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01:13rowley can someone point me at the general area for the watch recordings gui?
01:14Captain_Murdo| general area for the source?
01:14rowley yea :)
01:14Captain_Murdo| mythtv/programs/mythfrontend/playbackbox.cpp
01:14rowley thanks
01:15Captain_Murdo| yw
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10:36spyder_ chutt, are you here ?
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10:41spyder_ I've implemented an automatic aspect ratio detection filter, but I'm not quite sure about some design issues.
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11:36laga hi stoffel
11:37stoffel laga, hi
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11:52laga stoffel: my mythtv is finally working. everything works just fine. :)
11:52stoffel great
11:55laga yeah :)
11:55laga ok, it switched yesterday to super rtl during a recording, but super rtl is funny too, so i dont mind :>
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12:11rkulagow are j. donavan and the "mythtv logs stuff / no it doesn't" people talking about the same thing? mythbackend has had the -l parameter for a while now
12:12mikegrb rkulagow: there was a patch, I believe from j donavan a while back to log stuff to a table in the database
12:13mikegrb with the ability to view the log from the frontend
12:18Chutt that was someone else
12:19Chutt and, yeah, they're talking about the same thing, and yeah, it logs if asked to
12:21mikegrb Chutt: I love you!
12:23laga how sweet. are you going to get married? :)
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13:40Megor anyone know if there is a channel for lirc?
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13:51o_c Captain_Murdoch, hi?
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16:27Chutt bored bored bored
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16:51GeckoFiend I should have been more clear from the get go. And added "by default" in fornt of everything I guess.
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16:52GeckoFiend All I really meant to do was point out that it didn't HAVE to dump all that stuff to disk
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17:19o_cee tadalam
17:25o_cee well at least that's what i think.
17:28o_cee GeckoFiend, did you look anything more at that progress bar thingie for your osd theme? and btw, when entering the adv rec page, is the cursor supposed to be at the top item? if i move away from it, i can't re-select it.. until i change it to actually record (don't remember the labels now)
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18:43GeckoFiend o_cee I've not had all that much spare time. As for the list, it should probably set the focus on the first enabled item, not the first item...
18:43o_cee okay. and yeah, would probably make sense
18:47o_cee wonder what would happen if i bind all numeric keys as a jumppoint to live tv.. that would mess upp channel switching right? would be cool to go to live tv when you press a number, and tune the channel
18:48GeckoFiend daaaaaaaaammnnnn Isaac the Witless eh? Why do folks get so freaking hostile?
18:49o_cee -users?
18:49GeckoFiend yeah
18:50GeckoFiend A user replied to Isaac saying he "refused to a battle of wits with an unarmed man"
18:50GeckoFiend All over init scripts and logging for crying out loud.
18:51o_cee hm
18:51o_cee heh :)
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19:08Chutt o_cee, callsign, or displayname?
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19:23Chutt nm, just did em both
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21:02Feral_Kid Is there anyway to tie MythTV in with a Dishnetwork?
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21:33Captain_Murdo| Feral_Kid: try #mythtv-users, but yes, lots of people are doing that.
21:33Chutt captain_murdoch, yo
21:36Captain_Murdo| hey. just saw your comment about the seeking. it's at the top of my todo list and I've been looking over it a little over the past few days.
21:37Captain_Murdo| I've been working a little while on vacation on adding the ability to view the list of MythVideo videos inside the MythTV Watch Recording screen. I have it right now so that you can view them and play a video and it calls out to the MythVideo plugin to do the actual playing so there's no code duplication going on.
21:38Captain_Murdo| going to create a "virtual" Recording Group called MythVideo if the user turns on this funcationality by turning on a setting in MythVideo.
21:38Chutt cool.
21:39Captain_Murdo| need to check into how previews will work though, haven't checked into that yet since I don't use them.
21:39Captain_Murdo| but otherwise cool. can watch my CSI recordings and my .avi movies from the same interface.
