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01:29Chutt geckofiend, yo
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02:31gfiend chutt heya. heading to bed in a sec
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02:34Chutt heh
02:34Chutt nm, then :p
02:42Chutt hmm
02:42Chutt fonts might be tricky.
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12:14splash911 Hi everyone
12:15splash911 I haven't use mythTV and found it on the web. I was looking to build a DVR, and it seems perfect for my needs... except...
12:15stoffel the topic ;)
12:16splash911 My goal is to transform an XBOX into a fully DVR included into an Xboxmediacenter
12:16splash911 I'm ain't looking for support. I'm looking for porting, developping and including into an XBOX
12:17stoffel aiui it (the frontend) is working well with an xbox linux distro.
12:18splash911 yeah, but you still need a pc to capture the TV stream
12:18splash911 my goal is to combine the functionnalities of a great DVR software (may be built) and the hardware to make it mobile, and PC free
12:29Chutt um
12:29Chutt the xbox _is_ a pc
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12:29Chutt and usb capture cards either suck (in the case of analog) or don't work in linux (hardware mpeg2 encoding)
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12:39mikegrb yup
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12:39mikegrb and xbox sb is only 1.1 not 2.0
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12:46thor_ "It'll likely be quite slow with software rendering for now.."
12:46thor_ yup
12:47* mikegrb renders thor_ in hardware
12:47thor_ heh
12:49Chutt thor, yeah
12:49Chutt hi! btw =)
12:49thor_ heh, hup, hi
12:49thor_ just waiting for some free time on the box in the living room to try with hw rendering
12:50Chutt it's fairly nice. with sync_to_vblank on, it's very smooth
12:50Chutt 'course, don't want a ui to be too busy, but i'm just playing around with architecture for now
12:50thor_ all I've seen is a TV icon move very slowly from upper left to lower right with very nice blending
12:51thor_ :-)
12:51Chutt there's the alpha frobbing, too
12:54Chutt i need to abstract out the drawing into a couple classes
12:54Chutt but i should be able to have a video-based osd renderer and the ui stuff all sharing the same code now =)
12:56thor_ ah
12:56thor_ that would be agood thing
12:56thor_ a good
12:58Chutt should also be really easy to disable the 'active' parts, too
12:58Chutt for lower end hardware
12:59thor_ just saw it on an Nvidia box
12:59thor_ sweet!
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13:02splash911 XBOXtoDVR project : USB capture card?... that is an excellent idea, but as you said, it's only version 1.1 USB ports... the other input is the LAN card
13:02splash911 if there was a video capture hardware thing, which streams onto a LAN that would be it.
13:02Chutt what, like a mythtv backend machine?
13:02splash911 anybody have heard of anything like that?
13:03stoffel sits in my living room
13:03splash911 no. The Xbox would be the mythtv backend machine, receiving the streams of TV via the LAN
13:04Chutt why?
13:04Chutt that's insanely stupid.
13:04splash911 what do you meen stoffel, what is sitting in your living room, a Tivo computer free
13:04stoffel splash911, a video capture hardware thing, which streams onto a LAN
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13:05splash911 no, the goal is to remove the PC from TiVO. You would have an Xbox, doing, games, emulators, divx, pics, mp3s, live TV, wheather etc... the greatest Multimedia box
13:05splash911 you built it stoffel or buy it?
13:05splash911 tell me more...
13:05Chutt an xbox _IS A PC_.
13:05stoffel splash911, it's a pc running mythtbackend
13:06Chutt it's not even a particularly quiet or capable one, so i don't see the attraction
13:06thor_ cheap
13:06Chutt yeah, but you can buy something from walmart for about the same price
13:06thor_ yup
13:06splash911 Xbox is invisible, I hide it, it has a 250 GB HDD, tons of Divx, movie
13:06Chutt splash911, so it's not an xbox anymore
13:07Chutt since you've modded it
13:07Chutt you've made it into a general purpose PC
13:07splash911 sorry chutt, a modded Xbox
13:07Chutt which you seem to be saying you don't want
13:07splash911 like you could run unsigned code on a normal Xbox
13:07Chutt which doesn't make sense
13:07Chutt if you want a PC, use a PC
13:07splash911 are you dumb? I want an Xbox in my linving room, not a PC
13:08Chutt um
13:08stoffel *g*
13:08Chutt what's the difference between an xbox and a pc?
13:08splash911 when I move over to my friend house, I will be carrying my Xbox, not my PC
13:08thor_ right, excellent, well, glad that's solved
13:08splash911 Smaller, dedicated, can play Xbox games, remotly control, and in front of my couch
13:08mchou OK, I know this is not the mythtv-users channel, but I got a m179 yesterday. All I get on mythtv FE while watching live TV are "prebuffering pauses" with skippy video and sound. Is this a ivtv driver, mythtv, or ivtv parameter/firmware issue?
13:08Chutt splash911, it's larger than my main mythtv box
13:09Chutt louder, too
13:09Chutt uglier as well
13:09splash911 louder no, I'ver told you, it's hidden
13:09Chutt then why do you care that it's smaller?
13:09thor_ no you didn't
13:09splash911 I don't care, your mythtv box can't play PSX emulators
13:09Chutt sure it can
13:09Chutt it's a PC
13:09Chutt it can do everything a normal computer can
13:10splash911 you can't play Xbox's game
13:10Chutt no, but why would i want to?
13:11Chutt anything worth while is also available on other platforms
13:11splash911 lol
13:11thor_ way more l33t on xbox
13:11Chutt apparently so
13:11splash911 so you're gonna buy a PS2 and still have your PC in the living room to do what my Xbox can do?
