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00:03Captain_Murdo| not sure if it's 2.95/6, but the new animated ui stuff won't compile on my RH7.3 master fontend.
00:03Chutt what's the error?
00:03Captain_Murdo| no matching function for call to `vector<QPixmap *,
00:03Captain_Murdo| allocator<QPixmap *> >::at (int)'
00:03Chutt hm, lemme guess, the at?
00:03Chutt heh
00:03Captain_Murdo| yep
00:04Chutt ah, well, hmm
00:04Chutt you can change em all to use []
00:04Chutt instead of at, if you'd like
00:04Captain_Murdo| figured it was gcc since it works on my dev box on an older qt than my master frontend.
00:04Captain_Murdo| ok, will take a look. wanted to upgrade to CVS last night and found the compile failed when I came back to the machine. :)
00:05Chutt heh
00:05Chutt animated weather map's pretty cool
00:05Chutt thanks for getting in that seeking fix =)
00:06Captain_Murdo| seems to work fine on nuppeldecoder and I just copied the same code to ivtv and it looks like it should work there as well.
00:06Captain_Murdo| had a VERBOSE in there so I could see it going into that section of code and retrieving the map from the DB once the recording ended.
00:08Chutt hrm
00:08Chutt though, the logic in avformatdecoder is a bit more complete
00:08* Captain_Murd mumbles something to himself about upgrading his master frontend so he doesn't have to compile myth twice everytime he wants to upgrade.
00:08Chutt i don't think you're changing the program length
00:08Captain_Murdo| yeah, but it broke things out into separate functions, etc.. I'd like to breakout some of that stuff into a decoderbase.cpp if possible to eliminate some of the duplication.
00:08Chutt for instance
00:09Chutt only real problem with that is the different keyframe markings
00:10Captain_Murdo| yeah, figured that could be passed in. avformat does do the fallback from GOP_START to GOP_BYFRAME also.
00:10Captain_Murdo| looking at the length now.
00:11Chutt the logic overview in SyncPositionMap()
00:11Chutt =)
00:12Captain_Murdo| yeah. I had started breaking it out earlier but to merge them is going to be a fairly big patch so I wanted to try to get a quicker fix in for now. avformatdecoder uses a vector of structs for the positionmap where ivtv and nuppel use a qmap.
00:12Captain_Murdo| I like the way avformat is broken down.
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00:30Chutt yeah, that could probably all be shared pretty easily
00:30Chutt be good that way =)
00:30Chutt less duplication, less chance of bugs
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00:36Captain_Murdo| quite a few variables to rename, etc. that's why I wanted to get a fix in now rather than waiting till I get time to convert all over and tested. have the length fixed now also. will commit that but comment that it's going to be replaced by consolidating some of the duplicated code in the 3 decoder classes. do you prefer the way positionmap is implemented in avformatdecoder.cpp? (qvaluevector of PosMapEntry structs)
00:37Chutt yeah
00:37Chutt though that requires other changes to the code to handle =)
00:38Chutt for linear data, it's generally better to use a vector
00:38Chutt maps take up a lot more room
00:38Chutt and they're a lot slower to access
00:39Chutt easy, though =)
00:39Chutt ah well
00:39Captain_Murdo| yeah, that's why I didn't do the whole thing yet, big mod to ivtv and nuppel to merge like I'd like to.
00:39Chutt need to go to bed
00:40Captain_Murdo| I'll get it converted sometime fairly soon. this is player stuff which is easy to test on the laptop with a few files and copy of the DB.
00:40Chutt yeah
00:40Chutt cool thanks =)
00:40Chutt once that's all fixed, i'll rip apart live-tv
00:41Captain_Murdo| yeah, nice to only have to go to 1 place to fix things if possible.
00:42Captain_Murdo| I'll checkin the length fix but comment that it's only a temporary solution.
00:44Chutt great
00:46Morph hmm
00:46* Morph wonders why globalsettngs.o has been building for the past 30 mins.
00:47Chutt because g++ sucks
00:47Morph ah okay :)
00:50Chutt it's the truth :p
00:50Chutt it can't handle simple inheritance
00:50Chutt bloats up, eats ram, starts swapping
00:59Morph no no. I believe you.
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01:16ErikN hi all
01:17ErikN I just installed mythtv - so far it rocks - tho I am getting horrible frame rates... I want to use it to just view tv - I'm running the wintv tuner on a p3 800... is there anyway I can adjust the res etc?
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01:27Captain_Murdo| ErikN: ask in #mythtv-users
01:28ErikN Captain_Murdoch, thanks
01:29Chutt gentoo kiddies are annoying
01:29Chutt that guy's still not using the default cflags
01:33* Captain_Murd thinks Chutt must be sleepwalking, said he needed to go to bed almost an hour ago. :)
01:33Chutt yeah yeah
01:34Captain_Murdo| so far I've got SyncPositionMap(), PosMapFromDb(), PosMapFromEnc(), and SetPositionMap() in decoderbase.cpp and avformatdecoder.cpp is still working.
01:35Chutt heh
01:35Captain_Murdo| once things are over there and working I can try to convert the other decoders over.
01:36Captain_Murdo| cut-and-paste so far, haven't stripped out the avformatdecoder-isms yet like MARK_GOP_START, etc..