21:42Chutt i'd look into converting over to using the new tree code
21:42Chutt that mythmusic uses
21:42Captain_Murdo| was that seeking problem fixed recently for mpeg2 recordings or has it been a while?
21:42Chutt but make it so it draws the same as the current watch recordings screen does
21:43Chutt (not hard, just don't draw the background for buttons, move the arrows around a little, etc)
21:43Captain_Murdo| ok, might do that. nothing I'm doing it touching the actual display code, I just add items to the list and flag them as videos instead of Myth recordings.
21:43Chutt yeah, mpeg2 was fixed back for 0.14 right now
21:43Chutt people'll complain that it's only a flat list if you do that :p
21:43Chutt err, leave off the 'right now'
21:44Captain_Murdo| flat list? are videos categorized any other way that would allow listing them not as just a flat list?
21:46Captain_Murdo| title = mythvideo.title, description = mythvideo.plot, most other info is blank and displays blank onscreen. I debated whether to list them all with "MythVideo" as the title and the mythvideo title as the subtitle, but think just throwing them into their own group and having the title be the mythvideo title is better.
21:46Captain_Murdo| could use category I guess from videometadata as well.
21:46Chutt the filesystem list thingie
21:47Captain_Murdo| ah, you mean complain that current MythVideo requires videos be in the same dir and doesn't support subdirs?
21:48Chutt nono, that they'll miss the videotree functionality of mythvideo
21:49Captain_Murdo| ah, ok, have to play around with that more. I just usually use the browser. I'll have to see what i can do with it.
21:50Chutt i think it'd be easy with the new tree stuff
21:50Chutt =)
21:50Chutt have you taken a look at '
21:50Chutt err
21:51Chutt have you taken a look at 'mythui' at all?
21:51Captain_Murdo| haven't checked that out yet or even the tree code any.
21:52Captain_Murdo| was out of town until Monday on vacation. I left the day Gigem got back from his I think.
21:52Chutt ah
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21:53Chutt no one's really said anything about it :(
21:54Captain_Murdo| getting ready to cvs checkout
21:54Captain_Murdo| they know you have such wild and crazy ideas that the project leader would never implement. ;)
21:57Captain_Murdo| when you say tree, are you talking some of the same code used for the osd menu or is there another place I could look for an example.
21:57Chutt osd menu, mythmusic
21:58Chutt api's similar for both
21:58Chutt but the drawing's really simple, so it could be made to look like the existing watch recordings screen
21:58Captain_Murdo| have to checkout a recent mythmusic, haven't used that in a long time.
21:58Chutt and it's a hell of a lot easier to use than the other stuff
21:58Chutt coding-wise, that is
21:59Captain_Murdo| if mythuitest sucks all my cpu and doesn't display anything is that because I don't have OpenGL?
22:00Chutt possibly
22:00Chutt does glxgears work?
22:00Captain_Murdo| yeah, spinning away. 207fps.
22:00Chutt funky
22:00Captain_Murdo| hmm. have to go looking I guess.
22:01Chutt i really don't know anything about opengl
22:01Chutt swiped most of the code from qt 4
22:01Chutt aside from the text rendering stuff and image cache
22:02Captain_Murdo| could be my older qt version. need to get at least a 3.2.x something sometime soon.
22:02Chutt shouldn't be
22:02Chutt i'm not really using qt for much
22:02Chutt aside from image loading
22:03Chutt and some minor rendering..
22:03Chutt if you've got time to run it in gdb and see where it's sitting, i'd appreciate it
22:05Captain_Murdo| everytime I do "thread apply all bt full" after CTRL-C-ing, I get this:
22:05Captain_Murdo| Thread 1 (Thread 1084772224 (LWP 22920)):
22:05Captain_Murdo| #0 0xffffe002 in ?? ()
22:05Captain_Murdo| No symbol table info available.
22:05Captain_Murdo| #1 0x406d7bd7 in _XRead () from /usr/X11R6/lib/
22:05Captain_Murdo| No symbol table info available.