13:11splash911 big deal
13:12Chutt your xbox can't record tv
13:12Chutt since you can't hook up a tuner card to it
13:12splash911 That's what I 'm looking for
13:12splash911 haven't you heard my project?
13:12Chutt why would i give a damn about your project?
13:12splash911 I'm ain't goona use a tuner card
13:12Chutt how's that going to work?
13:12splash911 how old are u
13:12splash911 scroll up AND READ
13:13thor_ oh dear
13:13Chutt erm
13:13stoffel by using a video capture hardware thing, which streams onto a LAN iow a mythbackend powered PC *g*
13:13mchou hehe, silly :)
13:13Chutt so you're _basically_ going to build a PC to capture video and stream onto a lan
13:14Chutt so your underpowered xbox can attempt to compress it in real time?
13:14mchou hehe....
13:14Chutt saturating your lan with needless video traffic?
13:14mchou boy hasn't done his math.....
13:14Chutt or am i wrong?
13:15mchou Chutt, why are you giving this dude free advice? :)
13:15Chutt instead of setting up a mythtv server with a couple tuner cards, and using the xbox as a playback frontend
13:15Chutt mchou, i'm pretty bored
13:15Chutt and he's funny
13:15mchou hehe....
13:16mchou splash911: I think you ought to CALL 911
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13:18splash911 you guys know anything about LAN
13:19thor_ I think it's the capital of Cambodia
13:22mchou rkulagow, kvandivo_: you guys around?
13:30Chutt heh, i need a default construtor for the font properties class
13:31Chutt spent a minute or two trying to figure out why it was hanging
13:31Chutt was just sitting trying to draw a really big font outline
13:31thor_ so is this new stuff SDl based
13:32thor_ err, SDL
13:32Chutt opengl
13:32thor_ ah
13:32thor_ hmm
13:32Chutt but, should be able to do sdl easily
13:32Chutt or even just qpainter
13:32Chutt i'm going to abstract out the drawing next, and do a qpainter version
13:33Chutt check out drawgl.h =)
13:33Chutt nice and simple api to drawing so far
13:33thor_ I would say it sounds like a mamoth undertaking, but then you'll probably have it all finished in about a week
13:33Chutt i wrote everything that's in cvs now yesterday / last night
13:34thor_ heh
13:34Chutt and i think it's a pretty good base for rewriting the ui with
13:34Chutt _that's_ going to be the mammoth undertaking
13:34thor_ heh
13:34thor_ yup
13:34Chutt anyway
13:34thor_ but not bad timing from an mfe perspective
13:34Chutt gotta go continue taping drywall in the basement
13:34thor_ have fun
13:35jams is the plan to just switch or have both QT and opengl coexisit for a while?
13:36thor_ plan?
13:36jams or course silly me
13:36jams of
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14:19kvandivo_ mchou: ya?
14:25Chutt thor, what do you think of the api so far for the new uitypes?
14:25snowblind what makes mythcommflag think a file is IN USE
14:28snowblind recordedmarkup is empty
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14:50thor_ Chutt, haven't had a look yet
14:50thor_ just sorting through a month's worth of crap
14:50thor_ will look tonight
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14:56kvandivo_ i don't sort my crap. i just flush it and let the sewer sort it out
14:57thor_ hmmm
14:58* kvandivo_ waits patiently for thor's witty, yet thoughtful, comeback.
14:59thor_ it's toilet humour, wit don't enter into it
14:59thor_ as it were
15:00snowblind mythcommflag just hangs at 99% no errors
15:03kvandivo_ sounds to me like you need to add some debugging statements and find out why
15:07snowblind heh i messed up something trying to understand how it works i guess
15:14Chutt thor, any item can be chained to any other item
15:14Chutt distinct 'screens' can be full screen or not (ie, popups, a grey-out layer)
15:14Chutt it starts drawing from the last fullscreen 'screen' type
15:14thor_ sounds like the ticket
15:14Chutt you can have multiple stacks of screens, each drawn in the order they're added
15:15thor_ hmmm
15:15Chutt like in that demo, the background image and logo on the left are one stack
15:15Chutt the tv + associated images/text are another stack
15:15thor_ cook
15:15thor_ err, cool
15:15* thor_ getting used to full sized keyboard again
15:16thor_ will definitely have a look tonight
15:16Chutt everything's parent relative
15:16Chutt i'm fairly happy with it so far =)
15:16thor_ sounds very cool
15:16thor_ gotta run though, 1 year old's birthday party
15:16Chutt going to port over the menu code and hook up input after the engine stuff's abstracted s'more
15:16Chutt later =)
15:16thor_ (this is going to be fun)
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15:40mchou kvandivo_:are you around?
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16:11mchou hey kvandivo_ or rkulagow: if you guys are around, I can sure use some advice on M179....:) works but doesnt work "right"
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17:32Tack Most of the htpc cases I've been looking at are rather square and boring looking. Thought I'd ask here for recommendations on a nice looking, slick htpc case. :)
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17:36TBoomer2 Anyone here have an understanding on how the backend recording happens? Have the developers made their own recording engine or does it call something like mencoder or ffmpeg?
17:38stoffel i thought i answered that question: mythtv uses it's own code for recordings. there are no external programms being called
17:38stoffel well, ffmpeg is the internal code
17:39TBoomer2 stoffel: *nod* I'm just making sure. That way I could indirectly ask a tech support question without being thrashed.
17:40TBoomer2 But ya ruined it! My secret is out! I have a problem!
17:40stoffel oi
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23:42mchou Anyone using pvr250 or m179 here?
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