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01:42* Captain_Murd noticed the same video scaling problem that DonLKSAB mentioned earlier. seems to only work correctly when deinterlace is set to the new bob method.
02:28Chutt anything obvious in the code?
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07:48araldit I wants to install myth tv on my media center, which is a debian box. I can install as binary or selfcompile.. What is the best way to get a good result???
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08:35stoffel either way works
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13:05anduin videoout_xv.cpp is cutting imgh in half even when bob deinterlacing isn't being used
13:07anduin causing the weird 1/4 view when other deinterlace methods are used
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13:26anduin err, 1/2
13:42thor_ In file included from cddecoder.cpp:17:
13:42thor_ /usr/local/include/mythtv/mythcontext.h:15:24: DisplayRes.h: No such file or directory
13:42thor_ (debian newbie confusion?)
13:44stoffel xlibs-dev?
13:45thor_ no it's a myth thing
13:45thor_ just not sure the include is correct
13:45thor_ checking when it appeared
13:46stoffel so you switched to the real thing, debian?
13:46thor_ gdb is fundamentally broken in slack 10
13:47thor_ hmmm displayres.h is only 2 days old
13:47thor_ something not quite right
13:52jams yep i noticed that as well
13:53thor_ should be #include <mythtv/DisplayRes.h> when installed
13:54thor_ hmmmm
13:54thor_ trying on a non-Debian box just to test if I'm an idiot
13:56anduin thor_ - this is what I was complaining about a few days ago, DisplayRes made it into mythcontext
13:56thor_ right
13:56anduin chutt said it shouldn't even be there
13:56thor_ yeah, it shouldn't
13:57anduin but no one has removed it :)
13:57thor_ heh, it's bjm's code
13:57anduin ah
13:57jams would that also account for not being able to change channels 60 % of the time ?
13:58anduin no
13:58thor_ doubt it
13:58jams didn't think so, but that problem started happening around the same time
14:00thor_ ah, it's only a pointer reference, can move it to .cpp
14:00thor_ easy fix
14:00thor_ ho hum
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14:45Chutt jams, nothing's changed in the channel changing code in years.
14:46Chutt unless you're talking about dvb, and i don't care if that's broken or not :p
14:46thor_ "years" ... heh
14:47Chutt anduin, where's it cutting it in half?
14:50Chutt ah, i see
14:50Chutt blah
14:51Chutt i'll fix later, gotta go finish skim coating the walls
14:57anduin yeah, the broken part is easy, I'd send a patch if I could come up with more than a really lame solution
15:08jams chutt, nope it's not dvb
15:09jams pvr250's
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15:11thor_ hmmm gcc 3.4 does not like goom
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15:31jams well dumping the db and starting from scratch didn't help
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17:50oneo99 hey guys - has anyone done any development work on a bittorrent plugin for mythtv? like read RSS feeds for torrent sites and allow the user to select one to download
17:50oneo99 i was thinking about writing one, but i wanted to see if anyone had done anything similar
17:50stoffel see the mythtv-dev mailing list archive
17:52oneo99 hmm im searched for it and the only thing that seems to mention bittorrent is
17:52oneo99 someone just briefly mentioned it
17:53oneo99 do you have any links to a threat that talks about its development more in depth?
17:53mikegrb search slashdot?
17:53mikegrb I would concider that a threat
17:54oneo99 haha sorry, thread
17:54mikegrb thor_: what should I have for dinner?
17:54Chutt is the most important post from that thread
17:54mikegrb \fast food I think
17:54lisadaveh you might note that this idea has not been well recieved
17:55mikegrb wendy's I think
17:55oneo99 cool thanks thor - ill read up on this
17:55thor_ see Chutt's comment
17:55thor_ mikegrb, I only advise on what you should drink with dinner
17:56oneo99 lisa - not well received?
17:56Chutt oneo99, it's a moronic idea
17:56mikegrb thor_: okay what would that be?
17:57oneo99 why do you guys think so? just the legal issues of making it an official plugin?
