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00:10Chutt just sayin, that bug bruce assigned shouldn't happen on 250s, so =)
00:16Captain_Murdo| yeah. I haven't looked at how it was fixed for mpeg2, but was thinking something along the lines of having tv_play.cpp call nvp->nvp->SetWatchingRecording(false); when transitioning from watchingrecording to watchingprerecorded and nvp could make the decoder retrieve the missing info from the DB if it sees that transition from watching recording to not watching recording.
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00:17Captain_Murdo| actually, it already calls that. hmm..
00:17Captain_Murdo| when it gets a DONE_RECORDING event.
00:19* Captain_Murd decides to dig a little deeper tomorrow.
00:29Chutt just copy stuff from avformatdecoder.cpp =)
00:29Chutt there's a whole bunch of stuff in there to fall back and junk
00:41* Captain_Murd mutters something about finding AvFormatDecoder::SyncPositionMap() as he heads off to bed.
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01:23fatdave have a quick question
01:24fatdave read the instructions. ./configure ; qmake ; make ; make install
01:24fatdave all worked
01:24fatdave now i'm trying to run it by typing mythtv
01:24fatdave mythtv: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
01:24fatdave thats what I get
01:24fatdave can someone tell me what I am forgetting ?
01:29Chutt other than reading the topic and the docs?
01:29fatdave oh. sorry
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02:22anduin Would a patch allowing one to temporarily disable a recording be accepted (functionality wise)?
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06:02o_cee Chutt, sorry, was asleep, nice you fixed it. btw, is it possible to get mails from bugzilla about all new bugs and everything that happens?
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07:03gulliver hi all
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07:17gulliver anyone here using dvb on demand?
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07:39o_cee anyone awake who's myth compiled in debug mode? getting a segfault here with mythvideo
07:40o_cee gfiend, you awake?
07:41o_cee settings -> mythvideo -> file types -> (and btw, why the hell are those buttons different?) just go down through the items, they dissapear, continue down and then boom
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08:10shul Hi all devs, I got a question (I read the faq, the list and use latest cvs, protocol ver 12)
08:10shul can I ask ?
08:13shul ok.. i'll try, and since there are so many people here someone is bound to read this lines sometime...
08:13shul My problem is I see hebrew text ok on EPG but reveresed in OSD, for example if I had "simpsons" in the EPG I'll see it as "snospmis" in the OSD
08:14shul First I thought it might be something to do with QString so I hunted down the two places in which EPG queries and fills the list for programinfo and where OSD sends and receives the program info from the backend
08:16shul Then I printed a list of the the unicode codes of a specific program as it is received in osdtypes.cpp (where the SetText function fills the info for OSD) and in programinfo.cpp, where the epg fills info.
08:16shul both lists were exactly the same, I conclude from it that QT receives the same string to show, but it shows the right info in EPG and the reversed in OSD
08:17shul btw, only hebrew get reveresed, if I am using the browse feature in the OSD I can see english in the right order
08:17shul anyway, this leads me to think that the EPG data blocks (the ones with the title) use a different set of settings or widgets than the OSD
08:18shul My questions are - am I on the right track and how can I check what options/widgets are used for the OSD and the EPG widgets ?
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09:23shul hi GeckoFiend
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12:35Chutt hrmph
12:35Chutt this patch doesn't quite work
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13:26Chutt heh, the rtc fallback works pretty well
13:27Chutt not quite as good as the nvidia vblank or opengl methods, but much better than the other stuff
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16:58CyKiller hello all, is it possible to make a module to link to another distro?
16:58CyKiller instead of rebooting and loadin another
16:58CyKiller eh
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16:59Chutt what the hell was that
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17:11GeckoFiend hmmm looks like something in the recent themedmenu changes doesn't like non standard menus.
17:12Dibblah Hmmm... Has anyone seen any strangeness during setup, specifically setting DVB parameters, going out of the channel editor then back in? I'm seeing different settings getting changed to the ones I'm changing... The writes to the DB are correct, though.
17:14Chutt geckofiend, try updating again
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17:17Niqo hi
17:18Niqo Chutt, I posted a patch for that noise that occurs when audio buffer overflow occurs, could you apply that too?
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17:18GeckoFiend I'm running the most recent. It fixed one problem but it still segfaults on my AltMenus for some odd reason. As long as I'm using one from the stock menus it works fine.
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17:19GeckoFiend doing the clean distclean shuffle now
17:26Niqo also, I've noticed that if I do 'cvs -t diff -u * > x' on a tree that is built, that cvs sends the object files, could that be fixed with .cvsignore?
17:30Niqo The NuppelVideo format in MythTV has modifications compared to the original format, yes? if so, would anyone object to allow full vbi lines, in a similar format as mpeg2 does, to be recorded instead of the format that is present now?
17:31DonLKSAB Allmighty coders.
17:31DonLKSAB I have a CVS question
17:31DonLKSAB Who is doung the uppdates that the mythtv-commits mailinglist reports?
17:32Niqo If the CVS commit says Isaac, then it would be Chutt in here...
17:32DonLKSAB Ahh
17:32DonLKSAB Found it now
17:32Niqo The others have similar names here, I belive..
17:32DonLKSAB Changes committed by ijr on Fri Jul 23 19:51:45 2004
17:33Niqo Sorry, that's what I meant..
17:33DonLKSAB Ohh so that is Isaac?
17:34DonLKSAB Is there a place to find more info about the changes?
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17:34DonLKSAB Or is the "Log message" all there is?
17:34stoffel cvs?
17:34DonLKSAB Yeah the mailing lits
17:35Niqo ->
17:36DonLKSAB Can i find more info about a commit there?
