today.
12:41rkulagow ah.
12:41stoffel read the topic, folks :)
12:41kvandivo_ has links to ad copies for various Fry's
12:42mchou rkulagow:do you stiff have to "merge" M179 code as part of ivtv? (still ON TOPIC :) )
12:42rkulagow yes, but not downers grove.
12:42mchou s/stiff/still
12:42rkulagow the m179 is supported by the "ck" patches.
12:43rkulagow i think i've still got my "custom" tarball of 0.1.9 + M179 + jens axboe patches from a long, long time ago. they were pretty stable.
12:43mchou so ivtv driver doesn't support m179 as part of baseline code?
12:43rkulagow at this point i don't even remember anymore.
12:44rkulagow it's been a while between official tmk releases.
12:44mchou hmm......
12:44CanadaBoy this is the developers room correct ?
12:44mchou heh....
12:45Chutt yup
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12:52CanadaBoy any of you guys ever look at the mythweb cde ?
12:52Chutt nope
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13:21CanadaBoy darn .. hopefully someone here has :-(
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14:28Chutt hrm, i need a qobject wrapper class
14:28Chutt oh well
14:51Chutt there we go
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15:38Chutt yay, it draws stuff
15:41Chutt no to do it with opengl..
15:41Chutt err, now
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16:13* mikegrb draws a picture of chutt
16:13mikegrb with kvandivo_'s blood
16:39CanadaBoy any of you guys ever look at the mythweb cde ?
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17:10Chutt mikegrb, you here?
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17:10mikegrb yes sir
17:10Chutt able to run some code?
17:10mikegrb likely
17:11Chutt mind giving that a try? =)
17:11mikegrb this is open gl stuff?
17:12si120 I wonder if there is a way to use my mind to change channels in mythtv
17:12mikegrb ack the clock on this box is off
17:12mikegrb tar: mythui: time stamp 2004-07-16 17:10:06 is 416 s in the future
17:13Chutt yeah
17:13si120 mikegrb, i hate when that happens
17:13si120 ntpdate
17:13Chutt 'qmake' 'make' './mythuitest'
17:13mikegrb right
17:13Chutt should do it
17:13mikegrb I don't belive opengl is setup on this other box
17:13mikegrb will try it though
17:13Chutt ah
17:14Chutt needs qt compiled with gl support
17:14si120 make: *** [drawgl.o] Error 1
17:14mikegrb ahh
17:14mikegrb well then :<
17:14* mikegrb wonders about on osx
17:14jams well it works for me :)
17:14Chutt movement isn't smooth because i just have it using a timer at the moment, but, it's an idea
17:15si120 drawgl.cpp: In function `void drawPixmap(const QRect&, const QPixmap&, const QRect&, int)':
17:15si120 drawgl.cpp:85: error: `GL_TEXTURE_MAX_ANISOTROPY_EXT' undeclared (first use this function)
17:15si120 drawgl.cpp:85: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in.)
17:16stoffel and the tv moves ;)
17:16jams a very cpu intensive application
17:16stoffel load avverage 4.6
17:16si120 yikes
17:17Chutt uses 0%, here
17:17stoffel well, OpenGL version string: 1.3 Mesa 4.0.4
17:17Chutt ah, software rendering
17:18jams same here
17:18Chutt i'm just messing around with stuff, anyway :p
17:18Chutt it'll be able to turn off animations
17:19Chutt i like the logo better than the moving tv, anyway :p
17:19jams hmm making theme's may have just got alot more intense
17:19Chutt well, no text yet..
17:20si120 I think my optimizations are to much for the code
17:20Chutt doubtful
17:21jams leaning more towards opengl instead of SDL ?
17:22Chutt probably both
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17:25DonLKSAB Yo!
17:25DonLKSAB Developers :-)
17:25si120 what year did the p2 go from a 66 mhz bus to a 100mhz bus?
17:25DonLKSAB I have a question to all of you
17:25DonLKSAB If i have a good idea but no programing skills at all
17:25donour si120, around 400 mhz
17:25si120 DonLKSAB, do it, do it
17:26DonLKSAB What is the best way to share my ideas?
17:26si120 donour, no I think it was 300mhz
17:26donour si120, lets say '98ish
17:26donour i remember vividly that my celeron 300 was 66
17:26si120 300/350 range
17:26donour man, THOSE were the days of overclocking
17:26DonLKSAB I tied the mailinglist one time but got flamed for asking
17:26si120 donour, all celerons were 66mhz
17:26si120 at that time
17:27donour si120, yah i know that. isn't there old docs on the intel website?
17:27si120 cause you cant get 350mhz with a 66mhz bus
17:27jams Chutt would you mind if I used the mythtv logo in the background of NUV2disc, or in the dvd menu ?
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17:27DonLKSAB Should i go for the mailinglist again?
17:27donour DonLKSAB, share what ideas?
17:28DonLKSAB Well
17:28si120 donour, but I guess 4.5x66=300mhz
17:28DonLKSAB One problem is movies that are split in two or more files.
17:28donour si120, that's what i was thinking
17:28DonLKSAB Like CD1 CD2
17:28si120 donour, so 350mhz is it
17:28donour si120, they were all the same core right?
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17:29DonLKSAB I would love a script file that you can que up files in.
17:29si120 donour, yeah they were, but the BX board came out when the 100mhz bus came out, which is like the best chipset of all time
17:29donour well i said _around_ 400. :) wasn't there a 366?
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17:29si120 no 366
17:29donour or was it 350?
17:29DonLKSAB And that Myth tv sees as one file. ie you can add imdb data to the file
17:29si120 350
17:29si120 333 celeron though
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17:29DonLKSAB Then when you play it it autoplay all files specified in it
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17:30DonLKSAB Also you can use it to do a playlist for musicvideos
17:30donour the 350 was definitely 100mhz on the front side
17:30DonLKSAB God or bad idea?
