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07:38Rince anyone here with ivtv-pre2-ck100 or similar? I tried "upgrading" from 0.1.9, but there is no framebuffer-device for me anymore :(
07:39Rince okay, forget my complaint... apparently _something_ went right now..
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16:07Chutt geckofiend, you have a chaintech 7nif2?
16:55rkulagow chutt: there seems to be something up with the latest themedmenu? i'm running into the same issues as some of the other users reporting on -dev that doing practically anything will cause frontend to segfault.
17:06GeckoFiend Chutt yeah
17:15Chutt rkulagow, yeah, but i don't see what
17:15Chutt geckofiend, how loud is the chipset fan?
17:15Chutt thinking of upgrading my mini-itx
17:15Chutt want something with svid out onboard still
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17:27GeckoFiend The new ones don't have a fan anymore just a heatsink.
17:27GeckoFiend I put a Zalman heatsink on mine when I got it then they pahsed out the fan. it was LOUD
17:31dopester2 i got one of those xpc cases with mb and its super quiet
17:31dopester2 the tivo i had was about 10 times louder than the case
17:33GeckoFiend yeah I've got a SlienX power supply and a Zalman 5100 CPU cooler. For a while the chipset fan on the 7NIF2 was the liudest piece.
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18:10dopester2 that the box i was talking about
18:10dopester2 it has no hdd (use net boot) so that cuts down on the heat, so with a drive it might kick into the higher fan mode more often
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18:27infinite hey guys... i hate to disturb developers, but here goes... I would like to create a theme for myth for my kids. Is there a resource out there so i can learn what is needed to make one for them?
18:29infinite I found the theme files.. but don't know the format.. if you guys could just point me in a direction it would be appreciated... i might even write an app to do it if i could just get a starting place
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18:36Niqo hi
18:38Niqo would it be okay to clean up the FileTransfer read, by sending the total bytes we are about to send before sending the bytes, and not after? would simplify reading the socket a lot, kinda like the read/writestring stuff....
18:38Niqo should probably be equal for other read's but i have not looked
18:41Niqo it would also be nice to have a cvs account, so I could apply patches that I'm 100% sure about, like the recent via hard lock patch, what do you think, Chutt? no hard feelings if you do not want new members...
18:42Niqo I would still post other patches for you to verify, but actually merge them myself, once they where approved by someone else...??
18:43Niqo guess, Chutt's not around on Saturday, ey :)
18:44Niqo anyone else here?
18:45Niqo at all?
18:56GeckoFiend I'm around off and on
18:58Niqo hi GeckoFiend!
18:59Niqo most here are, right..
18:59Niqo how is that settings ui rewrite going?
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20:04Niqo hi Cpt. Murdoc!
20:13Captain_Murdo| Hey.
20:14Captain_Murdo| started irc then went off to do something else. :)
20:15Niqo well, i'm watching a movie, soo, guess we all got something to do :)
20:17Niqo platoon, kinda a friendly film, ain't it...
20:20Captain_Murdo| have never sat down and watched the whole thing actually. but yeah....
20:22oc Captain_Murdoch, hiya
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20:23Captain_Murdo| hey.
20:23o_cee you experimented anything with the clips?
20:26Niqo anyone experience problems with jumppoints?
20:26o_cee don't use them much
20:27Niqo hmm, aint' those in use in everyday use?
20:27o_cee no?
20:29Niqo then, guess it ain't jump points that's my problem, but for sure, someone doesn't want me to watch tv with mythfrontend, can only do mythtv
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20:57* Captain_Murd keeps forgetting to look back over here occasionally while he'c coding.
20:57Captain_Murdo| o_cee, haven't messed with them much recently.
21:24GeckoFiend I use jump points all over the place. My menus are all built using them
21:28jams and they work very nicely :)
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21:35Niqo did you modify the tv menu recently gecko?
21:35smokey__ if I had a 633 mhz celeron and 128mb of ram, a geforce2 mx400 tv out card, and a hauppauge win tv pvr 250 tv capture card.. would it be too slow to record tv, and watch something else at the same time, etc?... or do I need somthing faster/
21:37Niqo users...lazy...topic...
21:44Niqo smokey__: no
21:49smokey__ Niqo, no i dont need anything faster, or no i do need something faster... and have you experience with a slow machine running it like that?
21:51cmorgan it might have trouble with decoding at the same time
21:52smokey__ will i be happy with the quality of the recording?
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21:52cmorgan smokey__: oh the recording quality will be excellent. the 250 can record at dvd rates
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21:53smokey__ but will the video be jerky and stuff when i am watching it while recording?
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21:54cmorgan thats the part i can't answer. someone else here may have a similar setup though. i got a 350 b/c i was worried about that
21:55smokey__ so, if I got a 350, it should really be no problem?
21:55cmorgan the 350 has a hardware encoder and decoder
21:56Niqo could be that the 633 is on the edge when decoding, but I can't se that as an epia m10k can a\xF8most handle it with less instruction set and lower badwith..
21:56cmorgan so i'd imagine there should be no trouble with a 633 celeron
21:56cmorgan Niqo: with both encoding and decoding at the same time even?
21:56Niqo almost that should be
21:56cmorgan smokey__: why not try it out and see?
21:56cmorgan or are you still just in the planning stages?
21:57Niqo encoding with pvr x50 is not much work, just receiving data...but...
21:57smokey__ cmorgan, because, i am thinking about the tv capture card to order, and trying to hear first hand before I go out and buy the card
21:57smokey__ cmorgan, yeah, i have all the other parts, just thinking about wither or not it will be worth it to me to order
21:57cmorgan well if you want to be sure then spring for the 350
21:57Niqo since your one the edge....
21:58cmorgan imo the additional cost is worth the peace of mind
21:58Niqo yeaah, never get a epia though, it sucks, bugtime
21:59smokey__ cmorgan, just out of curiousity, what do you use for the remote? one that came with the tv card?
21:59cmorgan i actually use a keyboard
22:00cmorgan since i didn't want to spend any more time trying to figure out how to get lirc to both control the cable box and receive signals from the remote
22:11smokey__ cmorgan, what kind of 25 do you use? 990?
22:13cmorgan ?
22:13cmorgan what do you mean?
22:14smokey__ Hauppauge WinTV-PVR 350 - Input Adapter - 990 <--- I was looking at that product... i dont see where it lists the chipset though.. was wondering if that should work..
22:15cmorgan i've no idea what this input adapter is
22:20smokey__ cmorgan, so, you use that card to capture the video, as well as play it back on the tv?
22:20smokey__ and it's all done in hardware?
22:21smokey__ so i wouldnt even need to use my geforce 2 mx400 for tv out?
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22:23Niqo yup, it would help your puter display mpeg2 files, but any other content is out of the picture...
22:28cmorgan you can set the card up as a framebuffer device so X will be displayed on your tv
22:29Niqo I checked with sigma disignes without even a document in reply, but i suspect the realmagic is fairly equal to their netstream 4000...
22:30Niqo cmorgan, what's the buzz about the fb?
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22:32cmorgan oh just mentioning it
22:34Niqo what i'm asking is, is it fast for screen blits?
22:35cmorgan i'm not sure
22:35Niqo thanks!
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22:43Captain_Murdo| Chutt, you around?
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