17:36Niqo hmm, would think that would show all of it :)
17:37DonLKSAB OK if i ask this.
17:37DonLKSAB In the commits mail it says:
17:37DonLKSAB Log Message:
17:37DonLKSAB 'tuning failure and leak fix for dvb_on_demand mode' from Christopher Pascoe.
17:37DonLKSAB That doesent mean that much to me
17:38Niqo then you would try searching for the threads on mythtv-devel mailinglist archive
17:38DonLKSAB Oki
17:38DonLKSAB Thanks :-)
17:38Niqo ups..
17:38DonLKSAB Good i have a question about that url to :-)
17:38DonLKSAB The CVS url
17:39DonLKSAB On the AUTHORS file it says: Swedish translation update from Oscar Carlsson. Someone should check this, ...
17:39Niqo fire away..
17:39DonLKSAB Does it mean that the swedish translation should be checked?
17:39DonLKSAB Coz i can check it
17:39Niqo proof read maybe?
17:39DonLKSAB Im swedish
17:40DonLKSAB Yeah
17:40DonLKSAB So how can i help?
17:41DonLKSAB Im no coder so i dont know how to do it :-)
17:41DonLKSAB But i love to help with what i can
17:42Niqo this page should help you get familiarised:
17:43Niqo but then again, I've never done a translation...Oscar is in here though, o_cee, around?
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17:44DonLKSAB Ok i will talk to him about some of his translation :-)
17:44DonLKSAB Thanks for the help dudes.
17:44DonLKSAB I will go back to the users chan now and stop bother you guys :-)
17:53CyKiller anyone here very good a mythtv dev?
17:54o_cee Niqo?
17:54o_cee to tired to read scrollback.. whatcha need? :)
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17:55DonLKSAB o_cee
17:55DonLKSAB PM
17:55o_cee sure
17:55o_cee CyKiller, don't pm me dammit
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18:18markl_ has anyone heard anything about using voom with myth
18:18dopester2 markl: this isn't a support channel
18:19o_cee Chutt, i tried compiling your new stuff, but it failed with messages about opengl.. i need qt compiled with opengl, mythlib with opengl, anything else than that?
18:22Niqo hi o_cee, guess you understood what I wanted.. :)
18:22o_cee Niqo, yeah, i talked to DonLKSAB :)
18:23Niqo good, all good!
18:24o_cee yepp
18:25Chutt niqo, yeah, the file format can change
18:25Chutt it just has to be compatible
18:25Chutt o_cee, i can't tell you what you need unless you tell me what error messag
18:25Chutt +e
18:26o_cee just a second
18:26o_cee mythpainter_ogl.o(.text+0x4e0): In function `MythOpenGLPainter::Begin(QWidget*)':
18:26o_cee : undefined reference to `glShadeModel'
18:26o_cee about 30 of those, with different gl... stuff
18:27Niqo Chutt, lovely :)
18:27Chutt ah
18:28Chutt o_cee, your qt isn't linked to opengl?
18:28o_cee it should be, but no it doens't seem like it
18:28o_cee any way to check what qt has been compiled with?
18:29Chutt ldd the library to see what it's linked against
18:29Chutt edit settings pro
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18:29Chutt actually, no, i don't use the libs in
18:31Chutt ah, edit
18:31o_cee mmmkay, checking
18:31Chutt add opengl to the end of the CONFIG line
18:31Chutt CONFIG += thread opengl
18:32o_cee yeah seems like that worked
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18:33Niqo Chutt, I tested mythui on my epia (before the QPainter stuff got int), and it was all bad, the logo was drawing in white...
18:33Chutt right
18:33Chutt opengl is pretty bad on those
18:33Niqo ...probably because of bad ogl support in the via chip, but what would be done about this when it's merged?
18:33Chutt you'll use the qpainter stuff
18:34Chutt or maybe i'll get around to doing a sdl paint engine
18:34Niqo ok, would it cut back on heavy animation and stuff?
18:34Chutt right
18:34Chutt no animation, no extra alpha blending
18:35Niqo k, just wondering...basically i'm sick of my epia and want to toss it out....
18:35Chutt apparently the new a/v sync code breaks on the epia, too =)
18:35Niqo have not had a chance to compile yet, still merging..
18:36Niqo maybe it's the rtc sync that breaks
18:36Niqo or the fact that the via driver will wait for the next vsync (or field sync), so if it goes over..
18:37Chutt heh
18:37Chutt i've still got patches to merge :(
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18:38Niqo hmmm, thought you had been through most of 'em, bah, need to do more work then...
18:39Niqo Chutt, did you see that .o problem I mentioned earlier?
18:41o_cee Chutt, pretty :) of course it didn't work at all using the 350.. but it looked nice on the nvidia. little bit of tearing on the tv though
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19:03Chutt niqo, i dunno, try adding a -x *.o to the diff command
19:03Chutt o_cee, is there an animated watch cursor in gant?
19:04o_cee Chutt, i'll check. at least there's a clock background
19:05Niqo nah, i'll make clean before the next time..not a problme
19:12o_cee Chutt, doesn't seem like it. but i put up the clock background at: and Clock2.png
19:17Niqo My epia seems to work fine with current CVS (at least after the major sync stuff, but I might have missed some of the latest)
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19:31o_cee Chutt, would be nice to have a clock like that on the menu :)
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19:44Niqo wouldn't a digital fit better?
19:48o_cee dunno, analog would be pretty, but i'd have to try both i think..
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20:11* GeckoFiend needs to figure out why dri isn't working on his box and thus mythui isn't either
20:12* Niqo needs sleep...night!
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20:21GeckoFiend chutt: is what mythuitest looks like on my dev box :/
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21:34Chutt geckofiend, sweet
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