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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-07-19

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00:18sephen Can anyone give me their modprobe settings for getting ivtv to work with the 2.6 kernel? I never get a "Registering device with v4l" in the dmesg, and the turner doesn't work.
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02:12rowley is there a known problem updating schema in sql 4.0? I am having a syntax issue running setup...
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05:08laga re
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13:44o_cee Chutt, do you want moderation or whatever on bugzilla? lika closing patches that should be sent to the ml and confirming bugs, stuff like that?
13:45Chutt no
13:47o_cee okay, just thought i'd ask
13:55o_cee oh, btw, i found a way to break stuff.. got a show with a description containing "the life of \"Jackass\" cast member" where those \" breaks the SQL query that inserts it into 'recorded'. the source xml looks like this: "the life of "Jackass" cast member". not sure where it's best to fix it, mythfilldatabase or mythfrontend, guess mfe should be smart enough to handle it though. want me to file a bug for it?
13:56Chutt quotes are already escaped properly.
13:57Chutt they have been for a very long time.
13:58o_cee you mean filldatabase or backend?
13:58Chutt both.
13:58o_cee i'll see what it looks like in the db.. might be related to the fact that i use --file when importing data?
13:58Chutt doubtful
14:00o_cee this is what it looks like in the db: \"Jackass\" i think that the backend then tried to insert \\"Jackass\\" i'll see if i got a log of it
14:00Chutt it's supposed to look like that in the database.
14:01Chutt the code's obviously correct, since it'd be breaking for slightly more people than just you.
14:02o_cee i'll get a log for you. need to set up a fake recording.
14:02Chutt i don't really want a log
14:02Chutt send in a patch.
14:02o_cee the frontend presents it with the slashes as well
14:02o_cee i know you want.
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15:23o_cee Chutt, got the SQL the backend tries to insert now, not intrested?
15:24anduin I think the driver should be doing the escaping, that code seems to have repeatedly missed passes to update to bindValue
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16:00o_cee without looking at the code, i think the problem is that it _first_ escapes the \ with another \, so its \\"Jackass\\", wich obviously won't work.
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16:53wdwklj2 hey guys, is there a patch out there that will make it so the up and down arrows on my keyboard dont change channels and so it just brings up the broswe mode? I keep on changing the channel by mistake when I am trying to fast forward and since mythtv doesnt hold any kind of buffer after the channel is changed, I missed what I was watching..
16:55mikegrb um 1) read the setup screens there is an option 2) read the topic
16:55wdwklj2 mikegrb, i just wanted developers to know how annoying that is
16:55mikegrb why?
16:55wdwklj2 cause its annoying
16:55mikegrb there is already an option that does just what you want
16:56wdwklj2 should be default
16:56mikegrb people who come in not talking about development is much more annoying
16:56mikegrb no, it shouldn't
16:56wdwklj2 why shouldnt it?
16:56wdwklj2 changing channels is slow anyways
16:56mikegrb at any rate this isn't a support channel
16:58wdwklj2 I dont see the option in general, are you sure you know what I am talking about?
16:58hlubocky yes, I have it set
16:58hlubocky it is definitely in there
16:58wdwklj2 hmm, what is it called?
16:58hlubocky I forget, but it is pretty obvious
16:58mikegrb yes indeed
16:59wdwklj2 Change channels immediately without select?
16:59wdwklj2 no
16:59wdwklj2 hmm
16:59mikegrb this is NOT a support channel
17:15wdwklj2 hlubocky, any idea where in the prefs?
17:16hlubocky if you really need help, go to #mythtv-users
17:16wdwklj2 hlubocky, cant
17:16wdwklj2 channel is locked
17:16hlubocky eh?
17:16wdwklj2 I have been trying to get in there for a week now
17:16wdwklj2 gives me a message that its full
17:17hlubocky hmm, weird, doesn't seem full to me
17:17wdwklj2 I dont know
17:17wdwklj2 what irc server are youon?
17:17mikegrb is he still going on in here?
17:18wdwklj2 yeah he is
17:18Chutt apparently
17:18mikegrb he is so lame
17:18mikegrb he msg'ed me constantly
17:18wdwklj2 hlubocky, yeah, im on
17:18mikegrb said this was the right spot to ask for help
17:18wdwklj2 mikegrb, heh really?
17:18wdwklj2 mikegrb, dumb ass
17:19Chutt do i really have to op myself?
17:20wdwklj2 hlubocky, any idea where?
17:20hlubocky I don't know, but check the TV options
17:20wdwklj2 hlubocky, thanks bud
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17:36wdwklj2 Chutt, thanks!
17:36wdwklj2 mikegrb, thanks!
17:36wdwklj2 hlubocky, thanks bud!
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20:19Chutt hmm
20:19Chutt write new code, or apply patches
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20:34mhc1975 does anyone have a recommendation on a small form facter (cube) bare-bones system to use for MythTV?
20:34Chutt topic
20:35mhc1975 and?
20:35Chutt you're supposed to read it.
20:36mikegrb puhwahaha
20:37bbeattie Chutt: sorry, I changed my from e-mail address and didn't update myth's maillist entry, There'll be a message waiting, I've since corrected my maillist address. :-/
20:37mhc1975 I am asking for a person recommendation, not a support question... more like an opinion?
20:37Chutt mhc1975, no, you're asking a support question
20:37Chutt bbeattie, i don't approve things, so, ah, just resend it :p
20:38bbeattie Chutt: Oh joy. :) willdo.
20:40mhc1975 if I can't ask a personal recommendation.. what the heck else is this channel for?
20:40Chutt developers?
20:41mhc1975 hhhmmm, well don't let me get in the way of the vast blurbs of progress...... as I see a dead channel
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20:41Chutt great, so you'll be leaving?
20:41Chutt ah, too slow
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21:10sephen Has anyone had any luck getting ivtv to work with 2.6? I can get it to load, and myth acts like it is changing the channel, but no video - just static.
21:11Chutt this isn't a support channel, let alone a support channel for ivtv
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21:18mikegrb hehehehehehehehe
21:18* mikegrb gives Chutt a cupcake
21:19Chutt heh
21:21Chutt just committed an animated image class to mythui cvs =)
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23:34rowley I notice there are two fields year and air date, year seems to be correct for movies, air date sems correct for other, but not vice versa, this is from us listings - is that the case for other grabs?
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