17:30donour i just found one for sell
17:31si120 donour, yeah a 5.3 muliplier doesnt make sense
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17:32donour DonLKSAB, well i'm no authority but...I would never use just a feature. I would just want to transcode multiparts into a a single file. although, one thing that would be useful is a way managing removeable media with multiple videos
17:33DonLKSAB Do you have a good way to transcode multiple parts in to one file?
17:33donour i never realized that slot 1 pII and pIII were pin compatibale
17:34donour DonLKSAB, depends on what you have
17:34donour if you have constant bitrate, usually avimerge will work
17:34donour mencoder can also do it
17:34donour but that's all beyond the scope of mythdevel
17:35donour si120, i can't find a 300mhz p2 with the faster bus anywhere online...if that helps
17:35Chutt jams, which logo?
17:35--- ---> Niqo [] has joined #mythtv
17:36Niqo hi
17:36Chutt howdy
17:36si120 donour, yeah the slot1 p2 and p3 were the same
17:36donour si120, i think the 350's hit the market in mar of '98
17:36Niqo someone fixed the round-trip times on mailinglist, hmm? feels much better :)
17:36Chutt i decided to work on code instead of patches, but i haven't forgotten your stuff
17:36si120 donour, the katmai p3s were just p2s with sse
17:36Niqo Thanks!
17:36Chutt mailing lists haven't been touched at all
17:36donour old cnet, "Pricing for the 300-MHz version is expected to be between $1,500 and $2,000--and likely closer to $2,000, according to sources. "
17:37donour :)
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17:37si120 donour, those were the days
17:37jams chutt the one in the upper right hand corner of
17:37Chutt ah, i'd prefer not
17:37Chutt that's for official stuff :p
17:37si120 donour, I remember buying my p3 450 (the first day it came out) in aug 23rd 99
17:37jams ok, that's why I asked :)
17:37si120 donour, for $400 dollars
17:38jams got one for non-official stuff ?
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17:39Chutt nope
17:40--- ---> stoffel [] has joined #mythtv
17:41jams ah well, it's not like many people use it anyhow.
17:45Niqo Just so you know, that one-liner I asked about on -dev is definatly the culprint, tested it with overwriting the incoming data randomly and with random amount, since I don't have a bad signal as all those that have complained about it have :)
17:45Chutt cool.
17:46Niqo Btw, what are you working on Chutt, the new settings layer? Moving to SDL?
17:46Chutt needs qt compiled with opengl support
17:46Chutt and i've changed the api around a bit since i put that up
17:46Niqo MMMM, sounds exiting :)
17:46Chutt but, you can get an idea
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17:48Niqo I'll look it over while watching a show, right not...I'll probably miss a lot of the show but heck, it's recorded, later! :)
17:49Niqo Btw2, I'll look at merging and releasing a new patch sometime tomorrow..
17:51Niqo ..and if I'm not mistaken (only breifly looked), the only patch not committed is the one-liner, if you could squize it in it would be less file...
17:51Chutt there's more
17:51CanadaBoy this is the developers room correct ?
17:51Niqo Thanks for applying the once you have Chutt!
17:51Niqo oh, ahh well :)
17:51Niqo kinda loosing track
17:52Chutt yeah, i'm going in chronoligical order, though, so i'll get to things when i get to em :p
17:52Niqo then deal with it when you have time..
17:52CanadaBoy any of you guys ever look at the mythweb cde ?
17:52Chutt CanadaBoy, stop repeating.
17:52Chutt it's rather annoying.
17:53CanadaBoy well was like 4 hrs ago ..
17:53CanadaBoy different people are chatting no ?
17:53Chutt so?
17:53si120 Chutt, i love the 90s
17:53Chutt the last time was only one hour ago
17:53CanadaBoy im sure not everyone reads everything since the last time they talked ?
17:53Chutt CanadaBoy, ask on the mailing list.
17:53Chutt not here
17:54si120 CanadaBoy, didnt you read the topic?
17:54Chutt if you repeat in here again, you'll get banned.
17:54CanadaBoy ok i'll try that :-)
17:54CanadaBoy si120: i did ... and i have ased in users, but i havn't had much luck i was hoping to find out some of the requiremts for mythweb .. but i shall ask on the mailing list :-)
17:55si120 CanadaBoy, /msg and ill help you
17:55Chutt the requirements for mythweb are all listed in the README.
17:55si120 CanadaBoy, ^me
17:55CanadaBoy si120: u don't mind ?
17:55si120 CanadaBoy, nope
17:55CanadaBoy sec let me check out the read me
17:56Chutt donour, don't message me.
17:59donour Chutt, ok. but i'm just trying to find out the correct person to THANK.
18:04Chutt yes, i'm isaac
18:06CanadaBoy isaac .... the guy who started it all off ?
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18:14donour that's why i didn't say it publicly.
18:14donour well. thanks for you work
18:14donour we do appreciate it
18:15DonLKSAB Yes we do
18:15DonLKSAB Thanks
18:15CanadaBoy ya me too ... :_)
18:15CanadaBoy greatly appricated!
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18:29Netslayer CanadaBoy, what part of CA?
18:29mchou rkulagow or kvandivo_ : you around?
18:30Netslayer i'm from the praries
18:31Netslayer gosh why can't i get ALSA to output stereo -> surround :-/
18:33CanadaBoy Netslayer: Nova Scotia ... U ?
18:36Netslayer i did live in MB
18:36Netslayer not that close :-P
18:38CanadaBoy :-)
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18:48* Netslayer goes swimming as it just hit 90F in his room
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