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01:40mchou Captain_Murdoch: do you happen to have a m179, by any chance?
01:41Captain_Murdo| yeah, I'm the one that made the intial patch (based upon the yuan patch) to support the M179 in ivtv.
01:42mchou ok, maybe you can tell me something......
01:42mchou what exactly is "VIM Restart?" happens like 3 time per second on my system ....
01:43Captain_Murdo| dunno, haven't even looked at the current incarnation of the code that Chris Kennedy has in his patches.
01:43Captain_Murdo| I'm still running code from last December because the newer versions were so instable or just plain didn't work on my system.
01:44Captain_Murdo| haven't tried any new versions in months.
01:44mchou heh: ok, maybe I'll try the version you are using, are you using your patch version (that's pointed at by the ivtv wiki)?
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01:46mchou Captain_Murdoch: also, what chipset is on your m/b with the m179?
01:46mchou (just wondering if crappy via is responsible for my woes :()
01:47Captain_Murdo| yeah, my patch, but with a really old ivtv version from around December. I'm using the December 28th version and CVS from around that date.
01:47mchou ok, thx for the info. I'll give that a shot......
01:47Captain_Murdo| Intel Corp. 440BX/ZX/DX - 82443BX/ZX/DX. (lspci -v) it's an old Dell PowerEdge 2300 server
01:48mchou heh, Installed 2.6 on a old BX board two weeks ago, crash city.
01:48Captain_Murdo| single P2-400 cpu, 256MB RAM, and 3 M179 cards.
01:48Captain_Murdo| my master backend.
01:48mchou had tp spec nolapic noacpi noapic and god knows what else :)
01:49mchou to*
01:49mchou to avoid kernel panic (bad bios)
01:50mchou OK, I'm gonna move my 2x m179 on to the BX board. God to know that you can run 3xm179 on a 400BX
01:51mchou Captain_Murdoch: but does commercial flagging, won P2 choke on that, especially if you watch another stream simultaneously?
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01:51Captain_Murdo| yeah, pretty stable. only problem I have is that color bars problem every so often but that's easy enough to work around.
01:52mchou wont*
01:52Captain_Murdo| watching streams goes straight off my NFS server which is an Athlon 700 so it doesn't affect the backend at all. commercial flagging does though. each flagging job uses about 25% cpu normally on the low-cpu setting.
01:52Captain_Murdo| we're kinda drifting off the topic though, if you want any more info we can move to #mythtv-users or #ivtv.
01:53mchou yeah, would you mind moving over to mythtv-users?
01:55Captain_Murdo| there....
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05:28DeeKs ls
05:28DeeKs oops
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08:58_Tobbe is it normal that the timecode at the begining of a recording ( first few rtframeheaders ) or livetv is negative?
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12:17Chutt _Tobbe, no, should be 0
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12:50carbon60 I've got a Linux box with a bttv card in it and an iBook on a wireless network. I want to watch wirelss TV. Any ideas?
12:51carbon60 Hrm, maybe I'm on the wrong channel.
12:57_Tobbe Chutt: but that's not the case
12:57_Tobbe i have seen recordings that starts with some realy high timecode and then jumps down to zero and then continues normaly
12:59_Tobbe usualy audio timecodes starts at something like -22
12:59_Tobbe the same goes for video timecodes
12:59Chutt so, figure out what's wrong :p
13:00_Tobbe can't say i'm very familiar with the mythtv code, i'm usualy coding on the windows side
13:00Chutt should be pretty easy
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13:25nothingmuch does anyone have any experiences with digital cable set top boxes and their USB interfaces for channel changing?
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15:06rkulagow chutt: you like that email i forwarded to you?
15:23Chutt yeah, it was pretty funny
15:54Chutt i'm enjoying the fact that all those people whining and bitching about there not being a bugzilla
15:54Chutt haven't done _shit_
15:54Morph im pissed off that mythtv STILL wont let me watch scrambled tv channels.
15:55Chutt heh
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17:49mdz Chutt: how do you feel about that HideMenuBar patch from Nigel?
17:51Chutt haven't looked at it yet
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17:52mdz pretty simple, but #ifdefs around a bit in mythdialogs.cpp
17:55Chutt it's fine, there
17:55Chutt looks ok to me
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20:04Agrajag- hey all, im writing a vgetty script so that i can call my computer and press buttons on the phone to setup a recording - im not sure exactly how to setup the recording - i checked mythweb - am i right in thinking
20:04Agrajag- that all that's required is to insert the right stuff into the 'record' table
20:05Agrajag- and then somethign like UPDATE settings SET data="yes" WHERE value="RecordChanged"
20:05Agrajag- ? im assuming the backend polls that every so often?
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20:11Ashlar Agrajag-: you might want to check out
20:11Agrajag- ta
20:16Agrajag- hmm that seems to require registration with a SIP (whatever that is)
20:19Ashlar well, for the internet phone calling part..
20:20Agrajag- hmm ok i'll check it out
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23:24Morph hrm. remote stopped working after an upgrade.
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23:33Chutt there, fixed mythui to not leak horribly
23:34Morph Oh crap.
23:34* Morph mutters and rebuilds with lirc support
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