17:57lisadaveh if you read the devel threads, you will see that alot of people werent very exited about implementing this plugin. Search for torrentocracy in the archives and you will see what I mean
17:57mikegrb also, this sprint pcs vision gives a pretty good data connection to ibook on the road
17:57mikegrb who needs wardriving anymore
17:57Chutt oneo99, i want people to respect my copyrights
17:57Chutt if i don't respect theirs, why should they respect mine?
17:58thor_ mikegrb, if you're going with Wendy's, I'd reccomend a robust Pinot Noir, perhaps a Wild Horse from Oregon
17:58oneo99 i see, well theres plenty of legal sites out that that distribute indy films and shorts
17:58mikegrb thor_: I will ask them if they have that
17:58Chutt so?
17:58lisadaveh Chutt always has a way with words. =) moronic idea laugh... the other day he said implementing xmms for mythmusid would 'suck horribly' ... Chutt you shouls realy work at hallmark =)
17:58oneo99 i frequent those, i think that would be cool just to be able to download those
17:58Chutt so download them
17:58Chutt you've obviously got another computer, else you wouldn't be in here
17:59Chutt there's absolutely no reason to have that integrated into myth.
17:59mikegrb exactly!
17:59oneo99 its just one step closer to having the ultimate standalone box
17:59mikegrb the voicee of reason is sseldom listened to
17:59Chutt no, it's one step closer to stupidity
17:59mikegrb all of my boxes stand alone just fine
17:59mikegrb unless I try to ballance them on a corner or something
17:59thor_ mikegrb, or some Wild Turkey
18:00oneo99 hah ok, this is an interesting viewpoint - im very surprised you guys are against the idea
18:00Chutt how's it standalone if you're downloading stuff from the net?
18:00GeckoFiend chutt: lisadaveh has been giving my theme a face lift.
18:00mikegrb thor_: we are sat her waiting in line
18:00Chutt geckofiend, cool.
18:00oneo99 whats the difference between a bittorrent plugin and mythgame?
18:00mikegrb Chutt: I think he means it stands up on the floor, that is all I could think of
18:00mikegrb Chutt: maybe print the source out and use it to prop up the short side?
18:00Chutt oneo99, mythgame doesn't go out and download for you
18:01lisadaveh cannot wait for everyone to see the new Titivillus..
18:01oneo99 chutt - right - but its primary use is to play illegal roms
18:01Chutt no, it's not
18:01mikegrb thor_: heidi is driving and she will not ask for your beverage suggestions
18:01Chutt it's primary use is to be a frontend to certain other programs
18:01Chutt it's not a content distribution mechanism
18:02mikegrb I tried shouting it to the speaker thingies but all they said was "um could you repeat that"
18:02Chutt if you can't understand _that_, well...
18:02mikegrb I use it for tuxracer!
18:02oneo99 chutt - right, i understand that - but lets be honest, most people like to use it to play old school emulators
18:02mikegrb omg the cops are comming to get me
18:02mikegrb oh, wait, tuxracer isn't an illegal rom
18:02oneo99 im just saying - bittorrent has a lot of ligitmate uses
18:03thor_ mikegrb, ah ..... yes .... well, what with the bun and all, I guess a Diet Coke (TM)
18:03Chutt not many.
18:03GeckoFiend oneo99 You're fightign a battle you cannot win.
18:03mikegrb thor_: omg that is what I got!
18:03Chutt diet coke?
18:03Chutt eww
18:03thor_ cheers
18:03mikegrb porno's have a lot of legitimate uses too
18:03oneo99 gecko - haha i know, im not trying to win any battle, im just trying to better understand the viewpoint
18:04mikegrb but that doesn't mean everyone who buys one is going to watch it with thier so
18:04Chutt what viewpoint?
18:04oneo99 that bittorrent is an evil technology
18:04Chutt that i won't have any p2p stuff in mythtv?
18:04Chutt the only people that want that are those that don't have any time invested in the project
18:04lisadaveh Yeah, oneo99 this has been done to death in the archives, Chutt comes out with a bloody sword after each of these battles.