22:05Captain_Murdo| #2 0x406d871d in _XReply () from /usr/X11R6/lib/
22:05Captain_Murdo| No symbol table info available.
22:05Captain_Murdo| #3 0x40888577 in __glFreeAttributeState () from /usr/X11R6/lib/
22:06Captain_Murdo| one more line with glfreeattributestate() after that and that's it.
22:07Chutt hrm
22:07Chutt no fun
22:07Captain_Murdo| commented out backimg->Load(); and it
22:07Chutt :(
22:08Captain_Murdo| it's actually displaying stuff, but rather slowly and smearing.
22:08Chutt it's supposed to smear with no background image
22:08Chutt i don't bother clearing things if i'm redrawing the background =)
22:08Chutt ah well
22:08Chutt the opengl stuff can be turned off =)
22:08Chutt it just disables all movement and alpha frobbing and stuff
22:09Captain_Murdo| this is on an old Voodoo3 card, might be better on my nVidia, but that's not in any system right now.
22:09Captain_Murdo| should have mentioned that earlier. :)
22:09Chutt heh
22:09Chutt it'd certainly be better on that
22:09Chutt silky smooth on my fairly old gf4
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22:11Captain_Murdo| been needing an excuse to throw it in my main dev machine but everything else has run OK.
22:12Chutt how many commercial flagging processes can it launch at once, btw?
22:22Captain_Murdo| as many as it needs if you're running live recordings. there's no queue currently althought I'd like to merge the transcode and commercial stuff together into a multipurpose job queue. if you have unflagged recrordings and restart the backend I think it will fire up to 5 jobs off.
22:23Captain_Murdo| sorry for the delay, stepped out of the room.
22:24Captain_Murdo| not merge the functionality of each, just the queueing.
22:25Chutt yeah
22:25Chutt that bit me on the ass recently :p
22:25Chutt slow machine, 5 things going at once
22:25Chutt couldn't really do anything
22:26Captain_Murdo| even with it set at the lowest cpu usage setting? or was it higher?
22:27Chutt mainly was disk usage
22:27Chutt and i haven't touched the setting
22:27Captain_Murdo| I need to get that using a queue mechanism but haven't sat down to look at the transcode stuff to see what I think could be reused or would need to be recoded to make it multipurpose. Don't want to dis Geoffrey either.
22:29Captain_Murdo| yeah, that's what happens on my system, I've had 4 flagging jobs running before with just normal recordings being flagged. a few 1/2 hour programs overlapping a 1 hour show still being flagged. top that off with watching another program and that's what caused me to start looking at the TFW/RingBuffer code a little.
22:30Captain_Murdo| at some point I'm going to look into adding the ability to flag near real-time by making the flagger follow the recording by X number of frames.
22:31Captain_Murdo| that would also have the side-effect of cutting down on some disk thrashing probably since the data would still be in the disk cache when the flagger wanted to read.
22:35Captain_Murdo| be back later, have to finish watching something my wife and I were in the middle of when she got a phone call.
22:36Chutt later =)
22:54Chutt did anyone ever figure out what was wrong with manual recordings?
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23:42* Chutt assigns bugs
23:43* Captain_Murd thinks "so that's what that site was for"
23:45Chutt heh
23:45Chutt just gave a few mythvideo bugs to geckofiend
23:45Chutt and one program search thingie to bruce
23:46Captain_Murdo| I think bruce assigned the seek one to me the other day, guess I mentioned looking at it at some point. :)
23:47Chutt yeah
23:48Captain_Murdo| I never noticed it, guess that's cause I usually wait till after stuff is flagged and I have mpeg2 recordings anyway.
23:50Chutt you do have analog recordings too, right?
23:54Captain_Murdo| have some old ones I think.
23:54Captain_Murdo| wanted to put my old bt878 card back in a system anyway for testing things.
23:54Captain_Murdo| have my pvr-250 in my dev box and my (3) M179's in my production.
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