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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-07-30

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01:29Chutt hm
01:29Chutt how do i want to do this..
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03:44woodwizzle I'd really like to add a button that starts up nvidia-settings
03:45woodwizzle Is it possible to add a program like that to the setup menu?
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12:32orogor hi
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14:28Chutt rkulagow, yo
14:28rkulagow hey.
14:29rkulagow i'm just trying to think if i can scrape up 7 machines for testing
14:30Chutt heh, for 7 frontends?
14:30rkulagow yeah - you reading that thread?
14:30Chutt silly people on the users list
14:31rkulagow yeah, feh. be neat to have 7 frontends though, just for testing.
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14:32rkulagow i like some of the "designs" that are being suggested. gigE between servers, etc.
14:32smokey i noticed how in the mythtv program guide you can set to record more than 1 show at the same time... but if i only have one capture card what happens?
14:32Chutt well, first you read the topic
14:33rkulagow chutt: bbl. got a status report to put together
14:33Chutt rkulagow, see ya
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16:22Chutt thor, yo
16:31smokey i am using mythtv, and it lets me set a show to be record the same time i set another show to be recorded, but i only have 1 capture card, how can i make it so that it only lets me set one show to record?
16:31woodwizzle is tvtime a dependency for myth?
16:32dja check the topic :-)
16:32woodwizzle whoops sorry
16:32dja np :-)
16:32woodwizzle i thought i was in myth users hehe
16:32smokey oops.. i actully thought i was in that channel.. damn xchat and all it's tabbed windows =)
16:32dja :-)
16:32woodwizzle lol, i feel ya
16:41thor_ Chutt, yup
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16:59GeckoFiend chutt: You see ck's new myth patch? Might want to chime in on it
17:00Chutt what's new?
17:00Chutt and where the hell is it?
17:00thor_ was there something I was wanted for?
17:01Chutt thor, no, just saying hi
17:01thor_ ah
17:01thor_ howdy!
17:01GeckoFiend nm looks like you've got it covered in a different one. I'm just getting caught up
17:03GeckoFiend "There's a new Myth patch, 07, which changes the decoder to use 64k input
17:03GeckoFiend max, had it at 32k and originally was 128k. "
17:03GeckoFiend it's in his 100s Myth-07 patch thread
17:03Chutt the write size doesn't really matter
17:03Chutt it's read size that does
17:06thor_ size does matter ?
17:06thor_ uh oh
17:06thor_ need to start responding to spam
17:06GeckoFiend heh I thought everyone knew that.
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17:07GeckoFiend "Meet Bob"
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20:45Niqo hup!
20:48Niqo did you actually read the patch chutt or are you acting up again?
21:00Niqo bah, I don't have time to muck around with you assholes (and this is the general view, just turn your head), I have nothing more to say...
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21:21thor_ well, this ui stuff is looking quite interesting
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21:23Chutt thor, latest?
21:23thor_ yup
21:23thor_ just poking around in it
21:23thor_ now that I have finally have 10 seconds free
21:23Chutt i'm working on screen transitions
21:24thor_ excellent !
21:24Chutt fade out old screen, fade in new one
21:24thor_ GL transitions
21:24thor_ ?
21:24Chutt nothin fancy
21:24thor_ but structure there that they could be fancy?
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21:24Chutt but i figure it'd give time for stuff to load
21:24Chutt yeah
21:24thor_ righteous
21:24Chutt don't want the UI to be too busy
21:25thor_ no
21:25thor_ but flexible
21:25thor_ :-)
21:25Chutt but the button list stuff ported over really easily =)
21:25thor_ heh
21:25thor_ must have been written by someone with a clue
21:25thor_ ...
21:26Chutt most of the rest of the uitypes'll be the same
21:26Chutt the guidegrid, though, might now
21:26Chutt not
21:26thor_ guidegrid's a wee bit special
21:26Chutt yeah
21:26thor_ the managed tree view drawing routines are a mess
21:26thor_ btw
21:26thor_ (in the old code)
21:27Chutt that's why i'm wanting to replace em all with button list/trees
21:27thor_ heh
21:27Chutt but without always drawing the background, for instance
21:27thor_ right
21:27Chutt since that'd look pretty much the same
21:27thor_ yup
21:27thor_ oh darn
21:27thor_ apparently we're going to see a movie
21:27Chutt i'm not sure if i like _all_ the button list stuff, though
21:28Chutt since it's instantiating the items quite a bit
21:28Chutt might be able to cut down on that a little, but, it's good enough for now
21:28thor_ seems pretty nice, I will poke around more on the weekend now that life has calmed down again
21:28Chutt have fun =)
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21:29* GeckoFiend compiles mythui again to try it out
21:30Chutt it's a tad more realistic now
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21:42GeckoFiend heh it's invisible on my machine now. I see the outline of a window at first then it goes completly invisible on me
21:43Chutt fun
21:43Chutt actually, lemme make a couple changes
21:43Chutt revert to something a tiny bit closer to the original qt4 pixmap drawing code
21:45GeckoFiend I've been dinking with the comm detection code this evening, I'm using the logo detection stuff as a sanity check for the blank frame /scene change. It *should* cut way down on false positives in shows like "The 4400" and "Touching Evil" without any real downside other than the added processing time for logo detection and scanning...
21:47GeckoFiend Should I make this yet another method/config option? Or is it ok to up the processing time for comm flagging?
21:49Chutt i dunno
21:49Chutt i'd talk with captain_murdoch, first
21:50dopester im starting to understand why no one wanted to do this dvb code.. all the specs in the dvb si tables are broken all the time.. have so many sanity checks to do to not get hung up its sick...
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21:56Chutt heh
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21:58Chutt geckofiend, mind resyncing mythui and trying again?
21:58GeckoFiend Captain_Murdoch around?
21:58GeckoFiend sure
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22:00GeckoFiend Chutt same thing.. If I maximize the window via the KDE panel I can see the window but it's full of garbage.
22:00Chutt hrmph
22:00Chutt what video driver?
22:00GeckoFiend course I aslo get this: Xlib: extension "XFree86-DRI" missing on display ":0.0".
22:01Chutt mesa should still work ok
22:01Chutt ah well
22:01GeckoFiend Figured it'd just run slower. OGL apps run fine.. (or at least Neverwinter Nights does)
22:01Chutt it works ok?
22:01Chutt funky
22:02Chutt i don't think i'm doing anything special, but i really have no idea how that all works =)
22:02Chutt does opengl work in mythgallery?
22:02GeckoFiend I don't use myth gallery but I can try it
22:02Chutt if you have free time sometime, don't waste time on it otherwise :p
22:03Chutt this stuff's still going to run without opengl, since i'm still going to be using my pvr-350 =)
22:04Chutt ah well, back later
22:04GeckoFiend yeah but everyone will expect Titivillus to have all the bells and whistles
22:04GeckoFiend see ya in a few
22:04dopester chutt are you still opposed to the dvb guide code being part of the libs and being fired off whenever tuning takes place if its turned on for that transport?
22:06GeckoFiend chutt looks like my machine may be borked. the OGL transitions in mythgallery are hosed too
22:07dopester what i am seeing is it takes about 30 minutes to get full guide on a large carrier.. about 3 minutes to get 80% and the last 20% takes forever to trickle in so it seems like it would be better to do in the background since you can do it while streaming other pids to the harddrive to record a show
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