18:05Chutt it's easy to do that stuff externally, if you want
18:05oneo99 ok ill read the archives to better understand - i wont waste your guys time...but i do think its a very interesting argument
18:05Chutt it's a rather stupid argument
18:05Chutt "I WANT FREE STUFF!@#!@#!#"
18:05thor_ oh, you old charmer
18:06Chutt vs "i don't want my project shut down and having to defend myself in court because some idiot decided to build p2p crap into my project'
18:06thor_ in other news, after 48 hours I can now run gdb to debug my 4 line changes to mfe
18:06Chutt thor, heh
18:06thor_ wooo hoooo
18:06Chutt new gdb?
18:07thor_ new distro
18:07oneo99 chutt - no i understand your position completely
18:07Chutt then why the fuck are you still babbling on about it?
18:07Chutt thor, always good =)
18:07Chutt thor, valgrind's a bit behind in the archive, though, if you use that
18:07Chutt but it's an easy compile
18:08thor_ I'm just get used to not compiling stuff
18:08thor_ err, getting
18:09oneo99 but do you think that mythtv needs some sort of interface to the internet? web sites were not meant to be viewed on a large screen, but mythbrowser does its best to make it as best as just saying i think XML feeds would be a perfect way to format information to view on tvs
18:09Chutt mythnews?
18:09oneo99 can mythnews handle multimedia content?
18:10Chutt no, but it handles rss
18:10Chutt what's the attraction of content distribution?
18:11oneo99 like i think it would be cool to get an RSS feed to get the day's ESPN motion clips streamed to mythtv
18:11Chutt um
18:11Chutt why do that when you could just tell it to record espn?
18:12mikegrb or a feed of all the movies that opened this weekend!
18:12Chutt mikegrb, that'd be so l33t!
18:12oneo99 i have a VCR - but i use ESPN motion frequently
18:12GeckoFiend A showtimes + trailers thing would be neat.
18:13oneo99 what if i missed sportcenter?
18:13oneo99 gecko - right, that'd be another cool usage
18:13thor_ welcome to MythPhone
18:13Chutt oneo99, um, you're talking about a pvr application
18:13* thor_ does an imitation of Kramer doing an imitation of the MoviePhone guy
18:13Chutt geckofiend, no trailers - most of em are 'no redistribution'
18:14oneo99 you see my point, espn motion delivers the day's headlines and nothing else
18:14GeckoFiend :/ bummer.
18:14Chutt oneo99, nope, i don't
18:14GeckoFiend you'd think they'd fall all over themselves to get people to share trailers.
18:14thor_ (he could be arguing in his spare time ...)
18:15Chutt i'm waiting for food to finish cooking =)
18:15thor_ no you aren't
18:15* GeckoFiend snickers
18:16oneo99 why is ESPN motion so popular then? most people have VCRs and have espn
18:16thor_ he told you once
18:16Chutt how can you compare a vcr with a dvr?
18:16thor_ (yes, yes I'll shut up now)
18:17Chutt thor, hey, think people will mind if i leave out text entry boxes?
18:17thor_ naw
18:17Chutt switch to somethiing that pops up that half-integrated phone-pad?
18:18Chutt could even do a full-keyboard
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18:18thor_ best would be a phone pad thing that just pumps through non-numerics I think
18:18Chutt still need to figure out how to handle translations of that, though
18:18thor_ so if you happen to have a keyboard attached ...
18:18thor_ dunno
18:18Chutt should still allow text entry
18:18oneo99 ok it sounds like your set in your way - ill stop trying to make you see the potential of it
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18:19Chutt i was just thinking that the lineedit's the most used qt thing that we don't have an easy replacement for
18:19mikegrb there is potential only for failure
18:19thor_ ah, yeah
18:19thor_ crap
18:19thor_ what a pain
18:19Chutt once geckofiend cleans up the settings stuff more.. =)
18:20stoffel hey: It's Planet of the apes night! And ot this channel i'm talking about
18:20oneo99 out of curiosity, what development environment do you use?
18:20Chutt 4 or 5 term windows.
18:21thor_ and joe with that new fancy pants context highlighting stuff turned off
18:21Chutt vim :p
18:21oneo99 every time you want to test something, you just qmake and make?
18:21Chutt no, i just make.
18:22thor_ I tend to save first
18:22Chutt ooh, yes, saving helps
18:22thor_ my god debian is rather extreme about X permissions
18:23thor_ sheesh
18:23Chutt the X maintainer is one of the, ah, negative aspects of debian
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18:23thor_ no xorg
18:23Chutt maybe in a few years
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18:24oneo99 any need for another c++ programmer on the project?
18:24thor_ and heaven forbid root would want to run an xlogo on a reg user's session
18:24Chutt always need for people who can code
18:24oneo99 ill stick to legitimate plugin, i swear
18:24thor_ oneo99, find itch, scratch
18:24Chutt mythweather/mythgallery/mythnews haven't been touched in a long time
18:25Chutt there the bug list at
18:25oneo99 cool - ive been into java for the summer - looking to get some more experience on a c++-based project
18:26Chutt food's done, i'm outta here :)
18:26oneo99 nice, i'll take a look at those
18:26oneo99 nice arguing with you chutt, im always down for a good debate
18:26stoffel oneo99, as you've been thinking about an internet connection for myth, you might look into adding shoutcast support to mythmusic.
18:27GeckoFiend stoffel I thought Chutt was rewriting that?
18:27stoffel GeckoFiend, is he? i don't know.
18:28oneo99 how do you coordinate most of the programming? just in here?
18:28GeckoFiend Last I heard he was. Though he's got a few poles in the water
18:28oneo99 or mostly on the dev boards?
18:29stoffel GeckoFiend, unless you are thinking about thor's mfe/mfd
18:29GeckoFiend here and on the -dev list..
18:30GeckoFiend stoffel nah, Isaac had planned on doing a new mythMusic for .15 but the job thing screwed that up. That's the last I heard of it. thor_ might know more
18:30thor_ IIRC, he was hoping to get streaming/shoutcast and decent burning working
18:31thor_ there is some disabled shoutcast stuff in there
18:31stoffel thor_, in mythmusic's cvs?
18:32thor_ yeah, I think so
18:32thor_ sfr had a patch at one time
18:32thor_ and I think that went in but got disabled
18:32* stoffel is sfr *g*
18:33thor_ err, right
18:33thor_ nm
18:34thor_ the streaminput stuff is there
18:35thor_ isn't that yours?
18:35stoffel yes, but that has always been there.
18:35jams woohoo dinner with the in-laws is canceled!!
18:35thor_ ah
18:35thor_ nm
18:35stoffel err, no it's not mine, it's always been there
18:37stoffel nothing of this patch got applied i think. it wasn't worth committing it anyway imho.
18:37thor_ ah, ok ... been a while
18:37thor_ :-)
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19:23anduin Chris P almost never drops in here right?
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21:14jeffpc does PVR-250 encode the mpeg2 streams in DVD friendly fashion?
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21:51GeckoFiend lisadaveh: heh I just saw the scan for music watermark VERY nice!
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22:15lisadaveh GeckoFiend: how did you just see that now, that has been there for a while... Did you see my new watermark for info_center? it is a combo of all 3 icons
22:17GeckoFiend lisadaveh I hadn't scanned music, and somehow I kept missing it. That or it never registered till now
22:18lisadaveh GeckoFiend: this 'a button for every menu item' is a real doosey! There are so many changes, I think I should just post Titivillus-Photo, AltMenus, Enhanced Default; AND also post Titivillus-PhotoCVS, AltMenusCVS, and EnhancedDefaultCVS on my site. Then you can narrowband download all that and see how it looks. It is just too much stuff to have you change everything yourself...
22:20lisadaveh the CVS stuff would include the 'a buttontype for every menu item' enhancement that I think we should put in the next version of Myth, The first 3 would be compatible until then....
22:21lisadaveh Of course, I am working fresh from the stuff at your site as of tonight.....
22:22lisadaveh so dont go and change anything that isnt on your site... he he he ... that would really be confusing. Also, did you give any more thought where you wanted video_gallery to go?
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23:47Captain_Murdo| anduin: which Chris P?
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